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How does Moldova call for solving the “Transnistrian issue”?

The few remaining days before the start of Moldova’s planned participation in the Vilnius EU Eastern Partnership Summit, the official Chisinau decided to take the initiative to “resolve” the situation with the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The essence of the proposal is to introduce an international peacekeeping contingent in those border areas that today are controlled by the peacekeepers of the Russian Federation.

How does Moldova call for solving the “Transnistrian issue”?

Initially, such an initiative was expressed by representatives of the Moldovan delegation of the so-called Joint Control Commission (JCC). Then similar statements were heard from the Moldovan Ministry of Defense. A notice appeared on the website of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Moldova that unilateral actions of Tiraspol in the so-called security zone worsen the situation with this very security in the region.

What kind of “one-sided” actions of Tiraspol in this case are we talking about? And we are talking about the construction of the power supply system, which (construction), according to the Moldovan delegation of the JCC, was made with territorial violations and without the consent of Chisinau. How repair and installation of supports for power lines affected Moldovan security - Moldovan officials did not specify. But on the same Internet resource (the website of the Moldavian Ministry of Defense), the end of a note about the “deteriorating security situation” includes the following words:

The Moldovan delegation states that it is necessary to enter an international peacekeeping mission and conduct security zone inspections.

In other words, Chisinau states that, supposedly, Transdniestrians “are active” in the security zone with the “connivance” of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, and this allegedly endangers the security of the whole of Moldova. It is noteworthy that all these “concerns” of the Moldovan authorities arose just before the start of the Vilnius EU summit, at which the initialing (preliminary signing) of the agreement on Moldova and the creation of a common free trade area should take place. That is, Moldovan government officials seem to demonstrate with their idea of ​​replacing Russian peacekeepers with a certain international peacekeeping contingent of adherence to the ideals of the West: they say we show Brussels that we are firmly determined to give up everything Russian, and in return we hope to get a warm EU-wing, under which we will hide from all problems.
The European Union has already promised a “warm wing”. While we are talking about the preparation of a document on the abolition of visas between Moldova and the EU after the signing of the association agreement. After that, tens, and even hundreds of thousands of Moldovan workers, as the official Chisinau expects, will be able to “engage with hated Russia and go to heaven or manna somewhere in Paris or Madrid. And in Paris and Madrid, perhaps there are not enough Moldovan migrant workers ...

In order to increase the effect, the Moldovan police decided to work with greater predilection for Russian citizens traveling along the Chisinau-Tiraspol route. In particular, at the police station “Gyrbovets”, Moldovan law enforcement officers of 18 November detained a delegation of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, headed by historian Leonid Reshetnikov. At the same time, as the detainees themselves note, the impression was that the Moldovan police, having carried out the detention, did not really understand what grounds for the detention to present to the Russians, which proved the existence of the FAS command from above. At first, everyone was asked to undergo some additional registration (regular registration already took place at Chisinau airport), then, obviously realizing that they did not state that no Moldovan law stipulated, they decided to switch to protracted games with verification of identity documents of Russians. After lengthy “procedures,” RISI representatives were released.

On this fact immediately expressed in the PMR. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic said that the actions of the Moldovan police are regarded as an act of demonstrative provocation and unfriendly actions. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika drew attention to the confirmation of the previously voiced idea that the so-called migration control points that appeared on the border strip could be used by the Moldovan side with damage to the displacement of the population.

By the way, the Transnistrian side decided to give the aspiring European integration to the Moldovan side, as it is now fashionable to express, an asymmetrical response in the international arena. A PMR delegation led by President Yevgeny Shevchuk took part in the conference on the issues of resolving the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict, which was held in Germany. During the conference, Yevgeny Shevchuk stressed that the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Transnistria are categorically opposed to the process of active involvement of the republic in European economic institutions. The PMR President noted that if Moldova strives to be associated with the European Union, then Transnistria will not; if Moldova is going to become part of the European Union in the future, then Transnistria is not going to. And this problem is easy to solve, for which the republics should agree on, quote: “peaceful divorce”:

There is no need to be afraid of international recognition of a de facto state if it brings stability and answers the question of how to resolve the conflict. And international recognition of Pridnestrovie, in our opinion, leads to stability and the most just settlement. The highest value is a person who lives here and now, with his problems and rights, and no one has the right to take away from a person the right to choose, the right to freedom! Dear ladies and gentlemen, a lot of what has been said, perhaps, does not appeal to everyone, much is not disclosed, but is set out in the theses, taking into account the time regulations, but what has been said is based on the will of half a million citizens, and if we realize this together, then I am sure we will find the key to solve the problem. And he, in my opinion, - in a civilized, formalized "divorce", following the example of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, and from the fact that in the world the de facto Transnistrian state will gain international recognition, there will be only pluses: in stabilizing the situation in the region, peaceful cooperation between neighbors and solving the problem through the prism of the will and opinions of people, by virtue of historical circumstances for more than 23 years defending their right to choose and live!

