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Rather, the failure than the premiere. For ten years, the industry has not started production of the reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214Р

Until the end of this year, the Russian Air Force is waiting for a unique strategic reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214Р capable of conducting radio, radar and species reconnaissance at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Created jointly by the Tupolev Design Bureau, Kazan aviation plant them. Gorbunov and the Vega concern had to go into operation six years ago, but its prospects are still lost in the fog.

A scout was usually associated with an aircraft equipped primarily with photo equipment (such as the famous German FW.189, or “frame”). However, at the beginning of the 50-s, such aircraft gave way to radars that detect and classify radio-electronic radiation, and radio-electronic reconnaissance complexes. The United States naval forces were the first to equip naval patrol aircraft PBY1944-4 Privatir against Japan in the 2 with radars and electronic reconnaissance systems. Flying around Japanese bases and ports, they followed the movement of warships and transport ships. With the beginning of the Cold War, the spies moved to Europe, where they observed the Soviet Union, trying not to violate the state border. 8 April 1950 PBY4-2 squadron VP-26 was shot down by Soviet fighters, according to US sources, over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. And according to the command of the air defense of the USSR, in fact, the Americans operated in the region of Klaipeda.

Airplane or ship?

In the middle of the 50s, the United States created a strategic command of the Air Force and divided the intelligence officers into tactical (acted in the interests of armies, corps, divisions, and commands in the theater of operations) and strategic (provided for the use of nuclear forces). The first strategic reconnaissance aircraft were the converted RB-29, RB-50 and RB-47 bombers, which flew along the borders of the USSR in order to reveal the grouping of air defense systems and facilitate the breakthrough of nuclear-powered strike vehicles.

Rather, the failure than the premiere. For ten years, the industry has not started production of the reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214РWith the advent of intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic intelligence officers were tasked with monitoring the testing of Soviet ICBMs, submarines, airplanes, etc. In 60, the strategic command sent its reconnaissance aircraft for timely warning of a Soviet offensive in the western strategic direction. to the UK and Germany.

Patrolling along the "black line" (as the US Air Force called the border between East and West Germany), air spies monitored the work of radio stations, radar stations, the movement of the Warsaw Pact and, in case of unusual activity, notified the joint command of NATO in Europe. Crews sought not to leave their airspace, but, according to the US Air Force, from the beginning of the 50's to the end of the 70's, about 40 vehicles performing reconnaissance flights were lost. More than half of the annual raid accounted for the waters of the Barents Sea, as well as the Pacific Ocean in the region of Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Vladivostok.

“Due to its geographical position, the USSR had no urgent need to have strategic reconnaissance aircraft as part of the Navy,” the military historian, author of books on stories Soviet and Russian Navy fleet Dmitry Boltenkov. According to the expert, the functions of long-range reconnaissance were decided by the Tu-95RC, IL-20M and Tu-95MR. “But to conduct intelligence activities of the US armed forces on their territory was almost impossible. We did not have then and now a deployed system of air bases around the world. For these purposes, the USSR Navy has created a large fleet of reconnaissance ships, capable of staying for a long time both on the North American continent and on military facilities of interest in other regions, ”said the historian. He also added that reconnaissance ships were present in all exercises or tests of new systems. weapons NATO.

In the 70-ies were created IL-20 on the basis of passenger turboprop IL-18 for conducting radar and radio intelligence in Europe. Later they complemented An-26РР.

The reconnaissance ships of the USSR Navy did not always have time to the necessary areas. The US base on the atoll of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific atolls Guam and Kwajalein remained out of sight. Therefore, on the basis of the long-range Tu-95, a modification of the Tu-95Р was released, later upgraded to a Tu-95МР with side-looking radar, aircraft cameras and a radio intelligence complex.

"Strategists" in Afghanistan

The capabilities of strategic reconnaissance aircraft in local conflicts were the first to be tested by the United States in Korea and Vietnam, and then by the USSR in Afghanistan. While in Vietnam, American aviation actively used the RC-135, U-2 and SR-71, then the Soviet Il-20М, An-26РР and Tu-95МР were used limitedly. As the former commander of the army aviation of the Russian Air Force, a participant in the hostilities in Afghanistan, Vitaly Pavlov, told the Military Industrial Courier, the main burden fell on the An-30: a separate mixed aviation regiment (OCAP) in Kabul, which provided air reconnaissance. Worked An-20. One was in my regiment, but the task of his crew put the competent authorities. " According to him, these aircraft mainly engaged in aerial photography of the area.

