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Revolver Tseliski system: the most powerful in its class

In the second half of the XX century, the most powerful in the world was the American hunting revolver “Casull”, which was created in the distant 1959 year. The energy of the bullet of this revolver was 1923 joule. And he would remain a record holder of the 20th century if the Austrian gunsmith Adolf Celiska (Zeliska) in 1995 did not surpass this result. Celiska began experimenting with hanging powder for rifle caliber cartridges.

Revolver Tseliski system: the most powerful in its class

To increase power weapons, the designer actively experimented with charges. He managed to achieve an increase in the initial speed of the bullet to 614 meters per second, increasing the muzzle energy to 2809 joules. This result was achieved through the use of .30 caliber cartridges with an 14,9-gram shell bullet and a mass of powder charge equal to 2,59 gram. At a distance of about 12 meters, a bullet pierced a 8-millimeter steel plate. Celiski was not completely satisfied with this result, so he began experimenting with the revolver from Century Arms, the 100 model. This revolver was adapted under the .45-70 gun cartridge, and its weight was about 3 kilograms. For him, Adolph Celiska prepared cartridges with a Hercules 2400 charge in 2,72 grams (42 grains) and a bullet weighing 19,44 grams (300 gran) of the “High Power” type.

The Austrian master was also not satisfied with the result and began to create a weapon that no one had done before him - a revolver chambered for “Winchester magnum” in .458 caliber with a half-shell bullet 33 gram and 4335 muzzle energy Adolf Celiska met the technologist Otto Zieler and the owner of the company K. Pfeiffer Special Arms "by Klaus Pfeifer, who were initially skeptical about the idea of ​​releasing cartridges and revolvers with such a powerful caliber. Despite this, the customer managed to convince them, citing the revolver by the American firm “Sturm, Ruger and K” of the “Super Redhok” model as an example. For the development of the revolver, Tseliski spent 2 of the year, and as a result, they created an instance that was easily tested at the Vienna Station. The resulting revolver became a real monster - weight over 5 kilograms, length 47 centimeters with a length of stem 26 centimeters. However, the index of muzzle energy is not the limit. Hand cartridges with an expressive head void mass 19,5 gram muzzle energy is 5116 joules.

For comparison: a bullet fired from a Makarov pistol gives muzzle energy 300 joules.

The revolver is made of special burnished steel. Below, on the right side of the frame, it says in gold “Special production for Adolf Celiski” in German. On the left side there is an inscription "MODEL .458 ZELISKA". In terms of Swiss francs, the weapon cost the owner 18 thousand francs.

The revolver's handle extending downwards is made of polished walnut. The width of the whole frame of the revolver is 24 mm, and the thickened walls of the drum - 7,5 mm. The drum length 85,5 mm and diameter 63 mm is equipped with five chambers. USM hammer type with open trigger single action. The trigger is placed in a capacious round bracket, which makes it possible to shoot with a glove. The trigger is equipped with a safety platoon. The revolver "Tseliska" has an integrated compensator, which is made in the form of two holes, extending 30 millimeters from the muzzle at an angle 45 degrees. In addition, the barrel has 6 rifling. However, the recoil of the revolver is about 42,7 joules, which, even despite the compensator and a significant mass, the revolver throws up to 40-50 degrees. Of course, not everyone will dare to shoot from this revolver, but those who decided to take this step describe the shooting as an unforgettable adventure.

To remove the spent cartridges and charge the revolver, the drum must be tilted to the left. From the drum the removal of spent cartridges is carried out simultaneously by hand using a spring-loaded extractor and a stem-ejector. The drum latch is located behind the drum flap on the left side of the frame. Sights open type - adjustable rear sight and front sight. In the muzzle of the trunk at the top there is a beveled back front sight, and at the bottom there is a slat-case for a rod-ejector. Micrometer screw allows you to move the sights. The revision line of the revolver is 350 millimeters.

The company that launched this giant later produced a revolver with a longer barrel and even more muzzle energy.

