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Far Eastern stories ch.1

Far Eastern stories ch.1

Service in the Far East has never been easy. It was not by chance that our Komdivka liked to frighten the slobs with a promise: “I will send to serve where you will be singing all the time:“ Far Eastern is a strong support! ”.

It was not an empty threat, then there were a lot of troops behind the Ural ridge, and quite a few of our guys went wandering around the wild steppes of Transbaikalia, learning that Kolyma is really a “wonderful planet” and developing the bearish corners of the Far Eastern taiga, where “peeoshnie” were stationed radio companies, battalions and regiments.

One of these "lucky" turned out to be our school champion of all competitions, in the lightest weight, Igor Baryshnikovsky, who had the resounding nickname "huckster".

Komdivka, who had fulfilled his promise, did not like him for anything in relation to the duty station.

The fate and service of the huckster is a vivid example of the attitude of our "democratic" Russia towards its advocates. All Soviet obligations in respect of officer benefits (and then not too generous), the new rulers were safely "poher." How this affected the fate of hundreds of thousands of officers can be clearly seen in the life of Baryga.

He told about it this way:

“I was drafted into the army (I entered the school) from the 2 room Khrushchev, in which I lived with my parents. My father was an officer and Khrushchev was located in the forest garrison of the Vaganov brigade of the 6-th OA air defense. I got to the Far East after graduation, where I served more than 20 for years in various “holes” in which companies and battalions of the air defense radio engineering forces were located. After the State Emergency Committee the Chief of Staff of the battalion in which I served, disappeared along with all the money.

Combat after this was removed, and the new one - suggested that I become a battalion chief financial officer, although in this case I didn’t understand ANYTHING. (Apparently, the command rightly reasoned that it was better to deal with an honest former "political worker" than with a professional crook with good preparation. Or maybe there was simply no one to put.)

In general, after replacing a dozen and a half "holes" and garrisons, and rising to the rank of major, I safely retired from the gallant ranks of the collapsing "Russian" army and arrived at the place of draft, i.e. home - in the familiar paternal Khrushchev Vaganovsky brigade. (Fortunately, the parents were alive and took the "prodigal" son (with his family) to their apartment.

I got a job and began to work, because to live now for a major retirement (with all the services and additional payments I have about 7 thousand rubles (This story is written in 2011 year - now they have increased the pension Baryge)) is simply impossible.

A peasant working with me, Vitek, with whom we have friendly relations. I told him about my service and fate, terribly hitting him. At first, he did not even believe that the military was now so sour.

His fate was also not easy. In his youth, Vityok received 15 years in prison for murder. Apparently, he did not differ in exemplary behavior in the colony, since served the entire term "from call to call." But his family during this time managed to get an excellent three-room apartment in Leningrad, in which Vitek safely and moved after the "release" of the fixed time. Got a job. In 60 years received a pension - 12 thousand rubles.

Sometimes he asks me, why did 20 for years wander around places where Makar did not drive calves and where they did not even build prisons ?! ”
Well, okay, enough about the sad.

Huckster knows many Far Eastern stories, one of which I will cite in the author's performance:


“I went to the new place of service by helicopter, with comfort. It was possible to get on one "board" with the head of the RAV army, who flew into "my" radio engineering battalion with the inspection. Then a two-hour flight to MI-8 along the coast of the Tatar Strait is a beauty. Landing. The rotation of the screw ends, the door opens, and I see my college classmate, Gena Davydyonka, He met our helicopter. On the way, Gena says that the battalion commander in the hospital - with a stroke, Gena himself, just flew in from vacation, "from the West."

In the battalion during his absence - a number of events occurred. The chief of staff of the battalion was Captain Mikhalov, who was the acting director of the commander, while Gene rested on vacation.

As I heard this name, I immediately asked: “Not Vova Mikhalov, by any chance?”, “He’s the most,” answers Gena.

“Congratulations,” I say. “I know Vova well, they served in neighboring companies.

He had the reputation of the “main clown” of the village of Troitskoe (who knows, this is the district center of the Nanais). MikhalOv deserved such fame there as a company commander. ”

Now, as it turns out, he famously commanded a battalion and had already managed to do a lot (during the Genius absence and the commanding stroke).

Among the countless "feats" of Mikhalov, during this period, his trip to the Russian stove with playing the balalaika stood out in particular. Under his stove, on his orders, the fighters converted the GAZ-66 truck. He was covered with boards and plywood, painted accordingly. The result was a Russian stove, like from the cartoon “By Pike”. On it, Vova and rolled through the village, lying on the "stove" and sticking on the balalaika, as Emelya from that tale. At the same time, Vova was dressed in bloomers and a shirt, which he personally sewed for the occasion.

