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In the shadow of American geopolitics, or once again about the "Great Israel"


30 years ago, American strategists introduced the concept of “The Greater Middle East”, denoting the space from the Maghreb to Bangladesh, and declared this vast territory a zone of US priority interests. In 2006, the American domination program in this region was updated and specified: then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice coined the term “New Middle East”, pointing to a plan to redraw the borders in the Middle East from Lebanon to Syria, Iraq, Iran and even Afghanistan. All this was called the strategy of “constructive chaos” ... In the same year, the American magazine Armed Forces Journal published a map of the “New Middle East” compiled by Colonel Ralph Peters, which began to circulate in government, political, military and wider circles, preparing the public opinion for the upcoming changes in the Middle East (1).

With the onset of the “Arab spring”, the Americans moved to a geopolitical restructuring of the region, which naturally raised the question of the fate of Israel. This question has not been off the agenda ever since. And whatever form this question may take, it is presented in only one vein: Israel is always presented as a sacrifice. So, in the spring of 2011, at the height of the war against Libya, when the Palestinian Authority raised the question of its membership in the UN, the Western media began to shout in unison about the betrayal of Washington, who "surrenders" the Jewish state to the Islamists. Today, when the absurdity of such a statement is obvious to almost everyone, the emphasis is on the deadly threat to Israel from Iran, which, it says, is growing as the situation in Syria worsens.

At the same time, the most important thing is either overshadowed or simply ignored: Israel’s deep interest in destabilizing the situation in the Arab-Muslim countries surrounding it and in fomenting the war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich, one of the founders of the influential Israeli elite doctrine of “hyper -ionism,” frankly spoke about the reasons for this interest back in 2011. Interestingly, he rated the “Arab Spring” as a boon to Israel. “The Muslim world,” wrote Abraham Shmulevich, “will plunge into a state of chaos, and this will be a positive factor for the Jews. Chaos is the best time to bring the situation under control and activate the Jewish civilization system. Now there is a struggle for who will be the spiritual leader of mankind - Rome (the West) or Israel ... Now we must take full control in our hands ... We will not just buy the Arab elite, but feed it ourselves and educate it. .. A person who receives freedom, at the same time should receive instructions on how to use this freedom. And we will write this instruction to humanity, the Jews ... The heyday of Jewry comes in the flames of the Arab revolutions "(emphasized by me. - O.Ch.) (2).

Speaking about the foreign policy goals of Israel, Shmulevich stressed the need to occupy "the natural borders along the Nile and the Euphrates, established by the Torah," followed by the second stage of the offensive - the spread of Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East. Shmulevich and here is extremely frank: “In parallel, the chain process of disintegration and reformatting will begin in the Middle East. Assad, who is now drowning the revolutionary processes in Syria in the blood, still will not last more than a year or two. Will start a revolution in Jordan. The Kurds and the Caucasus will rise as an integral part of the Middle East ... "(underlined by me. - O.Ch.). All this should look like one solid Iraq or Afghanistan.

Shmulevich could have been referred to as marginalized if he had not repeated the main points of the strategic plan of the Israeli leaders stated in 1982 year, which is known as “the plan of Inon”. This plan, aimed at achieving regional superiority of the Israeli state through destabilization and “Balkanization”, that is, the dismemberment of neighboring Arab states, is actually replicated in the “New Middle East” project, outlined by Condoleezza Rice and Colonel Ralph Peters.

It is about the plan "Strategy of Israel in 1980-s.", Prepared by Oded Inon, an Israeli journalist seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. The plan was first published in Hebrew in February 1982, in the magazine Kivunim (Ways), a publication of the Information Division of the World Zionist Organization. In the same year, the Association of Arab-American University published a translation of this text made by the famous Israeli publicist Israel Shahak, who accompanied the translation with his comments (3). In October 2013, the article by I. Shakhak was published on the website of M. Khossudovsky Global Research (4).

