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How Hollywood was in the wake of the Nazis

"Collaboration. Hollywood Pact with Hitler" - this is the name of the just-released sensational book of the American historian Ben Urvand. BBC columnist Alexander Kan spoke with its author.

How Hollywood was in the wake of the NazisAdolf Hitler pleased: German hammer thrower won a gold medal at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin

BBC: How did the idea of ​​such an unexpected and, without exaggeration, a shocking research come about?

Ben Urvand: I worked at the State Archives of Germany in Berlin, looking at Hitler’s personal archives. There, among other things, there was evidence that he almost every day watched a new film, and cited his opinions about these films. I was surprised to learn that the Fuhrer adored comedians Laurel and Hardy, that he cried over films with Greta Garbo, that he liked King Kong and did not like Tarzan.

I had already decided that I would write a book about Hitler’s cinematic tastes and preferences, when I stumbled upon a document that seemed to me completely shocking. It was a letter from the XX Century Fox film studio, its German division, in which Hitler was asked to express his opinion on the significance of American films for Germany. A letter ends with loyal "Heil Hitler!"

At first, I even doubted the authenticity of this document, but it was printed on the letterhead of XX Century Fox studio, it had a date - January 1938 of the year - and I realized that I came across a topic about which we know almost nothing - the theme of Hollywood cooperation with Nazi Germany in 30's.

Almost 10 years took me to archival research in Germany and the USA, until the picture gradually emerged, from which it appeared that in 30-ies Hollywood studios invited the Consul General of Germany in Los Angeles to private screenings, after which according to his instructions Some adjustments were made to the films, words and frames unfavorable for Germany were eliminated. All this was done to preserve the profitable German market.

Historian Ben Urvand, author of the book “Collaboration. Hollywood Pact with Hitler. ”

BBC: But after all, Hollywood was created mainly by Jews from Eastern Europe, and by the 30 years this first generation of Hollywood magnates was still firmly in place. In addition, immediately after the Nazis came to power in Germany, many directors — Ernst Lubich, Fritz Lang, even the great Billy Wyalder — fled from Europe and took refuge in Hollywood. It is difficult to keep in mind, as in such a climate, in such an atmosphere of rejection of Nazism - even if its terrible future crimes were not yet committed - could the American film business cooperate with the Hitler regime? Is it all about the irrepressible thirst for profit?

Ben Urvand: My book is история individual individuals and the decisions that they made in specific historical circumstances. There is no doubt that the leaders of the largest studios provided their films to the Nazi censors in order to maintain access to the German market.

Already in May, 1933 of the year, literally several months after Hitler won the election, the head of MGM, Louis Meyer, when he was presented with a screenplay of a film with potentially anti-Nazi content, said, "I present the film industry, we have huge profits in Germany, and as long as I make decisions, this film will not be put into production. "

I found a lot of documents confirming a similar position of film magnates. But at the same time, in no case should we assume that it was characteristic of the entire film community in Hollywood. I show in the book that in this community in 30 there was a very clear split.
In the same 1933 year, for example, screenwriter German Mankiewicz, who a few years later wrote the screenplay of the famous "Citizen Kane", proposed a script about Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany, in which he prophetically predicted that Hitler would begin to destroy Jews. He presented the script for the consideration of several studios. But the studios eventually met the German consul in Los Angeles, and the film was never shot.

However, many writers did not leave attempts to push into production of such films. In fact, the hero of the book, Ben Hecht, one of the most authoritative and successful screenwriters in Hollywood, who already in the 40-ies, when information about the Holocaust began to reach America, did more than others to ensure that what is happening in Europe.

American filmmakers travel the Rhine on Hitler's personal yacht. Second from right is MGM’s vice president Eddie Mannix, third from right is Jack Warner.

So this question - to cooperate or not to cooperate with the Nazis - was the subject of fierce debate in Hollywood. But, in any case, with regard to the studio leaders, the people who made the last decision, their main motivation was the preservation of the German market.

BBC: It is known that pro-fascist sentiment was very common in America 30-s. Written in the genre of alternative history, the novel "The Conspiracy Against America" ​​by the famous American writer is based on the assumption that not Roosevelt wins the 1940 election of the year, but Charles Lindberg is an American pilot who became a national hero after being the first in the world made a transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. Lindberg went into politics, speaking from pro-fascist and frankly anti-Semitic positions, and the prospect of his victory in the elections was very real. Can we assume that the position of Hollywood studios in their relations with Nazi Germany was to some extent a reflection of such views?

