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What is waiting for the United States: the decline or the North American Empire? 4 part


The fact that the United States is on the verge of a catastrophe is confirmed by the record low ratings of Obama and Congress. In the US, they like various ratings and records. More recently, Obama was very popular in American society and even won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 a year. The award was awarded to the US President 44 with the phrase "for the tremendous efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among nations." However, now the situation has changed radically.

The Quinnipiac University Sociological Service in Connecticut prepared a survey that showed that Obama’s rating was the lowest in the United States. The data is impressive: 54% of respondents do not approve of the activities of Barack Obama as president of the United States, only 39% still support him. This situation has been going on for years. In 2011, Obama’s activity was negatively evaluated by 55% of American citizens, supported by 41%. True, then the low ratings did not prevent the American leader from taking the White House a second time, winning the 2012 election of the year. There was no alternative.

Even worse, Americans appreciate the work of Congress. The congress was so successful in its activity that only 9% of respondents positively evaluated the work of congressmen (a little more, and there would be a real statistical error). This is the lowest rating of Congress for all history sociological observations of this US legislature.

Ready for internal riots

The situation inside the United States is so heated that the armed forces, special services and emergency structures with might and main are preparing to fight against the citizens of their country. The military department is empowered with increased powers in case of any “internal threat”. First of all, it means natural disasters. Apparently, a natural disaster or a man-made disaster could become a fuse for large-scale unrest of the population. “Tighten the screws”, to lay down the legislative base, to prepare the armed forces and special services for such a scenario, Washington actively began even after the provocation of 2001 of the year. In the framework of the so-called. "Patriot Act" powers of the special services were significantly expanded. Bank deposits, credit cards, visits to Internet resources, electronic communication - all this and much more was under the "cap" of the special services. In 2006, USA Today magazine reported on wiretapping volumes - in agreement with the three leading US cellular operators, under the hood of the National Security Agency turned out to be about 200 million telephone subscribers.

The “National Security Strategy” document from 2006 says that in the event of a major catastrophe, some of the authority will be transferred from the local authorities to the military. In 2008, in the Armed Forces Modernization Strategy, the list of threats to US security has been replenished with the possibility of the emergence of organizations with radical goals in the country. Thus, Washington is preparing a legislative framework to combat dissatisfied people. And the population has something to be dissatisfied with. The American dream and the middle class are crumbling right before our eyes.

In 2010, the Pentagon already conducted full-scale maneuvers, where the actions of the army in the event of an economic collapse were practiced. In July 2013, the Pentagon was given official authority to intervene in internal events in the event of an emergency or large-scale public unrest. Under extraordinary circumstances, the armed forces were granted the right “temporarily” to assume the responsibility of suppressing riots. Under extraordinary (extraordinary) circumstances it is implied that it is impossible to obtain direct orders from the president and the inability of local authorities to cope with the situation.

The police are seriously preparing for this situation. American police are gradually transformed into military units (internal troops). This is manifested both in increasing the firepower of the police units and in increasing the number of units of the police special forces. Whereas in 1983, SWAT units had only 13% of US cities, by 2005, half of them had them. Growth continues. Special forces units are trained according to the program, similar to the program of combat special units. The police will receive military weapons.

At the same time, the economic crisis led to an increase in espionage within the country. The National Security Agency’s PRISM program collects and analyzes data using Google, Facebook or Microsoft. 26 September 2013, NSA Director Keith Alexander said that the Agency "collects and stores all telephone records of all American citizens." Most of the information is located in specially created huge repositories such as the Data Center in the state of Utah (it cost US taxpayers $ 1,5 billion). Science fiction novels about building a society of total control come true. The USSR and the Third Reich are simply “innocent lambs” compared to the level of control that the United States has achieved.

North American Empire

These and many other signs (you can write more than one monograph about them) say that the current United States is on the verge of collapse or a breakthrough in the future, “reloading the matrix”. The United States has enormous opportunities and advantages over other countries in the military-industrial complex, in breakthrough technologies, control technologies, information support and suggestion (one “dream factory” is worth something!) And, most importantly, in designing the future. No country has so many “think tanks” that are working on technologies and technology of the future, analyzing the current situation and building the future, planning for decades to come.