“The published document,” M. Hossudovsky wrote in his preface to the article, “deals with the creation of the“ Great Israel ”and is the cornerstone of the influential Zionist movement that is represented today in the Netanyahu government (Likud faction), and also widespread among the military and intellectual elite Israel ... The war in Iraq, in Lebanon in 2006, in Libya in 2011, as well as the ongoing war in Syria and the regime change processes in Egypt under today's conditions should be viewed as part of the Zionist plan for Bl lower pole of the East "(underlined by me -. O.Ch.) (5).

This plan is based on two main provisions that determine the conditions for the survival of Israel in the Arab environment: 1) Israel should become a regional imperial power, 2) Israel should divide all the surrounding territories into small parts, crushing the existing Arab states. The size of these states will depend on their ethnic or religious composition. In this case, the allocation of new states on a religious basis would become a source of moral legitimacy of the Jewish state.

It should be noted that the idea of ​​fragmentation of the states of the Arab world is not new, it has long been present in the Zionist strategic thinking (6), but the publication of Inon, as Israel’s Shahak pointed out in the 1982 year, is “an accurate and detailed plan of the current Zionist regime (Sharon and Eitan ) in the Middle East, which is based on the division of the entire territory into small states and the dissolution of all existing Arab states. ” Here Shahak pays attention to two points: 1. In the Israeli strategic thought, a clause arises again and again that all Arab states should be divided into small parts. 2. The connection with the neoconservative thought in the USA is striking, in which there is the idea of ​​“protecting the West”, but this connection is formal, while the author’s real goal is to build the Israeli empire and turn it into a world power ( Shahak, the goal of Sharon is to deceive the Americans after he, Sharon, deceives everyone else. ”)

The main point from which Oded Inon comes from is that the world is in the early stages of a new historical era, the essence of which is "the collapse of a rationalistic and humanistic worldview as the cornerstone that has supported the life and achievements of Western civilization since the Renaissance." Next, Inon goes on to present the ideas of the “Club of Rome” about the insufficient amount of resources on Earth, about the inadequacy of their needs to humanity, its economic needs and demographic characteristics. “In a world in which four billion human beings live, and economic and energy resources do not increase proportionally to meet the growing needs of humanity, it would be unrealistic to expect the basic requirements of Western society to be met, that is, desire and desire for unlimited consumption. The point of view according to which the direction chosen by a person is determined not by ethics, but rather by his material needs, this point of view is becoming the most common today, since we see a world in which almost all values ​​disappear. We lose our ability to evaluate the simplest things, especially when they relate to the simple question of what is Good and what is Evil. ”

The world is moving towards a global war for resources, and this applies primarily to the Persian Gulf. Assessing in this connection the situation in the Arab-Muslim world, Oded Inon writes: “Ultimately, this world cannot exist with its modern structure in the regions around us and not be confronted with the need to go through revolutionary changes. The Muslim Arab world was built as a temporary house of cards, put together by foreigners (France and Great Britain in the twenties of the twentieth century), while its inhabitants do not feel the desire and do not want them to be taken into account. It was conditionally divided into 19 states, each of which consists of a combination of minority and ethnic groups that are hostile to each other, so that every Arab Muslim state is now faced with ethnic social destruction occurring from within, and in some civilian already raging war"…

Describing a heterogeneous picture of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world, Inon concludes: “This national ethnic picture of minorities, stretching from Morocco and from Somalia to Turkey, indicates a lack of stability and rapid degeneration throughout the region. When this picture is added to the economic situation, we see that the entire region is built like a house of cards and does not stand up to serious problems. ” It is here that Inon describes the “new opportunities for a complete change of the situation,” which Israel is to realize in the coming decade.

