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Vitaly Popkov, Maestro

Walter Krupinski (197 downed aircraft), Eric Hartman (352 downed aircraft) Gerhar Barghord (302 downed aircraft, and 301 Soviet) - German aces, each had a fight with the Hero of the Soviet Union Vitaly Popkov commander "Singing" Squadron, Maestro prototype of the movie "Only old men go to battle".

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  1. gardez-56
    gardez-56 18 March 2017 03: 31
    In the summer of 1975, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General V. Popkov came to visit us at the 51st Separate Guards Helicopter Regiment 17th Air Defense Command for verification of the regiment. Gathering ALL WISHING officers and warrant officers of the regiment in the club, he talked about his military career. The real combat hero is a pilot; this was perhaps one of the last generals, who was drawn to humanly, like to his father, namely, drawn to. After him, he met with some generals, from whom the soldiers in reeds had to be hidden, and from around the corner to observe how they importantly moved from the barracks to the barracks, accompanied by a large retinue, and General M. Burlakov (it was in Mongolia), P. Grachev generally struck me with his tactlessness.