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Airborne receive new control systems

Airborne receive new control systems

Earlier, the chief paratrooper of the country, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, said that "the use of automated control systems in incoming samples of armored vehicles allows us to implement control in a tactical and operational link at a new qualitative level." Apparently, we are talking about the Andromeda-D complex, which at the end of last year confirmed the high performance and operational capabilities of the experimental command and staff training near Ivanovo.

It was specially organized to see how new telecommunications equipment provides for the communication and control of airborne units on the ground in real time. To check all parts of the ACS at two Moscow sites - in the command of the Airborne Forces and the General Staff - deployed control centers. From there, the generals in a videoconference mode led the training and from a distance of more than 300 kilometers they observed the course of a tactical rally, in which paratroop and reconnaissance units participated, as well as the airborne troops of the 98 air defense division.

To test the complex in the field near the village of Nikolskoye in the Ivanovo region deployed two modules of the automated control system "Andromeda-D" and complexes of the automated system "Flight-K". In addition, the Rheostat automated control system and the Barnaul-T air defense system were involved in the unified system of command and control of the troops. The head of the training - the chief of staff of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant General Nikolai Ignatov, highly appreciated its results.

“The prototypes of the control modules that we tested in a single segment of command and control of the troops ensured that all the tasks were completed with high quality,” the military commander said later. - The system works confidently and efficiently. The main thing is that we are developing the practice of using the automated control system, increasing skills in the use of high-tech equipment at all levels when performing combat training tasks.

"Andromeda-D" is a complex of automation equipment for equipping stationary and mobile control points, created taking into account the peculiarities of the Airborne Forces as a highly mobile kind of troops. This system can provide effective management of units in any situation using the most advanced digital telecommunication equipment.

Troop tests "Andromeda-D" completed at the end of 2011. And during the past year, the ACS was successfully used in the tactical exercises of paratroopers, including during the Kavkaz-2012 strategic maneuvers. There, with its help, the generals in real time led the units and formations of the Airborne Forces, which operated at a distance of over 1500 kilometers.

In addition, Andromeda-D was successfully tested for compatibility with the ACS of the Land Forces, the Air Force and higher headquarters in the overall control system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In total, the landing command more than 60 once used its digital telecommunications equipment and video conferencing last year.

The serial delivery of Andromeda-D and Poleta-K to the airborne troops will begin in the coming months.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 18 November 2013 16: 13
    Finally, the connection is "pulled up" to the modern level. It is doubly gratifying that in the Airborne Forces hi
    1. Interface
      Interface 19 November 2013 00: 01
      First you need to put new BMDs into the troops, otherwise I read on warfiles that the order was thwarted on 2013, there should have been 10 machines, and there will only be 2.

      Although FIG knows him there in GOZ happens ...
  2. SEM
    SEM 18 November 2013 16: 16
    + ARTICLE. GOOD NEWS GOOD TO READ !!! if only the tests conducted were not carried out on paper, but in reality.
  3. Gluxar_
    Gluxar_ 18 November 2013 16: 16
    Definitely this is the beginning of the great path of our country. Changes of this level in such large-scale structures as the army usually last for years, or even decades. I am glad that the Russians again amaze with their emergency work.
    1. Stinger
      Stinger 18 November 2013 18: 40
      This is not an emergency job. The development of the Polet-K battalion link was set in 1995 at a time when the funds allocated by the Ministry of Defense were barely enough to maintain the troops. Nevertheless, and due to the fact that with the appearance of already prototypes in the troops, the paratroopers in exercises and training immediately felt a tangible effect, the work was completed. It is nice to know that the Research Institute of the SSU has also successfully created an operational-tactical command link for the Airborne Forces. Details at
  4. morpogr
    morpogr 18 November 2013 16: 21
    Communication in the troops should be at the highest level, especially in those such as the Airborne Forces who are ahead on the tip. And the fact that the new is coming to the troops is massively good news.
  5. Tatarus
    Tatarus 18 November 2013 16: 28
    Quote: Gluxar_
    Definitely this is the beginning of the great path of our country.

    I think it would be more correct to say not the beginning of the path, but the return to the great historical Path. Russia is constantly on the great path. We constantly save the world from him. If humanity is considered a virus, then we are Antibodies.
    1. BMD
      BMD 18 November 2013 21: 07
      Great said !!!
    REDBLUE 18 November 2013 16: 34
    Finally, in general, they are doing something new for the army
  7. Onyx
    Onyx 18 November 2013 17: 40
    It's good. Interestingly, what about the ground forces. The ACS TK Constellation has been developed for them. Does she enter the army:
  8. mithridate
    mithridate 18 November 2013 18: 29
    Serial delivery of Andromeda-D and Poleta-K to the landing troops will begin in the coming months
    this phrase is especially pleasing
    MIKHAN 18 November 2013 18: 36
    The serial delivery of Andromeda-D and Poleta-K to the airborne troops will begin in the coming months.
    Again, promises ...? .. When the word Mass equipment of the Army will sound, is in full swing!
    1. waisson
      waisson 18 November 2013 19: 17
      and then when the whole army will be contracted as in the Airborne Forces, and while the sons were allowed to indulge in a mobile phone to the delight of mothers and spies
  10. observer
    observer 18 November 2013 18: 52
    "exercises" "tests" - exhausting running from point "a" to point "b" with firing by a bachelor, would have introduced into the army something like paintball, the soldier would have been more useful.
  11. CrazyMishka
    CrazyMishka 18 November 2013 19: 38
    Paintball is not a topic, the soldiers will be accustomed to the fact that you can catch a bullet without fear, the real one is not made of paint. It’s better to run here and there, while running your head works better.
  12. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 18 November 2013 19: 48
    The news is good, no one will argue. High-quality communication and control in real time gives more chances to complete a combat mission.
    Have you tested it for stability in counteracting electronic warfare? Will all segments of the complex survive then?
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. ZU-23
    ZU-23 18 November 2013 20: 14
    The cool thing of Andromeda