With respect to the Sinai Peninsula, the restoration of control over the Sinai as a strategic, economic and energy reserve in the long term. “Egypt, with its current domestic political situation, is already a corpse, especially if we take into account the growing Muslim-Christian schism. The collapse of Egypt on a territorial basis into different geographic regions is the political goal of Israel in the eighties on its western front. ”

Regarding Israel’s eastern front, more complicated than the western, Inon writes: “The complete disintegration of Lebanon into five provinces will serve as a precedent for the entire Arab world, including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula, and this is already . The disintegration of Syria and Iraq later into ethnically or religiously unique areas, like in Lebanon, is Israel’s main task on the eastern front in the long run, while the disappearance of the military power of these states is a short-term task. Syria will disintegrate in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure into several states, as is currently the case with Lebanon, so there will be a Shiite-Alawite state in the Aleppo region, another Sunni state in Damascus, at war with its northern neighbor, the Druze, who will create their own state, maybe even in our Golan Heights, and, of course, in Hauran and in northern Jordan. ”

“Iraq, on the one hand, is rich in oil, and, on the other hand, torn by internal conflicts, is guaranteed to be a candidate for achieving Israel’s goals. Its disintegration is even more important for us than the disintegration of Syria ... Any inter-Arab confrontations will help us in the short term, and also help shorten the path to the more important goal of disintegrating Iraq into several denominations, as in Syria and Lebanon. In Iraq, division into provinces along ethnic and religious lines is possible, as in Syria in the days of the Ottoman Empire. So, three (or more) states will exist around three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shiite areas in the south will be separated from the Sunni and Kurdish north. ”

“The entire Arabian Peninsula is a natural candidate for disintegration due to internal and external pressure, and this is inevitable, especially in Saudi Arabia, regardless of whether it will retain its economic power based on oil, or it will decrease in the long term. Internal cracks and holes are understandable and natural developments in the light of the current political structure.

Jordan is a direct strategic goal in the short, but not in the long term, as it will not pose a real threat in the long term after the breakup of King Hussein’s long rule and the transfer of power to the Palestinians in the short term. There is no chance that Jordan will continue to exist in its current composition for a long time, and Israeli policies, both during the war and in the peace period, should be aimed at eliminating Jordan with its current regime and transferring power to the Palestinian majority. The disappearance of the regime to the east of Jordan will also lead to the disappearance of the problem of Arabs densely populating the territory to the west of Jordan ... True coexistence and peace will reign over the land only when the Arabs realize that without a Jewish state between Jordan and the sea they can neither exist nor feel safe. They will be able to gain their own country and security only in Jordan. ”

Further, Inon sets out the internal strategic goals and ways to achieve them, emphasizing the need for major changes in the world. “The resettlement of the population is an internal strategic goal of the highest degree, otherwise we will cease to exist in any borders. Judea, Samaria and Galilee are our only guarantee of national existence ... Achieving our goals on the eastern front depends primarily on the implementation of this internal strategic goal. Transforming the political and economic structure in order to make the realization of these strategic goals possible is the key to achieving all changes. We need to move from a centralized economy, in which the government takes an active part, to an open and free market, and also to move from dependence on American taxpayers to developing our own hands with a genuine, productive economic infrastructure. If we are not able to make this change freely and voluntarily, then we will be forced to do this through developments in the world, especially in the economy, energy, politics, and our own growing isolation. ”

"The rapid changes in the world will also lead to changes in the conditions of world Jewry, for which Israel will become not only the last hope, but also the last choice."

Evaluating this plan, we can draw the following conclusions. Firstly, since the strategic goals are set forth here, it is designed for the long term and is particularly relevant today. Secondly, the possibility of implementing the described external strategy is connected in it with serious changes both in the position of Israel itself and on a global scale. What began to happen from the middle of 80's.

With the transition of the world ruling class to the neoliberal strategy in Israel, profound changes took place, as a result of which the country was controlled by 18 of the richest families and Israeli capital began to be actively invested abroad, while the Israeli market, in turn, was widely open to foreign capital . As a result of the active “embedding” of the country into the world economic system, Israeli capital has become so merged with transnational capital that the concept of “Israel’s national economy” has lost its meaning. In these conditions, it was possible for Israel to move to an active expansion, which is manifested not necessarily in military control and force presence, but in intellectual and economic influence and penetration. The main thing is the inclusion of the territory in the general field, in the center of which is Israel. This was what Shmulevich said when he pointed out that the commandment of Judaism is “to be a force that directs human civilization, which sets the standards of human civilization.”

