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Will the Sinzian conflict be affected?

Recently, political terrorists from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous North-Western Region of the People’s Republic of China again, once again reminded of themselves.
The Islamic Party of Turkestan claimed responsibility for the fatal crash in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in October 2013. Then a car crashed into a group of pedestrians at high speed, which subsequently caught fire. Five people were killed. The Chinese authorities called the incident a terrorist attack, noting that it was behind the "Islamic Movement of East Turkestan", also known as the "Islamic Party of Turkestan". A spokesman for this separatist group, who identified himself as Abdullah Mansur, said that the "jihadist operation" in central Beijing on October 28 is just the beginning of a series of attacks against the Chinese leadership. The Islamic Party of Turkestan operates in western China, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. A significant part of the population of this region is made up of Uyghur Muslims, who accuse the authorities of persecution and attempts to oust them from historical lands. [1]

China is one of the few countries in the world that, on 99%, is mono-ethnic with a single Han group. The relatively prominent ethnic groups in approximately 1% of other Chinese population groups include: Uighurs, Mongols (northwest), Tibetans (southwest), Miao (south). By the very small size of the People's Republic of China can be attributed to the same north-west except 9 million Uygurs, Kazakhs (St. 1,3 million), Kyrgyz, Dungan, Tatars, Uzbeks, Tajiks and 13 other micro-ethnic groups, even ... 11 thousand. ethnic Russians [2] who have lived there since the 1917 events of the year.

Until recently, Xinjian was known for a markedly superior number of representatives of the Turkic ethnic groups with a predominance of the Uighurs. In general, atheistic China in its north-western region had a serious Muslim area of ​​worshipers. Finally, the region of China was able to subordinate to itself only in 1955. At that time, only about 200 of thousands of Chinese lived in Xinjiang, which was 10 percent of the region’s population. At the same time, the creation of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as part of the People's Republic of China was announced.

After 1991, the process of the collapse of the USSR, the separation of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan with obtaining all forms of political, economic, social, spiritual, cultural and religious independence, the Uyghur nationalists in China began to talk about separatism - the separation of Xinjiang from China and foundation of the independent Republic of East Turkestan. At the same time, on this basis, the first mass ethnic unrest took place in various regions of the northwestern region. In the suburb of Kashgar, the village of Barin, the reason for the 1990 uprising was the prohibition of believers to visit the mosque, in 1995, the imam’s dismissal caused mass protests in the city of Khotan, and in 1997 the police and the army pacified the unrest in the city of Inine on the border with Kazakhstan.

China then reacted completely unconventionally to these events. No bombing of Uyghur regions, mass shootings of Islamic activists and their accomplices, ethnic cleansing, resettlement of Uyghurs in the style of a la Stalin somewhere near Harbin or somewhere else, chemical attacks in the spirit of Saddam Hussein and other forms of aggressive actions against dissatisfied Sinization ethnic groups. In the Yellow River Valley, one of the most densely populated regions in the world, the construction of a hydroelectric station was planned. Millions of its rural inhabitants were threatened by flooding. The Chinese government and invited them to voluntarily-forcibly, in a communist manner to relocate to Xinjiang. We from our Soviet history know such mass migrations to the war: forced for Koreans, Germans, Chechens, Turks, etc .; relatively voluntary for refugees, factories, theaters, universities. Then virgin lands at the end of 50's, BAM - at the end of 70's. What did China achieve with these methods?

The demographic composition of Xinjiang gradually underwent significant changes. If in the 1949 year there were more than 90% of the Uygur and other Turkic population, now it is only 45%. The number of ethnic Chinese, who constituted less than 1949% of the XUAR population in 7, increased six decades later to 40% [3]. Equalization of ethnic parity: out of 26 million of the population of the province, only 9 million began to fall on the Uighurs and the supeetnos “Han” became prevalent in the region of the law-abiding Beijing. The activation of the socio-economic life of the area noticeably intensified: its transfer from a purely agrarian province to industrialization was realized. Oil fields and oil development were discovered, the population of Urumqi from 700 thousand increased to almost 3 million in a short period, and now they are Han about 70 percent of its population.

