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Snowden's revelations as a sign of the era of information wars

Unveiled by a former employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden, US espionage materials continue to haunt the world community. The peculiarity of the international scandal that broke out was that the voices of the closest allies of the United States - the countries of the European Union - joined the general stream of criticism. At the same time, as events developed, their own policy of double standards was exposed, for which we must say a special thank you to those who organized stuffing of exposing materials into world mass media.

Thus, the first reports about the hacking by Americans of the databases of major corporations, the tapping of leaders and members of the governments of Latin America were left without any comments from high-ranking officials of Western European countries. However, they did not remain silent when materials appeared that reveal the total nature of electronic surveillance of citizens of their countries. From the lips of some European leaders sounded discontent over the excessive activity of American intelligence. The essence of this discontent boiled down to the following: we understand the need for effective measures in the fight against international terrorism, but spying among friends is unacceptable. Such a restrained reaction is understandable, as the next portion of the revealing materials testified to the cooperation of European and American intelligence services in the field of electronic espionage. And only after the publication of the facts of the first persons and high-ranking officials of the European Union, the criticism of espionage activity sounded loudly.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, a consolidated position of a whole group of states condemning the actions of the American administration is observed. The United States is accused from the rostrum of the European Parliament of discrediting allied relations and violating the laws of European countries. Attempts by the Americans to justify reconnaissance by the need to counter terrorist threats are no longer perceived. The chairman of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, having received information about the NSA's surveillance of deputies and their offices, made a biting statement that the European Parliament is not planning any terrorist attacks on the United States.

Latin American and European politicians and officials of various levels practically in unison suggest revising or denouncing the agreements existing with the United States and introducing strict rules restricting and regulating the activities of American IT companies in their countries. In the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there is an unequivocal hint at the irreversibility of revising bilateral relations with its main strategic ally: “The foundation of trust between our countries is to be restored. And words alone are not enough for this. Changes are required. Under her initiative, a special commission of the European Union is created to investigate the circumstances of the activities of the American special services, which intends to work, including in the United States. Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff agreed to lobby the submission of the relevant issue to the UN General Assembly and prepare a draft follow-up resolution. The government of Japan also stated the need to conduct a thorough investigation of the revealed facts of espionage.

It can be stated that the publicly wounded pride of the political leadership of a number of Western European countries has prompted them to condemn their powerful overseas friend and bring him charges of violating human rights. One can only hope that the same principles will be shown when Washington again decides in its interest to unleash an armed conflict or provoke another “color revolution”, neglecting the existing mechanisms of international security.

However, we leave it to their conscience. Back to spyware stories and note that the NSA is central to it. It has long been known that the agency is the main link of the US intelligence community in the field of electronic espionage. Materials from Edward Snowden only document the fact of total electronic surveillance of citizens of many countries.

For example, according to data published in Le Monde in Paris in October, only during 30 days - from December 10 2012 to January 8, the NSA, as part of the spyware program US2013D, intercepted more than 985 millions of telephone conversations from French citizens. The resulting information was processed and compiled into 70 million files and placed in two databases - DRTBOX and WHITEBOX. According to the newspaper, similar actions to collect information could be carried out against citizens of other countries, since spyware programs for them had a similar designation. For example, for Germany - US62,5LA and US987LB.

The number of exposing publications of this kind is growing like a snowball. On their basis, it is entirely acceptable to assert that the privacy of millions of people may be subject to American intelligence surveillance, and the information collected will be used by the United States to their advantage in near real time or wait in the wings, stored somewhere in the depths of the NSA.

Why does the United States need such a scale of electronic espionage and what goals do they have? Maybe we should agree with the opinion that nothing serious happened, they were always spying, everything and everyone, the main thing is how they manage the data obtained, and in general in the era of the information society the total eavesdropping and peeping is inevitable? In the domestic media, opinions have already emerged that, supposedly, nothing terrible happens, there have been no consequences and there will be no, everyone can relax and ignore the Snowden story. We propose to simply evaluate the known facts of espionage in relation to the strategic goals and objectives of Washington.

