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Climatic weapons: technology of the distant future or a reason to worry now?

Climatic weapons: technology of the distant future or a reason to worry now?

With frightening regularity in different parts of the planet occur natural disasters. Floods, hurricanes and fires claim dozens of lives and cause multimillion-dollar damage. Like any other phenomenon that a person cannot fight with, natural disasters become the reason for the emergence of various conspiracy. Almost every major disaster receives an explanation stating the direct involvement of a person. T.N. climatic weapon, able to influence natural processes, has long been a universal explanation for any natural disaster.

The recent flood in the Far East has become another event that received such an explanation. Instead of a serious analysis of the prerequisites for raising the level of rivers, some individuals expressed a simpler version, namely the use of a certain hypothetical weapon system. This system at the command of the operator had some influence on the climatic processes in the nature of the Far East, resulting in flooding. For obvious reasons, the United States has become the main “suspect in organizing” the floods. There is still mistrust in this state in our country, which contributes to the emergence and spread of such accusations.

An interesting fact is that the suspicions of the use of climate weapons concern not only past disasters, but also possible ones in the future. Less than 100 days are left before the Olympics in Sochi, and versions of a possible act of aggression using climate control systems are already emerging. For example, in mid-October, the publication Arguments of the Week published an interview with two military weather forecasters (“When Climate Weapons Shoot”). One of the interlocutors of the publication expressed concern that US intelligence agencies might attempt to disrupt the competition in Sochi, using natural processes.

Since the late nineties, the version that the United States already has climate weapons has become widespread. As a similar system, Americans can use the HAARP complex (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - “Program for the study of high-frequency effects on the ionosphere”), located in Alaska. The complex includes transmitters and antennas, research equipment and a system for processing the received data. According to official information, HAARP is used to study the ionosphere in the interests of fundamental science and in the framework of programs for creating advanced communication systems.

Despite the existing official data, the HAARP complex, even before its work began, was the reason for the emergence of several conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists believe that HAARP is intended to suppress radio-electronic systems in a given area; to influence atmospheric processes or even to provoke earthquakes. For obvious reasons, none of these versions has a decent evidence base, which is why such theories remain marginal and are common only in limited circles. As proof of theories about the use of HAARP for aggressive purposes, several facts are used. First of all, supporters of conspiracy theories recall that the complex was built with the active assistance of the Pentagon. In addition, much of the information about his work and research results is closed to foreign scientists and the general public. There is every reason to believe that the HAARP project was supposed to be used in military studies from the very beginning. According to the available data, in the course of these works, certain issues related to long-range radio communications and the detection of ballistic missiles were studied.

Moreover, the elementary knowledge of the physics of natural processes makes it possible to dismiss conspiracy theories as untenable. According to various sources, the total radiation power of the HAARP complex antennas does not exceed 3600-4000 kW. As follows from published research reports, the complex simply cannot have a serious and lasting effect on the Earth’s ionosphere. All disturbances in the ionosphere, resembling the northern lights, stop for a few seconds or minutes after the radiators stop working. In addition, the HAARP complex can cause changes in the ionosphere only in a small area located above the antenna field. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the ionosphere of the planet is constantly exposed to the outside, the strength of which far exceeds the maximum capabilities of the HAARP system.

This year there were several events that reminded of the HAARP complex and, as a result, of various conspiracy theories. In May, it became known that the existing contract for research using the complex had expired. For this reason, indefinitely, HAARP is shutting down. A little later, a message appeared that by the end of the year the complex would be used again for research. This time the work will be commissioned by the Agency for Advanced Defense Research and Development (DARPA). Specific research objectives have not yet been named. The HAARP complex already has a specific reputation in certain circles, and DARPA’s interest in it has caused new rumors to appear.

It is worth noting that the HAARP complex is not the only system for studying the ionosphere, accused of working as a climate weapon. Similar theories are common in Western countries that mention the Russian Sura complex. Located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the complex according to official information has the same objectives as HAARP. The differences between the two systems are in the architecture, the applied elements, etc. However, Sura can also create disturbances in the ionosphere, similar to the northern lights. For obvious reasons, theories about the use of the Sura complex as a climate weapon are common abroad and are almost unknown in our country. In addition, similar theories (although much less well-known) exist around all stations designed to study the ionosphere.

The existing development of technologies does not allow humanity to exert a lasting and noticeable impact on natural processes, but climate weapons are one of the most interesting and promising projects of the future. In the future, such systems will allow stopping or, at a minimum, significantly hampering the work of the enemy’s industry, agriculture and communications. As practice shows, natural disasters are one of the most destructive phenomena on the planet. Understanding the power of advanced climate weapons using natural phenomena, several countries at the end of the seventies signed the Convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of means of influence on the natural environment.