The author accidentally turned out to be a tourist in the center of the ethnic conflict in Urumqi in 5-10 in July 2009. The first incident was presented in the form of a bloody massacre, when more than a thousand Uigurs late in the evening after an unsuccessful protest rally aimed at the independence of the XUAR from China, attacked the Chinese who were unaware of a possible act of aggression. At first, the crowd was targeted by exceptionally young Han Chinese men, and then, according to the reports, men, women, old people, and children began to fall under their fists. As it turned out later that night, 5 was killed on 158 on July and over eight hundred completely innocent people were injured, overwhelmingly han, and not only men, but also women, old people, children ... Police in those days detained 1434 of a human being [4] suspected of having participated in the 5 pogroms of the 2009 number of the year.

The question immediately arises: why did almost all foreign tourists get the impression that the Chinese government was not ready for such an aggressive turn of events from both sides? Why didn’t have enough police here, troops to contain possible mass ethnic unrest? Where did this confidence come from that everything would be under control, knowing that the Uighurs want autonomy? Yes, now, as we have already noted, more than half of the population of Urumqi is Chinese. But is this a guarantee that everything will be stable? Perhaps, in Beijing, the government of the Celestial Empire decided to show itself to the world as great democrats and was delayed for two days with a response — the timely introduction of additional troops into the city engulfed in interethnic massacre? Either the tightening of countermeasures was beneficial to the authorities in order to show the true face of Uygur religious terrorism of the Muslim persuasion?

What would you like to see in this extreme situation from the country of which you are a citizen? For example, the United States immediately comes with its “gunboat” diplomacy: for the violation of the rights and freedoms even of a single American citizen may appear fleet with aircraft carriers - do not touch the Americans! Was it believed, until the last moment, that at least somehow Kazakhstan should have reacted to the fact that the lives of thousands and thousands of its citizens are threatened with beating? And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, being not created yesterday by an organization, had to skillfully take into account and calculate what
- business with Xinjiang by the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been established for more than ten years. Consequently, ours here with their Kazakhstani passports is more than enough;
- that in times of crisis and unemployment, the number of Kazakhstanis who have tried to solve the issues of employment and earnings through shuttle business trips to Urumqi will increase significantly. And, given that the train goes to the nearby region of China, planes fly, buses, private cars, taxis go to the Kazakh and Chinese borders: therefore, up to ten thousand, if not more, Kazakhstanis can stay in Xinjiang;
- as the Uighurs and Kazakhs speak similar dialects of the Turkic language group, which for the Chinese have a completely different sound and no understanding of the meaning. And in the context of inter-ethnic conflict, anything that does not sound in Chinese, but in Turkic, can look ally to the enemy, although you are not Uighurs;
- knowing that the number of citizens of Kazakh nationality in the republic exceeded 67% [5] according to the results of the last census, it is mainly from among the representatives that the number of people willing to earn extra money on the shortage of goods and the difference in prices in Urumqi and Kazakhstan will increase. In Moscow, Russia, as is well known, it is more difficult for Kazakhs to go shopping for goods: with registration, and with high prices, with time-consuming, with police, and with skinheads because of Asian appearance;
- as outwardly, the Kazakhs as a whole differ from the Chinese, exposing themselves to an additional threat of attack.

When will our government of Kazakhstan start to really care about the safety of its citizens in hot situations (points)? Moreover, again, the overwhelming majority of our visitors to China are small and medium-sized businessmen who help the republic to saturate the commodity market in the face of a shortage of their own production.

7 July on the streets while some Chinese, although already without sticks. They were intensively selected again by the police, which appeared as if from under the ground. Some of these sticks, it seemed to me, I later clearly saw the soldiers patrolling the streets of the city. At least, in addition to the traditional black plastic police sticks, the soldiers also had sticks from the cuttings for shovels. This caused me surprise and one more question - did the special forces of the PRC (according to rumors, the troops arrived from almost all the provinces of the country) really be so unarmed?