The global systemic crisis should lead the planet to a series of tough local and regional wars. So, two main "fronts" are clearly looming - the Middle East and the Pacific. Most of the countries in Africa, Asia and Europe will be immersed in these conflicts, not being able to make a breakthrough in the future. The European Union is under the threat of the collapse and emergence of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist states. Washington will donate to Europe. The single currency of the euro will collapse. Old national states will fall apart: Spain - to Catalonia, Galicia, Basque Country and Spain proper; Scotland, possibly Wales, will leave the United Kingdom; Italy will be divided into impoverished and sinking under the waves of migrants South and the industrial North; Belgium will fall apart; in France, there will be a threat of a collapse to the South, also sinking under the pressure of migrants (like Southern Italy), and the North, where nationalists will seize power. War will return to Europe, conflicts will break out between new state entities, old ones will be remembered, and new territorial disputes will appear. Romania and Poland will implement their projects to create a "great power." Ukraine will be under threat of collapse along the Dnieper line. All this will happen against the backdrop of a new wave of the Great Migration of Peoples, the mass settlement of European countries by Muslims. There is even the possibility of the emergence of the “Islamic belt of Europe”, which will consist of several state entities: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanjak (it is called “new Kosovo” for Serbia), Southern Italy with Sicily, Southern France and Southern Spain.

Russia, against the background of a mass of unresolved domestic problems, is threatened by a war in the southern strategic direction (the Caucasian and Central Asian fronts). There is a threat of internal turmoil when the Islamists, separatists, neoliberals and builders of the “Russian Republic” (without the Caucasus and other suburbs) will come out in a united front, triggering the development of the situation according to the “Syrian scenario.” And this is against the background of an external threat and the presence of a powerful “fifth column” in power structures.

China, apparently, is going through the late USSR, and we already see signs of “Chinese perestroika”. The result will be sad - a new disaster of Chinese civilization, collapse, civil war, a wave of separatism, millions of dead. At best, China will retain most of the territories, but will seriously weaken. In addition, the United States will no longer need a "Chinese factory."

In the Islamic world, there is a process of activating the "Islamic project". Several centers at once claim to be the leader in building the “World Caliphate”. Everyone will be under attack - Europe, Russia, India, China and the countries of Southeast Asia, where there is a project to create a "New Islamic Caliphate" from the territories of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, the southern part of the Philippines, Thailand and Burma. The current problems of Europe, Russia, India and China from the actions of the Islamists are flowers, berries in front. Eurasia and Africa will be on fire.

The United States in such a situation can simply cancel its debt, no one can ask them anyway. The US default will lead to a new wave of crisis and serious problems for all major powers. In particular, China in 2012 was the main external donor of the US Treasury - 1,1 trillion. dollars. More than 1 trillion dollars accounted for by Japan. The United States will be transformed into the “North American Union” (empire), which will include the United States, Canada and Mexico (perhaps only partially). It should be noted that the current Mexico is almost under the full political (through the puppet political and intellectual "elite"), Washington's financial, economic and military control. The US military and intelligence services in the program to combat drug trafficking (which they themselves have created) almost completely control the Mexican armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The de facto Mexican authorities were defeated in the war against the drug mafia, which claimed tens of thousands of lives in recent years, and literally hang on to American bayonets. Much of the Mexicans want to work in the United States. As a result, the United States can easily absorb all or a significant part of Mexico. With resources from Canada and Mexico, Washington can create North American autarky. The control system will be changed. There are all signs (including the extension of the rights of the armed forces and special services) that a harsh, authoritarian regime of a new type is being designed. Washington will build a caste society. No wonder the Third Reich can be called a "testing ground", where the Anglo-Saxon elite worked out the scenario of the future of all mankind. All riots and unrest of the population will be brutally suppressed.

In the new North American empire will re-industrialize. Actually, it is already carried out, building the industry on the highest, robotic technologies. The military-industrial complex will help to make re-industrialization. The US military will reach a new level: tens of thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles, robots - from microdrones to cyborgs - will become a reality. The Empire will retain superiority in the oceans, will create an aerospace fleet. There will be a breakthrough in biotechnology, which will allow the owners of the empire to dramatically increase their life expectancy.