The Tseliski system revolver is quite interesting, but its purpose is not entirely clear. It could be used for hunting, as a “last chance” weapon - to finish off wounded large animals that attack a hunter, but the mass of a revolver does not allow carrying it as an additional weapon.

The use of this revolver for self-defense is also questionable, since for a shot from the Tseliski revolver it is necessary to strain the muscles of the back and arms. Recoil is quite painful and sensitive. Quickly open fire, too, will not work. And the price of such a revolver is very high.

But lovers of rifle exotic buy it. The revolver of the Tseliski system is now considered to be the most powerful revolver in the world. To make this revolver simply out of the reach of competitors, developers and designers are working on the use of cartridges .460 "uzerbi" or .50 "browning".

Main technical characteristics of the revolver "CELISKA":
Caliber - 458 (mm 11,13).
Patron - "Winchester" 458.
Barrel length - 260 mm.
The total length of the revolver is 470 mm.
Drum capacity - 5 cartridges.
Weight - 5,1 kg.
Sighting range - 50-100 m.
The initial speed of the bullet - 550 m / s.

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  1. Bosk
    Bosk 28 October 2013 09: 14
    To attach a butt, a bed to slightly extend the barrel ... a castrated carbine will work, but at least it will not go into the forehead with a barrel ...
  2. Old skeptic
    Old skeptic 28 October 2013 09: 24
    Complete nonsense. Absolutely meaningless toys - the mass is more than AK, but to the point ...
    1. Astrey
      Astrey 28 October 2013 11: 44
      The man was clearly taken out by the kangaroo and the Australians. )
      1. REZMovec
        REZMovec 28 October 2013 22: 01
        He is an Austrian, this is next to Germany (this is for information). Australia is a continent in the southern hemisphere ...
    2. bazilio
      bazilio 28 October 2013 11: 59
      Such a barrel is beyond the bounds of good and evil ...
      I think with such a barrel and ammunition is not necessary, fuck the bear in the forehead of this 5 kg. bandura, he will die anyway))))
  3. roial
    roial 28 October 2013 09: 25
    1. Kolovrat77
      Kolovrat77 28 October 2013 09: 44
      I think this is a shell for a female revolver, ammunition and .... samotyk. Guessed?
      1. Omskgasmyas
        Omskgasmyas 28 October 2013 13: 00
        In order to use such a projectile as a drift, cutting is best done not in the barrel, but on the outside of the sleeve and bullet ... And make a larger flange so that there is no accident and then the doctors do not suffer. wassat
        1. liberty
          liberty 28 October 2013 23: 06
          Gunpowder from the ammunition is also better to remove, so, just in case: D
  4. Tyumen
    Tyumen 28 October 2013 09: 25
    Useless, stupid toy. For her, a combat module is needed. :-)
    At one time, I ordered one of our craftsmen, he sharpened four-shot revolvers for 28 caliber, a barrel 80mm,
    these were guns!
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 28 October 2013 11: 36
      I agree, it's useless. CERTAIN BOYS choose .600 Nitro Express:

      Seriously, .500 S&W looks like a reasonable limit, in any case, the people in the video, after shooting the drum, the store did not remain with broken hands:
      1. Vasyan1971
        Vasyan1971 1 November 2013 01: 15
        Well I do not know ! From this distance it’s cheaper and more convenient to flatten watermelons with a sledgehammer. Ponty duratskie and, excuse me, bespontovye
        1. luiswoo
          luiswoo 1 November 2013 12: 11
          And many pistol cartridges, also at the same distance, will be able to carry watermelons?
          At 14 "30, the same comrade, from six meters, smashes a wall of concrete bricks
  5. Rinat 1
    Rinat 1 28 October 2013 09: 26
    Horror, and why is it needed? Only hang on the wall.
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 28 October 2013 11: 47
      the carpet will fall down! laughing
  6. knyazDmitriy
    knyazDmitriy 28 October 2013 09: 28
    still AGS-17 in the pistols recorded))))
  7. kotvov
    kotvov 28 October 2013 09: 33
    it was necessary to attach wheels, to this ,, revolver ,,
    1. Gari
      Gari 28 October 2013 11: 10
      Quote: kotvov
      it was necessary to attach wheels, to this ,, revolver ,,

