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SPP pistol. Bullying PP TMP

Pistols, whose ancestors were submachine guns, not so much. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the submachine gun is somewhat larger in size than the pistol. He has more weight too. The location of the controls in the submachine gun is still more convenient for using two hands in operation, while with a certain training session it is enough to use a pistol with one hand (of course, excluding the procedure of cleaning and replacing the magazine). Despite this, there are a number of pistols that are converted from PP.

The reason for the creation of such pistols can be called at least the same poverty or rather economy. It is in order to save and create such samples: it is much cheaper to deprive an automatic fire submachine gun than to establish the production of a new pistol "from scratch". However, even this statement is controversial.

There is a second more obvious reason for creating weapon with the appearance of a submachine gun, but lacking the possibility of automatic fire, the law relating to weapons for civilians. Let me explain by example. Suppose there are certain restrictions on civilian weapons in the country that prohibit the possession of weapons with the possibility of automatic fire. However, people really want to have a submachine gun. Someone likes the look, someone just wants to have another weapon in their collection - and so on. It is for such people that the “trimmed” versions of the software are released. Of course, many well-known weapon companies do not stop the release of such weapons, after all, and this is also a profit. One example of this might be a Steyr SPP pistol.

Perhaps the most interesting point in all of this is that this gun was created as a weapon for the police, security, and so on, that is, for people who have the opportunity to use full-fledged machine guns (which is strange). You can try to risk suggesting that the reason for the creation of such weapons was banal savings, but in this direction you do not want to dig.

SPP pistol. Bullying PP TMPThe progenitor of the SPP pistol was the TMP submachine gun. It is from him that the sample in question inherited not only the appearance, but also the almost complete device. In essence, the main distinguishing features are the inability to conduct automatic fire and the absence of an additional handle to hold. The mass and dimensions of the weapon practically coincide with the full-fledged sample of the PP, which, naturally, is not good for a weapon classified as a pistol. If you describe the appearance of a pistol, then it is difficult to select something special, in fact, the eye does not cling to anything. Above the place where the submachine gun had an extra handle to hold, there are latches that are designed to fix the two halves of the receiver. Those who are accustomed to the flag switches of the fuse, can not immediately figure out where this element is located in this product. The fact is that the switch of the fuse in the SPP pistol is represented as a slider moving transversely to the receiver. The decision is more than controversial, since, on the one hand, there is no need to duplicate the same weapon control element on both sides, but on the other hand, the location and switching is not the most convenient, although this is more a matter of habit and personal preferences. The gun has a slide delay, which is turned off using the button located on the left side of the weapon. It is noteworthy that all the movements of the bolt when firing remain within the receiver, the handle for manually retracting the bolt to the rearmost position is fixed when firing. To remove the magazine has a button on the pistol grip. Since the weapon has lost an additional handle to hold, it became possible to take up the pistol with the second hand. In order that the fingers of the shooter do not accidentally touch the barrel or are not in the path of the bullet, it is difficult to imagine, there is a small tide, which looks very fragile. Aim devices of the apparatus are classic sight and front sight. Rear sight has the ability to adjust. In addition, due to the absolutely flat surface, a seat for a collimator sight can be easily installed on top of the receiver. On the back of the weapon can be attached a belt, as well as a butt. We should also mention a very large thickness of the barrel of the weapon, or rather the part that stands for the receiver. What is it and why this size, it would be more appropriate to say in the description of the device gun.

