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What is waiting for the United States: the decline or the North American Empire?


By the end of 2013, the United States had clearly lost a significant portion of the "world gendarme" halo. The only superpower remaining on the planet faces a difficult choice: try to continue the imperial policy, which has become an unbearable burden for the economy and the population, or take a course towards isolationism. The United States already has experience in isolationist politics when, from the middle of the nineteenth century, a program of non-intervention in European affairs and in armed conflicts outside the American continent prevailed.

The year is coming to an end, and it can be considered a failure for the United States. The state debt show, the failure in Syria and the information war from Snowden caused tangible holes to the American Dreadnought. The financial system is in danger of collapse, the US Western and Eastern allies have already fled from a sinking ship. The decline of the "signage of capitalism" is obvious. The US is clearly at a turning point, a point where you can see several options for the future of the American state. Some analysts even predict the beginning of a civil war and the collapse of the United States modeled on the USSR.

Armed forces

The global crisis and the need to save on government spending led to the fact that the Barack Obama administration is forced to curb the appetites of the Pentagon. The US defense ministry is not accustomed to deny itself, because the Fed has actually forced the entire planet to support the dollar. Although the US dollar, in fact, is plain cut paper, not secured by real assets. The status of a superpower, which has military bases in key regions of the planet and military-technological superiority, for quite a long time allowed not only to maintain, but also to continue to inflate the "financial bubble". However, this golden time comes to an end. More and more countries are beginning to increase gold reserves, move to barter, use national currencies in bilateral trade. There are prerequisites for the creation of regional currencies. Thus, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC) plans to introduce a single currency (Khaliji). In Europe, such a currency is already there.

Washington has planned the 650 billion-dollar military spending spending for the next ten years. Of these, 83 billion dollars (the joint annual budget of Germany and India) are next year. At the same time, they plan to reduce the size of the army (ground forces) from 570 thousand to 380 thousand people. According to the Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces of the United States, General Ray Odierno, such a reduction will lead to the fact that the US Armed Forces will lose the ability to successfully conduct military operations outside the state. The same opinion is shared by analysts of the well-known company Stratfor. Experts of the intelligence and analytical company draw attention to the weakening of the US military presence in the US-critical regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. The naval forces will be forced to withdraw existing aircraft carrier connections to the 4 reserve from 9. In addition, American experts are worried about the fact that training has been reduced in various military units. General Ray Odierno reports: “The number of fighters who are professionally trained for military operations has dropped significantly. Now the army has two fully trained brigades. Just two! ”

The head of the US defense department, Chuck Hagel, also criticized the idea of ​​reducing military spending. “The current too tough, sharp, deep cuts threaten the degradation of military capabilities,” said the head of the Ministry of Defense. “These cuts are too fast, too big, too harsh and irresponsible,” said Hagel, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington at an event organized by the Munich Security Conference.

Reduced funding may lead to an increase in other abuses, which are constrained by the financial attractiveness of service in the US Armed Forces. The US military simply plunged into financial scandals and high-profile crimes of its soldiers and officers. So, in mid-October, it turned out that the Pentagon had overpaid more than 16,5 million dollars to Boeing Corporation as part of the contract for the production of military transport helicopters CH-47F Chinook. In the Chicago branch of the company, local specialists used old parts to assemble combat helicopters, presenting them as new. And before that came news about the unprecedented mismanagement of the US military - from 2007, the Air Force spent on the production of C-27J Spartan 567 million aircraft. From 16, the ordered 12 military transport aircraft have already been sent to storage in Arizona, at Davis-Monten airbase, which is known as the “bone store” - the old but still capable of performing their tasks are sent there. Apparently, the remaining four new aircraft, which are still at the assembly stage, will be sent to the Arizona desert. Air Force new aircraft were simply not needed. Cutting the budget for military needs forced the defense department to admit that at the moment the Spartan transport aircraft are a luxury. Back in 2012, the former chief of staff of the Air Force, General Norton Schwartz, proposed to Congress that it make a choice in favor of more economical and durable aircraft of a similar class C-130.

11 November 2013, the news came about the removal from service of the leaders of the US Naval Intelligence - the head of the intelligence department of the naval headquarters, Vice-Admiral Ted Branch and the head of the intelligence department, Rear-Admiral Bruce Loveles. They were sent on indefinite leave. This suspension is connected with the case of bribes in the ranks of the command of the Navy. The naval officers were paid for the information, providing tickets to the stars' concerts, paying for air tickets, rooms in expensive hotels and ordering prostitutes. The information provided by the Navy officers made it possible to increase the value of contracts. Suspect defense contractor, head of Glenn Defense Marine Asia Leonard Francis. Among the accused are captains of the 2 rank Michael Michael Mizevich, José Luis Sanchez and the officer of the Navy Investigations Department John Belivo.

The real wave of violence and corruption swept the US Armed Forces. Vandalism, robbery, murder, rape, including forced sex of children - these are the most popular crimes of American soldiers on holidays and AWOL. And in the service of sexual crimes and torture have become just a brand of the American army. Every year in the United States register tens of thousands of crimes committed by soldiers and officers against co-workers and civilians. In a survey conducted in the spring of 2003 among women who served in the American army, almost a third of them admitted that during their service they were attempted to rape, and more than 30% were raped one or more times. In May 2013, the Pentagon said that last year the number of sexual crimes in the Armed Forces, according to his data, was 26 thousand, an increase of more than a third. And only in 3 thousand. 374 cases, the victims appealed to the authorities. This is due to the indifference and frank concealment of the commanding staff, who does not want to "wash rubbish from the hut" According to the American press, the commanders only made oral remarks to every other tyrant, and in 15 cases from 100 they did not pay attention to the crime at all.

Another scourge of the American army - alcoholism and drug addiction. The count of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of the USA from 2012 reported that the number of military personnel who regularly abuse alcohol increased from 35% in 1998 to 47% in 2008. On average in the US, this figure is much lower - 17%. According to the 2008 year, a fifth of the military personnel are alcoholics. In part, this is due to the marginalization of the US Armed Forces, where those who could not find themselves in a peaceful life go badly studied. Seriously increased the number of drug addicts. If in 2002, only 2% of servicemen abused prescribed drugs containing drugs, by 2008, this number increased 5,5 times and amounted to 11%. The number of prescriptions for drugs containing drugs has increased four times from 2001 to 2009 a year to 3,8 million. Therefore, photos and videos where the US military tortures people, posing against the background of corpses, desecrating them and much more that does not fit a normal person, quite understandable. The US Army is rapidly turning wild. People lose their human image.

