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On the 100 anniversary of the US Federal Reserve: what did she manage to do with the world and how it all ends

On the 100 anniversary of the US Federal Reserve: what did she manage to do with the world and how it all ends19 in November, at the Independent Press Center on the initiative of Mikhail Delyagin, a press conference was held dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the Fed. I had to attend it, but life did not work: I had to go on a business trip at night and had to do various things urgently. But I thought out my speech - and therefore I propose his written version.

First of all - the preamble. Our version of the economic theory of capitalism — neoconomy — suggests that the mechanism of development under capitalism is a deepening division of labor. There is a deepening - there is a development, there is no deepening - a crisis begins. But the deepening of the division of labor leads to an increase in producer risks (roughly speaking, it must be integrated into an increasingly complex technological chain and an increasingly competitive environment). And thus, the institutional problems of capitalism are the creation of institutions that reduce the risks of the producer.

If you look at history capitalism, there were two main instruments for risk reduction: the expansion of markets (markets and / or markets for the acquisition of resources, which made it possible to reduce the cost of production within the old system) and the redistribution of risks. The banking system acted as the main instrument of the latter, which took upon itself part of the manufacturer’s risks.

We hear a lot of talk about the parasitism of the banking system, which, in the words of Yeltsin, "takes on too much, doing little." And it is true. But let's face it: the interest rate of a bank loan is not only the margin of the banker, it includes (often significantly higher) risk pay. Actually, the ideal banking system could be in the USSR, where (theoretically) it would be possible to calculate the exact risks of the manufacturer (and they always exist, since no one has canceled any wrong technical solutions, nor natural disasters, nor man-made disasters, etc.) the exact amount of risk payment throughout the economy. Excluding, respectively, the banking profit, which under socialism was not needed. And this percentage would not be zero!

So, returning to capitalism, it can be noted that by the end of the XIX century, both existing methods of risk reduction had been exhausted. The world was divided between the colonial empires, and the banking system faced a crisis. Under the conditions of growing competition, manufacturers demanded lower rates, and banks, taking into account growing risks, needed to increase it. It is for this reason, by the way, that monopoly industry empires began to grow during this period as a way of protecting industries from the economic crisis. And this, in turn, led to the development of antimonopoly legislation in the early twentieth century.

In the case of banks, the development of these processes led either to an increase in non-returns (if the rates were insufficient), or to the fact that the money stopped working because no one took them at high rates. One should not underestimate the competition between banks, which at that time were independent commercial structures.

As a result, liquidity declined throughout the banking system as a whole, and banks began to compensate for it by increasing interbank lending, that is, redistributing risks throughout the banking system. In the end, the level of risk throughout the entire banking system became transcendental and a classic crisis of interbank lending occurred, which we are well aware of, for example, in the 1995 year. It happened in 1907 year.

This was followed by the economic crisis (the first crisis in the fall in capital efficiency), to overcome which it was necessary to restore the liquidity of the banks (so that they could continue to take the risks of producers). To do this, J. P. Morgan (senior) made a netting within the banking system and, adding his own money, restored the liquidity of the entire financial system. And then at a secret meeting of bankers and politicians on Jekyll Island in November 1910, it was decided that such an operation (that is, refinancing of the banking system) should be systematic and institutionalized.

At the same time, all participants in the meeting were aware that the creation of such an institution (which materialized the words of one of the first Rothschilds: “Give me the right to issue money in the state, and I will not give a damn about who rules in it!”) . Details of this operation can be read, for example, in Sergey Egishyants’s book “Deadlocks of Globalization: the Triumph of Progress or the Games of Satanists?”, I can only point out one important fact.

If the creation of the Fed would be only the operation of bankers and financiers to reconfigure the world (and American) economy in their favor - maybe they would have failed. Neither keep the idea secret, nor implement it in practice. But apart from this layer there was another objectively necessary: ​​in order for the banking system to continue to perform its economic functions, it was necessary to build it on with the following element, the role of which today's hero of the day, the US Federal Reserve System, played.

