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South Korea will create the "invisibility"

South Korea will create the "invisibility"

Almost simultaneously with the decision to purchase fifth-generation F-40 A fighter jets from the USA, Seoul took another important step in the development of the defense industry. Officially, the program for creating their own Korean "invisible fighter" was launched, in the future they plan to produce at least 35 of such aircraft, as well as export abroad. The car itself is rumored to be "will look similar to the F-120." True, experts point out that it will not be so easy to realize your ambitious ideas for Seoul.

Recall that at the moment only the United States, which has already adopted the F-22, which has two engines, has its own really operating fifth-generation fighter. For export, the US and its allies create F-35 of various modifications. But this machine is "weaker" F-22, has one engine. Programs to create their own “invisibles” are also being actively implemented by China and Russia, but these samples are still being tested and refined at best.

The decision to start the implementation of the next generation fighter program was taken during a recent meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces. Work under this program really start from the beginning of 2014 year. The project itself was called "KF-X - Porame".

South Korean generals also identified the basic requirements that will be a guide for engineers and designers. The Korean "invisible" should be better in terms of its combat characteristics than the KF-16 fighter assembled in South Korea (in fact, a little modernized F-16). It must have "significant elements of invisibility." It has already been decided how many such vehicles will be required for the South Korean Air Force - 120 units. True, Seoul has plans to export these fighters in the future, so the production will be more ambitious.

South Koreans understand that it will be extremely difficult for them to “pull” such a project. Therefore, the creation of a new machine is planned to be implemented through the creation of an international consortium, which has already managed to attract Indonesia.

But experts point to the existence of serious obstacles. First, Korea simply does not have stealth technology, which should be key to the new car.

Having decided to order the X-NUMX machines F-40 A from the American concern "Lockheed Martin", Koreans immediately began to look at this company as a possible supplier of technology. Moreover, at an earlier stage of the tender for the supply of fighter jets for the South Korean air force, Lockheed Martin, together with other competitors, declared that it is "possible to transfer know-how." But it is obvious that now the situation is completely different. As a result, Seoul accepted all the conditions for Lockheed Martin for the “invisible” F-35. At the second stage, even the tender was not held. This means that the American company feels free from the threats of competitors. And the preliminary agreement on the "possibility of technology transfer" does not mean that the Koreans will receive the full development of the "stealth". The words can be interpreted quite differently, and Lockheed Martin, which brings the F-35 “to the mind” with great screech, is not interested in creating potential competitors. But in Seoul they are clearly hoping for a concern from the United States, making it clear that the “Korean invisible man” will look like F-35.

Another problem is the expediency of creating a fifth-generation fighter, when you can “just buy it”. Here we must assume, because the car may end up being not so perfect, but at the same time extremely expensive. In 2003 and 2007, two influential Korean institutes - the Korean Research Institute for Defense Studies (KIDA) and the Korean Development Institute (KDI) have already passed their verdict: South Korea’s creation of its own next-generation aircraft is unreasonable for a number of factors (economic, technical, military and others). The truth is, in 2009, another institute voiced a different opinion, which can be summarized as “worth trying”. It is evident that South Korea really wants this, since the program has been launched. The basis of this approach is a very sound policy for the development of its defense-industrial complex and access to arms exports, but this is far from being in all directions.

Again and again the question arises about the lack of key technologies in South Korea. The last known study by the Korean research institute KISTEP showed the following: if the source of such technologies does not appear, or it will be too expensive, then KF-X as a project loses its meaning. The Koreans themselves, it seems, cannot create technology "stealth". Talk only in the style of "from whom to buy?"

Obviously, there are a lot of ambiguities about the new fighter.

South Korean generals could not even clearly answer the key question of journalists about how many engines the future invisible fighter would have - one or two? The answer was: "We will decide later, taking into account the general situation and other factors."

The question of the potential high cost of the project is not removed. Now the total cost of development and creation is estimated at 9 billions of dollars, but many experts are confident that the figure will be much more solid. The plane can even become not "golden", but "diamond", without justifying as a result of investments.

