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"Vatican erodes Christian values"

"Vatican erodes Christian values"“The last thing that remained in the Catholic doctrine is ethics. There was a rigid notion of sin, which made it impossible to recognize the modern tolerant value system. Now revolutionary steps have been taken to blur this, ”Olga Chetverikova, a Vatican politician, described the VIEW newspaper to a survey about attitudes towards the family that the Roman curia conducts among bishops and congregations.

After the election this spring of Cardinal Bergolio as the new head of the Roman Catholic Church, most observers expected changes in the management of the Roman Curia. While the reforms of Pope Francis are still being developed, but as it turned out recently, except for administrative reforms, the Vatican began preparations for even more fundamental changes. On Tuesday, representatives of the pontiff confirmed that a questionnaire from 39 points was sent to all dioceses, designed to clarify the attitude of Catholics around the world to the most important family problems. It is precisely because of the reluctance to yield to the requirements of a tolerant society and to change the position of the Roman church on these issues that the Vatican is most criticized in the West.

And although now in the curia they say that the survey is being held on the eve of the extraordinary synod of the Roman church on the family theme scheduled for October 2014, and that the church “has no desire to reopen the discussion on the Catholic doctrine” and will try to find a solution to difficult situations within existing doctrine, the list of questions itself shows that we can talk about fundamental changes that do not fit into the Catholic worldview.

Bishops and laity will have to speak about their attitude to divorce and abortion, to same-sex marriages and to the possibility of adoption by such couples of children, to "the place of traditional marriage as a union between a man and a woman in modern society", which methods of birth control are the most effective. From what is required by a tolerant public, the survey does not include perhaps euthanasia and the ordination of women, but perhaps this is due to the fact that it is devoted to the topic of the family (as understood by modern Western society). About why this survey and what reform Pope Francis is preparing, the newspaper VIEW talked with a Vatican politician, assistant professor stories and politicians in Europe and America MGIMO, candidate of historical sciences Olga Chetverikova, author of the book "Treason in the Vatican, or the Conspiracy of Popes against Christianity."

VIEW: Olga Nikolaevna, what is indicative of this survey?

Olga Chetverikova: The teaching of the church is determined by Christ, and the task of the leadership of the church is to keep it clean. And if society falls into sin, then the church must declare it and stop it. And with this poll they are insured in their decisions, justified by the demands of the people themselves. "Our task is to respond to the spirit of the times, and the survey shows what people want." Earlier local polls have already shown that the majority of Catholics favor abortion and divorce. In the same France, Catholics say that they are not against homosexual marriages, but against touching their sacred civil code, and instead of men and women they wrote “spouse number one” and “spouse number two”. And the condemnation of homosexuality, no one can afford.

VIEW: Because it is dangerous - they will plant. There were also cases when priests who preached against homosexuality, who declared him a sin, were imprisoned.

O. CH.: This is an attempt on the sacred and inviolable right to tolerance. And this principle is already eating away from the inside by the Catholic Church, it forms their consciousness. After all, tolerance, as it is interpreted in Europe, is the absence of any absolute truth, the absence of dogma. And the whole Christian faith is based on dogma. The principle of tolerance is possible only in the conditions of the death of Christianity.

VIEW: And the Vatican itself contributes to this?

O. CH .: Purely Jesuit, in a latent form, there is a broad, imperceptible revision of the foundations of the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. If in dogma they carried out an audit in the last 50 years - after the Second Vatican Council, then there were essential provisions in the moral postulates that the Catholic Church would never have refused under the former Pope Benedict XVI. Therefore he denied. His time is over - a deep ideological and moral revolution has begun. It has long been prepared, but now everything comes out - that is what revolutionism is about. The revolution is not in the sense of content, but in the sense of methods. Here is the same as with conspiracy theory: it no longer exists, because the conspiracy came out. Its authors hid until they had enough influence, and now they are starting to go outside.

Hence, all these frankly terrifying things sometimes say: how is it that where did the problem of Sodom sin come from, it never sounded. She always was, but she was inside, and now the time has come, and we are frankly told: that's it, we are setting up our anti-church in Sodom. And the one who does not want to obey her, has no right to exist. Hence the fight against homophobia, and the upcoming laws on the prosecution of the so-called. homophobes.

VIEW: The unprecedented abdication of Benedict and the arrival of a new pontiff were needed precisely for the revolution?

O. CH.: Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit Order. And the mission of the order is to adapt Catholic theology to the realities of life. Initially, in the XVI century, the order was created in order to preserve and strengthen the power of the papacy. In the conditions of total changes that occurred then in the consciousness of European society, this could be done only by adapting, retaining the Catholic dogma and theology only externally. The mission of the Jesuits was to provide control over the European elites by adapting the Catholic worldview to the needs of these elites.

Therefore, the most important feature of the Jesuits was, is and will be their adaptive morality, which allowed them, interpreting in the proper course of the holy fathers, one way or another to accept and agree with any culture, religion and value system. The Jesuits also stood behind the changes in the theological doctrine of the Roman Church - at the First Vatican Council in 1871, they substantiated the dogma of papal infallibility, and at the Second Vatican Council they opened to the world, they came to ecumenism, they recognized that the truth is in all religions, they recognized the Jews as the chosen people and made a radical revolution, in fact, moving to the position of Judeo-Christianity.

VIEW: The Second Vatican Council was supposed to give the Roman Church new powers ... # {religion}

O. CH.: But after the council a crisis began - not the church as an institution, but the Christian worldview. Secularization, falling away from the church intensified - they thought that when they opened up to the world, everything would run towards them, but it turned out that since there is truth in any religion, generally everywhere, then why is Christianity necessary. Then the most serious erosion of European morality began. And since such institutions as UNESCO, the Council of Europe based on the principles of humanism, which ultimately led to the affirmation of human rights, are the key link in determining the value system for a Western person, tolerance as a religious dogma was approved. And when everything is determined on the basis of the principle of tolerance, which is incompatible with the divine absolute, and the whole system of values ​​of a Western person is created on this principle, then the Christian worldview does not fit into this in any way.

As a result, the Catholic Church was in a critical situation in terms of the conservation of his flock. It is the most adapted and integrated into the political, economic and financial system, but not moral. And the Vatican criticized solely for that until he Benedict XVI spoke out against such sins as abortion, sodomy ...

VIEW: At the same time, Pope Benedict XVI was not opposed to globalization ...