      with a gun carriage just right
      1. Omskgasmyas
        Omskgasmyas 28 October 2013 13: 06
        With a gun carriage from the 203-mm howitzer B-4 am
        1. ImPerts
          ImPerts 28 October 2013 19: 35
          Yes, yes ... Self-propelled carriage)))
  8. ImPerts
    ImPerts 28 October 2013 09: 41
    A little more and reach 12,7 X 108 mm. From entertainment it will be))) Someone will definitely break his forehead)))
    1. Jager
      Jager 12 March 2014 16: 35
      Complete with a revolver then a helmet will be offered)))
  9. makarov
    makarov 28 October 2013 09: 43
    I was not surprised, because I saw in Poland a pistol of local production, chambered for 12,7 × 108 mm.
    Surprised, and asked, - And in fact, why such an aggregate? Unfortunately, there was no intelligible answer.
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 28 October 2013 11: 51
      I dare to suggest that this is a belated response
      for the Polish cavalry against Hitler tanks
      anti-tank levarver!
      truth with a side effect-
      and the tank stops and the rider with a horse throws back laughing
      to starting positions
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 28 October 2013 14: 19
        strongly suspect that the 460 weatherby is not much weaker ...
    2. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 1 November 2013 01: 16
      Confront the Russian tank threat probably.
  10. Evgeny_Lev
    Evgeny_Lev 28 October 2013 09: 50
    Spare hands, tendons and muscles, available with "hight & fight"
  11. woland05
    woland05 28 October 2013 09: 53
    Why is it needed? Unless in movies, like weapons of supervillains
  12. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 28 October 2013 09: 58
    It seems that these Germans are Freudian obsessed with prodigies))) In my opinion, all people with the name Adolph are drawn to something huge ... big ... powerful. Our story knew one such thing, its craving for big played against him)))
    And so in the states they also like these guns:

    Smith & Wesson Model 500

    The weight: 56 ounces (1,59 kg) per 82 ounces (2,32 kg) [1]
    Barrel length:

    4 inches (102 mm) (500S)
    8 ¾ in (213 mm)
    10,5 V (267 mm)

    : 0,500 S & W Magnum
    Action: double action
    Estimated Muzzle Velocity:. 2075 m / s. (632 m / s)
    Effective range: 50 m
    Maximum range: 100 m
    Supply system: 5 charging drum
    Sights: diopter, it is possible to install additional sights
  13. JonnyT
    JonnyT 28 October 2013 10: 01
    for those who are really small)))
    1. Patton5
      Patton5 28 October 2013 11: 32
      this one has less)))))
      1. roial
        roial 28 October 2013 14: 39
  14. avt
    avt 28 October 2013 10: 06
    Quote: JonnyT
    for those who are really small)))

    Campaign yes, sexual perversion, compensating for the shortcomings of physiology.
    1. Kolovrat77
      Kolovrat77 28 October 2013 10: 31
      And I kept wondering why the Israelis and the Americans invented the desert eagle (especially the largest calibers), honestly thought to scare us, well, there in the militants (this device left an indelible mark on their subculture), but it turns out that it.
  15. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 28 October 2013 10: 16
    If the question "How?" the article has an answer,
    it is still not clear "nah ... me?".
  16. kirgudu
    kirgudu 28 October 2013 11: 23
    I can’t even imagine how to shoot from such a device without stopping. To beat out a brush as nefig to do.
  17. pensioner
    pensioner 28 October 2013 11: 40
    Only to Hollywood. Weapon for Stallone or Schwarzenegger. Although ... Our glamorous directors will easily arm the Smershevites with them in the new series "about the war".
    1. vkrav
      vkrav 28 October 2013 20: 24
      Quote: retired
      Only to Hollywood