And the wave of decomposition swept not only the rank and file, but also the generals. October 11 "due to loss of leadership confidence" was dismissed by the commander of the nuclear missile forces of the US Air Force, General Michael Carey. A criminal case has been filed against the general. According to media reports, a participant in two campaigns in the Persian Gulf was killed by alcohol. Before him, they removed from the post another “atomic” general - deputy head of the strategic command of the US Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Tim Gardin. According to military sources, the career of the general was destroyed by gambling. In June, the commander of the group of American troops in Japan, Major-General Michael Harrison, was removed. He covered criminals and interfered with investigative measures, forged reports. It should be noted that it was in Japan that American warriors "became famous" by the regular scandals associated with violence against Japanese women, including minors. Americans still feel victorious in Japan, who can do anything.

In May, one of the commanders of the Fort Jackson military base, in the state of South Carolina, Brigadier General Brian Roberts was removed from service due to illegal actions, including sexual abuse. In April, for misconduct - "drunkenness and licentiousness, including harassment and promiscuous sex," deprived the post of Major General of the African Command of the US Armed Forces (Afrikom) Ralph Baker. In 2012, CIA director David Petraeus was fired for sexual promiscuity. Prior to that, he had an excellent track record, headed the Central Command of the US Armed Forces and the military grouping in Iraq, and commanded the American forces in Afghanistan. Brigadier General Roger Duff and Army Major General David Hale were also charged in 2012. In addition, the investigation continues in the case of Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, who until the middle of 2012, served as deputy commander for the rear of the 82 airborne division. He has a whole bunch of accusations - indecent behavior, the spread of pornography, adultery against several women who served under his authority in Iraq and Afghanistan, violent sodomy and the use of alcohol in the service.

The disintegration of the American army, including the "brain of the army" (generals) is a very dangerous symptom for the American empire. In the armed forces, it is necessary to restore order, or they will turn from the support of the state into one of the main destabilizing factors.

At the same time, it should be noted that the US Armed Forces are still the most modern on the planet and in a number of areas have reached a milestone, which may be followed by a technological revolution. In this case, the United States can gain complete dominance over the entire planet. However, apparently, all the same "train left". The United States does not have time. To implement such a scenario, they need a tough dictatorship, isolation - focusing on internal problems, rejection of a significant part of the costs, new industrialization with the return of the main industries to American territory. Mobilization of the population, rejection of the cultural policy of the last decades (“sex, drugs and rock and roll”), which has turned a significant part of the population into obese fools, a new education system - like the Soviet one, is also needed. A sample of such a society is shown in the cult film "Star landing" based on the novel by Robert Heinlein.

Despite serious financial difficulties, the United States continues a series of large-scale arms modernization programs and breakthrough projects. The Pentagon begins the next large-scale program to modernize the B-52 bomber. More than $ 1 billion will be allocated for the improvement of electronics alone. Veteran Bomber aviation they will also be equipped with modern means of communication and control, new types of ammunition. As a result, the upgraded B-52s will be in service until the middle of the 61st century. At the same time, Boeing and Lockheed Martin announced a partnership in a promising long-range bomber. Prior to that, they had already carried out preliminary work on this program. Washington also plans to upgrade its nuclear capabilities in Europe. The "Life Cycle Program" for B8,1 nuclear bombs is estimated at $ 61 billion. Modernization should significantly increase the shock potential of ammunition. In particular, by installing a tail-mounted control kit on nuclear bombs, they plan to turn free-falling bombs into correctable bombs (upgraded ammunition will be marked B12-2). Such bombs will be able to use both strategic bombers B-52 and B-15, as well as tactical strike aircraft F-16, F-5, as well as a 35th generation aircraft F-200. Currently, about XNUMX of these munitions are deployed at European bases.

In addition, the United States, despite all criticism, is the only power that created and adopted two 5th generation aircraft - the F-22 Raptor multi-role fighter (about 200 units) and the F-35 Lightning fighter-bomber II (about 70 cars). The other day in the US, the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, which is the new generation of American nuclear carriers, was launched. According to the head of the Naval Operations Directorate of the Navy, Admiral Jonathan Grinert, the ship will be armed with fifth-generation F-35 fighters, sea-based UAVs and lasers are deployed for the first time on it. In October, the Americans launched the latest destroyer DDG-1000 Zumwalt. Currently, it is the largest ship in the world in its class - 15 thousand tons. With these destroyers, the U.S. Navy pins their hopes on maintaining dominance in the oceans and maintaining and even widening the technological gap of the American fleet from the Navy of other countries. Destroyers will become a kind of platform for testing new naval technologies, which will create warships of future generations. In particular, the destroyer power plant is capable of generating 75 MW of energy, and this is enough to equip the ship with advanced high-energy laser systems weaponswho are already developing.

In May 2013, the prototype of the US drone X-47B drone first took off from an aircraft carrier. Part of the flight was performed offline. 10 July 2013, the Pegasus first landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier George Bush. The first deck drone drone plan to take on the armament in 2018 year. During the implementation of this project, the US Navy plans to create a machine capable of being in the air for at least 11-14 hours, to perform reconnaissance, observation and adjustment functions, as well as to strike various targets. The Pegasus project is part of a more extensive program aimed at creating an unmanned high-tech infrastructure that allows you to control the surface of the oceans.

Over the next three decades, the US military plans to increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles 4 times - up to 26 thousand vehicles. Moreover, the number of UAVs will be increased not only due to the construction of new drones, but also conversions of built manned aircraft into drones. In fact, before our eyes there is a revolution in military affairs. The United States is the first to plan to become a country with thousands of UAVs, which will allow them to attack the enemy, drastically reducing the participation of people in battles directly on the front line. For people, war becomes computerized. It is also necessary to take into account that these technologies are constantly being improved, so by using solar energy, UAVs can remain in the air for a long time, the devices can conduct autonomous military operations, control entire regions, etc. In 2011, the US Department of Defense published a comprehensive "road map ", Among the top priorities is an increase in the number of combat robots to hundreds of thousands. It is even proposed to robotize the aircraft fleet.

For comparison, in Russia this revolution was actually missed. If the USSR in its time was a pioneer in the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, then after its collapse there was a long pause, and until 2008, almost no serious developments were made. Creation of the first Russian drone drone is expected only by 2020 year.

In the United States, under the concept of “fast global strike”, the X-51A hypersonic cruise missile is being developed. In May 2010, the first flight of a hypersonic rocket was conducted. The test was recognized as successful. The second and third tests in 2011-2012. were unsuccessful. In May 2013, the fourth test was carried out, it was the most successful: the rocket developed a speed corresponding to the Mach number 5,1. The US Air Force plans to develop a reusable unmanned aircraft at a speed of 51M based on the X-6 Waveride technology.

Among other advanced developments of the USA: the orbital plane Boeing X-37; laser weapons of various modifications; remotely controlled microdrones (robots-insects); robot killer ("cat"); Hi from the "Terminator" - humanoid cyborgs armed with a laser. In the summer of 2013, the organization DARPA - Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects, presented its own cyborg called ATLAS. Cyborg's “brain” is a special software, currently it is being actively developed and improved. It allows you to control the robot at a distance, controlling all its movements. It is clear that “Atlas” is still very far from the cine model of a combat cyborg, but the first aircraft were also wooden gliders.

