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Beat the invader! Reconstruction of the battles for the liberation of Kiev

Beat him! Reconstruction of the battles for the liberation of Kiev
The final and most spectacular event of the Give Kiev 2013 military festival was the reconstruction of one of the battles to liberate Kiev from the Nazi invaders, in which about 1500 people took part, as well as more than 30 units of auto, mototechnics, artillery, and Tanks and airplanes.

This year, the battle dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Kiev, took place not on the traditional field in Pirogovo, but in the Sitnyaki tract in Troyeschina. This was done in order to complement the reconstruction of the crossing over the river, because the Kiev operation 1943 of the year began with the forcing of the Dnieper by Soviet troops.
In today's report, you can see the events of this battle not from the spectator area, but through the eyes of one of the participants directly on the battlefield, in the trenches and melee fights ..

2. The liberation of Kiev took place in the late autumn of 1943. For this purpose, it was supposed to strike two blows - a main blow from the Bukrin bridgehead in 80 km south of Kiev and an auxiliary blow from bridgeheads north of Kiev. In October, the strike force concentrated on the Bukrin bridgehead twice launched an offensive. However, the enemy defense was too strong. It became clear that it is difficult to expect success here. Therefore, it was decided to transfer the main efforts from Bukrin to the Lutezh springboard, and from here to send the main blow to the south.
To implement this, the Soviet troops, using long nights and morning fogs, crossed from the Bukrinsky bridgehead to the left bank of the Dnieper, along which the coast passed about two hundred kilometers to the north, and then again crossed the river to the Lyutezhsky bridgehead.

3. The notorious forcing of the Dnieper for the liberation of cities located on the left bank laid a huge number of our soldiers.
People were virtually defenseless against artillery, machine guns and aviation during the time when they crossed the Dnieper in boats, rafts and all that could swim ...
Even during the reconstruction, when there was no real bombing, it was clear how rafts and boats with infantry were moving slowly and vulnerable.
It is terrible to imagine what was happening in reality that November 1943 year

4. In November 2013 of the year, exactly 70 years later, the marines and assault forces of the Red Army landed on sandy beaches, where they immediately fell under the barrage of the first German defense line

5. Aviation press landing to the ground, not giving to raise their heads

6. Massive bombardment covers the battlefield

7. Our troops broke through the first line of defense of the Germans with bayonet shovels. Sapper shovels, fists and teeth are used.

8. Sailors against soldiers of the Viking division

9. Fist, butt, gun ...

10. The Germans are crumpled and retreat to the second line of defense. Our occupy the first German trench

11. Dead in hand to hand

12. Anti-tank guns ready to repel an attack of German tanks

13. Machine gun crew works from "Maxim"

14. Infantryman and his "Mosinka"

15. The crash of shots is incredible.

16. And again in the attack!

17. Commanders raise fighters

18. The Germans are constantly trying to fire the attackers to the ground.

19. Wire fences in front of the second line of defense

20. Sappers work

21. The passage is cleared, forward again!

22. To be hand-to-hand in trenches

23. Last tightening before the fight. Now he will get the right butt in the face. No need to be distracted by the photographer.

24. Trench slaughter

25. Whose hands ... is unknown. A sailor's fist finishes a German

26. After the second attack.

27. "Vikings" already in the country of eternal hunting

28. And again in the attack! There is another line of defense ahead

29. The faithful assistant of the soldier ... His rifle

30. And again hand to hand.

31. The Germans frantically climb on our bayonets

32. Finish your butt!

33. Call mom. "It's all right, beat the nemchur"

34. Now the Germans will arrive from the Soviet soldier ...

35. ... with a spatula over the head

36. And this will arrive ....

37. ... from a revolver

38. Everything is mixed up - horses, people .. (c)

39. Final fights. Shots almost inaudible. Only clang weaponhelmets bayonets



42. The Germans are completely swept away. Field hospital surrenders

43. Oil painting Nowhere to retreat

44. Sleep well, dear Feldwebel

45. And the radio operator also did not live up to the Victory Day
Beat the invader! Reconstruction of the battles for the liberation of Kiev

46. Captives

47. Hand-to-hand combat

48. Were clean and sleek. Became dirty and beaten

49. Victory cry! Russian soldier, bayonet, shovel. They forged that victory at the cost of millions of lives.

After the plots about the camp of the Red Army and Verkhmat a small Sunday retreat.

