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US troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 year

US troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 year

Washington and Kabul have reached agreement on a bilateral security treaty that will allow the US military to remain in Afghanistan after the 2014 year. This was announced on Wednesday by US Secretary of State John Kerry, adding that on Thursday the draft treaty will be presented to the meeting of elders of Afghanistan.

According to Kerry, negotiations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday morning allowed for agreement on the provisions of the treaty. Karzai will now submit the contract to the Loya Jirga - a meeting of the elders of the tribes of Afghanistan. Kerry did not clarify whether the previously proposed Kabul amendments were adopted in any form.

Earlier, Karzai sent a letter to US President Barack Obama asking to add a clause prohibiting the US military from entering the homes of civilians in Afghanistan. In addition, the US had to admit mistakes and express regret over the death of Afghan civilians at the hands of the US military.

Benjamin Rhodes, deputy national security adviser to the US president, responded that "the United States has always regretted the deaths of civilians during the war in Afghanistan, but expressing regret should in no way be interpreted as an apology from Washington."

Another controversial point that had previously caused discontent in Kabul is the granting of legal immunity to US military personnel in Afghanistan. However, the Americans insisted that without this item there would be no bilateral security agreement and the leadership of Afghanistan agreed.

The exact size of the US military contingent that will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 of the year is not defined in the draft treaty, but it is assumed that this will be from 5 to 10 thousands of military who will support and instruct Afghan counterparts in the fight against terrorists. The term of their stay is also not limited. A number of Afghan parliamentarians the day before expressed the opinion that the treaty would be signed for 10 years.

By the end of 2014, the United States plans for the most part to curtail its military presence in Afghanistan.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 23 November 2013 08: 08
    I have no doubt that the initiative came from Karzai. If the Americans leave, he is well aware of what will happen to him and his associates.
    So I have to position myself as a "friend".
    1. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 23 November 2013 08: 22
      Quote: makarov
      I have no doubt that the initiative came from Karzai.

      Nobody even asked him about this, but simply posed the fact, do you really think that the majority of the population chose him there.
      Quote: makarov
      So I have to position myself as a "friend".

      And the fact that he is an interested person is for sure, he just will not give up power and money, the taste of which he felt.
    2. Papakiko
      Papakiko 23 November 2013 11: 09
      Quote: makarov
      If the Americans leave, he is well aware of what will happen to him and his associates.

      The world market for "gera" will undergo a total redistribution and the mattress with companions will fly past the cash register.
      The total volume of opiate production in 2012 reached 5,5 thousand tons, which is almost 50 percent more than last year (3,7 thousand tons).
      And most importantly, these are transport mattress planes that cannot official fly to the "collective farm" and take out products. And with private armies, which now number more than 120000 tysh of personnel, none of the "collective farm foremen" will reckon.
      Therefore, exchanged wishes. second) Guaranteed high production and quality. first) Guaranteed transport and market.
      They are such miracles, man-made.
      On private armies in the "collective farm": According to Western media reports, the number of so-called. "contract soldiers" from private armies (such as "Black Waters") in Afghanistan exceeded the number of official armies of the coalition of aggressors - 110.000 fighters against 100.000 ... Plus, there are more than 380.000 (!) bayonets in the Afghan government (puppet) armed forces of various types "- only about 600.000 ... At the same time, the Taliban forces are estimated at 25.000 active fighters ...
      True, there are fewer Americans among private traders - 2/3 in official armies versus about one third.
      The officially recognized losses of the coalition armies are 3.300 killed and approx. 24.000 wounded, among contract soldiers the figures are 1.200 killed and more than 15.000 wounded (a strange ratio! But no one is pulling private traders for the tongue - they may not report their losses at all),

      From the above and the above, the conclusion: No one from the "collective farm" will leave while the "rejuvenating apples" are growing there, and then no one will leave of their own free will.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 23 November 2013 11: 31
      US military control map of Afghanistan.

      RMB in the picture and click open to enlarge.

