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4-x Reliant small-sized pistol

The companies Heizer Defense and Double Tap are today one of the leading manufacturers of small-sized pocket pistols, and in particular such a famous and popular type like “Derringer”. However, other companies are trying to get a place in the sun and "chew" for themselves part of the market of small-sized pocket pistols. One of these companies is the young company Edge Arms, which is actively looking for its niche in the segment of small-sized pistols.

4-x Reliant small-sized pistol

Reliant Small Pocket Pistol by Edge Arms

The Reliant gun that Edge Arms offers has four barrels and, depending on customer preferences, it can be chambered for .22 Magnum (5.6 mm), .17 HMR (4,37 mm) or .380 ACP (9X17mm) cartridges. The concept of a four-barreled pistol is not new; according to a similar scheme, a Mossberg Brownie pistol was created, for example.

Mossberg Brownie Small-Sized Pocket Pistol

Reliant also bears a resemblance to another COP 357 four-barreled pistol made for a fairly large .357 Magnum cartridge (9x32 mm). The COP 357 pistol was not a success in the market, and probably one of the reasons was precisely the use of a too powerful cartridge for such a compact pistol.

Cartridges .22 Long, .22 LR, .22 Winchester Magnum Small COP 357 pocket pistol

Each Reliant pistol barrel has a length of 73,66 mm, in addition for models for the .22 Magnum and .17 HMR chucks, the barrels are interchangeable. Pistol grip can be used to store the ring ignition cartridges.

Cartridge .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire

In general, Reliant pistol is a simple pistol with a folding barrel and a double-action firing mechanism. The gun does not have a safety mechanism. For security, Edge Arms has pulled the trigger pull up to 4,5 kg.
Compared to Heizer Defense and Double Tap pistols, Reliant cannot be called a thin pistol, but with a thickness of 20,6 mm it is clearly thinner than most pistols. Even with a pistol grip version of other sizes, its thickness does not exceed 24 mm.

There are no data on the weight characteristics of the Reliant pistol, which probably indicates that the pistol is still at the design stage. It is known that the gun will reach 133,35 mm in length and 108 mm in height.

Reliant Small Pocket Pistol by Edge Arms

According to spy data, it is known that Edge Arms plans to launch Reliant initially in a black color with an anodized aluminum frame and phosphated steel trunks. In the future, it is planned that the gun will be produced in Cerakote color.

Edge Arms plans to release a Reliant pistol with an integrated under-gun laser target designator.

Of course, the market for concealed handguns is a tasty morsel, but whether Edge Arms can chew part of this market for itself thanks to the Reliant small-sized handgun, time will tell.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 30 November 2013 09: 08
    It remains unclear- What is the novelty of the concept ???
    So far, judging by the review, there is none.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 30 November 2013 09: 50
      stock footage in the topic
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 30 November 2013 10: 34
    Not so small in comparison with the PM. Not to mention PSM. Well, no matter what the child was amusing.
  4. sasska
    sasska 30 November 2013 10: 44
    Quote: makarov
    It remains unclear- What is the novelty of the concept ???
    So far, judging by the review, there is none.

    "The pistol grip can be used to store rimfire cartridges." smile maybe in this?
    no stopping action, reloading - no comment (for SPP-1 it’s clear why there is a 4-barrel system, and why does it need this ??), the dimensions and the pulling force are not female. for whom is this bundle? request
    1. Orang
      Orang 30 November 2013 14: 08
      22 magnum with a soft bullet has a good ODP, and there is also a 9 * 17 option, which is not bad at all.
    2. Mister X
      Mister X 30 November 2013 16: 54
      Quote: sasska
      but why then ??), the dimensions and the pulling force are not female. for whom is this bundle?

      Unless for hunters.
      As in the joke of Yu. Nikulin: 4 trunk and the whole sky in parrots.
      Or to protect supermarkets and warehouses as a service weapon.
      In this case, hidden wearing is not necessary, the main thing is to choke a couple of times and call 911.

      I understand the purpose of a double-barreled weapon as a last resort.
      It is quite compact and can be worn unnoticed.
      The effect of surprise can outweigh all its flaws.

      And in Reliant, two additional trunks only increase the thickness by almost half.
      Weapons cease to be invisible, in terms of weight and dimensions at the level of magazines,
      but inferior both in caliber and in the number of rounds.
      About the 4,5 kg effort to press the trigger and the impact of shooting accuracy, you can not stutter.
      Popsicle on a stick, in short.
      Well, if you choose a multi-barrel - this is better.
      Although personally I am for PSM.