All this will happen against the backdrop of chaos and war in the vast expanses of Eurasia. The North American Union will be the core of the New World Order. At its summit will be the North American Empire, branches of the American metropolis will be Australia (another source of resources) and New Zealand. You can draw attention to the fact that now Australia, with the full support of the United States, is withdrawing its navy, air force and rapid reaction forces to a new level. This will allow the Green Continent to remain a “safe island” at a time when the Asia-Pacific region is on fire. The North American alliance can also maintain its military presence in England, Scotland, Gibraltar, Poland, Romania, Cyprus and Malta. In the Pacific, the North American empire can also preserve Japan, South Korea and Singapore as allies, their forces are needed to counterbalance the Chinese - in case China still stands under the blows of chaos, albeit in a weakened form.

No to the North American Empire and the threat of a nuclear strike. The nuclear missile potential of Russia and China will not be used, since the States will not fight with them. The global missile defense system and the “quick global strike” project will allow the new empire to repel or destroy in the bud some of the threats from the territories of other states. In particular, it will be possible to conduct an operation to eliminate the DPRK.

The rest of the world will lie in ruins, unable to resist the North American empire. A part of the white population of Europe and Russia will flee to North America, having solved the problem of the loss of White’s majority position. The main trend in the expanses of Eurasia is fragmentation, a return to the past (neo-feudalism, in some regions even with primitive features). The effect is already obvious. Libya is divided into three parts - Cyrenaica, Fezzan and Tripolitania. In Mali, the war continues, statehood is held only by French bayonets. Iraq is actually divided into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish parts. Sudan - to the South and the North, with strong separatist movements in a number of provinces like Darfur. Syria has been rejected in the past for many years, the threat of collapse remains. Egypt - on the verge of disaster. Somalia and Afghanistan have long been "inferno" zone. Pakistan and Yemen are “powder cellars” that can jerk at any time. There are projects for the dismemberment of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran. The Kurdistan project will trim down the territory of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Georgia has already lost South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Azerbaijan has lost Nagorno-Karabakh. Central Asia is halfway into the past, the waves of internecine slaughter and chaos have not yet finally swept over it only because of the stabilizing influence of Russia and China. The countries of Latin America and India (if it succeeds in preserving unity) cannot oppose anything to North America and will be forced to occupy the places indicated to them in the global hierarchy.

Endless wars, famines, epidemics, water shortages will get rid of the "extra biomass", which is the dream of the ideologues of the Western project. Perhaps the final stage will be used and the gene weaponaffecting certain ethnic groups. Huge regions of Africa and Eurasia will be “cleaned up” from the population and turned into reserves, somewhere preserving the “exotic” - the ethnic villages with the natives, entertaining “tourists”. Such a "bright future" we are prepared by the owners of the Western project.

The beginning of the active phase of the "American-style reset" could be the assassination of a black US president. In this case, there is a corresponding prophecy of the Indians - just about the death of the 44 president. The elimination of Obama could be part of a larger provocation - a terrorist act in the spirit of 11 September 2001. The military and security services will introduce a state of emergency, the unrest of citizens will be suppressed. The era of the North American Union will come.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 20 November 2013 08: 38
    You can say, affirm, and predict WHAT IS PLEASANT.
    At the same time, we must admit that today the Americans are living, and for some reason their proletariat does not want to make revolutions.
    1. theadenter
      theadenter 20 November 2013 10: 05
      I read the article, feeling as if Vanga’s predictions were some kind. Some distant forecasts, some conclusions drawn from somewhere unclear.
      At the beginning of the article, even more or less, at least some arguments are given, but very, very nonsense will prevail towards the end.
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 20 November 2013 14: 14
        Quote: theadenter
        as if Vanga’s predictions are some kind. Some distant forecasts, some are unclear where

        Any predictions are an ungrateful thing - they will either come true or not. On the other hand, why not consider this possibility. After all, everything goes to that - the sunset of US power, world war, redistribution of spheres of influence. You can add certain horrors and consequences to the forecast, but in the bottom line we get a lot of problems and wars on the borders of Russia.
        And here the biggest intrigue is what Russia will conquer. I would like not to stupidly sit in the trenches on the Chinese border and wait for the attack, but to reformat this world for ourselves. At least there will be something to report to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
    2. theadenter
      theadenter 20 November 2013 10: 13
      At the same time, we must admit that today the Americans are living, and for some reason their proletariat does not want to make revolutions.