O. CH.: Although Benedict was very well incorporated into the system of global governance and justified the need for world religion and world government, his attitude to the value system did not allow him to remain at the head of the Catholic Church. Indeed, in recent years, globalizers have taken a course towards the total realization of the principle of tolerance, that is, to remove the still remaining norms. Sodom marriage is still flowers, then comes the approval of the gender understanding of a person, that is, asexual being, experiments in medicine with artificial insemination, when a child is born from three parents. So it was necessary to bring the Catholic principles into conformity with all this - and the pope made a representative of the order, who specializes in adaptation.

VIEW: At the same time, when Francis was elected, they said a lot about the fact that he was almost conservative, that he had traditional views on marriage and family ...

O. CH.: Now the emphasis is on the fact that this pope is a representative of a poor church, a democratic pope who went to the people. Like our Gorbachev. And if the mission of Gorbachev was to destroy the party, then the mission of Bergollo, under the guise of reform, would actually abolish Christianity as such. Not as a church institute - it will just be preserved, because it is needed as an ideological institution, justifying the need for a world government, and as one of the leading centers for creating a unified world religion with a key figure of the pope in charge, namely, as a church, as a community of believers in Christ.

The system of values ​​and dogmas in the Roman Church has long been blurred, including the doctrine of the church and salvation. The last thing that remains is ethics. There was a rigid notion of sin, which nevertheless made it impossible to recognize the modern tolerant value system. Now we need to blur this - and the revolutionary steps have already been taken. A few days before the abdication of Benedict, the head of the papal council for family affairs, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, said that the Vatican supported French Catholics opposing homosexual marriages, but it must be admitted that there are different forms of family, and we must categorically oppose the prosecution and discrimination of these forms. What is this about? After all, the archbishop spoke not about political or legal discrimination, but about moral, that is, he said that these “marriages” should not be condemned. And the preparation for this was still in 2008 year - then the Vatican supported the UN adopted a document on combating the persecution of homosexuals and their right to family, stipulating, however, that this does not fit into international law and something needs to be done with it, so it remains incomprehensible what was meant: the need to change the right or call to call homosexuals in a different way.

VIEW: After the abdication of Benedict, it was reported that he was handed a report on the work of the "blue" lobby in the Vatican.

O. CH.: When it became known about the report to Pope Benedict, he was given the same way — so, compromising on homosexuals was collected, and dad does nothing, you need to get him to react. Meanwhile, as it became known later, the report itself was the work of the homosexual lobby, which thus showed the Pope that they had everything under control and put him before a choice: to recognize their power or leave. And this summer, speaking at a conference, the new Pope Francis said that the gay lobby was working in the curia. But he did not condemn him, did not take a clear position, but actually switched to their language, recognized them and made it clear that nothing would happen: “Who am I to condemn homosexuals?”

VIEW: One of the cardinals said about the survey that the Vatican has no intention to open a discussion on doctrinal issues ...

O. CH.: These are purely Jesuit methods. They pronounce words that can be interpreted very broadly, and when necessary, they turn one way or another with their own meaning. They use such ambiguous formulations, the meaning and meaning of which is not understood. But what they have already begun to do clearly shows that dad needs to do a few things now. First, to reform the management of the church. What is meant by this?

In the context of globalization, the main purpose of what is happening now in world politics is the dismantling of the very structure of national states. And the transfer of their functions to transnational structures. The same thing happens with international law - the dismantling of national law and the formation of supranational law. The Vatican is not only a church, but also a national-state institution, and in this duality lies its strength. After all, for example, who is a Catholic bishop in France - a representative of the Vatican or a citizen of France? In modern conditions, when there is a transfer of decision-making mechanisms to the supranational level, the Vatican, as a rigid structure of the national state, is no longer needed. And the arrival of the Jesuits means that control passes directly into the hands of orders (along with Jesuits and such orders as the Maltese and Opus Dei), which, being networked structures, are very well integrated into the world elite — they are members of Masonic lodges and transnational councils and structures.

VIEW: Orders for a long time have been one of the main forms of organization of the world supranational elite.

O. CH.: Of course. Therefore, when the Jesuits only came to power in the Vatican, they immediately announced the upcoming democratization of the system of government, that is, that they would gradually dismantle the Vatican bureaucracy. For them, it is already too conservative, because this bureaucracy, however perverted it may be, is still capable of preserving traditional values. A policy has been taken to decentralize the management system, in which the level of decision-making will not be in the formal Vatican structures, but in the commission and councils. Recently, the first committee meeting of eight cardinals, which Pope Francis created, was held. What is his status? Consultative, but it is this advice from people close to the pontiff and implements the reform. There is also an increase in representation of the Jesuit Order. Thus, the decision-making center is transferred to the network level - if earlier, in order to make a decision, it was necessary to contact one of the papal councils, now everything is down to an informal level. Moreover, at the meeting of the expert committee, the fundamental restructuring of the Roman curia (analogue of the government) that was to be held next year was discussed, after which, quite possibly, there will be no rigid structures at all. Instead of the state secretary — and this is the second person in the Vatican — there will most likely be a moderator. A virtual control system is being created. So a radical restructuring is coming.

VIEW: Will the convening of a new cathedral of the Catholic Church be required to change the tenets?

O. CH.: Changes may occur without the convening of the cathedral. Now it will be an informal way. If dad admitted that homosexuality is not a sin, this is already a revolution. Now they will just turn a blind eye to the changes that will go to church without prior arrangement.

VIEW: Among the plans for management reform, the liquidation of the Vatican Bank - the Institute of Religious Affairs (IRD) is being discussed. But he was considered the operational center of the shadow financial empire of the Vatican ...

O. CH.: Yes, the bank is actually made transparent, and there they will no longer be able to launder money. But they have many other structures, so everything will go to the shadow level. The IRD also worked mainly for the Italian mafia, and now the transnational mafias are fighting with the national ones and are trying to get their hands on all of them. So the bank has fulfilled its mission, it is no longer needed, you can close it.

VIEW: Will the influence of Pope Francis on world affairs grow? Recently, the American magazine Forbes put it on the fourth place in the list of the most influential world leaders - after the heads of Russia, the USA and the PRC ...

O. CH.: They now in every way magnify the figure of Francis - he is portrayed as a peacemaker, he speaks about the events in Syria, he is recognized as the fourth most influential person in the world. The Anglo-Saxons are now playing the role of globalizers-destroyers, because the task of the organizers of the new order now is to dismantle everything as much as possible. And then the Anglo-Saxons will be written off - and a figure will come that will unite and reconcile all. After all, the antichrist will be the reconciler (from the fallen church, as our tradition says). That is why now we need to create an image of the Pope as a mediator in all this chaos, a sacred figure embodying the image of the religious leader of all mankind. Pope for all - poor and rich, Christians and Muslims, believers and sinners.