Ben Urvand: Of course, the pro-fascist movement, as well as the growth of anti-Semitism, were real factors in America’s political life of the 30s.

The Fascist marches were held in Los Angeles. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League was really concerned about this growth and asked the studio itself not to pedal Jewish themes and not to attack the Nazis. This, as they feared, would lead to an even greater squall of very characteristic accusations from the mouth of the fascists and anti-Semites that the entire American film industry was in the hands of the Jews.

Scene from the movie "On the Western Front without Change" (1930): the teacher encourages students to join the German army.

However, I was not able to find documents indicating that the studios made decisions at the request of the Anti-Defamation League. This could help them to keep a good face on a bad game, but as far as I could find out, their only motivation was money.

BBC: In the control, the censorship to which the American film production was subjected by the German authorities, which of the parties was active? Who initiated this contact?

Ben Urvand: The first offer of control came from the Nazis. In March 1933, the German consul arrived in Los Angeles, and, as stated in the official document, the goal of his mission to Hollywood was to prevent possible conflicts and establish regular contacts with the film industry.

Yes, the Nazis initiated this system, but as soon as it was created, the studios realized that they could not avoid cooperation in one degree or another. In some cases, they only obediently carried out the instructions of the Ministry of Propaganda, in others they themselves showed creative initiative.

For example, in May 1933, the Ministry of Propaganda informed the studios that if they wanted to continue working in Germany, they would have to dismiss half of their representatives in the country. Studios fired everyone.

Or in December 1938, the studios had problems with the export of money from Germany. Paramount and XX Century Fox got out of trouble, creating newsreel releases in a frankly pro-Nazi spirit, and MGM invested in the production of German military equipment.

That is, the largest American film company made a conscious decision on the financing of German weapons - in December 1938 of the year, a month after the terrible Jewish pogroms of Kristallnacht, and only 8-9 months before the start of World War II. After the start of the war, MGM and Fox provided 12 films to support the German army.

BBC: Could you give examples of specific films that the studio subjected to voluntary censorship at the request or under the pressure of the Nazis?

Ben Urvand: In the film "The Life of Emile Zola," a considerable place was occupied by the story of Alfred Dreyfus, captain of the French army, a Jew accused of espionage. This story has become a pretext for a wave of anti-Semitic sentiments in France. Warner Brothers, who hadn’t even had a business in Germany at the time of the film’s release, after the call of the German consul removed all references to Jews from the movie.

MGM in 1939 was filming Remarque's “Three Comrades”. Screenwriter Francis Scott Fitzgerald gave the film a frankly anti-Nazi tone.

It was supposed to be Hollywood's first significant anti-Nazi film. After hearing about him, the German consul called the studio, watched the film with Louis Meyer, after which the duration of the action was shifted a few years earlier, and all references to the Nazis or Jews from the film were cut out.

BBC: You write in the book that even the "Great Dictator" Chaplin - a film considered frankly a mockery, a parody of Hitler - also did not go without the intervention of censorship.

Ben Urvand: Indeed, even before filming began, Chaplin sent a copy of the script to the Library of Congress to register his copyright.

I managed to find this specimen, which before my discovery was virtually unknown. There was an original Chaplin idea - not one that was ultimately embodied on the screen in 1940.

Chaplin sent his script the day after the pogroms of Kristallnacht, and, obviously, for him it was very important. The shot is completed with a happy ending, a speech of a repentant dictator, which, frankly, is hard to believe.

According to the original scenario, after this speech, he fell into a concentration camp, where he was beaten and bullied. That is, the original script ended up much more pessimistic and gloomy.

BBC: How was your book greeted in America?

Ben Urvand: Different. Historians greeted her with great interest and great sympathy. The Jewish community also welcomed the book, I received many invitations to perform at various Jewish festivals.

Film historians and film critics have met her much more cautious, and even hostile. These people are accustomed to a completely different story of Hollywood, they are busy perpetuating the myth of the Golden Age of Hollywood and perceive my book as an attack, as a desecration of what is inviolable for them.

The problem, however, is that their research was always quite superficial, they worked exclusively in the American archives, and the materials of the German archives reveal a completely different side of this story.