DARPA was created in 1958, when US President Dwight Eisenhower realized that the United States was being defeated in the battle for space by the USSR. The main goal of this division of the Department of Defense is to create breakthrough technologies and products that will give the United States an advantage in the global race. Suffice it to say that it was DARPA that was at the forefront of creating the Internet, which was originally a military program. An agency is a kind of “architects of the future.” And the US has more than one such "think tank." The United States consistently holds the lead in R & D investment; in 2011, the United States accounted for 34% of global spending in this area. The USA is currently the world scientific leader.

The agency is also working on other projects that can radically change the methods of warfare and the entire human civilization. In particular, work has been carried out for decades to control people's consciousness. In this project were laid more developments of Nazi scientists. In the USA, many mass control technologies were created and tested. Some of them were used during the organization of the wave so-called. "Color revolutions". The agency of advanced defense research projects has already announced that it is halfway to create a device that will read people's minds. This will provide great opportunities for population control.

Summing up this section, it should be noted that in the USA there are clearly two divergent trends. The first is the decay, the degradation of the population, and the political and military elite has reached a critical level. The collapse of the financial and economic model is approaching, the collision of the American elites is obvious. The second is the American military industrial complex and the “think tanks” have clearly achieved serious success in science and technology. It is necessary to take into account that a significant part of the development is strictly secret and inaccessible to the masses, therefore we cannot assess the degree of US proximity in the technological revolution.

To be continued ...
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  1. makarov
    makarov 13 November 2013 09: 04
    But there is nothing in the ETERNAL WORLD. Everything flows, everything changes. And the USA cannot be the eternal leader. History has repeatedly shown and proved this. Of course, the United States is no exception. How this will happen, and when, I hope we will see those present here.
    1. WASABI
      WASABI 13 November 2013 10: 05
      Quote: makarov
      The USA cannot be the eternal leader.

      Leader ??? The leader of what or who? If you mean the world chaos and sodomy, then you are 100% right, here the USA is the undisputed leader and even more so - the locomotive of all this "paradise".
      The fact that the US army will be reduced to the declared size is indisputable, but imagine that all this amount of "inadequate" will return from foreign bases back to the country (USA) and simply splash out on civilians who are already mentally not quite stable (according to some according to American studies, more than 70% of the US adult population is on antidepressants). And all this "happiness" will occur against the background of active LGBTization and drug legalization, plus the vague internal and external financial policies of the American authorities ...
      So there will be another point of instability on Earth, only the consequences of this "instability" will be terrifying !!!
      Although perhaps the saying is right: "BETTER A HORRIBLE END THAN HORROR WITHOUT END".
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 18
        Regarding leadership, this probably means primarily the technological dominance of the States over the whole world. Take at least a home computer, and the entire IT sector as a whole. After all, it is almost completely the fruit of the development of numerous American companies, keeping up with which at the moment is almost impossible.
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 13 November 2013 17: 31
          Take at least a home computer, and the entire IT sector as a whole.

          Home computer, yes. But about the entire IT sector, I would argue. What, is it for nothing that the Americans roll a barrel to our company for the production of supercomputers? I don’t remember the name of the company ... We are already ahead of the Americans in many industries, but we don’t shout about it so loudly.
          1. Greenwood
            Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 45
            Quote: Wedmak
            You just forgot to mention whose components are in our supercomputers.
            1. Wedmak
              Wedmak 13 November 2013 17: 53
              Uh-huh, Intel. Heir to "Elbrus".

              I remembered the company IT Platforms. Read

              Well, about the development of microelectronics in 2012

              Russian manufacturing processors

              True, there is one BUT. Most of the development goes to military needs. Alas and ah, in the civilian sphere we have almost zero IT.
              1. Garrym
                Garrym 13 November 2013 21: 21
                What kind of development are you worried about? The Chinese have already grasped everything in this sense and copying has been established and markets have been increasingly conquered. And for the new and Japan is enough ..
    2. APES
      APES 13 November 2013 10: 43
      Quote: makarov
      Of course, the US is no exception

      The problem is different - they can slam the door very much.
      1. Orel
        Orel 13 November 2013 11: 25
        In May 2013, the Pentagon said that last year the number of sexual crimes in the Armed Forces, according to him, amounted to 26 thousand, an increase of more than a third was recorded. Moreover, only in 3 thousand 374 cases, the victims turned to the authorities.

        What is there to be surprised if the representatives of the poor come to the combat formation of the army, since for them it is a kind of ticket to life. If recruits are recruited, then crime in the army is increased along with them ...
      2. smile
        smile 13 November 2013 16: 06
        I agree. For the United States, cessation of expansion is death. And the closer they slide to the edge, the more inadequate the actions of their leadership will be ... and they can throw everything away. anything....
        By the way, the collapse of their economy will lead to the collapse of the global economy of the planet ... and even if the Americans quietly clean up their mainland (which I strongly doubt) and get stuck there trying to maintain the integrity of the country, the state’s collapse will be real (though I believe that they’ll have enough strength to clean up their house), anyway, then obviously a whole series of wars and armed conflicts will follow in the Middle East, Africa and the devil knows where ....
        In general, some unhappy prospects loom ...
        1. APES
          APES 13 November 2013 22: 22
          Quote: smile
          For the United States, cessation of expansion is death.

          not only for them, K. Marx was right in something

          Quote: smile
          the collapse of their economy will entail the collapse of the global economy of the planet.

          I think the choice is this:
          Soft landing or big bang

          Quote: smile
          will be the actions of their leadership

          I think it depends on the choice of the above
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Unisonic
    Unisonic 13 November 2013 09: 06
    The US economic system does not provide anything good for the US in the long run. Yes, the United States is the most powerful state in the world, but this power, a consumer society, a welfare state, is 50-60 years old. Figuratively speaking, ~ 150 years ago, slavery flourished in the USA, ~ 100 years ago - dry laws, poverty, banditry, ~ 50 years ago - racial segregation directly according to the commandments of the Nazis. And now, yes, the US is powerful. But what are 50-60 years in the context of human history? Or at least the history of Russia? It's nothing, zilch, less than a human life. This I mean that today they feel like d'Artagnans, and tomorrow they will be at a broken trough, shaking from interethnic contradictions, being heaped up to the neck with weapons.

