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T-72B3 ... what is this beast? 1 part

T-72B3 ... what is this beast? 1 part


Regarding the emergence of upgrading T-72B to the level of T-72B3, a lot of rumors are circulating. For this car, there is a diverse amount of reviews - from the most enthusiastic to outright abuse. And when in February 2013, the command of the Western Military District sent a report to the Minister of Defense, Army General SK. Shoigu and the head of the GABTU MO Major General A.A. Shevchenko about the results of military operation based on the results of exercises and daily activities, with the general conclusion about the refusal to purchase this modernization, this had the effect of a bombshell.

For the sake of objectivity, it is necessary to add that this report was written mainly on the basis of the results of operation in the 138 motorized rifle brigade in Kamenka, Leningrad Region (in the Southern Military District these machines began to arrive earlier), where the T-80 tankmen had their machines replaced with T-72B3. Comments, as they say, are superfluous. Tankers expressed their opinions and preferences as to which car they consider the best for everyday service and combat work. They frankly do not care about the opinion of any experts.

How did the T-72B3 modification appear?

The order of armaments is a grand political performance, where the economic benefit in the form of profit is the final act of this action.
- KB is trying to push through their new developments and receive funding for future activities.
- The industry just stupidly wants a long-term and guaranteed state defense order. They don't care for whom and what to rivet or rivet, if only they would be paid consistently.
- Army ...
Previously, it was considered an axiom that the Ministry of Defense wants to get weapons and equipment ideally approximated by the TTZ of GABTU, as well as in large quantities and cheaper. But after the arrival of the Serdyukov team (sorry, the hand does not turn to write with a capital letter), the desire of the Defense Ministry “slightly” changed the vector of these desires.

At MO, a cheerful company called Oboronservis was created with a train of numerous daughters who had the right to make a profit.
So there was a huge octopus called Otsorsing.
So there were also numerous, tangled up any mysteries, ways of modernization.

For example:
Under a widely advertised contract for the supply of T-72B, Venezuela did not blow on all the TV channels just lazy, enthusiastically talking about the ongoing super-modernization for overseas friends. But nowhere and not a dream was said anywhere that BTRZ belonging to the Ministry of Defense and ... transferred to Oboronservis with the corresponding cash flow were engaged in the simplest repairs.

What is worth only jammed история alterations of T-72B to minesweepers BMR-3 (not to be confused with BMR-3М) on Atamanovsky BTRZ, which ... did not pass state tests on the mine resistance of the bottom. But Oboronservis made a profit on this contract, and this is important.

As a result of the redistribution of cash flows between the military-industrial complex and the MoD, a serious war broke out, hidden from the eyes of an ordinary person. But over the numerous people who wanted to chop off a piece of the GOZ with a Damocles sword hung the presidential rearmament plan. He interfered with this financial battle, since it contained the% and year of supply to the troops of these%.
It was in this cradle that the T-72B3 project was born ... A sort of “Our response to Chamberlain” to prove, so to speak, to the party and the government about “stormy and vigorous activity in the field of rearmament”.

This modernization suited everyone, both the military industrial complex and the MoD.

52 million rubles allocated to one combat unit. Of which 30 million mastered the plant, making major repairs of all units with virtually no replacement for the latest components. 22 million spent on the purchase of new equipment, selected MO and installed in the tank additionally, in addition to the basic equipment.
MO had to agree to spend money on a thermal imaging sight, otherwise it would be impossible to justify. This is what the team of the new Minister of Defense was all about.

Nikolay Makarov and Vladimir Popovkin on the part of the General Staff correctly substantiated this decision: “The chosen equipment is ideal in terms of value for money” (that is, the military began to say the word “price” !!! and not “defenses”).

Everyone is happy. The plan is being carried out. Additional money from MO remained. State tests of the car took place in 2011 g. The tank began to arrive in the troops with 2012 g.

But this is a preface. Just very dirty, but ... necessary preface.
Finish it and move on to yourself tank.

... So here you are -
modern tank ...

Himself in love with his "bug" - T-72B. And any modernization of this machine is perceived by me with great and lively interest. Initially, it is not tuned only for one enthusiasm or only for one criticism.

Let's look at this car from the point of view of the oil tanker, and not an expert, which I really am not. Therefore, I immediately apologize for the style of communication.

Always believed that the T-72B - a great machine that combines all the basic qualities of the tank. And about its reliability and simplicity, it is possible to make legends. The merciless exploitation to which these machines were subjected in past local conflicts after 1994 of the year revealed a survival rate that tanks of other countries can simply dream of. And simplicity (compared to T-80 and T-64 SLA) was completely compensated by the competent and coordinated work of the crew. With the right tactical use of these machines were a real stake for the enemy.

Did the “diesel” tankers dream of modernizing their cars? Dreamed of. Moreover, everyone understood that there would be no fairy tales, really weighing the possibility of the country and the urgent need for change. Thoughts, voiced at the beginning of 90-x (1991 g.) Found their confirmation in the further "work".

Let's try to find the difference in the change of combat vehicles over the past 22 of the year by comparing the T-72B (T-72BM) 1987-89 of the year of modernization and, accordingly, the T-72B3 2011 of the year.

