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Anti-Russian "Strong Jazz". NATO creates a springboard for the strategic strike force in Poland and the Baltic countries

Anti-Russian "Strong Jazz". NATO creates a springboard for the strategic strike force in Poland and the Baltic countriesIn the system of operational and strategic training of NATO troops, the “Steadfast Jazz - 2013” exercise (translated into Russian as “Strong Jazz-2013”) held in November was the culmination of the outgoing year. They passed on land, at sea and in the air. More than 6, thousands of military, around 350 armored vehicles, 57 combat aircraft and helicopters, 11 surface ships and 2 submarines were involved in the training of combat missions.

Western media called these exercises the largest in the last decade, tracked their progress. Our media rarely dealt with this topic and were extremely cautious, as if they were afraid to offend NATO with any statement that did not coincide with the official position of the alliance. However, this is a separate conversation.

The scenario of the exercises was commented on by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Joint Command of the Joint Armed Forces of NATO "Brunsyum" (Netherlands), Major General of the French Armed Forces Michel Yakovleff (his grandfather was from Russia). In an interview with ITAR-TASS, he, in particular, said: "The opponent of the multinational NATO forces at these exercises was a fictional country called Botnia that attacked Estonia." And add, captured part of its territory. The North Atlantic Alliance decided to launch a collective defense mechanism and dispatched the Rapid Reaction Force to the area of ​​regional conflict.

Even before the start of the maneuvers, the Alliance’s public diplomacy service began to create a series of pseudo-news TV stories telling about the systemic crisis that began two months before the war in Botnia, a country supposedly located in Scandinavia.

At the same time, according to these plots, it was a question of a large regional power, “possessing significant reserves of oil and gas”. Clear what country is meant.

After the inclusion of Poland (1999) and the Baltic countries (2004) into NATO, the operational equipment of the territory of these countries and the re-equipment of national armies under the standards of the alliance proceeded at an accelerated pace in the post-Soviet space. That was the way NATO moved eastward. It seems that some forces in the alliance decided by 2008 that the time for dividing the riches of the post-Soviet space had come. Then the well-known statements of M. Albright, Z. Brzezinski, C. Rice about the need to share resources appeared. Apparently, therefore, commenting on the results of the exercises, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen also stressed that these maneuvers were “not directed against Russia”. Who would doubt that?..

From European countries, only Belarus and Russia did not take part in “Strong Jazz”. In this situation, apparently, it is not difficult to understand who the enemy is, even if conditional. For more than five years, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have offered to hold NATO military exercises on their territory, since they passionately wanted to make sure that the alliance would immediately come to their rescue in conditions of a “regional crisis”. It is also easy to understand where the Baltic countries are from, where the threat is seen.

Analysts have yet to assess these unprecedented operational activities, which, we emphasize, were held in close proximity to the Russian borders, but quite definite conclusions can be drawn today. Thus, the Supreme Commander of the Joint Armed Forces (OVS) of NATO in Europe, Philip Breedlove, made a statement that all the exercises' tasks were successfully completed.

“Strong Jazz” practically opened a new stage in stories Alliance, resuming large-scale military maneuvers, is a step to which NATO goes consciously and prudently.

As is known, in 2014, NATO will complete the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. During the 12 years of the Afghan war, the bloc gained significant combat experience. In order not to lose it, to ensure high combat capability, the effectiveness of the interaction of the Allied forces, the alliance began a movement to resume the practice of strategic maneuvers. Alexander Grushko, Russia's permanent representative to NATO, defined the essence of the November Strong Jazz-2013: “... we see that the scenario of this doctrine was built according to the canons of the Cold War, provides for a military clash, partial occupation of the territory, restoration of territorial integrity. And where? In the Baltic region and on the territory of Poland, where the main field phase will take place. ”

However, both land and water, and the air of the Baltic countries have long been turned into a single proving ground for working out joint actions of the NATO allied forces. Previously, the leadership of the alliance explained the conduct of large-scale military maneuvers in the region by their peacekeeping essence, as well as the need for real preparation for participation in the operation as part of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. Now, the aggressive nature of operational and combat training measures is not particularly hidden. According to representatives of the alliance, the exercises in Eastern Europe will reflect the new situation after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, when the organization once again intends to focus on the protection of the territories of its member countries.

NATO military activity in the Baltic countries and Poland in 2010 – 2012 steadily increased, only in 2012 was 13 conducted large-scale exercises, during which questions of the transfer and use of troops were worked out. In 2013, before the “Steadfast Jazz-2013” in the Baltic region, several NATO exercises took place at once - “BALTOPS”, “Saber Strike”, “Baltic Eye”, “Kevadtorm”. Practically, the preparation for the teachings lasted more than two years. Editor in Chief of National Defense Magazine and Director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons Igor Korotchenko, following the results of the exercise “Steadfast Jazz-2013”, noted that NATO had completed the scenario of full-scale military operations against Russia.

The initiator of the "Steadfast Jazz-13" was the Polish side. During the exercises in Latvia, the headquarters of the NATO Rapid Reaction Forces was located in NATO and command and staff exercises were held, and field exercises were held at the Dravsko - Pomorsk training ground in Poland. Note that the land phase of the maneuvers, which received the code name "Land Livex", ended with an offensive operation in an easterly direction.

“The military is always training. This is their job. Problems arise not when exercises are conducted, but if these exercises are not sufficiently transparent. This year we have made very important steps with Russia in terms of increasing mutual trust, but we still have the potential for further work, ”said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Alas, the head of the alliance is somewhat cunning. The Steadfast Jazz-2013 exercise led a long list of past maneuvers with the “strong” cliché. However, according to the Minister of Defense of Latvia Artis Pabriks, during the “Strong Jazz”, the real scenario of repelling an attack on the Baltic States was finally played: “... a specific attack was directed against Estonia. Additional NATO forces arrived, eliminated the enemy in the occupied territory and returned the country’s sovereignty. ” Pabriks expressed particular satisfaction with the fact that he received from the high command of the armies of NATO countries praise to Latvia as the host country and their command center. On the thesis of the "host country" should pay special attention.

Within the framework of the Steadfast Jazz-2013 exercise, the Baltic Host maneuvers were held, which are a test of the readiness of the Baltic countries to receive military contingents on their territory.

The alliance’s Internet resources indicate that after the withdrawal of the Western coalition troops from Afghanistan, NATO’s plans will focus on Eastern Europe, primarily Poland and the Baltic States. It is assumed that the US, UK and United States 9 divisions will be redeployed from Western Europe. Germany.

At the same time, the United States and Great Britain intend to increase their Baltic presence fleet.

In Lithuania, an inter-ministerial committee has already been established to receive new NATO units. At the airbase in the city of Lask (Poland), American F-16 airplanes are being redeployed from Aviano's air base (Italy). In Poland, 5 advanced fuel and lubricant bases and 6 early warning radar sites were created. In 2012, the NATO Energy Security Center appeared in Vilnius.

According to the plans of the US military presence in Europe, significant changes will occur with the grouping of troops, primarily in Germany. Currently, about 52 thousand American servicemen are deployed in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the State Department’s dispatch of a new military strategy for the United States before 2015, the Federal Republic of Germany must leave a total of 10471 from an American soldier. The cuts will affect 23 locations of US troops, located mainly in the federal states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. The full withdrawal of the American contingent is still out of the question. In particular, the largest military base in Ramstein, where the European missile defense command center is located, will continue to function. Of the more than 40 thousands remaining in the FRG until the end of 2025, about 15 thousand will be relocated to Poland and the Baltic States.

The territories of Poland and the Baltic countries have actually become a springboard for accommodating and transferring advanced parts of the United States to the European continent. In particular, the ports in the cities of Swinoujscie and Gdynia (Poland) were rebuilt according to the standards of the alliance and are capable of receiving American and British landing and transport ships. The increased US interest in the development of the port of Klaipeda is of particular caution. Thanks to the program to improve the military infrastructure of the NATO member countries, the cargo turnover was increased and the capacity of the Klaipeda port to receive vessels of various displacement was expanded. In response to the “aggressive actions of Russia,” the United States is ready to begin building up the naval group in the Baltic Sea.

Before the beginning of the naval exercises in the framework of the “Steadfast Jazz-2013” in the Polish port of Gdynia 27 in October, a meeting of representatives of the Navy of NATO member states was held on board the ship “De Ruyter”. The commander of the naval component of the exercises was a Pole M. Koschelsky. In total, 17 naval officers from Poland, 3 from Italy and 3 from Latvia were included in the headquarters. In addition to the flagship De Ruyter, Polish warships (frigate Gen. T. Kosciuszko, submarine Sokol2, anti-submarine helicopters Mi-14PL, deck helicopter SH-2G) and Italian destroyer Duilio took part in the exercises on the Baltic Sea .

