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Turkish Ministry of Defense ordered the first batch of Anka UAVs

Turkish Ministry of Defense ordered the first batch of Anka UAVs

The Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat (SSM) has signed with the national company Turkic Aerospace Industries (TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries) the first contract for the mass production of Anka 10 UAV.

According to Tuday Zaman, which refers to the SSM statement, the agreement was signed on October 25. TAI is the main contractor of the program, in which several Turkish companies participate. Delivery of UAVs and ground control systems, according to the terms of the contract, should begin in the 2016 year and be completed before the end of the 2018 year.

Anka is a long duration medium UAV (MALE), intended for reconnaissance, observation and target designation at any time of day and in adverse meteorological conditions.

The Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat signed a contract with TAI for the development and production of the Anka UAV in December 2004. As part of the project, the company was to produce three prototype UAVs, as well as ground control systems. The total cost of development is estimated at 107 million dollars.

The first flight of the Anka UAV took place on December 31 2010. Acceptance tests of the UAV ended in January of this year. After they were completed, TAI and SSM began negotiations to conclude a contract for the supply of a set of ten UAVs as part of the initial mass production.

According to available information, the fuselage of the Anka UAV is made of composite materials. Wingspan is 17,3 m, length - 8 m, maximum take-off weight - 1600 kg, weight of payload - 200 kg, practical ceiling - 30 thousand feet (9150 m).

The UAV is equipped with a four-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine "Centurion 2.0S" hp 155 power. and develops cruising speed of 110-135 knots. The maximum flight duration is 24 h, the range is 200 km.

The device is equipped with an automated take-off and landing system (ATOLS), an anti-icing system, and can carry a wide range of payloads, including electro-optical and infrared systems, synthetic aperture radar, equipment for radio intelligence. In the future, it is planned to equip the unmanned aerial vehicle with a satellite communications system of national development. It is not excluded the equipment of UAVs weapons systems.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 31 October 2013 10: 28
    Good day to all hi
    Quotation: The Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat (SSM) has signed the first serial production contract for the 10 UAV Anka with the national company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries).

  2. makarov
    makarov 31 October 2013 10: 44
    Interesting infa about the sale value, can anyone know?
  3. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 31 October 2013 10: 45
    Good machine. It’s clear that this is the first sample, but I’m sure that Anka will pay off
    1. ayyildiz
      ayyildiz 31 October 2013 11: 01
      Already the beginning is justified! Saud.Arabia also ordered 10pcs ANKA only without a camera!
      1. alone
        alone 31 October 2013 21: 52
        It seems that our Defense Ministry became interested in this BLPA. It would be nice if it could still perform shock functions.
      2. Dezzed
        Dezzed 31 October 2013 22: 37
        Do they need a camera or something? or your own old one was lying in a closet.

        Do you know which cameras they will put?
  4. Alex66
    Alex66 31 October 2013 10: 47
    And where is our Petka for this Anka?
    1. alone
      alone 31 October 2013 21: 50
      where there are 5 billion that were threatened when they wanted to create a Russian BLP. then they quietly bought from Israel
  5. ultra
    ultra 31 October 2013 10: 51
    A potential adversary is arming — this cannot please!
  6. xcvxc73
    xcvxc73 31 October 2013 15: 23
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  7. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 31 October 2013 15: 53
    Equip him with a machine gun and he will be "Anka the machine gunner"! laughing
  8. Migari
    Migari 31 October 2013 19: 54
    Quote: ultra
    A potential adversary is arming — this cannot please!

    Well, this weapon is not a problem, the destruction of the Georgian drone by the Russian MIG 29.