The term “climatic weapon” is now in most cases understood as a certain hypothetical system capable of bringing a powerful hurricane into the enemy’s territory or launching a major flood. However, a few decades ago, the United States already used a different kind of climate weapon. From the spring of 1967 to the summer of 1972, Popeye was carried out as part of the Vietnam War (sometimes called Spinach). During this operation, American military transport and attack aircraft during the rainy season sprayed silver iodide over the clouds. This compound causes the formation of hot spots of condensation and, as a result, rain. Currently, no more than 45-50 tons of this substance are used throughout the world in a year, and during Operation Popeye over five years, the USAF sprayed around 5,4 thousand tons over Vietnam. The result of this seeding of the clouds was the numerous heavy rains that disrupted the work of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and flooded agricultural areas. Initially spraying silver iodide was experimental. The experiment was recognized successful and the use of the technique continued.

In the eighties, the United States, as well as the USSR, together with Cuba, studied tropical typhoons, wanting to find a way to influence their strength or trajectory. Both projects helped to gather a lot of important information, but the development of typhoon impact agents was discontinued due to their excessive complexity. The study of various atmospheric phenomena is still ongoing. However, by now only methods of influencing rain clouds are widely mastered. Other atmospheric processes, and especially natural disasters, are still beyond the control of man.

The main reason that climate weapons, using the force of hurricanes, floods, etc., has not yet been created, lies in the energy component of all these natural disasters. If the effect on the rain cloud is enough to spray the necessary substance over it, then working with other natural phenomena requires much more complex techniques. As an example, the operation "Pope" / "Spinach". Spraying silver iodide over Vietnam did produce the expected result, but such an impact on the weather in large areas for five years turned out to be too expensive. US aircraft had to make several thousand sorties. Often, there are doubts about the feasibility of such flights, since material resources could be spent with greater benefit by operating planes for their intended purpose.

The effect on climate by heating up certain parts of the atmosphere is even more complex and expensive. Having knowledge of physics at the secondary school level, it is easy to calculate how much energy is needed to warm one cubic kilometer of air by at least one degree. From this calculation, we can draw the appropriate conclusions about the possibility of tangible climate change in a particular area. Finally, we should not forget that to use such methods of influencing the climate for sabotage purposes it will be necessary to ensure the transfer of energy of the atmosphere imperceptible to the enemy. In general, a full-scale operation of this nature is not yet capable of even the whole of humanity, acting together.

However, climate weapons, capable of destroying entire regions without existing, continue to haunt minds. It makes people invent controversial theories about scientific experiments and look for evidence that they are right. The causes of such phenomena are probably worth looking for in human psychology. Mankind has always suffered from natural disasters and natural disasters, but even now, with a wealth of knowledge and technology, it cannot fully protect itself from them. Perhaps because of this, people are trying to find an explanation for the frightening phenomena, often reaching the fabrications of conspiracy. In addition, we should not forget the fact that the technologies of artificially provoking rains are already widely mastered. Operation "Popeye" and seeding clouds with reagents before mass events can even more embarrass people who fear disasters.

It should be noted that the creation of systems to control the climate in large areas is guaranteed to find peaceful application and help solve a lot of problems. For example, an artificially created large cyclone can be used to extinguish forest fires over a large area, and by manipulating small cyclones and anticyclones, a person will be able to protect crops from drought. However, such technologies are unlikely to appear in the next few decades. According to various forecasts, mankind will be able to master such technologies not earlier than the middle of the XXI century. By this time, the question of the military application of such technologies will become topical. Therefore, the current concern about climate weapons can be considered untimely, but we should not forget about possible risks either.

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  1. Stiletto
    Stiletto 13 November 2013 09: 11
    Judging by the fact that in America itself from time to time there is a "complete Popeye" with hurricanes and tornadoes, which causes entire cities like Orleans to drown, not very harsh warriors-climatologists emerged from them.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 13 November 2013 09: 29
      For some reason, I deeply doubt the control of the climate.
      1. ed65b
        ed65b 13 November 2013 12: 20
        Quote: Igor39
        For some reason, I deeply doubt the control of the climate.