VIEW: There were unofficial reports about a possible meeting of Pope Francis with Vladimir Putin at the end of this month, when the president will visit Turin. What will be the main thing for the pontiff during this meeting?

O. CH.: The Pope will speak from the position of ideological and moral unity, as the bearer of the world and the idea of ​​reconciliation. For the Vatican, the key task is to introduce Orthodoxy into the orbit of its influence, dilute it. Therefore, the work on establishing good relations with secular authorities is considered as one of the tools for communication with the leadership of the ROC. Now the Vatican has abandoned the theological dialogue, making joint prayers and joint actions a priority, which is much more effective.

VIEW: Why do many of us so uncritically perceive the work of Pope Francis?

O. CH.: A very active treatment is underway - an emphasis is placed on its democracy, poverty. Moreover, we do not know very well the history of relations between the Roman Church and Russia. Especially with the Jesuit Order - and yet they got their hands on an inconspicuous, ideological expansion. The task now is to smash the negative image that the Russian word “Jesuit” carries in the Russian language, the head of the Order, who came to Russia two years ago, spoke about this. The Jesuit education system is being actively introduced through scientific exchanges, through programs. The Order works a lot with student youth, primarily with promising students, who can later be used. And then the Jesuits work together with representatives of "Opus Dei". Unfortunately, we have practically tabooed the presentation of truthful information about Catholic orders, and indeed criticism of Catholicism in general. Until we openly say what the papacy and the Jesuits are, this will continue. Instead, we are raising the status of relations with the Vatican to the level of embassies.

VIEW: Perhaps our authorities want to use the game with the Vatican in building combinations in the global geopolitical layout. After all, sometimes the Vatican is considered almost a separate center of power.

O. CH.: The Vatican is not an independent player, it is built into a certain niche of the global management system and must fulfill a specific mission. If we understand the process of building a new world order as the realization of a religious idea in the first place, then it is clear that the figure, the person who wants to be brought to power and whom we call antichrist in our tradition, will manage certain methods, but his main mission will be magical management, that is, it is a question of religious faith, where another creature is put in place of the creator. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a large part of humanity for the irrational perception of reality. To do this, it is necessary to erode the Christian consciousness, because all other religions fit perfectly into the pantheistic system. And the mission of the Vatican now is the maximum erosion of the Christian value system. And Pope Francis proceeds to the final stage of this.

VIEW: Those laws that have been passed recently in our country - in particular, on banning the propaganda of homosexuality among children - are a clear attempt to resist the onset of global dictate of tolerance.

O. CH.: Yes, but the problem is that now it is not the onset of tolerance, but its decisive attack. And defensive measures will not save us. Because they will pass by another way - the difference between propaganda and information is not spelled out in the same propaganda law, any propaganda can pass under the guise of information. Such laws will not solve anything - now we need to move to drastic measures such as restoring criminal responsibility for homosexuality and other forms of perversions.

While we struggle with sodomites, they institute gender theories and disciplines that represent men and women as gender, introduce social understanding of gender, which completely restructure consciousness, asserting that the main thing is what one feels like. There is a blur. And this happens unnoticed, forms our children. Methods of dealing with us have now changed - they are not open, hidden, imperceptible. They cannot directly tell us about their goals, because the answer can be received in the forehead, but they come from the rear. After all, we never knew how to fight with an internal enemy. We have an open worldview, and the entire Western elite has been shaped by Jesuit institutions and communities for centuries. And we can not resist. And in 10 years it will be too late - we will get a generation with a reconstructed consciousness, to which we can no longer appeal. So our main weapon - call things by their proper names.
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 9 November 2013 08: 15
    Catholics wanted everything, they wanted to bring the Russian Church into the union, stick the Pope of Rymsky at the head of the world, and now, apparently, it is better for them to go in submission to the Moscow patriarch. still more adequate and understands that homosexuality will not lead to good
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 08: 21
      We only lacked the Romanian dad, let them boil in their own juice wassat
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 9 November 2013 08: 30
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        let it brew in your own juice

        how angry you are. Well they will die out, then celibacy, then homosexuals. and there’s nobody to bring them to the senses.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 08: 39
          No, no ... on this issue I have a firm position. Let them celibrate each other, but don’t go to Russia. Not the initiative and their alignment. Word, don’t hush, in.
          1. andrei332809
            andrei332809 9 November 2013 08: 44
            Quote: Thunderbolt
            No, no ... on this issue I have a firm stance

            So they need to beat something firmly on the head with their brains to return the brain from xNUMX to its place. Look what kind of crosses on the moves they wear, such a cross, yes, along the kumpol ... uh
          2. Captain Vrungel
            Captain Vrungel 9 November 2013 12: 19
            To revive the Nquisition and for the retreat and revision of the holy teaching, to the stake. The family is the marriage of a man and a woman for the continuation of the human race. Everything else, from the evil one. Priests of blue color, on an aspen stake, to fully experience the "delights" of same-sex love.
            There is a Bible-General Book. The departure from her teachings is the service of Satan and must be severely punished. Got it. We are turning Europe into a geyropa, and the European Union was created exclusively for transformation into a geysoyuz.
            1. andrei332809
              andrei332809 9 November 2013 13: 40
              Quote: Captain Vrungel
              A family is a marriage of a man and a woman to continue the human race. Everything else, from the evil one.

              -Comrade Captain! Let me go ashore!
              -what for?
              to my wife!
              -Do you have children?
              -so sure! two!
              - Well, that's enough. The rest is debauchery!
              1. Ascetic
                Ascetic 9 November 2013 16: 59
                Quote: andrei332809
                Comrade Captain! Let me go ashore!
                -what for?
                to my wife!
                -Do you have children?
                -so sure! two!
                - Well, that's enough. The rest is debauchery!

                In a closed military town in Soviet times, a lecture on the topic "ethics
                and the psychology of family life "a young lieutenant stands up and, noticeably,
                confused, he asks the visiting lecturer the question:
                - Tell me, professor, and who in our Soviet society takes the first
                a place for debauchery?
                - Well, in the first place, a young man, of course, artists. Themselves
                you see. On the second, people of free professions are artists, composers.
                They need this for creative inspiration. Well, in third place
                you military ...
                - How so? Here I, for example, have been married for three years and during this time have not even
                looked never in the direction of other women ...

