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The tale of how cadets cleaned the trunks

Autumn of the mid “eighties”, the third course of HaGiVa-gi, as we jokingly called our school, departed for an internship in the troops. Our company was in the city of Cherkasy, in tank divisions. There were four friends: Yurka, Sashka, Igor and I. And right away we decided to try to “distribute ourselves” together, so when we heard that one of the companies needed exactly four cadets, and not three, as usual, we, without saying a word, “took a step forward”.

So we ended up in a tank company, and not in a simple, but in a company of training and combat tanks, there were at that time such tank regiments ... and the captain commanded this company with a beautiful Cossack surname Zevizistup. How much time has passed, but I remember everything ... In short, they came under the bright eyes of the company, Yurka, as the senior group (by the way, he was also our commander of the squad, the “chest of drawers”, as we briefly called this post), reported on the arrival, and here we realized that we were happy, but we still didn’t really understand that, like, most importantly, where to apply such “force”, so we were sent to the Lenin room of the company. We waited there for the decision of our fate, and the entrance to the room was open, it was located near the entrance to the location of the company. We had time, alternately, for a “second”, to look into three officers, with the rank of lieutenant - senior lieutenant, who went into the location and saw a group of cadets. Having found out who we are, whence and, most importantly, why, they somehow quickly “evaporated”. What at once somehow puzzled us, but after a while everything became clear, the officers turned out to be platoon commanders and, having learned that “already four cadets of the“ Kharkov citizen ”arrived in the company, they quickly wrote a report on leave and“ darted ”to company for the "visa". The most interesting thing is that the company officer signed the first two of them, which apparently meant that in his understanding “four third-year cadets” are almost equal to two platoon commanders.

Well, we were again summoned to the company headquarters, and he set us the task - today to familiarize ourselves with the location and assist in the execution of documents, and tomorrow morning to go to the division landfill, where the company’s tanks were at the moment and assist the rote engineer of the company put it, in the "bringing" tanks in a sense. In addition, he introduced us to the general course of affairs. It turned out that all the commanders and gunners of the company were sent to the head of the landfill and participated in the equipment for the landfill. Passed the so-called "preparatory period" between training periods. When the tanks were alone mehvody, and then not all, part. So that we would not “get lost”, we were given one guide, one of the soldiers of the company. Thanks to which we were able to get to the landfill, as it was located far beyond the city limits and had to go there by public transport, and then for quite a long time to go through the forest, they themselves, of course, would not have found this road "from the first time", perhaps which is not from the second ...

There was silence at the test site, which is very rare, but we are “lucky”. The robots of the company, a very tired senior lieutenant, looked at us as the “army of God,” suddenly appearing at the moment when they “did not wait” ... ”“ Guys, how could you get there in time, ”he just managed to say how suddenly , like a little bloke, appeared some kind of captain. Learning from the senior lieutenant who we are, he without hesitation threw: "" Throw "them on the" trunks "." As it turned out, the captain was the head of the RAV service, so his “love” for the purity of tank barrels was quite explicable. The task was not the archives of what complexity, it was just URGENTLY necessary to clean the trunks of the tank guns of the whole company, that is, ten tanks. Shoe trunks, eka nevidal. As they say - “right off the bat,” we asked if there was a ready solution for cleaning the barrels and, if not, where to get its components: potassium bichromate and ammonium carbonate?

The captain looked at us somehow differently and speaking already to the senior lieutenant, he said: "Look, you sent the smart ones" and then turning to us, he continued: "Of all that you said here, there is only this in existence" after which he kicked a wooden box from under the rifle ammunition, then opened the lid by hand and we saw that it was full of white crystalline powder to the eyeballs. It is clear - "ammonium carbonate." After which a brief briefing was held, it was as follows:

- it is necessary to prepare a “mushy” solution from the powder and evenly distribute it - smear it over the entire bore of the barrel;

- wait until the moment when “porridge” changes color and becomes “bluish”;

- then QUICKLY wash the bore with diesel fuel and lubricate the barrel.

Quickly!!! Since the resulting solution is so aggressive that I cite almost verbatim: “Cover the“ Zhiguli ”at night with this“ filth, ”only wheels will be left in the morning”. Seeing that his words “reached us” and we, as they say, imbued with all the importance of the moment and task, the captain wished us good luck and left.