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  1. makarov
    makarov 5 November 2013 08: 15
    Alexander Kan was born on May 7, 1963 in Karaganda into a family of Russian Germans who settled in Karaganda after World War II. After graduating from high school, he entered the Jesuit monastic order.
    On May 29, 1988, Alexander Kan was ordained a priest, after which he served in various Catholic parishes in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
    On December 22, 1997, after the formation of the sui iuris mission in Kyrgyzstan by Pope John Paul II, Alexander Kahn was appointed the ordinator of this Catholic administrative structure.
    1. APES
      APES 5 November 2013 08: 54
      No one thought for what a monument to Charlie Chaplin on the shores of Lake Geneva?
  2. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 5 November 2013 08: 16
    Nothing, their time will come
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 6 November 2013 02: 01
      With all due respect to the slogan of the Marines "where we are there, there is a victory", mind you "shmeiser" in front of the whole planet, and even with a glushak, leads the Russian infantry to destruction. We all know that without a nuclear war, the capture of Washington is impossible. And why are the soldiers not wearing gas masks and chemical protection? By the way, if you take into account the number of immigrants from Russia to the United States, as well as Russian stars living there with their families, this will already be a civil war! And do you really doom your fellow citizens to destruction, as the Japanese would like in retaliation for the repression against their fellow citizens after the terrorists in Hawaii.

      Interestingly, is Japan or the United States to blame?

      We are just infantry, we are in vain reluctance about the exploits of lying.
      We are just infantry, and our job is not to yell songs.
      We got wet through blood and sweat
      Counting the losses, we lost count
      Our laurels of honor are trampled into dust.
      Find out what to die for.
      In today's world, in a system of four, where everyone is not simple,
      Who can withstand a share - under bullets across the field always at full height?
      But they do not spare the glory of the infantry
      Posthumous awards and posthumous care,
      As long as our companies are paved with bones
      Roads to the Khost province.
      Why are we in Panjshir, Herat ingloriously sticking out?
      Our lousy marshal threw us on the march, rested in a Bose.
      The soul rusts with blood like iron,
      But instead of a soul, you won’t put a prosthesis,
      And those who live to Termez,
      Doctors will no longer help.
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 5 November 2013 08: 16
    Nothing personal just business. Later, the states will begin to supply armaments, etc., to the opponents of Hitler under Lend-Lease, and venal Hollywood will begin anti-fascist propaganda, paid, naturally, to Amer. by manufacturers.
  4. major071
    major071 5 November 2013 08: 23
    Money doesn't smell. America at that time was feeding Nazi Germany in full, fearing the spread of the "red threat" throughout the world. And when money is at the forefront, Americans are ready to sell their mother, and here is an ideal fighter against the communists.
    1. Canep
      Canep 5 November 2013 08: 38
      Hitler won the election with American (and possibly British) money.
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 5 November 2013 09: 27
      Hello, did you see the film about Henry Ford? There was a zealous anti-Semite, published some works, it was like he drew attention to the Jewish conspiracy.
      And Walt Disney? Same thing.
      People respected, talented in their work environment.
      I don’t think that they would be very mistaken, just before nobody had pressed them for this, as now ...
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 5 November 2013 21: 55
        Henry Ford was an anti-Semite until he was promised in Hollywood before everyone
        film a newsreel with car accidents of cars "Ford".
        He instantly forgot about his anti-Semitism. Business here also prevailed over ideology.