An example of such an Arab-Israeli unity is, for example, the creation of an investment fund Markets Credit Opportunity (EMCO) of $ 1 billion by the Swiss banking group Credit Suiss AG with the participation of the three largest shareholders of the bank - the Israeli business fund Qatar Qatar Investment Authority, as well as a private investment company from Saudi Arabia Olayan Group. An even more revealing fact is that Saudi Arabia commissioned the oldest Israeli security company G4S to ensure the safety of pilgrims during the Hajj to Mecca (security perimeters from the airport in Dubai in the Emirates and the Jeddah area). The Saudi branch of the company operates secretly with 2010, having the opportunity to collect personal information not only about pilgrims, but also about passengers flying through Dubai.

New section of the Middle East according to The New York Times

As for the planned "chaos in the Muslim world," Israel carries it through the proxy, acting exclusively through the security services and supporting the myth of the "victim of Islamism." In this regard, Israel Shahak’s explanation as to why publishing a strategic plan for Israel does not pose a danger to him is still relevant.

Pointing out that this danger can only come from the Arab world and from the United States, he stressed: “The Arab world has so far demonstrated its absolute inability to analyze and rationalize Israeli-Jewish society in a detailed way ... In such a situation, even those who shout about the dangers Israeli expansionism (which is completely realistic) does not do this because of factual and detailed information, but because of belief in a myth ... Israeli experts suggest that in general the Arabs will not pay attention to their serious discussions about the future. ” The situation is similar in the United States, where all information about Israel is taken from the liberal pro-Israel press. From this, Shahak made the following conclusion: “Since there is a situation in which Israel is a truly closed society for the rest of the world, as the world wants to close its eyes to problems, publication and even the beginning of such a plan is realistic and feasible.”

(1) Map of the "New Middle East"
(2) After the Arab revolutions, the Great Israel will rule the Middle East? //
(3) Israel Shahak (1933-2001) is known for its criticism of Judaism and the racist attitudes of Israeli politicians towards non-Jews. As a professor of organic chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he headed the Israeli League for Human Rights and Civil Rights and published numerous research papers, including “Gentile in a Jewish State”, “Israel’s Global Role: Weapon for repression "," Jewish history, Jewish religion: the severity of three millennia. "
(5) Ibid.
(6) It is described in the book Libyan Rocks "The Sacred Terrorism of Israel" (1980), published by the same Association. The book is based on the memoirs of Moshe Sharett, the first foreign minister in the history of Israel and former prime minister, and describes the Zionist plan for Lebanon and the process of its development in the middle of the 50-s. The first mass invasion of Lebanon in 1978 contributed to the development of this plan to the smallest detail, and the invasion in June of 1982 was aimed at implementing part of this plan, according to which Syria and Jordan had to disintegrate.
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  1. AVV
    AVV 7 November 2013 13: 12
    If the axis of evil of the USA - Saudi Arabia is destroyed, then they will get involved in the yoke, Britain and Israel, possibly France, resources without patrons cannot remain, and America will try to take revenge, so that all events are ahead !!! The fight for the Persian the bay is at stake!
    1. a52333
      a52333 7 November 2013 16: 06
      Wow, the article is good, the site has already flown. Essentially they want to weaken their neighbors, who would doubt it. And I must say, progressed well.
      1. APES
        APES 7 November 2013 16: 32
        Once again about the "Great Israel"

        once again about Great Russia

        I am more concerned with another question:

        Does Russia have a strategic development plan (I emphasize development) at least 50 years in advance?

        it just feels like we are just having a reaction to external events.
        Isn’t it time to think about the fact that it is time to learn how to design and project our future ourselves.
        1. Tyumen
          Tyumen 7 November 2013 20: 31
          And our rulers do not need to make any further plans. Is there enough oil for 50 years? Well, okay.
          And let the children think about the future. So to speak, let the problems be solved as they arrive.
    2. igor67
      igor67 7 November 2013 16: 54
      Quote: AVV
      If the axis of evil of the USA - Saudi Arabia is destroyed, then they will get involved in the yoke, Britain and Israel, possibly France, resources without patrons cannot remain, and America will try to take revenge, so that all events are ahead !!! The fight for the Persian the bay is at stake!