    Moreover, the ideological clutches in which the United States has been brewing for more than 100 years do not imply any course changes, which could save the situation. That is, the US political system does not provide anything good for the United States. The Fed is a private branch that consists of 12 Federal Reserve Banks, which in turn are owned by private credit agencies and corporations.
    The same forces have been sitting in Congress for a hundred years that have grown together with the American financial oligarchy, while financially absolutely legally lobbying for their interests in the American legislative and executive branches.
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 13 November 2013 09: 09
    ... They are waiting for these islanders immeasurably, if they do not calm down in time, and do not stop dictating "their unyielding will" and poke their long nose wherever possible, and where it is impossible too.
  4. Igor39
    Igor39 13 November 2013 09: 18
    Goodbye America! ABOUT...
    1. alone
      alone 13 November 2013 20: 23
      very early to talk about it. very early
  5. Sterlya
    Sterlya 13 November 2013 09: 21
    if falls. need help help further fall. This is a convenient time. and the whole world hollow and hollow. how do these ne ... do with all the weak
  6. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 13 November 2013 09: 30
    Not the one who never fell, but the one who fell and stood up!- it is about RUSSIA,I hope not sure with AMERICA this will not happen.
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 13 November 2013 15: 24
      But what about the Great Depression? They fell too, then stood up.
      1. smile
        smile 13 November 2013 16: 12
        That is, you believe that they will again provoke a global war, warm their hands on it and solve all their problems, earning on the support of all parties to the provoked conflict? :)))
        Well, let's see if they manage to rob the Planet, as when they got out of the Great Depression due to robbery .... :)))
        1. Walker1975
          Walker1975 13 November 2013 17: 46
          Hardly very global ... with whom and against whom? But I'm afraid they’ll come up with something. I wouldn’t drop them frivolously.
          1. smile
            smile 13 November 2013 20: 18
            Well, you can find someone, it would be a desire to push someone foreheads. Well, it turns out, I don’t know ... in any case, here you are right, to discard them, madness. But, in my opinion, no one is reset. Just guys let off steam. :)))
        2. Greenwood
          Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 47
          It may well, especially now the situation in the Middle East is extremely tense. States for example may well push Saudi Arabia to attack Syria.
  7. Wedmak
    Wedmak 13 November 2013 09: 33
    Summing up the results of this section, it should be noted that in the United States there are clearly two multidirectional trends. The first - the decomposition, degradation of the population, political and military elite has reached a critical level. There is an approaching collapse of the financial and economic model, a clash of American elites is evident. The second - the American military-industrial complex and the "think tanks" have clearly achieved serious successes in science and technology.

    The successes of the military-industrial complex were substantiated by large infusions of funds into the development of military technologies. But now these funds are being reduced, so let's see what will be the success in the next 5-10 years. I give the TOOTH, half of the programs will be closed, the rest will turn into long-term projects with the release of several prototypes. The remaining cash flows will be redirected to the modernization of obsolete weapons. Perhaps there will be separate breakthroughs in the field of drones and guided weapons. The US military-industrial complex will stop there for several decades.
  8. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 13 November 2013 09: 35
    Well ... in one word!
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 13 November 2013 15: 29
      And what is the American Well ... pa coordinately worse than the Russian? Do scientists run en masse? Is industry falling apart? Budget deficit?
      Now tell us what makes it believed that Russia will build up power, and America will fall apart?
      Financial scandals? So, in Russia they steal less? Reduction of the armed forces? So in the USA they are contractual ... you in Russia try to keep the same 300-odd thousand contract soldiers in the army. Do officers drink? But in Russia, no?
      1. smile
        smile 13 November 2013 16: 23
        Sir, you are pretty late or confused with the situation in Ukraine - scientists are no longer fleeing in large numbers, they are no longer falling, but the industrial potential is growing (albeit more slowly than we would like), and what about the budget deficit in Ukraine, which is all the more so America is generally better off not stuttering ... compared to the Americans, the budget situation even in Ukraine looks better, in my opinion ... :)))
        We can say differently - they steal in the USA no less than ours (I mean the scale, they steal much more so, there you can simply steal more). If they had not yet legitimized corruption, they would have looked pale against our background ... :))) And so, everything is done, corruption is not theft, but lobbyism. :)))

        And as for the personnel of the Armed Forces ... well, if you prove that we also have over 22 thousand rapes in the Army every year. more than half of the men ... then yeahhh ... but something tells me that you have to defend your tolerant position - they say the worst thing in Russia is that it will not succeed ... simply because it's not true. :)))
        1. Walker1975
          Walker1975 13 November 2013 17: 53
          I would be glad if I'm wrong. But as far as I remember, Russia's GDP growth is declining. And, as far as I heard, again there are problems with money for the payment of pensions. Maybe I'm wrong, bring me some official report of the last time, which says about the growth of the industrial potential of the Russian Federation. And I sincerely congratulate you on overcoming the crisis. But in the next article it was discussed in the comments that Russia purchases up to 40% of food products abroad. Well, the deficit in America ... while this deficit is in dollars, it is not fatal.
          1. smile
            smile 13 November 2013 20: 15
            Well answered +
            To be honest, I'm too lazy to look for these reports and reports, but we have them regularly. I meet, compare with that. what I see myself. I draw conclusions. But I don’t make bookmarks so that I can use them later in polemics. :))) Of course, there are stretches and PR in them - without this, no one, no country can. If you google, then you need to pay attention to the reports of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (there will be a lot), Expert Magazine. A request to google - "Statistical Office on industrial growth in the Russian Federation" "Dynamics of industrial growth in the Russian Federation" - dozens of articles will come out, which can be read and sorted more than one day - every 2-third is informative .... please. try it yourself, huh? ... in general, I can't point out one comprehensive link offhand, because it's simply impossible, you need to shovel a whole layer of information, and then you will have an objective opinion.
            You say growth is slowing. Yes it is. But recession, as it was quite recently in almost all industrialized countries. it never happened here.
            And I did not say that we came out of the crisis. Now our economy is too interconnected with the world - and if there is a crisis. then this cannot but affect us. It's just that he produces much softer here. Besides. the state shouldered a monstrous social program, which it is trying not to reduce, unlike other countries.
            As for food purchases, so in this area. just in our situation the situation is gradually leveling out and the largest growth in our country falls precisely on the import-substituting industry. Why, I think, is understandable.

            Regarding the US deficit, it doesn’t matter. that in dollars, they have a very dangerous situation, on the one hand they cannot stop, because this will mean an instant collapse and the end of the country (and we will all get along with it), on the other hand, this is their model of economy, otherwise they simply don’t can. they are not able to be self-sufficient ...
            Something like that. Excuse me. that he didn’t sit for several hours, choosing the link that was the most successful in my opinion. especially. what to read is certainly not only laudatory. but also abusive opinions. :)))
            1. Walker1975
              Walker1975 13 November 2013 21: 54
              OK + It was nice to talk
            2. Botanologist
              Botanologist 13 November 2013 23: 57
              Quote: smile
              You say growth is slowing

              Nevertheless, we have GROWTH. Which in itself is not harmful, is it?

              Quote: smile
              Regarding food purchases

              We already provide ourselves with vitally important food products by 80 percent. It's just that there are a lot of expensive delicacies in the structure of imported food, so they drag up the "import price". But they refused from Roshen sweets, already imports decreased tongue . And the rejection of French wines and Italian pasta will not leave us hungry.
          2. Corsair
            Corsair 14 November 2013 01: 31
            Quote: Walker1975
            But as far as I remember, Russia's GDP growth is declining. And, as far as I heard, again there are problems with money for the payment of pensions.

