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In 2010, the state defense order was executed on 70%

In 2010, the state defense order was executed on 70%Despite the fact that the Russian military-industrial complex received a penny by the state defense order, the army received only two thirds of the ordered samples.

The former St. Petersburg businessman B. Nakonechny, now occupying the post of deputy head of the armaments department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, said recently that because of the "weak organization of the work of the top executives and the ineffective work of the institute of federal designers, the state defense order for 2010 was disrupted." According to Nakonechny, as a result, last year the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not receive two submarines of the 955 project and one - of the 885 project and the corvette of the 20380 project. Of the 151 unit planned for delivery, the BMP-3 unit was delivered to all 78, out of nine Yak-130 aircraft only six were delivered.

It is clear that the words of Nakonechny are only a small part of the truth. Just recently, just the other day, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov gave a real uniform to the leadership of Roskosmos, for exactly the same thing. The results of the fulfillment of the order here turned out to be deplorable, of the 11 planned spacecraft by Roscosmos, only five were delivered.

The results, of course, are disappointing, but nevertheless, the words of Mr. Nakonechny regarding the submarine nuclear submarines of Project 955 look, to put it mildly, quite strange. It is unclear how a specialist, by the nature of his career, obliged to know the arsenal of weapons thoroughly, could have expected that the Ministry of Defense would be able to procure two strategic nuclear submarines of Project 955 at once within one year. It was hoped that it would be possible to put into service fleet the nuclear ship "Yuri Dolgoruky" stuck in Severodvinsk. The ship is ready, it remained only to arm it. But while the armament is still not quite ready, bringing to mind the Bulava ballistic missile, as you know, has somewhat dragged on.

The second cruiser project 955 was launched on December 6 2010, just three months ago, and certainly could not be included in the state defense order-2010.

The same can be said about the boat project 855. Most likely, we are talking about the multipurpose nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk”, by the time the state defense order was approved, it had not even been launched yet.

Mr. Nakonechny is still not well entered into the course of affairs in a new place for him, let's hope that with time he will understand, there would be a desire. The real situation with the rearmament of the army and navy looks like this. In 2010, Russia spent just a huge amount on financing state defense orders - 1 trillion 174 billion rubles. What did you get? Full statistics unknown. For example, it is completely incomprehensible what and in what volume the strategic nuclear forces received. By parts of general purpose forces known that 2010 radar defense was put in 16 year, 8 spacecraft, 23 aircraft, 37 helicopters, 19 SAM, 6 launchers missile system of the Land Forces, 61 tank almost 400 armored combat vehicles and 6,5 thousand cars. Such figures were voiced by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Vladimir Popovkin.

One of the Russian editions, making simple calculations, concluded that, on the whole, the state defense order in 2010 was completed by no more than 70%. In any other developed country, such a figure would be considered a failure. Under the conditions of the current Russian realities, this is almost a success. For example, in 2009, the state defense order according to the calculations of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation was carried out in terms of tasks by 41,9%, and in terms of volume of work - by 64,9%. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense financed the order in full.

This situation looks very strange and needs to be explained. Why, for example, recently India for a certain amount could buy from us 100 tanksand the native Russian army received only 14 combat vehicles for the same money?

One of the reasons is known by the Chief Military Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General of Justice S. Fridinsky. According to him, the scale of corruption in the Russian state defense order system is simply amazing. “Sometimes it seems that people just lost their sense of proportion and conscience. The amounts of theft are often shocking, ”the military prosecutor admits.

As an example, Fridinsky cited a recent criminal case against a group of officials of the Main Military Medical Directorate and the State Order Department of the Ministry of Defense (the same one where the deputy director of the department is so concerned about the failure of the state defense order-2010, Mr. Nakonechny). Some time ago, the persons involved in the case entered into a state contract with a commercial company for the supply of X-ray machines worth over 26 million rubles. As it turned out later, the cost of the purchased units was overstated by more than three times, the damage caused to the state is estimated at 17 with more than million rubles.

It turns out that at least two thirds of the amount allocated from the defense budget, military officials have pushed into their pockets. If we assume that this is an approximate average "standard" of army corruption, then it turns out that from the planned weapons program on 2011-2020 19 trillions at least 11-12 trillions will be diverted.

The question arises: how to deal with this evil? Perhaps, for example, as they do in America? According to the representative of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Grigory Tishchenko at the Pentagon, the staff of the control and audit services is 1200 employees. The performance of each military auditor - 2,3 million dollars a year. In the Russian Ministry, the same tasks are performed by all 70 officials. Another question hangs in the air. Why, then, is the main manager of state trillions, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who so likes to refer to the US experience, does not want to learn from their experience in this matter?