Automatic weapons built on not the most common scheme of work, the use of which requires a particularly careful selection of both materials for individual parts of weapons, and the high quality of their processing. It works all the ugliness of the scheme with the disengagement of the barrel and the shutter of the weapon when turning the barrel around its axis. That is what explains the fact that the barrel of the weapon seems excessively thick, in fact, the barrel is quite normal, and what is mistaken for a barrel protruding from the receiver is the part in which the barrel moves. This made it possible to easily use various self-locking devices such as silent firing devices. It all works as follows. In the normal position, the barrel and bolt are in the clutch in their front positions. Accordingly, the powder charge, trying to push the bullet and the sleeve as far as possible from each other, pushes the first forward, and the sleeve, squeezed between the bolt and barrel, tries to push back. Thus, the bolt, as well as the trunk coupled to it, begin to move in the opposite direction of the shot. In the process of this movement, the barrel rotates around its axis, which leads to its disengagement from the bolt. The barrel stops, and the bolt continues to move, removing the cartridge case, and also cocking the firing mechanism and compressing the return spring. After the bolt reaches its extreme rear position, it stops and begins to move in the opposite direction under the action of a return spring. Moving forward, the bolt picks up a new cartridge from the magazine and inserts it into the chamber. Facing into the breech breech, the bolt pushes it forward, which leads back to the barrel in the clutch and its coupling with the bolt. The choice of such an automation system is considered by many not to be the best, and one cannot but agree with this. Firstly, such an automation system requires a very high quality of production, and secondly, a weapon with such an automation system is very sensitive to contamination. However, it is possible to look at this weapon and from a slightly different angle. The horizontal movement of the barrel allows for a sufficiently high accuracy, and the elongated sleeve coupling in theory should protect the weapon from contamination, at least in part.

The main advantage, if it can be considered a positive feature of the weapon at all, is that it looks almost identical to its progenitor, the TMP submachine gun. It is impossible not to note the sufficiently high accuracy of the weapon, especially when using a removable butt. Store capacity is also clearly not minus weapons. This, unfortunately, the positive qualities of the product end.

Negative moments in the weapon are much more. First of all, the weight and dimensions of the gun should be noted. Since the basis of the weapon was the submachine gun, then, accordingly, the weight and dimensions remained almost the same. For this reason, the weapon turned out to be too heavy and massive for a pistol and loses in terms of these parameters pistols in the classic layout and with the usual appearance. This is the main drawback of the SPP pistol. Despite the fact that the designers made a lot of effort to ensure that the gun was less exposed to external contamination, it is impossible to call it fail-safe in any operating conditions. It is more of a weapon for the city, moreover peaceful, clean and sunny. Dirt and water weapons are unlikely to transfer, even despite the elongated barrel sleeve and other design solutions. On the other hand, the barbaric conditions of operation in general can only be tolerated by a couple of dozen samples of firearms, while other characteristics suffer.

If we talk about weapons in numbers, it turns out the following. The weight of the device without ammunition is 1,2 kilogram. The length without an attached butt is 282 millimeters, and the barrel length is equal to 130 millimeters. The maximum thickness of the weapon is 45 millimeters. The device is fed from detachable box stores with a capacity of 15 or 30 9x19 cartridges.

On the basis of all this, it is easy to conclude that a sample of such a gun will never be in demand by the police, let alone by the army. But in the civilian market there can be lovers of this exotic.
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  1. vanaheym
    vanaheym 31 October 2013 09: 09
    And what is the mockery? In the case of any other markets, this is called diversification.
    And so everything is logical - Citizens cannot buy Full Auto, but they can buy Semi Auto.
    Spice it up with Tactical, and so on - there’s something else to sell, and at a price more expensive than for the main buyer of the Full Auto version.
    In Ukraine, for example, B&T MP9 software is sold for government agencies. And for wealthy guys - a hunting rifle TS-9TP. Here it is. If there is money - take it, buy it.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 31 October 2013 09: 54
      I gave your post a plus, because I agree with "diversification".
      But the fact that in the photo does not cause delight, forgive me, it obviously does not pull on a hunting carbine, but pulls just on the "diversified" Semi Avto.
      1. vanaheym
        vanaheym 31 October 2013 15: 17
        And in Ukraine there is either a military weapon or a hunting one - accordingly, if you can buy a private trader, then this is a hunting weapon, however strange it may look.
  2. makarov
    makarov 31 October 2013 09: 32
    If the purpose of a military weapon is "castrated", then it is no longer a military weapon, it is a "castrate" who cannot fulfill the functions and purpose assigned to it. And the Steyer firm, is it (?), There is an order, there is payment, - if you please, get the goods. And selling it is a customer's problem.
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 31 October 2013 13: 12
      If you believe YouTube - mattresses have a national sport: sewing “eggs” in place, even where they were not there before ...
      1. the47th
        the47th 31 October 2013 14: 21
        And in the case of the SPP, you can legally buy a pistol, screw back the "auto" mode, and have a weapon to rob the cows. And he looks cool, the boys from the black quarter will appreciate it.
      2. vanaheym
        vanaheym 31 October 2013 15: 36
        If they have the opportunity, then why not? Again, they have a large number of people who are busy redoing what the manufacturer was too lazy to do right away.
      3. tracer
        tracer 31 October 2013 16: 33
        "This is our ... Brazilian." Can you imagine the power of this weapon in this version? Again American enthusiasts "rule". And all "taxiing" in Russia ends with articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. But in vain .. A good reason to think about it.
      4. Hauser
        Hauser 31 October 2013 20: 09
        Eggs are eggs. And how much does such a queue cost? This is their cartridge cheap. And we have a turn from such beauty thing - one and a half rubles - that's for sure.
        1. Bigfoot_Sev
          Bigfoot_Sev 1 November 2013 01: 51
          20 rounds per drum. 20 rubles per cartridge (buckshot). it turns out 400 rubles. and this I offhand.
          We look at a hunting supermarket in the states. cartridges similar somewhere in the dollar per cartridge. average.