  5. ZU-23
    ZU-23 5 November 2013 08: 30
    The states are generally a Hollywood state, they have much more benefit from Hollywood than the State Department, they need to be strangled by Hollywood and jammed by news agencies, which Rush Tudey, respect to them, is doing very well.
  6. domokl
    domokl 5 November 2013 08: 31
    I wonder how many journalists are breaking their pens now to prevent the debunking of the Hollywood myth ... Such an article cannot go unpunished ...
    For so many years they were glavnyuk in the fight against Hitler and now, on you.
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 5 November 2013 08: 36
    Hollywood was created mainly by Jews from Eastern Europe, and by the 30s this first generation of Hollywood magnates was still firmly in effect.
    So what? Money doesn't smell in their religion. Even if it is the smell of decomposed corpses of their own tribesmen.
  8. Sunjar
    Sunjar 5 November 2013 09: 24
    Yes, the United States in general cooperated with the Nazis on all fronts. So why refuse to collaborate on cinematography? And now it is never surprising that the Jews themselves, who were far from the war and the "hands of Nazism" proper, gladly collaborated with Germany. Please note that ordinary Jews died, just as ordinary as you and me. But the financial and smaller caliber Jewish "elite" also cut down dough from Germany. It is time to understand these things that regardless of the origin, the "elite" for the sake of their interests will ruin any number of their fellow tribesmen.
    1. Poppy
      Poppy 5 November 2013 09: 34
      the Americans used to supply Germany with all sorts of strategic goods such as oil, but through third countries (mainly from South America) throughout the war
  9. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 5 November 2013 09: 36
    You look at the history of WWII through the eyes of peoples who, be it Russians, Ukrainians or Belarusians, who suffered the most from Nazi aggression, the United States only rose in World War II, for them it was all very far away that you will see there bombing another German city flying on some B -29? They have the entire WWII chronicle: insidious Japs treacherously and unreasonably attacked Hawaii → we defeated the squint-eyed at Midway Attola → the defeat of the Japs on Guadalcanal → soaked Yamomoto → then long chases after the remnants of the Japanese fleet and jumping around the islands → a small distraction to the landing Africa to show the arrogant British how to fight → an operation in Normandy to destroy 99% of the German army and capture Berlin → the atomic bombing of Japan so that they know their master. Do you think they know something about the battles of Kiev, Moscow, Stalingrad (they probably know according to CoH and the film "The Enemy at the Gates" that the evil NKVD detachments of the NKVD drove unarmed Russians with machine guns ") ..... So what's the point of being offended by Hollywood?I look in Russia, too, zapadlo to make a normal film about the Second World War, as a rule, some kind of sucks comes out, I wonder if it's just the directors who are talentless or is it a deliberate policy?
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 5 November 2013 11: 26
      Quote: Standard Oil
      I also look in Russia to make a normal film about the Second World War, as a rule, everything sucks, is it interesting that the directors are so mediocre or is it a purposeful policy?
      based on the fact that in recent years, those not many of the veterans who are still alive literally barely survive at the limit of the possible -------- the second statement is obvious .........
    2. Tyumen
      Tyumen 5 November 2013 21: 58
      And how they fled from the Germans in the Ardennes prefer not to remember :-)
  10. Djozz
    Djozz 5 November 2013 10: 51
    Recently, the "chosen of God" severely minus me and called me an anti-Semite, for what I told and referred to their own Jewish sources, about the touching friendship between the Zionists and Nazis in the 30s in Germany. I wonder what they will say about the article!
    1. their
      their 5 November 2013 23: 22
      Such cooperation was, the Zionists were friends with the Nazis.

