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The gunman who gave the order of the terrorist attack in Volgograd, destroyed in Dagestan

The gunman who gave the order of the terrorist attack in Volgograd, destroyed in DagestanOne of the militants liquidated on Wednesday in Makhachkala, the leader of the gang Murad Kasumov, as it turned out, was directly connected with the recent terrorist attack in Volgograd. It was he who instructed Dmitry Sokolov to make a bomb, which was then blown up by a suicide bomber in a bus. In addition, it became known how Kasumov began his gang activity - with a series of robberies of old men.

Amir is neutralized

Murad Kasumov, liquidated on Wednesday, was indeed involved in the explosion in the Volgograd bus, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia (NAC) said.

“Dmitry Sokolov, at the direction of Kasumov, manufactured a bomb to carry out a terrorist act by a suicide bomber in the city of Volgograd,” ITAR-TASS reports with reference to the NAK.

According to the data at the headquarters of the committee, Kasumov led his gang at the beginning of this year. In addition to involvement in the terrorist attack in Volgograd, he was also involved in other crimes, in particular, the organization of terrorist attacks in Makhachkala.

And on the way of the terrorist he got up after leaving the places of imprisonment:

“Kasumov was convicted in 2008 for robbery and robbery. He attacked elderly people in the evening in the park areas of Makhachkala, beat them, took money and telephones. In prisons, he began to adhere to religious extremist views, took the nickname Abdu'l-Nur and, after leaving the places of imprisonment, joined the bandits, "- in turn, referring to the NAC, RIA reports"News».

Also, the department said that after the liquidation of Kasumov, the Saiga carbine belonging to him personally, equipped with optics and a device for silent shooting, was discovered with him.

In the UK in Dagestan, they confirmed that it was Kasumov and his accomplice who were killed in Makhachkala.

“November 20 in the course of a special operation on Rakhmatullaev Street in house No. 55 while rendering armed resistance was neutralized by Kasumov Murad - Amir of the Makhachkala sabotage and terrorist group. The personality of the second neutralized is established, ”the investigators told.

A criminal case on the grounds of crimes under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer) and part 2 Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal traffic weaponscommitted by a group of individuals).

Chain of attacks

The destruction of the Emir was preceded by several attacks on police officers from the same militant group, in which, apparently, he was.

So, on Tuesday, it was reported that unknown persons shot dead two law enforcement officers in Makhachkala, after which they fled the scene. In the IC of Russia it was told about it like this:

“On November 19, at about 15 hours, two unidentified persons approached the DPS inspectors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Makhachkala, who were on duty near 1 number on Aziz Aliyev Street (next to the Muslim Religious Board building), and fired at them with firearms. The lieutenant and the senior sergeant of police died from the wounds caused. And the suspects fled the crime scene on a white Lada Priora car. ”

The criminals, who, apparently, were three, managed to catch up with hot pursuit. Their car was blocked in front of the house number 26 on Akushinsky Avenue in Makhachkala. But the people in “Zhiguli” started shooting again and wounded three more policemen: ensign, junior sergeant and sergeant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The 39-year-old Mercedes driver, who happened to be on the scene, was fatally injured.

The police then managed to eliminate only one of the three intruders. Moreover, the assistant of the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in Volgograd, Dmitry Sokolov, Ruslan Kazanbiyev, was killed.

On account of the latter as many other crimes.

"According to the investigation, Kazanbiev was wanted for committing attacks on the life of a judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic Magomedmuhtara Shapiev, a federal judge Zainudin Madanova, terrorist attack 20 May 2013 years in front of the bailiffs' service management in the city of Makhachkala, the assassination of former lawyer Guchuchalieva, the owner of a petrol station" TSS "on the avenue named after Sultan of the city of Makhachkala and his nephew, explosions of shops on Dakhadaev street and a number of encroachments on the life of law enforcement officers," - doba or IC.

And the NAC, in turn, noted that it was from a weapon found in the militants killed on Wednesday - the Stechkin pistol and the Saiga carbine - that the Dagestani judges Madanov and Shapiyev were killed along with their son.