          so do not whine, which is cheaper. they just have a different weapon culture. and following their culture they shoot a lot and willingly.

          = ^ _ ^ =
  3. crambol
    crambol 31 October 2013 12: 02
    PP - small-scale goods. There will always be a consumer on it.
    And Cyril is a big plus. A long time ago something did not see him on the air (however, maybe I'm wrong).
  4. Timeout
    Timeout 31 October 2013 13: 26
    Quote: vanaheym
    for wealthy guys - TS-9TP hunting rifle. Here it is. If there is money - take it, buy it.

    Such weapons in the form of hunting and for self-defense are full of bullshit. You won’t scare a knowledgeable person, but while you’ll be preparing to shoot, you’ll be killed eight times at least. Or how does he hunt with such a cartridge? Catch a fox and ot 3,14 ride it to a loss of orientation and then shoot? So such trunks are only for garrison lads and real boys. Similar geeks in sufficient quantities used to be produced by the American industry, by the way SPP was mainly produced for that market. But again, mostly niggas and wiggles used it ...

    PS Cyril with a return once again!
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 31 October 2013 15: 29
      This weapon is a legal reason to buy 9x21 cartridges. Naturally, it is unsuitable for hunting. Yes, and stands on horseback.
      Quote: Timeout
      You won’t scare a knowledgeable person,

      Even a knowledgeable person will be unpleasant if they shoot at him from a conditionally silent "carbine" of 9x21 caliber.

      And so in Ukraine a lot of things are produced that are sold as hunting
      (Well, we don’t have such a thing as a weapon for self-defense or sports)
      For example, such a rifle in .300Whisper caliber, the Swiss Brugger & Thomet SPR300
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 31 October 2013 16: 09
        Well, if you shoot from around the corner. But in reality, if someone needs to kill, he will always find a way, be it a firearm or a baseball bat. By the way, much more dies from bits in everyday life. Well, we're talking about compactness with functionality. The barrels indicated in the article and in your comments are compact, but not fully functional, since they replace the usual short barrel. You can talk about this for a very long time. Well, if in essence, personal weapons should be convenient, and not clinging to all pieces of iron. It turns out that such a weapon is an offensive weapon. Well, in my opinion, only watches and "Sigi" are good for swis ...
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 31 October 2013 16: 19
          Quote: Timeout
          Well, in my opinion, only watches and "Sigi" are good for swis ...

          And optics? ..
          1. Timeout
            Timeout 31 October 2013 17: 45
            It depends on what. If for sports or entertainment then yes. For the military, definitely not.
            1. Timeout
              Timeout 31 October 2013 18: 06
              I just forgot to say, not optics but mounts under it. Optics, which is produced by Swissis, is an inheritance from German industrialists after the Versailles Peace. And more than 70% of the capital, respectively, is still German, together with the engineers, so consider development truly Swiss ...
            2. Lopatov
              Lopatov 31 October 2013 18: 23
              I won’t say anything about shooting optics, but they have overtaken us for decades on rangefinders and other intelligence tools.
              Surveillance device day-night-thermal imager, range finder, ZhPS-compass, determination of coordinates and their transfer and video take-out. And to everything else, also highlighting goals. And all this wealth in the case in size as a decision-maker, maybe 5 centimeters longer.
              And the second thing I liked is the hoods, so as not to let the bunnies in and reduce the probability of detecting optics by laser locators. Cylinders with drilled channels. We dispensed with cardboard from boxes and electrical tape.

