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An-70: Russian-Ukrainian unfinished

Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Russia Nikolai Azarov and Dmitry Medvedev reached an agreement at the 10 meeting of the economic cooperation committee between the two countries that joint flight tests of the An-1 military transport aircraft should end on February 2014. Based on the results of these tests, a final decision will be made on the organization of a joint Russian-Ukrainian aircraft production. A source in the Ukrainian delegation told RIA journalists “News"That Medvedev and Azarov reached an agreement, and that for the first time in stories negotiations on this project appeared (finally) the date after which a final decision should be made about his fate.

An-70 aircraft belongs to a new generation of medium-sized military transport aircraft with short take-off and landing. This aircraft is able to transport the entire range of airmobile engineering and military equipment of almost all the armies of the world, and also deliver it even to unprepared unpaved platforms, that is, directly to the place of the military operation. According to the calculations, this aircraft can also be based without problems on mountain airfields located at an altitude up to 3 kilometers above sea level.

There is hardly a longer and more difficult program in the modern history of international military projects that would be so dependent on politics and possess such a dramatic fate. The An-70 aircraft development program was on the verge of closure several times. And even now, amid sounding promising statements by representatives of the two countries, the implementation of this program, especially in the volumes announced earlier, is still in doubt. In the same way, the Russian military transport demand for this class of aircraft remains a big question. aviation.

An-70: Russian-Ukrainian unfinished

The program for the creation of this aircraft dates back to 1986, this year the USSR Air Force approved new operational and tactical requirements for promising aircraft models. At the same time, of all the projects of new military transport planes that existed in the development of the beginning of the 1990-s, the An-70 medium-range tactical military transport aircraft was more fortunate than the others. The aircraft was developed by the Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex (ASTC) named after About. K. Antonova, while this project was at the time of the collapse of the USSR in the most advanced stage (work on it was started back in 1978 year). Therefore, it was possible to keep it in conditions of total cuts in funding for all military programs after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This aircraft was supposed to change technically and, what is even more important, the morally obsolete medium military transport aircraft An-12. By that time, the military had already stopped arranging an aircraft with a payload capacity of 20 tons. It was not suitable for solving all tactical and operational-tactical tasks, since the mass and dimensional characteristics of modern military equipment, which was in service with the Airborne Forces and the Ground Forces, continued to increase. Introduced ASTC them. Antonov An-70 aircraft, which had a short take-off and landing, was able to transfer up to 35 tons of cargo (in the future this value will be increased to 47 tons) to a distance of 5 thousand km with a cruising speed of 750 km / h.

24 June 1993 was signed in the capital of Ukraine "Agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine to ensure the design, joint serial production and delivery to the operational tactical military-technical cooperation An-70 and transport aircraft An-70Т equipped with D-27 engines". In the same year, the joint venture Medium Transport Aircraft was established. Work on the creation of a transport worker was continued by the state-owned Ukrainian enterprise Antonov. The first plane took to the sky as early as December 1994.

Already at that stage, plans for the release and supply of new military transport aircraft to the troops seemed fantastic, especially against the background of the general financial crisis and the division of the military-industrial complex of the USSR, which gradually turned into its widespread collapse and galloping inflation. According to the plans of the two countries, the Russian Air Force before 2005 had to receive 287 airplanes An-70 and 115 after, the Ukrainian Air Force 73 and 27 aircraft, respectively. Already in 1999-2000, these volumes were substantially adjusted. According to those plans, before 2018, it was decided to release the 164 of the An-70 aircraft for the Russian Air Force and 65 for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, but these plans, as history has shown, turned out to be too optimistic. In 2011, the Russian military announced new figures - X-NUMX of An-60 aircraft. However, as we wrote above, the final decision on the possible production of these aircraft will be made only after February 70 1.

An-70 Description

The An-70 aircraft belongs to a new generation of medium operational-tactical short-take-off and landing military transport aircraft. The aircraft is able to provide operational transfer of almost all types of weapons and military equipment of motorized rifle subunits. The aircraft can be used to conduct parachute landing of military equipment and personnel, including single-cargo ships weighing up to 20 tons from low and high altitudes. The cargo cabin of the An-70 is designed to carry 300 infantrymen with personal weapons or 206 injured and sick with accompanying. An aircraft with such capabilities is necessary for the armed forces, since it is able to solve those tasks that are inaccessible to the previous MTC, besides An-12. If possible, the delivery of military equipment directly to the place of operation, this machine is an order of magnitude superior to all existing aircraft.