After the liquidation of Kazanbiyev, the two remaining gangsters ran into the private house No. 55 on Rakhmatullayev Street, where they were blocked by the police.

On Tuesday, a special operation to neutralize them could not be completed. In the active phase, she entered on Wednesday, with the onset of morning. After that, the remaining two militants were destroyed, among which, in particular, was the “ordering the terrorist attack in Volgograd” by Kasumov.

We add that on Tuesday in this area there is a counter-terrorism operation.

Third went

Thus, Kasumov is not the first person involved in the terrorist attack in Volgograd, which has been destroyed by security forces lately. And not even the second. Judging by official reports, at least the third.

So, last Saturday, the NAK confirmed that during the special operation in the village of Semender, Kirovsky district of Makhachkala, five militants were eliminated, including Dmitry Sokolov.

Before that, Sokolov claimed responsibility for the explosion in the Volgograd public bus and said that he personally had made an explosive device, which then set in motion a suicide bomber Naida Asiyalova.

Recall, October 21 at a bus stop "Lesobaz" Asiyalova blew up a bomb in a bus. As a result, seven people died and more than 50 suffered.

30-year-old native of Dagestan, Naida Asiyalova, had not previously been wanted and was not brought to criminal liability. But it is known that she was the common-law wife of the “Russian Wahhabi” Dmitry Sokolov.

Later, investigators constantly restored the actions of the suicide bomber and found out that she initially planned to carry out the terrorist act in the Volgograd shopping center "Aquarelle". But because of the small number of visitors, Asiyalova changed her target.
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  1. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 21 November 2013 11: 31
    Dog - a dog's death.
    1. domokl
      domokl 21 November 2013 14: 47
      drinks Just don’t offend the dogs ... These are not dogs, these are pigs ... Allah said to be normal with pigs ... not the huries, but the pigsty in their place ...
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 22 November 2013 01: 30
        A bit wrong happened. request
        In the right way, they should have been soak in the toilet(© V.V. Putin). angry
        But it’s also not bad. good drinks
  2. Bort radist
    Bort radist 21 November 2013 11: 38
    Good news, this bus bothers again. They have shoulders in blood. Kasumov most likely took responsibility over the phone and took over, not Sokolov. We can only guess.
    1. Draz
      Draz 21 November 2013 12: 19
      On in the appendix to the news record of this conversation ...
    2. domokl
      domokl 21 November 2013 14: 51
      Quote: Bort Radist
      . We can only guess.

      Myth will not guess .. We will destroy ... Is it so important who ordered? It is important that no one went unpunished ...
      It’s important not the punishment itself, it’s important that it is not disgusting. The Jews out there, very clearly bring to their opponents - you are dead for any ... Tomorrow, six months later, in 10 years, but dead ... And we fulfill our promise. And we should not hide the criminals, but clearly let them drive-We know the goats and destroy you anyway ...
  3. Ajax
    Ajax 21 November 2013 11: 44
    And on the way of the terrorist he got up after leaving the places of imprisonment:

    Prison (according to different versions from the German Turm - tower, Turkic türme or from the Tat. Törmä - dungeon) [1] - penitentiary (correctional) institution !!!
    What are they preparing for terrorists ???
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 21 November 2013 11: 50
      Video in topic
      1. pawel57
        pawel57 21 November 2013 17: 33
        interesting? like ak74 and no saiga. May be wrong
        1. d1m1drol
          d1m1drol 21 November 2013 23: 17
          Saiga is the same Izhmash. The carbine concept is identical to AK and the similarities are very great.
      2. EdwardTich68
        EdwardTich68 21 November 2013 18: 11
        Did you stick a gun to your hand with glue? laughing
    2. RUSS
      RUSS 21 November 2013 11: 52
      In today's prisons, anyone can be "prepared", people serving sentences use the Internet, telephones, printed literature, and in addition to this, the processing of "old" terrorists and bandits, new "inmates".
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Ajax
        Ajax 21 November 2013 12: 01
        Then in my opinion there is absolutely one rational conclusion! SK for -
        A criminal case has been opened on the grounds of crimes provided for by Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer) and part 2 of article 222 of the Criminal Code (arms trafficking committed by a group of persons). Well, naturally, terrorism. (From myself)
        And the sheep are full and the money is safe! or whatever the saying goes ...
        To introduce such measures even as "our asymmetrical response" to the Kudrinskaya reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs !!!
    3. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 21 November 2013 16: 39
      Do you know what it was called in the USSR? "Soviet Union". Before the Great Patriotic War, the thieves' world of Russia was reproduced by the so-called "raspberry". I decided to become a thug - died for the people, you already live on raspberries or on "khaza" - such a very specific apartment. Well, on raspberries - a special thieves' den, they will teach everything - everything. And the propensity for thieves 'specialties will be found out, and they will teach the preferred and "thieves' music", they will put on, and teach concepts ... Considering that the punishment for the "unsuccessful" was only one thing - immediate death (raspberries are always in such a place that it was easy to get rid of the corpse , river bank for example) - our thieves were very strong and skillful kids ...
      After 45, the situation changed. "Terpily" others went, you know smile . You won’t frighten the comfrey soldier with a sharpening, you only have to lose your teeth at the bluff ... In general, the police together with the citizens trampled the thieves' world as such and raspberries were destroyed. But as long as there are criminals, there will be their training.
      It is in the prison that their "universities" are now. There, everyone finds knowledge and skills to their liking, and there is no such abomination for which one cannot find teachers. T.N. Humanity for criminals abundantly provides us with skilled, trained, well-trained thieves, crooks, murderers and terrorists of all stripes. You understand the "sanctity of human life" ...
  4. domokl
    domokl 21 November 2013 11: 51
    That's right ... There is no mercy. Only now there is surely a compassionate colleague ... It was necessary to take alive ... He is also a man and other .. security officials are young people.
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 21 November 2013 12: 18
      You need to take it alive! And not out of love for this "man". He's not human! But he has a language ... And the tactic of the total destruction of militants is the tactic of chopping off the ends and exits to the organizers and financiers. All this has already happened in our recent history. Remember the first Chechen war and the financing of militants by Berezovsky's structures! Do you think a lot has changed behind the scenes? Not much. But they (the secret puppeteers of terror) made the right conclusion - now all the militants are simply destroyed. No man, no problem with his language. And to recruit new ones from those drugged by Islamism is not a problem now.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 21 November 2013 12: 23
        Does the rank and file know how much it’s just cannon fodder - it’s necessary for financiers and customers (type of recently seized mayor of Makhachkala)
        1. Ihrek
          Ihrek 21 November 2013 13: 38
          I completely agree with you Alex. And sometimes, if not more often, just some gangsters or not at all guilty people are killed and passed off as terrorists.
        2. domokl
          domokl 21 November 2013 14: 54
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          Does the rank and file know a lot this is just cannon fodder

          For a long time, the rank and file of contract soldiers is no different from the commanders ... and everyone makes decisions. Well ... It's not infantry, it's special forces ...
      2. Bort radist
        Bort radist 21 November 2013 13: 45
        Quote: vadimN
        And the tactics of the total destruction of militants is the tactics of chopping off the ends and exits to the organizers and financiers.

