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Hero village - the stronghold of patriotism

Are there many world-famous settlements in Russia with a population of less than 10 thousand people? Frankly, a bit. But among these few, there is at least one whose fame goes far beyond the borders of Russia. He is known in the near and far abroad, his история - this is the story of the feat of arms, the feat, which by definition cannot fade even when centuries pass from its moment. We are talking about the Belgorod village Prokhorovka, which this year celebrates a double anniversary: ​​the 70 anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, which gave Prokhorov's expanses the name of the third battlefield of Russia, as well as the 45 anniversary since it received the status of an urban-type settlement and of its current name. Before 1968, an extremely small station on the railway leading from Kharkov to Kursk was called Prokhorovka, after - this was the name for the union of several settlements, including the Prokhorovka station and the village of Aleksandrovka. In the future (2014), Prokhorovka will celebrate the 145 anniversary since its foundation.

Today Prokhorovka is a truly significant, great symbol of Russia. This place, arriving at which, a person feels energetics, which continues even 70 years after one of the bloodiest battles in world history. The earth, poured with blood, heard the screech of red-hot steel, the noise of thousands of explosions, the whistle of bullets, the moans of wounded and the wheezing of dying soldiers, obscured by clouds of impenetrable smoke, simply have a profound psychological effect on the one who enters it today. This is one of the main symbols of our country, which can, without any widely advertised competitions, help a person understand what the mysterious Russian spirit is, what is people's unity and what is the fraternity leading to victory. The very breath of this earth alone can transmit to man more than any historical and literary source.

Hot speeches from the stands, processions with slogans and bravura songs are not appropriate here. Prokhorov land after experiencing does not accept the hustle and bustle. With her silent calmness, she can say much more precisely than any historian will say about her, finding that he knows everything about the course of the Battle of Kursk, and about "how it was necessary" and "how it was not necessary."

Today, from the surrounding areas and neighboring areas (and not only, by the way, the closest ones), excursion groups consisting of pupils and students come here. In this regard, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those pedagogical workers who volunteered to gather their wards and bring them to the same military field, about which only a few lines can be read in modern history textbooks. A few lines - about the battle, which, along with the battles for Moscow and Stalingrad, is one of the main ones in the whole of the Great Patriotic War - a war that could put an end to the existence of our state and its peoples! It would seem that what’s special is that the schoolchildren are led to see the museum’s exhibits or that the young people at the scene tell about the course of these events, providing an opportunity to walk along the land where our ancestors shed their blood decades ago. But in actual fact, this almost imperceptible work, which is most often not reported in the mainstream media, is the very building material for a large patriotism building. Someone this building stubbornly does not allow to build, continuing to revise the results of that great war and the role of the Soviet people in the defeat of Nazism and fascism. But the building will be built, no matter what efforts the reverse “partners”, either inside the country or outside, are made.

We offer a selection of materials about the hero village, celebrating two jubilees and preparing for the third jubilee.

Hero village - the stronghold of patriotism

Happy Anniversary, Prokhorovka!
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 November 2013 08: 48
    Prokhorovka-this is the Glory of the Russian warrior over fascism! And our task is not to let the younger generation forget about these exploits.
    And for the surviving Fritz, after that battle, a nightmare until the last breath. Let them remember the same.
    1. Turik
      Turik 11 November 2013 09: 10
      I liked the yellow Panzer 4 in the photo. They began to be transferred from the African corps at the beginning of the 43rd. In Africa they had no equal, the Shermans of the first models with "Matilda" crumbled once or twice. And on the eastern front, they had a hard time - the one shown in the photo apparently ran over an anti-tank mine. Notice how carefully the wheels were folded into a box on the side of the tank. When detonated, they flew 5-6 meters away.

      Is 3 why only put - I do not understand.
      1. Patton5
        Patton5 11 November 2013 10: 53
        these are spare rollers, rather an imitation of a buried tank, I think so. I was there, an excellent museum ... Eternal memory to everyone who is no longer. Eternal glory to those who gave us the right to life !!!!!
        1. ytqnhfk
          ytqnhfk 11 November 2013 16: 28
          We must not forget to instill in ourselves and the children that we would remember - we have no friends except ourselves!
      2. govoruha-otrok
        govoruha-otrok 11 November 2013 13: 16
        and I read that rumors about the transfer of tanks from Africa appeared because of the color of German tanks, dirty yellow.
      3. Larus
        Larus 12 November 2013 11: 19
        Well, the T-34-85 set the same.
    2. Alexander 1958
      Alexander 1958 11 November 2013 10: 32
      Good afternoon!
      Quote: aszzz888
      Prokhorovka-this is the Glory of the Russian warrior over fascism!