A bit of humor from both camps.
What you do not want to leave behind the scenes, because humor and curiosity always have a place to be.

Reconstruction is no exception. Moreover, as I have been observing not for the first year, the reenactors are still funny people.

2. The camp of the Red Army. Morning. Those who overslept rise, waiting for the stern captain in a leather jacket. With a lot of drin.

3. The sergeant flew ....

4. Swallow looks like this. Exactly.

5. Noooo, swallow looks like this!

6. And he had a big household. Very big....

7. Brave Soviet soldier.

8. Prisoners of a small partisan

9. Headquarters UAZ. Or Willis.

10. Rescue hats private Ryan

11. Apparently, someone on the eve of frightened

12. Casper in the German camp

13. And everywhere there will certainly be a snitch .....

14. Hello, the police?

15. Germans in the city !!! Come!

16. But there will always be a German soldier with a sapper shovel to the police who arrived in the tank.

17. Sasha alexcheban took the tablet verbatim and shoots the nemchur

18. The morning was not given-2

19. Why does a person have a sad e ..... o ...

20. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ...

21. The main thing in the war is more trinkets, right, Mr. Cossack?

22. Do not cry, soldier, everything will be fine ...

The photos were taken during the reconstruction of the battles for the liberation of Kiev from the Nazi invaders "Give Kiev!", Which was organized by the Red Star Club.
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  1. alexmaneger
    alexmaneger 13 November 2013 08: 57
    Worthy done.
  2. svp67
    svp67 13 November 2013 10: 39
    Sailors against the soldiers of the "Viking" division and beat the nemchuru!
    in this case it was probably better to shout "Beat the lights!"
  3. carbofo
    carbofo 13 November 2013 13: 41
    It was somehow a toy, It has long been. either according to Tolkien, or according to a novel - it doesn’t matter. The last day, the main action should be according to the script. And I fell into the carrion, as luck would have it! I sit myself counting minutes, I counted a lot. Suddenly I see, next to the carrion in the camp, a guy sits and darnes chain mail torn along, THREADS !!! I am in shock, I continue to watch. Well, he carelessly darned that way (if only he had not fallen) and picks up a shield, from which the extreme piece has been broken! I think what will do with it? The guy, meanwhile, takes the breadcrumbs and begins to close up the hole ... I don’t understand anything ... I’m breaking the wizard out of the carrion early (to trace this weirdo). Let me remind you that the main action is about to happen! At this time, the guy puts chain mail on his Naked body, takes his sword and shield in his hands, and quickly goes to the battlefield! I follow him.
    And now the picture: between two hills about 2 people gathered. About equally on both sides. Everything is in tension, now the most important thing will be a mess !!! And here! He runs out onto the hill to the hero. IS A WILD YEEP, (naturally all the attention of all 200 is immediately on him), BITS A SHIELD AND SPITS OUT A PIECE, SCREAMS ONCE AGAIN, TOMES ON HIMSELF AND RUNS THIS CROWD !!!
    To be honest, I have never seen such frightened Tolkienists!
    1. Astrey
      Astrey 13 November 2013 23: 25
      Quote: carbofo
      There was somehow a toy

      Boyan is archival. And the off-top is nasty.
      1. carbofo
        carbofo 14 November 2013 12: 35
        But cool!
  4. psyholirik
    psyholirik 13 November 2013 17: 54
  5. fight
    fight 14 November 2013 10: 08
    We will have worse under Peter. well done fellows, there was a desire to come see next year
  6. mithridate
    mithridate 17 November 2013 15: 30
    excellent photo report
  7. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 4 December 2013 21: 34
    Well done! The report is excellent. Made briskly and with humor!
  8. Swetliy
    Swetliy 24 August 2014 10: 58
    Well done reenactors!