I will not talk today about the role that the Fed has played to strengthen the position of the global financial elite. I note only two circumstances. The Fed's resources were enough to maintain the situation until the beginning of the 30-s, and then a new crisis of the fall in capital efficiency began. It was “driven” by the deflationary scenario, which allowed the financial sector to redistribute a significant part of national wealth to its own benefit: when there was not enough money in the economy for anyone except for the “especially close” to the Fed, it was these latter who could spend this money on purchase of the most valuable assets.

At the same time, inflation problems did not arise - the Fed could always use excess money throughout the entire economy using monetary policy instruments. It is this formally legal (not all available) tool became the main source of redistribution of profits in the economy in favor of the financial sector, allowing it to increase its share of profits in the economy from 5 – 8% (up to World War II) to today’s than 50%. And it is clear that no economy can normally exist when the intermediary, in essence, the sector begins to redistribute more than 50% of value added in its favor.

I will go further in less detail, anyone can find these details in my texts on the site But I note that the crisis in the fall in the efficiency of 30's capital ended with the expansion of markets for the division of labor systems (technological zones) that won this war, that is, Western (American) and Soviet. And the next crisis in the fall in capital efficiency began in the US in the 70s (you can even accurately name the day - August 15 1971, when the United States declared the second default in the twentieth century). And America came out of it by inventing a new mechanism for reducing the risks of producers, in a sense, by falsifying the expansion of markets. Namely: they began rampant consumer lending. That, of course, increased the sales markets, made it possible to launch the next technological wave (to implement the next “technological order” in the terminology of S. Glazyev), destroy the USSR and make the last real expansion of the markets (the “golden age” of Clinton).

But what's next? Expansion of markets is no longer possible, central banks have exhausted their ability to stimulate the banking system (interest rates and reserves at absolute minimum), and the efficiency of emissions to maintain the real sector is minimal. At that moment, the world financial elite had an idea that it was possible to repeat the “focus” of a century ago and make another superstructure, just not above banks, but above central banks. That is, to make (on the basis of the IMF) a “central bank of central banks” as a tool for reducing risks. Everything would be fine, but, unlike the times of J.P. Morgan, all this was done openly - and as a result, the US bureaucracy closed this attempt through the “Strauss-Kahn case”.

Thus, the entire scheme of financial risk reduction of the manufacturer, which was an objective economic basic existence of the Fed (in which the latter acted either as a final authority or an important intermediate mechanism), came to an end. The question of how much the Fed will exist after its centenary, is open, but we can safely say that the times when this organization was at the top of its power have passed. And this role will be reduced faster and faster. Already in the world - so sure.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 23 November 2013 07: 46
    The sage listened to the first debater, and said: “You're right.”
    Then the sage of the second debater listened, and said: “You're right.”
    A passing passer stopped, listened, and said: - a sage. It doesn’t happen that both are right !!
    To which the sage answered: - ... And you are also right!
    1. Ross
      Ross 23 November 2013 18: 12
      The topic is not fully disclosed by the author. Rather blurred.
      The US Federal Reserve was conceived by the International Bankers not at all of the local market tasks, but rather in order to seize all the gold, print money from the air with impunity and buy up the values ​​of the whole world on empty paper.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 24 November 2013 01: 03
        Quote: Ross
        The topic is not fully disclosed by the author. Rather blurred.
        The US Federal Reserve was conceived by the International Bankers not at all of the local market tasks, but rather in order to seize all the gold, print money from the air with impunity and buy up the values ​​of the whole world on empty paper.

