Military Review

Military property is returned to the unit.


The sale of military assets was discovered during the verification of the fulfillment of the terms of the existing contracts for the construction of GUOV facilities. In the course of the audit that began in March of this year, one of the initiators of which was the renewed board of directors of the company, it turned out that the GUOV had debts in the amount of 6,42 billion rubles, which was the result of the actions of Stroyimpuls. So, being one of the largest subcontractors (more than sixty contracts for the construction of more than a hundred objects of the Ministry of Defense were transferred to it), it provided loans to third parties for the purchase of real estate owned by Oboronservis. Note that similar conclusions were reached by the auditors of the Accounts Chamber, which carried out a comprehensive audit of the use of funds for the development of the infrastructure of the armed forces from 2011 of the year (see Kommersant from November 13).

The third person was Teorema LLC, founded by the owner of Stroyimpuls, Sergei Amelin, and Anatoly Serdyukov’s personal friend (he died of heart failure in January of this year). It should be noted that the main military investigative department of the TFR showed interest in the activities of the head of the company, considering him at least as a witness to the frauds with real estate in the structures of Oboronservis.

During the internal audit, it became clear that during the 2011-2012 years, the Theorem became the owner of four objects previously owned by the Ministry of Defense: these are building complexes in Moscow on Smolensky Boulevard, Bolshoi Predtechensky Lane, Kosygin Street, and a plot of land in the village near Moscow Arkhangelsk (see map). It should be noted that among them were the objects of the Obolonstroy subholding - the old building of the GUOV and the 31 State Design Institute for Special Construction (as reported by 29 in March to Kommersant, the shares of the latter have already been returned to the state at the request of the TFR). All these objects were acquired by “Theorem” for 2,7 billion rubles, which the company received as a loan from Stroyimpuls.

Since Mr. Amelin did not have a will, a trustee in the person of the former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Anna Markova, was appointed to manage his inheritance in January 2013. After the Ministry of Defense announced its intention to return the objects that had been sold out earlier, GUOV entered into an agreement with Stroyimpulse on the assignment of rights to claim loans. On account of previously issued "Stroyimpulsu" 2,7 billion rubles. GUOV acquired real estate "Theorems". According to "Kommersant", this deal was made on July 5, but GUOV had to seek its implementation through the court. Officially, the deal was closed last week. From this point on, the ownership of these objects was again transferred to the military department in the person of the only developer - GUOV. According to Kommersant, the assets received will be added to the company's business activities: their sale is not planned in the near future.

Total Stroyimpulsu was transferred advances in the amount of 17,2 billion rubles., Unrealized ones remained 10,2 billion rubles. To date, GUOV has made a return of advances worth more than 1,8 billion rubles from Stroyimpulse, and billion rubles on 1,5. The company has submitted acts of performance. “Interacting in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, we were able to solve the most problematic financial issues related to Stroyimpulz,” said new general director of Oboronstroy Timur Ivanov yesterday to Kommersant. “We will continue to work on the return of funds and assets.” According to him, to exclude such incidents in the future, the company will check the mandatory availability of a bank guarantee for the advance, the economic security service will be entrusted with a preliminary analysis of all participants submitting applications for GUOV competitions, and the total amount of all advances issued will be no more than 30%.
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  1. Asgard
    Asgard 18 November 2013 16: 14
    Well, what can I add, someone will profit from the return of the Ministry of Defense’s property back .... The state doesn’t really want to return everything to itself ....
    Although it is simple, recognize all transactions as void, and the activities of outsourcing structures are illegal ...
    Since they will act in compliance with the "liberal" procedures adopted by laws recently, THAT a lot of things will not be found))))
    1. experienced
      experienced 18 November 2013 16: 18
      A duplicate of the article that was already on the site today, slightly "castrated" and under a different name belay
      prodannye-pri-anatolii-serdyukove.html # comment-id-1691223
      1. Tatarus
        Tatarus 18 November 2013 16: 25
        Quote: seasoned
        slightly "castrated" and under a different name

        Well yes. There was Michael, and Michelle became. laughing
        1. experienced
          experienced 18 November 2013 16: 30
          Quote: Tatarus
          Well yes. There was Michael, and Michelle became.

          In the evening, another news will be released (the paragraph will be reduced) and Michelle will become Masha wassat
          1. Tatarus
            Tatarus 18 November 2013 16: 46
            Quote: seasoned
            Michelle will become Masha

            It is desirable that it would not be ours. drinks
  2. Gluxar_
    Gluxar_ 18 November 2013 16: 20
    As always "until the cock bites." But when all the same "pecked" they start to work properly. First of all, return everything that was "incorrectly" implemented, then condemn those who implemented it.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 18 November 2013 20: 03
      Quote: Gluxar_
      First of all, return everything that was "incorrectly" implemented, then condemn those who implemented it.

      On the stolen things he will return to Moscow Region, Serdyukov returned to his wife, Madame, in his eighteen-room apartment and that’s all!
      Sometimes it’s a pity that we do not live in 37
  3. Tatarus
    Tatarus 18 November 2013 16: 24
    Quote: Asgard
    Well, what can I add, someone will profit from the return of the Ministry of Defense’s property back ....

    Directly apocalyptic insanity. First sold out, then bought back.

    Remember the cartoon "three from Prostokvashino"

    -And where do we get the money?
    -Let's sell something you don't need.
    -To sell something that is not needed, you must first buy something that is not needed.

    Prophetic however the cartoon turns out.
    1. Edward72
      Edward72 18 November 2013 16: 26
      Here let the stool and redeem
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 18 November 2013 18: 34

      Quote: Tatarus
      Directly apocalyptic insanity. First sold out, then bought back.