            The problems of all countries are similar, and the so-called "post-Soviet" ones, even more so, came out of the same cradle ...
            But there are also differences, so to speak, with the "amendment to the national flavor."
            Yes, in the Russian Federation and Ukraine there are problems with the contributions to the pension fund, which is due to the imperfection of the pension model,BUT the similarity ends there.
            The Russian economy, albeit "sluggish", is growing, providing deductions to the budget (including the pension), and the Ukrainian economy, with its already disappointing growth results, is also slowing down, plus a massive "shift" from taxes to the "shadow" ...
            And a not very attractive picture of desolation looms.
            I do not argue that the customs restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation have added "kaki" to your pot, but in my opinion this should spur your ruling elite to realize the need to THINK.

            And from the rhetoric of Prime Minister Azarov, it already follows that Ukraine was somewhat rushed with the "burning of bridges" ...
  9. evgenii67
    evgenii67 13 November 2013 09: 36
    the author began "for the good of peace" he finished "for the health" of the United States (usually on the other hand, although for us everything is correct, he began for the good, finished for the good), and this is all about the case.
  10. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 13 November 2013 10: 03
    Russia must help America - start printing dollars. laughing
    1. smile
      smile 13 November 2013 16: 26
      Yun Klob
      But what, a practical thought ... :))) If the state will do this, then I’m ready to suffer for the Fatherland and provide my home for a printing press ... for a little bit ... :))) Al I'm not a patriot? :)))
      1. Andrey Skokovsky
        Andrey Skokovsky 14 November 2013 11: 11
        Quote: smile
        Yun Klob
        But what, a practical thought ... :))) If the state will do this, then I’m ready to suffer for the Fatherland and provide my home for a printing press ... for a little bit ... :))) Al I'm not a patriot? :)))

        late, there was already "Misha Two Percent", a strange one of it, by the way ...

        I wonder why the United States, with all its "exclusivity", the symbol of the country looks like an unnecessary statue in the Amazon jungle?
    2. aviamed90
      aviamed90 13 November 2013 18: 30
      Yoon Klob-u

      And our Central Bank and so obediently obeys the Fed's orders.
      The ruble is just a derivative of the dollar.

      Read the article on the same site "Tales of the New Russia: A Tale of How the Good Tsar Nationalized the Central Bank of the State, and the Evil Boyars interfered with him" dated 11.11.2013.

      Everything is painted there.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 13 November 2013 10: 34
    Laughter laughter, and yet Wang said ...
    The 44th President of the United States (next after George W. Bush - Ed.) Will be a black man, wrote Professor Dobriyanov. - And this president will be the last for the country, because then America will freeze or fall into the abyss of a major economic crisis. It may even split into southern and northern states. "

    There are two hits from this "set" - Barack Obama and the crisis that the United States is experiencing today. Will we believe? Check it out!
    1. evgenii67
      evgenii67 13 November 2013 11: 14
      Quote: Egoza
      Laughter laughter, and yet Wang said ...

      with all due respect, well, I really didn't trust it, you can "translate" the last one in different ways, meaning the last, and after that there will be only white or Latinos; the latter, maybe they will change the constitution and there will be, prime ministers or kings ..., the latter, they will change the constitution and Obama will become president for life, or maybe it’s not about the United States at all ... you listened to Wang in the original and how the translation of her words will really be ?! and so I saw on NTV a program about Wang and there they said that, they say the United States is kirdyk, Russia is ahead, China is following Russia, etc. about Syria, it's time to doubt, firstly, this is NTV, and secondly, I did not hear a single phrase from Vanga, but only a woman's voice (supposedly from Vanga) everything will be ... oh trouble, ay-ay-ay ...
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 13 November 2013 11: 48
        Quote: evgenii67
        with all due respect, I really didn’t trust that,

        I'm not saying that you have to completely trust ... but "Carthage must be destroyed!" And the United States should fall apart! The first has already happened, the second will be! After all, "history repeats itself!"
  12. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 13 November 2013 10: 37
    The article is not bad, but the abundance of "cranberries" spoils the whole impression
  13. major071
    major071 13 November 2013 10: 46
    "Colossus with feet of clay" is about the modern United States. It seems that everything is fine, the most-most-prestigious country, but hit it well, but hit it well - everything will collapse. Hope to see this colossus wreck.
    1. evgenii67
      evgenii67 13 November 2013 11: 26
      Quote: major071
      I hope to see the collapse of this colossus.

      The main thing is when this Colossus collapses we don’t fall under the wreckage, and if we hit, we will find strength again and get out.
      1. smile
        smile 13 November 2013 16: 32
        It’s always nice to get out from under the corpse of the main enemy:))) ... and we’ll get out! We will endure everything, not that we endured, especially if the main enemy will not insert more sticks into the wheels. :)))
        1. evgenii67
          evgenii67 13 November 2013 17: 56
          Quote: smile
          We will endure everything, not that we endured, especially if the main enemy will not insert more sticks into the wheels. :)))