An-70 is made according to the aerodynamic scheme of the high-level plan, equipped with X-NUMX turboprop engines with one-fin tail and a cargo hatch in the tail of the aircraft. During the flight tests, this machine proved the possibility of using the aircraft even from poorly prepared ground sites with a length of no more than 4 meters. The aircraft is able to take off from such sites, having on board up to 600 tons of various cargoes. Used on the X-NUMX aircraft, the D-20 engine, equipped with coaxial robots CB-4, provides the machine with a very high cruising speed with 27-27% fuel economy when compared with other modern aircraft equipped with turbojet engines.

The use of coaxial screws allows the use of a high-pressure jet of air that flows around the wing of the aircraft at a speed that exceeds the speed of the incoming air flow, which in turn gives the wing a greater lifting force. And released flaps (in 60 degrees in the landing position) are able to create the effect of rotation of the thrust vector. Due to this, when performing an approach with flaps fully fired, more than 50% of lift force on the wing arises due to power blowing, while a smaller part comes from air flow.

An-70 can solve a typical transportation problem for the transfer of cargo weighing 20 tons over a distance of 3000 km. with the use of unpaved runways the entire length of 600-700 meters, which is currently unavailable to any of the world's existing transport aircraft. Taking into account all possible probabilistic factors, it can be concluded that the An-70 military transport aircraft is able to perform a shortened take-off and landing, reducing the required aircraft outfit and the cost of the operation by 2 times. According to the calculations, the car can be placed without any problems at mountain airfields, which are located at an altitude of up to 3000 meters above sea level.

In comparison with its counterparts, the An-70 aircraft is able to dump paratroopers and cargoes with a smaller spread by 2 times, and the crew of the vehicle is able to bring the An-70 to the calculated point of contact of the GDP with very high accuracy. The amphibious transport equipment installed on the aircraft allows to ensure the autonomy of unloading and loading a wide range of cargoes and to carry out their air landing. The aircraft loading equipment complex consists of 2-x side winches with a pulling force of up to 1,5 tons and 4-X electric hoists with a total carrying capacity of 12 tons. At the request of the customer, the An-70 can be equipped with an easily removable 2 deck, as well as with all necessary rolling equipment to automate operations with shipping containers.

Airborne monitoring and diagnostics installed on the aircraft make it possible to confidently operate the machine even on unequipped airfields, which do not have special ground facilities. The maintenance of the An-70 is based on the use of a state-of-the-art machine operation strategy. At the same time, the An-70 is equipped with on-board systems with digital control and a modern complex of electronic equipment.

The crew cabin is located in the forward part of the fuselage, which is equipped with modern color multifunctional indicators (glass cabin), as well as a double-deck compartment for accompanying cargo on board. Depending on the method of use and the take-off weight of the aircraft, its multi-wheeled chassis is able to provide take-off both from full-fledged concrete runways with a length of 1800 meters and from poorly prepared ground sites with a length of 600-700 meters differing in low soil density. In the mode of short take-off and landing, the An-70 is able to ensure the transfer of cargo of 20-26 tons with a runway length of 600-900 meters to a range of 1400-3000 km.

Until now, the flight copy of the aircraft with the serial number number 01-02 has already made 651 flight with a total duration of 760 hours. During the tests, 15 national and 6 international records were set, including lifting 55 tons of cargo to 7350 meters in height. The fatigue tests of the aircraft have already been completed, the confirmed full life of the aircraft is equal to 15 000 hours or 7000 landings. The bench tests of the D-27 engine and the AH-70 propfan, static tests of the machine for maximum operating load, were successfully completed. Earlier, the transfer of design documentation for an aircraft to Russia for the organization of the An-70 serial production on the basis of S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aviation Production Association was started.

Flight performance An-70:
Dimensions: wingspan - 44,06 m., Length - 40,73 m., Height - 16,38 m., Wing area - 204 square. m
The mass of the plane is empty - 73 000 kg., The maximum mass is 135 000 kg., The maximum payload is 47 000 kg., For a short takeoff (600 meters) - 20 000 kg.
The power plant -4 TVVD "Ivchenko-Progress" D-27 hp, 4x13880 hp
The maximum speed is 780 km / h, the cruising speed is 700-750 km / h.
Maximum ceiling - 12 000 m.
Flight range maximum - 8000 km (without cargo).
The length of the run - with the weight of the load 47 000 kg - 1550-1800 m., With 20 000 kg - 600-700 m.
Crew - 3-5 people.
Payload: up to 47 tons of cargo, 300 soldiers, 110 paratroopers.