Nevertheless, An-26РР at the Kabul airfield had been, there are relevant photos and memories of participants in the war. "The Twenty-sixth" followed the air defense and communications equipment of neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

“IL-20М and An-26РР worked along the lines of the GRU, but formally they were part of the mixed aviation regiments under the command of military districts. "Ilyushin" performed strategic tasks, and "Antonov" - operational in the interests of the armies and military districts. When 50 was formed, the O-26PP entered the state. It was necessary a few more to securely cover Pakistan and Iran, as well as detachments of the Mujahideen. Il-20 would be useful here, but they were not given away, and the entire burden fell on the "twenty-sixth" and "thirties", the Air Force officer who served in Afghanistan told "MIC". According to him, all information on the activities of reconnaissance aircraft in that war remains closed.

Following the results of combat use, the USAF recognized the high effectiveness of the RC-135 and U-2. In the middle of 80-s, a program was launched to modernize them with the task of making universal machines capable of continuously conducting radio engineering, species and radar reconnaissance. Being at an altitude of eight to ten thousand meters, the upgraded RC-135V / W "River Join" detect an object by radio emission, take it to escort a complex reconnaissance complex consisting of several television and infrared cameras, track the movement of equipment using side radar. All information is transmitted to the higher headquarters.

U-2R "Dragon Lady", equipped not only with cameras, but also with ASARS-2 synthesized aperture radar and radio intelligence complex, underwent a similar refinement. Hanging out at an altitude of 22 – 25 thousand meters, “Dragon Lady” covers an area of ​​several hundred kilometers, and thanks to the satellite information exchange system, the data is immediately transmitted to all interested authorities. The high reputation of the RC-135 and U-2R has been confirmed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the ongoing struggle against Somali pirates.

In the middle of 90, the development of the Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance RQ-4 began, which was supposed to replace RC-135 and U-2R before 2010. But the forecasts turned out to be too optimistic: the European partners in NATO refused to purchase Euro Hawk (variant RQ-4), and in the United States themselves, President Obama reduced the purchases of UAVs. So the financing of the upgrades RC-135 and U-2R has not stopped, but only increases. Last year, the US Air Force report on the development prospects outlined the extension of the service life of the aircraft to 2025 – 2030.

Shaking and yawing

At the end of the 80-s, the GRU of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces and the Air Force believed that for local conflicts, the upgraded An-26РР and An-30 with the equipment for intercepting radio communications and detecting the source of radio communication would suffice. Such machines, subordinated to the commanders of the armies and fronts, are equally effective in a major war and local conflict, and strategic intelligence must still be entrusted to IL-20M and Tu-95MR.

The collapse of the USSR violated this concept. An-26РР and An-30 have not been modernized, Tu-95MR was written off altogether. The money was only enough to maintain the flying state of the IL-20M. In 2002, the GRU entered into an agreement with the Tupolev Design Bureau and KAPO for the development of an aviation radio and optical intelligence complex under the code Fraction. The developers of side-looking radars and radio intelligence stations were Vega Concern and TsNIRTI. Berg The plane received the name of the Tu-214P, the first board was required to transfer to the customer in 2007-m, the second - two years later. The cost of the contract was estimated at more than five billion rubles.

The plane promised to be no worse than the American RC-135. But on tests, and without the intelligence complex, it was released only in 2009 year. In the breakdown of the term, "Tupolev" and KAPO blamed the developers of avionics.

“Radars and radio intelligence complex were created at the end of the 90-s under the Tu-334. Based on its flight characteristics, optimal flight conditions were set. But the Tu-334 did not appear, so the equipment was decided to be put on the Tu-214, and this is a different aircraft, ”a representative of the military-industrial complex who participated in the work shared with the Military Industrial Courier newspaper. According to him, the military demanded a car capable of flying from unprepared airfields. “For the operation of the complex, it is necessary for the aircraft to drop speed at an altitude of about eight thousand meters to 600 kilometers per hour. In addition, the low location of the engines imposes restrictions on aerodromes, where it can be based, ”the source continued.

Tired of supply disruptions, the GRU, represented by the military unit 45807, at the beginning of 2012, filed a lawsuit to the Arbitration Court for a 1,2 billion rubles to the Kazan Aviation Plant. The lawsuit was also prepared for the Tupolev Commercial Bank.