        Not only with us. Osama bin Laden. There are no graves. The specialists in the disaster cast. Ends in the water.
      3. domokl
        domokl 21 November 2013 14: 43
        Sorry to be with you. But you just didn’t see your friend with whom you more than once came out of hopeless operations with a ripped open fragment of his stomach ... With intestines that crawl out like a living belly ...
        Only total destruction .. And not only militants, but also assistants, will solve the problem ..
        And the rest ... Financing and so on, can be calculated through other channels .. Money always leaves traces ...
      4. 31231
        31231 21 November 2013 22: 53
        Dear, technology has long gone ahead. From telephone conversations, much more information can be gathered than from the action movie itself.
  5. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 21 November 2013 12: 26
    Whoever doubted that in fact ordinary gangsters turned out to be religious slogans. Either Islam suits such people so well, or the robbers have already established their own region. In short, there’s no time to understand here, to bring them down tightly.
  6. Ahmed Osmanov
    Ahmed Osmanov 21 November 2013 12: 30
    Well done specialists! I am glad that the FSB special forces are equipped with a "5+" rating.
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 November 2013 12: 56
    Guys plucked the kennel, there are fewer of these "close" to Allah.
  8. Day 11
    Day 11 21 November 2013 13: 42
    Guys, we are OBLIGED to win in Syria !!! We will deal with Assad later. Probably need to be changed (no options). But this evil, you need to destroy! --- all TO ILLIS!
  9. dag
    dag 21 November 2013 13: 49
    0 Вот как взрывали автобус в Волгограде.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 21 November 2013 14: 01
      Well, what are you trying to "sell" to people? What are you good and how do the committee members spread rot? Behave normally, and the attitude towards you will be appropriate. For some reason, the Tatars are our brothers, and YOU ...
      1. dag
        dag 21 November 2013 14: 12
        And you do not poke me, I do not force to believe in it. At least personally, I’m better than you are on the site, not poking at strangers.
        1. Day 11
          Day 11 21 November 2013 14: 14
          Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. But you think ...
          1. dag
            dag 21 November 2013 14: 21
            You think too.
            1. Day 11
              Day 11 21 November 2013 14: 24
              What to do? Your suggestions? Your action plan?
              1. dag
                dag 21 November 2013 14: 41
                My suggestions are simple, to reject all nationalist and fascist slogans, do not raise criminal offenses to the international level. Any tension within the country is beneficial to our external enemies, who, like vultures, are sitting and waiting in the wings to get drunk on fat carcasses. The attacks are not made by some people but by individual criminals, this is already a question for the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the GRU, etc. You think we are pleased in Dagestan when I explode somewhere in Russia. This same Sokolov brought a lot of grief to the Dagestan people, but it never occurred to us to blame the Russians for this. And do not recall any black spots in history. They can always be found in everything. You can not divide the Russians into Russian and non-Russian. Dagestan is a subject of the Russian Federation, like any other region. Russians need to be divided into good and bad. For me personally, bad along with criminals are Wahhabis, Nazis, skinheads. It’s just nonsense in a country that has won Nazism so hard today on the rise of its values, which are even supported by some unfortunate deputies (or American agents).
                1. Day 11
                  Day 11 21 November 2013 14: 50
                  I absolutely agree with you !!! Only a plus for you. If you can explain this to your youth ... I, PERSONALLY, will plug the throats of the "dissatisfied"!
                2. Day 11
                  Day 11 21 November 2013 15: 10
                  Magomed, please tell me how you feel about the personality of I.V. Stalin? This is not a trick question, I personally ask this.
                  1. dag
                    dag 21 November 2013 17: 06
                    Stalin is a great man. With the arrival of Stalin, the country developed, one might say, in geometric progression. As they say, he took the country with a plow, but left with atomic weapons. He was, of course, a very tough person, but that was the time. If it were not for its toughness, believe me, the USSR would not have survived to the Second World War, and the Second World War itself would not have won. Naturally, Russia would not exist now. This was a man for whom all the soldiers and officers during the Second World War were like their sons. And he didn't care if it was his own son or the son of Marya Ivanovna. Otherwise he would not have said to the Germans, "I am not changing a simple soldier for a field marshal." Well, I think you understand who he meant. Even at a critical moment, when the Germans were 20 km away. from Moscow, he did not leave the capital. This betrayed immense morale to the Soviet soldiers. We must thank fate that at that terrible time it was Stalin who was at the helm of the state, and not some EBN, Gorbachev, Khrushev. Stalin rallied all the peoples of the USSR in the face of fascism. People went to battle and to death with his name. The people believed him. And so he won this terrible war, in which about 40 million Soviet people died. It is very annoying when you hear Nazi slogans. This is primarily a spit to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who bowed their heads in the fight against this Nazism.
                    1. Day 11
                      Day 11 21 November 2013 17: 28
                      Magomed, another question, how do you feel about the operation of the NKVD "Lentil"?
                      1. dag
                        dag 21 November 2013 17: 44
                        Unfortunately I have not heard about this, but I think soon I will find out everything and express my opinion.
                      2. Day 11
                        Day 11 21 November 2013 17: 57
                        Magomed, you’re probably still young, but personally my respect to you! Well done, you’re trying to figure it all out. All the youth from Dagestan were like you! Plus to you !!! Many people here also drag me to the Nazis, but I'm just trying look at the problem from different angles
                      3. biglow
                        biglow 21 November 2013 19: 45
                        Quote: dag
                        Unfortunately I have not heard about this, but I think soon I will find out everything and express my opinion.