                At this moment, the general sitting in the front row in the stripes is unhappy
                turns to the lieutenant:
                - That's because of such jerks like you, we are in third place and trudge! laughing
                1. andrei332809
                  andrei332809 9 November 2013 17: 03
                  Quote: Ascetic
                  That's because of such jerks like you, we are in third place and trudge!

                  eeeh, since such a thing ...
                  lecture. lecture:
                  - What is the name of a man who wants but cannot?
                  -right. And as they call a man who can, but does not want? a long silence, then a thin girlish voice:
                  -Yes he is a bastard, you bastard !!!
          3. Ross
            Ross 10 November 2013 00: 17
            O. CH.: Yes, but the problem is that now it is not the onset of tolerance, but its decisive attack. And defensive measures will not save us. Because they will pass by another way - the difference between propaganda and information is not spelled out in the same propaganda law, any propaganda can pass under the guise of information. Such laws will not solve anything - now we need to move to drastic measures such as restoring criminal responsibility for homosexuality and other forms of perversions.

            The real solution to the problem
        2. Very old
          Very old 9 November 2013 13: 56
          ANDREW, I am even meaner: I am for the restoration of criminal responsibility for homosexuality, which the author of the article, Olga Chetverikova, also calls for.
          And she correctly noticed the imperfection of the already adopted law, it has loopholes for all wretches.
          And Pope Francis was very surprised: "Who am I to condemn homosexuals?" (!)
          Should we understand that he is no longer the viceroy of God on Earth?
          The Lord incinerated Sodom and Gomorrah. Daddy didn’t go to school?
          1. varov14
            varov14 9 November 2013 18: 39
            Yes, not far off. 2 thousand years is an overkill, it's time to rest. While they are planning something there, to them, and to us, Islamism penetrated through the back door, moreover, of the most terry sense. For some reason I think that this terry is good and they need it only during the "war", when really all means are good. As soon as they win, I do not think that the Islamic elite will condone various scumbags like suicide bombers. The Saudis probably do not go to the cities with suicide belts. In the meantime, when in Europe Muslim women modestly walk around wearing headscarves over their eyes, their men probably spud both their own and other people's women, local homosexuals .---- Although the goal of the Islamic elite is not only power, but also in fooling the general population - it's easier to manage. So while the goals of the Islamists and the Europeans are similar, the whole question is who will cheat whom on the last round.
        3. APES
          APES 9 November 2013 19: 07
          Quote: andrei332809
          and there’s nobody to bring them to the senses.

          I'm ready,

          for the task I ask Topol-M, for 5 minutes
          1. andrei332809
            andrei332809 9 November 2013 20: 40
            Quote: APES
            for the task I ask Topol-M, for 5 minutes

            will not it be greasy? they can also poke pumpkins with a stone ax.
        4. AVV
          AVV 9 November 2013 22: 39
          I mean, they are Catholics, they made their choice, if they want Muslims to rule the EU countries, then let them go their own way, maybe then many sensible Catholics will suddenly want to adopt Christianity, and this will be the result of the work of the homolobby in the European Union !!!
      2. Far East
        Far East 9 November 2013 13: 44
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        We only lacked the Romanian dad, let them boil in their own juice

        they’d take and write HIM! it’s just that everything is written correctly! not just about it! well sho you guys! the country is in danger! you just write everyone, and all ... nya! come out, tell me I am weak! it's just that it's all a kitchen bazaar! you are ALL STRATEGIES here! and don’t write anything about me ... nude! just have to live! otherwise we get it! like dibs near the entrance! everyone knows about everyone! but they can’t do anything! so are WE! WE!! hi
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 17: 26
          hi so I do .. every day when I work at work, I create the bricks of our peaceful existence. And I think that most members of the forum are so active. The smell of lilac and children's drawings on the asphalt are exactly what interests me.
          Quote: Far East
          they would take and write EMU
          So my grandfather wrote unrequitedly. It seems that their mail is working poorly or something else ... In a word, when Europeans are very annoying, we knock loudly on their door, do not hesitate
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 9 November 2013 08: 34
      The Vatican has long been sold to all and sundry.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 08: 58
        Quote: andrei332809
        beat something hard on the head
        Yes, let them glamor and be pleased. But if beat, then this should be a full-fledged and unflattering answer. A real, vigorous answer. We have specialists in this matter. If the Motherland asks, then the old Europeans will be completely taken away. Just the rain will go completely unusual
        1. andrei332809
          andrei332809 9 November 2013 09: 02
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          , then the old woman Europe is completely taken away.

          be humane. rubber bomb and let it jump laughing
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 09: 13
            I will never let the Teftons descend. As they are to me --- so am I, only ten times stronger
            1. andrei332809
              andrei332809 9 November 2013 09: 14
              Quote: Thunderbolt
              As they are to me --- so am I, only ten times stronger

              whoever comes to us with a sword will shout and receive
              1. Thunderbolt
                Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 09: 23
                Andryush, look at how they got the wort. Brilliant tactics, Russian tactics, Russian land. Everything was purchased with a sword and defended with a sword.
                1. Thunderbolt
                  Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 09: 27
                2. andrei332809
                  andrei332809 9 November 2013 09: 27
                  Quote: Thunderbolt
                  Everything is purchased with a sword and defended with a sword.

                  what is defended is true. but what was acquired with a sword ... many voluntarily, they themselves asked for a Russian protectorate. so not only the sword, but kindness is our business card yes hi
                  1. Thunderbolt
                    Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 09: 50
                    Quote: andrei332809
                    but thats the sword
                    A Russian soldier with a sword on his belt defended the territory from the Bug to Alaska and involved peoples and nationalities in the Russian circle of life. The Yakuts and Ethiopians are our people, our land. Therefore, we are so big, is it a joke that we have the largest territory. One word is the only Eurasian power. Yes, to the nations involved, we gave language, knowledge and more.
                    1. So_o_tozh
                      So_o_tozh 10 November 2013 01: 27
                      I think that the big plus of the Russian people is religious tolerance at the national level, that’s why Russia has grown in territories and population, in Ukraine, in the Western world, faith has changed to the Uniate faith and we all don’t have a sense of community we have our own heroes.
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 9 November 2013 17: 16
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          .Just the rain will pass not quite ordinary

          In the meantime, the handshake TV channel "Rain" is pouring mud on us, which belongs to Mr.