17 December 2012, the first Tu-214Р, flying close to the territorial waters of Japan, was photographed by the F-15 air force pilots of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Later it became known that the flight took place with great difficulty. Forced to slow down for optimal performance of the onboard complex, the pilots encountered jolting and yawing, which had to be compensated by increasing the angle of attack. There was a real threat that the aircraft would exit to critical flight conditions. Then there was information that the military want to abandon the second car.

“Now the Tu-214P is being tested in the 929 GLITS at the Chkalovsky airfield. After flying to Japan, the plane was driven back to Kazan, where it was finalized. Then he was again transferred to GLITS for testing. The second board is in KAPO. There is still no decision whether to finish building it or not, ”a representative of the military-industrial complex, familiar with the situation, told MIC. In turn, an employee of TsAGI told the publication that the “medical history” of the Tu-214Р looks very strange.

“According to the Flight Manual (RLE), he starts buffing, and alarms are triggered at an altitude of eight thousand meters at Mach 0,45 speed. The Tu-334 on the RLE has a Mach 0,41 speed, almost no difference, ”the source explained. In his opinion, while reducing the speed, it is necessary to activate the wing mechanization. “On the tests, the Tu-214 flew on the“ bare ”wing, without slats and flaps released, as it is a passenger liner and such flight modes are not needed by it. To teach him to fly at the necessary military speeds, no need to invent a new wing, change the slats and flaps. It is necessary to test how the aircraft behaves with the wing mechanization revealed at altitude, to refine the warning and control systems. Apparently, they are doing it now in 929 GLITS, ”continued the TsAGI expert.

It is good that the problem has become known and they are trying to solve it. But the project is more than ten years old, and it is not clear that the Tupolev design bureau and the Kazan aircraft factory have been doing all this time. If the customer refuses the second aircraft, it turns out that even such a simple problem as flying on the desired modes, aircraft manufacturers could not solve for such a long time.


While the epic continues with the Tu-214P, the Vector research institute has successfully begun the modernization of the remaining IL-20М. The characteristics of the new system remain secret. IL-20М due to turboprop engines is capable of performing long flights at low speed in specified areas, ensuring comfortable operation of all on-board reconnaissance equipment. The Ilova resource is consumed only by 30 – 40 percent. Having equipped them with a modified “Fraction” complex from the Tu-214Р, the Defense Ministry can get a universal reconnaissance aircraft with very high capabilities.

The US Air Force also buys the MC-12W turboprop for the 9 th reconnaissance wing, which performs strategic reconnaissance missions. After the British Royal Air Forces reconnaissance Nimrod R2010 retired in 2, the US Air Force was the only one with high-tech strategic reconnaissance aircraft. But the creation of the “Faction”, despite the problems with the carrier, proves that the Russian radio-electronic industry is still capable of creating competitive samples of weapons and military equipment.
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  1. fzr1000
    fzr1000 21 November 2013 12: 29
    X ... evo, what else can I say. Pre-marketed rails were transferred.
    1. Civil
      Civil 21 November 2013 14: 23
      Poseidon identity of the passenger is made, make a normal apparuta, and do not try to attach the old
    2. sonik-007
      sonik-007 21 November 2013 17: 10
      Does the GRU also have stools? I do not want to believe in it (
      What were they thinking before?
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 21 November 2013 12: 39
    the industry has not adjusted

    where is industry? our bureaucrats don’t need their own industry from defense either. you cut more money from zakordonny contracts.
    1. Genry
      Genry 21 November 2013 14: 07
      The most dissatisfied with the Russian industry, they work in trade or according to the principle "you build a song - it helps us live."
      If you see industry flaws so well, go work there.
      Article - ordering, with the placement of the maximum sites.
      "But the creation of the" Fraction ", despite problems with a carrier, proves that the Russian radio-electronic industry while is still capable of creating competitive models of weapons and military equipment. "
      The bye insert wants to assure us that a scribe will come to industry. Don't wait !!
      And how to criticize the "Superjet", so all planes, except for him, are ideal, and then there are "problems".
      The world is not perfect and full of problems. Any literate person will say that there is nothing ideal that was created by a person or ..., and there is no need to suck out problems from a finger.
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 21 November 2013 14: 12
        Quote: Genry
        The most dissatisfied with the Russian industry, they work in trade or according to the principle "you build a song - it helps us live."

        never worked in trade. I gave all my life to industry and defense wink
        1. Genry
          Genry 21 November 2013 14: 49
          Sorry, I meant the author (I didn't want to "stick" a comment to you).
      2. Rus2012
        Rus2012 21 November 2013 15: 22
        Quote: Genry
        The most dissatisfied with the Russian industry, they work in trade or according to the principle "you build a song - it helps us live."