      I would like to clarify .. SOVIET warrior over fascism
      1. Dmitriy1975
        Dmitriy1975 11 November 2013 11: 20
        Only you, brothers Slavs, focused attention on this, remember, the Wehrmacht called a Russian soldier, not a Soviet one, just like the allies were also called Russians, do you have swirling in the Ukraine in one place or what? Wherever you go to the topic, so everywhere are your "smart" postties. Soon you will go to geyrope, there you will be happy.
        1. click80
          click80 11 November 2013 12: 29
          Quote: Dmitriy1975
          Soon you will go to the geyropu, there you will be happy.

          Dmitry, you're wrong. Ukraine was, is and will be a fraternal people. and the fact that they are being brought to the geyropu is questions to their leadership. You don’t need all to fit in one comb.
          And about how to call Soviet or Russian, let everyone decide for himself. There is one meaning, one story, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Kazakhs, etc. fought in the same system.
          Eternal memory to the fallen heroes
        2. Alexander 1958
          Alexander 1958 11 November 2013 13: 44
          [quote = Dmitriy1975] Only you, the Slav brothers, drew attention to this, remember, the Wehrmacht was called a Russian soldier, not a Soviet one,
          I would like to know, but for you, what is the opinion of VERMACHT on any issue decisive and correct? Well, so they called Stalin the initiator of the war, and themselves liberators .. You chose "good" types for yourself as an example
        3. VARCHUN
          VARCHUN 11 November 2013 17: 56
          And what does everything give you peace of mind? You don’t want to go there before another country goes to the EU, but for some reason you always remind about it.
          Quote: Alexander 1958
          I would like to clarify .. SOVIET warrior over fascism
          , correctly, he said, without any hint, the Red Army was not only Russian, but also all nationalities, so why speak glory to the Russian war? And as the chances of our soldiers were called, I absolutely don't give a damn, it sucks.
        4. GastaClaus69
          GastaClaus69 11 November 2013 18: 28
          Quote: Dmitriy1975
          Remember, the Wehrmacht called a Russian soldier, not a Soviet one,

          All were called Russians first of all for the sake of propaganda (Germans) in order to cause discontent among other peoples. During the invasion of Yugoslavia, the attention was so focused on the Serbs as the titular nation, which caused strong discontent among the Croats, which led to a strong decline in morale in units with a predominant Croatian composition.
          Quote: Dmitriy1975
          just as the allies also called Russians,

          Allies did not care what to call us, they were purely out of habit so called.
          Quote: Dmitriy1975
          Do you have svirbit in Ukraine or something in one place or what?

          Quote: Dmitriy1975
          Soon you will go to the geyropu, there you will be happy.

          You see, they themselves answered their own question. winked
        5. uyrii67
          uyrii67 16 November 2013 10: 01
          The Soviet people are: Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tatars, Bashkirs, Estonians, etc. By singling out only one nation, we offend the rest. WWII is the war of the SOVIET PEOPLE. (May is the VICTORY of the USSR !!!
      2. qwert1707
        qwert1707 11 November 2013 12: 38
        Absolutely agree-Soviet soldier ...

        But there is one PY.SY: there is a photo of a propaganda poster, "fighters for independence" ... there, by the way ... about "unreasonable intolerance and chauvinism" of Russian users of the site ... wassat
        1. Korben
          Korben 11 November 2013 15: 12
          If you turn on your head, there is a propaganda poster for residents of Ukraine, naturally in Ukrainian! I am sure that such posters existed in Russian too! And your Py.Sy ... is not appropriate here!
          1. qwert1707
            qwert1707 11 November 2013 20: 50
            I spit on the monument to KRASNOV, and my relatives take out the garbage there ...
            And why demolish it, for the shame of the Cossacks ....
            And you gentlemen, ignorant Ukrainians, it's time to do the same with Bandera ... and you will not be reproached
            1. Korben
              Korben 11 November 2013 21: 48
              The fact that you spit and your relatives take out the garbage is not enough! Organize the demolition of the monument and bring the truth to people! Deserve respect! Thanks in advance!
    3. VARCHUN
      VARCHUN 11 November 2013 17: 51
      Those who fought both ours and the Germans will not forget it when this, but the new generation is already far from right here and there.
      1. uyrii67
        uyrii67 16 November 2013 09: 50
        Hitler made a kirdyk SOVIET PEOPLE and the RKKA. Multinational. But just the UPA, ROHA and other "nat." helped the Hans.
  2. 311ove
    311ove 11 November 2013 10: 19
    Honestly, they brought a great order, well done! In general, we have a very reverent attitude to monuments in the region - even in the smallest villages they are well-groomed!
  3. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 11 November 2013 10: 44
    Eternal glory and memory of those who fell in the battles near the village of Prokhorovka on 12 on July 1943 in a battle against the latest tanks of fascist Germany.
  4. George
    George 11 November 2013 10: 49
    Happy Anniversary Village - Hero !!!
  5. Hort
    Hort 11 November 2013 10: 51
    was in Kubinka. Now you definitely need to go here
  6. Walking
    Walking 11 November 2013 11: 05
    Glory to the Soviet soldiers who defended the country !!!
    Something else not one of the liberalists was noted. They will begin to write that there was no battle, and if it was then not here. stop
  7. Tartary
    Tartary 11 November 2013 11: 25
    "Is" in the photo, formidable, already horror ...
  8. ed65b
    ed65b 11 November 2013 12: 01
    In the Belgorod region, the whole earth is watered with blood, and only ruins remained from the city. Eternal memory to the heroes.
  9. Russ69
    Russ69 11 November 2013 12: 40
    There, the GDP promised to help create a museum of military equipment, I hope the exposition will be expanded significantly ...
  10. Brother
    Brother 11 November 2013 13: 45
    Forged there Holy victoryhappy holiday Hero! drinks
  11. Cormorants
    Cormorants 11 November 2013 14: 01
    Happy holiday! Glory to the mountain!
  12. Tyumen
    Tyumen 11 November 2013 14: 19
    Well and mortar in the picture! This is what caliber, are there specialists?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 11 November 2013 15: 31
      160-mm mortar MT-13 arr. 1943 year.
      ennoy_voynyi_1971_god / 160-mm_minomet_obraztsa_1943_goda
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 11 November 2013 18: 11
        Thank you, I didn’t. The machine is a beast.
  13. Fin
    Fin 11 November 2013 14: 36
    20 years on vacation by car, to my shame, I pass by. Next year, I will definitely turn back to pay the debt to the fallen.
  14. Korben
    Korben 11 November 2013 15: 19
    The most key and bloody battle of the Second World War! Eternal memory and glory to all who forged the Great Victory at the cost of their lives!
  15. kaktus
    kaktus 11 November 2013 16: 37
    There were no mountains or rocks
    there were no moats. no rivers.
    Here a Russian man stood,
    Soviet man! soldier

