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"DUCK POKINSKI" is ready to eat


The Peking Duck published by 31.10.12 on Aviation Explorer is not a reason to close its own kitchen. It took a year to confirm the information on the assembly of the Ka-32 helicopters in China. Unfortunately, behind loud emotions around the Ka-52 accident on Privolnaya Street in Moscow, the information of the Chinese media about the move of the Ka-32 production to China remained unheard.

So, the message: “China and Russia are starting to cooperate in the production of Ka-32A11BC helicopters: the Chinese corporation Itun recently signed a cooperation agreement with OJSC Russian Helicopters, according to which Itun will build and manufacture Ka-32A11BC helicopters. The project will be implemented on the basis of aviation Beijing Ping County Industry, writes According to the senior representative of the Beijing Committee for Economics and Informatization, in the future, Chinese and Russian enterprises are ready to expand cooperation on other models. In addition, Beijing plans to implement a number of leading projects in the development of helicopters, aircraft engines, key airliner systems, pilot training and financial services aimed at developing aviation, he added. ”

While we keep silent, the "duck" has become a reality. The issue of production was raised repeatedly, but always damped and dissolved. At the same time, negotiations were ongoing, not advertised, continued and, finally, the parties reached an agreement. "Dogs bark, the caravan goes." It is strange that the Caravan goes to China, and the search and rescue Ka-27PS, anti-submarine - Ka-27PL and transport-assault Ka-29 are not delivered to our fleet for more than 25 years (they all have the same design with the Ka-32 helicopter).

Moreover, these helicopters could easily be placed on the Mistral landing ships (the key word here is landing). By the way, the Ka-29 is smaller than the Ka-52, with overall dimensions and an excellent reputation for basing on Navy ships. The refusal is justified by the obsolescence of the armament complex, which no one else has to do, and the loss of assembly stocks at the serial factory in Kumertau. But after all, a new complex of weapons for the "Alligator" was created, and, according to the drawings, it is necessary to weld the stocks — this is not a new helicopter to build.

At the same time, at the Kumertau helicopter plant, where Ka-32, Ka-27, Ka-31 and Ka-226 were stably produced but with personnel, dynasties, transfer of experience and quality of products, everything was more or less in order (and thanks the fact that the enterprise is a city-forming one). However, this plant is going to be transferred to the category of aggregate production. This means that specialists capable of collecting, teaching to fly and maintain unique aviation equipment will be turned into production workers. This is explained by the lack of orders and outdated plant equipment. But right now, in the framework of conversion to aggregate production, new machines are flowing to the enterprise. And the main helicopter, the Ka-32А11ВС, is the best incarnation of the coaxial scheme for which, allegedly there are no orders, China is going to produce. No less strange.

Moreover, the information on the transfer to China of the signed "Russian Helicopters" agreement is modestly silent. The terms of the transaction, the reasons, the benefits of the Russian Federation, if any, are not voiced in any way. But this is not just a transfer and not just intellectual property of Russia, but created by many generations of designers, technologists, engineers and workers for many years.

The coaxial scheme in the Ka-32 / 27 family is the anti-submarine fleet, the ice reconnaissance of the Northern Sea Route, the development of the Arctic Ocean shelf, the construction, export of wood and the helicopter fire extinguishing market, which marketers have been saying for several years. And all this under unknown conditions, with a dubious benefit is transferred to a powerful and ambitious neighbor ... The effect of the transfer of production of the Ka-32 in conditions of uncertainty is difficult to predict, and it is not necessary.