It was T-72B, an 184 object, and puffed up on a tank biathlon. It is this modernization that is widespread in the army.
It is difficult to isolate any one upgrade for comparison, so we will consider the 184 Object 1985, 1987 with the gun 2A46М, the sighting complex 1А40 (The main target - TPD-K1, the additional - 1K13-49), the head of the match, the promator, the promator, the promator, the promator, the propriant B-2 and Dynamic Protection "Contact-42" or 2.

01 Photo: T-72B

02 Photo: T-72B3

Let's try to go through the entire T-72B3 tank, stopping at the advertised new modernization nodes .:
1. Changing the tank control system, new observation and aiming devices for the tank crew.
2. New in the radio.
3. Modernization of weapons in the complex.
4. Changing fire fighting equipment.
5. Alteration of the protection complex.
6. Caterpillar with the new RMSH.
At the same time, we will compare with the honored veteran T-72B and assume other options for modernization, based on the existing database of devices. Go:

1. Changes to the MSA

Workplace gunner.
Installed PNM (gunner multichannel sight) "Sosna-U". This device is the development of the Belarusian designers of the enterprise "Peleng". Releases "VOMZ", Vologda.

Day (optical) channel.
Thermal imaging channel (TVN-camera 2-th generation, 8-12 μm).
Laser rangefinder.
Laser channel control rocket.
Tank-type target detection range.
Happy - up to 5000 m.
At night - up to 3500 m.
Independent 2 planar field of view stabilization.
Input in the stabilizer of armament angles of aiming and lateral lead.
The use of KUV on the move at night.
The presence of automatic target tracking (ASC).
Indication of the type of ammunition, operating mode and measured range.
It is supplied with equipment for pairing and entering corrections (AC and VP).

Photo 03: "Pine-U" on TVM-2012.

The scope itself is quite positively accepted by the troops and is not something new and revolutionary. The thermal imaging channel is based on Tomcon-CSF's Catherine-FC 2 generation camera. Components from France ... continue to flow.

Photo 04: Scheme OMS T-72B3.

Photo 05: View of the field of view "Pine-U".

Modernization of gunner's devices made really budget:
they took out the combined PPN 1K-13-49 (previously installed TPN-3-49), which is a night sight and part of the XUUM 9K120 "Svir", and ... stuck in its place "Pine".

Photo 06: Installation site PNM "Pine-U" in the tank.

Actual cons:
- Increased the difference between the bore line and the aiming line compared to the main sight, which affects the accuracy of hitting the target and complicates the alignment weapons.
- The ergonomics of the gunner’s work, the landing of which provides for comfortable work (body position, positioning of the systems under the arms) with the main sight mounting socket, is violated. Now, in order to use “Pine”, it is necessary to stretch to the left, bending the spine (personal source of information).
- Lack of protection on the video monitor device gunner, which is easy to break the left boot when landing.

07 Photo: T-72B3 Gunner Thermal Imager Monitor.

- The window of the external sight head is covered with a lid on 4 bolts.
This item is generally puzzling. Optics need to be protected, it is clear to any tank driver. Those. when using “Pines”, it is necessary to get out of the tank, manually unscrew these bolts and remove this protection, and only after that it is possible to work with it. But, on the basis of practice, you do not always know WHEN fighting can begin, and constantly keeping the optics open can have very undesirable consequences for its quality.

Photo 08: The protective cover of the sight "Pine-U".

09 Photo: Pine-U Optics.

Install expensive sight and do not put the remote opening cover ... What is it like? Well, if it was the hardest docking node of a spacecraft, but here ... And, actually, this bicycle was invented a long time ago. Thus, the optics of the 1K-13-49 removed from there was protected. This armored cover automatically opened to the left (in the direction of travel) when the device was turned on and also closed at the end of work. Nothing complicated and expensive.

10 Photo: 1K-13-49 T-72B tank armor.

Actual advantages:
In the OMS, the main sight of the TPN-K1 complex of the 1А40 complex was left (in the FULL kit at its regular place) ... And even equipped with a laser radiation protection.

Photo 11: TPD-K1 tank T-72B.

Those. the gunner now has TWO daily main sights. In case of damage in combat conditions of one, you can use the other.

Photo: 12. TPD-К1 of the T-72B3 tank.

Moreover, any tanker reservist without training will be able to fire using a veteran sight. By the way, this is sometimes used by tank shooting directors on tank directors ... without using Pine at all ... out of harm's way so as not to damage an expensive device. Like this.

Photo 13: The appearance of the gunner's sights: TPD-K1 and "Pine-U".

Immediately behind the hatch, the gunner finally regularly (and not experiencedly) prescribed what should be installed a long time ago: a wind sensor stand with an air intake grille and an ambient temperature sensor. Now there is no need to constantly manually introduce these amendments depending on the constantly changing weather. By the way, there is an assumption that not quite ... ahem ... good shooting on a tank biathlon could be because of this.

14 Photo: Weather Sensor.

Finally, a large photo of the gunner's thermal imager control unit for those who are confident in the absence of imported components. By the way, the author of the photographs of the devices asked not to link to it in this article, although they are in the internet. I take this opportunity to express my great appreciation for the true “tank” curiosity and good pictures.

15 photo: Thermal imager control unit.

Conclusion: great device, but ... with the "Chinese" installation.
In principle, the picky Russian crew can give up on these "inconveniences", with one thing - to make the cover with an automatic opening.