      BBC: Saudi Arabia "purchased" nuclear weapons from Pakistan

      publication time: 06: 39
      last update: 06: 53

      The Saudi authorities have invested heavily in the Pakistani nuclear program and expect to be able to receive nuclear weapons from Islamabad at any time, BBC Newsnight reports.

      According to the BBC, Riyadh can get an atomic bomb faster than Tehran.

      BBC Newsnight presenter Mark Urban, citing a senior NATO source, said there is intelligence that nuclear weapons "made in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia" are ready for delivery.

      The author of the program also cites the statement of the former head of the Israeli military intelligence (AMAN) Yamos Yadlin, who said at a conference in Sweden in October that if Iran creates an atomic bomb, "the Saudis will not wait even one month." "They have already paid for the bomb, they will just go to Pakistan and take what they have to take there," Yadlin said.

      Mark Urban recalls that back in 2009, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned the US Ambassador-at-Large Dennis Ross that if Tehran "crosses the line," Riyadh "will receive nuclear weapons." In May 2012, Ross announced that Saudi Arabia was ready to begin work on the atomic bomb.

      Speaking about the possible means of delivery to the target of Saudi nuclear warheads, the BBC gives a brief history of the development of the missile program of this kingdom. In particular, they mention the secret purchase back in the late 80s from China of dozens of CSS-2 ballistic missiles (DongFeng 3, an analogue of the Soviet R-14 Chusovaya missile). The range of these missiles is 4.500 km, which allows the Saudis to threaten not only Iran and Israel, but also many other countries, not only in the Middle East region.
      1. Guun
        Guun 7 November 2013 17: 01
        Hmm. Nuclear weapons spread in the Middle East. Just after all, they will bomb each other and scold them later for the fallout. But in the fire the whole Middle East will disappear.
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. 7 November 2013 18: 08
          Nuclear weapons are a real danger to Israel, even for such plans as in the article. Maybe they would be more concerned about adequate politicians in power in the region. Although of course the proliferation of nuclear weapons sharply reduces the bar, nuclear war.
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 7 November 2013 16: 09
    He rushed to write something like "Carthage must be destroyed", but then he thought, and - waved his hand. A hackneyed topic.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 7 November 2013 20: 33
      But then I thought, I wouldn’t jinx it. :-)
  3. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 7 November 2013 16: 14
    The most "funny" thing that the state of Israel happened was Stalin's efforts to spite and in spite of the "partners", and now you see how it happened ...
    1. RUSS
      RUSS 7 November 2013 17: 23
      Stalin is to some extent the "founding father" of Israel, but I remember that the Anglo-Saxons proposed to Stalin to create a Jewish independent state in Crimea.
      1. Peaceful military
        Peaceful military 7 November 2013 19: 37
        Quote: RUSS
        Stalin is to some extent the "founding father" of Israel, but I remember that the Anglo-Saxons proposed to Stalin to create a Jewish independent state in Crimea.

