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Operation Rasputin: facts, versions, intrigues. Part I

The twentieth century, as in principle, any other century, shook many high-profile events of a negative nature. Loud murders can be distinguished from the entire spectrum of these negative events. And in turn, of all the high-profile murders can be identified murders with a pronounced political focus. At least two such murders can rightly be attributed to the murders of the 20 of the 20th century, the persons involved and the investigations of which aroused and continue to arouse great interest among various people: from ordinary people interested in the intricacies of the past years to professional forensic and historians.

It is about the murder of American President John F. Kennedy (22 in November 1963 of the year, Dalass), the version of which was recently discussed at Military Review and, of course, not only on our website (due to the 50 anniversary of such a high-profile crime). And besides, we are talking about the murder of Grigory Rasputin (December 16 1916, Petrograd). It is about this event, which if not turned the tide of the Russian storiesit was clearly one of the links in the chain, which led to tremendous changes, it is worth talking in this material. In connection with what? There are several reasons for this.

First, most recently the British edition of Birmingham Mail came out with material in which, with reference to a number of British historians and criminologists, the final journalistic verdict is being presented with information that there was British intelligence behind the murder of Grigory Rasputin. And in the same material is the name of the person who acted as one of the perpetrators of the murder of Rasputin - the agent of British intelligence in Russia (during the First World War) Oswald Rayner. By the way, the officially recognized killer of John F. Kennedy is a man whose personal data also means Oswald - Lee Harvey Oswald. And let the first have the first name, and the second has the surname, but, no matter what, it turns out that in the 20 century, Oswald was so drawn to loud political crimes ... This is so - by the way ...

Operation Rasputin: facts, versions, intrigues. Part I

Oswald Rainer

Secondly, next year marks 145 since the birth of Grigori Rasputin and 100 years since the start of the bloody World War I. And there are good reasons to link the tragic demise of this colorful character in Russian history with the further course of the great war for the Russian Empire itself, the collapse of which and the death of Rasputin almost coincided in time.

Grigory Rasputin

Dozens of books and tens of thousands of articles were written about the murder of Grigory Rasputin, this murder is reflected in memoirs, in documentary and feature films. That is why this material in no way claims to be called a certain new version of the murder of the "old man" or ultimate truth. The material gathers all the major versions for the entire almost century-long history of discussing this issue, all the major inconsistencies in the memoirs of the so-called Rasputin's murderers, as well as the latest publications of the British press about the tragic events of December 12, 16 on cold Petrograd night.

So, Birmingham Mail declares that the publication now knows for sure the name of the person who fired the bullet into Gregory Rasputin, which finally stopped the heart of this odious person. Is this British publication a sensation? - well, maybe with a big stretch. The story of the fact that in the famous Yusupov Palace at the time of the murder there were some unknown persons (besides Prince Felix Yusupov, deputy Vladimir Purishkevich and Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich) - discussed, perhaps, from the very first days after the loud murder. And the reason to suspect that these representatives of the unknown belonged to representatives of British intelligence, gave and give some interesting facts.

Just two of these facts - a posthumous photograph of Grigory Rasputin and the conclusion of the medical examiner. The photo clearly shows the hole from the entered bullet. The head of the forensic medical commission, Professor Dmitry Kosorotov, writes in his report that a shot in the head of the dying Rasputin was made almost at close range. These facts are of interest because, in their memoirs, both Yusupov and Purishkevich talk about two shots at the “old man”.

Another fact is a study from photographs of the nature of bullet wounds, which (the study) was carried out much later than the body of Rasputin was cremated in the boiler room of the Petrograd Polytechnic. After a number of numerous examinations, some of the experts came to the conclusion that all three shots were made from different rifle shots. weapons.
The first shot is from Browning (shot allegedly by Felix Yusupov). The second - from Savage gun (allegedly shot by Vladimir Purishkevich). It was as if confirmed by the commission even when there was access to the corpse of Rasputin. However, the most interesting is the third shot (shot in the victim's forehead). According to some estimates, a Webley revolver was fired, which had been in service with the British army and British intelligence since the end of the 80s of the last century.