In total, 15 ships from NATO 8 countries participated in the exercise, as well as a special NATO mine defense team from 6 ships of the Navy of Poland, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, reinforced by minesweepers Czajka (Poland) and Ledbury (Great Britain) .
Sea maneuvers were held in the Baltic Sea and the Gdansk Bay. Despite the small composition of the naval grouping, large-scale tasks were set for it. According to the statements of the Polish Navy command, during the “Steadfast Jazz-2013”, questions of “covering” the navigable waterways and ports were worked out, in particular, repelling an air attack and countering enemy submarines, as well as conducting search and rescue operations. The NATO Mine Action Group improved the procedure for joint action to clean up areas from minefields.

In this regard, we note that, despite protests from Russia about the militarization of the Baltic region, NATO, under the auspices of the United States, continues to explore the Baltic Sea and the territory of the Baltic countries as a potential theater of military operations. Back in 1999, the NATO exercise Baltops-30 was conducted in 99 kilometers from the territorial waters of Russia in the Baltic Sea. 46 ships, four submarines and up to 50 aircraft from the USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Holland took part in them. Latvia was represented by observers. Since then, such exercises in the Baltic Sea began to be held annually. Nowadays, operational and combat training activities of NATO's Joint Armed Forces regularly take place both on the territory of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and in their territorial waters.

A curious fact: in August, the international operation “Open Spirit – 2013” took place in the Baltic Sea to destroy the remaining 20th-century world wars. mines and other explosives. According to Lithuanian Navy Commander Admiral Kestutis Matsiauskas, this is the largest joint demining exercise in Lithuanian sea waters from 2010, where 12 teams of warships were involved, including from the Baltic squadron BALTRON, and four diver teams. The operation involved military personnel from 10 countries: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, USA, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Estonia. But this is not the whole truth. Under the guise of a mine search and clearance operation, the interaction of the headquarters of individual countries is being improved, a map of the minefields, and bottom features for the passage of American submarines are specified. Such operations in the territorial waters of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been carried out since 1996 on the initiative of Sweden. Since 2002, the Baltic republics have taken over the organization of operations.

It should be particularly noted that the most important component of the preparation of the maritime component of the Steadfast Jazz-013 exercises was the development of elements of the strategic offensive operation to block Kaliningrad, which consisted of mining the Baltic Sea areas and the port water area. In the event of a crisis, such an operation will provide a strategic advantage in terms of the transfer of naval assault ships from the US and the UK by transport ships, and most importantly, will ensure the neutralization of the forces and means of the Baltic Fleet of Russia located in the Kaliningrad region.

According to Russian military experts, the concept and specific strategic actions to encircle, dismember, and destroy the Kaliningrad group of forces were developed in the US 5-6 years ago.

Exercises in this scenario have already been conducted in Poland and Lithuania: with the transfer of troops, building up aviation and maritime alliance groups in the Baltic region. The same issues were worked out during the operational exercise “Strong Jazz”. This state of affairs resembles the situation with the blocking of Soviet ships in the Gulf of Finland during World War II.

To build up the aviation grouping in Poland, according to NATO standards, seven airfields were equipped, capable of receiving all types of aircraft. In addition, airplanes and flight crews from the United States constantly participate in combat training of the country's air force. This allowed American pilots to explore the alleged theater of operations in Eastern Europe. It should be added that the Lithuanian and Latvian airfields at Zokniai and Lielvarde air bases were modernized accordingly. In addition, the reconstruction of Emari airbase in Estonia was completed last year. In the summer of 2012 in Emari, during the Saber Strike exercise, American A-10 attack aircraft and KC-135 tankers from the National Guard (Michigan air base) were based. Another aviation group from an air base in Maryland visited Emari this summer.

Separately, it is worth noting that from year to year the alliance is improving ways of delivering weapons and military equipment to the Baltic region. In addition to railways and sea lanes already tested at last year’s exercises, another one is being actively developed - air.

And for some reason, nothing is known about the removal of military equipment and weapons from the region, which were regularly delivered there to participate in exercises. The question is, of course, interesting ...

To ensure the actions of a group of troops in the region, an appropriate infrastructure is being created. In Lithuania, there is an interdepartmental committee for the admission of NATO troops to the country's territory. It consists of deputy heads of ministries and departments who can be employed to ensure the deployment of alliance military personnel on Lithuanian territory. One of the main tasks of the committee is to coordinate the activities of various state bodies of Lithuania in the interests of receiving and deploying NATO armed forces in the country. Back in 2010, issues of strategic redeployment were worked out, ports and airfields, railway and highway infrastructure were equipped, roads were built even in the Baltic dunes. But the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, which envisages the construction of a railway from Tallinn to Warsaw, was abandoned by Latvia and Estonia. For the reason, they say, the lack of necessary funds. But finances were found on the high-speed railway Riga - Moscow. (What is not a classic example of the operational equipment of the territory of the alleged enemy by proxy and at the expense of others?)

So the routes of the movement of the NATO groups after deployment in the Baltics are quite obvious: Riga - Moscow and Tallinn - St. Petersburg.
As you know, before the battle of Klyastitsy from July 30 to August 1 1812 (the battle took place on the territory of today's Belarus, Russia and Latvia) Napoleon said: “If I take Kiev, I will take Russia by the legs; if I seize Petersburg, I will take her by the head; taking Moscow, I will hit her in my heart. ” What ended his story is well known. Do not forget that the alliance also never defended, he always attacked first. Today, the “oppression” of Latvians in the Pytalovsky district of the Pskov region, the Poles in Belarus, the accusations of Russia of “wrong sharing” of the Arctic shelf, etc. can be used as a pretext. Large NATO exercises may well be harbingers of very specific military operations in the center of Europe. There are considerable examples of this, but above all - the brutal bombardment of Yugoslavia in March of 1999 and the air operation against Libya in 2011.

Steadfast Jazz-13 exercises were held at 11 training grounds in Poland and the Baltic countries. For the first time, Polish territory turned out to be a zone of major military exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance since Poland joined NATO. The importance of Poland remains relevant today, which 18 of 1939 in October was noted in his diary by the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the Nazi Wehrmacht Ground Forces, General Franz Halder: “Poland is a German springboard for the future” - but adjusted for time. “Of course, this is a signal to anyone who might have intentions to attack a NATO ally,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, head of NATO, about the exercises.

In his commentary to Pravda.Ru, military expert, First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov suggested the following:

“The West is working out the establishment of a new world order. The fact that neutral Finland and Sweden are participating in NATO exercises suggests that a wider bloc is forming in the western direction.

The goal is the redistribution of raw materials in the face of inability to get out of the global financial crisis. Cheap available raw materials can be secured by force. It is no coincidence that in the last elections to the European Parliament, the right and the far right, personifying aggressive aspirations, are leading. There is fascization of the West. We saw the same phenomenon in 1930, which also coincided with the global economic crisis. Then the exit from it was war. Apparently, the situation is repeated.

In fact, all Russia's neighbors in this area, thank God, except for Belarus (as long as they haven’t made a “color revolution” and planted an analogue of Saakashvili-Yushchenko), they have claims against us, some countries openly express them.

And it is quite clear that all of them - Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, can participate in the war with the Russian Federation. The elites of these countries are Russophobic, as in Poland, Latvia, Estonia, or coldly neutral.

Speaking about the danger of neighborhood with the Russian Federation from these countries are heard regularly, for example, in 2007, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, the Minister of Defense of Finland Jüri Häkämijes said that the three main threats to the security of Finland are Russia, Russia and again . And his opinion in Finland is shared by many politicians and public figures. The Russian threat is regularly stated in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, this topic has become particularly acute in connection with the August 2008 war. In addition, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway expressed doubts as to whether the NATO bloc could protect them if anything happened. Latvia, Estonia and Finland have territorial claims to the Russian Federation (which are not clearly expressed yet, but what should be heated up for them ?!) for a reason for war. ”

According to K. Sivkov, Germany remains the most adequate neighbor in this area, although we have “rich” experience of wars with it. In Berlin, there are no tantrums about the Russian threat. But Finland and Sweden are increasingly inclined to the idea of ​​joining NATO. For example, Sweden, a neutral country, became a participant in the war against Libya. Moreover, the army of Sweden is not “strengthening” NATO in the form of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This is one of the most combat-ready armies in Europe, a state with a powerful military-industrial complex, a leader in a number of military areas, for example, naval submarines (non-nuclear submarines).