        But the witty leader gave them a resort in the Far East
        1. Dezzed
          Dezzed 7 November 2013 20: 36
          And to us, it’s not bad for us either.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Double major
    Double major 7 November 2013 16: 19
    As long as the "axis of bloody Moscow-Damascus regimes" exists, all their "democratic plans" will remain in dreams.
  5. mr_Doom
    mr_Doom 7 November 2013 16: 37
    They also eat Hrestian babies.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 7 November 2013 20: 35
      And a very long time ago they crucified God ... :-)
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 7 November 2013 16: 43
    Dad, is Israel a big country?
    -Of course, abramchik. Israel is a large and strong state. otherwise they would just call him "Izzy" laughing
  7. Sour
    Sour 7 November 2013 16: 43
    What is behind American politics in the Middle East is not American interests themselves, but the influence of a transnational Jewish lobby. After all, the States did not threaten either Hussein or Gaddafi. And Assad is not threatening. And Iran too. But if we analyze the likely threats for Israel, then everything becomes clear in US politics. However, now in the States there is a growing understanding that we must be guided by our interests first of all, and not by the interests of the international Zionist elite.
    1. vadson
      vadson 7 November 2013 19: 06
      you are wrong, rich countries that are in a confrontation with the us can provide their currency with gold, and this is death for the dollar
      1. Sour
        Sour 7 November 2013 20: 39
        You are wrong. Gold is not much dissolve, not so much in the world. Again, gold prices fluctuate, as does everything else. This is the same currency with a variable rate. Real economic power decides everything, not the accumulated gold reserves. You won’t put gold on bread, if that. In 1940, Germany had a gold reserve of 35 times less than the Netherlands. And who occupied whom?
  8. RUSS
    RUSS 7 November 2013 17: 18
    Collapse Saudi Arabia, our oil industry will be hard.
  9. RUSS
    RUSS 7 November 2013 17: 29
    I look at the partition map of the Middle East, and for example, the partition of Libya, Iraq and Syria, everything is extremely clear by the standards of Amer, but what is the basis for the division of the Saudis into 5 parts?
    1. vahatak
      vahatak 7 November 2013 17: 43
      Quote: RUSS
      but what is the basis for the division of the Saudis into 5 parts?

      Just in the middle of the work, the author of the map went out for a smoke, and the SA divided into pieces a child who ran to his father's work.
    2. atalef
      atalef 7 November 2013 18: 29
      Quote: RUSS
      I look at the partition map of the Middle East, and for example, the partition of Libya, Iraq and Syria, everything is extremely clear by the standards of Amer, but what is the basis for the division of the Saudis into 5 parts?

      Based on the eighth puff of the author of the article, it’s like it’s buggy. In general, does the people include their heads? Or just eat there
  10. vahatak
    vahatak 7 November 2013 17: 47
    At the sight of the map of the new Israel, it escaped: (), I'm sorry: OH LA !!!
    1. igor67
      igor67 7 November 2013 18: 20
      Quote: vahatak
      At the sight of the map of the new Israel, it escaped: (), I'm sorry: OH LA !!!

      For me too, someone specifically got smoked, with a population of 8 million in my opinion, Jews think 6 million, how can such territories be controlled? belay what is missing, we build fences. Clearly, the crap from Afghanistan is fresh, even if the Arab countries become smaller, the Arabs themselves will not become smaller and their attitude towards Israel will not change.
      1. Michael_59
        Michael_59 8 November 2013 20: 09
        Here your "comrades in the shop" advise others to "switch on the brain", we will follow the advice - and so, everything is correct, and in your statement, provided that "there will be no less Arabs." However, if this condition is not met, the picture changes. So to say, in direct proportion))). am
        And who will now say that the "Great Israel" has no weapons of mass destruction?
  11. baku1999
    baku1999 7 November 2013 18: 08
    1. Dezzed
      Dezzed 7 November 2013 20: 39
      baku1999 dog hold it please!
  12. predator.3
    predator.3 7 November 2013 18: 11
    An interesting map, but now a redistribution of the Arab world is underway, Iraq and Libya have actually been torn apart into three parts, but Syria is still holding on, but on what basis have the Saudis been "divided"? Jordan is shown as part of Israel, the Egyptians scratched their turnips during the reign of Mursi and decided to replay the situation back, well, they do not want to live according to the strict canons of the Sharia of Muslim brothers, when there are so many blond tourists from Europe and the CIS countries, it would be better for them to powder chicken brains and "alfonstvovat" than work somewhere as a guest worker!
  13. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 7 November 2013 18: 11
    I was even pleased to read all these fantasies. I’m used to thinking of my own politicians as demagogues living from election to election, and they have some global ideas. Let it be a fairy tale but beautifully written.
    1. vadson
      vadson 7 November 2013 19: 09
      Is there a joke in every joke? wink
    2. Tyumen
      Tyumen 7 November 2013 20: 46
      Aron Zawi, although my attitude towards the Jews of percent on 80 is negative, but it seems to me
      most critics are simply jealous of a small, but so powerful state.
      Although you can understand, for thousands of years to be outcasts everywhere, and suddenly-OWN land. Frankly, Small Earth.
      Stand for death to her without exception. Actually, I respect.
      1. Aaron Zawi
        Aaron Zawi 7 November 2013 22: 41
        Quote: Tyumen
        Aron Zawi, although my attitude towards the Jews of percent on 80 is negative, but it seems to me
        most critics are simply jealous of a small, but so powerful state.
        Although you can understand, for thousands of years to be outcasts everywhere, and suddenly-OWN land. Frankly, Small Earth.
        Stand for death to her without exception. Actually, I respect.