And, finally, the fourth fact. For nearly four years, Felix Yusupov (from 1909 to 1912) studied at Oxford University. According to a number of testimonies, it is here that Yusupov meets Oswald Reiner, who just one year later enters the service of His Majesty's Intelligence (King George V), and then goes on official business of his department to Russia. Yusupov and Rayner are almost of the same age, they have close views, and not only their views on politics, but also on, let's say, on the features of sexual relations. It was the latter circumstance that gave occasion to the contemporaries of Prince Yusupov to talk about his sexual predilections, especially after Felix repeatedly allowed himself to appear in ladies' dresses and wigs, act in cabarets and other public places, defying the fact that “gentlemen are behind him” ... Rumors about his "adventures" came to his parents ...

Felix Yusupov

All these facts indicate that the same Osvald Reiner mentioned in the Birmingham Mail edition could have been in the late evening 16 December 1916 of the year in the Yusupov Palace (from the Yusupov Palace on the Moika to the Astoria Hotel, which, according to archival documents, was located the lair "of British intelligence, as they say, hand in hand).
But if we assume that Rainer on that fateful night was in the palace with Prince Dmitry Pavlovich (Romanov), Yusupov and Purishkevich, it turns out that all the testimony (and memoirs) of the last two are at least half-truth. The fact that the memoirs of Yusupov and Purishkevich are half-truths is easy enough to verify if you take a closer look at these memoirs. It seems that two people who wrote their memoirs (on the fact of the murder of Rasputin) at different times, tried in every way to describe a certain one, someone previously described, a script. The script, it seems, was described exactly, but there were enough inconsistencies in the descriptions of the same event by two different people. The main one of these inconsistencies is that the people who originally declared themselves to be the killers of Grigory Rasputin, as it turned out, did not have an exact idea of ​​what Rasputin was wearing on the night of the death.

Felix Yusupov (about how Rasputin was going to his palace):
Rasputin put on a silk shirt embroidered with cornflowers. Girdled with crimson lace. Black velvet bloomers and boots were spick and span.

Vladimir Purishkevich writes:
Grigory Rasputin was dressed in a cream shirt embroidered with silks, boots, and velvet trousers.

Vladimir Purishkevich

However, the corpse of Rasputin was taken from Nevka, on which was a blue shirt sewn with golden ears (according to the materials of the investigation). But the blue shirt and the shirt embroidered with cornflowers are still not the same, unless, of course, not taking into account that the cornflower-blue pattern could somehow shed in icy water by dyeing the shirt blue. And certainly not the same color blue and cream ...

Moreover, neither Felix Yusupov, nor Vladimir Purishkevich even said that there was a massive gold cross and a gold bracelet with the Romanov monogram on Rasputin. Is it not surprising that Felix Yusupov, who invited (according to his words) Grigory Rasputin to visit him, describes in small details the cord that the “old man” girded around and does not mention the flashy gold items on Rasputin at all. And somehow a person who, according to his recollections, was in the same room with Rasputin for more than two hours before the murder, is difficult not to notice what color his victim’s shirt was.

A considerable dissonance is brought in by the fact that the fur coat of the “old man” was found in the December Nevka along with Rasputin’s body, although Purishkevich claimed that Rasputin’s lifeless body was wrapped in blue fabric. If at that moment there was a fur coat on Rasputin, then it turns out that they either started shooting at Rasputin when he was about to leave, or, all the while in Yusupov’s palace, the “old man” was wearing a fur coat.

Such inconsistencies are explained by a number of historians of different years. According to one version, the same Felix Yusupov had no direct relation to the murder of Grigory Rasputin. His task was to lure the "old man" to where the guard of the latter (and this is the special police department on duty, and the Petrograd security department) could not prevent the murderers from committing a crime. Yusupov solved this problem. He invited Rasputin, with whom he had already known a considerable time, to his palace to meet his wife Irina. The wife of Yusupov, according to the scenario of the murderers, allegedly wanted to certainly meet with the "old man" face to face. That is what the young prince conveyed to the old man. Irina herself, given the data of numerous sources, did not know anything about the conspiracy against Rasputin. The “old man” really accepted the invitation of Felix Yusupov and, closer to midnight, together with Prince Yusupov went to his palace.