        usually do not fully disclose the topic of boobs.
        Let it be known to you that any economic activity and any economic undertaking already pursues the goal:
        Quote: Ross
        buy up the values ​​of the whole world.
        . So after all, the game with creating your own business should not be started. laughing There is nothing illegal in this. As for "printing money out of thin air" - also like not. I'll try to justify, but it will take a long time, it will be a great post.
        Any Central Bank prints money from the air, more precisely, spending, of course, paint and paper on it, but in fact it is just that - it prints from the air. And inflation is a natural limiter on the runaway press. If you printed more than goods, services and cultural values ​​were produced in your state, then there should be inflation in your state. And the Fed owners came up with their own inflation protection mechanism: here you are printing dollars, printing them as much as you ask, as much as you need for world trade in raw materials. And then they realized that they had printed too much, and excessive money supply hung over the world economy in a terrible cliff. Famous Russian question number 2: What to do? And to withdraw money, extra money. How? Yes, explain to the first leaders and key financiers of the countries that hold the largest foreign exchange (read - dollar) reserves what will happen. What will be bad for everyone if hyperinflation goes. And to offer a way out - but a specially invented tool to contain hyperinflation has been created. It is carried out in the form of buying up American debt receipts. Is the mechanism clear? Petya printed grandmothers, distributed them to Misha, Oleg and Katya, he did not offend himself. Misha, Oleg and Katya accumulated a lot of money in mutual trade, which Petya the printer took back, but explaining to Misha, Oleg and Katya that now Petya simply owes them. As a result, controlled and not very large inflation. The richest have no money, they have lent it to the super-rich. laughing
        So Russia seems to have money in a small box, but in real life it no longer exists in essence. It will be the same with them as did with the savings of thousands of Soviet depositors Gaidar with cunning red-headed friends. Now, it seems that the state owes to Soviet investors, but how much - try to determine the objective purchasing power of that ruble! Times have changed, how to determine what the ruble is now? There were iPhones in those days? Tube TV in those days cost three salaries of a highly qualified specialist, now with an LCD or plasma large screen - less than one monthly salary. And as a result, there is a way to return the wrong amount - and so it happened. So it will happen with Russian and Chinese debts.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 24 November 2013 01: 04
          Here Yarosvet has one objection to everything - "Well, this is what the whole world does (lends to amers), and only Russians get out, what do they need more than anyone else?" Well, "the whole world does this" - not a reason to take water in your mouth and be silent. It's like "everyone saw the crime and everyone is silent, everyone cannot be called criminals, which means that you are not a criminal either." This is the level of our opponents, it’s a shame that we enter into an argument with such.
          Let's get back to our bar ..., sorry, Yaroslavl. The Fed essentially acted as a state over all states. After all, these states can print money and withdraw it back. This is strictly forbidden to individuals and individuals, the printing of money is a function of the state only. But where does it say that it is forbidden to print money for states? You just print your own currency with your name, with your design and with your protection against fakes and offer states as an exchange currency - this is not forbidden! The first client was the United States (the United States does not have its own currency, the dollar is not their currency) and the United States helped with all its influence and political weight to attract other customers, and then the whole world. Legal conflict, however. Although there is any corpus delicti. Why should the US as a state try so hard for the popularization of a foreign currency, and even take on debts associated with the excessive printing of this foreign currency? There is someone abusing their official position in the United States, or even illegally seizing power in this state. And you don’t sew anything else laughing
          But now the bad thing is - if you remove the US dollar, then what then as a global means of payment? Gold? Yes, now it will not be enough for a hundredth of the world's needs! It is also inconvenient for them to pay for storage, etc. That is, unambiguously - this should be drawn with many zeros on the computer, but only drawn exactly with the desired (optimal for the development of the global economy) number of zeros. But then you need a world government. And who will enter it? Jews from famous families again? It will not go unambiguously.
          And here we go to SABZH. Once Khazin claims that "that the development mechanism under capitalism is a deepening of the division of labor", as a result "the institutional problems of capitalism are the creation of institutions that reduce producer risks"then you need to give up capitalism. That's all!
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 24 November 2013 20: 31
        Quote: Ross
        rather, in order to seize all the gold, with impunity print money from the air and buy up the values ​​of the whole world on empty paper