Will the Sinzian conflict be affected?

As already noted, China is one of the few mononational countries of the world where one ethnic group, Han, dominates massively, and the minority population is almost one percent of the population (the same figure of one percent of other ethnic groups in Japan, Korea; for comparison, in Russia 80% of Russian population). Anyway, one percent is 13 by millions of people, of whom the Uighurs, Tibetans, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Vietnamese, Miao, Tatars, and others, are particularly numerous in their regions. Will one representative of another ethnic group stand Din against one hundred people of another? Objectively, no. The Urumchian events showed that only one arithmetic in a specific region of the republic is not enough. Maybe that’s why China, having relaxed, didn’t show itself effectively ready to solve such problems in a jiffy?

What are the main reasons for the 2009 summer events? There could be several of them. On June 26, a massive ethnic wrestling took place at a toy factory located in the south of China, in the city of Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. As a result of the incident, according to official figures, two Uighurs died, at least 118 people on both sides received injuries of varying severity. On the Internet, there was a version of the incidents of this event - the sexual harassment of the Uygur to the Chinese woman. But there is unofficial (Uigur) information that in Guangdong, near 5000, the Han people attacked a hostel where 600 Uigur workers lived. The attack turned into a mass beating, including with sticks, during which not two but before the 160 Uigur workers died. Find confirmation of this information from independent sources failed.

And the July events in Urumqi were sort of like revenge for the Uighurs who died at the hands of the Chinese in Shaoguang. But it is alarming too, the unusually high number of deaths in Xinjiang - under 160 people against those two in Shaogun. With spontaneous street disturbances, such statistics usually do not happen, the case is limited to beaten, wounded.

In this regard, it is possible to surmise that the non-governmental “World Uighur Congress”, headed by the large, sixty-year-old Rebiya Kadeer, who had left for US treatment and received asylum, was most likely guilty of organizing the July riots. It is she who, according to the Chinese authorities, directs all anti-Chinese actions from abroad, dreaming of the presidency of independent East Turkestan.

Rabia was shown on local television. She allegedly had been waiting for the right moment to take to the streets with a protest against the beating of the Uygur in Guangdong, but with the secretive overtones of protest against the intensive sinification of the Uyghur region of the PRC. There is another suggestion confirming this phenomenon. The protest rally began suspiciously late - at about 8 in the evening, in general, preparation for going to bed. 5 is July, the first day of the riots were burned dozens of cars, buses. Meanwhile, arson car is not so simple. Just a match and lighters for this is clearly not enough. It is necessary for this to use large containers for reliable effect, such as cans, bottles of gasoline. And, perhaps, not one. Need paper, rags. Such things - the blanks for the "Molotov cocktail" just are not carried with them. Therefore, were the fires then, again, systemically prepared?

Probably in another, the social factor of the Uigurs' growing rancor against the Chinese. Formally, Xinjiang is declared Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR). The law of the People's Republic of China "On the regional-national autonomy" is in force, which spelled out all the norms relating to the attitude of the CPC to non-Han ethnic groups living in the territory of the republic. This law is more than liberal, and the norms set forth in it are strictly enforced, upholding the rights of the national minorities, including the Uighurs. In the city, for example, all the inscriptions are in two languages: Chinese and Arabic for Uygur Muslims, as if emphasizing the equality of ethnic groups, and they created conditions for a certain autonomy in language, traditions, and in the confession of Islam.

But there are still significant differences in the socio-educational level and in terms of employment of the Chinese and Uighurs. In general, the Chinese in Xinjiang are more educated, there are more of them in higher education institutions, with higher education, they are more widely represented in offices, in management offices of firms and companies, being what are called “white collars”, and the Uigurs are mainly engaged in agriculture, trade, to cooks, in public services that do not require a high level of education, there are more of them in the village. The tacit social superiority of one over the other in ways of employment, in obtaining respectively different wages, conditions, place of work, in the standard of living, is evident.