US Global Cybership

The NSA is a structural unit of the US armed forces involved in the general system of information and analytical support for the military policy of the White House. Recently, it has begun to play a key role in the implementation of a new strategic installation — winning global supremacy in cyberspace, without which, in the opinion of the US military and political leadership, it is impossible to maintain the leading position in the new century. For the first time, the tasks of preparing the armed forces for action in cyberspace were set in the US National Military Strategy 2004 of the Year. The term itself is considered as a sphere of combat operations along with land, sea and aerospace spheres and it is understood as the global area of ​​the information environment, consisting of interconnected information and technological structures, including the Internet, telecommunication networks and computer systems, as well as embedded processors and controllers.

In accordance with the planned strategic objectives, plans for the construction and training of the American armed forces are being adjusted. After a fairly intensive check of a number of new conceptual positions, cyber command, USCYBERCOM, was created in June with the joint strategic command of the United States in June. The organization of its activities is largely based on the technological, operational and functional capabilities of the NSA. This is convincingly shown by the fact that the director of the NSA, General Keith Alexander, has been appointed as the commander of the new unit. He still combines two posts.

The interaction of the NSA and USCYBERCOM is carried out on the organization and conduct of electronic and cyber intelligence, as well as in the interests of preparing and conducting operations in the information space as a new form of use of the American armed forces, enacted by the National Military Strategy 2006 of the year.

Analysis of the content of the newly developed doctrinal documents of the US Department of Defense suggests that cyber operations are designed to solve three groups of tasks:

  • maintaining reliable and uninterrupted operation of cyberspace used by the United States;
  • protection and defense of the national segment;
  • harnessing the power of global cyberspace to solve tasks and promote American interests.

    Such activity involves not only confrontation and suppression of the enemy in the information environment, it is also being conducted to support military, intelligence, psychological, individual specific operations.

    Electronic espionage programs that have become well-known are only elements of a higher level plan pursuing the achievement of global objectives. What are these goals, one can only guess by building the relationship of cyber operations with the strategic plans of the military-political leadership of the United States and the practical steps to implement them.

    Let us pay attention to the fact that, in accordance with the US founding documents, military policy is oriented towards ensuring the leading role of the United States in the conditions of the formation of a new world order. The strategic leadership, signed by President Barack Obama in January 2012, is called “Strengthening US Global Leadership. Priorities of the Ministry of Defense in the XXI Century. ” The basic concept of Armed Forces-2020, approved in September of the same year by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CEC), determines the formation of abilities that will allow preemptive and demoralizing attacks on the enemy to successfully conduct operations that meet the nature of the confrontation in the new century. For this purpose, synchronization of the actions of groups of troops (forces) with the efforts of all elements of national power and more active involvement of allies and partners of the United States in joint actions are envisaged. Of particular importance is the integration of the capabilities of cybernetic forces and facilities with the capabilities of the regional combat and functional commands of the Armed Forces, as well as their interaction with other federal agencies.

    It turns out that the total electronic surveillance organized by the Americans is not just an overwhelming activity of the special services and certainly not the costs of fighting international terrorism. Rather, it can be assumed that the NSA and USCYBERCOM are laying the foundations for future operations in the information environment. In particular, the mechanisms for monitoring social networks and e-mail are being perfected. This is done with the aim of tracking the socio-political situation in society and drawing up so-called social maps that reveal social connections, preferences, problems, interests, plans, location and other information about citizens in the whole state for a specific period. Combined with informational and special operations, the technology of which Americans have sufficiently worked out, this will provide great opportunities for manipulating public consciousness and using the social activity of citizens in a direction favorable to Washington. Something similar was observed quite recently in the countries of North Africa during the period of the “Arab spring”. Now it is obvious that the protest movement and the information background (twitter revolution, like in Egypt) were created in many ways artificially, including through the use of Internet technologies and social networks.

    The content and nature of future wars and conflicts allows information about hacker attacks, now and then pop up in the world media. Apparently, the use of cybernetic forces and equipment can lead to serious damage - to disorganize control, disable industrial and military facilities, systems and weapon systems, disrupt vital infrastructures.

    According to information from Snowden, published in Washington Post in August of this year, about 600 professional hackers work in a special unit for conducting remote access operations (Tailored Access Operations - TAO), located at the headquarters of the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland. This deeply classified team conducts reconnaissance of the most important objects, develops technologies of cyber attacks and conducts them at the direction of the president of the country. It is assumed that the TAO team, with the participation of Israeli colleagues, developed and used the Stuxnet and Flame malicious programs to disable the database management system of Iran’s nuclear program.