        See the root! As Kozma Prutkov used to say.
        The US Federal Reserve in the global sense, the institution of the conquest of economic dominance on the planet and all the declared goals is just a screen. How did democracy and human rights become a screen !!!
        In the USA, even the Constitution does not guarantee any rights !!! After September 11, the concept of Freedom applies to all countries except the USA itself !!!
        Topic video:
      3. vlad60
        vlad60 25 November 2013 02: 17
        I completely agree with you, this whole Fed is conceived as a blatant world scam, for the implementation of which the First and Second World Wars were unleashed. And it still continues - to accept printed PRIVATE, unsecured paper, like full-fledged world banknotes with which you can buy everything. For this purpose, the model of liberal capitalism is also spreading, by military means, as contributing to the support of this money scam. Adopted by the Congress in the United States in 1 half an hour before the Christmas holidays, the law was the last question to vote, when no one thought about the essence of the adopted zon, but were about to take a break for the holidays - scammers introduced the Federal Law into the laws of the United States. But everything has a beginning and an end. Now everyone understands the essence of the Fed, which means that the historically exceptional fraud, through which the whole world was gathered, is short-lived and sunset.
  2. Igor39
    Igor39 23 November 2013 08: 03
    John Pierpont Morgan was a direct descendant of the legendary pirate Henry Morgan, who captured not only ships, but also coastal cities. Suffice it to say that in his flotilla there were 37 ships and 1200 thugs. However, the British authorities still seized him, after which the queen granted Henry Morgan the rank of officer and the post of vice governor of Jamaica. He lived up to her confidence by ending piracy with an iron hand.
    Robbed, robbed and will rob.
  3. predator.3
    predator.3 23 November 2013 08: 12
    Actually, the ideal banking system could be in the USSR, where (theoretically) it would be possible to calculate the exact risks of the manufacturer (and they always exist, since no one has canceled any wrong technical solutions, no natural disasters, no man-made disasters, etc.) and calculated the exact amount of risk pay across the economy. Excluding, respectively, bank profits, which under socialism was not needed. And this percentage would not be zero!

    I don’t even remember what interest rates were in the USSR.
    1. tungus
      tungus 23 November 2013 09: 08
      In 1988, from 4 to 5%. This was the interest rate of the state bank for lending to enterprises of the USSR.
    2. Horst78
      Horst78 23 November 2013 09: 25
      I don’t even remember what interest rates were in the USSR.
      Eeee what But was there an internal credit mechanism in the USSR?
      1. Grandson of Veteran
        Grandson of Veteran 23 November 2013 11: 16
        "Was there an internal credit mechanism in the USSR?"
        It was. Mostly, furniture and household appliances were bought on credit. Such a scheme, bring a certificate from the place of work, take the goods. There was no need to go anywhere to pay this loan - the money was simply deducted from the salary. My parents got so household when they got married. They do not remember interest rates (called, asked).
      2. Captain45
        Captain45 23 November 2013 19: 42
        Quote: Horst78
        Eeee what, but was there an internal credit mechanism in the USSR?

        I was, in the technical school, I even studied the following subject: "Finance and Credit in the USSR", as the main one, along the way, I was introduced to the system of finance and loans in the capitalist countries.
      3. aksakal
        aksakal 24 November 2013 01: 18
        Quote: Horst78
        Was there an internal credit mechanism in the USSR?