Help "RG"

For the first time, South Korea announced its plans to build its own fighter of a new generation in April 1999. Under President Kim Dae-jung, it was announced that it would implement these plans. Then it was promised that "Korea will receive its own aircraft already in 2015." Obviously, this promise remains only in words. Between 2003 and 2012 The KF-X - Porame project was evaluated five times. In 2010, the consent of Indonesia to participate in the future international consortium was obtained. 22 November 2013. At the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces, it was decided to start work on the project with 2014.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 25 November 2013 11: 15
    See the gopher?
    And he is !!!
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 25 November 2013 11: 18
      Ha ha)
      By the way, here in the photo, I understand the layout? Like stealth and a suspension on the pylons. What is this stealth?))))
      By the way, note - the aircraft of the "fifth" generation are more and more like boats. )))
      1. Civil
        Civil 25 November 2013 14: 56
        Not what is not standing still, can they be built, current inrush when?
      2. Army1
        Army1 25 November 2013 19: 11
        Ammunition for f 35 if correct, correct, 4 BB missiles if it is in internal suspensions, which is not very much, and the combat potential is small.
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 25 November 2013 12: 12
      from the same opera .... laughing
    3. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 25 November 2013 16: 49
      hi And remember the horse-sausage sausage))) one horse one gopher .........
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 25 November 2013 18: 45
        The question is why all this is up to, here it is clear that they will not succeed, or rather, the Americans will not give them. They obviously do not need such a development of events. And I have an idea! fellow And let's send stools to them! He is a specialist, he knows the business, or rather his craft. I think in 1 year it will significantly increase the cost of the exterminator. Here, even the F-35 with its costs is not worth it! lol Will suck out of the country ......
        1. ayyildiz
          ayyildiz 25 November 2013 19: 59
          They decided to stop for one motor, and it seems that they are ready for 60-70% already!
    4. Cherdak
      Cherdak 25 November 2013 20: 52
      Quote: seasoned
      Obviously, there are a lot of ambiguities about the new fighter.

      But the cunning of narrow-eyed ones is evident - to show pictures, to cut out the model on the knee, not to build by ourselves, and to bend the Americans for the price. And obviously, such a freebie will give a ride. They would also pull the T-50 into their competition, but break off.
  2. avant-garde
    avant-garde 25 November 2013 11: 16
    And where is the plane itself ?? At least they showed the layout)))
    1. 25 November 2013 11: 51
      see the first picture this is the layout
      1. avant-garde
        avant-garde 25 November 2013 11: 58
        see the first picture this is the layout

        I don’t see it, it’s done qualitatively laughing
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 25 November 2013 15: 07
      We take the good old F-18. We put it into auto-tuning, at the output we get everything that can be seen in the picture, where the Koreans spend their "honestly saved" won, I don't know. laughing
    3. Wiruz
      Wiruz 25 November 2013 21: 52
      But how will they show it ?! He is invisible!
    4. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 26 November 2013 01: 09
      Quote: avant-garde
      And where is the plane itself ?? At least they showed the layout)))

      HERE BEAUTY laughing
  3. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 25 November 2013 11: 18
    Handsome Americans, fool the whole world with their "invisibility" - and force everyone to invest in this dregs ...
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 25 November 2013 20: 41
      Quote: kotdavin4i
      Handsome Americans, fool the whole world with their "invisibility" - and force everyone to invest in this dregs.

      Most importantly, South Korea hopes Lockhey Martin will help them with the creation of their 5th generation aircraft.
      How many more institutions do Koreans need to connect in order to understand that Americans will not grow their own competitor !!
  4. self-propelled
    self-propelled 25 November 2013 11: 18
    oh, it’s not an easy job to create an 5 generation fighter. Russia and China how much time is developing? most likely there will be a kind of KF-35 (similar to KF-16)
  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 25 November 2013 11: 19
    The Koreans themselves do not seem to be able to create stealth technologies. Conversations only in the style of "who to buy?"

    - Eh, silly ones! Learn from the Chinese! For those, the question is somewhat differently formulated: "Who would have ...?"
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 25 November 2013 12: 00
      Koreans can do a lot of things and will eventually come to "stealth". "SAMSUNG" supplies monitors and mobile phones all over the world. In the worst case, they will copy the F-35, and make something of their own. They have enough brains in abundance.
    2. avg
      avg 25 November 2013 12: 10
      - Eh, silly ones! Learn from the Chinese! For those, the question is somewhat differently formulated: "Who would have ...?"