(Mikhalov was a good tailor in general, he himself wrote poems, sang - in general, an extraordinary performer of the pop-circus genre died in it).

On another occasion, Vova distributed automatic rifles and ammunition to soldiers, then put ZNU-4 with full ammunition on the bank and scared fish inspectors with indiscriminate firing from this "drums", driving their boats away from their poaching networks. About this shooting and arrived in the battalion, the head of the RAA army.

I just made a "dizzying" career and after five years as the deputy commander of the company - I was appointed down - the secretary of the Komsomol committee in this battalion, where Gena was the deputy politician, and Mikhalov as chief of staff.

I was immediately included in the inspection commission. weapons and ammunition battalion. It turned out that 60% zinc opened, and where the cartridges - the chief of staff can not explain, but only shows the paper from the state industrial enterprise, from which it follows that he gave them a loan for the hunting season 2000 cartridges. He had no right to do this, and the piece of paper itself was a frank “filing letter”.

From the ZPU, 500 shells were shot, besides this, more than 40 grenades were blown up. There were no supporting documents for this outrage either.

Because of the firing of BZT cartridges, the engine of the T-54 tractor (a tractor that’s only six months old) was shot out; the ZIL-130 (also new) cabin was shot through in several places. It was Vova who experienced the penetration power of domestic weapons ...

The command of the brigade also became aware of the claims of the local Rybkop shop, where our armed soldiers came in and took vodka “credit”. These are the feats of all for the 45 day he managed to make our long-suffering battalion under the command of Vova Mikhalov !!!

I do not know how, but it was all "hushed up."

Mikhalov again continued to be the acting commander of the battalion.

He was odd with Gena smaller, but sometimes, in the mood, rode out (!!!) in front of the battalion on a white horse, borrowed from the local collective farm. The officers in this case retreated to the side.

Mikhalov also never parted with a megaphone - he gave orders to him both to soldiers and officers.

Once, Gena Davydionok decided to make a theatrical production with Vova about the establishment of Soviet power in the taiga villages in 20-s.
I do not know how this idea got into the head of Gene, but Mikhalov enthusiastically set to work. For a start, his “Pa Sha” he stuck with an aglet, then made a piece for himself, attached gold “front” double-sided shoulder straps to his tunic, like that of a tsarist colonel.

His friend companion Ensign Drygailo sewed a uniform of a cossack with stripes from staff uniforms. Time passed, and things were moving badly. However, Vova was not discouraged: sometimes he had dressed up in this absurd form and paced along the barracks, scaring a soldier into a megaphone .

Here Gena Davydenok (the initiator of the preparation of the stupid play) left for the replacement “to the West”. And his idea with the production has died down.

After the replacement, a new deputy politician, Viktor Ivanovich S., arrived - a man in years, a serious real hard worker - a “political worker”. He arranged several times for Mikhalov to drag her out, he, it seems, and abandoned his “quirks”. Everything more or less calmed down, especially since a new commander was appointed to the battalion, after the Kalinin Academy, a young and energetic man. With him, Vova fell silent for a while ....

But, once it happened that the commander, deputy leader, secretary of the party organization and I (Komsomol) were simultaneously at the gathering.

The battalion again remained in command of Mikhalov. We are at the training camp.

And here we learn that the KGB of the Terney district has passed information about the malicious, hooligan and anti-Soviet (!!!) trick of Mikhalov in the village, and even with the use of weapons. For those times - "nonsense" most notable !!!

A large commission urgently left for the battalion (through Sovgavan).

I decided to travel through Vladivostok, knowing that I would not get on the helicopter together with the commission. However, it so happened that I was the first to arrive at the battalion. I learn from the officers and local residents the latest events:

Mikhalov and his friend Ensign Drygailo properly got drunk and remembered the preparation of the play. Immediately they took horses in a collective farm stable, dressed in their “White Guard” outfits, and a dozen soldiers dressed up in the appropriate uniform.

Next - "Oil Painting." Two riders enter the village of deaf taiga: one depicts the White Guard colonel, the other the captain. Esaul holds a tricolor in his hands (this action took place in 1985, just “Gorby” vzbrendilo take up the fight with the “green serpent”).

The colonel yells at the whole village in a megaphone: “Villagers, the Soviets are over !!! Long live free Russia! Without krasnopuzykh - commies! ”.