    The lack of data on wiretapping of domestic statesmen and citizens does not mean at all that espionage is not actually conducted. The American intelligence community has always considered us as one of the main geopolitical rivals. One can only believe that Russia has the means to counter the real and future threats to its security.
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    1. Asgard
      Asgard 14 November 2013 15: 29
      Well, not quite as the author writes, but close to the stated goals ....
      The United States Army is a cover for TNCs (the truths of the Masters of Life) Intel standardly installs in its chips — the System Management Unit (Navy) is a means of remote control of a computing installation and its monitoring.
      It uses 256bit encryption prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation ........
      There is such Assembled China. (Produces motherboards and much more)) Our Hackers found that the boards from China contain additional software modules, "backdoors", "undocumented features", and these modules do not see standard analysis programs ... ...
      Antiviruses (all)) collect the information on your computer and transfer it to their data centers ....
      Yandex and Rambler requests from Russia are processed on servers in North America .....

      For this we need high-speed communication lines - AND BUILD THEM))))

      It never comes back (NEVER)))
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 14 November 2013 15: 34
        Quote: Asgard
        Well, not quite as the author writes, but close

        Before the Russian electronic center in Cuba, located near Havana in the village of Lourdes, was closed, our special services heard everything that is said in the United States and Snowden was unnecessary for a hundred years
      2. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior 14 November 2013 15: 51
        Asgardzem. hi
        Not yours alone. Throughout Karjala pulled laughing
        That's why we are "borderland" wink
      3. winkiller
        winkiller 14 November 2013 16: 26
        Well optics are not so expensive right now. And what do you propose to build for you? I, unfortunately, do not know the distance. But now, both voice (MGTS) and the Internet and mobile operators are all moving through optics. And no one does optics for himself. One paves and leases the rest. This is the standard communication technology in the modern world and I don’t think that the NSA would finance optics for 900 people for you :) excuse me.
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 14 November 2013 16: 46
          It's all about the nuances ....
          Cable notHIGHWAY, and they lay in an expensive way - to the ground .....
          The cost at existing prices on the Internet NEVER JUSTIFY .....
          Economists thought ....
          Cellular Communication is also being driven into optics, for what purpose ??? To drive traffic that is inside the country)) through imported equipment with data copying-to the border ....
          Rooms with equipment are sealed and equipped with an alarm system, they are serviced by a certain circle of people (according to tolerances)) and as a rule they are People (not ice)) highly specialized, not proactive, in other words, robots ...)))) so that they don’t understand what kind of traffic goes along communication lines and where ... (They monitor this strictly))) Commercial structures
          And the company commander, who seized mobile phones from servicemen during the exercises, was fired from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation .... Everything is not seriously childish)))))
      4. Stinger
        Stinger 14 November 2013 17: 09
        "256bit encryption prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation" I advise you to look
        GOST 28147-89 Information processing systems. Cryptographic protection.
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 14 November 2013 18: 02
          Quote: Stinger
          GOST 28147-89 Information processing systems. Cryptographic protection.

          It talks about certification ... with "escrow keys" -IT'S IMPOSSIBLE
          and I am writing about (the "undocumented capabilities" of your computers)) the encryption of data packets sent by "backdoors" is unlikely to be certified for compliance with GOST in the FSB and it does not fall under the rules of open cryptography (civil, public, commercial cryptography) where third parties have access persons to the source code (keys))
          With a minus you obviously hurried))) andЯ in revenge +may stop making hasty conclusions ....
          Hurry up, this is a guarantee of survival in our "difficult" and illiterate times))))
          1. Stinger
            Stinger 14 November 2013 18: 16
            I do not put cons.
      5. GSH-18
        GSH-18 14 November 2013 18: 36
        Quote: Asgard

        It never comes back (NEVER)))

        It’s just that the Russian Federation is building its own national Internet segment. And of course it will protect him.
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 14 November 2013 18: 51
          Quote: Stinger
          I do not put cons

          Then correct me minus))))))I will think badly))))
          Quote: GSH-18
          The Russian Federation is building its national Internet segment.

          The cable of the Russian production is YES ...
          A communication equipment, software is entirely import ...
          Communication protocols, no,
          There is no operating system
          no - Your search engine, Yandex (not counting, traffic sends to the USA))
          There is no national payment system,
          NO electronic industry and element base .....
          Where does the money for laying private providers of OJSC come from ... ??? This is not a state cable ....