And here it turned out that our guide also performed the role of a messenger, handed the order to the SCR order - “Urgently, bring all the mechanics to the RPM, to the bathhouse and to change clothes” The SCW called its eagles, the mechanics, also wished for good luck and, at the head of a small column, “dissolved” in the forest. And so on the small section of the landfill they remained, we were four cadets and they were ten company tanks that had to clean the trunks. The case was known, so we began to argue. While Sasha brought water and in the used “zinc” cartridge “alchemy”, achieving the desired consistency of the solution, we prepared the first tank for work and assembled the barbell, fastened a “soft” bannik to it. The lowered trunk made it possible to carefully study its internal part and this inspection did not please, the trunk was VERY dirty, apparently the shooting was long ago and to coppering and soot, rust was added. Well, “the eyes are afraid, the hands are doing”, a little “having prayed”, for good luck, they have broken. Pretty quickly, we were able to evenly “move” the “porridge” along the entire length of the barrel. Everything, now it was necessary to wait, when solution begins to change color. We are waiting for 10, 15, 30 minutes, removed, pulled on the armor and served wedge bolt, managed to play football a bit, play an empty can…. Not "blue". Quickly found "guilty" - Sasha, according to the general version, "LOW" concentration. This time, Yurka was in charge of the whole process, but Sashka prevented everything again ... Well, a new, more “correct” solution is ready. We quickly process the second gun, and the first - “does not turn blue” ... We waited another 15 minutes, both barrels were “whitish”, well, if so, then we quickly “prepared” all the barrels and serve wedge-locks. Expecting that with such a time interval, we will always have time ... As soon as we completed the work with the last barrel, then to our joy we saw blue color all over the surface - Hooray! Done, you can clean. But our joy was not long, while we were dragging the rods from the last tank to the first and unfolding all the other property, Igor seizing the moment looked at the barrel of one of the medium tanks and shouted: "And here is blue !!!". It was an alarm. We quickly rushed to this trunk and made sure that this was so, but an express check of all the trunks showed that they were ALL blue, all ten ... Why, then I suddenly had a picture of four wheels and a small pile of iron oxide - "frail" the remains of "Lada". Apparently, my comrades saw the same thing, because we began to work very quickly and controversially. On the “one” breath, they washed out four barrels and chambers with diesel fuel, dried and smeared them, covering the stem section with “waxed” paper, almost like in “primer”. Then the “second” breathing continued without interruption, and two more trunks - READY, a total of six. With a “creak”, but from where the “third” came from, the truth was enough for one trunk, seven ... They were able to make another one for anger - eight. On the ninth, everything seems to have ended, and "breathing" and "anger." We have really just "ended." Who does not know, but the cleaning of artillery barrels is carried out by moving the bannik “back and forth” on a plot somewhere meter - one and a half at least ten times, after which the bannik is fed into the depths of the barrel for the same meter and a half and everything starts over again until the bannik it turns out to be in the “chamber”, after which the barrel is “dried” - by pulling a cloth twisted on a bannik and the purity of the barrel is checked, and if there are no dark specks on the mirror surface, then another bannik is driven through the barrel, with lubricant applied on it. By the same principle, the chamber is cleaned and lubricated, but already from the inside of the tank ... So, there was enough strength to move here and there, it was enough forces, and they were enough to “feed” forward and everything, then everything just lay on the bar, waiting for the first one to move , to help him at this moment by connecting to the “process”. But the ninth one is ready. As the tenth service, honestly I do not remember, but when it was all over, the yard began to darken. We spent a whole daylight day and this later had its consequences ... As you remember, the road passed through the forest, so going into the forest, we almost immediately fell into the “pitch” darkness, we could not see ANYTHING, we could hardly guess trees, but branches and paths it was not visible, it was not visible even the palms of outstretched arms. They walked “by the sound”, that is, as there were a lot of soldiers walking along the path, and even in boots, she was trampled down “to black” and the steps along it were “quiet”, but it was enough to get off her, as the crunch of twigs sounded. needles and withered grass, returned - to the voice of the one who had “quietly” under their feet, but once they all got off the path ... Then, as if on cue, they squatted down, everyone began to search for the path in their “sector”. Igor was the first to feel about it, he immediately notified everyone, quietly moved to his voice, precisely, “quietly” under his feet, quickly discussed where to go further and went, carefully listening to the steps. At one point, it became audible that someone was coming to a meeting with us, and this “someone” was clearly not one, but soon a bright red light became visible, the one in front of that group was smoking ... From the darkness came a voice: “Guys, hold on right, and then by killing each other ... ". Silently accepted to the right, until a “crunch” began to be heard under the right foot, but leaving the left one on the footpath and at that moment I saw shadows flicker on the left, this was passed by the oncoming group, people-shadows appeared from “out of nowhere” and after a moment there also disappeared ... .All missed each other, we again fully embarked on the path and went, after not a long time, it became clear that we would soon get out of the forest, as the forest became less frequent and began to "brighten", we could see a lot and the path so that the speed increased s. Well, the forest was over and before us in all its glory the final stop of the bus was presented, on which the bus was standing, with burning lights, and up to all this 300 meters and such silence ... Something was not quite right, but apparently the prospect of skipping the bus and going back was not “rosy” to everyone, and there were some plans for the evening, so without saying a word, they immediately switched to a “big trot”, only the wind whistled in the ears ... And only “bursting” into the salon, the old well-deserved LiAZik, we realized that it was “almost wrong” - the bus was standing with a muffled engine ...