All local aborigines are in touch and prostration, waiting for the development of events. And events - are developing rapidly: after the riders knead the dust (with carbines on their shoulders) detachment of "white" soldiers. This military unit gets to the local village council. The colonel famously tears the flag of the RSFSR and fastens the tricolor brought by Captain (the height of the horse allows it).

Then the command is sent to the megaphone: “Go out to all the village council workers !!!” The soldiers actively help the sluggish “sovdepovtsam” (butts and fists) to get fresh air.

(Mikhalov’s trouble was that at that moment the village secretary, for some unknown reason, was the first secretary of the local CPSU district committee. Either flew with a check, or arrived for fishing). He was trying to figure out something, but where there ...

Mikhalov has at least a liter in his forehead !!! He does not intend to enter into conversations with outsiders.

Oryot: “To the wall of the Krasnopuz bastard !!!”, yes, for persuasiveness — he shoots a pistol into the air. Then his command is distributed: “Fire!”.
The soldiers took aim and gave a single volley in the direction of the co-workers !!!! Silent scene among those who have not lost consciousness and not put in his pants, with a fright.

Then Mikhalov, sitting on a horse, turned around and cheerfully asked the bewildered people: “Did you like our performance ?!”

After a couple of hours, Mikhalov and his company flew on tour, to Vladivostok - to the regional KGB office.

Some time after this stories, I departed to a new duty station. Accidentally I met Ensign Drygailo in Khabarovsk - he returned to his native battalion (a few months later), but MikhalOv long afterwards turned over "through madhouses" - and his subsequent fate is unknown to me.

These are the guys "gave soot" in the Far Eastern garrisons! The harsh way of life, the wildness of nature and the primitiveness of local customs, many were oppressed, and this Vova Mikhalov is far from the exception ...
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  1. 505506
    505506 18 November 2013 07: 56 New
    Frozen for everything!
  2. predator.3
    predator.3 18 November 2013 10: 12 New
    These are the guys "gave soot" in the Far Eastern garrisons! The harsh way of life, the wildness of nature and the primitiveness of local customs, many were oppressed, and this Vova Mikhalov is far from the exception ...

    As they say, they won’t give less platoon, they won’t send further Kushki!
  3. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 18 November 2013 15: 33 New
    Sergey, the story, as always, is simply the piloting of Army humor.

    Such MichalOvs were enough in parts.
    For example: change the tank for vodka - I only know THESE such stories.

    But Transbaikalia - the people there, it happened, went crazy. Unbolted so that Mom do not cry ...
    Although these years I always remember with warmth. They rallied there, lived closely and amicably. In the western districts, I have not seen this. It was a wonderful time.
    BUT ... in my heart I was confident that the "exotic" was not always, the district was made to be replaced, but before that there was definitely a kabzdets: Zabfish Вto twitch Оnaughty.

    Thanks for the story.
  4. Modus
    18 November 2013 17: 40 New
    Thanks for the response, Alex!
    There were always enough magicians in the air defense forces.
    And beyond the Urals ...
    With a smile,
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 18 November 2013 20: 51 New
      Quote: Modus
      There were always enough magicians in the troops ...... With a smile,

      Great stories !!! good And you will agree, dear ones, that it is better to be so kinky than to engage in real looting and violence? After all, initially, albeit in a "drunken forehead", but surely the heroes of the stories had no "bloody thoughts"? Better to let the "artists of the Moscow Region Theater" be so "discharged" than to beat and kill colleagues and the population of the townships. Do you want to create a really functioning service for psychological relief of military personnel? Create, not manipulate renaming: political instructor, political officer, radar station, unit psychologist, etc.
      1. Modus
        18 November 2013 20: 56 New
        Thank you, Alexander!
        To be honest, it would be better if they were generally less "queer", all the more drunk. And with the rest I AGREE!
        Yours faithfully,
  5. moremansf
    moremansf 23 November 2013 15: 17 New
    Zapolit Sablin was shot for such a thing ... but there were other scales, and in remote garrisons, so as not to get mad even they got up ... Thanks for the story !!!
  6. Qinhuangdao
    Qinhuangdao 13 January 2014 10: 35 New
    The Far East does not work very well for people. A good tradition goes back to the time of the War with the Japanese in August 1945 (although, I suspect, much earlier). In TsAMO RF I read how the comrades commanders were having fun flying on planes over the front line, with the subsequent flooding of the latter in the muddy waters of the Amur, about the utter blue and the blowing up of collective farm cattle in minefields "purely for fun."
  7. sds
    sds 25 June 2014 16: 20 New
    The army must fight. Well, or hard to learn to fight. This d76598b in the article would probably be an excellent soldier, if not for the taiga garrison.