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Simulator Su-35

Recently, I managed to visit the Sukhoi Design Bureau and look at a new procedural simulator designed for training pilots of the Su-35 multi-role fighter.

Su-35 is a deep upgrade of the Su-27 and belongs to the 4 ++ generation. The aircraft is designed to gain superiority in the air, as well as for the destruction of airborne ground and surface targets.

2. The aircraft uses fifth generation technologies, which provide superiority over fighters of a similar class. Distinctive features of the Su-35 from the Su-27 are: new high-thrust engines with UHT, a wide range of aviation means of destruction, a new complex of avionics based on a digital information and control system, a new complex of onboard radio-electronic equipment with a phased antenna array and a two-stage hydraulic drive. This antenna allows detecting a fighter-type target with a flight dispersion efficiency of three square meters at a distance of about 400 km.

3. The aircraft has ultra-high maneuverability at low and near-zero speeds. This feature is provided through the use of a special aerodynamic layout and the latest engines with thrust vector control.
The high information content of the cockpit reduces the functional load on the pilot.

4. OKB "Sukhoi" plans to produce a training complex. It consists of a complex simulator, a procedural and educational computer class flight and engineering technical staff, which are combined into one information and methodological structure, which will allow training of flight and engineering staff from simple to complex.

5. In the classroom there is a theoretical training with automated knowledge control, the elements are worked out on a procedural simulator and then on a complex one that is as close as possible to a real cabin (a closing lantern, a tether system, a dome with spherical visualization 270х110 group) and it is possible to work out almost all tasks.

6. Up to 16 simulators can be combined into a single network and at the same time carry out group training of pilots. Over time, it will be possible to combine different types of simulators into one information environment - a simulator training complex. In the future, it is planned to combine simulators of other Russian developers.
The integrated simulator is deliberately not equipped with a mobility system because the system will be able to simulate only a small part of their large range of highly maneuverable fighter overloads, which will lead to the implantation of false skills.

7. On the simulator, you can perform almost all the same tasks as on the plane, including depicting refueling and, most importantly, working off emergency situations. In this simulator even surpasses the aircraft, because in reality it is dangerous and sometimes impossible to simulate some abandoned situations. And this is one of the key functions of the simulator.

8. What does a simulator look like?
The workplace of the Su-35 pilot in a complex simulator is a closed cabin of a ventilated type, where there is everything necessary for comfortable performance of combat missions.
Here we have a procedural simulator, it is without a lantern. Table with monitors in the background - RMI.

9. The main controls are: aircraft control stick, engine control levers and pedals.

10. Means of information support of the pilot are a collimator aviation indicator with an indication control panel, on which flight information is displayed, two MFI-35 (multifunctional indicators) each 15 "," an integrated system of backup instruments (SRSD), a multifunctional remote indicator-indicator with a working field 4 XX5 '', helmet-mounted display system and voice alert system.

11. A multifunctional remote indicator with a working field 4х5 '(hiding on the side panel behind the aircraft control stick) is used to tune all aircraft systems, including radar, aiming and navigation equipment, weapons, video recording systems.

Automatic control unit and automatic control system. It allows you to maintain a given speed without any pilot participation during any maneuvers and in any conditions or fully automatically guide the aircraft along the route in accordance with the flight task. At the same time, the pilot’s task is only to take off and land, as well as to decide on the use of weapons.

12. The monitor on the left is the multifunctional display of the MFI-35 15. The pilot can divide the display into several parts and display any necessary information about the flight task, navigation, armament, and the technical condition of the aircraft using button framing. The purpose of the multifunction buttons changes depending on the nature of the displayed information, the corresponding tooltips are displayed next to the buttons.

The lower part with the information on the monitor on the left is the control line of the CCD mode (on-board equipment complex). There are only five modes of the BWC - close and long-range combat by air, short-range and long-range combat on the ground, plus navigation mode. Each mode provides a specific set of information displayed on the displays and a pre-selected weapon.

13. Handle control aircraft.

1 - Button for disabling the automatic control system (ACS). Also under the pilot's little finger is the lever for temporarily deactivating the ACS: moving on autopilot, the pilot presses the lever and manually performs a maneuver, after which the ACS continues to steer the aircraft along a new course.
2 - Four-position mode switch of the BWC to select the combat and navigation modes of the onboard equipment.
3 - Bring button to the horizon. In case of loss of orientation in space, including during poor health after overloading, the pilot can press this button so that the plane automatically returns to straight-line movement with zero roll and pitch.
4 - Shooting button for cannon armament. Rockets are launched with a trigger.
5 - Switch "Maneuver-trajectory control" puts the aircraft in super maneuverability mode.
6 - Joystick (joystick) control marker is responsible for the position of the cursor on the screen.

14. How is the flight? First, the instructor draws up the scenario of the exercise being performed, sets the tactical and meteorological conditions on a real map in a given area, places his / her own aliens on the ground, hangs airplanes in the air, etc. Also, the instructor can quickly enter into the task of certain failures and faults, monitoring the actions of the pilot.

15. At RMI (instructor's workplace) several monitors. On a three-dimensional map, reference points, turning points of the route, and some targets are indicated. On another monitor, he observes the actions of the pilot, controls and flight parameters. The third is a general view of the simulator, etc.