        I'm the same as our "experts" will blaze right away, America is to blame, how the "experts" will wash away their howl, the Russians annoyed. Mother nature annoyed her, she gets rid of microbes, people who got her.
    2. unclevad
      unclevad 13 November 2013 17: 46
      You don’t even have to be a harsh climatologist. It is enough to spill millions of tons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, slightly change the direction of the Gulf Stream and the climate in Europe will change. True, America itself has been spoiled by this, I think. Climate is a double-edged weapon.
    3. Apostle
      Apostle 20 November 2013 20: 01
      And it's just that Russia has surpassed the amers in the use and creation of climate weapons (as well as any other weapon) wink
  2. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 13 November 2013 09: 23
    Anything can be. And Zhirinovsky probably knows something, it's not for nothing that he threatened "our scientists will slightly shift the axis of the Earth" ... laughing
    1. Buskanov
      Buskanov 13 November 2013 10: 52
      Let's remember Fukushima. There is a suspicion that it was Russia that "covered with a wave" the land of the Rising Sun in order to calm them down on the Kuril Islands issue smile
      1. AVV
        AVV 17 November 2013 15: 06
        But it doesn’t take anything, already all atomic ones, the reactors were closed in a way, but they continue to stir up the water !!! Now. When Japan is completely filled with snow, maybe then something will move ???
      2. timer
        timer 17 November 2013 17: 13
        This is not climate, but tectonic weapons. By the way, at the expense of tectonic, I believe that work on it is really going on in Russia (although they don’t talk about it). And at the expense of climate weapons, at the moment this is nonsense!
        1. Buskanov
          Buskanov 18 November 2013 09: 57
          Still they would tell us about it laughing
          For me, it would be better if all this money was spent on space exploration. And then all these missile defense, nuclear submarines, aug, nuclear weapons and everything else ...
  3. makarov
    makarov 13 November 2013 09: 39
    I believe that there is nothing to poke your nose into the work of Nature. It won’t end in good, and will goof off for a very long time.
    1. Ihrek
      Ihrek 13 November 2013 10: 51
      It is necessary to prohibit the development of such weapons, and all that is available to take under international control. This is in the interests of all mankind.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 13 November 2013 12: 18
    "Less than 100 days are left before the Olympics in Sochi, and versions of a possible act of aggression using climate control systems are already emerging."- well, and send them "utter filth" so that there would be something to do; point to the building of the Congress ... wink
  5. pahom54
    pahom54 13 November 2013 12: 57
    What to argue ... The author of the article tried to reassure the people that, supposedly, climate control at the present stage of development of science is impossible. Well, reassured, and the flag in his hands.
    However, in the days of Vietnam, the Americans could not only cause rains, but also worked on the problems of creating a spot burning of crops using just solar radiation, and who knows how far they could go from that time ... Well, the question of Russian ownership of tectonic weapons not closed ...
    Balaboning on this topic is a waste of time. The data on such developments are not just secret, but super-secret, and by no means the "experts" could get into the hands of ...
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 21 November 2013 23: 59
      as it is not in the house that they sprayed the poisonous substance-ORANGE, in a small concentration all potato growers willingly use it, from the Colorado potato beetle, but the "abundant" wind generators in the North Sea are a real threat, and now it is already bearing fruit -and on business
  6. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 13 November 2013 15: 45
    Somehow, in one of the near-scientific television programs from the lips of a professor (I don’t remember my last name) of some institute (something like the Institute for Research on Climatology and Geophysics in St. Petersburg), a very accurate phrase sounded:
    "... Do not underestimate the influence of man on the climate, but even more so, do not overestimate it."
  7. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 13 November 2013 18: 11
    All changes in the climate are made by Man himself, building factories, destroying forests and drying rivers. The natural balance changes in the opposite direction and disasters occur. In Siberia, a rare phenomenon has happened in general - the snow has melted in November! Everyone walks in shock, usually there are already drifts to the knees ... And here it is.
  8. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 13 November 2013 19: 37
    Manage the weather until there is not enough energy, but a little tweak the process is quite affordable.
  9. GUSAR
    GUSAR 13 November 2013 20: 24
    Does anyone know about our developments in this area? just wondering
  10. GUSAR
    GUSAR 13 November 2013 20: 24
    Does anyone know about our developments in this area? just wondering
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. studentmati
    studentmati 13 November 2013 20: 42
    Why didn’t they remember Tesla?
  13. rpek32
    rpek32 13 November 2013 22: 51
    Actually, Harp (the heiress of Harp) was shut down.
  14. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 14 November 2013 01: 35
    Somewhere in 1978 in the "Foreign Military Review" there was an article about "climate weapons". Probably for 35 years there is progress on both sides. Of course, people cannot create a powerful natural process, but can they shift the balance? It is impossible to create a typhoon, but to direct it where it is necessary, like a top on a board, creating a pressure gradient with a microwave oven?
    And more:
    But what are the annual peat fires in the Moscow region called? Draining swamps in the Moscow region, no one thought what creates millions of tons of dry peat. Now you need to drown all this bootleg, again swamps and mosquitoes.
  15. Alex
    Alex 14 November 2013 05: 24
    It is difficult to assume that the United States and Russia abandoned research in the development of climate weapons. There is no doubt that the HAARP complex is used for these purposes. Talking about the fact that its radiation power is insufficient to affect the ionosphere is untenable. Because it would cause an avalanche in the mountains with the gathering of millions of cubic meters of snow, it is not necessary to blow up a megaton bomb. A small pebble is enough. So it is here. You just need to know where and how to affect the ionosphere.
  16. Alexey
    Alexey 14 November 2013 07: 29
    The article was 20 ... 25 years late. Is there a climate weapon? Take a look here:
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 22 November 2013 00: 05
      you fill the full H. nyu, in Sary-Shagan a complex of early warning about the launch of strategic missiles of a potential enemy, just like the HAARP (in Canada), and you don’t need tantrums, as someone wrote above-not enough energy, -energy has not grown
  17. The comment was deleted.