      1. Mister X
        Mister X 30 November 2013 17: 40
        If for the 4-barrel Reliant you can still somehow find application and justify its creation,
        then the creation of the Portuguese campaign Inventarium Research & Development product looks very much
        on weapons for the Jedi.

        BIGGUN (RPH Rotating Percussion Handgun) is also an 4 barrel weapon.
        The manufacturer positions it as a “non-lethal weapon”.
        BIGGUN Advertising Campaign Under the Slogan
        “Civilized weapons for civilized countries”
        This thing is either adopted by the Portuguese law enforcement forces.
        (Polícia de Segurança Pública), or spread through them.
        In general, check out this mega-rulez and ultra-humane device yourself.

        Manufacturer stand at Military eurosatory

        BIGGUN - RPH Rotating Percussion HandgunBIGGUN - RPH Rotating Percussion Handgun

        Demonstration of the "product"

        1. rostov-dad
          rostov-dad 30 November 2013 23: 43
          class !!! that's what you need to shoot your heels
    3. builder
      builder 1 December 2013 00: 26
      Quote: sasska
      It remains unclear- What is the novelty of the concept ???
      So far, judging by the review, there is none.
      "The pistol grip can be used to store rimfire cartridges." maybe in this?

      The same is not new - Liberator Pistol (FP-45) The pistol grip at the bottom has a sliding cover under which 10 spare cartridges are placed in the cavity (8 horizontally and 2 vertically).
  5. here and there
    here and there 30 November 2013 14: 02
    the gun is good. to shoot myself ...
  6. uzer 13
    uzer 13 30 November 2013 15: 47
    A weak cartridge is only in this pistol. In fact, it is necessary to use calibers and ammunition in derringers, which in power greatly surpass conventional pistol cartridges, since their power is not limited to the operation of pistol automatics.
    1. Orang
      Orang 30 November 2013 16: 12
      The weapon will not be quite small then. The British had similar pistols, under powerful cartridges. Used on hunts in India in colonial time, as a weapon for safety, less often in the army.
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 30 November 2013 17: 16
        Wanglichans in India were no longer derringers, but "hauda (x)", the cartridges in them were not pistol, but close to choke, and in design they were often close, and the weight was rather big. Their name came from the elephant "saddle" and indeed it was a weapon of the last chance when a wounded dangerous animal (tiger) threw himself on the hudu where the hunter was sitting.
        1. Orang
          Orang 30 November 2013 22: 25
          Yes, but Howda has 2 barrels, and there were 4 more barrel pistols, self-cocking for each shot and cartridges are not so powerful. Not to lie, Lancaster did.
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 30 November 2013 17: 19
    To what extent do Americans love non-automatic weapons ... pumps, revolvers, trainers, here. In Europe, it all seems to have died out ...
    Russia - a separate conversation
  8. DimychDV
    DimychDV 30 November 2013 19: 06
    I have a classmate, a motoring officer, who drove convoys to Afghanistan. He says that when he got used to it and got involved, he fired from Makarov with every attack, but rarely more than three times, and more often for signal purposes. Or to morally support a chauffeur who was nearby.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. rostov-dad
    rostov-dad 1 December 2013 00: 06
    and in my opinion, derringers and similar pistols, this is a weapon of last chance, it should be small-sized, very light and efficient, but in my opinion four barrels are a lot (increases dimensions and weight) the caliber is small (22lr) is better to nine millimeters and with an expansive bullet ( firing range and is not required) a strong cartridge and is not needed with a small weight of the gun (I tried to shoot from such a thing once, though the home-made feeling like a sledgehammer in the palm of my hand to make the second shot completely disappear) but it’s been invented for a long time and isn’t worth it zobretat bike.
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 1 December 2013 04: 09
      Americans have an Alaskan Survival Derringer in .45-70 caliber.
      This is the last chance weapon - from the bears.
      1. rostov-dad
        rostov-dad 1 December 2013 23: 12
        that's about what I shot from, under the cartridge of the 410th caliber, I thought I would soak my hand in return, my arm was sick for a week.
  11. tchoni
    tchoni 1 December 2013 21: 39
    Yes. Trunk, to say the least obscure. Or little information about him. It would be nice to shoot test for this barrel is desirable in comparison with anything like a detective speysel and yes even a TT. It would be interesting to read.