Felix Yusupov, in his own memoirs, written in exile already 10 years after the murder of Rasputin, states that the preparation for the murder and the murder itself was committed by him, the deputy Purishkevich and Prince Dmitry (Romanov) solely for the reason that all of them (especially, of course, Purishkevich, who by 1916 had become one of the main adherents of Russia's refusal from autocracy - author's note) was made happy for the king and the Fatherland:

... In this 1916 year, when things were getting worse at the front, and the king was weakening from the narcotic potions with which he daily drank himself at the instigation of Rasputin, the "old man" became omnipotent. Not only did he appoint and dismiss ministers and generals, he pushed the bishops and archbishops around him, he set out to depose the sovereign, put a sick heir on the throne, declare the empress regent and make a separate peace with Germany.
Hope to open the eyes of the sovereigns left. How, then, to save Russia from its evil genius? The same question that I asked asked Grand Duke Dmitry and Duma deputy Purishkevich. Without saying a word, each alone, we arrived at a single conclusion: Rasputin must be removed, even at the cost of murder.

Together with Felix Yusupov, Grigory Rasputin arrived at the palace on the Moika, where he was destined to meet his death.

To be continued.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 26 November 2013 08: 48
    with the further course of the great war for the Russian Empire itself, the collapse of which and the death of Rasputin almost coincided in time.
    That's exactly what just matched.It would not be Rasputin, then the swamp would have found another topic for yapping
    1. unclevad
      unclevad 27 November 2013 11: 15
      How to say. 1916 year. A rather energetic woman and a group of "advisers" become in power, a separate peace with Germany. Germany is strengthening in the West direction. Could ANTANTA then defeat her in 1918 and was there a crisis in April 1917 in Russia?
  2. mirag2
    mirag2 26 November 2013 08: 50
    I had previously read a lot about Rasputin - in my opinion, the book by V. Pikul "Unclean Power" reflects the topic well, where only there is not enough data on the English trace.
    And the whole atmosphere of time is transmitted beautifully.
    From fresh, unfortunately I can not recommend anything yet.
    1. avt
      avt 26 November 2013 10: 18
      Quote: mirag2
      V. Pikul's book "Unclean Power" reflects well the theme

      request Well you give !! No, I myself have read several of his books "Moonzund", "Cruisers" there with pleasure, but you CANNOT study history from Pikul. With the same success you can write down Radzinsky as a historian. He was howling about "evil spirits" and Grisha's super possibilities. Well, as you dig deeper, the truthful plot mixes up even more steeply, and without any glitches. Article +, more often it is necessary to tell specific things, and not historical anecdotes. the documentary was filmed, I forgot the name, there Dyatlov also comments. So everything was shown very well with photographs from the criminal case. It is clearly visible there - Grishka did not run anywhere, like Radzinsky, having gorged on cyanide, dragged him through the snow, saw what was still alive , leaned and weighed them head on. We are waiting for the second part, I hope it will be sustained in the same spirit. By the way, the Angles at the Air Force shot a docfilm, so quite openly with the documents from the archives and the intelligence officer's family they announced the murder - "they stopped the black force." ??
      1. Denis
        Denis 26 November 2013 12: 23
        Quote: avt
        learning the story of Pikul is NOT
        I’d say the whole story with him. It’s huge, and in the direction he needs, exaggeration
        Something like this:
      2. dmb
        dmb 26 November 2013 12: 28
        Lord, well, you usually reason reasonably. The history of the Borodino battle also cannot be studied from the novel War and Peace, but Tolstoy did not cease to be the Great Russian writer because of this. Pikul in his novel least of all intended to highlight the elder's sexual dignity or the number of holes in his head, but the reasons for the fall of the existing system are reflected more than correctly, which is actually confirmed by the course of history itself. Yes, Pikul is not so "unhistorical". It is enough to read the memoirs of the secretary Rasputin Simanovich, or M. Kasvinov "23 steps down". The latter cites a lot of quotes from the memoirs of his contemporaries.
        1. avt
          avt 26 November 2013 13: 13
          Quote: dmb
          The history of the Borodino battle also cannot be studied from the novel War and Peace, but Tolstoy did not cease to be the Great Russian writer because of this.