It is also possible that Beijing itself partly provoked the Urumqi events of July 2009 by the fact that the police, the state security organs, the army did not actually attach any serious significance to a possible surge of emotions of interethnic conflict, to let it flare up, and then subject Uigurs to large repressions, contributing, thereby further China's northwest China.

What is my prediction of the situation? It is known that the Uighurs are one of the famous stories of the Turkic peoples of the Great Steppe, who was not in particularly close, allied relations with the Chinese in the past. Moreover, the Uyghur state that was formed in the 8th century partially in the modern Chinese West in the past, in fact, blocked the empire’s trade routes to Samarkand, Bukhara and further to Constantinople, which in fact could change the very strategic development of Chinese civilization. There is an opinion that because of this, the possible way of wide contacts in China’s orientation towards Central Asia - Europe became blocked and the Middle Kingdom for many centuries became “southern” oriented to the warm seas of Southeast Asia. From my point of view, today's Uygur separatism, calling for the creation of an independent East Turkestan, will again be able to cut off China from Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia, and with them from direct road and railroad, oil, gas and other very profitable ways of the country Russia, Europe, demanding for all this money, benefits. I do not think Beijing will allow it. Moreover, in the country, the Chinese authorities have officially announced the fight against the "three forces" operating in Xinjiang: separatism, terrorism and religious extremism [6].

But the Uighurs will stand their own way, seeking independence, and with it the dividends from their super profitable territorial position on 1,66 million square kilometers. (1 / 6 parts) of modern China. So, apparently, the continuation of inter-ethnic confrontation between the Uighurs and the Han in Xinjiang, in Urumqi will follow.

And on teletypes, we again see a message in November of this year that “nine people armed with axes attacked a police station in Xinjiang province in western China. All the attackers - the Chinese Uygurs - were shot dead. As reported by Xinhua, as a result of this attack, which took place near the city of Kashgar, two policemen were killed and two more were injured. ” This year riots broke out in Xinjiang three times - in April, June and August. [7].

Consequently, peace with Uigur Islamic terrorism can not wait.

Cited sources:
1 Islamists claimed responsibility for the Tiananmen state of emergency from 11.2013.
2 Learn Xinjiang / Ding Xiaolun (compilation and text), in Russian. - Urumqi. Xinjiang Art Photography Publishing House, 2006.- 150 p.
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7 In China, the Uighurs attacked a police station with axes. The attackers were shot dead, two policemen were killed.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 26 November 2013 08: 48
    And why not there should be a conflict (?), China has a lot of "friends", and in order to divert attention from external aspects, why not create internal problems.
    1. APES
      APES 26 November 2013 09: 22
      Will it blow

      when they blow it out, as a rule, they kindle it even more.

      It seems to me that no, there are too many who wish - to add fire ....
  2. Basileus
    Basileus 26 November 2013 09: 00
    I’m wondering what the Chinese wanted, pursuing such an active policy of assimilation of the Uyghurs? That they all joyfully break into becoming Chinese?
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 26 November 2013 09: 38
      Quote: Basileus
      I’m wondering what the Chinese wanted, pursuing such an active policy of assimilation of the Uyghurs? That they all joyfully break into becoming Chinese?

      Facts where, honey? Or have you seen Xinjian? The fact that the Chinese are building houses there on dozens of floors, and the Uighurs want to live in their adobe duvases in 2-3 floors without foundations, is here to each his own.
      Or the Chinese interfere with the Uighurs by irrigating the desert and building their villages in it.
      Traditionally, the British pitted the Uighurs against the Chinese. I don’t think that now the Uighurs “are fighting” without outside advisors and sponsors.
      1. Basileus
        Basileus 26 November 2013 15: 16
        Well, yes, everything happens out of the blue.