          View the link to Yu Tube
        3. varov14
          varov14 9 November 2013 18: 48
          "Hit something hard in the head" --- So they are already hitting themselves with a homosyakin, though in the backs .., if only we had a vaccination against this.
        4. AVV
          AVV 9 November 2013 22: 50
          They already can’t multiply! Everything, even the production of children will be entrusted to others, Muslims, Asians, blacks, then after such a rain, their capital will have to be transferred to Africa !!! And in general, they will stop, even producing good cars, not to mention offspring !!!
    3. Sino
      Sino 9 November 2013 11: 19
      ROC priest Gleb Grozovsky, who is the spiritual mentor of the Zenit Football Club, is accused of pedophilia. According to investigators, the man was involved in the molestation of five girls aged 9-14 years.

      The spirit of slavery lies in the idol and in the Kaaba,
      Chime of bells - language of humility slave,
      And slavery black seal lies equally
      On the rosary and cross, on the church and mihrab.
      1. not good
        not good 9 November 2013 12: 21
        Saying that someone is suspected of crimes has become a good tradition of our highly professional bodies. And then the person will not be guilty. It's up to ten. Before a court, blaming a person seems to be against the law. It’s easy to sprinkle mud, but to launder is a laundered problem .
        1. Sino
          Sino 9 November 2013 15: 31
          Quote: Negoro
          It’s easy to pour mud and wash

          And this father, honest and decent, went abroad to wash himself, he had to declare an adherent of Orthodoxy on the international wanted list laughing
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt 9 November 2013 17: 38
            Quote: Sino
            Leonid, I have only one question. It is unpleasant for everyone, but still, nevertheless. Every earthly bodily being breaks off existence and is rested by those who are nearby. I am blessed for my abode, if not war, then I should be under Russian Orthodox the cross is such a share of mine. And how do you imagine the monument?
            1. Sino
              Sino 9 November 2013 17: 46
              Thunderbolt, well, if you call me frankly, well ... Well, I heard a very good definition of a bastard, and so - this is a person who betrayed either the Motherland, or faith, or parents. I did not betray my homeland, all the more so, parents, the question is more complicated with faith - despite the fact that I am baptized, I am an atheist. If I come, someday to God, then it is unconditionally given to me from birth, and my faith will be the faith of my parents. But if I come!
              Now, regarding the topic: Catholicism and so on. I gave the ruins of Khayyam from above, in my opinion very accurate! Whatever religion is, it has only one purpose. Therefore laugh at pedophiles Catholics, when our holy fathers themselves are not without sin, deceit!
            2. uyrii67
              uyrii67 10 November 2013 08: 30
              my grandfather lay down under the star For Homeland. And now to tear the star and put a cross.
      2. Orik
        Orik 9 November 2013 13: 20

        Twice Honorary Advocate of Russia, an independent expert from the Law Chamber of the Leningrad Region, Valentina Balkova drew attention to the fact that the media "rose a wave because of the monstrous information thrown by clearly interested persons about what happened." “In the media,” she continued, “sometimes monstrous speculations about rape, molestation, pedophilia and other violent sexual acts against children allegedly committed by father Gleb Grozovsky are exaggerated.” These speculations, the expert assures, are not true. At the same time, the lawyer drew attention, some media provide details that indicate leakage from the materials of the criminal case. These materials are a secret investigation, and, moreover, the lawyer emphasized, such crimes are heard in closed court hearings, as they relate to the intimate part of life and sexual integrity. “I affirm that the defense would never have allowed such a leak,” assured Valentina Balkova. In her opinion, the confidentiality of the investigation in the case of minor children was violated. “Who benefits from this?” - the expert asks a natural question.

        She said that the judicial act, according to which a preventive measure in the form of detention was taken against Gleb’s father, did not enter into legal force, as he was appealed by the defense. The act of declaring a priest on the international wanted list is also appealed. Both acts did not enter into legal force. “At present, the defense has appealed against illegal judicial acts,” Valentina Balkova assured. The St. Petersburg City Court will hear these complaints.

        ualnaya_speshka_v_etom_dele /
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
        2. varov14
          varov14 9 November 2013 19: 04
          It is beneficial to those who encourage the same homosexuality in Europe. This is the other side of the same coin. It’s just that the church must be discredited, although I am not a supporter of the church and I know that the family has its black sheep, but it’s a freak.
        3. slaventi
          slaventi 10 November 2013 02: 35
          For the Russian (enemy) media, it was not important whether or not the church’s main discredit. Everything that is said on TV needs to be looked at taking into account that it is the mouthpiece of our enemies and enemies. Yet in the beginning of 2000, one priest is quite famous, ( somewhere in the Urals) they were accused of sadomy. They showed it through all the central channels. But then, as it turned out, it was a slander, but this was not conveyed in the news.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    4. KCC
      KCC 9 November 2013 15: 32
      Yes, we don’t need such a dad at all, the farther from him the better. It is necessary to prepare for the struggle and most importantly not to lose the youth.
    5. APES
      APES 9 November 2013 19: 10
      Quote: andrei332809
      apparently, it’s better for them to go to Moscow Patriarch’s subordination

      Only who will take them? do not drink with Pid-mi !!!
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 9 November 2013 21: 05
        Quote: APES
        Only who will take them? do not drink with Pid-mi !!!