The next day, the company was not in the morning, but his order was handed over by the company commander. And this time the task was related to the maintenance of weapons, we were opened with a “weapon” and we served everything weapon the company, by the way, is in fairly good condition, but the principle that a weapon “loves affection, cleanliness and lubrication” is fundamental when communicating with a weapon, otherwise don’t be surprised if at the most inappropriate moment it can let you down , PKT and NSVT - complete nonsense, compared with yesterday, so they did not hurry and "stretched the pleasure" for the whole day. In the evening, closing the weapon, we began to expect the arrival of the company, well, so he came, strangely looked at us and invited to go to the office. Everything became not “very interesting” ... Usually such “invitations” ended, to put it mildly, “spills”, so we went there, without much enthusiasm ... We went in, lined up along the table, silently “devouring” the authorities, the surest way "Devotion and readiness to redeem ...". The company company, sitting at the head of the table, looked at us, like a student, and asked the question: “You, what did you do with the guns yesterday?” I don’t know how my comrades did, but for some reason it flashed through my head - “The tenth trunk” . Today, when we cleaned small arms, of course, we also talked about our yesterday's “feat”, so everyone admitted that they didn’t remember how they finished working with him, Igor was more or less adequate at that time, he worked inside tanks and examined the trunks , and assured that the barrel was clean, but working with the wedge-bolts it was also healthy, "so ..." In my ears it sounded: "Towards the morning, from Zhigulya one wheels ...", and before my eyes - a tank barrel, with holes ... from untidy pieces of "porridge" ... The first, as befits the commander, gave voice to Yuri: "What have we done? "And heard in response -" Yes, a miracle. "The vision of the trunk, immediately evaporated, we all transformed into 1000% rumor ... Everything became clear from the company’s story. In the morning yesterday, even before our arrival, the Division’s National Defense Division selectively checked several tanks in each training and combat company of the regiments of the division and accordingly found that they were in a “terrible state”, which he reported to the division’s anti-missile division, which he announced last night gathering at the site of all the commanders of regiments, battalions and companies, as well as the "all technical thought" of the regiment, from the regiment's SCW to the SCW mouth, inclusive, so today everyone was expecting "mass rape, with all the perversions". There were no people to quickly eliminate the deficiency ... And it so happened that he began the inspection from our company. What he saw there plunged him into a little shock. First of all, seeing the wax paper on the trunk section, he became enraged and called everyone “fig leaf lovers”, but the first checked trunk, somehow knocked out of the “rut,” according to the Ravista report, the gun was cleaned and mothballed according to the requirements. ZKV ordered to check selectively four more guns, the report is the same. As a result, the prepared dressing turned into the organization of the “excursion” of all the arrived commanders and deputy engineers on the tanks of our company. And the announcement of thanks to the commander of our regiment ...