      Fools live there in another village too! I remember in some western it was said that Clint Eastwood shoots from the 44th caliber, but in reality he shot from the 41st, because his hands are not official, and the recoil from the horse takes off laughing
  18. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 October 2013 12: 11
    When it comes to fanaticism, common sense rests on the sidelines.
  19. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 28 October 2013 12: 16
    Well that's it! A lot of authors will have to rewrite their books! What kind of realties "Doctor Death" is now expanding through the pages, casually firing from Dessert Needles in Macedonian. We urgently need to redo! Eagle is already obscenely tiny for grown up but never matured tormentors of cats ...
  20. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 28 October 2013 14: 08
    in our detachment there was a smooth-bore revolver OTs-12.caliber 11.5 mm. shot with lead bullets. a powerful gun was! I shot it unfortunately 1 time. for familiarization.
  21. alex-cn
    alex-cn 28 October 2013 14: 14
    The development is not new - Celisk did it in the 2000 area. Here’s how to shoot with a Weatherby cartridge - I can’t imagine, an elephant cartridge is considered. A roller hangs in a tube where sheikhs shoot from 600 nitro in a shooting range - one literally threw it out the door ... if I am not mistaken, the bullet of this express train beats with a force of about 9 tons.
  22. Lesnik
    Lesnik 28 October 2013 14: 57
    Oh I'm gut, gut Voldemar wink
    But seriously, how experimental development is very gut laughing
  23. ran nearby
    ran nearby 28 October 2013 16: 09
    funny, but absolutely not functional nonsense
  24. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 28 October 2013 17: 33
    If you can walk on an elephant with Dessert Eagle, then with this generation of an inferiority complex you can walk on a tyrannosaurus.
    1. ka5280
      ka5280 28 October 2013 20: 41
      This is a revolver for hunting armored personnel carriers =)
    2. sub307
      sub307 28 October 2013 21: 12
      You can also "go drowning" with him.
  25. sub307
    sub307 28 October 2013 21: 11
    A pair of revolvers can be used as dumbbells.
  26. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 28 October 2013 22: 48
    the meaning of creating this weapon? just different but not smart
  27. poquello
    poquello 29 October 2013 00: 06
    Probably now the Austrian is developing an exoskeleton for shooting from his device
  28. montemor
    montemor 29 October 2013 03: 34
    as they sing in the song, "but it doesn't hurt me, but it's cool for me" hi
  29. Hort
    Hort 29 October 2013 08: 39
    laurels of space marines to someone do not give rest)) This is not a revolver - this is an assault gun
  30. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 29 October 2013 18: 15
    A stopping weapon for the traffic police - one shot and the engine of a reckless driver as never before!
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 31 October 2013 19: 22
      just buckle up. rest against, put the trunk on the window frame and FIRE. weapons instead of brakes. and throw the engine and 12 cal. enough guns. he will have less weight than this revolver
  31. Aleksandr67
    Aleksandr67 30 October 2013 06: 05
    After shooting from such a revolver, you need to sign up to a traumatologist with a dislocation of the hand.
  32. Assistant
    Assistant 1 November 2013 23: 39
    "... Combat 13-mm anti-personnel gun" Jackal ". It uses a new type of cartridge ... 39 cm long, weight with a 6-round clip - 16 kg. A man cannot cope with this ..."
    (c) Kota Hirano, Hellsing.

    No, well, the only application that comes to mind.
  33. Jager
    Jager 12 March 2014 16: 43
    It would look good in the paws of everyone's beloved Californian Terminator in the new series))) The good old "asta la vista, baby" - and the "Leopard-2" with sparks breaks the VLD, the fighting compartment and pulls out the MTO by the roots laughing
    And you can think of a 203-mm howitzer with a rifle stock, but why?