      Yes, because the authorities skillfully mask the problems of the country. Competently distract people and stop unrest in the bud. On TV and not only - such a quantity of feed for the population that they almost do not watch the news and do not analyze the situation in the country.
    3. major071
      major071 20 November 2013 22: 04
      But the proletariat will not participate in the revolution for several reasons:
      1. Everything is fine with us, says the government and the president.
      2. Less than 30% of Americans are interested in politics (offhand).
      3. They don’t touch me - I don’t care.
      4. They feed us - then everything is fine.
      In general, America is a great country and we will go everywhere and wave flags with a national flag.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Baton
    Baton 20 November 2013 09: 03
    Well, I also had to write that the states would colonize the Moon and from there they would threaten everyone with a nuclear club ... belay
    "Scary, already horror" (c)
  4. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 20 November 2013 09: 04
    The chef has lost, gyps to remove, the client leaves! Another pro-Amerovian click. If everything was so, then there would be no greater joy for the world!
  5. Predator-74
    Predator-74 20 November 2013 09: 30
    A wish to the author Alexander: "Be careful with mushrooms, not all of them are useful. stop "
    1. AVV
      AVV 20 November 2013 10: 42
      At the time, the author wrote a fantastic thriller !!! Gogol at one time in the same way Viy wrote !!!
    2. Andrey57
      Andrey57 20 November 2013 15: 36
      Exactly, still that !!! fellow Well, such mattress covers are cool that they have no problems on their own territory !!! Yes, there practically whole segments of industry have been brought to Asia, there is practically nothing left except for the military-industrial complex and banks, and as soon as the dollar collapses, it’s not enough for anyone in the mattress, I’m not even saying that the separatist forces are already very strong there moods in most states, it is good if in the end the mattress falls apart only into 5-6 parts, as Igor Panarin, a teacher and dean of the MGIMO faculty, justified as far back as 1998.
  6. air wolf
    air wolf 20 November 2013 09: 53
    America wasted in the Cold War against the USSR, therefore, in order to eliminate the crisis, it will soon begin a hot war and probably with us.
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 20 November 2013 16: 32
      Well, it’s you, my friend, that you started up, the Americans don’t look like crazy people, and everyone wants to live, but what was supported by this fact!
  7. Senya Gorbunkov
    Senya Gorbunkov 20 November 2013 09: 54
    Yes, in the first articles the nonsense was more interesting .. Time will tell how it really will be .. the author does not take into account the important geopolitical factor like Putin V.V.
    1. Reyngard
      Reyngard 20 November 2013 20: 31
      What is the geopolitical factor? The same Stalin, when he was a "geopolitical factor", did not hesitate to shoot his faithful "Stalin's falcons" for theft, and this one is ready to give half the country for them ...
  8. Prometey
    Prometey 20 November 2013 10: 27
    Quote: Senya Gorbunkov
    the author does not take into account an important geopolitical factor like Putin V.V.