Military analyst of the Belarusian portal “Military-Political Review” Semyon Zalevsky believes that the objectives of the NATO maneuvers in the Baltic region are the neutralization of the Baltic Fleet and the localization of the Kaliningrad region. Indeed, history teaches that teaches nothing. Captured in Stalingrad, Hitler's Field Marshal Paulus, who was directly involved in developing the Barbarossa war plan against our country, later testified that "the seizure of Moscow was to be preceded by the seizure of Leningrad," namely, "many goals were pursued, namely: capture of the main bases of the Russian Baltic Fleet ... "Today, NATO is actively developing this potential theater of military operations. Since February 2012, the NATO Council, for example, has extended for an indefinite period the mission to control the airspace of the Baltic countries. An information campaign is growing up on charges of the Russian Federation for allegedly increasing the number of troops and armaments in the Western Military District and the Kaliningrad Region. And let me emphasize: in the western direction against Russia, the “northern mini-NATO” is also taking shape in order to counter our interests in the Arctic. This topic has already been specifically heard in London, where in January 2011, under the chairmanship of England, the North European Summit was held. It was attended by the United Kingdom, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

On the eve of the “Strong Jazz” exercise, the commander of NATO ground forces, Lieutenant-General Frederick Ben Hodges stressed that no one can today with NATO: “Whoever wants to speak out against what NATO or its member states stand for is looking for others to achieve its goals ways They can never beat the NATO Air Force or Navy. They are looking for other ways ... ”Nobody dared argue and hardly dares in the near future: soldiers from 20 of NATO member countries (total 28) - Albania, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France and Germany, as well as from Ukraine (naval infantry company), Finland, the Alliance's partner state, and officially neutral Sweden .

So, the alliance has recently fought in the Mediterranean with Libya (a tactical group), wages a protracted war in Afghanistan, occupied Iraq, but at the same time, under the legend of certain operational-combat training activities, it creates in the northeast of Europe a strike force of a strategic level equal to there is no world.

Given this, one cannot seriously take statements of this kind that, they say, NATO does not threaten anyone in modern conditions. It is clearly seen that the sense of existence of NATO is still a movement to the East. The strategic concept of such expansion was adopted by NATO in 1999, in the days of the bombing of Yugoslavia, and no one has canceled these plans.
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  1. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 26 November 2013 08: 43 New
    Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, strangely enough, expect that in the event of large-scale hostilities on their territory, nothing will be left of these "independent" states.
    1. Canep
      Canep 26 November 2013 08: 48 New
      And the Chukhons do not think that by isolating Kaliningrad they give rise to Russia to lift the blockade, by military means, or through the UN.
      1. APES
        APES 26 November 2013 09: 02 New
        Quote: Canep
        they give rise to Russia for

        I think soon - all masks will be ripped off - curtsy and flirting with gays will end.

        And so - all this, something very reminiscent, it was already, in history, how to end - I think as usual .....
        1. wow
          wow 26 November 2013 14: 28 New
          Only THIS time, if necessary, our tanks should not stop in Berlin.
          1. varov14
            varov14 26 November 2013 18: 52 New
            No need to send tanks there. They are also going to fight for our resources, but they themselves have nothing but human resources. And those are morally corrupted. According to "Kuz'kina Mother", there will probably be enough for the capital, but human resources are supporting us from the east, and the western ones should not be spared.
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 November 2013 09: 05 New
        Quote: Canep
        And the Chukhites do not think

        No, they don’t think. laughing
        1. Grandson of Veteran
          Grandson of Veteran 26 November 2013 18: 07 New
          2050, Tallinn. Opposite the Peking restaurant, former Palace,
          on Sin-Wan Square, the former Freedom Square, two Estonians, a shoe-polisher, are sitting.
          One says to another: "It was better with the Russians ... You didn't have to squint your eyes."
      3. Sakhalininsk
        Sakhalininsk 26 November 2013 10: 17 New
        Quote: Canep
        And the Chukhons do not think that by isolating Kaliningrad they give rise to Russia to lift the blockade, by military means, or through the UN.

        Do you think Chukhonets, lapus and other pshke and nonsense are capable of thinking? laughing colleague, you clearly overestimate the geyropeysky limitrophy laughing
        1. Grandson of Veteran
          Grandson of Veteran 26 November 2013 19: 14 New
          laughing laughing The parade of the Estonian army.
          Dear moderators! Ready for a warning! hi
      4. Pharao7766
        Pharao7766 26 November 2013 11: 18 New
        But it was not fucking the 11th Guards Army to disband !!!
        In Soviet times, the Kaliningrad Region alone would have had enough cancer sexes to put in.
        and now what ...

        * Disbanded in the 1990s, troops transferred to the Baltic Fleet as coastal troops.
      5. smile
        smile 26 November 2013 13: 38 New
        One gets the impression that their governments never even think about anything. You can’t imagine how they are intoxicated by the fact that NATA came to them, that someone is talking about the destruction of the invading Russians. Sometimes you watch interviews with important, pompous faces of the Baltic politicians, who talk in an absolutely idiotic manner about how they will defeat Russia, that you want to ride them with your butt ... and there is an urgent desire to really occupy them :)))
        1. varov14
          varov14 26 November 2013 18: 59 New
          What is there to occupy, we need it, they themselves disappear, the truth is like us. In extreme cases, erase as unnecessary.
      6. knn54
        knn54 26 November 2013 14: 44 New
        -Canep: But the Chukhons do not think ...
        Others think for them. The 2nd World War began because of the blocking by the Poles of Danzig (Gdansk thanks to the USSR).
        For many centuries, Europe did not allow Russia to enter the Baltic. Only under Peter the Great did the Russian kingdom (Muscovy) realize this goal and become a Great Empire.
        -vladsolo56: essentially nothing will be left of these "independent" states.
        If well asked: Kurland, Livonia and Estland regions (with the return of part of the territories of Vitebsk and Grodno regions). And the accession of Klaipeda (Memel) region (the former part of East Prussia) to the Russian Federation. Although, after the restoration of the status quo, they will be pulled ONLY to the Baltic region
        - In fact, all of Russia's neighbors in this area, thank God, except Belarus (until they arranged a “color revolution” and put an analogue of Saakashvili-Yushchenko), have claims to us
        And here are the reasons: oppression of Latvians in the Pskov region, Poles in Belarus, the “wrong division” of the Arctic shelf ...
        The Alliance has NEVER defended itself; it has ALWAYS used a "preventive" method.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 26 November 2013 09: 04 New
      Quote: vladsolo56
      that in the event of large-scale hostilities on their territory, nothing will be left of these "independent" states.

      Estonia alone expects to hold out for a month, and together with Latvia and Lithuania, they will generally lead a multi-year protracted war against Russia laughing
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 26 November 2013 09: 15 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Estonia alone expects to hold out for a month, and together with Latvia and Lithuania, they will generally lead a multi-year protracted war against Russia

        Topic: Two Estonians in a bar. Russian comes in. Estonian:
        - Now he will drink a glass of vodka and he will not be anything.
        Russian orders and drinks. Estonian:
        - Now he will drink another glass of vodka and he will not be anything.
        Russian orders and drinks. Estonian:
        “Now he will drink another glass of vodka and he won’t have anything, but we better leave.”
        The question is, how long will the war last if the Russian brigade rolls three glasses each? laughing !
        1. major071
          major071 26 November 2013 09: 48 New
          Yes, no one will fight them, in the event of large-scale hostilities, the blow will be dealt to the stronger armies in Europe, and with these "puppet armies" will be left without support and will merge themselves. soldier
          1. strannik595
            strannik595 26 November 2013 10: 27 New
            The foe of the NATO multinational force in these exercises was a fictional country called Botnia.
            ........ I think Botnia has something to meet the next "twelve languages", even if then hot Estonians, Poles and others do not cry, once again falling under the Botnian rule ...
            Napoleon said: “If I take Kiev, I will take Russia by the legs; if I take possession of Petersburg, I will take her head; having occupied Moscow, I will hit her in the heart. ” How his story ended is well known. Do not forget that the alliance also never defended, it was always the first to attack. Today, “oppression” of Latvians in the Pytalovsky district of the Pskov region, Poles in Belarus, accusations of Russia of the “wrong division” of the Arctic shelf, etc. can be used as a pretext. Major NATO exercises may well be the forerunners of very specific hostilities in the center of Europe.
            ..... again the Botnians will have to go to Paris without a Schengen visa
          2. varov14
            varov14 26 November 2013 19: 19 New
            Fighting all over Europe is clear suicide. Therefore, the military doctrine should provide for the immediate use of nuclear weapons and the West should know about it, then at least there will be mutual self-destruction. And the west has a thin gut, they are accustomed to a "well-fed" life, they hardly want to destroy themselves.
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 26 November 2013 21: 57 New
              Correctly! MUST BE A PLAN !!! AND IT SHOULD BE PUBLISHED IN EUROPEAN MEDIA! And there let them think - is it a bluff or a might!
        2. Igor39
          Igor39 26 November 2013 11: 52 New
          Russian and two Estonians are stuck in the elevator, Russian screams, swears: Open, ///////! Estonians are silent. Russian: Che are silent? Let's call for help together, we shout at the count of three. One, two, three ... Estonians: Together! Together! Together! laughing
        3. pensioner
          pensioner 26 November 2013 13: 03 New
          Quote: Tersky
          The question is, how long will the war last if the Russian brigade rolls three glasses each?