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  1. mark1
    mark1 8 November 2013 08: 29
    A source in the Ukrainian delegation told reporters of RIA Novosti that Medvedev and Azarov had reached an agreement,
    Something tells me - if the "best friend" of the Russian aviation got down to business, then a proposal for an alternative purchase of the A-400 may well come up
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 8 November 2013 10: 04
      An-70 can solve a typical transportation problem of transporting cargo weighing 20 tons at a distance of 3000 km. using unpaved runways with a length of only 600-700 meters, which is currently unavailable to any of the world's existing transport aircraft.

      Such an aircraft of the legendary aircraft design bureau Antonova OK rotten.
      Actually, we need to take for w ... the back seat of all the politicians involved in the freezing of the AN-70 project, at least in Russia.
      These are people working against Russia. Although, what can I say this is all power since 1993.
      1. VARCHUN
        VARCHUN 8 November 2013 13: 59
        I completely agree that the authorities in Ukraine and Russia are corrupt, history has proven, but the Antonov Design Bureau has nothing to do with it, you have to be a fool so as not to understand not from people there is inhibition but from politicians.
    2. xetai9977
      xetai9977 8 November 2013 15: 19
      This plane can be called "long-suffering" .. Everyone agrees that the plane is good, nodding their heads approvingly, but ... things are still there. Good and necessary equipment is sacrificed to political ambitions.
      1. Gamdlislyam
        Gamdlislyam 8 November 2013 17: 00
        Dear colleagues, it may still be worth waiting for the long-suffering joint flight tests of the An-70 military transport aircraft to end. The next completion date is scheduled for 1.02.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX, although, based on the established tradition, I think this is not the deadline for the end of flight tests.
        Alas, the article is more likely to be redrawn than about a real plane.
        I completely agree with my colleagues Sergey (Varchun) and Rauf (xetai9977), the plane became a hostage to politicians and greed of officials.
  2. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 8 November 2013 08: 41
    So, for information, Ukrainians familiarized the Americans with all the technical documentation for the AN-70.
    1. rolik2
      rolik2 8 November 2013 09: 23
      So, for information, Ukrainians familiarized the Americans with all the technical documentation for the AN-70.

      Well??? Maybe even with their help they’ll put it on the wing. Although they will lie.
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 8 November 2013 10: 02
        I mean, with "their help" on the "wing" ??? O_O

        In general, the desired aircraft, it is a pity his time was in such difficult times.
      2. VARCHUN
        VARCHUN 8 November 2013 14: 01
        What did the rabbi say to you? And what did the Americans in the Israeli KB not know about?
      3. nnz226
        nnz226 8 November 2013 15: 12
        The Americans even got a Shkval rocket in kind, so what ?! Couldn't repeat! They have no mind of their own, so the An-70 is unlikely to be able to repeat it ...
    2. GastaClaus69
      GastaClaus69 8 November 2013 17: 38
      AND? Americans are not Chinese. It is the Chinese who can die the machine with a tape measure and release their copy in a year.
      1. Alexholzman
        Alexholzman 8 November 2013 21: 20
        Therefore, they still cannot arrange the production of engines for our and our aircraft (SU)
    3. edge
      edge 8 November 2013 19: 12
      Quote: Sadykoff
      So, for information, Ukrainians familiarized the Americans with all the technical documentation for the AN-70

      according to the latest information, for the umpteenth time they decided to throw ours, we’ll build the type for everyone, and the costs of the Russians will be on the side.
    4. Hug
      Hug 9 November 2013 02: 47
      Where do the "fireballs" come from? - Really, you were told directly from the CIA, you are our informed?
  3. UVB
    UVB 8 November 2013 08: 51
    It will be a pity if, due to political disagreements, a wonderful airplane is put to an end.
    1. tank 34
      tank 34 8 November 2013 17: 02
      I agree. It will be a pity if this car sinks in the summer. He is very needed for the Russian Air Force. AN-12 must be changed and it must be produced in Russia. Ukraine, not Kiev politicians should be kept
  4. badger1974
    badger1974 8 November 2013 09: 18
    along the way, Russia has already been tired of waiting for this "super new" miracle, and decided to extend its Ilam 76th life for another 50 years,
    1. katran666
      katran666 8 November 2013 10: 14
      that's right, I don't understand the groans of the "lost" ... An-70 is just an instrument, the analogue of which is in Russia (Il-476). Your own, your own production, your own components - WHAT ELSE DO THE CRYERS NEED? Schaz will again count tons, kilometers, remember about landing on the ground and other crap ...
      PySy - but it is true - there is a mass of IL-76, which it is enough to remotorize and recapitalize - they will really fly for another 30 years ...
      1. mark1
        mark1 8 November 2013 10: 25
        Quote: katran666
        I do not understand the groans of the "lost" ... An-70