        Facts? The resettlement of the Han Chinese in the XUAR is an invention of the Western media, yes.
        1. Humpty
          Humpty 26 November 2013 15: 22
          The Chinese are there at home. And the Uighurs live there of their own free will. The Chinese liberated their Xinjiang, and for one Uighurs living there, either from the Mongols, or from the Uzbeks.
          1. smile
            smile 26 November 2013 16: 16

            I would also like to express "FE" to the author, who, of course, could not resist not to kick Stalin, to declare that skinheads do not allow Kazakhs to travel to Moscow ... author, you are a radish, you are not a good person ... and more, Russians have not lived in China since 1917 - deign to get acquainted with those who built and operated the CER, who built the city of Harbin and you will not commit such wild blunders.
            1. Humpty
              Humpty 26 November 2013 16: 41
              Russian, I note live in what is now Chinese since the beginning of the 18th century in the Ili region. Then they began to move from Siberia to the Dzungarian outback.
              At the expense of the Uighurs, they have been living without their own state for 700 years, and they are not shining for the foreseeable future.
            2. Asan Ata
              Asan Ata 27 November 2013 00: 26
              However, the Kazakh girl was brutally murdered recently in Moscow, I’ll try to guess - the Chechens?
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. Walking
                Walking 27 November 2013 02: 05
                Do not escalate AsanAt, or do you think they are not killing other nationalities?
              3. smile
                smile 27 November 2013 04: 31
                Asan Ata
                Let's not slip into attaching politics to criminal news ... otherwise we will have to open fire on any exclamation of "Allahu Akbar" - but what is the same logic ... do you think that we should do this? Will it make us all better?
                You do not die girls in Kazakhstan? Including, of course, the Russians? Continue to continue? Or do we need to take your criminal chronicle, choose the victims-Russians there and yell about the Kazakh fascists? Don't you see that similar actions of yours quarrel among nations more than criminals ... interethnic ...
                1. Basileus
                  Basileus 27 November 2013 19: 01
                  Russian citizens of Russia or Russian citizens of Kazakhstan?

                  Our Natsiks, therefore, do not quarrel, but the opinion of the Kazakhs is quarreling? We must start with ourselves - right-wing views are actively cultivated in our society. It’s enough to even go to the joystick, which in theory should be far from politics - even there xenophobic and Islamophobic posts gain a huge number of advantages.
  3. Lesnik
    Lesnik 26 November 2013 09: 51
    Question to whom is it beneficial? USA definitely! There is reason to put pressure on China in the long run. People’s lives become a bargaining chip in the politics of double standards.
  4. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 26 November 2013 10: 06
    What is happening on the territory of "great" China is entirely the sexual difficulties of the Chinese themselves (in this and the specific case, the ethnic "Han"). And the ways and methods in which they are going to solve them is also entirely their own problems ...
    I'm not going to worry and worry about this, and I don't advise others either. For we ourselves have problems in such an area as interethnic relations no less, if not more, than the “Han people”. I will not list them. You yourself know very well about them ...
    And in this number there are also problems with the Chinese themselves (overwhelmingly with ethnic "Han"), who are present in Russia in the form of illegal emigrants ...
    1. SIT
      SIT 26 November 2013 13: 42
      Quote: Chicot 1
      What is happening on the territory of "great" China is entirely the sexual difficulties of the Chinese themselves (in this and the specific case, the ethnic "Han")