          A country like Russia will always have enemies, if not the USA, then there will be China (it is not yet known who is worse off if the USA is cleaned and whether anyone will be able to stop China after the US leaves, after the US leaves, the main enemy may be Arab country, but who knows?) In general, play but not flirt.
          1. smile
            smile 13 November 2013 18: 24
            In principle, true. But the fact is that we are not removing the United States; it is they themselves who push themselves to the edge of the abyss with their policies. Our merits here are not so significant - the main thing is that we did not fall under them, and their attempts to finish us off were unsuccessful.
  14. The gentleman
    The gentleman 13 November 2013 10: 47
    decomposition of society. dirt, destruction of each other, lack of further development, leads to self-destruction
  15. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 13 November 2013 11: 41
    After the collapse of the United States, it will be "fun", bickering over spheres of influence will begin, it will probably not be easier for us in Russia, we should be wary of China, it will certainly sink well after turning American debt obligations into toilet paper, and the best way to get out of the internal mental crisis is to fill someone -not a face, if not Russia, then with Japan they will definitely try to get even for all the humiliations that they had to endure, then they will remember the first Sino-Japanese war, and the second and everything in general. You should be on your guard, it was not in vain that Putin was in Japan, Korea and Vietnam, here we will have a common problem, but in Europe there will be where to roam and the Balts will have something to remember and the Poles can be chased and, of course, Ukraine, who is she without a master?
    1. pahom54
      pahom54 13 November 2013 12: 45
      Do not forget that the government (supposedly) of Russia also has many candy wrappers of American debt, so we can afford it too.
      I’m afraid that not everything is so bad with the s, just analysts give everyone their wish for the present or the future.
      The fact that it is high time for the States to give way to a leader is not a question. The problem is that, as such, there is no leader (world leader) in general (another question - is he needed for a roll?). Neither China nor Russia will pull this chip NOW, EVEN EARLY.
      It seems that if the NATO partners zalup ... would fall on the Allies and push their bases out of their territories - this would already be a very profitable step for Russia and, unfortunately, for China. And so - maybe the best option would be: the United States grunted like a world hegemon, the rest would live as friendly neighbors, well, come up with a common currency - it's just to return to gold-silver, who has more of them - he is richer.
    2. Greenwood
      Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 51
      The Chinese in their entire history who just did not beat. And they have only two advantages over Japan - the presence of nuclear weapons and a large number. The Japanese have much better preparation and technique. The military capabilities of China are very doubtful for me.
  16. sergey1972
    sergey1972 13 November 2013 11: 48
    I hope to live to see the day when America, as a state, will fall apart, since it is today that it is an evil empire, without exaggeration, both for the whole world and for its citizens: citizens in this state are relegated to consumer individuals and no more I think that the concepts of soul and spiritual are simply not known to them.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 35
      Heh, that's funny. Now I am studying at the Cisco Networking Academy at the Far Eastern Federal University, we are excitedly told there that with the certificates of the academy we (that is, the graduates of the academy) will be able to find high-paying jobs in the States, which many dream of. And then there are some "evil empires" ...
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 13 November 2013 17: 37
        Hm. With a Cisco certificate, you will find work everywhere. Now there are just not enough specialist engineers. Everywhere there are some effective managers ....
        1. Greenwood
          Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 56
          Personally, I have never sought to the States (well, except perhaps as a tourist for a couple of weeks). I am considering two options: either find a good job here (I live in Vladivostok) and work in my specialty, or go to Japan (I love the culture and customs of this country since childhood, plus I know Japanese more or less at the initial level) and work there (though it confuses me) the crazy working rhythm there (like ants in an anthill). smile
  17. Stasi
    Stasi 13 November 2013 12: 41
    Technologically, the American army is the most advanced. But it is not cars and equipment that are fighting, but people. Victory is determined by the quality of the soldier. We all know what the moral and psychological qualities of American soldiers are, and with such soldiers, even if you have super-superior weapons, you will inevitably lose the war, there are many examples in history when a technologically strong army with low moral and psychological qualities of personnel collides with an enemy that was technologically weaker but stronger spirit suffered defeat from such an enemy. So the time of the USA as a superpower is coming to an end. And even if the Americans go for isolationism in combination with a tough dictatorship as in Heinlein's Starship Troopers, this will no longer help them, the processes of degradation and decomposition of American society have gone far.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 31
      Have you seen a lot of American soldiers in recent wars? The Americans are actively implementing the concept of contactless combat, when they first bomb the entire infrastructure of the country from a height, drove it into the Middle Ages, simultaneously crush the country with economic and political sanctions, and then also bribe part of the leadership, as it was in Iraq. As a result, the country can be taken warm and practically without losses. In general, not without common sense practice. If it is possible to deal with the enemy without risking the lives of soldiers, then why not.
  18. ed65b
    ed65b 13 November 2013 12: 59
    If America crashes the next day, China will collapse. These are 2 twins. One eats, the second produces what the first eats.
  19. Dejavu
    Dejavu 13 November 2013 13: 44
    To print pieces of paper and become great on this is well thought out. But it doesn’t happen that out of nothing much becomes tasty. You have to pay for everything. Again, no empire survived. The USA is no exception. Fall like cute. If they do not fall, they will lose their imaginary power and eventually become Greece with a debt exceeding the gdp.
    1. 528Obrp
      528Obrp 13 November 2013 15: 21
      Quote: dejavu
      To print pieces of paper and become great on this is well thought out.

      to this topic:
      The State Duma introduced a bill banning the US dollar in Russia

      "The proposed restrictions can be considered a declaration on the beginning of the process of creating a dollar-free international monetary system, obtaining the status of a world reserve currency by the ruble and ending the excessive dependence of residents on US dollars," the explanatory note to the bill says.
      1. Elm
        Elm 17 November 2013 19: 17
        ... I wish I could bring such a sweetie to life !!!
  20. Renat
    Renat 13 November 2013 14: 16
    Something like this....
    1. Elm
      Elm 17 November 2013 19: 28
      Five plus !!!
  21. silver_roman
    silver_roman 13 November 2013 15: 01
    whatever one may say, the USA is a world-wide power. No one is able to compare with her ... at least in the near future. But the larger the locomotive, the greater its inertia. And today we see the consequences of this inertia, i.e. when it would be worthwhile to stop, gather your thoughts, patch up holes and, on the basis of the accumulated base, move into the future .. but alas.
    To their regret and our joy, there is a certain circle of persons - companies - corporations that are not ready to move ON to please their selfish goals. Maybe deep down they understand the consequences of their actions, but the demand of the military industry exceeds supply and needs ... i.e. so that he does not die of hunger, you need to constantly fill your cheeks with billions of dollars.
    What does it mean now for the United States to simply end the war ?? this means that the same notorious corporations will be left without orders. And this is a huge foundation pit that works on bucks as I described above.
    there, and supply, and security, and actually the means themselves, salaries, discipline ... I heard that for some Conders in Iraq a year went under 4 billion cu
    So our SERDYUKOV are just puppies in comparison with their sharks of corruption.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 36
      Here are just theirs "corruption sharks" do not cause the country and its opportunities such damage, as we have in the case of Serdyukov and Co.
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 13 November 2013 17: 43
        Their sharks of corruption are called lobbyists. And they grab such grandmothers from the budget that Serdyukov and the company quietly cry with envy. See a series of scandals lately - everything was lit up, and Boeing, and Lodkhin Martin, and grumman, and ....
  22. Alex toll
    Alex toll 13 November 2013 15: 37
    Gentlemen, please note a few points!
    Combat lasers, terminators and all sorts of such pieces of iron are movie tricks - you forgot how they soared our brains with this garbage and supported the arms race due to this. And in fact, F 22 35 and the ship is cool, there is the rest, I’m more than sure at this initial stage - it’s just that they and the people don’t have so much to develop, at the same time carry out and support all the projects. In our country, too, at one time, the Soviet Union was extinct, as a result, out, there is no money and everything is in metal, and when they leave the regions they will still deliver equipment, and they will give them a particularly quick kick in the tail so that they don’t return. You won’t jump above your head!
    An example! The fascist Germany had jet thrust aircraft and what? !!! There were so few of them that they could not influence the course of the war, and here the same picture. Well, they have one battle laser - ONE and a prototype and what ???? !!!! or one robot cat - well, do not care for two and what ???? they won’t affect the course of hostilities in any way, but the Chinese can gain fear even with a lack of their technology at the moment of confusion - They will feel where they dipped us - Everything in this life returns as a boomerang - Nobody is forgotten and nothing not forgotten !!!!