          "War and Peace" is a philosophical thing, reflecting Tolstoy's religious affiliation, in contrast to the stories about the Crimean War where he was a participant, that is, an eyewitness to events. But again, history should be based on specific facts that change to please the plot of the novel, or even they should not be thrown away, I am not talking about the assessment of the fact itself, this is what historians do, regularly repainting them in accordance with the context. And Pikul, with all my respect for him as a writer, disposes of facts rather frivolously for the sake of a narrative built by him in accordance with his artistic vision, well, about the technical details, and I'm not saying what is only the number of German ships drowned in his novels. That is why I stopped reading fiction historical literature, I prefer historical monographs with specific references to historical documents, first of all, and statements of contemporaries.
        2. atalef
          atalef 26 November 2013 14: 48
          Quote: dmb
          Lord, well, you usually reason reasonably. The history of the Borodino battle also cannot be studied from the novel War and Peace, but Tolstoy did not cease to be the Great Russian writer because of this. Pikul in his novel least of all intended to highlight the elder's sexual dignity or the number of holes in his head, but the reasons for the fall of the existing system are reflected more than correctly, which is actually confirmed by the course of history itself. Yes, Pikul is not so "unhistorical". It is enough to read the memoirs of the secretary Rasputin Simanovich, or M. Kasvinov "23 steps down". The latter cites a lot of quotes from the memoirs of his contemporaries.

          Absolutely, I agree with you, he himself was read by Pikul and many of his novels pushed for a deeper study of the topic, there was some disappointment that the story did not quite correspond to the work, but the fact that it made me interested was unequivocally (+) Pikul, yes and the novel in general never claims to be documentary xnumx% authenticity
          Yesterday I looked out for the new Sherlock Holmes, not documentary here, but managed to make some young, schizophrenic pretzel from Holmes, and after he lit a cigarette, damn it, who transferred Conan Doyle to the provincial one, a shame.
          1. Denis
            Denis 26 November 2013 17: 42
            Quote: atalef
            managed from Holmes to make kakoto a young, schizophrenic pretzel
            In such situations, about the next film that they’ll shoot and it’s scary and disgusting to think. They’ll make a trendy couple
            Already rotates
    2. Grifan
      Grifan 26 November 2013 14: 15
      Read better O. Platonov "Life for the Tsar" he, unlike Pikul, operates with documents hi
  3. Boris55
    Boris55 26 November 2013 09: 27
    Rasputin was a representative of the Russian priesthood who was trying to dissuade the tsar to enter the war and thereby avoid many troubles for Russia, for which the Masons killed him. After his murder, a bloody meat grinder to destroy the Russian people was launched ...
    1. Docent1984
      Docent1984 26 November 2013 09: 36
      For you, my dear, the Serbian institute is crying ... Try to read Pikul, as mirag2 advises - maybe a little brain clearer.
      1. core
        core 26 November 2013 10: 02
        the evil spirits of a pickle, a tendentious little book. empty. repeating all the fables of the beginning of the century. I will not advise anyone to read this little book.
      2. Gomunkul
        Gomunkul 26 November 2013 12: 49
        Try reading Pikul, as mirag2 advises - maybe a little brain clearer.

        Following your advice, many may get the impression that Pikul was present at the time he describes in his novel "Unclean Power". I remember in an anotation to this work of critics, in their opinion, the author described the Brezhnev time. (correct me if I'm wrong). hi
        1. George
          George 26 November 2013 14: 34
          Quote: Gomunkul
          Try reading Pikul, as mirag2 advises - maybe a little brain clearer.

          Following your advice, many may get the impression that Pikul was present at the time he describes in his novel "Unclean Power". I remember in an anotation to this work of critics, in their opinion, the author described the Brezhnev time. (correct me if I'm wrong). hi

          Pikul was "persecuted" for the analogy seen in this book with the existing situation in the party elite.
          Previously read by Pikul, and was almost ready to defend his beloved writer with his fists. He was impressed by the patriotic orientation of his works. Now I understand that for a serious study of the history of his books it is not enough, but his books became a serious incentive for me. One of the favorite writers.
        2. Denis
          Denis 26 November 2013 17: 47
          Quote: Gomunkul
          the author described Brezhnev time. (correct me if I am wrong)
          You are not mistaken. He wrote that the Brezhnev-Churban circle recognized himself there and in every way slowed down the publication.
          But just what?
          It is disgusting that he said this at a time when only the lazy did not blame Brezhnev
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov 26 November 2013 15: 16
      Quote: Boris55
      Rasputin was a representative of the Russian priesthood