          So here something else is total control (the conclusion suggests itself))))
          1. Aryan
            Aryan 14 November 2013 19: 57
            from a distance, Hollywood begins to advertise its terminar7 recourse
          2. Vadivak
            Vadivak 14 November 2013 21: 58
            Quote: Asgard
            Then correct me minus)))))) I will think badly))))

            I confirm this is not Stinger, but who will not say. I have no right, Smirnov banned.
      6. alone
        alone 14 November 2013 22: 27
        Quote: Asgard

        It never comes back (NEVER)))

        I wonder how much this treasury process cost the treasury?
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 15 November 2013 00: 30
          Let's count
          - Optical multimode optical cable 8 fibers (in the ground, armored)) - We take at least 40 rubles per meter-110km-4 million 400t.r
          Take the approximate price from the public procurement website
          Region: Kursk Region
          Customer: Department of ICT and BI of Kursk region
          Competition Number: 3607111
          Publication date: 14-09-2011
          Contract price: 500 000 rubles
          fiber-optic cable laying services in the following sections: 1) st. Lenin, d. 90/2 - st. Lenin, d. 69 2) st. Lenin, d. 90/2 - st. Chelyuskintsev, d. 2 The total length of the route - up to 1500 m.
          Request for quotes
          110 км/1,5=73,3Х500т.р=37 млн.руб
          + project approval for cable laying - approximately 1,5 mult
          + preparation of a route passport (general skeletal layout of fiber optic links, skeletal fiber optic links, fiber optic installation in couplings and cross, a list of laid fiber lengths of fiber optic cables, corrected fiber optic layout after installation on a plan (also not cheap, not found anywhere))
          + commissioning, installation of final equipment + the cost of the equipment itself, let it be 2 million rubles
          + Pyaozero is fucking, delivery of equipment transportation of equipment and the cable itself from Moscow - 2000 km ....
          50 million turns out easily, for a maximum of 300 users ..... But for sure the PRICE is more))))) 110 km went for four months, with cutting down ++++ tracks in Taiga ...
          + theft (multiply by two))) + rollback per contract)))))
          And there you can’t collect even a hundred aboments (pensioners, production facilities are ruined, customs and cops are 18 people))))
          Lespromkhoz bankrupt and cut into scrap metal .......
          Approximate price level)))))
    2. Stiletto
      Stiletto 14 November 2013 15: 31
      The very fact of Mr. Snowden refutes the thesis of the global cyber-dominance of the United States. You can’t shout to the whole world that you are wearing the best diaper in this world, when it’s wet to the knees and you have to blush and justify yourself before Merkel and her comrades.
    3. nemec55
      nemec55 14 November 2013 15: 44
      Edward Snowden published by a former employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA) continues to haunt the world community

      In my opinion, it only excites us, the Americans are * on everyone and everything. Merkel wants to go on gums anyway. Latinos rebel but can’t do anything and the rest are pure water-pin-dos-ki
    4. Alexey M
      Alexey M 14 November 2013 15: 52
      For every sly bolt of theirs, we have a nut with a reverse thread. The West is mired on the Internet and can’t live without it. We are so far away.
    5. regsSSSR
      regsSSSR 14 November 2013 15: 52
      The NSA is a structural unit of the US Armed Forces involved in the overall system of information and analytical support for the White House’s military policy.
    6. makarov
      makarov 14 November 2013 16: 24
      And our komenty these stinkers also listen?
      They should be shown part of Kuzma’s mother to the elbow ... and even 2.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 14 November 2013 16: 41
        Quote: makarov
        And our komenty these stinkers also listen?
        They should be shown part of Kuzma’s mother to the elbow ... and even 2.

        Yahoo has been cooperating with special services since 2008, Google, Facebook since 2009, YouTube since 2010, Skype since 2011, AOL since 2012.
        Microsoft, according to Snowden, has been cooperating with the NSA since 2007, and volunteered to cooperate. The use of the Linux kernel in itself also does not mean anything - so, the same NSA has completely openly worked with the Android operating system created on its basis by Google. Officially - in order to "close" vulnerabilities (Android is planned to be used by the military, including to control drones using ordinary army "mobile phones"), in fact - the matter was hardly limited to "defensive" measures. As a result, China, for example, acts on the principle of "electronic Juche", relying on the creation of its own operating systems (Ubuntu Kylin), search engines (Baidu), and e-commerce sites (Taobao).
        1. starhina01
          starhina01 14 November 2013 21: 08
          and Yandex did not light up?
      2. Alexei
        Alexei 14 November 2013 17: 14
        Quote: makarov
        And our komenty these stinkers also listen?