      XUAR in China is an analogue of our Chechnya and Dagestan. Funded and heated also from the same sources. So the problems in this regard are the same with China. When the issue with Syria and Iran is decided, the next in line are Russia and the main goal of China is the main creditor of the United States. If in China it is possible to organize controlled chaos as in Libya, then it will quickly become a debtor of the United States from a creditor. We’ll fall under the hand, so that we don’t have to help China, but have to slurp ourselves to the fullest and turn to the USA for what kind of lendlisle thread. Under this business, our presidential fund will very quickly become their property and not only the fund will have to share the deposits of Siberia. As a result, the Fed printing press will again become the only source of payment on the planet, as well as after the 2nd World War.
      1. duke
        duke 26 November 2013 15: 02
        I must also add that the seeds of contention are found in the holy books of Muslims themselves, therefore it will always be (neverending) an endless story, not only in Russia, Europe, India, America, now even in China, but also in Muslim countries themselves, because under the Sharia norms there, if you wish, you can bring anyone ...
        So do not flatter yourself, it is always the same Islam ...
        1. smile
          smile 26 November 2013 16: 19
          Grains of discord are found not in the holy books, but in the heads ... if desired and necessary, any holy book of any religion can justify anything, even cannibalism.
      2. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 26 November 2013 20: 53
        Quote: SIT
        XUAR in China is an analogue of our Chechnya and Dagestan. Funded and heated also from the same sources

        In a coffin and in white slippers I saw the XUAR (in particular), as well as the whole "great" China and its problems (in general) ...
        Let the "Hans" eliminate their hemorrhoids themselves. And at the same time let them take away their illegal immigrants from the territory of Russia. Everyone. Every single one ...
        I hope you don’t have to repeat more? ..
  5. Ddhal
    Ddhal 26 November 2013 10: 51
    The less religious fanaticism left in the world, the better.
    They will get it specifically and the Chinese government will stop playing democracy.
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 26 November 2013 10: 59
    Consequently, peace with Uigur Islamic terrorism can not wait.

    There can be no Peace with Islamic terrorists in principle - it’s the same as offering peace to an ESS, he will laugh and cut his throat to the wrong one. (From his point of view, Allah calls for this)
  7. Glory333
    Glory333 26 November 2013 11: 20
    C'mon, the Chinese can put a soldier with an assault rifle on every Uyghur, in addition, there is a process of settling Sinzyan with the Chinese, and in the near future the Uyghurs will become a national minority there.
    1. Felix200970
      Felix200970 26 November 2013 23: 26
      Quote: Glory333
      and in the near future, the Uyghurs will become a national minority there.

      They are already a national minority. Only small turd stinks more. Caucasians in Russia are also a national minority. Only by their "exploits" the entire TV air and Internet resources are clogged
  8. washi
    washi 26 November 2013 11: 50
    As you know, it’s more difficult for a Kazakh to go to Moscow to buy goods
    Why go to Europe if almost all the goods are Chinese there? It is easier to go to China, which is already "sharpened" to serve the inhabitants of the USSR and the prices are cheaper.
    Siberian and Far Eastern advanced pensioners are trying to buy apartments in China. With the pension of the Russian Federation and Chinese prices, it is quite normal life.
  9. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
    nine people armed with axes attacked the police station

    Damn, they would against the firearm would still flooded with bamboo sticks,
    1. duke
      duke 26 November 2013 15: 05
      they earn a Muslim paradise with the gurus and so on. devilry, but in its understanding
  10. Zymran
    Zymran 26 November 2013 15: 45
    Unfortunately, apparently the Uyghurs are doomed. States will not be able to help them; Russia also does not need this.
    Although you can recall the 1944 year. The revolution of the three northern districts of Xinjiang, when the Uighurs and Kazakhs created their own state under the Soviet protectorate.
    1. Walking
      Walking 26 November 2013 16: 12
      Unfortunately, your opinion about the doom of the Uyghurs is justified, the Uyghurs act while the Chinese allow them to do so. China will not allow them to create their autonomy.
      1. Zymran
        Zymran 26 November 2013 20: 20
        Well, strictly speaking, they already have autonomy. smile
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. smile
      smile 26 November 2013 16: 31
      Yes, the Uyghurs are doomed, but not because the States will not help them, on the contrary, they will set them on fire in every possible way, like our "Uyghurs" in the Caucasus. They are doomed because, unlike us, they are systematically assimilating national minorities. It was we who fostered and cherished them, as a result, for some reason, we got small nationalists and chauvinists. :))) Thank God, though not all of our national minorities have become infected with Russophobia, having led to the Russophobic propaganda that has poured on their heads since the perestroika times.
      Well, we don’t see the point of helping the Chinese to help the Uighurs — except in order to die in a fight with China.
      By the way, they caught Uigur mercenaries in Chechnya and handed them over to the Chinese, remember? Is it necessary to help them? :)))
      1. Zymran
        Zymran 26 November 2013 20: 25
        Quote: smile
        They are doomed because, unlike us, they are systematically assimilating national minorities. It was we who nurtured and cherished them, in the end, for some reason, having received petty nationalists and chauvinists. :)))