      These guys no longer bother with such questions.
      Pi..yat at all. yes
      1. alone
        alone 25 November 2013 21: 52
        If 40 years ago someone would have said that the South Caucasus would be one of the most developed countries in the world, they would probably have been considered crazy.
  6. Migari
    Migari 25 November 2013 11: 19
    The basis of this approach is a very sound policy for the development of its defense industry and access to arms exports.
    In common sense, Koreans cannot be denied. Only with its modern industry and technology will the country be advanced.
  7. queen
    queen 25 November 2013 11: 22
    They also decided to cut money) a bad example is contagious.
  8. major071
    major071 25 November 2013 11: 26
    Korea simply does not have stealth technology that should be key to a new car.

    Well, the Chinese don't bother with this at all.
  9. Evgeny_Lev
    Evgeny_Lev 25 November 2013 11: 29
    "Significant elements of invisibility" - this is when money is thrown in "Mama do not worry", but the embodiment of the project in a really functioning model is not visible.
  10. ZU-23
    ZU-23 25 November 2013 11: 35
    Cho got why this news, if literally everything is written with a pitchfork on the water.
  11. core
    core 25 November 2013 13: 02
    about which invisible plane, the Koreans have not yet built their own helicopter, but have already swung at SHAKESPEARE.
  12. Cruorvult
    Cruorvult 25 November 2013 14: 22
    She washed down the most expensive tank, why not take up the plane too ?!
  13. VADEL
    VADEL 25 November 2013 15: 35
    Invisible planes, invisible ships, tanks, guns, rockets, soldiers and their wives, children are INVISIBLE! Everything and everything is invisible! recourse Aliens arrive: "Damn, uninhabited planet !!!" good fellow
  14. dnh1970
    dnh1970 25 November 2013 16: 12
    to begin with, let the airship at least be built, otherwise it would be stealth ...
  15. Altona
    Altona 25 November 2013 17: 17
    I didn’t carefully read this nonsense, it would turn out like the Japanese or Germans did, they would develop a new tech-plane chi tank, then the Americans would stop this business at the root, drag out breakthrough technologies and force them to buy their own ... That's the whole story ...
  16. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 25 November 2013 17: 36
    Bicycles are already created. You just need to copy. The new Korean fighter will be priced the same or more expensive than the American one.
  17. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 25 November 2013 21: 32
    But do not we swing at William, our Shakespeare ...

    Since anyone is developing 5th generation airplanes, apparently this is not so difficult. And we are fooled, achievements, that-sho. About stealth. As we all know, Koreans have recently developed stealth paint sprayed from an ordinary spray can, hiding from everything and standing mere pennies. So there is a hurt, it’s not clear just why the garden is to be fenced, the existing f-16s would have been painted and the thing is in the hat.
  18. Siberian
    Siberian 25 November 2013 22: 16
    If South Korea creates invisibility. INTERNATIONAL Award TO HER. And then some invisibles flew over one state, and its obsolete air defense system was shot down. It’s even strange. PS So far there is nothing invisible. Only a waste of money. It all depends on prof. trained people.
  19. vahatak
    vahatak 26 November 2013 00: 01
    I recalled the words of one of the former presidents of South Korea: "We will do the same and no worse than they." It was said for another reason, but for 50 years the Koreans have been successfully doing this: if they like something, they start to produce it themselves.
    And I remembered how about 50 years ago, one small Korean company began to produce under license one small car brand Ford. In 2010, this company (Hyundai motors) replaced Ford from fourth place in the list of major automakers.
    Against this background, the words of some commentators that the Koreans will not be able to look doubtful.
  20. mvg
    mvg 26 November 2013 19: 53
    will do, but what does Indonesia have to do with it? It was necessary to cooperate with us, and if in a quick way, copy the f-35. no worse than the Chinese know how to do it. if they do kf-16, there are technologies of engines, avionics, rockets .. what is the problem? obviously agreed with Lockheed on the transfer of technology, because not so long ago they were considering a Boeing offer with f-18se. hard workers.