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Helicopters and UAVs at Dubai Airshow-2013

Let's go over the statics of Duba Airshow-2013 and look at the helicopters, drones and other great cars presented here.

As usual, the exposition of Finmechanika is brightly framed. Agusta Westland presents a new model of the helicopter in the 4-ton class - AW169.

2. It turns out something between a three-ton AW109 and a six-ton ​​AW139.

3. The eight-seat (you can increase the number of passengers to 10) machine is now at the certification stage, plans to start flying from 2015 year. An empty salon is opened by a click.

4. Italians are good designers.

5. Another relatively new model from Agusta - AW189 - new rotorcraft in the class of eight-ton machines. Last month, flew the first production car.

6. Aroused great interest among the leadership of the UAE.

7. It can be controlled by one or two pilots.

8. The number of passengers is up to 18. This is the layout of 5 + 4 + 5 + 4.

9. AW139 is now successfully assembled on Helvert in Tomilino.

10. I could not identify this stool, and it was difficult to get through to it. Onboard I-B709. Tell me why such a thing? From the coast to the yacht to fly?

11. CAVALON GYRO COPTER - an improved autogyro. The maximum speed of 160 km / h, refuels with gasoline and can be in the air up to 5 hours.

12. As the manufacturer Eurocopter-175, this set of indicators is the most economical and reliable middle-class car in the world.

13. First shipments are expected in 2014.

14. Bell Helicopter announced the upcoming delivery of the world's first Bell-412EPI to Abu Dhabi Aviation for offshore oil platforms in the UAE.

15. It was also announced that it signed a contract with the South Wales police for the supply of Bell-412EPI for work in Australia. The helicopter will carry out tactical and rescue missions.

16. First introduced in March of 2013, Bell-412EPI is an enhanced Bell-412EP modification and includes the Bell BasiX Pro ™ integrated glass dashboard, which instantly displays important flight information to provide enhanced situational awareness and security.

17. The official representative of Bell Helicopter in Russia and Ukraine does not exclude that he will soon be engaged in certification of this type in Russia. According to experts, at the moment Bell-412 has no competitors in its class.

18. Medical variant MD-900 (McDonnell-Douglas) Explorer A7-NHA, Qatar.

19. The internal location of patient beds and places for health care providers may vary from 1 + 2, 1 + 3 or 2 + 2.

20. Pixel Bell407 N407GT has already been shown this year at Le Bourget.

21. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk


23. Chinook, Black Hawk, Apach, further prompts.

24. Boeing CH-47 Chinook

25. AH-64D Apache Longbow

26. AH-64D Apache Longbow - the second major modification of the Apache (longbow means "long bow"). The main feature is the AN / APG-78 Longbow millimeter radar stationed in a streamlined container above the main rotor hub. Also installed enhanced engines and new airborne equipment.


28. UAE NAVY 197 is who? This is Eurocopter Dauphin or Panther.


30. Eurocopter fennec

31. Bell V-22 Osprey converters and who?


33. American AH-1Z Viper

34. Externally - pure dragonfly!

35. A full-size mockup of the largest U-40 drone from Yabhon (United Arab Emirates) has already been demonstrated at the MAKS-2013.
Empty weight - 3,5 tons, payload 6,5 tons. Wingspan 17,53 m, length 11,3.

36. According to rumors, in February he will come to Russia for tests.

37. Unknown flying object.

38. Yabhon-CRN 1

39. KND Shark 1 can fly at a speed of 90 km / h at an altitude of up to 2500 meters and carry almost 18 kg of equipment with its own weight of 16 kg.

40. KND VARS 1 FIXED wind UAV is ready to work up to 10 hours at a height of 5000 meters with suspension in 75 kg.

That is such a beauty. And this is not the end.
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  1. 31231
    31231 26 November 2013 09: 54 New
    Thanks for the photos and comments on them.
  2. King
    King 26 November 2013 11: 51 New
    where is our equipment?
    1. AVV
      AVV 26 November 2013 14: 17 New
      Our technique in the next review !!!
  3. Gamdlislyam
    Gamdlislyam 26 November 2013 12: 35 New
    Quote: King
    where is our equipment?

    Dear colleague Rurik, thank God, our organizations involved in the export of high-tech and expensive products have finally learned how to count money. Spending huge sums on the delivery of full-scale exhibits, renting space for them when there are no buyers (for political reasons) on them is not reasonable. Therefore, more budgetary methods of advertising are used - these are models of equipment, posters, videos, printed materials.
    Thanks to Marina (the photographer). The photos are wonderful, the technique looks beautiful on them. Article +.
  4. Andreitas
    Andreitas 26 November 2013 14: 46 New
    The adder liked the most.
  5. mountain
    mountain 26 November 2013 19: 55 New
    Thanks a great digression. When are the next? I look forward to it.
  6. mountain
    mountain 26 November 2013 19: 56 New
    Thanks, great excursion. When are the next? I look forward to it.
  7. gridasov
    gridasov 7 December 2013 02: 09 New
    Physicists have developed a mechanical device as simple as a screw or propeller, but orders of magnitude more efficient. The new mover is a breakthrough in helicopter engineering. Vitality and effective power are orders of magnitude higher.
  8. gridasov
    gridasov 7 December 2013 13: 33 New
    I don’t understand what causes delight? Methods and principles are old. And by the way, not effective. Easy change of shapes and colors. You can even simulate for decades to come that in essence everything will be the same.