              It seems they tried to get into our market
        2. vanaheym
          vanaheym 31 October 2013 16: 51
          B&T produces excellent sniper rifles and silencers. True, and their prices are like a Swiss watch.
          1. Timeout
            Timeout 31 October 2013 18: 03
            APR is the same Hicket, only with its jambs. I had to deal with both those and others - Hicket is better, but with its own nuances. And one of the drawbacks is that the barrels are not produced at B&T, but in Singapore at Kinetics, and their quality is not particularly ... Suppressors, for the present time, are normal without any special bells and whistles. All manufactured products are licenses from other manufacturers with modifications from B&T, by the way, not always successful. The only plus for you is that Tactical Systems is engaged in screwdriver assembly in Ukraine.
            1. vanaheym
              vanaheym 1 November 2013 00: 49
              Quote: Timeout
              The only plus for you is that Tactical Systems are engaged in screwdriver assembly in Ukraine.

              There is no plus in this - for what reason "TS" collects them in Ukraine is not clear. Maybe the grandmother is washed. Moreover, with its price of almost $ 15000, it did not stick to anyone for nothing. In Ukraine, there is "Zbroyar" with its full production cycle and normal prices - Tactical Systems with their horse prices and a screwdriver did not fall anywhere.
  5. Tyumen
    Tyumen 31 October 2013 14: 46
    A similar thing is released by IMI, - ultrasound without automatic shooting mode. Huge 20charger freak.
  6. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 31 October 2013 15: 33
    To be honest, I don't understand the very concept of the so-called. "assault pistols". The niche of their application is not clear.
    For both the army and the police there are normal pistols that can be worn in a holster on a belt or hip for a long time in readiness for use and normal fully functional PPs. For the same fool or the American "Genz" and the like, not a holster is needed, but a whole harness (or on a shoulder strap, yes).
    For self-defense - complete nonsense. "Glocks", "Walters" "R-96/99", "Astra constable", "Mauser HSTs" and the same good old "Makarov" and a bunch of other samples - all with self-cocking and either an easily removable fuse, or without it at all (visible) - here's the choice for permanent carry or in a drawer. The reaction / extraction / firing time is less, the sense is more.
    So you want a castrated PP: you need to take a P-90 with an elongated barrel - here you have 50 rounds, normal application and an impressive exterior fellow , however, you can’t stuff it in your pocket either, yes.
    Cyril respected. A long time ago there was no SW. the author. And the sample is not to say massively popular and publicized. hi
  7. vanaheym
    vanaheym 31 October 2013 17: 04
    I think that all these bells and whistles are sold for people who want something similar to PP, but cannot buy it legally. In Ukraine, such a device is available for choice either with a fixed butt, or with a fixed long muffler. As a weapon of self-defense or for hunting - use is doubtful.
    And for its price with us - you can buy about three good Zbroyar rifles in .338LM
  8. Fobos-grunt
    Fobos-grunt 31 October 2013 21: 28
    Assault pistols such as the SPP pistol are very popular in the world. A lot of weight dampens returns. There is a good place for all PICATINI and a store with a larger capacity does not look superfluous. But not with our laws where tuning a trunk to a store of more than 10 parons is against the law. Dreaming is not harmful ...
  9. uzer 13
    uzer 13 31 October 2013 21: 52
    Maybe someone is interested in digging into the glands, wiping them with a cloth and muttering something like, well, now I get these Russians, I’ll ask them pepper ... There’s too much money. This gun is for them. From a technical point of view, the gun resembles a Tavria car , which was also a heap of technical absurdities, although it was possible to ride on it.
    1. gizz
      gizz 4 November 2013 21: 01
      Well, I still, in the absence of another, prefer Tavria Zhiguli (and any model). It depends on whom what and why it is more convenient to use.