No matter how sad it was to admit it, but the obvious answer to this question lies on the surface ...
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  1. Alexander
    Alexander 6 March 2011 09: 33
    And is this struggle? In the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the general has a palace of 50 rooms and no one saw it point-blank until they took it on a million dollar bribe, did not share it, it is clear that the greed of the frayer ruined it. I don’t think that things are better in the Ministry of Defense. . "
  2. huginn
    huginn 6 March 2011 10: 10
    Perhaps that is why weapons are much simpler and much cheaper to buy abroad.
  3. slan
    slan 6 March 2011 10: 21
    Glaring facts, you need to inform Medvedev on the blog that they are being deceived! But something is hard to believe about 2/3. In non-military areas, a maximum of a quarter reaches direct performers, the military steal more impudently and more. In theory there should be 4/5 at least.
  4. Max
    Max 6 March 2011 15: 36
    The author in his technical criticistic manner turned everything beautifully on the topic of fraud :) Well, this is not surprising, because such a scandalous slander raises the site’s rating.
    Sensible readers, however, are well aware that due to the lack of such large-scale orders earlier, the domestic defense industry simply cannot physically 100% fulfill the state order for now.
    I remind readers and the author that a special commission from the President of the Russian Federation has now been created, which has completely assumed control over the financing of the entire army. Previously, the military had huge finances, so corruption was so massive.
    Sometimes I am amazed at how simple the authors dare to write things like these: * It turns out that at least two-thirds of the amount allocated from the defense budget were pushed by military officials. * It would have been published in a more serious resource, the author would have been prosecuted. ..
    1. dmitri077
      dmitri077 26 January 2012 20: 45
      absolutely right!
  5. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 6 March 2011 16: 22
    google to help you, dear Max:,, / ... and a dozen more serious resources, who are chasing the rating ...

  6. VVP1312
    VVP1312 6 March 2011 17: 29
    Max, I have a question for you, Mr. Max, when you read the article, you apparently missed a few lines, the chief prosecutor Fridinsky, in your opinion, also follows the rating, he also dares to say things like these: "Some time ago, the defendants in the case entered into a state contract with one commercial company for the supply of X-ray installations in the amount of over 26 million rubles. As it turned out later, the cost of the purchased installations was overstated more than three times, the damage caused to the state is estimated at more than 17 million rubles. " And why was a special commission from the President of the Russian Federation created, which fully assumed control over the financing of the entire army? contradict yourself dear ... O_o
  7. Max
    Max 6 March 2011 18: 04
    Billions are allocated to the defense industry, and here we are talking about 17 million. What do you think, dear, does it smell like two-thirds of theft ??? I do not deny that funds are going to the side, or rather, going. Now they’ve taken up their asses keenly, believe me.

    And about * the yellow newspaper * give them an excuse to shit everything, since time immemorial, the more scandalous the newspaper, the more readers ..
  8. Michael
    Michael 6 March 2011 19: 29
    I work in a defense research institute. The situation is moronic.
    Our budget is already over 1 billion rubles. The director is a recently appointed "son" from the Muscovites, the deputy director for science is a silly thug from the local elite. All the developments that I have seen and participated closely are, if not outright falsification, then usually outright hack-work. For example, they made one system for this PAK-FA, in fact, the real characteristics obtained there were 3 times worse than those stated ...
  9. Michael
    Michael 7 March 2011 09: 42
    My friend, the head of a defense research institute, complained - "... for each person in my laboratory, I have to collect contracts for 1 million rubles ... Tell someone - they immediately start asking, what is your salary there ... And then I get wild funny .. "(For reference - he has an average laboratory -11-12 thousand rubles)
    The funny thing is, he does not have essentially the rights to this money; the top shares everything and determines the rules of the game.
    There it used to be - frank Kodla, and now - frankly set thieves.

  10. lieutenant colonel
    lieutenant colonel 22 March 2011 17: 01
    Go to the website of the Ministry of Defense in the subsection of OJSC "Oboronservice", which unites 9 superholdings with their Charters and the right to make profit. All this farm is run by affiliated persons headed by the civil servant Serdyukov. He appoints himself by his own orders, distributes dividends (look at the authorized capital, they receive super-profits from the sale of the former property of the RF Ministry of Defense.
  11. kesa1111
    kesa1111 17 October 2011 17: 10
    Here comes the lord, the lord will punish everyone. The main godfather of all Russia will not come, do not hope. Only if we drag him in shackles ourselves.
  12. Honory
    Honory 23 September 2012 14: 22
    Yes, no one will punish anyone. Do you really think that they don’t know anything at the top. They’re just in proportion. And they don’t give a damn about the army and the country. Just remember the 2 Chechen wars.