Shevchuk also spoke on the peacekeeping mission in the region:

I cannot thank here and mention the invaluable efforts of the guarantor country of Russia, which puts not the political goals of imaginary victories but the goal of protecting life at the forefront. And today, almost every year, largely due to the peacekeeping efforts of the Russian Federation, it is possible to localize in the Zones of Security before the 60 incidents of varying degrees of confrontation. Thanks largely to the humanitarian assistance of the Russian Federation in the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic, a humanitarian catastrophe did not occur due to the applied economic restrictions and overt sanctions against foreign economic activity and the transport infrastructure.

If we compare the words of Yevgeny Shevchuk, expressed by him in Germany, and the ideas of Moldovan political functionaries regarding the replacement of Russian peacekeepers by an international contingent, it becomes obvious that the Moldovan leadership will try to do everything to solve the “Transnistrian problem” by its own methods, but by proxy. Obviously, the goal is the same: to put a military contingent from Europe (NATO countries) on the Dniester, who himself is not averse to participating in military provocations (Kosovo as an example), and his ardent supporters from Chisinau mesh I am not inclined to carry out these provocations either.

Today, the Russian peacekeepers clearly prevent Chisinau from “establishing its own order” in the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic ... I remember that one politician (only from the Caucasus), the Russian peacekeepers, also interfered with “establishing their own order”, but only he decided to get rid of the peacemakers quite differently ... a'lya Saakashvili), of course, will not go, but to summon the “world progressive public” with the aim of influencing Russia can even be - which he does.
Naturally, in such conditions Russia cannot in any way succumb to provocations and withdraw peacekeepers from the banks of the Dniester, for if, God forbid, it happens, then the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, with the active support of EU and NATO functionaries, simply ceases to exist.

PS According to a recent sociological survey conducted in the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic, 82,6% of respondents said they want a connection between Transnistria and Russia.
According to the opinion poll in Moldova, 42% of respondents are in favor of association with the EU, 38% are against such an association, 20% are undecided with the answer.
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  1. klip07
    klip07 20 November 2013 08: 42
    Moldova and Transnistria have been two different states since 91. After the death in 92 of the defenders of the city of Bender during the barbaric establishment of "constitutional order" by Moldova, the "Romanians" still cannot calm down ... "Suitcase-Station-Russia" is Chisinau's statements to the Russian-speaking population of Transnistria ... and in this region today the world is only thanks to Russia, the 14th Army, General Lebed and the RUSSIAN peacekeepers. In case of replacement with game-makers, this is the second Kosovo!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 20 November 2013 08: 48
      According to the opinion poll in Moldova, 42% of respondents are in favor of association with the EU, 38% are against such an association, 20% are undecided with the answer.
      Mr. Volodin, and read the comments of the Moldovans themselves on the mail about this poll. wink
      1. Felix200970
        Felix200970 20 November 2013 22: 49
        Alexander, I’ll add from myself. There zhoppa full. Everything is for sale and move to permanent residence even in Ukraine. And about the survey - who ordered the music he dances laughing
    2. chunga-changa
      chunga-changa 20 November 2013 11: 30
      Get rid of double standards, this is the western move. We can say that since the 90s Russia and Ichkeria are different states, you can. We remember how the "constitutional order" was established, and, in principle, everything is for it. Incl. it is not for us to condemn Chisinau for such aspirations. But Russia has the right to defend the Russian-speaking population, as well as to defend its interests anywhere in the world. This is an understandable position, but the position "oh my God, look what they are doing with poor people who want independence, this is light, we cannot tolerate this" then will surely come back to haunt within the borders of Russia.
      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 20 November 2013 23: 36
        [b] chunga-changa But Russia has the right to protect the Russian-speaking population, as well as to defend its interests anywhere in the world.That's right, cruise missiles and tanks. There are role models ..
  2. makarov
    makarov 20 November 2013 08: 47
    The author is unchanging in his expressions: - "not to give", "to prohibit", "not to allow", etc.
    Here he should load the soldier’s ammunition on himself, put on a blue helmet, and a soldier rations for a month in the demarcation zone ...
    Perhaps the thought process has gone the other way.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 20 November 2013 08: 58
      Quote: makarov
      Perhaps the thought process has gone the other way.