          Or a couple of battalions of 4 ...
          1. Krasnodar
            Krasnodar 26 November 2013 21: 59 New
            If a couple of battalions have 4 glasses each, then the war will begin the next morning! wink soldier
            1. pensioner
              pensioner 26 November 2013 22: 23 New
              Quote: Krasnodar
              If a couple of battalions have 4 glasses each, then the war will begin the next morning!

              And even earlier ... Like: "Why? Let's figure it out!"
              1. Krasnodar
                Krasnodar 26 November 2013 22: 33 New
                But it’s quite! bully
    3. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 26 November 2013 11: 03 New
      I do not perceive the lightweight mood of some comments. The situation in Russia’s opposition to almost all of Europe and the USA is obvious. Shapkozakatelitelnoy policy can not cope with them.
      With a high degree of probability, the United States and NATO may soon present Russia with an ultimatum of sharing Russia's natural resources and self-determination of the subjects of the federation under the false slogan of "freedom and democracy."
      What can Russia oppose NATO and the United States? Destroyed by the liberals, the Army and Navy. The forces are not comparable.
      Moscow and Petersburg are within a minute reach of conventional weapons.
      The existing nuclear deterrence forces are saving.
      But they are aimed at the main players. And if aggression begins with a small country, like Georgia, and a member of NATO, which is being invaded by the USA, then what should be done?
      The situation is very complicated and alarming, as before the war. But Stalin is not at the head of Russia; he is hoping for no one.
      1. ed65b
        ed65b 26 November 2013 11: 14 New
        It is stupid and senseless to present an ultimatum to a country with nuclear weapons with the ability to receive a radioactive desert in return instead of a country or even all countries.
        1. Walker1975
          Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 40 New
          And if you lower science to a level where the country will not be able to maintain its nuclear weapons? And look what’s going on with science, education and engineering
      2. smile
        smile 26 November 2013 13: 56 New
        Well, just because people are laughing does not mean that no one understands the seriousness of the situation. Everything is clear to everyone.
        And here you are tying it with all-pro-government, you have started a Volyn, there is nobody to hope for ... ah-ah-ah ... well, go and cry to the corner ....
        With a serious blow to us and the danger to our statehood, the war will turn into a nuclear one ... everything ... no blue arrows on the map will go. Therefore, conventional forces can wage war only to achieve local tasks - for example, the capture of the Kaliningrad region ... and then, losing it is too much for us ... I believe that the missiles may well fly.
        So that panic is also not very productive. Nata has the only chance - if we have divorced swamp and all-adherents who, by joint efforts, will shake the country and plunge it into a civil war. Then - yes, all their preparations will be in vain.
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 26 November 2013 14: 15 New
          Hello Vladimir. hi
          Quote: smile
          .I suppose the missiles may well fly.

          Of course, I do not exclude the option of a nuclear weapons response, but this is possible if there is a will at the head of state, full power. With all due respect, I doubt it. One can argue about personal will, but he has problems with the fullness of power. Too often, he looks back at big business, and at his surroundings.
          And indeed, with countries with nuclear weapons, the war is waged by several other methods - cultural, ethnic, social types of aggression. And they work much better than conventional weapons.
          1. smile
            smile 26 November 2013 15: 11 New
            Ingvar 72
            And you are hello. In principle, with all the power, no absolute monarch has ever had anywhere - one must always reckon with the environment, written or unwritten rules, otherwise the country was re-elected with a snuffbox on the head. :)))
            I believe that in this case - there will be enough will to use nuclear weapons - otherwise we will just get kirdyk. This is a matter of principle.
            And about other, more effective methods, I agree, we have been observing this for almost thirty years.
            1. builder
              builder 26 November 2013 23: 47 New
              The children of Stalin and the children of the party elite took part in the Great Patriotic War. The current "elite" keep their money and business abroad. Their children study in England and the USA. Do you have the will to use nuclear weapons from our leadership? I doubt it.
        2. vladimirZ
          vladimirZ 26 November 2013 16: 07 New
          smile (2)

          The real assessment of events is not at all "all-prowess" and "bully". And there is no need to "go and cry to the corner ...", as you advise.
          I hope that a large number of people get acquainted with the materials of this site and mutually enrich their knowledge and opinion.
          Therefore, it is necessary to tell the truth about it and to some extent through the Internet, the media to push the public to this problem in order to stimulate the authorities to take measures to correct the situation in which they (the Government) drove Russia.
          "Well, the fact that people are laughing does not mean that no one understands the seriousness of the situation. Everything is clear to everyone."

          The first - it is far from the fact that "everything is clear to everyone" and the second - as if for laughing and jokes not to lose the importance of the situation.
          1. smile
            smile 26 November 2013 17: 24 New
            Well, in this comment you did not say anything that I could not personally subscribe to. Besides the fact that for some reason you think that the current government has driven the country into the current situation.
            What power did the USSR destroy? Do you remember?
            She tried to finish off our country for a decade, surrendering all positions, what kind of power?
            You can’t ignore the change in Russia's foreign policy only intentionally.
            And it is the recognition of threats that forces the current government to allocate gigantic funds for defense needs. And the troops finally began to learn. If all that had been allocated was used for its intended purpose, there would have been no price for this power. But that is a different topic. There is what is.
            1. vladimirZ
              vladimirZ 27 November 2013 06: 48 New
              smile (2)
              Besides the fact that for some reason you think that the current government has driven the country into the current situation.
              What power did the USSR destroy? Do you remember?

              Of course I remember. For your information, the Soviet Union did not destroy the Soviet Union, and not the CPSU, on which you are trying to shift all the blame, but the betrayal of the CPSU leader Judah Gorbachev and his accomplices, actions of the 5th column led by drunkard Yeltsin, who worked for the USA.
              And this is not the same thing, for your information.
              By the way, this is the current government, headed by drunken president Yeltsin, completely destroyed Soviet power by shooting it from tanks in 1993. Do you remember that?
              And who has been appointed as successor in power by this drunkard in power and who has been so “valiant” for the past 13 years so “successfully” continuing Yeltsin's policy of destroying Russia's economy and its armed forces to the present deplorable state.
              Who was it for the last 13 years in power and destroyed? And now, after the events in Libya, the fate of Gaddafi, realizing what the further destruction of the Army threatens them personally, he is “successfully” spending “gigantic funds” on restoring what was destroyed by him.
              These are people like you smile (2), intentionally or by misunderstanding, do not see the objective picture of the events taking place in Russia and are trying to add fog to further misunderstanding the current situation.
      3. Walker1975
        Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 38 New
        I think that such an ultimatum from the European side will look strange, but what if the NATO countries agree with China? This will be a completely bad thing. But still, as long as there is nuclear weapons - unlikely. Therefore - missile defense will appear at the borders - do not go to a fortuneteller ...