        How to say. In Kazakhstan, Kazakh and Uighur-speaking channels work. All national minorities speak their native language and Chinese. They can receive education in their own language. In general, as far as I know, the situation is such that the Chinese are trying to oppose the two largest Muslim people of Xinjiang, the Uighurs and Kazakhs. Where the gingerbread is given to the Kazakhs, and the Uigurs whip.

        Quote: smile
        Well, we don’t see the point of helping the Chinese to help the Uighurs — except in order to die in a fight with China.
        By the way, they caught Uigur mercenaries in Chechnya and handed them over to the Chinese, remember? Is it necessary to help them? :)))

        At the moment, such assistance, of course, does not meet the state interests of Russia. However, almost 70 years ago there was a very interesting story when the USSR was to receive uranium and tungsten mines in Xinjiang at all costs. Such a brilliant operation to change power in the three northern districts was carried out that even American diplomats refused to believe that the Soviet Union helped the rebels.

        There will be time, I will even try to write an article about these events.
        1. smile
          smile 26 November 2013 21: 01
          I really didn’t know that the Chinese are trying to oppose the Kazakhs and Uighurs.
          And please write an article, the topic is a little plowed and interesting. Are looking forward to.
          1. Zymran
            Zymran 26 November 2013 21: 31
            OK I will try to write if the administration skips. smile
    3. Asan Ata
      Asan Ata 27 November 2013 00: 27
      Kazakhs. The Uyghurs were neutral, the Dungans sympathized.
  11. mountain
    mountain 26 November 2013 16: 10
    Quote: Humpty
    The Chinese are there at home. And the Uighurs live there of their own free will. The Chinese liberated their Xinjiang, and for one Uighurs living there, either from the Mongols, or from the Uzbeks.

    We know what happened in Yugoslavia and how it ended. I don’t think that China will be able to solve the accumulated problems painlessly for itself.
  12. uzer 13
    uzer 13 26 November 2013 18: 29
    All these events in China are unlikely to happen by accident and spontaneously. This is a terribly typical situation, financed by the friends of China, like two drops of water similar to the Crimean Tatar problem, artificially created and the Chechen version. Events in Syria, Pussy-Rayot, provocateurs Hiding behind Greenpeace, all scenarios and funding come from the same source.
  13. Semurg
    Semurg 26 November 2013 19: 11
    XUAR borders on Kazakhstan riots and the war there will automatically be reflected in us. Chinese Kazakhs can move to an extreme country to Kazakhstan (as long as there is no mass transfer, it means it hasn’t pressed much), the Uyghurs have nowhere to go.
  14. catapractic
    catapractic 26 November 2013 19: 14
    Will the Xinjiang conflict be inflated? -will be if there is external support, but it was and will be.
  15. ekzorsist
    ekzorsist 26 November 2013 21: 29
    Semurg "... Chinese Kazakhs can move to Kazakhstan at the extreme (as long as there is no mass relocation, it means that it has not pressed too hard), the Uighurs have nowhere to go ...."
    They can resettle, but at the same time, the idea of ​​eastern Turkestan will triumph ... but already in Kazakhstan.
    It is doubtful that Kazakhstan will cope with this problem. On the contrary, it is most likely then that the "united Kazakhstan" will collapse. Indeed, even today among the peoples of Kazakhstan there is no unity, not a single intelligible state idea ... there is nothing to unite and unite the people.
    So, the XUAR is not even a problem of China, but of the Central Asian region as a whole. But by the way, as a constant voshkany in Tibet. Both that and others were and will be hotbeds of terrorism.
    1. Zymran
      Zymran 26 November 2013 21: 40
      Quote: ekzorsist
      They can resettle, but at the same time, the idea of ​​eastern Turkestan will triumph ... but already in Kazakhstan.