      For example, take Chisinau by storm?
      1. makarov
        makarov 20 November 2013 09: 19
        "For example, take Chisinau by storm?"

        SW Alexander.
        In this case, the maximum restraining shirt and disability pension "7 / B". Personnel warriors have been plowing for 20 years in order to get it. And the guy TS "straight into the kings"
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 20 November 2013 09: 06
    Today, Russian peacekeepers are clearly preventing Chisinau from “restoring order” in the PMR

    and they will interfere. do these Romanians really believe that the Europeans will protect them if it complicates relations with Russia? so maybe some of the pigeon-colored people will peep, pat on the shoulder sympathetically, and that's it. and maybe Moldova will not even get such participation of Europeans. they will have to cooperate with the Balts and take their place in the choir and sing "old songs about the main thing" - Russia is to blame for everything
    1. major071
      major071 20 November 2013 10: 07
      Our to you hi
      There is nothing to be surprised, only Russia is to blame for all the troubles around the world. fool
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 20 November 2013 10: 15
        Quote: major071
        Our to you

        and ours to you hi
        I was a little wrong here
        Quote: major071
        sympathetically pat on the shoulder

        probably not on the shoulder, but on the ass repeat
      2. Felix200970
        Felix200970 20 November 2013 22: 52
        Quote: major071
        all over the world, only Russia is to blame.

        "unequivocally" - said Vladimir Volfovich good
  4. ed65b
    ed65b 20 November 2013 09: 14
    another Moldovan "bunch" towards Russia - "this is not serious" as Experienced said.
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 20 November 2013 10: 17
      Quote: ed65b
      another Moldovan "bunch" towards Russia - "this is not serious" as Experienced said.
  5. strel212
    strel212 20 November 2013 09: 57
    Peacekeepers should not be withdrawn in any case, no matter who "farts", registration until the recognition of the independence of the PMR by the world community
  6. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 20 November 2013 10: 37
    The Moldovans understand that if the Russian peacekeepers are replaced by NATO members (disguised as peacekeepers), the PMR can be given up. So they are trying to implement this crazy idea, to place the Russian people under the "tutelage" of the alliance. Will not work! Saakashvili also wanted a lot. But everything turned out differently.
  7. rolik2
    rolik2 20 November 2013 10: 48
    Moldovans understand that if Russian peacekeepers are replaced by NATO

    so what will happen ?? Transnistrians in 92 showed the Moldovans which way they chose, de facto Transnistria is a small country with its border troops, army, reservists capable of quite qualitatively delivering Moldavians to the wort.
  8. IRBIS
    IRBIS 20 November 2013 10: 53
    Only one word - Moldovans!
  9. TAGIR
    TAGIR 20 November 2013 10: 57
    Conduct a referendum and recognize Transnistria as a subject of the Russian Federation. Our country should be tougher, and not ask "can I go to the toilet" ...
    1. Klim podkova
      Klim podkova 20 November 2013 12: 44
      If the PMR had at least 1 a common border with Russia (or access to the sea), the republic would be recognized simultaneously with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Land Transnistria is limited to the west by Moldova, and from the east by Ukraine. Kiev and Chisinau will take a joint decision on the complete blockade of borders - and the Republic of Kayuk.
      And such a referendum in Transnistria has already been held. All Transnistrians are for joining Russia. So what?
      1. ymNIK1970
        ymNIK1970 20 November 2013 13: 41
        And let Russia recognize Transnistria, and there we will see whether there will be access to water, and how soon.
        1. Andrew-001
          Andrew-001 20 November 2013 19: 11
          Quote: ymNIK1970
          let Russia recognize Transnistria, and there we will see whether there will be access to water

          Logically, we should do the opposite:
          1) Based on the experience of the Winter War of 1940-41, the "Moldovan cannon" makes several shots at the territory of the PMR and the location of the Russian peacekeepers;
          2) After this, the PMR army begins to break through the corridor, along its borders, towards the Black Sea;
          3) The peacekeeping contingent "directs all its forces to prevent bloodshed" - simply covering the right flank of the PMR army. In theory, it is possible to urgently reinforce the peacekeeping contingent with fresh forces deployed from Russia - which, just as it happened, were conducting exercises in full readiness.
          4) As soon as the PMR army enters the coast, the PMR government submits (already on the table at the President of the Russian Federation) a request for the adoption of the PMR into Russia;
          5) The President of the Russian Federation signs this petition and accepts a new constituent entity of the Russian Federation - within the borders that he had at the time of signing, i.e. with access to the Black Sea.