Commander's workplace:

Full of darkness ...
I remember the first time I saw in the year that way in 1991 the latest for those times BMP-3. He climbed into the place of the commander and ... a complete disappointment - the oldest horned TKN-3 was winking at him from his place in a secret machine. And after that, the whole 22 of the year has passed, which is then surprising that he is again in his place in the NEWEST modification of armored vehicles.

If the EOP 2 generation was inserted into it and the field of view was increased in the night mode, this does not mean that it should not be put on the head of the person who decided to put this device in the 2011 year as the main (!!!) COMMANDER of a modern tank.

Photo 16: TKN-3 T-72B.

Feel the difference, which is not:

Photo 17: TKN-3MK T-72B3 in all its glory.

I will explain the rules for using this unit. Grab your hands on the "horns", press the headset to the headrest and look into the eyepieces. It's okay for now. To see something around (and the commander should see 360 degrees around the tank at the same time, he has such a job), straining your arms, shoulders, back and whole body turn the commander's turret where you need it. And so constantly, day after day. In principle, this is also normal. The fun begins when the tank moves. If you don’t make a stabilizer out of your body for this device, then what the hell you see in it. And this is wrong, since you are the commander of the tank. So you have to see EVERYTHING. And so constantly, day after day. And here it is - forks.

As a dessert. If you gape when firing a regular projectile from a tank gun, then eye damage may result. Rumble so that will not find it. A few minutes of loss of orientation in space provided. We must be able to press it correctly, or generally deviate.
He has utility. When you press your thumb into the end of the "horn" the tower will automatically turn to where your TKN-3 is directed. This is the target designation of the gunner, in which the "commander" light comes on.

This is all that a tank commander with this complex can do.

It is also amusing that the gunner at night will see up to 3500 m, and the commander will either see the same duplicated image of the gunner or ... 500 m by 360 degrees in TKN-3МК. What target designation can he give to the gunner? How to fight? What commands to give the crew? Why it was impossible to stick at least TKN AI of the Novosibirsk “PO Oil Refinery”? It has a pulse mode of observation and illumination of the target by a semiconductor laser, which allows to measure the distance to the target. In the passive mode - 600 m, in the active - 1000 m. Already at least something. Although the tank continues to glow like a Christmas tree in the enemy's infrared devices.

Photo 18: TKN AI.

I’m not even saying that they put the “newest” development: the PNK-4С-01 complex with the TKN-4С-01 sight. These modifications have long been put on the T-80 and the same T-90. The device has a stabilization of vertical guidance (HV), the ability to fire in the mode of duplication of all weapons of the tank. Target detection range in the night mode to 1500 m. What prevented to put this far from new, but a good IR device?

19 Photo: TKN-4C-01

And to dream of a thermal imaging TKN-4-02, PNK "Agat-MDT" or already the panoramic sight of the commander (PKP-T) of the same "Peleng" already do not have to ... Even the photo will not insert, so as not to start depressing. Perhaps tankers need it for themselves. Yes. Actually for yourself - to SURVIVE.
After all, the main work of the tank commander is to execute the order of the platoon commander. He tells the mechanic where and how to move. He searches and finds targets for the gunner. How can he do it? At night - no way. In the afternoon - to get out of the hatch and look around ... So, in a modern way, they made modernization in this version, all the same, the XXI century is in the yard ...

The system "Double", which allows the commander to fire from the main armament of the tank, is a remote control module "Sosna-U". Those. this is add. gunner sight option.

Photo 20: Monitor the thermal channel "Pine-U" tank commander.

According to the results of operation in the army, this monitor is closed with a metal shield. It is broken when embarking or disembarking or loading ammunition. Quite thoughtfully.

Photo 21: Metal protective screen monitor.

The control of the thermal imaging channel is carried out from the remote control from "Sosny-U".

Photo 22: Commander's remote control mode "Double".

Photo 23: PU "Double", mounted on the workplace commander.

Conclusion: no change, except for the Sopny-U dopoptions in the form of a “Double” launcher.

The workplace of the driver:

Nothing new.

24 Photo: View from the driver's workplace on the gearshift and right friction clutch lever.

Surveillance devices.
Since the time of the Tsar of Peas, the mechanic had a daytime TNPO-168В and a night TVNE-4Б.

Photo 25: TVNE-4B driver's night surveillance device.

Plus two TNPA-65 installed in the hatch cover.
And could and put active-pulse TKK-1B. Already better devices 80-s. Why not put on T-72B3?

Photo 26: The device mechanic-driver TVK-1B.

I would like to hope for a completely new TVN-5. It introduces an electron-optical converter with microchannel amplification in the passive-active mode instead of two parallel branches (active and passive) into the periscope, thanks to which the vision range in the passive mode increased to 180, and not 60-100, as in the previous one (they say that the batch was delivered with T-72B3). TVN-5 is equipped with a binocular loupe that improves visibility and reduces eye fatigue. All the "mehans" know how difficult it is to drive a car with a night gear when distance is distorted.

27 Photo: TVN-5 Night Vision.

The latest development is TVN-10, it is a three-channel device: optical, thermal imaging and low-level television. The driver on the gas discharge display panel can receive a combined image of the surrounding terrain. And this would really be a revolution in the domestic driving of combat vehicles, up to a change in body position. And that improves the overview of the area, regardless of weather conditions (night, fog), and can not speak.

