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The Age of Magnificent Funerals in the USSR: 1982-1985

The Age of Magnificent Funerals in the USSR: 1982-1985The first half of the 80-s in the USSR is called by some historians the age of elderly leaders. The word "aged" managed to become a stamp. A possible reason for this stamp was the private funeral of the general secretaries, starting with 1982 and ending with 1985. In fact, after the death of 1982-year-old Leonid I. Brezhnev in 75, a far from deep old man came to power in the country - Yuri Andropov. At the time of coming to the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Andropov was 68 years old. As they say, it’s far from being a boy, but it is impossible to attribute it to the number of aged politicians of Andropov.
Is it possible to attribute the leaders of Konstantin Chernenko to the number of "elderly"? If we consider a person at the age of 72 to be aged, then yes. Although in the world and by that time there were enough examples when the highest political posts in the state were occupied by much older people.
However, whether to call the secretary general deep old men or not, they died literally one after another. And funeral broadcasts from 1982 to 1985 have already become almost familiar. Someone went away from a stroke, someone from liver and lung failure, someone from a whole bunch of diseases. Despite the official reports on the reasons for the death of the first persons of the state, there were those who did not believe such reports. People talked about the following: didn’t the leading figures of medicine could extend the life of the general secretaries, didn’t they follow? stroke prevention recommendations or other ailments.
Together with such judgments, they began to exaggerate the version that certain "dark forces" helped the leaders to go to the next world. The version of the conspiracy began to spread after people learned that at that hour when Andropov was dying, not professional resuscitators were on duty at his bedside, but a therapist who, according to some sources, underwent only appropriate course training. The number of supporters of the conspiracy against Andropov increased after people saw Margaret Thatcher and George Bush (the elder, of course) at the mourning ceremony.
After that, rumors spread that Andropov was removed by Western intelligence agencies, who then continued their “work” on Chernenko, assisting the coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev. The version turned out to be extremely tenacious, and they are still discussing it.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 23 November 2013 09: 07
    Versions can be "chewed" any, and on this "chewing" paint the further possible course of events. Now, if only on facts and documents ..., and so, HISTORY went ahead, and you have to reap the fruits of all sorts of fucks like Elkin and K *
  2. RoTTor
    RoTTor 24 November 2013 00: 29
    Nothing is written. Full zilch.
  3. studentmati
    studentmati 24 November 2013 01: 33
    The topic is deep, political, but the article is about nothing.
  4. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 November 2013 16: 06
    Small as it is plowed wink And the topic is interesting with many puzzles. Waiting for its trackers and authors.
  5. faraon
    faraon 24 November 2013 16: 30
    It’s an interesting one topic, since I myself lived in Russia at that time. But it seems to me that it’s prosaically simple, the General Secretaries after Brezhnev’s death were appointed (selected) on the basis of age qualifications, as well as not wanting to carry out overdue reforms in the country, celestials (the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU) and so it was good, since from the time of Stalin there was an unwritten rule concerning the highest nomenclature (special distributor, apartment, cottage, car, Kremlin hospital and the funeral at the Kremlin wall) .im and their descendants. But Andropov was somewhat confused in perspective ive, well, he died nothing because everyone was mortal regardless of the situation. And what the therapist said at his bedside, it’s just stupid things, and who wouldn’t let anyone in the state’s bodies, especially since Andropov headed for a long time The KGB and with his coming to power clearly increased the number of his supporters who did not allow such sloppiness on the part of medicine. So the version of the intentional death (conspiracy of doctors) of Yu.V. Andropov has no foundation. All are mortal from this outcome no one has yet escaped, neither Stalin, nor Khrushchev, nor Brezhnev, ... y