          A similar situation occurred during the formation of Israel, at the end of their war for independence.
          1. not good
            not good 20 November 2013 23: 32
            Maybe it’s easier to immediately throw in Chisinau with a change of government ???
            1. Andrew-001
              Andrew-001 21 November 2013 02: 39
              Quote: Negoro
              Maybe it’s easier to immediately throw in Chisinau with a change of government ???

              But you can’t do this crying For this will be regarded as a direct act of aggression. While the exit of the PMR army to the sea will only be self-defense against the attack of the insidious Moldovan Romanians. In the first case, by supporting the Pridnestrovians, we will become "terrorists violating democratic principles and the sovereign right of peoples to self-determination" - peoples mean those who actively cleanse the 5th point of Americans with their languages.
              In the second case, from a legal point of view, we will only fulfill our peacekeeping duty to maintain peace and order in the region - for this we have been given the UN mandate soldier
          2. ymNIK1970
            ymNIK1970 21 November 2013 18: 17
            The idea is sweet, but no. Such an occasion will not be given to us. Our enemies are not poets. And it’s time for the New Russians to wake up. It was not for nothing that they fed us, oil, and blew us in the ass. And even grandfather Stalin once asked to hold out. Although of course it’s scary to climb into it. You live for yourself every day, and all right. But apparently they will not let us die quietly. Bottom line: we observe, think, prepare (morally).
          3. vahatak
            vahatak 21 November 2013 23: 52
            Quote: Andrew-001
            A similar situation occurred during the formation of Israel, at the end of their war for independence.

            What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. Jews were allowed to go to sea, and who would allow Transnistria? None! Even Russia. Do you think Russia needs Transnistria? If it was Crimea or Odessa, then yes, they have a good geographical location, and who needs Transnistria besides its inhabitants? To nobody.
            1. Andrew-001
              Andrew-001 22 November 2013 19: 27
              It's hard to disagree with you. And I cited the situation above as a possible option, if Russia (or rather its rulers) did not look back at West teamsлand his opinion would not be interested.
              Quote: vahatak
              Do you think Russia needs Transnistria?

              I think that is necessary. Our Great Russian people live there, whether they are Moldavians, Russians or Ukrainians.
              But Transnistria as a part of Russia is hardly necessary for our rulers. Something tells me that they need accounts in foreign banks.
    2. DimychDV
      DimychDV 20 November 2013 17: 17
      A joke in the topic: an aunt enters the bus and, seeing a man standing up from the seat, confidently presses him on the shoulder - Sit, sit, man. - And so several times during the ride. Then the peasant man asks imploringly from the bottom up: “And can I already get up?” I have already left my third stop ...
      So in order not to drive the right place in relations with those who believe in us, and with those who trade with us.
  10. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 20 November 2013 11: 23
    Yes, the Transnistrian armed forces will be able to resist the Moldovan army, but the NATO troops deployed in the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic (the ultimate goal of the entire diplomatic equipment of Chisinau) will erase the Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic in powder. Western fighters do not really like to run with machine guns, but prefer to give the palm in combat operations to give heavy artillery and aircraft. VUR will be suppressed and captured within a few hours. (For simplicity, we omit the response steps of Russia, both diplomatic and military)

    Will there be peace in the region after this? No way!
    The economic situation will deteriorate dramatically: Russia will not sponsor occupied Transdniestria, as today, the redistribution of property (and this is inevitable) has always been accompanied by sharp production volumes (renegotiation of contracts, breaking contracts and ties, the loss of Russian sales markets).

    The population will perceive the accession to Moldova clearly in hostility. The worsening financial situation of the majority of the population will significantly stir up protest moods. Public peace and harmony in the republic will become an unattainable dream.