        moreover, even in this mechanism there was a scheme for attracting money from the population for this credit mechanism in particular and for drawing this money into the national economic turnover in general. It was called "3% state loan", that is, the state paid those who bought bonds of this state loan as much as 3% per annum, giving the economy at 4-5%, no more. And it also raffled off the numbers of these bonds in a lottery - FAIRLY. Up to 5000 rubles could be won! My mother won 5000 rubles when she was suddenly left a widow with four little ones less, her deceased husband (my father) came to her in a dream and advised her to take out a loan for the last 50 rubles with just that number. And the last thousand was spent on "sober" (Gorbachev and Ligachev, their mother! am) the wedding of an older brother. In short, this is a separate story, back to the topic. Yes, never mind, I still don’t believe in the afterlife, although that’s how it was, it’s hard to explain.
        In general, there was even insurance in the USSR! One of them - your life is insured up to 18 years old, but if you have reached this age - the sum insured to you on your 18th birthday is fully refunded! It's nice to get 1000 rubles by the age of majority, add a thousand more accumulated, borrow and buy Java, dammit!
    3. alex86
      alex86 24 November 2013 22: 50
      Perhaps my memory is cheating on me, but in '84 our trust took on salaries at Stroybank at 1%, and no one worried about this rate. They took almost every month, paid (conditionally) once a year, when the money came. There is no need to delude oneself - the risks mentioned were very significant - the slovenly approach raised the cost price and was covered by the system's indifference to the real cost - the main thing is "everything is in business." A similar approach has begun to manifest itself now, which is expressed in the unrestrained growth of "managers" and intermediaries, lawyers and consultants. But "everything is in business."
      1. alexng
        alexng 24 November 2013 23: 56
        Quote: alex86
        which is reflected in the unrestrained growth of "managers" and intermediaries, lawyers and consultants.

        You seem to have made a mistake in one letter in the word "managers", there should most likely be the letter "and". But best of all this group of "semi-specialists" was characterized by Mikhail Zadornov calling them "Koekaker".
  4. ZU-23
    ZU-23 23 November 2013 08: 35
    The Fed is evil, not a single point has been found to justify it, even if somewhere it looks like a plus, then the forecast for the future is a big minus.
    1. AVV
      AVV 23 November 2013 13: 19
      The Fed is a deception of the world community, a speculative organization + a printing press, wrappers not provided with anything! When it collapses, it will be a global victory of mankind over slave owners in the banking sector !!! Such countries as the BRICS countries are striving for this, translating all the settlements among themselves in national currencies !!!
    2. alex13-61
      alex13-61 24 November 2013 11: 42
      Quote: ZU-23
      The Fed is evil, not a single point has been found to justify it, even if somewhere it looks like a plus, then the forecast for the future is a big minus.

      As for the forecast for the future, it cannot be prosperous in any way .. Ben Bernanke has quietly fallen from his post, something that everyone forgot right away. And they forgot how much money he printed and handed out in crisis 2008.
  5. Averias
    Averias 23 November 2013 10: 02
    No wonder, on the well-known site where bitcoins are collected on the "order" of politicians. The most collected for the head of the Fed.
  6. their
    their 23 November 2013 10: 35
    This organization is responsible for many of the tragic events of the past 100 years. Starting with the WWI and to this day Syria and Iran. And there is no conspiracy thesis here, anyone who understands the topic understands where the legs are growing from.
  7. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 23 November 2013 10: 41
    After the collapse of the United States as a whole and the Fed in particular, the world will definitely not get any worse, well, their loyal sycophants will cry for them, but these are not our problems. The main thing for us is to move away from this rotten tower called the "world economic system" so that we the debris did not touch.
  8. their
    their 23 November 2013 10: 44
    Quote: Averias
    No wonder, on the well-known site where bitcoins are collected on the "order" of politicians. The most collected for the head of the Fed.

    Bitcoin is a Fed project, otherwise it would not have grown to such a scale, it is a direct competitor. The price of bitcoins has increased 3 times over 500 years.
    1. alone
      alone 23 November 2013 11: 55
      Quote: sus
      Bitcoin is a Fed project, otherwise it would not have grown to such a scale, it is a direct competitor. The price of bitcoins has increased 3 times over 500 years.