        They can. So simply they can (if they want) find out which films I watch, with whom I am friends, with which girls I sleep, which music I prefer. Let me on ---. wink
        1. AVV
          AVV 14 November 2013 22: 36
          They’re also spying on what’s happening in the apartment! In my opinion, when will the national networks guard, along the entire perimeter, the corresponding structures !!!
          1. Shumer
            Shumer 15 November 2013 19: 38
            Hmm, I read komenty and somehow sadly became in my soul.
    7. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 14 November 2013 16: 43
      Well done in my opinion! Intelligence and the head works, and in vain they do not eat bread. It makes no sense for us to click, too: "The enemy is listening."
    8. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 14 November 2013 18: 21
      Again, the Yankees crap, and the whole world has to sniff. It seems that diapers will not help them, but we can just put on gas masks.
    9. taseka
      taseka 14 November 2013 18: 22
      Closer and closer the moment when we see the Terminator in real life, but it will be too late - we jumped!
    10. Clueless
      Clueless 14 November 2013 20: 12
      Quote: Asgard

      It never comes back (NEVER)))

      - she's not that expensive
      - the issue is not current in revenue, but also the prestige of the company
      - State subsidies are received by the company (another drank it) when they lead the Internet to small items
      - Pill a place so that competitors do not come
      - the company’s income is made up of all consumers, and they can easily afford to keep low-profit areas
    11. The comment was deleted.
    12. starhina01
      starhina01 14 November 2013 21: 22
      mechanisms for monitoring social networks and e-mail are being perfected .... read the article and wondered, but the article itself cannot be part of this mechanism? for example, the attitude of individuals to the perception of constant control from the Internet, despite the fact that they were warned about this? (by this article) (the campaign is the last bank for today hi )
    13. APASUS
      APASUS 14 November 2013 21: 29
      Richard Nixon cost the presidency to set bugs by the special services, and Obama did not even have to blush. The essence of the problem is perhaps deeper. The problem in American society, in changing the rules of the game of a confused people. A society that proclaimed itself a champion of justice suffers from its own government. the fact that the "crazy" idea of ​​a behind-the-scenes government is most likely not so crazy and it is not the Presidents who rule the world!
    14. scientist
      scientist 15 November 2013 01: 32
      There is a serious reason to consider the information sphere of human activity as a vital space for the entire world community, and not as a personal fiefdom of the United States "I can do whatever I want." It is high time, under the auspices of the UN, to develop uniform rules for the use of the information space. Otherwise, this cyberhaos will not stop.
      In addition, the forced restrictions imposed by many organizations on the use of the Internet and open communication clearly do not benefit the development of information technologies and reduce the efficiency of the organizations themselves. Also, this has already become a serious obstacle to the technological development of many states since the cost of reliable information security is many times higher than the cost of working information products.
    15. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 15 November 2013 06: 37
      I have a supermarket chain on fiber optics ... and it's not the first year, and I didn’t know that the State Department could be soooo cruel wassat and it warms your ears on my data exchange ... sorry gentlemen, comrades, I had fun and I am not going to argue with you about this YOUR phobia. Bugs in microcircuits, bios and controllers of a certain line WERE AND WILL ALWAYS WILL ALWAYS, and already in Soviet times, when cloning a product, they were "simply" disconnected from the internal control circuits ... having for this the necessary research base with the appropriate brains and technologies. .. tobish what am I getting at that at the key moments no one even then stupidly put the chipsets of a foreign uncle ... and now they put it in full and again YANKI and JEWS are once again to blame - MIRACLES.
    16. Fobos-grunt
      Fobos-grunt 15 November 2013 07: 31
      The bill of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation will allow to monopolize the Internet in the likeness of the Great Chinese firewall. It is planned to divide all telecom operators in the country into two groups: ordinary and federal. Access to foreign services will be left only to federal providers.(
      The large-scale plans of our signalmen to protect the Internet from external threats amuse.
      Against this, scandals in relations between the US government and Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE have gone into the shadow. After all, equipment from these two companies is very widespread in the CIS and Russia. Almost 95% of all 3G / 4G USB modems, routers, switches and other hardware came from the conveyors of Chinese network giants.

      y-pravitelstvu /)