        Yes, the matter is not so much in the An-70 itself as in the lost Russian money (up to 80% of funding) and the poorer, Russian projects (Tu-330/230 and others) for the sake of this. I think - since we have invested in this project and our intellectual property is not less than Ukrainian (at least), then we need to complete the matter.
      2. klimpopov
        klimpopov 8 November 2013 10: 26
        IL-76 is good, even excellent. But one type is indispensable .. 76 e and An 12 in the Union complemented each other. As well as An-70 with IL-476 they are not mutually replacements but mutually complemented. Both this and the other have their own advantages.
      3. AVV
        AVV 8 November 2013 15: 40
        Now the IL 76MD-90A has gone into series, the latest modification of the IL 76, so the fate of the AN-70 is difficult to predict, it all depends on the politicians, and on Yanukovych, including why Russia needs Ukraine integrated into the European Union, why drag it out of the swamp, why to invest such grandmothers that are useful for their transporters, if she, like a drunken bum, also resists, and even tries to hit in the face ??? Let homosexuals from Europe please her !!!
        1. edge
          edge 8 November 2013 19: 21
          Quote: AVV
          so the fate of the AN-70 is difficult to predict

          I agree that neither Europe nor Amer need competitors, they have their own lobby ..... so that the project is simply destroyed (this is something like a shakalshvili cry, the Russians refused our wine, we will sell it to Europe ..... who Well, the French, Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Portuguese are waiting for him there, why do they need Zhorzhikov's mumbler, when there is nowhere to put his
      4. lazy
        lazy 10 November 2013 17: 55
        they will fly only not everywhere. I remember how they drove on a business trip first from Khabarovsk to Vozhaevka (IL-76 does not land at the Khabar military airfield), then waited a week at 40 degrees below zero IL-76 until it arrives and takes it to warmer climes, and then back to Dzemgi and then it’ll fly 12x whom to where. so il-76 won't solve all the problems need an-70 otherwise you'll have to buy his chinese clone
    2. bolonenkov
      bolonenkov 8 November 2013 11: 35
      Not to extend but to make a new aircraft based on the IL-76, which has already been put into service, but the extra load on Kazan’s capacities will not hurt us
      1. alex86
        alex86 8 November 2013 21: 58
        Kazan citizens are hanged noodles about new buildings for the AN-70, although there are a lot of old idle ones - before the program was good, building 206 was the largest building in the world, now neither Tu-22 - only repairs for three years, nor Tu-160 - similarly ... I think that for ours it is only for the next cut during "reconstruction, re-equipment and construction", as well as the purchase of equipment, since everything old was handed over to ferrous metal.
        So what the hell that we will see ...
    3. vtur
      vtur 13 November 2013 14: 06
      Even while the USAF works on its Next-Generation Bomber and 2037 Bomber projects, it intends to keep the B-52H in service until 2045, nearly 90 years after the B-52 first entered service and an unprecedented length of service for any aircraft, civilian or military ...
      I think there is no need to translate. Under normal operating conditions and carrying out anti-corrosion work, the aircraft can serve for a VERY long time. The aviation of the former USSR just "drove" itself with small resources and exorbitant volumes of maintenance (which, given the rise in prices for manpower and spare parts, made it absolutely uncompetitive) So, until recently, Boeing did not have an assigned resource at all, but now for different models from 90,000 (!!!) flight hours and more. And no calendar! It's just that sooner or later a moment comes when it is unprofitable to repair (or operate) an aircraft for economic reasons ...
  5. _KM_
    _KM_ 8 November 2013 10: 24
    I saw the plane alive. Nice. The sound of engines, or rather screws, is unusual. Hard of some kind. It’s a pity if they ruin him.
  6. Aydar
    Aydar 8 November 2013 10: 31
    rather than quarrel and measure who is big, it’s better to solve the problem with financing long ago, and you’re just losing the market, our country has been waiting for this plane for so long, but everything is as always "but things are still there." We have to buy aircrafts and Boeings.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 8 November 2013 10: 36
      Business in Russian - Ukrainian, Kazakhs suffer))))
      Seriously, I agree.
  7. Alekseev
    Alekseev 8 November 2013 10: 41
    Such large-scale projects of military-technical, and indeed, any high-tech cooperation can be implemented successful only on a solid political foundation.
    Some kind of comparatively local type of US purchase of individual rocket engines in Russia, the manufacture together with France of an engine for the Superjet, without the transfer of breakthrough technologies, are taking place, but the creation and serial production of a new generation transporter is unlikely ...
  8. qwert1707
    qwert1707 8 November 2013 11: 13