      what looks like a scam of MMM JSC)) one fine day, the price will fall off, and the owners of bitcoins will stay with bitcoins))
  9. Stinger
    Stinger 23 November 2013 11: 55
    + This is not unfounded criticism or praise, but a reasoned explanation without abstruse terminology. Thanks to the author. It became clear why our banks have such crazy interest rates on loans. Production - a minimum, speculators - a maximum. It turns out that we are in a trap. Underdeveloped production does not allow lower rates, and high rates do not allow the development of production. If we add to this the greed of bankers, as a rule, immigrants from yesterday's bandits, then where is the way out of this outcome?
    1. knn54
      knn54 24 November 2013 13: 13
      -Stinger: it turns out that we are in a trap.
      Actually, the idea was good - creating a world currency. This would have a very good effect if there was effective control by the world community (and not by a group of "comrades") over the balance between the world mass of commodities and the number of dollars in circulation. The Jamaican monetary system canceled the exchange of dollars for gold, not a single national currency (except Switzerland) no longer has gold content. ATTACHED (fixed) all currencies to the dollar. The gold market has changed from the main money market to a kind of commodity market. These green candy wrappers are provided not by gold, but by the economies of countries around the world, which are sitting on the dollar needle. We ALL, according to the rules of the IMF, have the right to issue as much OWN currency as we have, roughly speaking, "dollars / pounds / euros / how much we have gold and foreign exchange reserves (belongs not to Russia, but to the Central Bank). Only the Central Bank has the right to issue rubles, which is independent according to the Constitution. This, according to the law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, he has no right to buy debt securities of his country. Only the USA and a number of other countries. Therefore, we cannot print as much money as we want (unlike the Fed), when and how we want, even in debt from We can’t take ourselves in. ALL banking system works through the Central Bank - "5th column", in fact.
    2. timer
      timer 24 November 2013 13: 26
      Good question. I propose a way out - to end private parasitic banking in Russia, and to create a network of 10 specialized state-owned banks with the central bank at the head. This will help to solve a number of serious problems, starting with the drain of capital and ending with the termination of payment of black salary.
  10. Archikah
    Archikah 23 November 2013 13: 42
    In general, banking is the current terminology, and earlier, when everyone called by their proper names, it was called usury. Giving money to growth was considered dishonest and shameful. Such people did not give a hand. They were called non-shaking hands. And basically pariahs were doing it. What are now called marginal classes. And mainly Jews were engaged in this (but Jews are the current self-name of this nation - before they themselves were represented - Jews). Usury, if you look at classical literature, is a purely Jewish occupation. This is where all these Rothschilds and Rockefellers came from. They - Jews used to be engaged in slave-hunting. Resell slaves all over the world. The same contempt for everyone. But when the conditions changed, they realized what niche they should occupy. And the Fed is already a project for the development of the banking system. Divorced the USA. And how many people put because of this.
  11. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 23 November 2013 14: 24
    The Fed is clear. Now everything has become more complicated, so that geopolitical "partners" operating in the paradigm - there are no partners, only interests - nothing personal just business. So, as S. Bodrov junior used to say: "Everything is just beginning." But it doesn't bode well.
  12. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 23 November 2013 14: 28
    The FRS is an instrument of enslavement and robbery of peoples by a gang of scoundrels (the so-called secret world government), and the second is the WTO organization invented by them. In which, through thoughtlessness or malicious intent, without our consent, we were drawn by the current "grief rulers", and maybe just traitors! And for 100 years they (the FRS) have heaped up a lot of vile and ugly things: two world wars, a bunch of revolutions and coups, and the people were simply exhausted!
  13. krasavchik
    krasavchik 23 November 2013 15: 06