      At the end of 1934, SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and representative of the Zionist Federation of Germany Kurt Tuchler made a joint six-month voyage to Palestine to study “the possibilities of Zionist development” on the spot. Returning from a trip, von Mildenstein wrote a series of 12 articles under the general title “Nazi Travels in Palestine” for the Goebbels newspaper “Angriff”. He expressed sincere admiration for the "pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jewish settlers." In his conviction, "Zionism must be promoted in every possible way, for it is useful both for the Jewish people and for the whole world." Apparently, in order to perpetuate the memory of the joint trip of the Nazi and the Zionist, Angriff even issued a medal, on the one side of which a swastika was depicted, and on the other a six-pointed star of David. (The History of Today Magazine. London, No. 1, 1980).
    2. their
      their 5 November 2013 23: 40
      Quote: Djozz
      Recently, the "chosen of God" severely minus me and called me an anti-Semite, for what I told and referred to their own Jewish sources, about the touching friendship between the Zionists and Nazis in the 30s in Germany. I wonder what they will say about the article!

      And you tell them about Fritz Haber, the creator of the Cyclone B gas for disinfection, a Jewish Hasid in whose honor the building of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jewish University of Israel is still named. His best friend Ezer Weizman is the first president of Israel. They (Israelis) still claim that the gas Cyclone B, created by the Hasidim, massively killed Jews in the ghetto, and did not carry out disinfection as it was.
  11. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 5 November 2013 11: 32
    Eka is unseen.
    And who of the arrogant Saxons (not ethnically, but geopolitically) did not cooperate with Hitler? And which of them did not belong to Nazism with reverence?
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 5 November 2013 11: 41
      PS And as for the film industry, it’s not stupid V. Ulyanov / Lenin used to say that cinema is the main art.
    2. JonnyT
      JonnyT 5 November 2013 12: 01
      best friends
      1. Albert1988
        Albert1988 5 November 2013 22: 11
        Quote: JonnyT
        best friends

        No, not friends, but the owner and the dog, only the mad bug turned out to be, but how good it was at the command to bark !!!!
      2. smile
        smile 5 November 2013 23: 19
        Sorry, but this is definitely not an installation?
        After all, they didn’t seem to meet; Churchill’s son participated in the election marathon of Hitler and the Nazis, this is so. But the attempt to arrange a meeting failed ... because Hitler refused :))))
        Churchill admitted this. And he “forgot” in his memoirs that his son took part in Hitler's ascent.
        If I'm wrong, please let me know where they met, curious.
        1. Albert1988
          Albert1988 5 November 2013 23: 28
          Quote: smile
          Sorry, but this is definitely not an installation?

          Of course, this is a montage - compare the colors of Winnie and Adolfic - the shadows do not fall, but this photo-toad illustrates perfectly the relations between the British and the Nazis in the early stages)))
          1. smile
            smile 5 November 2013 23: 44
            Well, here I completely agree ... I just want to suggest another option - this is not a photo-toad, these are two toads in one picture (and without any "photos") - you can say relatives :)))
            1. Albert1988
              Albert1988 5 November 2013 23: 56
              Quote: smile
              these are two toads in one picture

              I'm afraid the word "toad" will be too soft here))))
  12. George
    George 5 November 2013 11: 46
    It is hard to imagine how in such a climate, in such an atmosphere of rejection of Nazism - even if its terrible future crimes have not yet been committed - could the American film business cooperate with the Hitler regime? Is it really all about the insatiable thirst for profit?

    Recently revised Spielberg's "Schindler's List". As an option .
    Joseph Vissarionovich understood the importance of cinema.
    Stalin liked the film “Brave People”, which was staged due to the fact that the leader complained that the Mosfilm was far behind Hollywood. When “Brave People” appeared, Stalin watched it several times, and at one of the views he admired:

    - How cool Mushrooms rides a horse! Wonderful!

    “This is a rear projection, Comrade Stalin,” one of the filmmakers present explained.

    - What is this “rear projection”? - did not understand Stalin.

    And then they explained to him that in fact Gribov does not ride any horse, he just sits and bounces on an ordinary stool, and at that time there is a screen behind which a moving background is projected, and thus the illusion of a mad jump is achieved.

    Stalin listened, frowned, and said:

    - It is unlikely that you will be able to jump around on a stool Hollywood.
  13. alekseyal
    alekseyal 5 November 2013 12: 29
    Hitler was brought to power by England and the United States. They gave him money, then played along, surrendered Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. They did all this in order to set Germany against the USSR.
    This is well written in N. Starikov's book "Who made Hitler attack Stalin"

    This book is about those who made this terrible war possible. It is about those who gave Hitler and his party money. She is about those who helped them come to power. It is about those who gave them weapons, new territories and self-confidence. Who has every right to sit in the dock and share with the leaders of fascist Germany responsibility for their unparalleled crimes.
    This book will tell you about the true creators and inspirers of the most terrible war in human history.
    Table of contents

    Chapter 1. Why the history of the Second World War is still full of mysteries.

    Chapter 2. Who gave Hitler money?

    Chapter 3. Leo Trotsky - the father of German Nazism.
    Chapter 4. Why England and France did not want to prevent the Second World War.

    Chapter 5. Why London and Paris gave Hitler Vienna and Prague.

    Chapter 6. How Adolf Hitler in one day turned into a "brazen aggressor."

    Chapter 7. Why the West loves neither Molotov nor Ribbentrop.

    Chapter 8. Devoted Poland.

    Chapter 9. How the British left France to their fate.