    4. sasska
      sasska 23 November 2013 15: 42
      I doubt Karzai’s initiative.
      The US Secretary of Defense arrived on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, which was reportedly scheduled a month ago, MSNBC Broadcasting Company said today. However, this is not the biggest surprise of this visit. According to the channel, about 400 Pentagon troops were disarmed immediately before the meeting with the US Secretary of Defense. Nevertheless, it does not seem to have saved him from the assassination attempt.
      [Leon Panetta] An unknown Afghan man in a stolen car tried to blow up the plane of the landing Minister of Defense. However, the plane of the Minister of Defense was not injured, and employees of a special department are now working with the Afghan.

      Returning to the disarmed soldiers, it should be noted that this has never happened before, but this time the command announced that it is disarming its own soldiers for ethical reasons, because 15 Afghan soldiers present at the meeting with Mr. Panetta were also forcibly disarmed. General Mark Gourdanus explained to the servicemen: "You are visiting one of the most influential people in the world," but denied that the reason was the earlier shooting by an American serviceman, which resulted in the death of 16 Afghans, 9 of whom were children. When asked whether this was the reason, he denied such a pretext, saying, "It doesn't matter." It seems that the truth in the Pentagon today is not the most welcome guest, the fact that she is not the owner there, has been clear to everyone for a long time.

      I think that in the USA they understand that with the return of home those who have tried the permissiveness (for the most part) of drug-rangers, problems will only increase there. in any case, it’s better it won’t be.

      IMHO, no more.
  2. predator.3
    predator.3 23 November 2013 08: 38
    US troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 year

    Of course they will, how will they abandon their poppy plantations!
  3. avt
    avt 23 November 2013 09: 05
    laughing So what ? Someone doubted? Well, if only what kind of marsh hamster who piously believes in the inviolability of freedom of speech and human rights. Well, now I recommend thinking about how they will “leave Kyrgyzstan” and when. These are those who were so happy that they were supposedly leaving Manas.
  4. asadov
    asadov 23 November 2013 09: 25
    For some reason, I immediately imagine a system of Americans who announce that it did not work out with Syria and will have to postpone the move until the search for a new "Apartment" on the world map. In the meantime, so that there is no downtime and muscle leakage, we will continue to patrol the opium plantations and escort convoys with finished products.
  5. Neighbor
    Neighbor 23 November 2013 09: 59
    They would have stayed there forever ..... In the "good" sense of the word.
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 23 November 2013 18: 20
      Neighbor, Good evening !!! At one time, the British ruled in Afghanistan.
      the British in Afghanistan are 200 years old. And while they suffered military losses. Afghanistan
      There are a lot of nationalities united in tribes.
      boil with each other. The British were tired of incurring losses in manpower, in 1919 they
      withdrew their troops from there, having gone to India. History repeats itself. Only now much is everything.
      Seriously, the peasants of Afghanistan have forgotten how to farm, preferring
      grow drugs. Everything you need for life is bought with the money you earn.
      1. avt
        avt 23 November 2013 20: 26
        Quote: sergaivenski
        At one time, the British ruled in Afghanistan.
        the British in Afghanistan are 200 years old. And while they suffered military losses. Afghanistan
        There are a lot of nationalities united in tribes.
        boil with each other. The British were tired of incurring losses in manpower, in 1919 they
        withdrew their troops from there, leaving for India. History repeats itself.

        Well, here it seems like yes, but the reality is somewhat different. Although ... yes, History spiraled in a very specific spiral. Then there was a specific collision between the Russian Empire and the then Great Britain, ours drove to the South and reached Salang, the border of the Empire was established there, Afghan Badagshan, which Masud controlled, was the territory of the Empire. Well and the Angles rushed to the North and crushed Tibet, which went under the "White Tsar from the North", but cut off the Angles lamas specifically. To calm Russia in the movement to the South and muddied the Naglo-Saxons with a war with Japan. Well, when our Empire was blown up, they quickly switched to a new topic with Germany. Well, now the United States of America has intercepted the flag from the shaved ones.
      2. Beck
        Beck 23 November 2013 21: 07
        Quote: sergaivenski
        At one time, the British ruled in Afghanistan, and the British ruled in Afghanistan for 200 years.

        If there is no specific knowledge on the topic, at least out of the corner of your eye, they looked into the textbook or wiki.