    but we could resist the creators of the Fed - the global financial management elite, and we did it repeatedly and successfully. However, after the death of Stalin, short-sighted leaders came who continued to think with patterns at the beginning of the twentieth century and did not understand the whole salt of the ongoing world processes. After all, even the American political scientist I. Wallerstein said that the United States as a state ended with the impeachment of Nixon in the 70s, since then the United States is just a cluster of transnational corporations and global financiers. Real godfathers sit on Walt Street and in London City. Even the witch Thatcher in 1991 said that the USSR was not feared militarily, for that was the answer, but economically, because the Western capitalist system was in a stupor. For them, the collapse of the USSR was a gift of fate, although of course the Union was deliberately destroyed. We didn’t have a strategic plan after the death of Stalin, only tactical victories, therefore they missed everything and eventually lost the country. Although if there were literate people in their time, we could finish off the capitalists ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. timer
      timer 24 November 2013 13: 40
      Interesting comment. I add from myself-Stalin was able to see and analyze global world processes, to separate the husks from the chaff. This helped him to make the Soviet Union together with the people a great and strong power. After him, the country's leaders did not even have this analysis. Yes, probably and they didn’t know how to do it, and didn’t want to. For me personally only Peter1, Stalin and Hitler as real world leaders with a capital letter who were able to turn their countries into empires. Given their ambiguity. Now there are no leaders of such scale and breakdown power. .Wed a true leader is a challenge to an established system. Stalin was the challenge for capitalism! And it’s not even a strategic plan. Stalin did not bring up a worthy successor. And after his death, everything went downhill, slowly, with acceleration towards the end of the 80s. The result is the collapse of the USSR, the loss of ideology and goals!
  14. krasavchik
    krasavchik 23 November 2013 15: 09
    By the way, here's a video of the conference, who are interested)
  15. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 23 November 2013 22: 19
    The Internet, as yet, not controlled by the Internet, is real democracy. If the time has come to spread knowledge among humanity, be prepared to rake in to the fullest. laughing
  16. DOMINO
    DOMINO 24 November 2013 00: 00
    Khazin never speaks about the most important thing: the origins of financial slavery carried out by the Jewish (by religion) "elite" on the basis of the monopoly on transnational usury prescribed by them in the Old Testament in the Bible: or anything else that can be given in growth; give to a foreigner in growth, but don’t give to your brother in growth, so that the Lord your God may bless you in everything that is done with your hands, on the land you are going to take possession of it ... and you will lend to many peoples, but you yourself will not borrow [and you will rule over many peoples, but they will not rule over you] "(Deuteronomy. 23:19, 20; 28:13) Usury - in mathematical language is adequately described in terms of the section of game theory - where it acts as a game with a nonzero sum, in which the gain always goes to the aggregate usurer, and all the rest are completely dependent on the monopoly created by him about the climate ". Everything else is just the consequences of this paradigm, which is not noticed and understood by few people, since the Bible has been at the heart of the culture of several regional civilizations (West, Russia, South America) for many centuries, where it is elevated to the rank of "holy scripture", allegedly transmitting to people the will of the Most High - God, Creator and Almighty.
    1. krasavchik
      krasavchik 24 November 2013 00: 47
      moreover, the Rothschild Jewish bankers themselves sponsored the Third Reich, which killed other Jews. These are the historical pirouettes.
  17. Ross
    Ross 24 November 2013 11: 33
    Quote: aksakal
    And to offer a way out - but a specially invented tool to contain hyperinflation has been created. It is carried out in the form of buying up American debt receipts.

    So they handed out debt receipts to the Kuomintang, South Africa and other countries for hundreds of trillions of candy wrappers in exchange for the seized gold in the 1930's. And this is cooler than debt obligations for own candy wrappers.
  18. mountain
    mountain 24 November 2013 13: 48
    Oh, how many fables I have heard in my life. Well, the smartest, greediest and most powerful, deceived everyone, American bark beetles. Yes, good to you to lament that the whole world watched his brains soar? Yes, all the tales about the white bull. And it does not seem to you the sweetest that everything under this, as you say, a scam signed up. And why did everyone silently follow this pattern? Quite banal and not worth a damn. Whether America won or lost, I think we'll see soon. And the consequences will be much worse and none of the plundered world values ​​will not help them. And an even layer of "values" will be distributed all over the world.
  19. Boris63
    Boris63 24 November 2013 18: 43
    Until the world gets tired of irrevocably "lending" to the US, all this will continue and candy wrappers will be printed, and everyone will talk about the "greatest economy" in the world. Because, so far, the collapse of this bloated economy is not beneficial to anyone. But ordinary Americans do not even think about where the money comes from for their "American Dream".