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Calculation of the academician was correct

Calculation of the academician was correct

The rocket engine NK-33, developed by Soviet designers for the lunar program of the USSR in the 60-ies of the last century, was recently successfully tested in Samara. At one time, the leadership of the CCCP refused the NK-33, but now it turned out that over the past years the engine is not only not outdated, but also ahead of all the competitors currently available.

On tests in Samara, the NK-33 worked for 250 seconds, which means that if it was installed on a ship, he would have successfully launched it into orbit, because this only takes 80 seconds. Given the fact that the engine has not worked for 40 years, its successful launch and the result shown in the work can be called a miracle.

Designer Kuznetsov, who was engaged in the development and manufacture of NK-33, he thought to fly to the Moon and Mars. In the late sixties, four launches of the H-1 missiles equipped with such engines were made, but they all ended in failure. After the Americans landed on the moon, the leadership of the USSR ordered the curtailment of the Soviet lunar program, and the remaining power plants to be destroyed. But the chief designer, Academician Kuznetsov, did not raise a hand to destroy his creation, and several NK-33 were hidden in the bowels of the Samara Luka. Despite the setbacks, Kuznetsov believed in the engine he had created and therefore decided on a bold campaign against the will of the Central Committee of the CPSU in the hope that the risky event would justify itself in the future.

Academician Kuznetsov

And nowadays it turned out that the academician’s calculation turned out to be true, today Samara rocket planners rely on the H-33. This engine will be used in the new Soyuz-1 project, “the future of light astronautics.” The main objective of these missiles will be the launch of commercial and scientific satellites into orbit.

According to the project managers, the first rocket is scheduled to launch this year.
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  1. pinkhasik
    pinkhasik 10 March 2011 22: 05
    All the leaders were surprisingly competent in everything. Glory to the name!
  2. Cedric
    Cedric 11 March 2011 07: 04
    Not a few engines were hidden, but more than 60.
  3. Honory
    Honory 29 September 2012 16: 15
    But how realistic is the financing of the project?