        And about lightweight comments - during hostilities there is no one more dangerous than alarmists, and before hostilities - hats. One promised that his Cossacks would cast aside the British and French if they land in the Crimea (hence the expression), the other - that he has the largest squadron and he will give the Japanese so that they will not wake up, the third spoke of "little blood and a mighty blow on foreign territory ", the fourth promised to restore order in Afghanistan with an airborne division in two weeks, and the fifth promised to restore order in Chechnya with one regiment in an hour.
      4. alone
        alone 26 November 2013 20: 01 New
        very interesting plan. who would know the author of this plan.)) look carefully at the Latvian-Belarusian border. what kind of a corridor was formed there in order for a tank strike to split the Baltic in half? I wonder where the developer of this plan got the grass from. obviously of the highest class )) even I could not be a simple military man
      5. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 26 November 2013 22: 02 New
        Most likely, remembering that Georgia grabbed off, and not forgetting the presence of nuclear weapons, not a single small country would agree to be the initial aggressor!
    4. Grandson of Veteran
      Grandson of Veteran 26 November 2013 11: 08 New
      "that in the event of large-scale hostilities on their territory, essentially nothing will be left of these" independent "states."
      Of course not. Their territories are simply annexed and that's all. We have been hwaaaatite states for 20 years, it's time to become "subjects"! hi
      1. saxa2103
        saxa2103 27 November 2013 05: 52 New
        they are so subjects-
    5. Igor39
      Igor39 26 November 2013 11: 45 New
      I think in the event of a conflict in the Baltic, in Poland and in the whole of Courland, it is necessary to beat with tactical missiles with SBN, so that in the future these mongrel would not yelp, as they got already, at least just attack.
    6. Simon
      Simon 26 November 2013 12: 50 New
      But it will not work out the way it did in 1939, when England and France surrendered the Poles to Hitler. Similarly, the Europeans of the Baltic states will be allowed into cannon fodder, while they themselves will remain in their dens. After all, Europeans know that we will not give up our raw materials so easily.
    7. Dmitry Zurn
      Dmitry Zurn 26 November 2013 12: 57 New
      And who won the teachings, Botnians?
      1. Tektor
        Tektor 26 November 2013 16: 20 New
        Balts and Poland in NATO? Excellent ... They do not need to be "conquered" and troops should be landed: just within 10-15 minutes up to 150 TNW and glass purity. Moreover, at the same time, both Romanians and Turks, and NATO bases around us within a radius of 2000 km from the borders (even up to 350 TYAZ), AT THE SAME TIME, otherwise we will have heavy losses.
    8. Army1
      Army1 26 November 2013 16: 46 New
      Well, Lithuania, Estonia blah blah blah, I don’t even want to discuss, but what will happen if Europe shuts off the gas pipe?
    9. alone
      alone 26 November 2013 19: 55 New
      Quote: vladsolo56
      Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, strangely enough, expect that in the event of large-scale hostilities on their territory, nothing will be left of these "independent" states.

      in general, in this situation no one will survive. so the Baltic states or Poland are no exception.
    10. Su24
      Su24 26 November 2013 23: 40 New
      Awfully structured material in the article. And it could be squeezed 1,5 times with the same information content.
  2. makarov
    makarov 26 November 2013 08: 50 New
    T.N. "Jazz" is certainly something, but as a bad musician knows and eggs get in the way
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 26 November 2013 09: 02 New
      Quote: makarov
      T.N. "Jazz" is certainly something

      Once again about jazz!

      Only girls in jazz ???

      Funny name for "formidable" teachings?
      My memory draws that movie without end!
      Babe MONROgood in the lead role
      There are only girls in jazz, but two muds ... ah!
      1. Akim
        Akim 26 November 2013 11: 54 New
        Some Like It Hot our movie title. Its true name: Some Like It Hot (Some like it hotter)
        So "Steadfast Jazz - 2013" is not translated. Under it is abbreviated SJ.
  3. Vasek
    Vasek 26 November 2013 08: 54 New
    "Steadfast Jazz - 2013" (in Russian it can be translated as "Strong Jazz-2013") "
    That translators, that musicians in this article are rare homosexuals.
  4. Belogor
    Belogor 26 November 2013 09: 02 New
    Let them do it, it's inevitable. The main thing is to develop your aircraft and "keep the powder dry"
  5. domokl
    domokl 26 November 2013 09: 27 New
    Very sensible analysis. Argued and perspective drawn correctly.
    I should add that Russia is now obliged to take countermeasures. And most likely, in the near future we should expect an increase in Iskander connections, a strengthening of the submarine fleet in the Baltic and equipping the Air Force with the latest aviation systems.
    It will not be expensive, but ... The necessary and sufficient amount is necessary.
  6. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 26 November 2013 09: 28 New
    Quote: " The territories of Poland and the Baltic countries have actually become a springboard for the deployment and transfer of advanced US units to the European continent."
    When Gorbachev sold the Warsaw Pact to the West, he received a "heartfelt" assurance from his NATO friends that the alliance would in no way move eastward. Not many years have passed Gorbachev's "friends" did not give a damn about the agreements and rushed to the borders of Russia. So, the short-sighted, treacherous policy of the Secretary General predetermined the capture of NATO Eastern Europe. Trying to work out American rubles. The Baltic states and Poland climb out of their skin to prove that they are the most worthy members of the anti-Russian gang. What can I say, they themselves asked to be the first, for an indestructible retaliatory strike.
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 44 New
      Little blood, on foreign territory ... somewhere it already sounded ... just I can not believe in an indestructible blow due to the absence of the Zhukovs, Rokossovsky, Shaposhnikovs on the one hand and complete bedlam and corruption on the other.
  7. Good
    Good 26 November 2013 10: 00 New
    The Baltic countries create for themselves the myth that Russia will attack them. Form the image of the enemy. Only there will be no fight, there will be a beating.
    As in Ukraine, this is necessary for Western "friends" and a certain group of people in these countries.
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 26 November 2013 10: 01 New
    Quote: Ivanovich47
    When Gorbachev sold the Warsaw Pact to the West,

    Well, from Gorbachev we need to ask now, while he is still alive! Poke your nose, take away the awards and send ... deal with Europe.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 26 November 2013 10: 21 New
      Quote: Egoza
      Well, from Gorbachev we need to ask now, while he is still alive

      you don’t have to ask him, but in the muzzle you should give him, and after the tour a ticket to the southern coast of the Arctic
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko 26 November 2013 11: 04 New
        Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
        you don’t have to ask him, but in the muzzle you should give him, and after the tour a ticket to the southern coast of the Arctic

        Well, what are you so lovingly in kind, supposedly to give a belt and a child change his mind and repent ?!
        The hunchbacked person needs to apply such severe penalties that medieval executions by kindergarten pranks were shown on all channels so that all degenerates from non-neighboring countries were impressed to self-destruct or move and populate the lands lying in the region:
        The Baffin Sea is part of the Arctic Ocean, bounded by the islands of Baffin Island in the west, Greenland in the east and Ellesmere in the north.
        It connects to the Atlantic Ocean with the Davis Strait and the Arctic Ocean with a group of straits called the Ners Strait.
        1. Orik
          Orik 27 November 2013 00: 32 New
          Dityatko grew up ungrateful, you still have to get rid of it so that he knows who the boss is in the house.
  9. july
    july 26 November 2013 10: 13 New
    By itself, no matter how big this group was and even no matter how close it was to the borders of Russia, it seems to me that it means little, the point is not in the group itself, but in that place, in the plan that in due time should be implemented by NATO strategists , the grouping will be needed at the right time in the right place in accordance with these plans. The fact that there are such plans now, so who would doubt, but the trick is in the sequence and the still unfinished construction of this system. They are going to tax on a large scale, now (as always, however) they consider everything to be calculated to the mulemeter and without errors. So far, there is only a build-up of new levers, I think it will last a few more years, and then ... In the Middle East and the Caucasus, there is also a lot that they have not finished yet, though they are stuck a lot and some hotheads are already ready to wave something, but I think the strategists will kill them, the time has not come yet. Unlike us mortals, our analysts, of course, are more realistically tracking all the constructions, however, it may not be easier for us once from this, because the Second World War is in many ways "just ... or" In general, we are waiting for another 3-4 years, everything will be finally clear there but it won't be any better.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 26 November 2013 10: 17 New
    here last week some comrades utterly argued that NATO was not going to fight with Russia, well, where are these comrades, which does not comment on the situation ?!
    1. sasska
      sasska 26 November 2013 16: 35 New
      come on, "NATO is not going to fight Russia" ...
      they don’t plow the fields to plow Leopards:
      The Polish Ministry of Defense decided to purchase 166 Leopard 2 tanks from the German armed forces. A contract for the supply and partial modernization of the German Leopard 2 tanks is expected in November.
      According to the available information, the Polish armed forces will receive 105 Leopard 2A5 tanks and nine tanks of the Leopard 2A4 version.
      In addition to purchasing the main battle tanks, the Polish Armed Forces will also receive escort and engineering support vehicles. So, according to the contract, special vehicles created on the basis of the tracked armored personnel carrier M113 in the team will be transferred; bridge layers and armored engineering vehicles based on the Leopard 1 tank, as well as various trucks.