        By the way, there is a reverse thrust ... :)))
        Some already stretch back ... I know not one or two ...
        For example, one in 90xx went into his business, he returned soon, like nostalgia ...
        During his absence, progress stepped far forward and brought new equipment that I had never dreamed of before - video recording of three-dimensional processes with a fixation frequency of up to microseconds. And in color!
        There was a real opportunity to satisfy your curiosity at public expense, so to speak ...
        This is what we used to call studies of certain processes. Including in the combustion chambers scramjet ... :))))))))))))
      3. andrey-ivanov
        andrey-ivanov 22 November 2013 02: 29
        Why not come? Maybe soon. After all, Taburetkina was appointed overseeing mechanical engineering, and she will soon know ...: (((
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 21 November 2013 12: 39
    Not special, but criticizing is always easier than building aircraft.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 21 November 2013 12: 41
      quote-The Air Force of Russia is waiting until the end of this year for a unique strategic reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214P, capable of conducting radio engineering, radar and type reconnaissance at a distance of several hundred kilometers.
      1. Fin
        Fin 21 November 2013 14: 50
        Quote: Apollon
        The Russian Air Force is waiting until the end of this year for a unique strategic reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214R, capable of conducting radio-technical, radar and type reconnaissance at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

        I did not understand this phrase either. And what is unique? As I understand it, when no one has this.
        “Radars and a complex of electronic intelligence were created in the late 90s
  4. Rus2012
    Rus2012 21 November 2013 13: 21
    it’s not clear what Tupolev Design Bureau did all this time

    A strange question, if you know that there is actually little left of the design bureau ...
    Practically the entire Moscow site is left to the mercy of "market people". In reality, one or two buildings remained under the design bureau. And they are going to take them to the Zhuk ... Then it's better to go to Kazan. Still, its own serial plant.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 21 November 2013 13: 44
      Quote: Rus2012
      A strange question, if you know that there is actually little left of the design bureau ...
      Practically the entire Moscow site is left to the mercy of "market people".

      On the next branch, I wrote about the situation on the Tu-334 all the same deplorably. In the course of the Tupolev Design Bureau we lose. Tupolev did not survive the fight with Pogosyan, Yes, and Ilyushin is essentially only on orders for SLO Russia hold on. with IL-96. But the Superjets were collected and only 3 fly in Russia and 10 are registered in Aeroflot as if on a lease, pending replacement with new boards, since they do not meet the requirements of the customer. Today, I deliberately delved into this topic from amateurish positions and then quickly grabbed my head by analyzing the information. As in due time, with MiT and KB Makeeva, corporate interests defeated state ones.
      1. Rus2012
        Rus2012 21 November 2013 14: 54
        Quote: Ascetic
        On the next branch, I wrote about the situation on the Tu-334 all the same deplorably. In the course of the Tupolev Design Bureau we lose. Tupolev did not survive the fight with Pogosyan, and Ilyushin, in fact, only holds orders for the SLO Russia. with IL-96. But the Superjets were piled up

        This tipshik glorious fellow tribesmen, thought blown away after the first failures of RRJ, but no creeps out everything striving to throw off his defective child ...
        Wait, they’re trying to shove the Anglo-Saxons away, if only to get out of sight and out of sight ...
        Ilshintsev and others like them m. will save the alliance with China on a new transdalny. I think they still won’t allow this there, no matter how powerful the lobby is. Chinese elders should put in a good word ... :)
        Here -
        Aviators dive first-hand ...
  5. koksalek
    koksalek 21 November 2013 13: 21
    There is a failure, there is a failure, you see only the prosperity of shopping centers. In the news, all the airtime is occupied - where to buy a fur coat for the winter, about super discounts on how our four-legged friends live and live on a semi-car. There’s nothing about industry, nothing about farmers, just a joyful screech about the ever-increasing availability of loans, that new shopping centers have opened, hurry there, carry your pennies if you don’t have them, take a loan and carry it. Business rules, sets the vector and tone of life for the gray mass.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 21 November 2013 14: 55
      For almost two years I have not included debilizor.
      1. AlNikolaich
        AlNikolaich 21 November 2013 23: 58
        Quote: Neighbor
        For almost two years I have not included debilizor.

        I am longer! There is news on the Internet. Juho matzah and in the car you can hear (Petrosyan’s cooler punches on hee hee)!
  6. askort154
    askort154 21 November 2013 13: 24
    From the article. ".. It is necessary to conduct tests, how the aircraft will behave with open wing mechanization at altitude, to modify the warning and control systems ..."