Even if at this stage medium / heavy helicopter technology is rather complicated for the Chinese. They take up their helicopter industry with such zeal and enthusiasm, which makes them think seriously not about short-term interests, but about the national idea. What place in our helicopter policy is given to "Chinese", "Western European" or "North American cuisine" ...
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  1. 311ove
    311ove 18 November 2013 08: 28
    Russian and Chinese EFFECTIVE managers .... Please guess in what case the word is effective in quotation marks ??! fool
    1. Greyfox
      Greyfox 18 November 2013 09: 11
      Somehow everything is very muddy and very much at the level of rumors ... Perhaps we are dealing not with a "Peking" duck, but with a "newspaper" duck .... You should always be careful with such information.
      1. Ramadan
        Ramadan 18 November 2013 23: 28
        I agree. Check and double-check ... Who will find real information let me know.
    2. tomket
      tomket 18 November 2013 21: 47
      It recalls all this story with Britain, which also, due to the influence of effective management, joyfully sold its military potential to the former dominions, and that it was impossible to sell that was destroyed as a type of weapon, and it was reduced to the point that Argentina declared war in 1982.
  2. makarov
    makarov 18 November 2013 09: 34
    Shouldn't it be considered (?) That the main "stumbling block" between the parties was the requirement of the Chinese side that all observation windows have a narrow-eyed and slanting shape, traditional for the Celestial Empire ?!
    Then a really complete "DUCK".
  3. Nayhas
    Nayhas 18 November 2013 09: 37
    It was recently in one polemic in my comment that the Ka-31 was only two in number. My opponent insisted that Peter the Great could still be built for TAKR. My pessimism is that this will not happen as always. unless China sells to us ...
    1. PLO
      PLO 18 November 2013 12: 43
      you confused again, nayhas. lol
      Ka-32 and Ka-31 different helicopters
      and the production of the Ka-31 is still preserved.
      The last contract for the Ka-31 was in 2009 concluded for the supply of 5 Indian helicopters.
      9 Ka-31s of India and China were delivered earlier
  4. kirgudu
    kirgudu 18 November 2013 10: 01
    Now they are completing a year, engineers will paint all the details, assembly technology, hard workers will learn what and how to fasten. Two years later, we expect the appearance of HunChwanVao X-1.

    China needs technology, its production from them and so dohren.
    1. AVV
      AVV 18 November 2013 10: 26
      Brainless managers for a small momentary benefit and are ready to sell Russia !!!
  5. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 18 November 2013 10: 18
    There is no crime that the capitalist will not commit for the sake of 300% profit.
  6. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 18 November 2013 11: 06
    If this is true, then all who made this decision are traitors to Russia's national interests. Under a wise ruler, this would not have happened, but if it had slipped somewhere, there would be only one ending - an ax and a rope ...
    But we do not have a wise ruler. We have a reckless gang, consisting of a mix of impudent thieves, complete dibiloids and outright fools, headed by the president ...
    And so I believe in such news right away ...
  7. Mooh
    Mooh 18 November 2013 12: 41
    There are no facts. No one knows the terms of the deal. Maybe you should not worry and the deal will be super profitable for the Russian Federation? The helicopter, again, is far from the first freshness, maybe they have come up with something new instead, but have not yet declassified it?
  8. roberi
    roberi 18 November 2013 13: 01
    I am a resident of Kumertau, and more than sure that this is not a duck, but a reality. Our factory has already stalled, all specialists are running up. And our state does not care about ordinary people until the next elections begin
  9. DMB87
    DMB87 18 November 2013 13: 08
    Bullshit article. Everything is lost. China has bought everything. Managers sold everything. Horror.
  10. predator.3
    predator.3 18 November 2013 14: 11
    as these "joint ventures" have already annoyed everyone, technology is from us, and production is from them, and what prevents the Chinese from buying ready-made helicopters, say, the same Kumertau plant, there was recently an article that the Chinese want to have an aircraft engine plant, then UMPO will come to kirdyk ("Ufa Engine-Building Production Association"), all this is called - STATE TRAINING!
  11. major071
    major071 18 November 2013 16: 21
    Something all is done like a sly. No information about the terms of the deal that Russia will have from this. Apparently someone wants to buy a new yacht or villa "a la Abramovich".
  12. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 18 November 2013 16: 50
    The coaxial screw design is unique! do not give the chineses!
  13. paul72
    paul72 18 November 2013 17: 20
    I wonder if helicopters in the world do coaxial design, except for Russia?
    something is heard only Kamov’s firm
    1. lilit.193
      lilit.193 18 November 2013 17: 44
      No one else does. They tried at first, but their teeth were broken off.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 18 November 2013 20: 17
        Here it seems to me that the matter is different. Capitalism. I once read Western economists. There is such a thought:
        1. If a new technique has been created for more than 15 years, then it is obviously hard to "pay off". The example with the F-35 is proof of this.
        2. If it has in production, technology more than 30% of the novelty. Then there is a risk of getting obviously expensive goods, which may not be in demand on the market. An example of this is a coaxial circuit. It is certainly more expensive than the classic scheme.
        In the USSR there was a different approach. Therefore, such technical masterpieces appeared as MRIA and Tu-160, MOON and S-300, BORA (SAMUM) and BLACK SHARK, LOSHARIK and BURAN-ENERGY, KOMSOMOLETS and art. WORLD (ISS).
        So choose which is better. hi
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 18 November 2013 21: 14
          We had infa here: Ka-226 will be assembled and serviced at the 405th aircraft repair plant in Alma-Ata. The city is ready for its own needs to order the first batch. Friends, lobby Kazakhstan. To see the power under the Alligators and Killer Whales, well, for Mistralek (as without gold and darling), they are liberating. We will not turn on photocopiers.
          Here are the latest fin. data. Reserves 92 billion. At the end of the year, they will recount, there are unused and ext. revenues will appear, so 100 mil. guarantee. Gos. debt (not to be confused with corporate) less than 25 mil. . So that Ka-31 and 32, etc. we will pull.
          If not, then let's something like the Yak-40 (42) - we will not roll it onto a larger lip. And that all China and India, Vietnam and Venezuela, etc. . Nearby, look at the neighbor, after all, the longest border in the world. wink
          If there are complaints about Baikonur, then I’ll answer right away - read the new friendship and cooperation agreement signed in Yekaterinburg. The RF is not going anywhere, we will work together in space. Now Kazakhstan will invest dibs, as I understand it, there will be no rents. drinks . VAZ will have a full production cycle in Kazakhstan. So, friends, help me. It will not rust after us. fellow laughing
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Zymran
            Zymran 18 November 2013 23: 47
            Quote: Kasym
            VAZ will have a full production cycle in Kazakhstan