        From India, the colonial forces of England twice flocked to Afghanistan and suffered two defeats. And nobody in Afghanistan hosted. Afghanistan is the only country in the Middle East that has colonial history never was not someone’s colony.
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 23 November 2013 11: 13
    Naturally, Karzai agreed. Get out of the Yankees, the Tryndets will come to him quickly. Yes, and the poppy business must be protected, because the Taliban are barbarians who burn all plantations
  7. alone
    alone 23 November 2013 12: 23
    it is not surprising that the Americans will remain there after 2014. they rarely leave permanently. and without them, in six months Afghanistan will again become the Taliban Emirate. The corrupt Karzai is no less hated by the Afghans than the Americans.
  8. Migari
    Migari 23 November 2013 13: 00
    The occupation of Afghanistan by US troops and their NATO allies led to an astronomical increase in drug trafficking. According to the UN, from 2001 to 2006, that is, for five years, this growth was 3200%! There is no mistake. This figure is contained in the UN report. It’s a pity to part with such a profit, nothing personal, business.
  9. starhina01
    starhina01 23 November 2013 14: 16
    I didn’t even doubt that they would dump out of Afghanistan so quickly, so they wanted to feel all the charms of unfriendly mujahideen there as in Vietnam hi
    1. Genur
      Genur 23 November 2013 15: 58
      And they will move closer to Russia. We will be vigilant.
  10. vlad767
    vlad767 23 November 2013 14: 41
    Ah, let them urinate on.
  11. Alf
    Alf 23 November 2013 14: 42
    So, not all drugs have been grown.
  12. Russ69
    Russ69 23 November 2013 15: 16
    Yes, let the Americans fight in Afghanistan. We will be calmer. Otherwise, sooner or later I got war in Tajikistan ourselves. Ah, do we need it?
  13. Oskar
    Oskar 23 November 2013 15: 47
    This is for a long time.
  14. Passer
    Passer 23 November 2013 16: 09
    however, it is expected that it will be from 5 to 10 thousand military personnel who will provide support and instruct Afghan colleagues in the fight against terrorists

    They simply don’t leave the drug business.
  15. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 23 November 2013 17: 32
    Yes, now Karzai will not have a headache in the near future. But we will have it. Gerych will go to us.
    1. UmaR
      UmaR 24 November 2013 05: 21
      And when it did not come to us, during the time the presence of American troops became even greater! yes
      1. Beck
        Beck 24 November 2013 08: 59
        Quote: UmaR
        And when it did not come to us, during the time the presence of American troops became even greater!

        When the military coalition of Western countries, led by the United States, was introduced into Afghanistan, it was confronted with many combat missions, but not the task of combating poppy crops.

        If the countries of Central Asia and Russia cannot organize and establish the normal work of their customs, border service, and special services, then what does it have to do with it? outsider uncle. If these control services worked normally, then even if Afghanistan had been seeding up to the last hectare with poppy seeds, in addition to Iran and Northern India, there would have been no problems with drug trafficking.

        In fact, it is precisely drug trafficking that is a problem for the CIS, and not poppy-planted areas in Afghanistan.
  16. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 23 November 2013 17: 37
    If Americans will get into the country; it’s difficult to smoke from there, how to destroy the Colorado potato beetle. Now they will rest in order not to lose the established schemes for the production and transportation of drugs. Of course, Karzai, who grew up in America, obediently follows the course indicated by Washington, but this will continue as long as the American bayonets support him. Let's see how events will develop when the Yankees leave. Those forces that remain obviously not enough to fight the Taliban.
  17. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 23 November 2013 19: 53
    Karzai remembers the fate of Najibullah.
  18. sasska
    sasska 23 November 2013 20: 30
    The United States invades Afghanistan for the fight against terrorism. They are fighting terrorism there, everything is dignified, noble, but God forbid touch the drug business. They do not know what the proceeds of drugs go to? They know perfectly. Just terrorism for the United States is a minor threat (compare how many terrorist attacks take place there per year). But for geopolitical opponents - a big splinter in the ass. So they went to Afghanistan in order to destroy terrorism or in order to prevent the destruction of its basis? Terrorism exists only because it is beneficial. They failed to achieve any goal declared by the terrorists. Then what's the point? Probably the goals and stakeholders are not where everyone is looking.

