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Satisfaction or timely apology

At the training ground of the division, the company shot off regular training firing. G. was either the head of the shooting, or his assistant. I don’t remember exactly, and it doesn’t matter. Your humble servant was at one of the training places: "Materiel and performance characteristics of weapons tank". My task was to tell the study groups the device and principles of operation of the 2A46M gun (well, I still remember the name!), PKM and NSVT. Arms and types of ammunition lay on the table covered with raincoat tents. I would like to note that the sergeants in the training were left with either ambulans (to maintain order in the company), or clever men who were bent in combat and technology (for training cadets). The percentage of the first and second companies is somewhere around 70/30. These are 30 percent performed, so to speak, intellectual and responsible where the ability to explain, tell, show the correctness of the execution was required. And the rest of the sergeants played the role of shepherds of soldiers and the punishing organ of the company. I, who did not have the physique of an athlete, were left to teach tank commanders the basics of technical knowledge and skills of shooting from a tank. everyone was in his place.

In the intervals between night and daytime firing, I sat near the stove and warmed up in the classroom. The company was at dinner, and I, guarding weapon (albeit academic) waited for me to bring a kettle with food. Letting in the frosty air, Starley G. burst into the heated room.

- Bitch. Here is the bat! - Starlei eyes threw sparks. - Give me a smoke, Sasha.

I handed him an open pack of cigarettes, but did not ask what happened. G. leaned on the gun standing on the box and nervously lit a cigarette. He took a long deep breath and sighed heavily. Paused. It was evident that the starley was gnawing something and breaking from the inside the desire to share with someone.

- Count up, blah, kombat times * fucked for nothing! Before fighters and officers. Goat. Is it possible? And in fact I am not guilty. He just did not understand until the end. So, under the hot hand I caught him. And he got me in full. With all! Bitch, and did not say a word, his mouth was plugged and sent out.

G. asked for another cigarette and lit it from the still extinct.

- It's a shame, damn it! A muzzle would fill the major or parachute at all, as he me. So it is impossible: subordination and soldiers around, they will hear more. That would be, as before, to call a duel and clear the scoreboard. Type: "Sir, I demand satisfaction." And - a glove in the face.

Starley swung a pair of leather gloves into the opposite wall. The door opened, gloves flew past the frightened fighter with a pot, and he almost spilled tea in a mug. The fighter gave me the pot and was going to sit at the stove as a reward. Feeling the sensitiveness of the situation, I sent him outside.

- Will you have tea, comrade senior lieutenant?

- Come on. - Leytёha began to calm down. - Well, that's what to do, Sasha, with a major?

We were the same age, and in the minutes when we were alone, he allowed us to call him by name.

- I do not know, Seryoga. I am in cases when I * fuck, stand and smile to myself. I have to endure this year, and all of them in this shit even before retirement stew. It calms me down. And you do not know what to do. He is a commander, he is right. You can't give a shit to him.

He smoked some more, G. looked at his watch: it was time to get ready for night shooting. He went to the tower to the head of the shooting, and a group of cadets burst in to me. Classes began, and I forgot about the conversation.

Returning from the shooting at one in the morning, the company went along the 8 km paths. We were lucky: most of the textbooks and cartridges and weapons were loaded into the car and sent to the unit with three lucky ones. And the rest of the light stomped on foot. G. emerged from the darkness and pulled me aside. We fell behind, and in a low voice he told me a sequel stories with the battalion commander.

"Before the shooting, I left you and went to the tower. Your last words that you can’t give a shit to a major stuck in your head. They didn’t give me any peace and showed how you can achieve satisfaction. Shit, of course, it’s impossible. And POSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE. A plan for revenge began to appear in my head. As a firing officer, I cannot leave the tower during firing, so if I wait until the major comes along with another check and starts to go up the stairs, he can be pushed. , cold, the body requires water And we drink tea and coffee, as you know, you won't get enough. I apologize, of course. And I will try hard not to put it on (it’s useless to stink the urine), so just a little for the fact and for your comfort. Satisfied with my idea, I calmed down and waited for the right moment, peering out into the darkness near the tower.After the next "race" of the crews, I went out to smoke on the balcony of the tower. 100 meters from us opened the door to the technicians' kaibash. In the doorway was clearly visible battalion. He went out and walked quickly toward the tower, talking on the phone. Here it is, the moment of truth. I threw a goby, stood in the shadow around the corner, pressed against the cold bricks. The major, fascinated by conversation, did not see me and came closer and closer to the place where the stairs to the tower began. Right below me. I got my pisyuna, took it to the ready, as they were taught, took into account the amendment to the wind. Tea in the tower was drunk a lot in advance, and I have already drawn the jet trajectory according to the laws of external ballistics. As if helping me, the battalion stopped right in the place where I was aiming and began to pack the phone in a case. I jerked the shutter and ...

The major called me.

- Senior Lieutenant G.! He shouted loudly.

The target operator operator looking out of the tower looked down.

- Comrade Warrant Officer, call down Lieutenant G.! - shouted battalion commander.

Prapor dived back into the room, he did not notice me in the shadows with a member in his hands. It was necessary to do something and I, buttoning my fly on the move, went downstairs.

“Comrade Major, Senior Lieutenant G., by your order, has arrived.” - I saluted.

The major handed me a cigarette.

- Smoke, Starley. Listen, forgive me for yelling at you. I was wrong, I did not understand the situation completely. And then there's the check from the division ... Well, forgive me, Seryoga. No offense? I apologize tomorrow before the formation, if you want.

- What are you, Ivanovich, do not. Hush up, forget. It's okay

- Right? Well, okay, I'll go to the training points. Stay by

I climbed the tower already in a cheerful mood. But I almost pissed off the battalion commander, you fool. And he turned out to be a normal guy. "

We have long lagged behind the company, because during the story we stopped a few times and bellowed.

I was impatient, and I turned away from the railway track. Only I relaxed, behind my back I heard someone’s steps and the voice of a battalion commander.

- What are you with the sergeant behind, Starley? Quickly catch up with the company.

It turns out that he and the NSH walked behind everyone and talked about something when they caught up with G.

On the run Seryoga looked at me and said:

- Look where it is, warrior!

Choking with laughter, we caught up with the company going into the darkness.
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  1. Jake danzels
    Jake danzels 4 December 2013 12: 10
    Vitally) I'm sitting at work and just choking on laughter)
  2. MEHT
    MEHT 9 September 2014 13: 09
    A normal peasant battalion commander would have had more of these in the army.