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Theft in the army, or the transfer of wealth

Being a sergeant, standing on a company. With me, at night, one of the days is on the bedside table (until they learn to carry the service, they always, even at night, stood), sent the rest to sleep. I sit, I teach the statute of guard duty — I had to go with an assistant. A knock at the door is another check. Eka nevidal. Without a kipezh (even the sergeants are already asleep) he asked, reported to the headquarters, opened a report to 3 front-line combatant, I was waiting for the CO. The captain from the division (his own, regimental, nafig necessary) looked like, looked. Even in the place went - brave, not everyone dares. There, after a stew for dinner, even I was holding my breath as Cousteau entered. And footcloths, as the classic said, the air is also not ozonized.

Dokulopatsya on a large there is nothing, but it is necessary to curry favor. Or maybe what zalet its hush up at the expense of someone else's regiment. Hell knows. But then the wandering gaze stops on the bat lamp, and a smile flashes on his face. The captain checks all the lamps in the barracks and finds out that there are not enough 3 units to the extent necessary. After small negotiations, 1 gave an hour to eliminate Warned that will recalculate and check inv. lamp numbers in other companies, cap gone.

What to do? Taki zalet. I wake up the task set: 3 lamps in an hour. I ask: what does anyone need to complete the task. It took: a sergeant uniform and 2 assistant. The tunic took from his KO and woke up 2 warriors. Time X + 10, the fighters went into darkness.

I meanwhile made an inv. numbers, and in the 3 rooms I remade the inventory of the mine.

The first two came through 40 minutes, brought the 2 lamp. The rest of the 10 minutes backed another 3. Together put the lamp. Thanked for the service. Put to bed.

The captain was half an hour late, but the reptile came. As it turned out, then he checked these damned lamps in almost all companies. Checked Said: "Well done" and left.

Only in the morning I found out - the first pair of boys pretended to be sick on the stomach and the accompanying sergeant from a nonexistent company (not to expose their little brothers). Stomped straight into the hospital, the "sick" distracted the abdominal pains of the doctor on duty, while the "sergeant" was getting lamps. After receiving the pill, both retired.

Another couple, having induced noise in the park of a neighboring regiment, waited until everyone came out of the KTP, from there they took the 2 lamp.

PS Starshina said that it was not stealing, but “the transfer of material values ​​of the MOU within subunits” and gave the fighters a pack of cigarettes.

PPS After many times I had to “punch” and “give birth” to many different things in the army, and I did all this without a twinge of conscience. I took nothing from the army for myself. This was the difference - in the absence of mercenary motives.
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  1. samoletil18
    samoletil18 26 November 2013 06: 46
    The army is a large family in which you don’t click your face. And where everything is shitty, but exactly. And this state of things surprises the army only one day (first), and then, in quarantine.
    And yet, do you want to go there at least for an hour, with the boys to get together again?
    I, sometimes, really.
  2. Fedya
    Fedya 15 December 2013 19: 57
    In the military unit 71272 around 1990, there was such an ensign Sidorchuk. He knew the rear part. And suddenly a lot of boards disappeared! Sidorchuk walked all over the town, checking the garage sheds, and two weeks later they suddenly learned that Sidorchuk’s son-in-law was building a house near Vilnius! The questions all disappeared, and how he got out before the authorities - a military secret!
  3. Bodrov
    Bodrov April 23 2014 16: 26
    I remember when we went to a training exercise at our platoon, for 4 cars, there was 1 battery (we had to run with it from car to car and start them). And our platoonman also set us the task of "giving birth" batteries. So when we left, there were 4 batteries for 6 cars))