        so homosexuals will not go. and here are more adequate, which from these homosexuals have to hide from themselves ... where are they? request
    6. july
      july 10 November 2013 16: 25
      ... but it looks like the Pope himself was "stuck"! wassat
  2. Alikovo
    Alikovo 9 November 2013 08: 17
    Catholicism does not value human values ​​and lives. in a new world, the local population was massively destroyed in places, at the beginning of the 2nd millennium they went on crusades under the banner of God both to Russia and the Middle East.
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 9 November 2013 10: 33
      see everything goes to the split of the Roman church
      Latin American and European
      more conservative and no
      the Vatican has a hard time ahead
      in short, again, the Orthodox will have to save the world
  3. makarov
    makarov 9 November 2013 08: 33
    VS Pikul described in a very detailed and succinct manner in his work "The Dogs of the Lord" all the "FUNCTIONS" of the Vatican. What is stated in the work for a long time ahead shows the hereditary policy of the papacy in relation to the Slavs. No matter how many attempts in the past to destroy and coerce the Slavs were carried out, everything was broken on the Slavic moral stronghold and purity of thoughts.
  4. svp67
    svp67 9 November 2013 08: 44
    LLC "Catholic Church" ... one of the most profitable and richest "businesses" in history ... It looks like the world is really on the verge of big shocks ...
    MIKHAN 9 November 2013 09: 21
    The Vatican, like the whole geo-Europe, is degrading .. and the most interesting thing is they are trying to drag us into this funnel of self-destruction .. Attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church by Russian self-awareness .. the change of values ​​is in progress We are resisting and the last thing will be a global war Another way out of this will be cleared no .. And Russia The Slavs should lead this battle for the souls of people .. They hope and believe in us! I’m pathetic little as I could say ..
  6. Belogor
    Belogor 9 November 2013 09: 26
    Tolerance (in the Western sense) turned out to be stronger than Christian values. And the new pope is kind of a Trojan horse in Western Christianity, like Gorbachev in the USSR.
    1. AVV
      AVV 9 November 2013 23: 03
      Yes, only this tolerance is being promoted all over the world !!! But the misfortune is that Christianity has existed for millennia, and this blue scum has appeared not so long ago! At first, they were put in mental hospitals, but then it became beneficial for someone to recognize them as healthy, but to whom? Here is the question from the questions ???
  7. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 9 November 2013 09: 28
    The Vatican has long not only eroded Christian values, but it has simply moved away from them and is fighting an irreconcilable struggle with Orthodoxy - the last bastion of Christian values. You can bring a lot of characters who headed the Vatican throne and determine its policy: there are debauchees and poisoners; poisoned enemies, enemies poisoned well, what Christian values ​​can we talk about. Yes, this is a very profitable enterprise, and business and morality are incompatible!
  8. Arkan
    Arkan 9 November 2013 09: 47
    "at the First Vatican Council in 1871, they substantiated the dogma of papal infallibility" - this is heresy. Orthodoxy must actively defend its moral values, and heretics must be given a decisive turn from the gate.
    1. not good
      not good 9 November 2013 15: 36
      Unfortunately, the Orthodox Church can hardly oppose the Catholic Church. In the ideological struggle that is unleashed against the Russian Orthodox Church by its opponents, any tricks are used, while the Russian Orthodox Church tries to act within the framework of moral principles, and if the Russian Orthodox Church gives up its position, then the institutions that oppose the onset of tolerance do not It is not in vain that we are forbidden by constitutional law to have state ideology, and a church separated from the state has no legal leverage to counter the West. It remains to be hoped that there will be enough sensible and honest people in our government who can resist the pressure of Western liberals.
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 9 November 2013 23: 43
        I agree with your opinion, but here is the situation
        in which the consolidation of all Christians is needed
        we have people of different nationalities here in Moldova
        when was the first gay parade in chisinau
        then all the participants were pushed back into the buses
        and they say even a couple of cops accidentally hit laughing
        who guarded them

        even though I'm an atheist
        but an important and worthy place must be given
        Christian faith
        in the history and development of world history

        may God forgive me
        1. kartalovkolya
          kartalovkolya 10 November 2013 11: 27
          The Catholic Vatican follows the path beaten by Rome: divide and conquer, subjugate and plunder - as a result, decay and decline. Initially, the Vatican "saints" began to destroy Christian values ​​even when, in pursuit of absolute power, they actually tore Christianity apart. That is why they say that Moscow is the Third Rome, and there will be no Fourth (if ORTHODOXY does not protect Christian values). Therefore, the entire anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox pack is raging - it sees an eye, but a tooth doesn’t. Of course, good must be with fists, but as the Fathers of our Church teach, another weapon is needed to fight the Devil and his minions: faith and only true Faith will save our values! And One of the examples of the struggle against Russia and Orthodoxy is the persecution of a priest in the media and law enforcement agencies, according to the principle: "... there is no smoke without fire," there is also some kind of smoke when Judas with 30 silversmiths come into play!
      2. stroporez
        stroporez 10 November 2013 11: 31
        Quote: Negoro
        Unfortunately, the Orthodox Church can do little to counter Catholic.
        ---- Well, you’re in vain ... I know for sure that, for example, in Australia, the Vatican has such a problem ----- parishioners, literally, massively leave Catholic parishes and go to Orthodoxy .........
  9. Sharingan
    Sharingan 9 November 2013 10: 00
    Let them blur. For thousands of years they lived without Christianity, many countries still live and nothing bad happened.
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 9 November 2013 11: 17
      A strange comment .. Christianity brought the world to a new level .. Another thing Catholics are pulling the world into the abyss with Islam .. (no offense) .. Now Catholics are fighting with Muslims .. It’s another crusade .. (we are still observing the Orthodox .. ) .. Buddhists arm themselves ..
      1. Sharingan
        Sharingan 9 November 2013 16: 19
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Christianity brought the world to a new level ..

        Nonsense. The world brought the Renaissance to a new level, as a reaction to Christian obscurantism ...
  10. Renat
    Renat 9 November 2013 10: 03
    In the 90s raising children, the main task was to protect against drugs. Glory to the Almighty, succeeded. Current parents need to protect their children from homosexuality. What will happen next? It’s scary to think since this muck has already reached the church.
    1. AVV
      AVV 9 November 2013 23: 21
      Thank God, so far, that up to the Catholic, Orthodox Christianity needs to be strengthened, this, the last Christian barrier, in front of blue and pink evil spirits in Europe and Asia !!! Of course it is very sad that the Catholics have come to, before they themselves would have been at the stake for a long time burned with a blue flame, and now adjust to the blue evil !!!
  11. kaktus
    kaktus 9 November 2013 10: 13
    "Yes, but the problem is that now there is not an onset of tolerance, but its decisive attack. And defensive measures will not save us. Because they will go the other way - the same law on propaganda does not spell out the difference between propaganda and information, any propaganda can pass under the guise of information. ”Such laws will not solve anything - now we need to move on to drastic measures such as the restoration of criminal liability for homosexuality and other forms of perversion.

    While we are fighting sodomites, they introduce gender theories and disciplines in our institutions that represent men and women as gender, introduce a social understanding of gender, which completely rebuild consciousness, arguing that the main thing is who a person feels himself to be. Blurring in progress. And it happens imperceptibly, shapes our children. The methods of dealing with us have now changed - they are not open, hidden, imperceptible. They cannot tell us directly about their goals, because in return you can get it on the forehead, but they come from the rear. After all, we have never been able to deal with an internal enemy. We have an open worldview, and the entire Western elite has been formed for centuries by Jesuit institutions and communities. And this we cannot resist. And in 10 years it will be too late - we will get a generation with a reconstructed consciousness, to which we will no longer be able to appeal. So our main weapon is to call things by their proper names. "

    The best defense is an offensive, especially in informational and ideological wars. It’s too late to suppress the problem.