            What a disgrace ... negative

            Quote: Kasym
            We had infa here: Ka-226 will be assembled and serviced at the 405-th aircraft repair plant in Alma-Ata

            This is good news.
            1. Kasym
              Kasym 19 November 2013 01: 49
              Good night, Zymran! In addition to the plant for 100 cars (Grand and Kalina), the market is throughout Central Asia, Siberia and the Russian Far East. We must pay tribute to the authorities of the Russian Federation, they supported VAZ well. Both the modernization of production and cooperation with Renault and Nissan are already bringing results. There was an automatic machine, hydraulics, etc. "The smoking room is still alive." I liked the opinion of one German (in my opinion) engineer. "It's easy to make a cool car using all the bells and whistles and high-quality materials. Here you don't have to be limited by means, because the car will certainly be expensive. And try, from a technical point of view, to make a low-budget car, and even with certain requirements, like Niva What materials to use, what to leave and what to throw out? What technical solutions should be taken to make the car unpretentious and easy to maintain? And not only could it move on Russian off-road at any time of the year! So also the price should be low, lifting for people with average earnings! A full-fledged SUV with hydraulics and a stove at the price of a small car is initially contradictory requirements! An unsolvable problem! "
              So the VAZ will still show itself - after all, it is designed for the prosperity of our consumer. We will live like in Europe or Arab oil sheikhs - you will have "The Seagull" with all your affairs, even with a jacuzzi and a bar. You can special. order for our shepherds. There will be herds on the "Seagulls". What? I'm serious ! lol hi
  14. saps
    saps 19 November 2013 05: 02
    Hmm ... it seems like the Ka-52 is being upgraded for the Navy. The helicopter that crashed in Moscow was just for the Navy
  15. sasharos
    sasharos 29 November 2013 11: 50
    Slowly they sell out the remnants of Soviet developments, and kickbacks from the Chinese went into the pocket for unscrupulousness ...
  16. darksoul
    darksoul 10 December 2013 22: 43
    They say that they don’t step on the same rake twice .... There’s not one, not two, not three, it’s not funny for a long time, the drain of technologies for pennies continues, this is a crime