    This is all an information war, nothing more - the loot is over, now we need to keep everyone in fear, so that no one thinks of attacking them and does not lose their position!
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 13 November 2013 15: 51
      But in fact F 22 35 and the ship is cool

      There are .... the first are no longer being produced, the second is actually still in trials, the third will be produced in the amount of three pieces. Cool. But they have advanced far in technology ... only everything somehow shitty works.
      An example! The fascist Germany had jet thrust aircraft and what? !!! There were so few of them that they could not influence the course of the war, and here the same picture.

      Right. And they appeared at the end of the war, when oxygen was already shut off to the Germans. If we didn’t have time to crush the fascists ... history would have turned in a different way.
      1. Alex toll
        Alex toll 13 November 2013 16: 56
        well ..... missed - I admit))))) But the story is on, then the story is as it is!

        Counterargument - then there was a very great need for new airplanes - war - Russians are on the way, everything is a bit different

        They can continue to develop in one hundred mile strides, but there is no money and human resource - specialists in Europe will break down and there they will start first, as in the USSR - the scientific elite parted

        They can develop further with one hundred mile strides, but there is no money and they are not at war active with the Power ......., but like Syria and Afghanistan, you can shoot with old bullets, but where else to put them ?! !! At

        The enemy’s level is not the same - for the time being there is no need for mass production and volumes and, again, no money!

        Even inside the country, the "Carnival" begins, money will be trusted by all and sundry, and the Russian Federation is nowhere to take arms contracts, customers are beaten off - dumping - sell at least to zero, but don't let a competitor be shipped - countries are switching to their own import-export Currency example China - RF - a dollar in the furnace - to heat the stove)))) They will still go down and in general they will remain without a country - our bailiffs know their business)))) I certainly exaggerate and burn out, but I would very much like to hook a cadillac at a price of 9k B / Wu from a confiscated goods store - ahahahhahaa

        Defend yourself))))
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 13 November 2013 17: 21
          The United States, in its ideology of warfare, is moving towards a contactless war - drones, Kyrgyz Republics, bombing from extreme heights. Yes, now they are developing new weapons. Moreover, it is with the pressure on distance shots. Operators will sit in comfortable chairs and iron defenseless enemies. That's just .... more or less modern air defense will quickly put everything in its place. Whatever the sophisticated technique, people control it. And what kind of people are in the US Army ... sad
          You can bomb as much as you like. Infantry wins wars. Maybe that's why the USA has not won a single war in the last 50 years? They just bred hornet's nests.
          1. Greenwood
            Greenwood 13 November 2013 18: 10
            Quote: Wedmak
            more or less modern air defense
            In principle, I agree, only a few countries have air defense, and most countries have a collection of museum exhibits of American, Soviet, Chinese and other industries. I’m not sure that such a hodgepodge can withstand a massive air raid, which, moreover, will not be alone.
            By the way, in Russia there are many thousands of kilometers zones, which are actually not covered by anything.
            Quote: Wedmak
            The United States has not won a single war in the last 50 years
            I would argue here. As such, in most cases the Americans achieved the goals: the government was overthrown and set up as a puppet, loyal to the States and meeting their goals in this region.
            1. Wedmak
              Wedmak 13 November 2013 18: 54
              I would argue here. As such, in most cases the Americans achieved the goals: the government was overthrown and set up as a puppet, loyal to the States and meeting their goals in this region.

              At the same time, the country is plunged into the Stone Age, and does not produce anything on its own. Yes, they have achieved their. But the goals declared initially (declared to the whole world!) They did not achieve. Therefore - a loss. Not militarily, so politically.
              1. Greenwood
                Greenwood 14 November 2013 07: 38
                Well, you understand that you can say one thing to the whole world, and think and do something completely different. winked I don’t think that Americans initially harbored illusions about "building democracy" in countries like Afghanistan.
              2. Alex toll
                Alex toll 14 November 2013 12: 52
                Here is just one moment - when the city outside the city will be freed from the presence of Amer - all the inhabitants will join the army of liberators and if only there would be enough Kalash for everyone and blindfolds - the army will be replenished from the ranks of ordinary people whom these ghouls have already taken and occupied their country - because each released person will have unresolved questions and complaints about the Yankees !!!
              3. Elm
                Elm 17 November 2013 19: 42
                Right! And after they did not find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, their allies now do not believe them that the Syrian conflict is now proving!
    GRIGORY 13 November 2013 15: 45
    If the American economy collapses, or rather it collapses, then prices will start to fly up 10 percent up and down, oil and stocks will fall, gold will rise in price. In general, this must be prepared.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 13 November 2013 16: 24
      that is why the Central Bank is buying up a little bit of gold, but more gold is needed lol
  24. shinobi
    shinobi 13 November 2013 15: 52
    People win wars. All their high-tech toys have never helped them win. Yes, and in general the worst weapon, an embittered Russian man with a gun.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 13 November 2013 16: 27
      this is all true, but at the same time the sacrifices are appropriate. It is high time to abandon the stupid habit of running a detachment of soldiers in vests to a fortified machine-gun point shouting "For Stalin (Putin)".
      It is the Chinese who can throw any army of the world into the corpses of their citizens, but the situation is exactly the same for the turn! Therefore, it is worth developing unmanned vehicles, means of protection for crews of various vehicles, etc., etc.!
  25. pluginigor
    pluginigor 13 November 2013 16: 04
    The first part of the article reminds me of the late Roman Empire before the collapse, remember Caligula. (lust, excesses, drunkenness). History repeats itself.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 13 November 2013 16: 29
      And there is. USSR, USA are empires! The collapse of the empire is inevitable, the only question is how this collapse will take place and how many countries / peoples will pay for it!
  26. mango68
    mango68 13 November 2013 16: 26
    Watch your hands carefully. I feel there will be a big kidok soon.
    For more than 300 years, the Anglo-Saxons have not known defeat. the whole world is at their feet. He uses Anglo-Saxon money, watches Anglo-Saxon movies, listens and sings Anglo-Saxon songs, even when he does it in his own language, they give a meaningful interpretation to everything that happens in the world. Only the Soviet Union under Stalin's rule, if not defeated the Anglo-Saxons, was able to dodge defeat. Only where is this "Stalin" now. Some of the world's pygmies.
    But there will be no US. There will be something else - "Free States of Australia" or the like. They have long been ready for transformation. Are you, living in the ruined and plundered territories of the former Great Russia, ready? Do you know exactly what to do and who to listen to? Do you have any plan?
    1. mango68
      mango68 13 November 2013 16: 55
      For over 300 years, the Anglo-Saxons have not been defeated in the struggle for world domination. The whole world is at their feet. He uses Anglo-Saxon money, watches their movies and sings Anglo-Saxon songs. Even when he sings a song in his own language, he carefully copies the Anglo-Saxon song. They provide interpretation and meaning in understanding the world and its history.
      Only the Soviet Union under Stalin's control was able, if not to defeat them, then at least to avoid the defeat itself, which seemed to be inevitable. But where are these "Stalins" now. At the head of state are some pygmies and degenerates. The Anglo-Saxon world is already ready for transformation and change, even if the US project collapses, because this is just one of the nodes of the network structure. There will be something else. Are you, living in the torn apart and plundered territory of the former Great Russia, ready for changes? Do you know exactly what to do and who to listen to? Do you have a plan? I'm afraid that there is not even a Leader who can do this.
      And so watch your hands. It seems that there will be a "Big Kidok" soon on a global scale.
    2. Alex toll
      Alex toll 13 November 2013 17: 14
      I want Kalash - №1
      Potato cellar and survive the nuclear winter - No. 2
      UAZ and two sets of rubber - No. 3
      A pair of true friends - №4
      Well, Babu is better))) so that she gives birth to soldiers - No. 5
      I’ll be back with a detachment in 18 years and I will avenge !!!