Photo 28: TVN-10 device installed on a regular place.

Conclusion: really nothing new.

2. Changes in the communication system.

The tank has a VHF radio station P-168-25U-2 “Aqueduct”.
This is what was needed. Radio station with two independent receive and transmit paths. Provides open, masked or classified (with the help of external PAS systems) radio communication. The composition of the radio station immediately included 2 transceiver.

29 Photo: P-168-25UE-2 "Aqueduct".

Modes of operation and functionality:
- simplex one / dual frequency;
- technical masking;
- scanning technique;
- reception with noise suppression;
- remote control from a PC and from an external control panel at the C2 interface;
- reception and transmission of digital information from terminal equipment at speeds from 1, 2 to 16 kbit / s via C1-FL junctions or from an external computer via RS-232C interface;
- reception and transmission of analog information at speeds of 1, 2 to 2, 4 kbit / s;
- automated input of radio data (frequencies, key and address) from the P-168UVRD-O or from the PC via the С2 interface;
- tonal, address and circular calls;
- adaptive communication;
- automatic retransmission to the C1-PM and C1-FL junctions;
- emergency erasure of radio data;
- software reorganization of radio frequencies (frequency hopping) on ​​8; 16; 32; 64; 128 or 256 frequencies with speed 100 jumps per second;
- duplex;
- interfacing with equipment P-168AVSK-B, T-230-1A, T-231-1A, T-236-M, T-237 at the C1-FL interface;
- interfacing with the equipment T-235-1U, T-236-1А, T-236-М, T-237 on the С1-FL interface.

Photo 29-a: Established place "Aqueduct" in the tank.

Finally got something more modern and coded communication.
The release of this model was mastered by the Ryazan Radio Plant in 2005 year. To all the above, it is worth adding that the radio stations of this series have a modernization reserve and can now be equipped with additional devices, such as a recording console for dialing and optical input of radio data, as well as a remote control console.
Unfortunately, this station takes place often ... not to work in military service conditions. Capaciously, but intelligibly, the phrase says about her: “good, radish, but still damp.”

There are complaints from tankers and new tangents with individual volume control. Too fragile and unreliable. And this is not a caprice of the crews. These are mass reviews. And the tangent is the thing that is constantly lying anywhere, under your feet, until her tankman finds and “on the button” of the combo spurs.

It was possible to hammer in the previous tangent or nails the hatch on it (it happened and such) to slam, and even henna.

Photo 30: Tangent switching new model BV6D.

Hope remains to correct these children's diseases of communication devices, as this is one of the most painful and pressing issues of our army.
What most don't want is a return to the P-173 model (or even the P-123) installed on the T-72B. These stations provide a decent connection, but any child can listen to the talks. A single battalion commander managed to block the communications system of the entire battalion.

Photo 31: Radio station Р-173, installed on Т-72Б.

Conclusion: good communication equipment, one wish - improving the quality and changing properties as a result of troop exploitation.

3. Change in armament.

A. Main caliber

- A gun:
On the UVZ website, it is still written in the section “gun of the upgraded T-72”: 2А46М or 2А46М-5. Let's hope that further on T-72B3 they will put at least 2А46М-5. This gun is a modification of the well-known D-81TM (2А46М). Compared with the base gun improved rigidity and accuracy of design. With its modernization, the outer profile of the pipe was optimized, the difference in wall thickness of the muzzle of the pipe at length 1 m from the muzzle cut from 0,8 to 0,4 mm was reduced. The fastening of trunnion clips in the tower by a reverse wedge is introduced. The back support of the sliding parts is located in the clip part of the cradle. The neck of the bassinet is extended by 160 mm. In the cradle neck, the rigidity of which is increased, there are two additional backlash devices. Both guides cradles are made according to the type of prism.
These measures have reduced the average technical dispersion for all types of shells on 15% against table values. The total dispersion when firing off the move dropped 1,7 times.

Comparative technical characteristics of guns 2А46М and 2А46М-5
Characterization 2А46М 2А46М-5
Pipe length 6000 6000
Raznesennost at length 1 m from the muzzle cut, mm 0,8 0,4
Pipe stiffness, kg / cm 374 420
Barrel supports The breech and the cradle Two supports in the cradle
Backlash backlash devices No there is
Maximum play in the pins 0,2 0
Reverse clip fastening wedge No there is
Neck departure from axle axles, mm 275 435
Mass of gun, kg 2400 2500

Photo 32: The gun 2А46М-5 and its distinctive features.

To automatically account for the bend of the bore on the muzzle of the trunk tube, the reflector of the bend metering device (CID) is mounted.
Digital signal processing, adopted in the device, provides measurement of the required parameters of the trunk in a wide range of interfering and operational effects. The obtained data are issued as corrections to the ballistic computer, which provides improved shooting accuracy.

Photo 33: Mounting experimental UUI trunk.

In appearance, changes are minimally visible, weights that balance the balance of the swinging parts of the gun, whose total weight increased by 100 kg, are striking:

Photo 34: View of the gun from the breech.

Photo 35: 2А46М-5 in the turret of the T-90 tank. Well visible marching bar.

Photo36: Location of backlash systems.