    Flights at 8000m with mechanization released? How much fuel do you need ?! And what is the flight range? With such an arrangement of engines - only on "serious airfields, or drive the entire regiment to collect stones on the strip, before each takeoff and landing of such a reconnaissance officer. Before they were designed ..." Mama do not cry. "
  7. knn54
    knn54 21 November 2013 13: 32
    To conduct reconnaissance, the aircraft must barrage over the area, reconnaissance. The machine must fly very smoothly - without shaking and unnecessary pilot intervention, otherwise the operation of the on-board equipment will fail.
    And the Tu-214 has an unsuitable glider for this - at low speeds it loses stability and begins to "prowl", the pilots have to spend a lot of effort to keep it - it is not capable of normal loitering.
    The IL-20 turboprop, which is now armed with aerial reconnaissance, is capable of circling the target at ultra-low speeds for up to five hours, while minimizing fuel consumption and maintaining stability. Tu-214 is a passenger plane. which with maximum efficiency makes a smooth flight to the specified range. It makes no sense to expect from a jet aircraft the same characteristics as from a turboprop. It makes sense to return to the DELAYED design of the turboprop IL-112. Or change the wing and mechanization on the Tu-214R ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 21 November 2013 14: 02
      Quote: knn54
      Tu-214 is a passenger plane. which with maximum efficiency makes a smooth flight to the specified range. It makes no sense to expect from a jet aircraft the same characteristics as from a turboprop.

      And why doesn’t this bother the Americans then? They have everything on the Boeing 737 and Boeing 707
      Boeing P-8 Poseidon based on Boeing 737

      Boeing 737 AEW & C at its base

      Boeing E-8 JSTARS based on Boeing 707
  8. Algor73
    Algor73 21 November 2013 13: 39
    All right. Planned Tu-334, but it turned out that we have. Hence the result.
  9. Nayhas
    Nayhas 21 November 2013 13: 59
    Forced to reduce speed for optimal on-board complex operation, the pilots faced shaking and yaw, which had to be compensated for by an increase in the angle of attack.

    For example, the Americans do not experience such difficulties on their Boeing 737 and Boeing 707.
    According to the directories on the Tu-214R installed:
    "multi-frequency radio-technical complex MRK-411, which includes several radars with phased array of lateral (2 radars on each side) and circular (radar under the fuselage in the rear of the aircraft) review. The complex provides information both in active and passive modes. The equipment also allows intercept radio communications. "
    Something I don’t understand, what is the dependence of the side-view radar on the flight speeds of 700 and 500 km / h?
    The military wants the patrol to be conducted at speeds less than 800 km / h and not bother to find out how the base plane behaves at that speed? Didn’t patrol speed of 350 km / h enter TTZ? Well, who is to blame? Or did the creators give a damn about this demand? Then let's punish him with a ruble and let him correct. But instead, an attempt to resuscitate the IL-20! This is finally .. anyway!
    1. Rus2012
      Rus2012 21 November 2013 15: 09
      Quote: Nayhas
      Then let's punish him with a ruble and let him correct.

      It would be someone to punish.
      But it doesn’t matter that they themselves are state-owned enterprises, however.
      The share of the Russian Federation in the authorized capital of JSC UAC is 84,33% -
      Beggars like church mice ...
      I suppose that the specialists objected, but who is listening to them?
      In Soviet times, the required OChK plane for a couple of months would be piled and checked. But then those days, and not the present, when the end-edge can not be found ...

      And all right, that lately everything has been folding into one fist, earlier there was generally a mess and anarchy ...
      Still would have plumped up officials and top managers to bring to justice.
      COB cries for them however :)
  10. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 21 November 2013 14: 16
    It is sad all this and takes evil. De (ry) wetness, however ... angry
  11. marshes
    marshes 21 November 2013 14: 21
    Tu-214R, okay! Well, what about the airfield infrastructure? Or they will use it from civilian airports, due to the state of the runway.
    Father flew on IL-20, Chita, Khabarovsk, Osh, Tashkent, Almaty, Kandahar, Kabul, Odessa, Panevezhesk, Moscow, P
    Ushkino, Balkhash, Karaganda, Mongolia and East Germany and others ...
  12. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 21 November 2013 14: 48
    In these times, it is difficult to find a branch of industry in our country that would work rhythmically. And then there is our "valiant" bureaucracy, which obscenely aggravates the current situation. Well, our "native" corruption is flourishing, which means it slows down the process of creating new complexes. Therefore, thank God that in spite of the monstrous brake, the military-industrial complex produces high-tech products. But still, when will this ba ... duck end?
  13. HollyGremlin
    HollyGremlin 21 November 2013 15: 01
    And what does the aircraft have to do with it? You may not agree, but I think the problem is in the hardware. There is no suitable filling, so they try to pick up the plane so that all the holes are closed, but it doesn’t come out - the plane is not an ideal means of transportation.
  14. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 21 November 2013 15: 53
    Integrated reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214R