      You see Russians will never disappear anywhere!
      We p ... in the snow and cold - we are hardened by the Union !!!!! Figured it out myself )

      Why did you panic? And get the Nuka !!!
      The Russians differ in this - we will break through, and these gentle bombers without toilet paper will not survive
      And by the way about what "you do not know defeat, you are talking about" nobody has ever run over them)))

      They can still say they didn’t smell the gunpowder, they spent the 2nd World War in their houses and trenches, Napoleon didn’t attack them, etc. !

      So no panic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 39
        Yeah, it remains only to clarify: are you going to fight with America?
  27. Greenwood
    Greenwood 13 November 2013 17: 27
    Honestly, all these are made problems. Soon, something similar to the collapse of the USSR will happen to the States in the near future. They have had problems with the economy before. Take the same Great Depression and the ensuing multi-year crisis. Nevertheless, the States survived. The same thing now, yes, their unemployment is growing; yes, they have many drug addicts and rampant gangs in the ghetto; yes, they will cut back on army spending. But to be honest, I don’t see a collapse of industry with a 90-95% drop in production, as was the case here, neither a mass impoverishment of the population, nor mass emigration over a hill. But we see what enormous projects in the military sphere they are implementing, we see a rover roaming along Mars, we see the complete and unconditional dominance of American companies in the field of high technology (here, except that Japan can compare with them).
    I can even say more, I have a bunch of friends who want to rush to the States. Fortunately, for programmers and other IT specialists, salaries there are prohibitively higher than those here. America, alas, is still for many the goal of life. And they spoke of its imminent collapse back in the USSR, since how many years have passed, there is no long ago the USSR, and things are still there.
    1. Stasi
      Stasi 13 November 2013 18: 41
      You know, when you study our history, you involuntarily notice one pattern - everyone who was against Russia always ended badly, sooner or later. So for example, the state of Muscovy converged in the war with the Livonian Order. Muscovy lost the war, the forces were unequal. Later there was a Polish-Swedish intervention, Time of Troubles. In World War II, we fought with the Germans. But the deceased Muscovy dragged the Livonian Order into her grave, it soon fell apart. The Commonwealth also fell apart, Poland fell into decay and turmoil. Sweden defeated near Poltava forever slipped into the category of quiet neutral countries. Terrible defeats and losses befell the Germans. So far America has escaped hard times. But not much time has passed since the collapse of the USSR, and rock is known to be leisurely. It is the turn of the United States to pay the bills.
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 14 November 2013 07: 45
        Yes, but the problem is that the Americans have never openly called us their enemies and have not declared war on us, and they hardly ever will. Moreover, if you listen to Obama or Putin, the United States and Russia are "important geopolitical partners, whose cooperation and connections mean a lot for both countries" (c). In the 90s, in general, the United States was Russia's best "friend".
        1. Stasi
          Stasi 14 November 2013 13: 13
          Have the Americans ever called us openly enemies? Don't you want to remember their dictum about the fact that our country is an "Evil Empire", launched at the suggestion of Reagan? It is also worth recalling the manifesto of Allen Dulles, in which he explicitly outlined the goals of the Cold War, as well as what they specifically and how they will do. They did not declare war on us, but they waged a so-called "cold war" against us, a war of intrigues and special operations aimed at destroying our country. And in the era of the 90s, the United States manipulated our political leadership, headed by the drunk Yeltsin, who obediently fulfilled the will of Washington, surrendering all the political and economic positions of the country, so long as the West did not touch the foreign accounts and property of his Family.
  28. aviamed90
    aviamed90 13 November 2013 18: 17
    "The financial system is threatened with collapse, the western and eastern allies of the United States have already fled from the sinking ship." (author)

    What is this specifically expressed in?
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 14 November 2013 00: 07
      Quote: aviamed90
      What is this specifically expressed in?

      I answer:
      Quote: aviamed90
      "The financial system is in danger of collapse,

      the volume of the thrasher (the cost of servicing the state debt) exceeded 50% of the budget and is increasing. In a couple of three years, the entire US budget will go to service the public debt. What will they live on?

      Quote: aviamed90
      western and eastern allies of the USA have already fled from a sinking ship

      Saudis, emirates, even Qatar rushed who from the USA, who help Syria wassat . And the little shavers (!) Sent by the entire US parliament to hell with their request to support the bombing of Syria. We will not talk about Germany and France, they have not been looking at the United States for a long time there.
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 14 November 2013 10: 20

        Name at least one of the US allies that would run from a sinking ship.

        They ALL (including Germany) swallowed (not much offended) even the scandal from Snowden with wiretapping of their leaders!

        Yes. Germany, France, etc. not satisfied with the United States, but obediently fulfill their "allied obligations" like sheep in a herd. And their "shepherd" watches over them very vigilantly.
        Yes. They refused to bomb Syria a couple of times. But on the other hand, they actively supported the United States in the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and earlier Yugoslavia.

        These are real actions. And everything else is just words and grievances.
        We often wishful thinking.

        As for the financial system, so far it is holding on. And if the problems really begin, they will be solved by military means. Well, a huge US debt has been around for quite some time. And nothing - no one left NATO (on the contrary, France joined).
        But so far the dollar has not crashed. While the "status quo" is preserved.
        How long this will remain is unknown.
        That's when this happens - then they will run away. But it’s too early. At the moment, ALL countries are waiting - how it will end.

        "Saudis, emirates, even Qatar rushed from the United States."

        Give facts to support this phrase.

        So which country "escaped from the sinking ship"?
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. zinander
    zinander 13 November 2013 19: 57
    Taburetkin would send them, for the further development of the army
  31. Alexandr0id
    Alexandr0id 13 November 2013 21: 49
    we would have their problems in the economy
  32. vvp2412
    vvp2412 13 November 2013 22: 39
    Only now they wrote that the aircraft carrier Ford would not be combat-ready for another 10, F-22 and F-35 would be a disgrace to aviation, an example was a dough, deadlock branch, because they are created not to participate in combat actions, as are worth more than the equivalent weight of gold!