      Who said they are buying out?
      Stolen badly, returned badly .... request
  4. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 18 November 2013 16: 58
    We make a brief conclusion: during the management of the Ministry of Defense, Serdyukov authorized the sale of former military facilities, including historically significant facilities, at notoriously low prices, did not organize control over budget expenditures, and allowed corruption schemes in the central apparatus of the ministry. And after all this, he is "clean as a child's tear." Ugliness!
    1. Valery Neonov
      Valery Neonov 18 November 2013 17: 55
      This "fruit" is not subject to jurisdiction, unfortunately ...Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov no longer appears in the Slavyanka criminal case - Alexander Yelkin has been appointed the theft organizer. Serdyukov, on the other hand, found a new job - from November 1, he was employed at the Rostec branch.
      1. Serg 122
        Serg 122 18 November 2013 20: 54
        Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who recently headed the Federal Research Center for Mechanical Engineering, will be responsible for testing military equipment manufactured at KamAZ, Rostec’s head Sergei Chemezov told the Prime agency.
        He recalled that at present there are no claims from law enforcement agencies to Serdyukov, he is being tried as a witness. “A man sits without work for a year, just as impossible. And he also had a relationship with this technique, which will be produced at KamAZ, ”Chemezov added.

        Wash Serduchka more on "Iveks" specialist .... laughing
        1. samoletil18
          samoletil18 18 November 2013 22: 27
          “A man sits without work for a year, just as impossible.

          I haven’t been working as Minister of Defense for 43 years, and they don’t even put anything on the federal research center, is that right? This is generally a moral torture. Everyone who as many as the Minister of Defense did not work will understand me.
  5. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 18 November 2013 18: 04
    Seryukov Anatoly Eduardovich. From February 15, 2007 to November 6, 2012 - Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. By the time he was appointed to the post, he had the military rank of senior lieutenant of the reserve, at the time of his resignation - the colonel of the reserve. Appointed by President V.V. Putin.

    Dmitry Medvedev: “Serdyukov was an effective Minister of Defense, this was manifested in the course of the reforms that he carried out in the Armed Forces”, “Not all decisions were made easily, not all decisions were made without errors, but serious reforms are not carried out differently,” stressed the prime minister.

    M. Zadornov
    OK, huh? While the Minister of Defense was cheating on the Motherland, ruining the army, no one touched him. And when he changed the wife of the daughter of the best friend of the Chief, then they remembered that before that he had also cheated on his homeland!
    Serdyukov is not to blame for the fact that he perceived the Russian army as his own business. Kind of the kind of co-op where he started making stools. By the way, those who saw these stools claim that they were of very high quality. No wonder they gave him "Taburetkin". He did not create anything better in life than stools for humanity. They say that he even put a huge party in the army. Apparently, when Putin assured the Russians (after the removal of Serdyukov) that the Minister of Defense had done something good for the army, he meant these stools.

    In the army, his wits called Feldmebel!

    Is such a mug can be a thief? Honesty itself ...
    1. alone
      alone 18 November 2013 22: 52
      I think in 5 years and Rogozin will become the same. The process then went
  6. waisson
    waisson 18 November 2013 19: 34
    The main person involved in the embezzlement case at Oboronservis, Evgenia Vasilieva, put pressure on witnesses and forced them to give false testimony, the investigator said at a meeting in the Moscow City Court.
    1. Combitor
      Combitor 19 November 2013 02: 20
      Put pressure on the investigation, prevented the conduct of an objective investigation and the administration of justice, the Kremlin wagon driver, when, with a “blue eye”, declared to the whole country that for people like Chubais “we are not 37 years old”, as a result, Serdyukov is free and positions, Vasilyeva's "landing" is a big question, some thieves, such as Skrynnik and Bilalov, managed to escape abroad. The Putin regime and Bastrykin's investigators gave them time to do this. The rest do not need to go anywhere. They feel good here too. Nobody will touch them. There are two reasons. The first is the closeness to the body of the emperor and the excellent ability to lick on time where needed. Second, they know a lot about the affairs of the Kremlin helmsman. You can't "take", they will start "talking". It is also impossible to kill - the corpses will be "above the roof", and the resonance will go. Therefore, let them live free and steal further. The main thing is not to burrow, revere your benefactor-helmsman and share the plundered "backbreaking work". And for "reporting" you can "take" every little thing. Which is either "stale" or is not divided. Although what division can be with the same "10 million"? It would be enough for myself. But you still need to "take". And you need to report to the townsfolk and show everyone how you "pull out corruption by the roots." And the fact that the Serdyukov case of harming the country's defense (the "firing squad" article in Soviet times, even a grave mound would not have been left) was "retrained" into financial fraud ... So what? This is a consequence. Now, if Serdyukov and Vasilyeva danced on the altar in the main church with a song about a carriage driver. Then another thing: "two-piece".
      1. andr327
        andr327 19 November 2013 06: 14
        All right! Confused articles, Instead of betrayal, ordinary heap
  7. ZU-23
    ZU-23 18 November 2013 20: 00
    Property returns is good, but Serdyukov along with property is bad.
  8. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 18 November 2013 20: 36
    I look at the people already tired of commenting on this insanity of power. And pay attention to the media, this also flashed a moment. In the meantime, they understand and return the lost - this ghoul will still lead to several billion. For whose benefit do you know. What about new iPhone ideas? Yes, they just mock people am
  9. samoletil18
    samoletil18 18 November 2013 22: 12
    It’s friends, then relatives, but it’s as if uninvolved ... Punished by work on the theft of mechanical engineering. They want to provoke a revolution? In the last revolution, red with white, in the next honest people with officials? Why wake up famously?
  10. sashka
    sashka 19 November 2013 01: 43
    Everything is as usual. Nothing new. Insanity grew stronger.