    Instead of solving the problem, Europe will get an even more bleeding ulcer.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. vardex
      vardex 20 November 2013 18: 49
      In general, there is no conflict between people in Transnistria and Moldova. For example, we have 150 people from Transnistria in a company where I work in Chisinau from 25 people. They are not lazy to come over 65 km. to work-normal people are friends we work together we drink as before, as always,
      1. ekzorsist
        ekzorsist 20 November 2013 21: 34
        Well, then WHAT is the problem ???
        Why the hell do you not live together? Well, to hell with this Chisinau ... well, disconnect it and it’s the end!
  11. Turkestan
    Turkestan 20 November 2013 11: 40
    [quote = Klim Podkova] Yes, the Transnistrian forces will be able to withstand the Moldovan army, but the NATO troops introduced into the PMR (the ultimate goal of all the Chisinau diplomatic equivivals) will erase the PMR into powder. Western warriors do not really like to run with machine guns, but prefer to give the palm in military operations to heavy artillery and aircraft. PMR will be suppressed and captured within hours. (For simplicity, we will omit Russia's retaliatory steps, both diplomatic and military)

    I doubt that NATO countries will want to butt with Russia, and even more so next to their BORDERS
    1. Klim podkova
      Klim podkova 20 November 2013 11: 49
      I just tried to look into the future: what will happen if the dreams of Moldovan politicians come true.
      1. max702
        max702 20 November 2013 16: 21
        But will Moldovans not be satisfied with the total genocide in Transnistria, such as what Georgia planned to implement in South Ossetia, they are not Russian and do not suffer from humanity, the actions of the Romanians in World War II fully confirm this. They will clean everyone and everything will have no problem with the local population, there will be a vacant place to populate with whom.
  12. vahatak
    vahatak 20 November 2013 12: 37
    I’m wondering how the inhabitants of Transnistria imagine a union with Russia? Will Ukraine also have to unite or will they build an air bridge? The same question concerns possible military actions by Russia in cases of an attack on Transnistria. How will the Russians be there? Will Ukraine provide a corridor? So ... Transnistria has no chance. One must either rely on oneself, or return to Moldova, because Russia, even if she wants to, will not be able to help them.
    1. Searcher
      Searcher 21 November 2013 14: 42
      Well, there is an option - if Ukraine does not sign an agreement with the EU and joins the Customs Union, then we will also join. If nezalezhnaya still goes to kill in the EU, then we have absolutely sadness. There will be an incomprehensible unrecognized state, without a normal airfield and with closed borders on all sides.
      1. vahatak
        vahatak 21 November 2013 23: 54
        Quote: Searcher
        Well, there’s an option - if Ukraine does not sign an agreement with the EU and joins the Customs Union,

        And what kind of bird is this Customs Union? It does not yet exist in practice, and no one knows how it will end up. Why do you think participation in it can replace a common border?
  13. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 20 November 2013 12: 54
    [quote = vahatak] I now wonder how the inhabitants of the Dniester region are uniting with Russia? Will Ukraine also have to be connected or will an air bridge be built? [/ Quote]
    Enclave on the example of Kaliningrad. [
    quote = vahatak] The same question concerns possible military actions on the part of Russia in the case of an attack on Transnistria. How will the Russians be there? [/ quote]
    There is a peacekeeping contingent in Transdniestria. [Quote = vahatak] We have to either rely on ourselves or return to Moldova, because Russia, even if it so desires, cannot help them. [/ Quote]
    About that and talk. At the moment the situation is frozen and nobody sees a way out of it.
    1. vahatak
      vahatak 20 November 2013 18: 18
      Quote: Klim Podkova
      An enclave following the example of Kaliningrad.

      Kaliningrad has access to the sea.
      Quote: Klim Podkova
      In Transnistria there is a peacekeeping contingent.

      And how many tanks does this contingent have? They will not last a day without external help.
    2. Alexei
      Alexei 21 November 2013 06: 04
      It is foolish to imagine Transnistria as an island surrounded by Ukraine and Moldova. Transnistria is the peak, the visible part of the iceberg, called Novorossia, though officially non-existent, but actually existing on the territory of the PMR, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Yekaterinoslav regions, Crimea, Kuban. There is the same architecture, the same people (in which all conceivable nationalities are mixed), basically the same Russian language with a South Ukrainian accent. Borderino, Tarutino, Suvorovo are located near Tiraspol in Odessa Oblast. Berezino, Cossack (spoken names!), Etc. And the people there live the corresponding ones, connected with Transnistrians by thousands of threads, and they are not Galicians at all. Until 1917, Odessa was called the southern capital of Russia. So what is an island or may become it in the future with various collisions is how to look ...
      1. vahatak
        vahatak 21 November 2013 11: 46
        That is, you are going to conquer Ukraine ?!
  14. svskor80
    svskor80 20 November 2013 12: 56
    What a pity that Onishchenko is not in business, otherwise the "malicious" Moldova would have received it in full lol .
  15. funt12
    funt12 20 November 2013 13: 33
    Nobody needs a way out of the current situation. If there is no Transnistria, then the foreign policy of Moldova will be of interest only to the MPs and the Foreign Ministry
  16. individual
    individual 20 November 2013 15: 38
    "The European Union has already promised" Warm wing "(to Chisinau)."