    MIKHAN: "And the Slavs Russia must lead this battle for the souls of people .. They hope and believe in us! I have spoken out a little pathos as much as I could .. [/ quote] good
  12. RUSS
    RUSS 9 November 2013 11: 23
    Christianity, by the historical standards of mankind, is a young religion, unless the very Egyptians assumed that their faith would sink into oblivion, although they had been praying to their gods for millennia. There is also no guarantee that a new religion will come after Christianity, and these times are already close at least. Catholicism at sunset, especially in Europe, the stronghold of Catholicism in South America still holds, but even there the homosexual sprouts, not to mention already about the growing number of atheists.
  13. mithridate
    mithridate 9 November 2013 11: 29
    only tough state policy in this area will save the people. It is necessary to conduct an irreconcilable ideological war against the liberals, to criminalize sodomy and its propaganda. And do not care about the cries of Europe and America about the totalitarian regime.
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 9 November 2013 11: 40
      I agree! Only such a policy should be extended to the whole world .. Otherwise it is useless ..! The call for peace and tolerance from our side only spurs on all scum .. It has been checked already .. Look for nests and wet ..! And first of all our own and who supports them .. "There is nowhere to retreat behind, not Moscow!"
  14. George
    George 9 November 2013 12: 01
    Honestly, I didn’t even read.
    First sentence only
    “The last thing that remained in the Catholic doctrine is ethics.

    and that’s it.
    In my opinion, ethics is the first reason why Catholic doctrine got rid of.
    1. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 9 November 2013 22: 19
      In the backstage, yes, but until recently, people voiced the concept of sin, including Sadomite. People had something to catch on at least.
      1. George
        George 10 November 2013 00: 23
        Quote: Yuri I.
        In the backstage, yes, but until recently, people voiced the concept of sin, including Sadomite. People had something to catch on at least.

        Do you mean that the sinner, so to speak, knows better the internal structure and the background of sin? They are not fish, but rotted from the head.
        IMHO. Luther said that a person deserves forgiveness by his deeds and a righteous lifestyle, but not by honoring people who imagine themselves to be mediators between God and people. All the more so if these "intermediaries" have become sinners.
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. 10 November 2013 13: 54
          No, everything is simpler, at least it was said that there is sin and what. Man is weak and faith arose precisely for this reason, and the church is an organization for the coordination of faith (as a world outlook), personality, society (everything is natural in principle). And how can an organization be appropriated by a minority by putting its own ones there (which we observe). As long as it serves the national elite, as part of a national society, it is, let's say, natural. The general human principles of the hostel also generally exist, therefore the Vatican arose. These hostel rules were developed and satisfied people of 1000 years, which is why the Bible is an eternal book. Now some minority has apparently strengthened, which wants to change these principles in its favor, and sin is no longer a sin.
  15. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 9 November 2013 12: 26
    You can’t imagine how lucky it is to live in Russia and be an Orthodox Christian!
    Yes, I also sin a lot, but God gave me the opportunity to see the truth by reading the Gospel. Only comparing true dear and evil, I have a choice. I can finally fall down by accepting Western values ​​saturated with sin, or I can try to become a man by firmly grasping the morality of the Bible. I have a choice that I am responsible for. Do Western children, who are taught from an early age that they are "IT," have a choice, can they compare truth with evil, or are they initially immersed in sin?
    I do not know how God awakens to ask these children, but I know for sure that he will ask us.
    We are 1/6 of the land, a nuclear superpower with all its natural values. We are an Orthodox people who can freely get the gospel from the shelf and find out what is truth and what is evil. And if we know what truth is, then we must courageously resist evil without fear of the whole world. we have all the possibilities for this, we are Orthodox, we are Russian - God is with us. If we do not wake up to resist evil, God will ask us
    1. Sino
      Sino 9 November 2013 17: 39
      Quote: Bashkaus
      Yes, I also sin a lot, but God gave me the opportunity to see the truth by reading the Gospel.

      You urgently need to be taken to a polyclinic for experiments :) Psychiatrists will be delighted with such an instance. Of course, I sin, but I read the Gospel, which means that I am sinless. Idiocy!
      1. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus 9 November 2013 18: 36
        Young man, you absolutely do not understand the meaning of the words, so there’s no reason to talk to you
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. 9 November 2013 23: 19
          Do not pay attention, ordinary troll (there are different varieties). In principle, you are right. With the advent of Orthodoxy in our country, attacks on it were connected with the desire to destroy our morality. But with the retreat of Catholicism, Orthodoxy becomes, as it were, one of the main carriers of Christian morality. You can even say the original universal. Because religion imposes morality on society for a hostel in society. For example, I am an atheist, but brought up on the same principles that Orthodoxy has left in our society, and I know when I am sinful.
          With the destruction of Christian morality, the bearer of our church, the traditional morality in society will also be destroyed. According to the trend, as they say now, it’s clear what will be new. God forbid, as they always said.
          1. Pinochet000
            Pinochet000 10 November 2013 04: 15
            Quote: Yuri Ya.
            destroy our morality

            Destruction of our (morality is a bad word) morality is impossible, it passes a red line through our entire language, as long as the language lives, the Russian people live. And Christianity has nothing to do with it. Learn the language.
            Simple example: Usta-language (Old Russian)
            U-letter Uk
            Capital letter Word
            T-letter Tvardo
            A-letter Az
            1. Yuri Y.
              Yuri Y. 10 November 2013 14: 39
              You can destroy anything you want (break as they say do not build). Good or bad depends on the invested meaning and emotional assessment (meaning) in relation to yourself. Everyone thinks to the extent of their depravity, they also say so (do not take it personally, this is me about the essence). Morality depends on attitude in society and at the same time cements these relations. Morality can be destroyed only from the inside by changing attitudes, although there is some pressure from the outside. Destroying our morality wink they will speak Russian with you. Self-confidence is the basis for inaction. The language was also already interested in this regard.
              1. Pinochet000
                Pinochet000 10 November 2013 18: 15
                Quote: Yuri Ya.
                they will speak Russian with you

                In our language, the axiomatics of life are "sewn up" ... Look at the Alphabet Truths and no religion is needed, everything is in the language. You start to study and it (the language) opens itself, it looks like the generic memory still exists. We just talk and do not hear our language in full, it carries much more information than it seems. And those who are trying to destroy our morality, they know and use it. You can see it here:

                1. Yuri Y.
                  Yuri Y. 11 November 2013 07: 27
                  I looked at your link, I did not understand the meaning at all. The ancient names of the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are interpreted, who decided how the ancients interpreted them and whether they were doing it at all. Although people probably beat more sensual, maybe something was. Although, as far as I remember, with the advent of Christianity, 2 monks (Cyril and Methodius) based on Greek with an admixture of others including a couple of Hebrew letters (hissing in my opinion) invented Cyrillic. The writing before Christianity was but different (from excavations in Novgorod). Language is not letters, linguists seem to have not even decided on its essence to the end.
        2. Evgenij.
          Evgenij. 10 November 2013 21: 16
          Sorry, that’s not the topic. Is Bashkaus the one that flows to Chulyshman?
  16. Maksmith
    Maksmith 9 November 2013 14: 27
    Quote: Deniska999
    The Vatican has long been sold to all and sundry.