    Of course, such an aircraft is needed in the Russian Air Force, and not only, we have an "immense country" from the Urals to Chukotka with bad runways, or even the absence of such, civil transport workers have not been canceled yet ..
    But how the majority of projects are hampered by political games and the carve-up of the "unkilled raccoon" skin ...
    It is a pity that the efforts of people will disappear in this political th ... not ...
  9. lordinicus
    lordinicus 8 November 2013 11: 22
    It may sound funny, but the AN-70 is a new generation transporter, they thought so under the USSR.
    Its main advantages in the eyes of the USSR was that it can land and take off from short, poorly prepared runways, the second biggest plus is that in the AN-70 it is possible to drive 70% more types of equipment than in the IL-76. When there was a technical assignment during the union, then they went to measure all the wheeled and tracked vehicles throughout the union.
    AN-70 was made to replace the AN-12 to replace the IL-76 was supposed to come IL-106 (analgo C-17). It was during the union, then there were other tasks that Russia needs to solve now, it must be Russia. He will need IL-76, he will be needed for the Soviet task AN-70. But screaming and shouting that one is better than the other is pointless, IL-76 is good and AN-70 is good, they just had different technical tasks at the base.
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 8 November 2013 14: 41
      I think everyone remembers very well how unpretentious the An-12 military transporter possessed, the 70th also predicted such a fate, but it is impossible to work in Ukraine in a "transparent" way, you can earn money by driving imports through the black box offices, and the aviation industry is probably I don’t want how many complaints there were when the sovereign was ripped off by the Ukrainian Motor Sich and the Antonov Design Bureau, but everything is on the side, remember the modernization of the Mriya An-225, so you can die with laughter, in Ukrainian modernization is to paint the plane in national colors, ... such leaders are the guarantor of sovereignty
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 10 November 2013 23: 21
        That's for sure, the AN-70 was made to replace the AN-12. But the developers slightly changed the project and the AN-70 was not to replace the AN12, but in the IL-76 niche. That's the problem: buy your IL-76 or put a cross on it and invest in the production of the AN-70.
        If it had been made according to the technical requirements (in the niche of the AN-12th), it would probably have flown both here and in Ukraine.
  10. Stinger
    Stinger 8 November 2013 11: 45
    This aircraft had no chance. Who remembers since 1993 the funding of the state defense order fell from 100 to 500 times. By 1995, almost all aircraft plants and design bureaus of the domestic aviation industry had stood up. Many have not climbed so far. Naturally it was not before this, albeit good, plane. If it is brought to the series, then it will be a miracle. With the influx of funding into the defense industry, effective managers threw a shaft and replaced the director's building of the aviation industry. Hi Chubaisyam.
  11. rudolff
    rudolff 8 November 2013 12: 00
    The situation is stalemate and even without politics. According to its main operational characteristics, including the carrying capacity, the An-70, even at the design stage, ceased to be a replacement for the An-12, becoming the screw competitor of the IL-76. The replacement of the An-12 will probably be the Russian-Indian medium transporter. IL-76 production was transferred to the territory of Russia, money was invested in the modernization of the project, a firm contract was signed for six dozen vehicles. It will no longer be possible to enter a new car into the nomenclature of the Russian BTA without prejudice to the 76th program, Ukraine itself is not particularly needed, there is no lineup of potential buyers from other countries. The outlook is not too bright. Well, if you recall the political aspect and the turn of Ukraine towards Europe, where such a machine already exists, then there are very few reasons for optimism.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 8 November 2013 12: 16
      I also think that he will not see a full-fledged series ...
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 8 November 2013 15: 10
      Quote: rudolff
      To enter a new car into the nomenclature of the Russian BTA without prejudice to the program for the 76th will not work,

      Russia needs transporters, and in large numbers now. We have a BTA, it has not been updated at all since the days of the USSR. Shamanov stands for An-70, for the Airborne Forces.
      And in order for the aircraft to become serial, you need to redeem all the rights to the aircraft and fully build on it. It can also be successfully exported for export.
      1. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 8 November 2013 15: 52
        Earlier, the transfer of design documentation for the aircraft to Russia was started to organize the serial production of the An-70 on the basis of OJSC Kazan Aviation Production Association named after S. P. Gorbunov.