- Change AZ and new ammunition:
Strengthening of firepower is envisaged due to the introduction of new, so-called "long" BPS in ammunition. Instead of a shot ZVBM17 with BPS ZBM42 "Mango" shots of increased power ZVBM22 with BPS ZBM59 "Lead-1" and ZVBM2E with BPS ZBMB0 "Lead-2." The use of these ammunition increases armor penetration while increasing the distance of actual firing. To ensure the use of new BPS automatic loader has undergone some refinement. Changes were made to the cassette lifting mechanism, the rotating conveyor, the conveyor drive and its crankcase, the receiving tray of the automatic loader were improved. Although this is also not new. These changes are made with T-72BA.

Photo 37: modernized automatic loader.

Photo 38: Ammunition protection scheme.

"Lead" and "Lead-2" have the maximum possible length allowed by the AZ construction - 640mmm. For the first time in domestic practice, the Svinets projectile received a sub-caliber tail, providing higher flight characteristics.

39 Photo: Lead-1,2 Shots.

Unfortunately, the newest product of Plant No. 9 - model 2А82 was not installed on the tank. This is a high-power smoothbore gun with auto-fastened and partially chrome-plated barrel. Under this tool was modified and contour overlaying AZ. However, it is not much different from the standard one.

Photo 40: Waving contour AZ AZ 2А46М-5 and 2А82.

Continued in the 2 part.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 9 November 2013 09: 02 New
    Aleks TV
    - Bravo !!!!

    By the way, this is sometimes used by tank directors on tank directories ... without using the Pine at all ... away from sin, so as not to damage an expensive device. Like this.

    So I want to repeat - well, as always ...
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      I did not have time to find out about which of the sights is the main technologically.

      For example:
      Previously, to use 1K-13, it was necessary to use TPD-K1, since the control of the stabilizer on it (spinning the gyroscope - "drive", switching on - "stable")
      And here, it seems like both sights cannot be used together ...
      This interesting question remains. Maybe someone will tell you who used it, we'll see.
      I don’t think there are any secrets.
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        Quote: Aleks tv
        Scratched, as promised.

        Lesh, this is a well-written material, unfortunately, the "secrecy regime", which once again hides behind the people "sawing the budget", clearly interferes. So what you are telling is not a special secret, since it is shown to foreign buyers ... But this work is necessary, consider yourself one of the Pioneers. Ordinary people who pay taxes MUST KNOW HOW EFFICIENTLY their money is spent. And that's not all, since our army remains a conscript one, the same people should know if the state is doing everything possible to save the lives of their children.
        So far, assessing T72B3 from these points of view, I can say from myself that BAD, VERY BAD ... Still, there was already hope that the time of "Serdyukovism" had passed ...
        1. Aleks tv
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          Quote: svp67
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            Honestly, I'm more interested in it, but is there a simulator for this car? You need to learn that technique more carefully ...
            And honestly, the shtatka is a staff, but that would be "complex tactical exercises, with regular shooting" to be performed on it, and even as part of a unit, I think it would be more fun
      2. anatoly
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        This is another chatter again, and if the war, then again the guys will burn in this technique, as happened in history starting from the great Patriotic war ending with the Chechen wars where it was clearly visible that all the equipment was worthless all this bullshit.
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    sights, of course, are driven into a stupor ... But I imagined a sort of hefty eyepiece with a huge forehead, which rests against the whole face, and you look with two eyes, like a collimator sight
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    good Interestingly and intelligibly outlined! +
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    Everything is new, it’s a well-painted old ... Oh, call for pessimism, but it was this idea that arose when I read about surveillance devices ...

    And in appearance everything is so beautiful ... T-72, the so-called. "urban" modification. Photo taken on RAE-2013 ...
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    I started reading, first impressions:
    1) T-72B removed from storage bases were sent to Venezuela. There were no modernizations.
    2) About BMR-3 minesweepers that did not pass the GI, can I give more details? And then some kind of surrealism turns out
    1. Aleks tv
      9 November 2013 15: 00 New
      Quote: nick-name
      T-72Б, removed from storage bases, were sent to Venezuela. There were no modernizations.

      Yes, Sla.
      At the Ataman plant they spent the capital of T-72Б1. These are cars without KUV, it is clearly visible by sight. They were sent to Venezuela.

      Quote: nick-name
      About BMR-3 minesweepers that did not pass the GI, can I read more?

      Try to search the report of the military unit 68054 (38NII, Kubinka) on the test of the BMR-3.
      ... when an explosive mine is blown up, the shock wave due to uneven bottom design first destroys the welds as the weakest element, then deforms the outer false bottom and the bottom of the body sequentially ...
      On the BMR-3M, everything is fixed.
      It was a dirty dough war.
      1. nick-name
        nick-name 10 November 2013 11: 01 New
        According to BMR, the only thing that comes to mind is the case when a pig killed a mech-water on the spot during an explosion, while a manufacturing defect was recognized, and the test machine completed with a positive result.
        Well, the quote you quoted only shows that the explosion causes damage. How else?
        Shl it is not necessary to go down to the levels of "sawing the dough", this topic has already set the teeth on edge, despite the fact that no one can say anything concrete, but everyone around is sawing something
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      .T-72B is better or T-72B3

      T72b3 is certainly better, but not as much as expected and unjustifiably high monetary costs, with a very controversial issue of solving some design changes ...
      1. Argon
        Argon 9 November 2013 15: 51 New
        In my opinion, the word BETTER does not quite reflect the essence of what is stated in the article, I think that the main thing in a tank, as in any type of weapon, is RELIABILITY, and for this upgrade it is clearly lower than that of the base machine. there is no need to produce "effective managers" during the reign in the Moscow Region. How many "snot" there were about the other components, how many assurances, they say, we have analogs of them and we will put them. The hype has slowly faded away, and the "Frenchman" is now worth it. Thank you, lucidly, on the case. I recall his little article about the painted over observation devices on the T-90, and of the process of teaching drugs on such "tinted" machines.
        1. Aleks tv
          9 November 2013 16: 03 New
          Quote: Argon
          I remember his little article about the painted over observation devices on the T-90, and the process of teaching drugs on such "tinted" machines.