        Yes, at least 100%. As you know, I live in Israel, and not in Tyumen. By the way, are there still Jews left there? Well, then they are definitely frostbitten.
        1. Tyumen
          Tyumen 7 November 2013 23: 06
          Aron, where are you not? :-)

          Jews are not completely trusted
          And they are not allowed into space, thank God.
          Jews on the moon
          They will arrange a bazaar and a synagogue. :-)

          No offense?
          1. Aaron Zawi
            Aaron Zawi 8 November 2013 00: 51
            Quote: Tyumen
            Aron, where are you not? :-)
            Gee. Then these guys are right for a psychiatrist.
            No offense?

            Well, what insults. And Huberman is certainly strong.

            Always a Jew is easily visible everywhere,
            you can hear a Jew right from the doorway
            there are very few Jews on the planet
            but every Jew is a lot

            Wherever unaware of embarrassment
            history is sewn and cut,
            Jews are absolution
            which are also milked
  14. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
    An example of such an Arab-Israeli unity is, for example, the creation of an investment fund Markets Credit Opportunity (EMCO) of $ 1 billion by the Swiss banking group Credit Suiss AG with the participation of the three largest shareholders of the bank - the Israeli business fund Qatar Qatar Investment Authority, as well as a private investment company from Saudi Arabia Olayan Group

    Fools from Qatar and Saudi Arabia are thus signing their own death warrants in the foreseeable future. It is strange that the Wah'hobbits of the Saudis would agree to this.
    As Goebbels said in April 1945 - the people believed us, and now let their stupid heads fly and fly.
  15. alone
    alone 7 November 2013 20: 23
    looked at the map !! nothing to say! the one who made it up either fell headfirst from a chair, or an inveterate drug addict. Shiitestan in particular mocked Iraq in the neighborhood of Iran)) wassat in theory, if this is possible, then they should already be together.
  16. Arkan
    Arkan 7 November 2013 21: 18
    Dreaming is not harmful; it is harmful not to dream.
  17. uhu189
    uhu189 8 November 2013 16: 25
    Of course, a lot of things were distorted in the article, but if you do not look at the cards and do not pay attention to phrases such as territory control, resettlement and resettlement and other nonsense, and focus on the economy, then the article makes sense. Why control the territory when you can simply control the economy, the main technological sectors and the movement of capital? What can a gang of Bedouins do from the desert to Israel and its army if all neighboring states are in complete financial and economic dependence on Israel? Didn’t it come to life with Jordan (if I'm wrong, then our Israeli friends will correct me)? There is nothing delusional in the article on the idea itself, here are the forms of embodiment of this idea - this is of course yes, insanity. I can hardly imagine that the Jewish settlers in the middle of the Arabian desert will settle, and why, if the local Arabs do all the work for them themselves. All according to the book of the prophet Isaiah. Isn’t this all happening, albeit not so fast and noticeable, but the general tendency can be traced ...
  18. Michael_59
    Michael_59 8 November 2013 20: 02
    Quote: APES
    Does Russia have a strategic development plan (I emphasize development) at least 50 years in advance?

    What a wonderful question ...
    To find an answer to it, let's turn, for example, to the successfully implemented "Dulles plan"?
    Or Putin’s plan - remember, there was such a slogan? The tagline was for sure, Putin’s plan - I don’t know, Dulles’s plan - alas, it really works.
    More questions?
    PS By the way, I have one: - "Hu is mister Putin"?