      If this were so, then another person would have been nominated to replace him, but this was not the case - the magi have been persecuted for too long and are politically weak.
      The first attempt on Rasputin (a woman stabbed at a meeting with the people) was just before the war in July 14 and really did not allow Rasputin to intervene and dissuade the tsar from the war. The second attempt was already in the interests of the revolution.
      Rasputin was killed because he was unique and could not be replaced by any organization - real strong psychic (in the photo to the article you can see the biofield) with the ability to predict - the locator of the future that the king was deprived of. His predictions are still relevant (they will build towers from which poison will flow at the end of time - about nuclear power plants and their accidents during a natural disaster) and are taken into account by the Germans and Japanese who closed their nuclear power plants.
      Reiner is a typical tribunal from Zionism, they look the same as "Agents Smith" in the Matrix - the same people came to check the USSR in the 30s and Kalinin met them as bosses. They have a very serious school and not Oxford, English intelligence is rather a screen. Astronaut Bormann (with 4 coats of arms on a tie) even examined the Moon from orbit and then went to the USSR to check it.
      So the point is not in England - this is a global project to suppress Russian civilization and it is not people who manage it, which, in general, is not hidden - there is a picture on the dollar.
      1. Drosselmeyer
        Drosselmeyer 26 November 2013 16: 13
        Lord, if you are all serious ... then I sympathize with you. What a wild hash in my head.
      2. smile
        smile 26 November 2013 17: 00
        Yooooooooh .... you are always inimitable !!! :)))
        Yes, the wise men are politically weak ... mostly on their head. :))) Therefore, agents Smith, from the casket, identical from the face, captured the Planet and dragged Comrade Kalinin, who was the bosses, for the beard. :)))
        And where, one wonders, looked at Astronafft Bormann from orbit, which, clear pepper, without four emblems on a tie and one on the priest did not climb into the vimaana? And what did he check in the USSR? The Zionists, Smith, blinked, the dog .... I would have deprived him of such emblems for exactly half the emblems and would have pulled them into an uncontrollable flight towards Mars ... without a spacesuit.
        Having carefully examined the one-dollar bill, I saw on it the true leader of the suppression of Russian civilization - I even know his name - Urfin Dzhus, the fiery god of the Maranov (some scientists believe that a race of intelligent Barrrans is hidden behind the "Maranas") ... as well as wooden soldiers ... the keyword is "wooden". :))))) :)))))
        There are no words to describe to you my gratitude for the high spirits .... you are truly unique.
        You, of course, are a legitimate plus. :))))
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 27 November 2013 00: 58
          Well, as soon as you tried a couple of times to try logic, how did you get hooked on it and demand new servings ... Do you know how Roizman in the Urals struggles with something like that? And suddenly you have one too - they’ll lock them, they will turn off Topvar and they will turn House-2 to normalization ...
          But until this happens - please.
          Quote: smile
          the wise men are politically weak ... mostly on their head.

          They are just good and strive for harmony, and the politics of evil and destructive - not that simple field.

          Quote: smile
          captured the planet

          Read the sources - the Earth is not a planet, but the terms are important in the discussion - if there were a Planet, they would not try so.

          Quote: smile
          dragged comrade Kalinin, who was the boss, for the beard

          No, it’s just that Kalinin met the auditors at the train with an honor guard and walked a little behind - the banks gave a lot of money for revolution and industrialization, and with a negative audit, Kalinin’s beard would be quickly repressed like many others.

          Quote: smile
          where, asked Astronafft Bormann looked from orbit

          He looked down at the moon and was sad - while the Germans exterminated the Russians, they didn’t catch up, but the race was one ...

          Quote: smile
          without four emblems on a tie and one on the pope in vimaana not climbed?

          Without 4 emblems in that case, you cannot get into the kerosene, because the project was promoted by different groups, and if the fame of the pioneer was earned by a representative of one, then the other would be offended. About the ass - this is purely your hypothesis, although probable, but the full face is not visible in the photo - either confirm or hold back ...
          Apollo, as you know, a triple and flying politician was one, and the rest are professional astronauts - you need to steer well.

          Quote: smile
          Zionist Smith blinked, dog

          So the auditors do not check each other but the object - in this case, they checked the suggestibility of the "Soviet public" - it was time to launch Armstrong.

          Quote: smile
          I would have deprived him of such coat of arms for exactly half the emblems

          You can’t deprive half of the coats of arms - this is how to demoralize Gagarin, not the coat of arms adorns Bormann, but the Borman coat of arms.

          Quote: smile
          some scientists believe that behind the "marans" is a race of intelligent Barrrans

          I completely agree - the whole RAS is studying a topic close to them about rams and rams, they are not distracted either by the end of the world or by the world war — true unshakable scientists.