          Thanks for the tip on the article.
          But I did not write about the "painted" T-90 devices in the internet.
          On this occasion, I only made a comment on the publication of this article on the Military Review website, look, it (Gurkhan's article, if I'm not mistaken) is in the archive.
    2. Aleks tv
      9 November 2013 15: 04 New
      Quote: smersh70
      only at the end I didn’t understand ..... T-72Б is better or T-72Б3 ....

      Vurgun, I welcome, there is another second part of the article.
      Of course the T-72B3 is better. But he is clearly not finished up to a really necessary level.
      There is not much to do.
  8. 31231
    31231 9 November 2013 14: 52 New
    Well, finally Alex wrote. I read with pleasure.
  9. Ka-52
    Ka-52 9 November 2013 15: 21 New
    Fine! This is what I understand is a normal article! good
  10. Russ69
    Russ69 9 November 2013 16: 27 New
    Finally, a normal article that chews everything in detail ...
  11. sapran
    sapran 9 November 2013 16: 40 New
    Many THANKS for your work. And then a lot of noise was raised around the car, and sensible information, the cat burst into tears. In addition, as I understand it, there are still possible options with the installation of the main weapons and some systems? (in the plan there is money, we update the gun. walkie-talkie no money, something we leave the old if it corresponds to the operating time) and if you can tell me what was changed in the MTO?
    1. Aleks tv
      9 November 2013 16: 51 New
      Quote: sapran
      if you can tell me something changed in the MTO?

      Vadim, please look at the second part of the article.
      She is right there.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. VadimSt
    VadimSt 9 November 2013 18: 11 New
    The author is a huge plus! It is a pity that such reviews are not read by those who are entitled to it according to the state. Probably, in order to understand what is really required in the troops, it is necessary to move on to the principle - "Do as I do!", Regardless of the position and rank, which, however, has long been observed in the Airborne Forces.

    I was amazed by "our technical culture and aesthetics"! It seems that everything has been frozen since the days of industrialization. Especially touches the insulating tape on the harnesses and the ugly welding seams.

    Probably the top of the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex have long been divided into two camps - for those who think "How to defend themselves and how?" ".
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 9 November 2013 21: 28 New
      To the author plus.

      Quote: VadimSt
      Probably the top of the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex have long been divided into two camps - for those who think "How to defend themselves and how?" ".

