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Shitty patrol or translation features

Our platoon Oleg did not differ outstanding tactical thinking or any other leadership qualities. But the platoon he did well, despite the fact that half of the personnel were older than him. He could listen to the opinion of something more experienced guys but the decision was And most importantly, in the commander, we could take responsibility for our orders and actions. It was not possible to wait for a command to open fire from him. ny. " As the company commander used to say: “It’s a warning to the first that would warn the rest of his comrades.” In short, Oleg was a normal person. What he didn’t work with was the cartography. It’s probably since high school, or from college. spatial idiocy.

In the morning, the battalion commander determines the patrol routes and places of the checkpoints. The first platoon is there, the second is here, and so on. And he points out the place on the map with a pointer, calls the GPS coordinates (we just got them, and we haven’t completely uncovered them) The listeners listen, memorize and go wherever they need for the whole day. Everything except ours. Our name cannot remember the name (“Dam, I didn’t remember the name of their town”); How many times it happened: it will bring us in the middle of the field, looks at the GPS, and turns on a turnip — it seems to be going right, the village should be where the sweep should be carried out, and there is no one around. And we’ve swallowed the dust to this “village” and pray on these roads .

Today came again puzzled.
- Where to go, comrade senior lieutenant? asked someone.
“Dam, I don't remember the name, but the place is shitty,” replied the platoon pulling up the armor. “I knew how to drive the road. I left.

All wary. Povnoe is bad. We need to take extra horns. I crawled under the bed behind the hidden “Agleleu” —it wasn’t that. Someone stumbled an extra pair of grenades into unloading. Someone tied to VOGi’s leg. My friend Lech, a sniper, went to ask in a nearby platoon a couple of shops on the SVD.

At the exit from the base charged. The PKM boxer sent the cartridge and did not ask, as usual, drove the “bitch.” They waited cautiously, they did not allow themselves to overtake on the highway. We were going to buy cars. When there were a lot of them, they braked on the sidelines and let them pass, carefully following them with a look. We drove into the hammered villages a couple of times, dismounted, avoided them a couple of times without going into the houses and drove on. It was called “to show our presence.” While everything was OK, nobody fired at us, we didn’t need anyone. In one village a guy came out with AK on the ready, but when he saw us he smiled and waved his hand. Check and -okazalsya local shepherd, said that somewhere with us for a couple of bottles of water peresekalsya.Dali, went further.Weapon they didn’t take away. They drove to the district center and drove to the mayor’s office. Oleg had carried some documents to the police chief. We relaxed a bit, the town was familiar, we were here several times on business and in patrol, no one ever offended us here. The people are friendly. Here, even at the union of some object, our builders built, so many people still remember and associate us With them. In general, Laf. Exit Starley:
- So, well, then, we will twist around the city, we will set an hour at the entrance to 2, we’ll jump to the police academy. We still have to go home and eat at 5.
-Wait, comrade senior lieutenant. What have we arrived at the scene yet? -Sahok got out of the hatch.
-Well, yes. And where did you want to go?
- So you said the place was some kind of shitty. Well ... Of course it was a type of thing, something. Sasha was not strong in speech.
-What is the dumb? Normal place. Name shitty ... Damn, I forgot again ... Guys, this is us.-as the town is called, do you constantly forget?
We are rolling out of laughter with the bater in unison screamed:
Oleg broadly smiled at us with his cracked smile:
-Well, I’m talking about the name SPONISH.
We went on foot patrol.

PS Not for long Nasseria was a quiet place. There, in my opinion, the Spaniards or Italians fell.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 6 November 2013 08: 25
    Such Olegs are real warriors; they are the pillar of the Army. Respect to such people. Respect to the author.
  2. Hort
    Hort 7 November 2013 08: 53
    Is Nassiriya Iraq after all?
    1. Military79
      17 November 2013 16: 14
      Yes Iraq. Nasseria Province: Nearby, outside the city, are the ruins of ancient cities. Interestingly, although the museums are stolen.