    Chapter 10. Fatal love of Adolf Hitler.
  14. vahatak
    vahatak 5 November 2013 13: 22
    Well, and what is so unexpected this author of the book discovered ?????????????
    Everyone knows that only during the war Hitler was made a symbol of all evil on Earth, and before that he was treated like an ordinary European politician, and in the history of not only Europe, but the whole world there were even more cranks than Hitler.
    1. d_trader
      d_trader 5 November 2013 22: 18
      Yes, I didn’t open anything! Everyone knew everything from the school bench where it is described in history textbooks. Just like Starikov’s book from cover to cover.
  15. Migari
    Migari 5 November 2013 14: 41
    In the West, moral values ​​have not been honored for a long time, the main thing is business, and all for business.
  16. mithridate
    mithridate 5 November 2013 15: 46
    such things must be talked wider and louder
  17. Avenger711
    Avenger711 5 November 2013 17: 28
    Lord, how can you be so stupid? With what a fright did the US have no right to cooperate with a country with which they were not at war? For us, Hitler's Germany until 22.06.1941/XNUMX/XNUMX is also a completely sovereign and respected country, with which we can and must somehow agree, if so, so as not to offend ourselves.
  18. Cherdak
    Cherdak 5 November 2013 20: 21
    Why would it be common knowledge to pass off as an incredible discovery? Did South Americans decide to remind themselves after a bummer in Syria?
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Cherdak
    Cherdak 5 November 2013 21: 22
    It would be better if Nazism stopped only on this
  21. vkrav
    vkrav 5 November 2013 23: 28
    We must take into account how the shiklgruber was perceived before the war. In the whole world (including the USSR) he was considered a serious progressive leader who raised Germany from complete insignificance. It would be better to write about the Vatican’s towers with Hitler ...
  22. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 6 November 2013 01: 23
    I want to lead you from the topic into the world of archie structures! And to sing a student song, maybe it will awaken something in you, or tell you that it may be indirectly that I saved your life.

    Still, it is not for nothing that the volcanoes in Kamchatka puffed in 2009-2010.

    So, if you remember your grandfathers or fathers, who, if they were not in intelligence, then inappropriately went with shouts of "Hurray! For the Motherland" in attacks. So those against whom our soldiers and officers went on the attack have now come up with a "space" plan for Zemstvo (the plan got high). So if you study the Uniate churches (Greek-Roman) in Kiev, such as the planet Uranus, and a group dominates over it - a trailer, i.e. children of those who won the war, "drives", including my grandfather, who in the flesh until 1946 for the ardent SS men in Germany chased and successfully caught. Here you can also see the Eureka Tower in Melbourne - like the US mafia sends signals into space for landing.

    And now, remember such a squad song:

    Slowly rockets fly away
    Meet them no longer wait
    And although America is a little sorry
    For Europe, this is ahead

    Nuclear bomb is flying, swinging
    Do not expect good from him
    Even if you dig into the ground
    Do not get away from the shock wave

    Good riddance, tablecloth
    And climbs under gas
    Everyone, everyone believes in the best
    Drops, drops a nuclear bomb

    Suddenly the sun shone over the earth
    And there is smoke above your head
    A friend just walked beside you
    And now he's roasted

    Hydrogen sun burned grass
    Kangaroo mutate in dogs
    Aborigines regained their rights
    A red flag flies over Canberra

    Tablecloth, tablecloth diphosgene spreads
    And gets into the ear, nose and eye
    Everyone, everyone believes in the best
    But not everyone has a gas mask

    Helicopters links went forward
    And already opened with a napalm crane
    And nothing New York will save from death
    Hey gas

    The earth rose and fell again
    Where once stood Washington
    You see, they have to start from scratch.
    After the march of tank columns

    Good riddance, tablecloth
    And climbs under gas
    Everyone, everyone believes in the best
    Drops, drops a nuclear bomb

    Margaret Thatcher spoke,
    Like, teaching Russian men
    At this time, fell into the Thames Tower Brige
    Under the fire of Soviet sailors

    In the siege of Tel Aviv
    Very early turn off the light
    We will shorten the chauvinistic rush
    Volley of ballistic missile

    Cairo set on fire from a single missile
    Sphinx buried under a pyramid
    No, there will be no more separate world
    In the Middle East concluded

    Nuclear fungus is standing, swinging
    Sand melts underfoot
    It is a pity that the radiation ends
    I would be pampered for another hour

    Good riddance, tablecloth
    And climbs under gas
    Everyone, everyone believes in the best
    Drops, drops a nuclear bomb

    Maybe we offended someone in vain
    Dropped fifteen megatons
    And now the earth is burning and melting
    Where the Pentagon used to be

    PiS: only a foolish person will learn from demons (demogogs) how to create a leverage against the world of Angels.