    - Tu-214PU - aircraft control point., Aircraft for the Presidential Administration of Russia. Built 2 copies.

    - Tu-214SR - a repeater aircraft, an aircraft for the administration of the President of Russia. Built 5 copies.

    - Tu-214SUS - aircraft communications center, aircraft for the administration of the President of Russia. Built 2 copies.

    - Tu-204-300 - modification of the aircraft Tu-204 - aircraft of the President of Russia. Built 2 copies.

    - Tu-214ON - "Open Skies" - an aircraft with a digital aerial photographic complex, a side-looking radar with a synthetic aperture, infrared and television equipment, designed to perform observation flights under the Open Skies Treaty. Operated by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Built 2 copies.

    Status: Russia
    - December 2006 - according to unconfirmed reports, the first instance of Tu-214R is being completed at KAPO, the delivery of the aircraft for the Ministry of Defense is planned for 2007. The second instance of Tu-214R is being completed at KAPO as yet as a Tu-214СР repeater aircraft with delivery plans in 3-4 quarters of 2007 (source -

    - 2008 August (end of the month) - according to unconfirmed reports, the first copy of the Tu-214R is being completed at KAPO, there is no information on the work on the second copy (source - 6524543814405418817421174524489_44.shtml).

    - March 2009 - in the final assembly shop of KAPO there is the first instance of RA-64511, the second instance - RA-64514 - at the beginning of the month was known as Tu-214SR, but already by March 20, 2009 the plane changed the customer to the Ministry of Defense ( source -

    - December 2009, the first half - the first instance of the Tu-214R - RA-64511 - was transferred from the final assembly workshop to the KAPO flight test station (source - 6524543814405418817421174524489_93.shtml).

    - January 2012 - military unit No. 45807 (GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, Moscow) filed yet another lawsuit with Tatarstan Arbitration Court against KAPO im. Gorbunova ”, demanding to collect from the Kazan aircraft manufacturing enterprise a fine of 1,24 billion rubles for failure to meet the deadlines for the execution of the defense order for the construction of“ special purpose ”aircraft

    I would like to believe that we will still have a good reconnaissance aircraft.
  15. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 21 November 2013 17: 05
    A legitimate question arises: When will the disgrace in the military-industrial complex end? Or is the name "complex" nominal? Or does the government give a damn about the state's defense capability? Is it a shame?
  16. fat frumos
    fat frumos 21 November 2013 19: 43
    correct if not in the subject. This device is an analogue of the ovsky "avax?"
  17. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 21 November 2013 20: 42
    at the enterprise where I work, this situation: the bosses all the time push for product delivery, as a result, there are a lot of defects and imperfections, then he has us for it, although in fact it’s not the workers who are to blame, but these pinches, because all the time something is missing from the materials, and people too, the result is an unfulfilled plan, a marriage for millions and penalties. For example, already the end of the month and only yesterday brought the material. I am not complaining about the fact that this is probably the case at many enterprises. I recently read a joke: there is never time to do a quality job, but there is always time to fix the flaws.
    1. fat frumos
      fat frumos 21 November 2013 21: 01
      and pay on time?
  18. voliador
    voliador 21 November 2013 21: 00
    Again, the anal cut dough, and no one is to blame ...
  19. Lissyara
    Lissyara 21 November 2013 21: 21
    I do not like washing bones, but oh well ...
    So, the Tupolev Design Bureau has nothing to do with it, they deliver a car, an ordinary people in a plane.
    Further, do not forget that in the 90s our wonderful government "buried" 25 scientific research institutes of the Ministry of Defense, among the common people VTs-1 of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (before that of the USSR). The parent organization that wrote software for all types of aircraft.
    Something less understandable was restored last year.
    For sim, let's dear, do not run "in front of the rink".
  20. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 21 November 2013 22: 02
    What about the IL-76?
    Is there a platform, or is that also shaking there at low speeds?