    E. Dolmatovsky
    1. VARCHUN
      VARCHUN 11 November 2013 18: 02
      Although the writers used to be smart, they spoke correctly.
  16. kirpich
    kirpich 11 November 2013 16: 47
    Forgive the ancestors, but I can not help but speak out. Have you fought on t 34-85? Maybe you had IS-7 near Prokhorovka? Or maybe the tank attack was supported by the SU-100?
    No? Then what do they do on the field where they were not?
    1. Delta
      Delta 11 November 2013 17: 37
      Quote: kirpich

      No? Then what do they do on the field where they were not?

      to enhance the experience. In general, it is wrong. It is necessary to show exactly the technique on which then they fought. And it turns out that it was not difficult to fight, given how much the SU-100 or the IS are stronger than the panzer. Non-specialists do not care, but it is precisely with them that such questions may arise. It’s how it happened in Prague, with IS-2
      1. Walking
        Walking 11 November 2013 18: 33
        Where can I get her this technique now, what was cut into metal, so I have to bet what is.
      2. Albert1988
        Albert1988 11 November 2013 20: 52
        Quote: Delta
        It is necessary to show exactly the technique on which then they fought.

        Unfortunately, the technique of that period was practically not preserved; the vast majority of samples will have to be completely reconstructed. I think one hundred must be done for museums!
  17. DesToeR
    DesToeR 11 November 2013 20: 21
    In Russia, before the revolution of 1917, all those who professed the Orthodox religion were considered Russians; their nationality was not indicated anywhere. That is why the Hans and Britons considered us all Russians. The museum certainly lacks the technology of that particular battle. The ISs are certainly handsome, but a couple of active "Cs" and T-34s of that period would be just right.
  18. kirpich
    kirpich 11 November 2013 21: 42
    For me, you can make an exact copy of a tank of 10 millimeter iron!
    Agree that it is better to let an exact copy of the T-34-76 stand on a pedestal than a tank that did not fight.
    And then, in the Lipetsk region, in the city of Leo Tolstoy, stands on the pedestal IS-7 dedicated to the soldiers who died in 1941-1945
  19. datur
    datur 11 November 2013 23: 24
    I don’t know, I wasn’t! , but in TULA, ALL OF OUR OWNERS WILL BE REMEMBERED !!
  20. datur
    datur 11 November 2013 23: 45
    A NOT CHILILE FILTER ----- I thought I would write at least here! (Fuck you censorship)
  21. slovak007
    slovak007 12 November 2013 00: 42
    Thanks to the author!
  22. vel19777
    vel19777 12 November 2013 01: 19
    THANKS to the author
  23. Cormorants
    Cormorants 12 November 2013 07: 19
    Quote: Tartary
    "Is" in the photo, formidable, already horror ...

    And how many nerves he killed me in WOT))))) laughing figs you can handle it
  24. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 4 December 2013 21: 40
    Glory to the Soviet soldiers! Eternal memory to the heroes! Their feat in the century will not be forgotten!