    Rotten, a politician who turned Russia into a ghetto, and the country itself into a third world state.
  9. SEM
    SEM 20 November 2013 10: 33
    Since we will soon find out, one thing is clear that the West is waiting for a bad end and the decline of their civilization has a number of prerequisites for this, and one of them is a departure from the ideals of Christianity ...
  10. Tektor
    Tektor 20 November 2013 10: 35
    The states have a high probability of breaking up into separate blocks, and in this case they will have no time for world domination. For Russia, only China poses a real threat, or rather, China is in a stage of chaos. There are opportunities to prevent this, and then everything will proceed peacefully.
  11. MolGro
    MolGro 20 November 2013 11: 16
    I do not agree with the author!
    1 police terror is becoming more visible in the US
    2 preparation for riots is also underway
    3 separatism only intensifies
    4 there is no revival of production and it will not be noticeable in the huge number of closures of enterprises (the last example is a new aircraft carrier from which it is impossible to take off and land an airplane)
    5 a huge imbalance between the financial and real markets (this is noticeable from statistics, or rather what statistics is the most important "building houses", that is, the real sector is their construction of houses, not any levels of industrial production only at home)
    The conclusion is that this country can only survive after the big revolution there, namely the civil war, only it is able to destroy the clan system that has driven them into a dead end.
    1. makarov
      makarov 20 November 2013 13: 56
      Yes, I do not agree. - What, with Engels or with Kautsky? - With both ...
    2. silver_roman
      silver_roman 20 November 2013 14: 26
      there is some truth.
      recently, it seems, for the needs of the police, they bought several hundred armored trucks, but what about the storage of hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins?
      there is such a thing too!
  12. zvereok
    zvereok 20 November 2013 11: 46
    Quote: MolGro
    I do not agree with the author!
    1 police terror is becoming more visible in the US
    2 preparation for riots is also underway
    3 separatism only intensifies
    4 there is no revival of production and it will not be noticeable in the huge number of closures of enterprises (the last example is a new aircraft carrier from which it is impossible to take off and land an airplane)
    5 a huge imbalance between the financial and real markets (this is noticeable from statistics, or rather what statistics is the most important "building houses", that is, the real sector is their construction of houses, not any levels of industrial production only at home)
    The conclusion is that this country can only survive after the big revolution there, namely the civil war, only it is able to destroy the clan system that has driven them into a dead end.

    The world is hungry for investment, and the United States, with its "reserve currency", keeps it on a starvation diet. Now imagine if the entire bloated financial system goes out at once and buy up everything and everyone. Perhaps the dollar will drop in price several times, perhaps it will lose its status of "reserve currency" (which is less likely), but American TNCs will receive real property for the cut paper. A drop in the exchange rate will revive its economy and nominally reduce its debt. The only problem to get TNCs back under control is that they don't really want to share their income.
  13. explorer
    explorer 20 November 2013 12: 09
    The era of the North American Union will come.