      New tanks will go to the 34th armored brigade stationed in Zagan (the brigade is armed with Polish tanks PT-91) or to the 9th armored brigade located in Braniewo and armed with Soviet T-72 tanks.

      Currently, the Leopard 2A4 tanks are equipped with the 10th Armored Brigade in Sventoszów. Everything in service with Poland currently has about 128 Leopard 2A4 tanks, which are planned to be upgraded to the Leopard 2PL version.
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 26 November 2013 22: 40 New
        Therefore, 128 additional Chrysanthemums must be sent to Kaliningrad! And let the Leopards sniff them!
      2. Orik
        Orik 27 November 2013 00: 40 New
        About 300 tanks moved from one member of the alliance to another. What changed?
        1. uhjpysq1
          uhjpysq1 27 November 2013 05: 40 New
          300 tanks moved 300km closer to us. That's what changed.
    2. Walker1975
      Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 50 New
      Not going to. And not because of kindness of heart ... Development of shale deposits will strike at Russia more powerful than the "Leopards". The economic defeat of Russia will come out cheaper and without sacrifices, for example, each billion brought to the West by a Russian official is a weakening of Russia, a strengthening of the West, plus a responsible person who does not want a missile strike at his dacha (business in Europe). Therefore, a powerful barrier is sufficient if a riot starts in Russia or it turns into a large DPRK.
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 26 November 2013 19: 21 New
        Quote: Walker1975
        The development of shale deposits will strike at Russia more powerful than the Leopards. Cheaper and without sacrifice will come out

        yourself not funny?
        shale hysteria all over the world is on the decline and pshek with Ukrainians only realized
        1. Walker1975
          Walker1975 27 November 2013 00: 29 New
          Yes ... screams are on the decline - they are quietly developing deposits ...
      2. Jarserge
        Jarserge 26 November 2013 23: 07 New
        Study carefully the shale topic, this is from the same opera as the "global warming" "harm of freon to the ozone layer" .... just another global scam ....
  12. Hort
    Hort 26 November 2013 10: 17 New
    they are strange after all, these buffer countries. Do they really not understand that with the outbreak of the war only radioactive and gas-poisoned territory plowed up by missiles will remain of them? Or do they count on "little blood on someone else's territory"? And this despite the fact that they will be the first to be driven to slaughter, as advanced units.

    Well, we need to take this opportunity to support the idea of ​​Scottish independence and accept it in the CU and CSTO =)
    I think this number will be an extremely unpleasant surprise for the West))
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 51 New
      You can still offer individual states to disconnect from the United States and join the Russian Federation - why not dream?
  13. Stiletto
    Stiletto 26 November 2013 10: 32 New
    "Note that the land phase of the maneuvers, codenamed" Land Livex ", ended with an offensive operation in the eastern direction," the article says.

    On my own behalf, I will add that all the maneuvers of the European states ended with "offensive operations in the eastern direction." And yet they all ended the same way. yes
  14. Stinger
    Stinger 26 November 2013 10: 45 New
    Lost puppies, not finding a suitable nipple, begin to bark at the former nurse to justify their helplessness.
  15. Sochi
    Sochi 26 November 2013 10: 59 New
    Repeatedly battered Europe dreams of revenge ... Well, to hell with them fools, let them grow rich with dummies. Of these, only Germans and Finns are something of themselves, the rest of the heroes only before the first shot.
  16. shinobi
    shinobi 26 November 2013 11: 24 New
    It seems that the experience of 2008 did not teach anything to Europe. So, we should expect another small conflict with a small country. Until once again they will not get the teeth, they will calm down. However, they will not risk a big war.
  17. S-200
    S-200 26 November 2013 11: 25 New
    Quote: Good
    The Baltic countries create for themselves the myth that Russia will attack them. Form the image of the enemy. Only there will be no fight, there will be a beating.

    It is supposed that these mongrels on their hind legs perform such numbers, you look and a tidbit will arrive from the master's table ...
  18. tabypetkin
    tabypetkin 26 November 2013 11: 26 New
    -12 qualifying.
    And why should NATO fight with Russia, the GDP will give up everything, and what it does not give up will not sell expensively.
    1. smile
      smile 26 November 2013 15: 17 New
      And you, as I understand it, since you are writing such nonsense, have you leased your mind? Cheap ... I wonder who needed it ... :)))
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 26 November 2013 15: 51 New
        Quote: smile
        rented your mind?

        Someone is overpowered ?!
        1. smile
          smile 26 November 2013 17: 27 New
          Vasilenko Vladimir
          Remember, in the "Green Van" they gave out moonshine for temporary use ... and here too, there are also lovers of fish with a smell - maybe someone has coveted their brains with a smell ... :))) They are clearly unnecessary for the body .. . :)))
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 26 November 2013 22: 32 New
            Quote: smile
            there are fish lovers with a sweetheart

            I immediately remember "June 31" - egg powder with a smell, for everybody
        2. O_RUS
          O_RUS 26 November 2013 18: 09 New
          Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
          someone is too much

          who knows ... smacks of salt
  19. reality
    reality 26 November 2013 11: 31 New
    Standard. Everything as usual. The grouping is ready, now they will wait for the project of internal destruction of Russia to pave the way for them.
    If such a large grouping is formed, if such a large-scale modernization of the military infrastructure is underway, then the moment for intervention is expected very soon. "Sponsors of all wars" do not throw money down the drain, they need dividends and they will receive them.
    It seems to me that the European integration of Ukraine, in this scheme, was assigned a very large role. Indeed, the aggravation of the situation around the Navy and the new NATO bases, if the association was signed, would be inevitable.
    During the civil war, remember, the Entente also, under the guise, occupied everything that it could. True, as we figured out, they swept them out with a filthy broom) But the bottom line is that they will take into account all those mistakes, you can be sure.
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 26 November 2013 17: 54 New
      I think that you are right ... And Ukraine was a quarter of the population of the USSR.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Nu daaaa ...
    Nu daaaa ... 26 November 2013 12: 05 New

    Having access to alternative information from the media in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the countries took part in maneuvers, I must note an absolute discrepancy in the presentation of information and reality.

    Brussels knows that ANY attack on Russia will lead to the use of nuclear weapons and a general nuclear war. This is not necessary for anyone. On this, no one plans to attack the USSR / Russia for 50 years. NATO DOES NOT AND THERE ARE NO PERSONS SUFFERING BY SUCCESSES OF SUICIDE.

    1) Let's start by comparing the scale of the "Strong Jazz" and "West - 2013" exercises. About 3 servicemen took part in the "Jazz". In the exercises West - 000, 2013 servicemen, 12 armored vehicles, including 500 tanks, over 350 artillery pieces and multiple launch rocket systems, 70 helicopters and the same number of aircraft were involved. MORE TIMES.
    2) The legend of the "West" looked more like an attempt to repel the attack of the enemy - NATO, but not an anti-terror exercise. It is unlikely that the terrorists have amphibious assault ships, fire support ships. And why do terrorists land on the coast from the sea? Complete absurdity. The Polish media appreciated this.
    3) To the exercises "West - 2013", if we exclude the local alarmists, which no one takes seriously, they reacted very calmly and without any hysteria. In rare notes, a couple of comments were nevertheless, it was stated that the weakening Russia is trying to demonstrate its pseudo-power in such a way as things in economics and politics are very deplorable. Prices for oil and gas before the fall, Ukraine, Moldova are leaving from under the influence and Georgia, not today, so tomorrow to ask the EU and NATO. And this makes the Kremlin nervous. From here play with muscles, a desire to show oneself.
    4) Teachings "Strong Jazz" went unnoticed, except for a couple of notes, for the media of the Czech Republic, Slovakia. The Polish media showed very little interest. In general, no interest in the media of NATO grants in Europe - Germany, France, England. This indicates the low significance of the teachings. An ordinary event of a purely regional level, nothing more. But not a rehearsal of the invasion of Russia.
    5) Thesis - they are preparing for an attack, we are ONLY defending "is absurd. Everyone is preparing ONLY for defense, and Russia and NATO are loudly declaring this. I have never heard or read that exercises, by Russia or NATO, are conducted for the sake of attack or repelling an attack on each other.

    Summary. Another alarmist article. There are two points in the article.