                        if all Caucasians lived at home in the Caucasus there would be no skinheads and Nazis, that’s the whole problem. Live and work at home and then everything will be fine. We are not against Islam, but we are against drunk Muslims who, through their behavior, dishonor their peoples ...
                      4. Ihrek
                        Ihrek 21 November 2013 20: 21
                        I didn’t really see something drunk Muslims.
                      5. biglow
                        biglow 21 November 2013 21: 45
                        you have not seen in large cities ...
                        you can meet Caucasians in any club or restaurant and they obviously do not drink milk there ... be honest ... In reality, you yourself know everything ...
                    2. The comment was deleted.
                    3. Ugrumiy
                      Ugrumiy 21 November 2013 23: 25
                      It is funny that one of the factors leading to the extremization of Chechnya is precisely its MONONATIONALITY!
                  2. Day 11
                    Day 11 21 November 2013 21: 47
                    Magomed, it’s time to finish this canoe already (to wet each other). If we want to create an EMPIRE, we need to unite! An empire, where EVERYTHING will be equal and WE will dictate terms to the world! This is my dream. Maybe I'm a romantic ...
              2. Day 11
                Day 11 21 November 2013 23: 10
                It sounds very nice
  • atalef
    atalef 21 November 2013 19: 52
    Quote: biglow
    if all Caucasians lived at home in the Caucasus there would be no skinheads and Nazis, that's the whole problem

    But what about the Jews, Moldavians and blacks with the Chinese?

    Quote: biglow
    Live and work at home and then everything will be fine.

    Better at all. fly to Alpha Centauri and peace and tranquility will begin immediately

    Quote: biglow
    . We are not against Islam, but we are against drunk Muslims who disgrace their peoples through their behavior

    In general, real Muslims do not drink.
    And about Natsik - so your comment just pulls on this
    The problem is not in Caucasians, but in individuals of the Caucasian and other nationalities.
    1. biglow
      biglow 21 November 2013 21: 49
      nobody talks about everyone. Individual citizens from the Caucasus, who are mostly Muslims, travel to large cities of Russia and behave inappropriately and dishonor their peoples ..
      There is no subtext here. And what does the Chinese, Jews and Moldovans have to understand ... They like drinking alcohol ....
    APASUS 21 November 2013 21: 14
    So the whole press is clogged with this incident, the question is why? Why escalate fear, lack of self-confidence and power?
    Silence is certainly not necessary, but for such subhuman one line would be enough!
    On November 20, during a special operation on Rakhmatullaev Street in the house No. 55 during the provision of armed resistance, the terrorist Kasumov Murad was neutralized
  • alone
    alone 21 November 2013 23: 15
    soaked one more. and it’s like a young one. I could live. It’s time to deal with those who hammer this nonsense to them. otherwise it will take too long to fight this disease.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  • Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 21 November 2013 23: 50
    It's a shame that such scum feed in prisons on our taxes.
  • Stalinets
    Stalinets 22 November 2013 03: 38
    Ordinary gray for stupid .. And loshariki believe. Are people really simpletons? I never cease to be surprised. And the plane in Kazan crashed, the same by accident ... fool request
  • kelevra
    kelevra 14 December 2013 12: 10
    The rat died !!!!!!!