    From myself, I would like to wish the author to live at this time! am

    .... and will write an article (for the future): "Basics of tactics for countering attacks by combat drones in open areas"
  14. Daduda
    Daduda 20 November 2013 12: 55
    The first three parts all led to the collapse of the United States and the crisis, and here in the fourth bang and Empire-nogibator, and the rest of the world in ruin. This is a turn into the hemp field, no words.
    1. july
      july 20 November 2013 15: 54
      That's right, the real performance should end like that, everything is in shit, and then our hero comes out ... all in white! fellow
  15. Romanychby
    Romanychby 20 November 2013 14: 15
    The author revels. Every day we only hear: krants to America and Europe. However, we ourselves quietly plunge into a vat with a fuck *.
  16. sander
    sander 20 November 2013 15: 44
    Russia will defeat everyone. Who is not with us is against us.
    1. SEM
      SEM 20 November 2013 17: 14
      At all 1000%.
      1. Reyngard
        Reyngard 20 November 2013 20: 37
        There are doubts ... The youth will not fight for the current regime, and the aggressor can offer a reasonable alternative (read the "Dropshot" plan).
  17. july
    july 20 November 2013 15: 51
    Well, you are so ganged up on the author, this is just a futurological forecast, he just shared his point of view. Express yours. How, for example, are the US going to pay its multi-trillion debt? Is there such a line between total control and personal freedoms, having crossed that society will degenerate? What can migrant flows in Europe really lead to? How far can Europe go in its games with human values? Well, etc. In my opinion, all this is vital and urgent.
  18. Keeper
    Keeper 20 November 2013 16: 20
    It will be very interesting if, God forbid, of course, a grand kipish begins in the USA and the people rise up against the authorities: on whose side will the foundations of DEMOCRACY be?! ... Power or common people ?!
    1. july
      july 20 November 2013 17: 10
      The question is rhetorical. Firstly, the people of such an amount of as democracy itself will not be able to give birth. Secondly, judging by the number of coffins, the people leave and democracy remains, well, and in the third, people are only the bearer and consumer of democracy, and the government is its producer!
  19. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 20 November 2013 19: 34
    Of course, no one knows how everything will be, but the possible prerequisites for the one described in the article are described in the next article on this site.
  20. Vash xoziain
    Vash xoziain 20 November 2013 20: 00
    What awaits the United States: sunset or the North American Empire? At the moment, the United States is a hungry tiger that needs food as oil, if the tiger does not start killing again in the coming years, then most likely the American system of governance will be caput and the whole country too.
  21. Ols76
    Ols76 20 November 2013 20: 22
    The author Alexander Samsonov is better to write fantastic stories. Every day, I just read how everyone is shouting that they’re already a little bit over and the bills to America and the dollar have recently become cheaper several times and the country has almost collapsed and soon the people will rise against the government. Complete nonsense! the people here will never rise up against the government since 99% of the population lives and does not even realize that there are any problems in the country.
    1. Reyngard
      Reyngard 20 November 2013 20: 53
      I totally agree! Whatever the local patriots of deep leavening shout, the United States, unlike Russia, feels good and will feel this way for a long time, despite the alleged dissatisfaction with Obama. Unlike Russia, where the majority "approved" the policy of deep fooling and robbery of the people: "what if it gets even worse", even better thieves, but slightly enlightened ...
  22. makeev.dmitry
    makeev.dmitry 20 November 2013 20: 44
    I believe Russia will save the world.
  23. alone
    alone 20 November 2013 20: 50
    In fact, since 1980 I hear that the West and America are rotten through and they will soon go to the seabed. Apparently since then too much sea water has flowed, so neither America nor the West has so far been covered in waves.
  24. Jogan-xnumx
    Jogan-xnumx 20 November 2013 23: 26
    The decline of the United States will be in the event that the rest of the world stops sponsoring them and makes a stand on unsecured dollars. It is necessary to return the backing of currencies in gold or use barter, their entire "empire" will collapse to the size of the external borders. This is at its best. Then you have to work and not loot around the world.
    The United States has tremendous opportunities and advantages over other countries in the military-industrial complex, in breakthrough technologies, management technologies, information support and suggestion (one “dream factory” is worth it!) And, most importantly, in constructing the future. No country has so many “think tanks” that work on technologies and techniques for the future, analysis of the current situation and building the future, planning for decades to come.

    And the price to all this is worthless without resources, which suddenly stop selling them for Fed wrappers ...
  25. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 20 November 2013 23: 42
    Author Samsonov Alexander- You would write a novel based on articles. The best-seller would be. Think epic and big. I would read.
  26. Rubs
    Rubs 21 November 2013 00: 38
    In my opinion, the default and construction of the North American authorship are troublesome and will require all efforts and a lot of time. Where to manage other people's conflicts. In addition, propaganda and finance as external levers will be zero. Sun remain with incomprehensible well-being and tasks.
    If America sends and isolates everyone, then the anti-Russian activity of the West will automatically stall (Europe will not be there either). The fifth column will dry. And all wars and conflicts will occur without external control, therefore, are not so dangerous for Russia. The financial crisis is not a problem for us - it happened and worse. Unresolved internal problems are mostly conditional and without looking at sworn friends in PE mode, they can be easily solved.
    In this muddy water, Russia may well put together an empire. And it is not known who will beat anyone in the new race? And whose model will be more attractive to the rest of the world? Americans stopudovo restart capitalism (they don’t know another) with well-known prospects. But Russia has options.
  27. Keeper
    Keeper 21 November 2013 03: 44
    They will not have a crisis, since the United States will simply ban the circulation of dollars in its country and change them within one day for "AMERO"! And dollars will be presented to the whole world with the words - "take it and use it, and write off our public debt for the dollars that we gave you ...."
    Therefore, I say, guys, fucking dollars from life - you need your ruble to raise the bar!
    If I am right - I will put beer on the whole site)))) for rubles)))))
  28. vkaplich
    vkaplich 21 November 2013 05: 14
    article is just rubbish
  29. old rocket man
    old rocket man 21 November 2013 08: 45
    Granddaughter of a horror story very much, I will rewrite, I will tell at night laughing
  30. unknown
    unknown 23 November 2013 21: 50
    There is a forecast that the United States as a great power will not survive 2025

    China too

    We will live, see