    seamless from hardingush
  19. kaktus
    kaktus 23 November 2013 20: 35
    Then you can once again promise to withdraw the troops and again receive the Nobel Peace Prize. And then again ... laughing
  20. individual
    individual 23 November 2013 21: 08
    Hamid Karzai requires US troops not to enter civilian homes.
    The reason is that the 21st century is not compatible with the 16th century. and Islamic obscurantism seized power!
  21. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 23 November 2013 22: 39
    Let them stay, just not like in Iraq, where there seem to be no American troops, except 10000 defenders of embassies and consulates, but there are 20000 more comrades from the black water. laughing
  22. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 23 November 2013 22: 43
    Look who is interested, with respect hi to our common sports club. Everyone loves Mother Russia, but from different perspectives. Men, we’ll all be in one trench, but for now we argue, argue drinks But the truth is one --- Russia.
  23. APASUS
    APASUS 23 November 2013 23: 35
    US troops will replace military companies, what will it change? The Americans will sit in their fortified areas and pay the Taliban so that they don’t touch them. I think the Taliban will most likely knock them out of their territory. I don’t think private companies have fighters or long-range artillery in their arsenal to cover
  24. Keeper
    Keeper 24 November 2013 04: 08
    If not for the "plantations" - what is the point for the Americans to stay in Afghanistan ?!
    Why make them Karzai, while forcing them to ask for forgiveness ?!
    Why the official export statistics "for poppy seeds and other goods" if, as the media claim, "turnover" has grown after the partial withdrawal of US troops ?! Apparently to show HOW MUCH AMERICAN SOLDIERS HAVE USED WHILE BEING THERE ?! Like Afghanistan would like to present an invoice ?!))
  25. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 24 November 2013 07: 37
    The Afghan government will not keep the situation under control. Many of the remaining warriors of democracy in Afghanistan will go home with a two hundredth cargo.
  26. mountain
    mountain 24 November 2013 10: 26
    Lord, they’ll leave, stay on, what can their whole idea affect? Only if to America itself, will specialists come who can grow narcotics in any conditions. And by the way, it would not be bad for the Americans to get hooked on their own dope, what’s going on in their country now, and what else to expect, it’s better to survive high.
  27. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 24 November 2013 10: 38
    The exact size of the US military contingent that will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 is not defined in the draft agreement, but it is assumed that it will be from 5 to 10 thousand military personnel who will provide support and instruct the Afghan colleagues in the fight against terrorists. The duration of their stay is also not limited.

    This should be understood as follows - the military bases of the Yankees in Afghanistan remain forever, they will not lead anyone anywhere. They won’t leave until they were expelled by force; was it in vain that the CIA blew up two old MTS sheds in New York in 2001?
    The Yankees will constantly keep their Afghan colleagues on a strict leash, like "instructing."
  28. Alew
    Alew 24 November 2013 12: 40
    which will allow the US military to remain in Afghanistan after 2014. - I have already stated here that if the Americans get into it, then they cannot be kicked out like cockroaches. And it is necessary to poison Russian youth with Afghan heroin.
  29. T-73
    T-73 24 November 2013 12: 45
    Will the Americans leave Afghanistan? No way! Quit business and give everything away? Here they have - Korzai and the CIA have a common interest, although the benefits are different. I cram my own skin on the road, and the mattresses are a draw. Maybe we should also organize their own free land lease? They send us tons of drugs, but what are we? No chemists? We catch up and pergonim! - there was a Soviet slogan. What is bad? With synthetics fill up reloaders - let them disentangle.
  30. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 24 November 2013 19: 36
    I consider the introduction of Russian "anti-drug" forces into Afghanistan urgent ... I am a policeman, and I know how much "foolishness" in the country is not from the news ...
  31. zinander
    zinander 24 November 2013 20: 11
    Well, that’s nice, let them stick out there and more, look and we will be calmer ..
  32. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 24 November 2013 20: 46
    Quote: Iskander
    , you look and we will be calmer ..
    And under our belly "mattress covers" seem to have nothing ...
  33. n-kama
    n-kama 24 November 2013 21: 19
    have arrived ...