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Hyperbolic reflector, or the Case was on guard (part two)

In the fire battalion of the training tank regiment, where I served, there was a guard on the DOS. I already mentioned him. And what I want to say is about good officers. A platoon starle G. served in our company. He was by no means a g ..., but a very decent officer in his own way. He didn’t really want to serve, but he pulled the service. He, like most newly minted lieutenants, got into the unit with a twinkle in his eyes and a desire to defend his homeland, to train soldiers. But, faced with the army bureaucracy and tailoring bureaucracy (fill in 5 pieces of paper per cartridge), the lack of living conditions (a room for two unmarried people and the lack of prospects for an apartment), dolboevizmom (sorry, but it is not called in another way), his enthusiasm began to fade . But the homeland demanded a 5-year contract from him for free training in military affairs, and he paid off this debt well. Could, of course, score for the service, but he was respected among the fighters and knew a lot from the military. Questions about materiel tank and fully disclosed tactics in the classroom (to whom it was interesting). I quickly found a common language with him. We were of the same age, together at the same time we studied at a military lyceum (albeit in different cities), but he went on to the institute (which all letech called for some reason "bursa"), and I chose a different profession. I was called at 25, but without a tower, I served in full. So we became friends: a KV officer and a sergeant-conscript. But there was something else that united us. In the bursa, Starley participated in KVN and had an amazing sense of humor. We really persecuted him (I hope they will understand me). We made fun of others, acted out everyone and bred like children. G. himself quite adequately perceived jokes over himself, but again, in moderation and, most importantly, funny. He himself also never allowed himself to stupidly insult his subordinates. Well, in general, the man was traveling, he covered us when necessary, he answered for his words and actions, he set himself up correctly with the commanders.

And information for memories. In the guard it is necessary to keep a sentry list, everyone knows that. Such a piece of paper, which indicates the composition of the guard, when someone is on what posts, etc. Among others, there is a column "Nedolіki zavocayuschev neslennyu service." When accepting and putting on a dress, she is filled with a nakkar. As a rule, it is necessary to write something so that both guards are not punished and there are no questions for them. Type: "Light bulb burned out at 3 post" (fault of RMO), "Bad connection with 1 post" (fault of communication platoon), "Trench collapsed at 6 post" (engineers are working), etc. It is clear that mostly "short stories" do not change, but correspond from the list to the list, so to speak, without looking.

Well now история.

From minute to minute waited "Ural" with the change. The nachkar G.'s bored gaze focused on the guard list. He lazily flipped through it, once again checked the correctness of the filling.

- Look here, Sasha, again army marasmus. Fuck the dirty paper and rewrite the same thing every time. Already these shortcomings would be eliminated and forgotten. So no, if I leave the column empty, then I fixed everything myself. If I accept an empty one, it means that I broke everything myself, let's do it now. Well, insanity, eh, Mosel?

- So you, comrade senior lieutenant, write something new.

- Why write something? Wow, so that no one more than once * ebali and at the same time, the truth. Well this is a document after all. - Starlei's eyes shone and the head began to work hard in anticipation of fun.

After several options, I stopped at my: "On the 4 post (far), the hyperbolic reflector is cracked." Recorded in postovuhu. Just had time - the shift arrived. We handed over the order in the guardhouse, changed posts, took our things and left for the regiment.

The next time with G. in the guard, we stepped through 2 week. When transferring the attire, the starley saw a familiar flaw in the list of the changing attire and called me.

- This is something new. Cho for garbage? Oleg, I will not take on this outfit. How did you manage to break the reflector? Where will I get it then?

Old Nachkar Oleg thoughtfully chukhal turnip:

- Seryoga, listen, there is such a thing. My assistant rewrote from the list of the guard, but I did not look. And then I saw 4 times climbed to the tower, rummaged everything, WELL NO THERE IS NO REFLECTOR. I already called the company in the company asked - does not know. And he called his friends back. Dick knows where he went, they steal it along the way. What do we do? How much does it cost, this hyper-tripper? Take the outfit as well. I'll put down, you know me.

Mr. barely restrained so as not to laugh. It was easier for me, pretending to not hear the dialogue: I turned my back on them.

“Okay, Olezhka, we have an old reflector somewhere in the company of a sergeant lying around, calling, sending a car.” But with you maghar. Hooked up?

- I owe you, Seryoga.

Shaking hands, they signed the statements and went their separate ways.

I don’t know how Oleg was later put down. But we laughed at the beginning and wrote down the statement: "On the 4 post of the post the REFLECTOR on the searchlight is cracked." He was cracked when he was put, cracked, probably now.

Morality. As the company told us: "Read the source and learn the performance characteristics". Quote from the book "Object 434": "... a headlight with a HYPERBOLIC REFLECTOR is used to highlight targets when shooting at night ...".
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  1. Volyna
    Volyna 22 November 2013 14: 11
    Yeah, we also have one frame when accepting the guardhouse in the dining room I was looking for the bowl of Genoa laughing