      Are you talking about?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  16. Ulysses
    Ulysses 26 November 2013 22: 56
    This is not our problem.
    Let's sit on the mountain, see. sad
  17. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 27 November 2013 01: 06
    At first, allow me to apologize for the illiterate fellow countryman, I have not met so many stylistic and grammatical errors in any article before this. The author is ashamed! fool
    Secondly, XUAR until 1991 was a territory under the control of the PRC by agreement between the USSR and the PRC; in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, XUAR was annexed to the PRC.
    ThirdlyUighurs in the XUAR - dehkans, such as Afghans, are poorly educated, they don’t speak Chinese like Kazakhs, they try not to come into contact with the Chinese, because they are not understood. Our well-fed Uigurs are just professors compared to Chinese. Of course, they dream of having their own Uyghurstan, but they rode in the 40-50s, when they had to support the Kazakhs in the fight against the regular army of China. The overseas underground is unlikely to undermine the Uyghurs. However, the Chinese competently use all movements to pacify the XUAR: a tough rebuff to terrorist attacks (I heard 1:10 execution for the killed Chinese), the resettlement of the Han people, the growth of the region's economy (hundreds of billions of Chinese budget investments in the XUAR are planned in the next 5 years), thereby making it possible Uigurs come out of the Middle Ages.

    For Kazakhstan, Uyghur terrorism turns into problems: an increase in the population of the XUAR will take away the debit of the Ili River, the main feeder of Lake Balkhash, which can lead to a second Aral. Ours are trying to agree, let's see. But the problem of terrorism that has arisen will lead China to Afghanistan, apparently in agreement with Russia and the United States. In the short term, this is good; dope and the Taliban will disappear. In the long run, China’s strengthening is bad. Anyway, why do we need 100 million Chinese people at hand? crying
    1. smile
      smile 27 November 2013 04: 44
      Asan Ata
      Very interesting comment. Let's wait until Zymran writes an article ....
      And for the fellow countryman you in vain apologize. Grammar and stylistic mistakes make no difference ... at all. Normal people perceive the meaning that the author put into the article. Before and I am convinced that no one thought anything bad about the author or the Kazakhs, having encountered spelling violations. Bullshit is all that.
    2. Humpty
      Humpty 27 November 2013 12: 27
      [quote = Asan Ata]At first,
      ThirdlyUighurs in the XUAR - dehkans, such as Afghans, are poorly educated, they don’t speak Chinese like Kazakhs, they try not to come into contact with the Chinese, because they are not understood. Our well-fed Uigurs are just professors compared to Chinese. Of course, they dream of having their own Uyghurstan, but they rode in the 40-50s, when they had to support the Kazakhs in the fight against the regular army of China. The overseas underground is unlikely to undermine the Uyghurs. However, the Chinese competently use all movements to pacify the XUAR: a tough rebuff to terrorist attacks (I heard 1:10 execution for the killed Chinese)

      The problem with taking water from Ili also bothers me. I like it there.

      Nothing Uyghurs have come to love in the 40-50s. They are opportunists, not warriors. Nothing in the spirit of 1:10 is done there. When a mess, then joint Sino-Uigur patrols go, soldiers guard the institutions and the monument to Mao. Trucks with soldiers are moving around here and there.
      About 10 years ago, on a busy highway, a bus with Uyghur businessmen from China was shot. 19 or 20 killed, there seemed to be no survivors. The local newspapers did not gossip much about this, from China no loud protests, statements. The Russian media do not remember at all that they noticed it. After that, there were more Chinese businessmen in our town.
      So that the Chinese have their own methods.