        Of course, if needed, why not let it out. Russia also has several more opportunities for export. As for the rights, it’s also right, China is selling everything in a row.
      2. edge
        edge 8 November 2013 19: 28
        Quote: Russ69
        And in order for the aircraft to become serial, you need to redeem all rights to the aircraft and completely build it

        why redeem, it is 70% ours, and yes ... we owe us a lot of money
        1. velikoros-xnumx
          velikoros-xnumx 8 November 2013 22: 18
          Quote: hert
          why redeem, it is 70% ours, and yes ... we owe us a lot of money

          I will repeat my earlier comment on a similar topic:
          Quote: wlad59
          "... and leaving Ukraine to go to geyrop, pick up all the documentation and move production to Russia, for example, to Ulyanovsk." - dream, dream! AN-70 is a JOINT project

          And you don’t really need to dream:
          firstly, the project was started while the USSR was still alive, and Russia, as its successor, has the right to the intellectual property of the USSR (correct if I am mistaken)
          secondly, in joint work on development, Russia's financial contribution is more than 50% (there is a "controlling" stake)
          thirdly, in terms of division, Russia had a similar situation with the exact opposite on the Yak-130. At the final stage, the track-tracks parted with the Italian company Aermacchi, and she, having received full documentation for the glider, independently completed its version (in fact, a clone that differs in engines and avionics).
          fourthly, no one canceled the "Chinese" option of action, and in this situation it will not be theft of intellectual property in its pure form (to a large extent, this is our project)
          So there you go!
        2. windjoker
          windjoker 9 November 2013 00: 04
          By the way, they calculated in Antonov’s design bureau the Russian share in the An-70 as well - it’s a breathtakingly small figure. Namely, 7,8% of total deposits (taking into account, of course, Soviet deposits, the results of which remained in distribution to Ukraine).
    3. windjoker
      windjoker 8 November 2013 22: 08
      Almost half of all flying aircraft developed by Antonov Design Bureau are currently operating in Russia - 2443 aircraft (from An-12 to An-148), with 599 aircraft in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. (Data for 2013).
      It is incorrect to compare the An-70 with the Russian transport aircraft Il-476, since they occupy different niches. An-70 occupies a niche where the IL-476 cannot manifest itself. An-70 is a short take-off and landing aircraft. It can carry goods to unprepared airfields or sites with a length of only 700 m. This is precisely its uniqueness. And for the IL-476 need unpaved airfields. Therefore, the An-70 should in no way be opposed to the IL-476 aircraft.
      Read more here:
      The “analogue” lags behind the An-70 in many respects. Thus, the Russian defense industry expert Alexander Golts admits that the AN-70 is superior to both existing and promising foreign counterparts, including the European A400M: “The An-70 has a maximum carrying capacity of 47 tons, and that of a European competitor, 37 tons, the cargo compartment is 425 and 340 m2, respectively, etc. Moreover, the price of the Ukrainian car is $ 67 million, and the A400M is 145 million euros; half the cost of operation. Advantages over C-130J-30 (USA) and Shaanxi Y-9 (China) and even more. "

      Compared with the IL-476, the An-70 is capable of transporting 98% of the main types of federal weapons, while the IL is only 70%. Further, An takes on board 19 units. technicians, “Il” - only 9. The point is, the director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Research Valentin Badrak notes to us that the cross section of the Il-476 cargo compartment is significantly smaller than that of all modern military transport aircraft - An-70, C -17, A-400M and even the Chinese Y-20 (created not without the help of the Antonov state enterprise): That is, the Buk, Tunguska air defense systems, the T-90 tank, the Msta-S self-propelled guns and almost everything An-70 modern mobile radar takes on board, and the IL-476 - no. Yes, it can carry part of the weapons disassembled, but recent conflicts in the Caucasus and other regions have shown the need to bring equipment into battle immediately upon landing, otherwise it could simply fall into the hands of the enemy. The military in Moscow already admitted that the return to the An-70 project in 2009 (immediately after the conflict in South Ossetia) was due precisely to its ability to transfer weapons ready for action. ” In addition, An can take off from non-equipped runways from 607 m long and equipped from 310 m, while the loaded IL-76MD-90A requires 2100 m of equipped runway. And it weighs about 210 tons, and the An-70 - 125-140 tons. A comparison of all the characteristics suggests that for similar combat missions you need 2 times less An-70 than the "Ilov".
  12. ed65b
    ed65b 8 November 2013 12: 01
    No, handsome whatever you say. Well done Antonovtsy. Need to run in a series of enough dogs.
  13. Rus86
    Rus86 8 November 2013 12: 25
    and in fact the current TOGETHER WE ARE POWER! Why do the "Donetsk" guys in the EU? silly. such technologies, such ideas. it is not clear how you can put all this on the table, for the sake of "Euro-homogeneous integration"?
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 8 November 2013 14: 45
      don’t worry, we are worse than Greece and tighten their stranglehold that what is it
      1. Rus86
        Rus86 9 November 2013 08: 35
        as an option) but. first time. at the age of 28 he was in the Crimea. how great it is. and you can get to 86 regions in just 4 days. behind the wheel. and now what, Schengen? and it's like that, a purely personal point of view. but at the state level. BUT I think you will not be in "alliance" with tolerants. mln. even girls are some of the most beautiful. (could not resist)
      2. samoletil18
        samoletil18 10 November 2013 10: 02
        Quote: badger1974
        don’t worry, we are worse than Greece and tighten their stranglehold that what is it