    1) The main thing is that there is no war. Therefore, one must endure, endure, and once again endure devastation, barracks with conveniences in the courtyard, broken roads, hospitals, schools and so on and so forth, for the sake of the military-industrial complex, the native army. AND DO NOT LOOK AND DO NOT COMPARISON AS LIVING THERE AND IN RUSSIA, FOR LIFE IS NOT FOR RUSSIANS THERE.
    2) Enemies are all around and therefore it is necessary to unite otherwise they will crush. Only unity of views, with the isolation of dissidents, "will ensure victory in the confrontation.

    The thesis - the main thing that there is no war - has not been working for a long time. People want to live well, not in the distant future, but right now.
    The thesis - there are enemies everywhere - is absurd. Firstly, many residents of the Russian Federation regularly go to the "enemies" and were able to make sure that there were no enemies. And secondly, the Kremlin is very interested in the investments and technologies of the "enemies".

    Russia sees the West as an age-old enemy that cannot be trusted, which must be feared, and which must be defended. That any interests of the West are a direct and deadly threat to Russia. And at the same time, it invites the West to invest in Russia, asks that it be believed, be friends with it, take into account the interests of Russia without fail. This contradictory nature of Russia causes surprise and misunderstanding in the West.
    1. smile
      smile 26 November 2013 14: 23 New
      Nu daaaa
      Greetings to the eternal adversary! :))) I have not seen you for a long time.
      The article is not alarmist.
      You see, if you look at your press, it’s unlikely to be different from the Lithuanian, right? - that’s how Russophobic statements and hope for NATU, the joy of their presence in the Baltic countries and territorial claims to us are quite common - if compared with ours, we recall your countries either in the curiosities section or in connection with which - Any Russophobic trick of your leaders or the local respected fascists and SS men.
      So, in comparison with yours, we are here showing miracles of calm and tolerance. Although, of course, we can neighing over yours when they broadcast on our blue eyes how they will wage war with us to the last drop of blood, ours .... well, not to laugh, crazy lads. :)))

      Returning to the article - NATO Bloc - an aggressive entity that everywhere it reached with its defense - left a bloody trail and robbed countries. The first violin in it is played by the most aggressive state on the planet at all times - more wars of conquest than the United States, no one has unleashed - Hitler was more dangerous, but he was stopped relatively quickly.
      This state is openly hostile to us.

      And how should we relate to the cannibal dances around our borders?

      All of you there together in that NATE are much more than us. Of course, without the United States we would have trampled any European invaders, as we have done more than once, but your superiority is greatly enhanced with the United States, which is why we simply must reckon with the potential of such aggressively-minded states. How do we know. what will hit your owners in the head in the event of a collapse of the dollar system?
      By the way, this is also unknown to you; the owner of your country will not ask, he will give commands.
      1. Nu daaaa ...
        Nu daaaa ... 26 November 2013 18: 04 New
        ... the joy of their presence in the Baltic countries ...

        Nu, vo pervyh- oni ne prisudstvujut- starny baltij samy NATO i inostrannyh voisk na ih territori net, iskljuchenie tolko chetyre air-pölicing istrebitelja.

        Returning to the article - NATO Bloc - an aggressive entity that everywhere it reached with its defense - left a bloody trail and robbed countries.

        Ja vrode ne zamechal, chto NATO desjatkami tysjacami ljudei na Alasku otpravil ili kogo-to ishodja iz klassovoi sostojanie rastreljal, kak etogo delali sovetskie organy. Tak chto na chet "krovavogo sleda" pridetsa uvazhaemym v zerkolo smotret.
        1. smile
          smile 26 November 2013 19: 50 New
          Nu daaaa ..
          Thanks for answering.
          1. The issue is not that there are few NATO troops in the Baltic now, but that the deployment bases have been prepared and the instant build-up of offensive capabilities has been worked out. At the base near Šiauliai, the base is ready to receive more aviation than in the entire Kaliningrad region. You can increase the grouping in a matter of days. The airfield is known to NATO. Fortunately, during the rotation, a sufficient number of flight personnel got acquainted with him.
          And by the way, the Lithuanians welcomed the arrival of NATO. You would read their press of that time. how they hoped that this was only the beginning, that American troops from Germany would withdraw to Lithuania and other Baltic countries ... something tells me that you did the same thing. :))) But the Lithuanians were not very lucky - most of the troops from Germany will be transferred to Poland - the Poles are triumphing. For two reasons, it’s mercantile and because Poland will rise from this and take the place of Germany .... :)))) By God, I’m not lying, many of them believe in this ohinea ... :)))

          2. Regarding Alaska, don’t worry, tens of thousands of Japanese Americans were interned in camps instantly and COLLECTIVELY. That is, some baby could be sent to a concentration camp only because he has a Japanese grandmother. Such a democratic democracy at the bottom. :)))
          If the Japanese also began to harm the Americans, or the Japanese landed in the United States and began to burn the Americans, as did the guys from the Baltic Waffen SS, they would simply be cut out like a couple of tens of millions of Indians. And all business. What did we have to do, as the Americans usually did?
          The Baltic organs, by the way, were also destroying ours - if ours treated yours just like you did to us, you would not be left ... completely ...

          I cannot but recall that most of the gangs of the forest brothers and other Nazi henchmen destroyed the pro-Soviet Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians. And a low bow to them for that.
          Well, about the peace of Nata ... you are my god. yes in any country. into which they broke in, they killed dozens and hundreds of times more people than dictators whom they allegedly overthrew, leaving behind robbed agonizing, falling apart into pieces of the country ... by the way, they usually were friends with these dictators, such as the US ally - Saddam Hussein, whom they themselves armed with chemical weapons, or Gaddafi, with whom they kissed their hands .... please be objective, huh? :)))
          1. Nu daaaa ...
            Nu daaaa ... 26 November 2013 20: 58 New
            And by the way, the Lithuanians welcomed the arrival of NATO.

            I my privetstvovali. Tak kak imeli opyt pribyvania sovetskih voisk. Už ne obezhaites, no iz dvuh plohih vyborov NATO vsetaki dlja nas luche.

            About Alaska ...

            Da Prjamo vzjali, veli voiska v Japoniu i nachali japoncev koncentrirovat? Ili internuirovanie NA SVOEM TERRITORIUME v voennoe vremja nemnogo drugoe?

            I can’t but also recall that most of the gangs of the forest brothers and other Nazi henchmen were destroyed by pro-Soviet Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians ...

            Operaciu "Priboi" provodili "pro-Soviet-minded Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians ..."? Nu, Vy, batenka daete ... laughing
            1. smile
              smile 26 November 2013 23: 11 New
              Nu daaaa ..
              Nice try.
              1. As for its territory ... legally, this territory has become ours. And if you can still be indignant at something about 40 years, then you have nothing to say about the twenties. All the Baltic states were rejected by the Republic of Ingushetia in violation of all the norms of international law. By force of arms. Contracts are concluded under pressure. We just got ours back. And what, why is it possible for you, but not for us. :)))
              And as for concentration, this is the favorite thing of the Anglo-Saxons, they did it in all the territories that they captured ... and you know about it, you're smart.
              And about the fact that you welcome, well, many of your Nazis also welcomed the Nazis, but the fact that the conscience of the United States and NATO only over the past decade and a half - about 2 million corpses is nonsense, right? :))) And if you go deeper, the Nazis are naiural.
              By the way. can you fly in the ointment? When it turned out. that the Americans relate to the local population in Šiauliai, fastidiously, like savages - there were even several conflicts - and there was no limit to indignation in the local press - I smiled - the mongrel was offended that the owner indicated her place to her ... :)) ) so do not be offended.
              , OK?

              Look, you have a lot of smart people, like you, for example, but it turns out that you supposedly don’t know basic things that are not hidden in your beloved West ... they simply don’t advertise ... so, if you put everything together , then it becomes obvious that the bad Russians compared with progressive people are almost saints. :)))) You are making another accusation point blank and do not notice that your sun. emergent in the West did the same thing, only worse ... and your compatriots managed to distinguish themselves ... this is strange ...