    VATIKAN not only sold itself to everyone and everything, "it" has long had nothing to do with religion, such as our Russian Orthodox Church, Buddhism or traditional Islam .... Links of one chain - Pride + Envy + Anger + Laziness + Greed + Gluttony + Voluptuousness = The end of their culture, history, human values ​​and "civilization".
  17. radio operator
    radio operator 9 November 2013 15: 59
    So Catholicism was originally a departure from Christianity.
    What this led to, everyone knows: the Crusades, the witch hunt, the burning of scientists.

    ... and socialism is a product of Catholicism and Catholic essence! He, like his atheism brother, came out of despair, as opposed to Catholicism in the sense of morality, to replace the lost moral power of religion, to quench the spiritual thirst of man who was thirsting and save him not by Christ, but also by violence! This is also freedom through violence, this is also union through the sword and blood! “Do not dare to believe in God, do not dare to have property, do not dare to have an identity, fraternité ou la mort / brotherhood or death /, two million heads!” By their deeds you will recognize them - that’s said! And do not think that it was all so innocent and fearless for us; oh, we need a rebuff, and hurry, hurry! It is necessary that our Christ shine in repulse to the West, whom we have preserved and which they did not know! Not slavishly getting hooked by the Jesuits, and carrying our Russian civilization, we must now stand before them ...
    F.M.Dostoevsky "I d and o t"
  18. fero
    fero 9 November 2013 18: 33
    Yeah, and even in the Vatican the minimum term for marriage (sexual consent) is 14 years! And in Spain in general - 13. An amazingly fierce struggle with pedophilia in the bosom of the Catholic Church. fool
    Now it’s hard to understand where the true church is, after the split in 1054, Christ himself will probably only be able to indicate who his flocks are. For Catholics, Orthodox are sectarians, for Orthodox, on the contrary. For Lutherans and Protestants, both sad
    1. Sino
      Sino 9 November 2013 19: 31
      Quote: fero
      Yeah, and even in the Vatican the minimum term for marriage (sexual consent) is 14 years! And in Spain in general - 13. An amazingly fierce struggle with pedophilia in the bosom of the Catholic Church.

      Article 13. Age of marriage
      1. The marriage age is set at eighteen.
      2. If there are valid reasons, local governments at the place of residence of persons wishing to marry are entitled, at the request of these persons, to allow persons who have attained the age of sixteen to marry.
      The procedure and conditions under which the entry into marriage as an exception, taking into account special circumstances, may be permitted until the age of sixteen years, may be established by the laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
      In accordance with the RF IC, marriage in Russia can be concluded before the onset of 16 years! In Russia, too, the Catholic Church came to power? fool And as for the Russian Orthodox Church, the latest news is that the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg announced on the international wanted list of the Russian Orthodox Church priest Gleb Grozovsky, who is accused of child molestation.
      Until recently, Grozovsky was the rector of the Church of St. John the Warrior in the village of Maloe Verevo, Gatchinsky District, and also deputy chairman of the diocesan department for youth affairs of the St. Petersburg diocese.
      1. fero
        fero 9 November 2013 21: 16
        Those who benefit from it have come to power. Is it really not clear? Please note that the Vatican is not Russia ... but just a city, one single city. In which, by definition, there must be more order.
        1. Sino
          Sino 9 November 2013 22: 06
          Quote: fero
          Those who benefit from it have come to power. Is it really not clear? Please note that the Vatican is not Russia ... but just a city, one single city. In which, by definition, there must be more order.

          What are you talking about now? How does your first and second comment fit together? And where is the power? You undertook to discuss religious issues, so discuss them. What are you all doing, like 16 year old birdies talking nonsense through one ?!
  19. Grbear
    Grbear 9 November 2013 22: 56
    The Vatican is the Brain and the Elite of the Roman Empire, in its most Jesuitical form. Having dressed in the clothes of Christianity, at the same time betraying its religion, "Rome" continued its existence in a more closed form. And to sell - they always sold something, even Salvation for a reasonable price.

    To pick this little egg, not for money, but for information. The Vatican Library is the key to many secrets.
  20. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 9 November 2013 23: 18
    By this survey they make secure in their decisions, and are justified by the demands of the people themselves. "Our task is to meet the spirit of the times, and the survey shows what people want."
    the task of the shepherd is not to ask what the flock wants, as a rule - not to do horseradish and have fun, but to lead the flock even on a thorny road to light
  21. avg
    avg 10 November 2013 00: 30
    The whole Catholic world stood still. What will Pope Francis call “spouse number one” or “spouse number two” now? what
  22. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 10 November 2013 15: 00
    Heh. Dad and Mom are forbidden. Therefore, the Pope will be ..... figs knows him, like IT.
  23. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 10 November 2013 15: 09
    It turns out that the Catholics decided to "correct" the laws of Christ? Where will the fucking tolerance of the western man in the street lead ... Orthodoxy firmly stands for human values, for a normal family.
  24. Evgenij.
    Evgenij. 10 November 2013 15: 36
    Catholics have a prediction that this dad is the last, so they now have two dads. A sense
  25. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 10 November 2013 16: 15
    This is the beginning of the end of the Catholic Church. They shed a lot of blood and ultimately were defeated by sadomism (they burned Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible for this).
  26. Sour
    Sour 10 November 2013 17: 09
    Been to the Vatican.
    Good country, beautiful nature, hospitable people. The park there is beautiful, at the papal residence. And St. Peter's Basilica is even nothing. The main minus is not a single beer point in the Vatican. He went around the country, and nowhere to drink beer. And there is no fishing there, in the entire state, not a single decent body of water. And dad himself can not see. Locked in a residence, guarded by Swiss guards. And it would be nice to have a drink with him at the Brudershaft. good
    1. Evgenij.
      Evgenij. 10 November 2013 21: 17
      Walked around the country
      It sounds cool in Russia wink
  27. Savva30
    Savva30 10 November 2013 19: 40
    Soon the sane European people will apply for a residence permit in RUSSIA mother ...
    We look forward to a massive upheaval of negative information in the minds of our citizens.