By the way, after this incident, the attitude towards us became very good, and the entire subsequent internship went very well and, most importantly, with benefit, as we were fearlessly allowed to operate and repair the company’s tanks, as a result of which we gained a lot of practical experience, which otherwise and you will not gain ...

What did I “carry out” for myself from this stories? Yes, that after any shooting, ALWAYS found the time to, if not completely clean the trunks at once, then at least, while they are “hot”, to “stretch” them twice with a bannik with lubricant, so, in any case, the formation of rust ... and then they were easier to clean.
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  1. 505506
    505506 18 November 2013 08: 39
    Well done !!!
  2. Neighbor
    Neighbor 18 November 2013 10: 27
    Much more interesting than the previous one about toilets. I'm talking about "toilet stories".
  3. Borninussr
    Borninussr 18 November 2013 11: 39
    Interesting story. He himself served in a training tank regiment.
  4. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 18 November 2013 14: 24
    Sergey, my heart was already warm from my memories ...
    Very brightly told.

    As you recall this: "back and forth" ... and after "drying" a few boobies with aspiration wait for the cry of someone who is "in the tank." If he yelled “More!”, Then he should have done it all over again ...
    Most often, they were cleaned right at the training ground after the staff, so “back and forth” is steadily associated with clods of adhering dirt and clay on kirzachs, which turn shoes into weights.

    PCT was also cleaned immediately - this habit was simply driven into the brain.
    Right in front of my eyes is a picture: three cadets are walking along the path from the tank director to the side of the training ground. Winter. Cold. The trunk is still warm and lies on the right shoulder, supported by a fur coat. You trail along a path trodden in a snowdrift, your legs are numb. In front of the "course", the electric start wire was unwound and the PKT twist plug dangled left and right to the beat of the steps ...
    You stop, you correct the wire for him, because you understand that he himself is not able to do it ... no one has the strength to remove the trunk from his shoulder.

    And “Experience” in the troops is the best adventure in cadet everyday life!
    Seniority is ... we put out the light, we merge masto, to all of us.
    1. svp67
      21 November 2013 00: 11
      Quote: Aleks tv
      You stop, you correct the wire for him, because you understand that he himself is not able to do it ... no one has the strength to remove the trunk from his shoulder.

      Alex ... honestly, sometimes you just ask yourself a question, but did you dream about everything? Like in another life. How then it was all complicated, but much simpler ...
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 21 November 2013 00: 41
        Serge as usual +, I look forward to continuing!
      2. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 21 November 2013 01: 56
        Quote: svp67
        How then it was all complicated, but much simpler ...

        And, for some reason ... happier.

        It was hard, but good.
        Yes, the cadet years were one of the best - faithful friendship, reliable faith in everything that happens and youth.
        But the troops also had what I expected. Everything was clear.

        But then everything changed ................
        The power of money has changed lives.
        eheh. IMHO.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 21 November 2013 02: 02
          Ah Lesh, when they already invent the time machine, return at least for a day.
          1. studentmati
            studentmati 21 November 2013 02: 22
            Quote: Alex 241
            Eh Lesh, when they already invent the time machine, return at least for a day

            Times were significant !!!! World turned upside down. Whether we wanted it or not?
            "You shouldn't bend under the changing world, let it bend under us better!"
            1. Aleks tv
              Aleks tv 21 November 2013 06: 07
              Quote: Alex 241
              come back even for a day.

              Quote: studentmati
              "You shouldn't bend under the changing world, let it bend under us better!"

              Nothing. Where ours did not disappear.
              Break through, Alexandra.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 19 November 2013 12: 00
  6. Kunar
    Kunar 30 December 2013 19: 11
    Quote: Alex 241
    Ah Lesh, when they already invent the time machine, return at least for a day.

    In this situation, it seems to be back. And it seems, not for a day .....
  7. shevron
    shevron 15 February 2014 14: 46
    Something similar was when there was an emergency. Usually three pyramids were cleaned, and on the fourth, as usual, there were not enough people (who is in the outfit who is at work) So, slowly, the machines in the fourth were dirty and stood before the check. It took a lot of effort to clean them. We tried immediately after firing at the barrel to add grease
  8. Gunner
    Gunner 4 August 2015 18: 19
    You guys haven’t cleaned yet another 8 meters of the M-46 RIPPED barrel.