          Quote: smile
          as well as wooden soldiers

          Sorry, the sailors are not wooden - they would swim ...
          When you still want logic - try to make it yourself, drug addicts are looking for hemp, otherwise it takes a long time to write and I don’t need to detail it that way.
          1. smile
            smile 27 November 2013 02: 24
            Thanks for answering.
            You know how to intrigue .... If the Earth is not a planet, then what? scared to think ....
            It's a strange thing, I'm afraid if you comrade Bormann were informed that he and his gang were sad about the Russian subhuman, the destruction of which they themselves had organized, he would not have understood you ... very actively ... :)))
            Okay - Allah is with them with the emblems ... but it is not clear what the glory of the pioneer is, if glory is netut? Gagarin grabbed all the bad ... how could he not ayayai .... Why did the knowledgeable people not expose the impostor? And anyway, something like Armstrong was later ... no?
            Damn, well, after all, your normal humor went on! How so? About the manufacture of logic, in general a masterpiece! :))) No, I do not understand you .... maybe write an article outlining your vision of the World, eh? That b..bud- it will be killer material!
            1. Volkhov
              Volkhov 27 November 2013 03: 50
              Earth is a star for more than a million years, it can be seen from the compass, the planets are Mars, the Moon. The difference in the presence of a spherical reactor in the center and a magnetic field during its rotation. Stars sometimes pulsate - now the sun is changing polarity right now.
              Borman was not sad about the Russians, but about his own people — it’s bad to be an occupier with weapons worse than those of the conquered — the Moon Base is clearly visible.
              Bormann was the first of the Zionists to fly around the moon - that’s the glory, Gagarin was flying around the Earth. Armstrong was a participant in the show (there was no landing), and Bormann did not lie.
              Articles have been written for a long time and you know where to look - for a day you can read, for a week - to understand.
              1. smile
                smile 27 November 2013 06: 29
                No, no, no .... I won’t be able to read in a day ..... I want to read only your statements .... but they aren’t enough for a day .... but as for understanding, I’m not sure at all that I can. .... you won, for example, ruined all astronomy .... in a swoop .... you called the Earth a star .... Borman-Zionist ... statement of the same level .... oh, I'm afraid the Zionists will beat you. ... and the Nazis .... in general, everything :)))) A similar statement is made- Bormann is an astronaut .... although, of course, against the background of the assertion that the Earth is an extinct Star (moreover, a million years ago) - This is true. little nothings of life....:)))
                1. Volkhov
                  Volkhov 27 November 2013 09: 36
                  Not extinct, but lighted up one million three hundred thousand years ago - only acting stars have a magnetic field.
              2. Archibald
                Archibald 27 November 2013 17: 24
                Somehow carries you.
  4. Azaat
    Azaat 26 November 2013 10: 20
    I read "Unclean Power" not all of Pikul's historical facts are indisputable, but the fact that life at court, and not Rasputin's death, was beneficial to the Western Jewish banker is a fact. And I never met about English, not German spies in Rasputin's entourage.
    1. avt
      avt 26 November 2013 11: 02
      Quote: Azaat
      But about English, not German spies surrounded by Rasputin I have not met anywhere.

      laughing Well, yes, this is how they come and introduce themselves- “Hello, I'm an English spy.” Do you really think that the special services would leave such a figurant alone with access to the first person ??? Yes, they would be driven from work with a pissing broom, would have missed such an opportunity and if the resident did not let any agent down to the defendant! nothing, in February 17th came from the other end.
  5. Egoza
    Egoza 26 November 2013 10: 37
    The British were definitely pissed off. It was beneficial for them to remove Rasputin, who had a huge influence on the royal family.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 26 November 2013 11: 56
    The article is not justified by any documents.
  8. shurup
    shurup 26 November 2013 14: 55
    Judging by the comments "who, what, whom read" should be continued on the topic "who needed it?"
    I understand that part 2 will be?
  9. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 26 November 2013 16: 20
    It seems to me that the significance of Rasputin in Russian history is greatly exaggerated. Including writers. It was a black PR project against the royal family.
  10. Sharp
    Sharp 26 November 2013 19: 01
    Doctor Botkin (brutally murdered together with the Tsar's family) said: "What if it weren't for Rasputin - they would have invented Vyrubova the maid of honor, if Vyrubova had not come up, they would have invented him - Botkin." THE MAIN TASK WAS TO BLUE THE ROYAL FAMILY. AND THIS PROBLEM WAS SUCCESSFULLY SOLVED. And what is the power of the media, we can see the example of our time and our country.
  11. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 26 November 2013 20: 07
    I read different things about Rasputin. Both good and bad. And the memoirs of eyewitnesses (Yusupov, Ignatiev) and an excellent work of art - a novel by Pikul.