      Moreover, the latter will shout at any criticism about how ... you do not believe in the valor of our soldier? !!! That we all will tear !!! But to provide their soldiers ... it is better to open an account abroad.
  14. Yuriy74
    Yuriy74 9 November 2013 19: 33 New
    This is not the first time on this site I notice that when referring to the manufacturer of devices (in this case - "Sosna-U") the authors write "VOMZ Volgograd". I don’t know what it’s connected with, but in fact, VOMZ is located in Vologda.
  15. saramb
    saramb 9 November 2013 20: 45 New
    They just sawed the budget money and that's it. You need such generals and saws to the wall. And that's why the tank is called a modification of the BZ "Without Protection"
  16. Penek
    Penek 9 November 2013 21: 38 New
    I do not trust the current (or already past?) Leadership of the Moscow Region. But it seems that they are right about the 16th modification of the T-34.
  17. e3tozy
    e3tozy 9 November 2013 22: 41 New
    Aleks, thank you for the wonderful material, for your indifference to the state of the tank fleet of Russia. I completely agree with you, if the T-72B3 is destined in the near future to become the main battle tank of the Russian Federation, then its modernization should be complete and thoughtful in terms of both armament and armor, filling and ergonomics. Respect to you!
  18. samoletil18
    samoletil18 9 November 2013 23: 11 New
    I'm not a tanker and I didn't understand some of the technical nuances. But I have a question: was the modernization according to the TTZ or was it carried out on an "initiative" basis? A feeling of some kind of suspicion arose.
    The author is a tremendous +, normally they’ve enlightened us on the equipment, I did not even suspect something. Really interesting.
  19. killganoff
    killganoff 10 November 2013 00: 48 New
    We now have such a canoe in any new aircraft for the Sun! At least among the land explorers, at least among the sailors ... Old models of O and TS are sometimes several times superior in terms of performance characteristics, ergonomics, and also much safer for the health of personnel!
  20. Konsmo
    Konsmo 10 November 2013 02: 16 New
    That's interesting.
    What I know. A piece of polycarbonate (helmets are made of it, shields) 6 mm screwed in front of the screen with 4 screws would be cheaper than this iron construction. It costs a penny. I scratched it out.
    According to observation. Nowadays household high-definition cameras are 3000x1500 pixels, circular scanning, the camera revolves around the program, and let's say at the women's bathhouse every 5 revolutions it enlarges the area itself, it is possible in the kitchen, then scans further, the optics zoom up to 40 times how many km can be seen, optics and cooler can be hung by our craftsmen) resolution black and white version, up to 0,0001 lumens. (Full moon light without clouds 0,1 gives) Full zero with IR laser illumination. Typical sensors can be configured for IR light enemy. The camera will stop and itself will maximize the "Dim" section from where they are shining. Theoretically, automatically, you can configure (there is an exit to the external sensors) the high-explosive will fly directly to the IR illumination or another gift. Or the curtain will shoot. All this is written in memory. This beauty costs 100000 rubles.
    Our programmers will trample anyone. give the task only.
    Add iron for reliability (import one plastic) Optics Krasnogorsk good vytsyganit. For 30-50 tons. You can make candy.
    Today in the computer store I saw a monitor LG 2500-1080 definition, that is, a panoramic review price of 18 thousand. To this system.
    The trick is that the military suppliers caste will not let anyone go to the order feeder.
    It would be those tasks and a competition and an advance for the production given. Our craftsmen would invent such fig-ins. Mom do not cry.
    During the USSR, I worked on the Red Proletariat, were engaged in robots and CNC machines. All of us grazed.
    And Baikonur and Khrunichev and Komsomolsk on Amur and Samara, and Zelenograd and Zil deceased. In short, I know this diocese. hi
  21. anatoly
    anatoly 10 November 2013 19: 24 New
    Russian wedding generals about the defense of Russia do not think they give money for summer cottages here and sell the latest equipment that will then shoot at the Russians, which has happened more than onceWhere has the new T-90 tank been delivered?
  22. anatoly
    anatoly 10 November 2013 19: 26 New
    Putin and the whole elite of Russia have already sold everything; soon they themselves will go abroad.
  23. And Us Rat
    And Us Rat 11 November 2013 07: 21 New
    The most correct thing, I think, is to stop squandering the budget on the modernization of the T-72 and T-90, but to concentrate forces and resources, to bring to mind the same "Armata", for example, to put it on the assembly line and finally provide the army with a modern tank, and the old equipment is competently distribute what for conservation, what for sale, and what for scrap. If the bablopilov are removed from the helm of the process, the Russian economy will fully pull one thousand and a half new tanks in 5-6 years. And you won't have to smear the army modernization program for decades. (At least armored forces)
  24. STALGRAD76
    STALGRAD76 11 November 2013 10: 46 New
    "PNM (multi-channel gunner's sight)" Sosna-U ". This device is the development of Belarusian designers of the Peleng enterprise. Produced by" VOMZ ", Volgograd."
    VOMZ is the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant and not the Volgograd one. in Volgograd, in terms of industrial production, everything is in general
    1. Aleks tv
      11 November 2013 11: 10 New
      Quote: STALGRAD76
      VOMZ is the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant and not the Volgograd one.

      Right, Paul.
      My cant. He’s lurking around.
      I just remembered this city, so I thought ...
      Thank you, I ask the moderators to fix the error.
  25. ilya_oz
    ilya_oz 24 December 2013 23: 21 New
    One thing is good - the plant does at least something. Well, everything else ... Why can’t you stick cheap and simple gratings on the tank to protect against cumulative shells, like the Americans do?
  26. Danilmaster
    Danilmaster 21 January 2014 12: 45 New
    dear experts, can someone tell about the gunner’s bandwagon. The soldier got injured in this extremely uncomfortable tank ..... Bandwagon .... how to lay it out when? trying to find the perpetrators. we have tanks for half a year already in part ..... Bedaaaaaa
  27. Mature Hrych
    Mature Hrych 11 July 2014 09: 19 New
    due to this, the range of vision in the passive mode increased to 180,

    180 What meters ??! ??? !!
    1. Aleks tv
      23 July 2014 17: 31 New
      Quote: Inveterate Hrych
      180 What meters ??! ??? !!

      Yes, meters.
      I agree that this should have been written.
  28. goose
    goose 16 August 2014 15: 07 New
    The gun still weighs a ton less than Rh 120 L55, the logic of saving on devices is completely incomprehensible, this is a small fraction of the cost of upgrading the tank + minimum replacement work, with maximum effect. It turned out like in German WWII tanks - the gunner has a normal sight, and the commander is forced to hang out of the hatch with a portable thermal imager.
    And what kind of sheet of metal above the mechanical drive appeared? Is it a reservation reinforcement, or a DZ mount?
    1. Aleks tv
      24 September 2014 14: 05 New
      Quote: goose
      And what kind of sheet of metal above the mechanical drive appeared? Is it a reservation reinforcement, or a DZ mount?

      Mladá Husa, please specify a question ...
      - "over the mechvod"?
      - or maybe on the VLD (upper frontal part), i.e. "ahead" of the mechanic?

      Best regards
      1. goose
        goose 24 September 2014 14: 54 New
        Yes, right in front of the driver, that part of the forehead that sticks out over the screen of the area.
        Just DZ, it goes below this ledge below, so I asked ...
        On older versions of the T-72, such a hill in front of the mechanical drive, according to photographs and monuments, is not observed. Perhaps this contraption has already appeared on the T-72B, I definitely do not know, not special.
        1. Aleks tv
          24 September 2014 15: 41 New
          Quote: goose
          Yes, right in front of the driver,

          It was previously put in various variations, from triangular to other variations.