              The massacre has been going on for more than ten years - the main victims of the forest brothers and comrades, whose control passed from the hands of the late Reich to the good hands of Americans and British - civilians. Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian. It was the hawks and the police that bore the brunt of the fight against the gang underground, and suffered the greatest losses.
              The pepper is clear, the NKVD special groups could not do without it - but they destroyed mainly the leaders, reinforced the local police and hawk detachments, and there were very few
    2. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 26 November 2013 16: 05 New
      Quote: Nu daaaa ...
      Russia looks at the West as an age-old enemy that cannot be trusted

      And rightly so, all recent history confirms this. And bringing the post of some sort of liberalist does not change anything. I will not paint, but the whole policy of the West is that NATO is approaching the borders, that in the countries of the former Union, that in Russia itself, and even Gorbachev’s betrayal, etc. only speaks about it. It’s ridiculous to compare with someone in general, we are not Tajiks, Saudis are not Poles. We will live as internal processes allow (preferably without the influence of the West) and our actions. They also travel an argument from the same opera, if there are enemies in governments and elites, not ordinary people. Propaganda of course can create enemies from people as in Poland when they attacked our fans. In the Baltics, they want to do the same, and the SJ-2013 exercises, in my opinion, are more aimed at supporting their Russophobic mood. Sluggish and little gathered for hostilities, although of course you can work out some kind of interaction. The observed contradiction about Russia is contained in the task itself, so that the geopolitical adversary becomes at least more neutral.
  22. morpogr
    morpogr 26 November 2013 12: 12 New
    Russia needs to conduct exercises with the launch of ballistic missiles, and the plot of such an alliance of countries called Sprotlandia presented territorial claims to Russia and attacked the Kaliningrad region after the GeyLesbo military block joined the Sprotlandians, they were supported by the main terrorist and plow of the block Juse Oban. After successful strikes by the Strategic Missile Forces and the enemy’s Air Force was destroyed and the terrorist put on trial. Now in the territory of Sprotlandia, the buffer zone is unsuitable for life. The GeyLesbo block has broken up, they all betrayed each other. A joke.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 26 November 2013 12: 46 New
      Quote: morpogr
      godfather block juse obana

      Better Barack Oba-on or Usa Deception
      Quote: morpogr
      terrorist put on trial
      in Novosibirsk
  23. reality
    reality 26 November 2013 12: 21 New
    Well, yes, they always write the same thing. Before Hitler’s attack on the USSR, they wrote about the same thing, and after the attack they also didn’t notice anything bad for quite a while. All of them do not understand why this wild Russia so resists its happiness to be colonized. I would understand if only the elites resisted the West, then we can say that people are being fooled. But the opposite is true - the elites are bending, and the people are straightening them. The truth is more complicated every time.
  24. Stanislas
    Stanislas 26 November 2013 12: 37 New
    No matter how expensive, but we really need a base in Latin America. Cuba - my love, Island of the dawn of the crimson ...
  25. Dmitry Zurn
    Dmitry Zurn 26 November 2013 12: 59 New
    I was rooting for the Botnians! Glory to Botnia!
    1. smile
      smile 26 November 2013 14: 27 New
      Dmitry Zurn
      The author suspects. that the NATO troops are leaving military equipment at the deployment bases ..... and he’s not right — everything lies on the surface — the Botnets are destroying it!
  26. july
    july 26 November 2013 13: 36 New
    Quote: tabypetkin
    And why should NATO fight with Russia, the GDP will give up everything, and what it does not give up will not sell expensively.

    Practicing your nickname? wassat
  27. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 26 November 2013 13: 40 New
    Quote: APES
    And so - all this, something very reminiscent, it was already, in history, how to end - I think as usual .....

    I completely agree! The hatred of some looks very funny. The situation is very complicated. These attacks are not empty words. In the late 30s everything was similar.
  28. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 26 November 2013 13: 40 New
    Finally, otherwise all previous publications about "Steady Jazz" and their context were "chewing snot", which I wrote about in each of my comments on these publications.
    Even here it was not without one, but very important point. According to the results of the exercises, we published official complaints of the military that NATO could unreasonably slowly gather and transfer forces and assets to the territory of Estonia (!).
    And, for some reason, not a word about the landing operation through the port of Paldiski last year, with the transfer of Abrams tanks, as the context of the Steadfast Jazz.
    Strange teachings took place with us ... on cleansing the city of Kohtla-Järve ...
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 26 November 2013 16: 46 New
      The sequel has begun.
      "The Defense Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, who met in Poland on Monday, agreed that the four countries will begin to more intensively than before, coordinate mutual cooperation and positions in international security organizations "
      ichestvo-v-sfere-oborony.d? id = 67163916
  29. Maaslo Sallonen
    Maaslo Sallonen 26 November 2013 15: 03 New
    What can everyone do? To educate your children, to become an example and friend for them. Is it a lot or a little? It's a lot. Push up with them in the morning, discuss the phenomena of life, do not be afraid to talk about the bad, give examples. This is the mission of everyone whose homeland is Russia. And one more thing: read their school books.
  30. d_trader
    d_trader 26 November 2013 15: 17 New
    I really want to believe that when in the end, when we once again drive them into our burrows, we do not just stick a stick there as we did in 1812 and 1945, but go through a bulldozer across the meadow to forget the way to us forever and ever. Spray one half on the atoms, and the second reformat the brain! Moreover, in the first half must be shaved. Well, how much can you already ?! From time to time the same thing ...
  31. Luger
    Luger 26 November 2013 15: 44 New
    The fact that it will be this do not go to my grandmother, the question is when? How ready are we? and how will it end? I really would not want to be old and not powerful in this situation.
  32. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 26 November 2013 17: 00 New
    It’s better not to fight with these people
    good laughing
  33. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 26 November 2013 17: 03 New
    <<< The fact that neutral Finland and Sweden are participating in the NATO exercises suggests that a broader bloc is being formed in the western direction than before. >>>
    TOLERANCE - "tolerance" is a terrible evil rooted in Russia, harming the cohesion of Russia, when openly Russophobic materials, ideas, appeals, and the government do not react to this in the media, obviously believing that this will somehow infringe on freedom of speech, so appreciated by the West! With such a libesral approach to freedom of speech, you can go FAR! And here is a fresh example - how else, if not hostile to Russia, to assess the participation of neutral countries Finland and Sweden in NATO exercises, openly directed against Russia? How does this fit in with Finland's assurances of good-neighborliness, which brings her considerable preferences in trade and economic relations with Russia, and why are the ruling circles of Finland not afraid of such demarches? Is it because they know that TOLERASTY, misunderstood in Russia, will save them and Russia WILL SILENTLY SWALLOW this clearly anti-Russian attack of the "good neighbor"! And it would not hurt to ANSWER! And we have WHAT! The great country, which we represent ourselves and seek recognition of this from others, CANNOT allow neutral and, moreover, "kind" neighboring states to behave like that!
  34. Altona
    Altona 26 November 2013 18: 45 New
    According to the Commander of the Lithuanian Navy, Admiral of the Fleet Kestutis Matsyauskas, this is the largest joint exercise on the clearance of Lithuanian sea waters since 2010,
    Lithuanian Navy ... How scary to live! belay
  35. grandfather
    grandfather 26 November 2013 18: 48 New
    the Balts are Chukhons, but those who belong to the Chukhons and are not otherwise in history always make decisions for the Chukhons.
    therefore, I support the Russian Federation in terms of the poisonous buffer zone, if they don’t already understand Russian, we include here (Pshekov, Romanians, Baltic states, Japan, half of Middle Asia, and let the scientists determine the rose of the winds to better expand the Russian borders.
  36. Jarserge
    Jarserge 26 November 2013 23: 02 New
    All newly-minted NATO members and their allies, Poland, proud Balts, etc. etc. before, after the First World War, they were called "cordon sanitaire" by which the West fenced off from Soviet Russia was such an English Mr. Curzon. Now they are called "friends and allies" but the essence is the same - in the event of a conflict, tomahawks of "friends" will fall on their heads, but Russia will defend itself and the friends and allies of its enemies, respectively, have no right to mercy ...
  37. baku1999
    baku1999 26 November 2013 23: 18 New
    GIVE MILITARY BASES IN CUBA, VENEZUELA AND NICARAGUA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAINST WORLD TERRORISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Dmitry_T.
    Dmitry_T. 27 November 2013 00: 04 New
    The latest news: 60 combat aircraft from different countries are participating in the largest in the history of Israel, and all this disgrace is called: "Blue Flag" :)
    1. builder
      builder 27 November 2013 00: 07 New
      They would call it a rainbow flag for credibility.
  39. Grandson of Veteran
    Grandson of Veteran 27 November 2013 00: 10 New
    Quote: stroitel
    They would call it a rainbow flag for credibility.

    But what about military secrets? laughing
    1. builder
      builder 27 November 2013 00: 13 New
      But what about military secrets? laughing

      Damn forgot laughing