    Based on the read sources, he developed his attitude to the figure of Rasputin.

    1) Rasputin can be forgiven for all his sins only because he tried to keep the tsar from war with Germany.

    A strange coincidence - Archduke Ferdinand is killed in Sarajevo (cause for war!), And Grigory Rasputin's native village is attempted. Rasputin is wounded, cannot leave for St. Petersburg, and - with a certain probability - keep the tsar (and thus the country) from an unnecessary war.

    2) The figure of Rasputin is not vicious, as he was described by ill-wishers and critics. The vicious figure of Tsar Nicholas II.

    Tsar Nikolai Alexandrovich - "a pitiful, insignificant person" (c). If the tsar brings such an odious figure as Rasputin closer to him, it is not Rasputin who is to blame, but the tsar himself.

    3) It seems to me that the campaign against Rasputin (read the Tsar) in the then Russian press was deliberately inflated by someone. Ask by whom?

    And who benefits?

    Entente - to ruin Russia to pieces and profit.

    Liberal Russian politicians to catch fish in troubled waters and seize power.

    To the fools, the generals who lose the battle, and to blame everything on Rasputin, that, they say, through him the Germans will recognize all top-secret plans.

    Here is my opinion.
  12. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 26 November 2013 20: 09
    PS About the memoirs of Yusupov and Purishkevich. "They lie like eyewitnesses" (c).
  13. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 26 November 2013 21: 32
    <<< More recently, the British edition of the Birmingham Mail came out with material in which, with links to a number of British historians and criminologists, in the form of a final journalistic verdict, information was presented that British intelligence was behind the murder of Grigory Rasputin. >>>
    Who would doubt that! The Naglosraxes, always suffering from megalomania (Great Britain ...), for several centuries by force asserted their hegemony in the world, not hesitating to openly interfere in the internal affairs of other states up to the organization of the physical elimination of the unwanted, despite their status (the assassination of Emperor Paul) ! Rasputin, with his influence on the royal family, was against the war with Germany, and this threatened the implementation of the global project of the Naglosraxes to play off Germany and Russia so that they would destroy each other in a bloody battle (which, in practice, later happened) and this predetermined his fate! And as always in Russia, to the circles close to the authorities, there were "assistants" ready to serve the "enlightened" West!
  14. the monastery
    the monastery 27 November 2013 01: 33
    Rasputin is evil, there is a way
  15. Ols76
    Ols76 27 November 2013 06: 00
    Article +. You always need to look for someone who benefits. The British were definitely fussing here.
  16. Sugar Honeyovich
    Sugar Honeyovich 27 November 2013 06: 11
    Quote: Sergey Medvedev
    It seems to me that the significance of Rasputin in Russian history is greatly exaggerated. Including writers. It was a black PR project against the royal family.
    - That is, the value of Rasputin was small? Then for what, and most importantly why was he killed?
  17. SukhovAM
    SukhovAM 27 November 2013 13: 06
    Oh, not a single person was Grigory Efimovich Rasputin !!! Holding sent to the place and to the time! He could do everything, both Russia and the world from the catastrophes of the 20th century, to save, but the masses did not give, did not give !!!
  18. Docent1984
    Docent1984 2 December 2013 15: 33
    To be honest, it was a kind of shock for me to read many of the comments ... I never expected that the figure of Grishka Rasputin could be seriously positive for someone. I would like to wish these gentlemen to exist for several years in a state ruled by a possessed, uncouth man with two parish classes ... As Professor Preobrazhensky said, "here Sharikova, eat him with porridge" ... One thing pleases - in my opinion, though in a small, but still a plus) There are still more sane people.

    And as a lyrical digression - from the diary of Prince Yusupov, it was written a day before the known events, knowingly only for myself - “Knowing that I take a great sin on my soul and doom my kind to the fourth generation to damnation, I will not give up my determination to rid my country and his people from the stinking reptile "...