16. In the text form, the instructor is presented with express processing of the pilot's actions - which modes included, what restrictions he violated (if he violated), and what tasks he performed. All instruments and panels can be virtually brought closer.

17. Then, in fact, the flight itself takes place. The student is in the cabin, and the instructor is at his workplace. After completing the job, debriefing takes place.
In the photo, Sukhoi test pilot pilot Sergey Chernyshev performs a test flight and shares his impressions with correspondents.

18. According to Sergey, the philosophy of the modern combat mission is as follows: the pilot takes off and waits until the plane automatically reaches a given point; then he makes a decision on the use of weapons in accordance with the combat mission (presses the "defeat the enemy" button), waits until the plane returns to the base and lands the car. Everything.

19. "The list of tasks that this aircraft should solve and is already solving is huge. It is characterized by a huge range of altitudes and speeds, an impressive range and duration of flight, a huge range of weapons that can be used at any time of day and in all weather conditions. And with all these possibilities only one person rules! "

20. Correspondents were also able to participate in the implementation of a simple, at first glance, task - landing. But from six or seven it was possible to do just one. I also landed, but they told me late that on the ground the plane was controlled by pedals, not a pen, and as a result I rolled onto the ground.

21. That is such a beauty!

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  1. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 14 November 2013 09: 06 New
    But nothing so booth) I like! The main thing is not to forget the sky!
    1. Turkestan
      Turkestan 14 November 2013 22: 32 New
      So as not to forget the sky. You do not need to have such a massive simulator for this. It is enough to have a computer and an aiaigra FS2004 at home. The effect is the same reliable and cheap, practical. The effect is the same.
  2. Docklishin
    Docklishin 14 November 2013 09: 24 New
    Article +. Liked. Only xnumx issue. 2 - whose components were used in the production of the simulator (Ours or other countries), if ours, then I take off my hat. 1- but in general it is possible to show the device of the cockpit of such aircraft as su 2?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 14 November 2013 10: 03 New
      1) Our complexes themselves, but not assembled from our components, but this is global.
      2) Yes, the cabin of the Su-35 was taken still another 3 years ago.
  3. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 14 November 2013 10: 32 New
    I think the article is a mistake. This is not a treatment simulator. It is rather a 4-5 level ICAO simulator.
  4. Wiruz
    Wiruz 14 November 2013 10: 32 New
    That would be more such simulators, and then a lot of noise arises that they say there are planes, but there are no instructions for them!
  5. Kubatai
    Kubatai 14 November 2013 10: 43 New
    Even in spite of its value, it will save dofig money ..
    Well, for the pilots - success! And do not forget the sky ..
  6. Bigfoot_Sev
    Bigfoot_Sev 14 November 2013 11: 37 New
    How convenient is this position of multifunction displays? just the buttons are located just behind the handle. IMHO, it’s not very convenient to work with them.

    = ^ _ ^ =
    1. Storm
      Storm 14 November 2013 12: 34 New
      I think the buttons "shaded" by the pen are less convenient than the others. But in general, there shouldn't be big problems, just tilt your head a little and the cherished button that you need to press becomes visible. The hand can also be brought up as it should.
  7. Sirop
    Sirop 14 November 2013 11: 40 New
    I wonder how much does one such simulator cost?
  8. denson06
    denson06 14 November 2013 12: 24 New
    Quote: DocKlishin
    Article +. Liked. Only xnumx issue. 2 - whose components were used in the production of the simulator (Ours or other countries), if ours, then I take off my hat. 1- but in general it is possible to show the device of the cockpit of such aircraft as su 2?

    I had the same idea ... but I am sure that these moments at the Sukhoi Design Bureau have been thought out and agreed upon ... this is a simulator ... this is a computer simulation of real conditions and the behavior of a machine ... when you know how it works, but you don't know by what solutions this was achieved - then this is permissible ... The main thing is that inside real machines ...
    Otherwise, how do you want to enter the global arms market without Pi-ar stocks ... who wants to buy a pig in a poke in the future .. that's right ..
    To our designers and employees of the UAC enterprises, my deep respect for the work and dedication to the people of my country .. hi
  9. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 14 November 2013 21: 08 New
    Article +

    If I put it on a stream ++

    And they will be provided by IM retraining centers +++
  10. Ahmed Osmanov
    Ahmed Osmanov 14 November 2013 21: 51 New
    This is what I understand the simulator - super! There would have been such a cabin in a combat SU-35.
  11. Vladi_S
    Vladi_S 14 November 2013 22: 50 New
    Lock On would have ...
  12. sashka
    sashka 17 November 2013 04: 15 New
    I served on the L-29 simulator. In Ryazhsk. It's just the piquancy of the situation. "Do not believe your eyes" All devices can change the readings with one movement of the instructor. The flight time is about 5 thousand hours. I know from myself how difficult it is to "fly" on the simulator. This is all for advertising. Until you really fly nichrome you will not understand .. And all the conversations boil down to the idea of ​​"saving" funds. It is necessary to fly and not engage in chatter ..
  13. maniac
    maniac 20 November 2013 10: 16 New
    class! and where can I buy one?
  14. wanderer
    wanderer 22 November 2013 18: 33 New
    I would put it in my country house.