    But I forgot to say that as a result of Moldova there will be plucked legs and gutting.
  17. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 20 November 2013 16: 16
    Well, the "commentators" made a mess, but if the NATO members were sure of success, they would have already climbed into the PMR, but the Wishlist does not work (otherwise it will bounce off Russia and "will not seem a little")! This alarmist gentlemen is not to wet the defenseless Yugoslavia, however it will be troublesome for them! They have already tried to get into South Ossetia and how it ended. Although there are no common borders, but there are our interests and our people are there too. If the "conductor" got away with the treachery of Yugoslavia, then the PMR will not get away hands to anyone!
  18. asadov
    asadov 20 November 2013 19: 34
    But Moldova will not succeed. Who needs them in Europe? This whole situation resembles a drift, like a trifle and noit.
  19. pumavlad
    pumavlad 20 November 2013 20: 03
    With Gl.UV ALL!
    drinks (by the way, besides the "paint", in some places there is still little good mold. wine)
    I did not want a lot of bukoff, but:
    1. Uv.Avtor, highlighting the PMR as the "Outpost" of Russia, it is, in principle, true, you forgot (did not specify) that "de facto", in addition to Kishington, there is also the South (Comrat, Cahul) and NORTH (Balti), and there is still quite an adequate population I BELIEVE YOU (google% Russian-speaking us)
    2. In the case of a real thief of the conflict, the bucha will be worse than in Georgia !!!!
    And "enclave" BUGAGA (example Ukrainian and Ross Cossacks in 92)
    3. Anyone interested in the situation in MD advise you to visit the more or less unbiased sites, and
    "... from Russia? so, maybe some pigeon color will beep, sympathetically pat on the shoulder, and that’s all. maybe Moldova.... "a trifle, of course, and yet let it be" ugly "and at least small, but for me personally," beauty "ie Мoldova (or Мoldavia)
    1. vardex
      vardex 20 November 2013 22: 16
    2. Searcher
      Searcher 21 November 2013 15: 53
      There is quality wine in Transnistria. QUINT factory. The largest vineyard and processing facilities in one farm in the entire history of Moldova.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. voliador
    voliador 20 November 2013 22: 08
    But Moldova will not succeed. Who needs them in Europe? This whole situation resembles a drift, like a trifle and noit.

    Yes, nobody needs it. But there are Russian interests there, and the Pidropeans will do everything to spoil these interests. And to promise, as you know, does not mean to marry.
  23. freedom2013
    freedom2013 20 November 2013 22: 34
    My brain cannot understand the "logic" of the Moldovan leadership. It’s wrong, because I’m not a doctor, and there was a saying in the army that a Moldovan is not a nationality, but a diagnosis.
    1. pumavlad
      pumavlad 21 November 2013 02: 38
      1. "... Moldovan leadership ..."
      We say "MULDOVAN hand-in", well, by the way
      2. "... my brain understands the" logic "..." because I'm not a doctor "...?!?! hi wassat
      3 .... the saying that the Moldavian is not a nationality, but a diagnosis ... It was actually about Romanians, well, x ....
      Well, but in essence: after your, to put it mildly, "VYSERA" how not to be a RUSOPHOB, which are exactly "MULDOVAN'SE MANUAL"
  24. family tree
    family tree 21 November 2013 00: 59
    How repair and installation of poles for power lines affected Moldovan security - Moldovan officials did not specify.

    Since electricity has no color, taste or smell, for Moldovan officials, it, as it were, does not exist. But, since it (electricity) fights very painfully, it undoubtedly represents a huge, unknown and unpredictable danger for Moldovan officials and causes them to mystic wassat
  25. Hedgehog
    Hedgehog 22 November 2013 00: 57
    Duten pool throughout Moldova!
    1. vardex
      vardex 23 November 2013 01: 54
  26. Cormorants
    Cormorants 22 November 2013 07: 19
    Transnistria cannot be lost, it is our land.
    1. vardex
      vardex 23 November 2013 02: 04