        Well, then in NATO, they also yearn for a noose
      3. badger1974
        badger1974 14 November 2013 13: 19
        to Schengen as from Crimea to Moscow with cancer, an association is not a membership, it’s an attempt to preserve a gas pipe, the rest of the government is ..., people will be shitting and shitting for 20 years, I want the guys of the 17th year
  14. shpuntik
    shpuntik 8 November 2013 12: 36
    According to the plans of the two countries of the Russian Air Force before the 2005 of the year, they had to receive 287 An-70 aircraft and another 115 after the Ukrainian Air Force 73 and 27 aircraft, respectively. Already in 1999-2000, these volumes were significantly adjusted.

    Time has shown that the project was released on the brakes. More than 10 years have passed, and things are still there. Maybe Airbus paid a premium, who needs it ?? request
    PS Once GDP said that he has many friends, businessmen in Europe. If he needed to, he would fly long ago. I think so.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 8 November 2013 15: 11
      Quote: shpuntik
      PS Once GDP said that he has many friends, businessmen in Europe. If he needed to, he would fly long ago. I think so.

      Putin is always to blame ... smile
      1. morpex
        morpex 8 November 2013 20: 47
        Quote: Russ69
        and in fact the current TOGETHER WE ARE POWER! Why do the "Donetsk" guys in the EU? silly. such technologies, such ideas. it is not clear how you can put all this on the table, for the sake of "Euro-homogeneous integration"?

        Quote: Russ69
        According to the plans of the two countries of the Russian Air Force before the 2005 of the year, they had to receive 287 An-70 aircraft and another 115 after the Ukrainian Air Force 73 and 27 aircraft, respectively. Already in 1999-2000, these volumes were significantly adjusted.

        Here is the answer. 10 years ago, there was no smell of any European integration! But things are still there. Now, all this stupidity of Russian-Ukrainian politicians about AN-70 is justified by the fact that Ukraine will sign an association and there will be no plane. NONSENSE! First, even if they sign an association, this is not membership. Do it! Who's stopping? Secondly, it seems to me that the project was originally dead, and they signed it for a banal cut of money. (God forbid, that I would be wrong).

        Quote: Russ69
        Putin is always to blame ...

        I agree. Guilty. Just like our Yanek. They say: .. BOTH - SWEET ...
      2. shpuntik
        shpuntik 8 November 2013 21: 00
        rus69 SU Today, 15:11 ↑
        Putin is always to blame ... smile

        So who? Not Polina, Deripaska laughing
        IL-76 transferred production from Tashkent to Russia in a short time. We did it, and showed it with fanfare on TV. A top-level manager is in charge: Rogozin and Family.
        Was there no way to agree with Ukraine? request So much money was buried there, even under Chernomyrdin, 400 million (then dollars, twice as heavy) M.O. crazy went where and why no one knows, but they promise to return. Putin is certainly not a conductor, but the first violin. Do not find 50 million, even 100 for lobbying, buying a project? I think a much smaller amount could be dispensed with. So it was not necessary for him to fly. The Airbass counterpart took off during this time. From scratch And the screws are similar, and the principle of blowing under the wing is involved, if I understand correctly.

        1. vtur
          vtur 13 November 2013 14: 29
          For some reason, it is postulated at the top that the An-70 technologies were shown to the Americans. As I recall, these were just the Airbus representatives who hung noodles to the then President of Ukraine L. Kuchma about creating a joint system based on the An-70. In fact, at very remote times, the issuance of industrial secrets went through the well-known 58th article and ended the same for everyone. So the Europeans got a plane, well, very similar ... Of course, Airbus has huge potential, the technologies are developed (including the production of whole composite parts - so the all-composite vertical tail was already on the A-300), but money and time they saved pretty much. And we are marking time and will decide whether we need an airplane of the 400st century or not. And on the A-174M there was a firm order for XNUMX cities from eight countries (despite the fact that some countries have canceled or reduced the order so far due to delays in the commissioning of the aircraft) ...
  15. Governor
    Governor 8 November 2013 15: 47
    Better late than never. The unit is really needed.
  16. awg75
    awg75 8 November 2013 18: 15
    the plane is excellent and necessary, but one truth must be understood- WITH UKRAINE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ANY ABSOLUTELY NO SERIOUS PROJECTS - STUPIDLY WILL BE FORGONE AND BETTER !!! even though it’s sad ...
    1. morpex
      morpex 8 November 2013 20: 53
      Quote: awg75
      the plane is excellent and necessary, but one truth must be understood- WITH UKRAINE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ANY ABSOLUTELY NO SERIOUS PROJECTS - STUPIDLY WILL BE FORGONE AND BETTER !!! even though it’s sad ...

