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Information about what happened in the suburbs (Zagorskiy Dali)

In the nine-story building near the village of Zagorsk Dali, an explosion occurred. According to preliminary data, household gas exploded, which led to the destruction of the two upper floors in one of the high-rise entrances. Residents of the house reported that it was in that apartment in which the gas explosion took place some time ago that they felt the smell of burning wood, the fire brigade was called, but she did not detect any sources of fire and gave a report on a false call.

The explosion in the village of Zagorskie Dali took the lives of 5 people, the condition of several other tenants is extremely serious. In a number of media there was information that rescuers recovered several more bodies from the rubble of the upper floors, but this information was not confirmed.
Speaking about the possible reasons for the increased incidence of domestic gas explosion in multi-storey buildings, as well as catering establishments, experts cite the following data: residents of some houses decide to install a gas column on their own, without agreeing with the regional gas engineering service. If the person does not have the appropriate skills, the installation can lead to tragic consequences.
Another reason for the explosion of gas associated with the use of gas cylinders during welding, as well as the installation of suspended ceilings. Installation suspended ceilings in Balashikha carried out only by experienced professionals. Experts warn citizens against independent use of flammable substances when drying stretch ceilings. Even the slightest violation of safety when using a heat gun operating from a gas cylinder can lead to such consequences, which can be called negative.
Domestic gas explosions can also occur in production shops where employees do not pay enough attention to safety regulations when working with highly flammable substances.
The tragedy in Zagorsk Daly, perhaps also associated with the unauthorized operation of a gas cylinder for certain purposes. At the moment, aware of the five dead. This is a six-month baby, his mother, as well as his grandparents. 4 person - from the same family. Another dead - 77-year-old pensioner who lived on the top floor of the house.
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  1. sub307
    sub307 13 November 2013 20: 25 New
    Judging by the statistics available at this time, everything that happens is an inevitable "payment" for the convenience of using the so-called "household gas". As well as "inevitable losses" in road accidents.
  2. dansar
    dansar 13 November 2013 22: 10 New
    And what is the connection between the village of Zagorsk Dali and Balashikha? Or is it about advertising?
  3. denisey
    denisey 13 November 2013 23: 28 New
    People are whispering so that there was no smell of gas.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 13 November 2013 23: 44 New
      And the gas has no smell. Stink odorants. It is not known where these women workers fill their cylinders.
      1. denisey
        denisey 14 November 2013 00: 12 New
        The people are so whispering that there was no odor of odorants.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 14 November 2013 00: 15 New
          I’m not a specialist, maybe someone will fix it, but odorants seem to cause corrosion, so it’s not a fact that hard workers refueled their devices at normal gas stations, and their gas was odorant
          1. denisey
            denisey 14 November 2013 01: 03 New
            I just stated a fact that is being discussed in the area, then we need to figure it out.
  4. AleFFAleFF
    AleFFAleFF 14 November 2013 01: 25 New
    but couldn’t they rewind counters through a gas pipe? and then now the plumbing in plastic - do not rewind too much.
  5. RDS-1
    RDS-1 14 November 2013 01: 56 New
    Another reason for the explosion of gas is associated with the use of gas cylinders in welding, as well as in the installation of suspended ceilings. Installation of suspended ceilings in Balashikha is carried out only by experienced professionals.

    What unscrupulous bastard must be in order to cram advertisements for suspended ceilings in an article about a serious human tragedy? In hell burn forever forever, ugh!
  6. kaktus
    kaktus 14 November 2013 03: 53 New
    It is a pity that peaceful people, especially children, are so terribly and absurdly killed! And to everyone ... no words .... nothing is being done! am
  7. fatalist
    fatalist 14 November 2013 12: 43 New
    In my opinion, in apartment buildings there should be no natural gas supply for gas stoves, gas stoves, etc.

    For personal (one family) houses, gas is also possible - the owner think I can figure out how to use it safely. And in the event of an explosion, the consequences will be less than for apartment buildings.

    PS. And then one alcoholic / drug addict / psycho accidentally or deliriously can put a bunch of people. At the same time, it is almost impossible to influence him to use gas safely - his apartment is his fortress.