          A very necessary and practical thing, otherwise the mechanic simply does not have enough air and water in the self-cleaning system of the observation prism.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  29. Denis fj
    Denis fj 24 August 2014 01: 55 New
    I want to add about hysteria about the T-72b3 tank, the tank will be finalized to the T-90s level, that's what they said about the exhibition.

    Therefore, during the X International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms EXPO 2013, held in Nizhny Tagil, it was reported that in 2014 it is planned to further develop the T-72B3 tank adopted by the Russian army. It is planned to install a panoramic sight of the commander, hardware of the software complex of a unified tactical link control system, as well as equipment for controlling remote munition detonation.
  30. Jeans35
    Jeans35 17 September 2014 09: 38 New
    Good afternoon! Today, on the Belarusian portal, an article was published about the T-72B3. Here is a link to it: http: // The author used your article, but somehow distorted its meaning, it turned out that the Belarusians saw the new Russian equipment in a very unsightly form. Tell me, according to DZ, is everything really so bad with the T-73B3, compared with these tanks of previous modifications? !!
    1. Aleks tv
      24 September 2014 13: 54 New
      Quote: jeans35
      Today on the Belarusian portal, an article was published about T-72Б3. Here is a link to it: http: // The author used your article, but somehow distorted its meaning, it turned out that the Belarusians saw the new Russian equipment in a very unsightly form.

      Good day, Sergey.

      Yes, I read it.
      The author took a photo of the "biathlon" T-72B3M and combined them with pieces of the article about the "linear" T-72B3.
      It turned out completely illiterate. Annoyingly.
      In principle, respected can post both parts of this article on its resource with a link to our Topwar as the source.
      I would read comments with interest.

      Quote: jeans35
      Tell me, according to DZ, is everything really so bad with the T-73B3, compared with these tanks of previous modifications? !!

      The quality of the MOST protection is improved.
      The area of ​​the protected surface is reduced.

      Best regards
  31. mkmi
    mkmi 25 February 2015 00: 03 New
    Is it possible to accurately recognize T-72Б3 on it from the picture below, or can there still be some modification of the T-72 in the picture, similar in appearance to the T72Б3?
    1. Aleks tv
      4 January 2016 21: 03 New
      Quote: mkmi
      Is it possible to accurately recognize T-72Б3 on it from the picture below, or can there still be some modification of the T-72 in the picture, similar in appearance to the T72Б3?

      What can be answered?
      Yes, even in the public domain?

      It seemed to you.
      1. johnny
        johnny 15 January 2016 20: 25 New
        Quote: Aleks tv

        maybe you know, on B3 there is an ainet system?
        1. Aleks tv
          22 March 2016 22: 06 New
          Quote: Johnny
          Quote: Aleks tv

          maybe you know, on B3 there is an ainet system?

          Ainet is an additional option.
          When I was she was put on the T-80UK and T-90AK.
          As of now ... I don’t know.
          I didn’t see her at B3.
          1. johnny
            johnny 23 March 2016 18: 47 New
            Open sources seem to indicate that Ainet was placed on the T-90, and Ainet-M on the T-90A on all versions are not only commander’s request
            and by the way what she looks like. so that you could see it, don’t you know? smile
  32. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 22 October 2016 17: 32 New
    According to the order No. 31603190542 "UVZ" in the register of purchases, Omsktransmash must upgrade the T-72B to the T-72B3 level. Under the terms of the agreement, the completion of the modernization is scheduled by the end of 2016. The repair price is in Russian rubles 2 525 984 345,88 (78,9 million per tank). The modernization of the tank includes the installation of:
    * sights "Pine-U" and 1A40-4;
    * automatic target tracking;
    * R-168-25U-2 radio stations and a complex of hardware and software AVSKU;
    * guns type 2A46M-5-01;
    * anti-aircraft machine gun 6P50 "Cord"
    * V-92S2F engine (1130 hp) with systems ensuring its operation;
    * display complex driver and television rear view camera;
    * caterpillar tracks with slanting lugs and driving wheels with improved cleanability;
    * on-board screens of the case with integrated modules of dynamic protection of the “Relict” type and lattice screens of the projection of the MTO of the case;
    * Completion of a single spare tank kit:
    * additional modules of dynamic protection in a "soft" case, which increase the resistance of the side projection of the case to anti-tank cumulative means, with the possibility of their equipment and weight in operating conditions;
    * sets of additional mine protection of the bottom;
    * modules of dynamic protection and lattice screens of the tower, increasing its resistance to anti-tank cumulative means and installed instead of boxes of spare parts for the tower, depending on the nature of the task;
    And also:
    * refinement of the AZ, ensuring use with products S-1 and S-2;
    * completion of tanks in terms of ensuring mine resistance, at which the specified event has not been completed.
    * Changes in the design of tanks taking into account product modifications and years of release not specified in the contract are not allowed, with the exception of cases of termination of production and the inability to restore standard components.
  33. Jarserge
    Jarserge 10 June 2019 14: 14 New
    As always, manufacturers are worried about their convenience, but tankers will tolerate bribes and "glades" for generals ...