      And you can say this:
      Quote: awg75
      the plane is excellent and necessary, but one truth must be understood- WITH RUSSIA, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ANY ABSOLUTELY NO SERIOUS PROJECTS - STUPIDLY WILL BE FORGONE AND BETTER !!! even though it’s sad ...

      From the rearrangement of terms - the amount does not change. Moreover, more recently in recent years there has been a competition between the two countries - who will throw someone more abruptly and who will pile a bunch more on someone. That's really sad ...
  17. bddrus
    bddrus 8 November 2013 18: 31
    my opinion is that it can be a good aircraft, and it’s a pity of work, of course, but objectively by now, two transport workers will be redundant to us (IL-476, the so-called AN-70) - that’s why they mess around for a long time, because I don’t need to drop it pathetic, and of course political games right there
  18. Olegmog
    Olegmog 8 November 2013 22: 46
    Stop dogging!
  19. to tutu
    to tutu 8 November 2013 22: 51
    Quote: shpuntik
    The Airbass counterpart took off during this time. From scratch And the screws are similar, and the principle of blowing under the wing is involved, if I understand correctly.

    I remember somewhere in the late 90s there was a spy scandal with the Europeans - they muddied the documentation for the An-70. The diplomats were sent the idea-t-by-t-bye. Therefore, everything seems to be the same.
    In this case, the Russian leadership behaves like a dog in the Senen speaks neither yes nor no. China is very interested in the plane, but here the question arises about a part of Russia's intellectual property in the project. The uncertain position of the leadership of the Russian Federation is motivated by the fact that Ukraine is a potential member of the EU and NATO, while cooperation between the Russian Federation and NATO goes to billions (France). Can we join the North Atlantic Alliance more quickly, then will things move forward?
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 10 November 2013 20: 57
      the idea itself is not new, another thing is the "brakes" that our "western" friends are doing successfully in the project, and the project is already long-standing, but still rage, pulling Ukraine into a knot, this is the western "zapadlo", or simply - fifth column
  20. xomaNN
    xomaNN 9 November 2013 20: 29
    In the light of the current situation with the pulling of us Ukrainians into the EU and further into NATO, the chances of joint development and production of the AN-70 with the Russian Federation are scanty. Unfortunately, the elite of power + the Western-oriented oligarchs without any referenda pull the country away from Russia. But NATO already has an analogue, the A-400M. So it remains to rivet 2-3 aircraft in the five-year plan in Ukraine.
  21. sasharos
    sasharos 10 November 2013 08: 54
    We found someone to entrust the test process! Already the Indian contract with the transporter was given to the Americans ... along the way, from all the lost contracts, ruined ideas and productions, government officials receive premium bonuses from their overseas bosses!
  22. samoletil18
    samoletil18 10 November 2013 10: 19
    It's a shame. These all sorts of Americans and Europioids ruined the USSR, they are kicking the rest. When will the real creators of their home and the destroyers of the enemy come to us? Maybe An-70 will be needed ...
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 14 November 2013 13: 43
      we need BATSKA, as in Belarus, then the tanks will be well exported, and KrAZ trucks, and Yuzh mash will start working, and Antonov with a motor-sich will start working, and Nikolaev will have sea contracts, etc. while the future is like a "hedgehog in the fog", the current ma conjectures - "but what about a horse in the fog"
  23. Matthew
    Matthew 16 November 2013 02: 20
    Of course the right side. Already at Kotelny we would calmly sit down and what we should calmly accept, unload. And then from the 76th, directly from above, the goods were marked - so what? And what else is needed, so the rod with spinners for 500 miles seems from Tiksi.
    Of course, when the strip is sorted out for everyone, there will be both takeoff and landing, and right now the 70th would be right just right.
  24. Matthew
    Matthew 16 November 2013 02: 49
    And about the 76th - no need to indulge. This is one of the best (or simply the best) landing craft in general. Especially MD-90A. And well done Ilyushushintsy and Rogozin, that set up the case.