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West vs. Libya: The Information War


On the night of Sunday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the application of international sanctions against the Libyan leadership.

According to RIA "News”, The members of the UN Security Council declared that the proposed measures are designed to stop the killing of opponents of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Sanctions prohibit trade weapons with Libya, the freezing of foreign accounts and the refusal to issue visas to the Libyan leader, his family and a number of people close to him. In addition, the 15 member states of the UN Security Council instructed the International Criminal Court to investigate the execution of anti-government protesters in Libya and bring those responsible to justice.

On Sunday, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Russia supports the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council, but calls on the world community for a political settlement and non-interference in the situation in Libya. Vitaly Churkin called on the Libyan authorities to comply with the requirements supported by the UN Security Council in order to prevent a full-scale civil war and preserve the country as a single and sovereign state.

Information War of the West

Throughout the week, European and American media, followed by most of the global media, reported on how Gaddafi’s "bloody dictator" suppresses "popular uprising." But in the Russian Federation, they remember August 2008, when the Anglo-American media showed the burning Tskhinval, the Georgian Tanks and, commenting on these shots, they said that Georgian cities were on fire, and Russian troops launched an invasion of Georgia.

What are the main "news"? Here are the characteristic headlines: "Gaddafi's companions are preparing to blow up oil pipelines," that is, Europe is under attack; "Either me or chaos." ( ”- Gaddafi and his son say that their departure will lead to the collapse of the country and civil war; they talk about air strikes against the population of the country (Al-Jazeera channel), “battles for every house”, “hundreds of corpses”, “African mercenaries who flooded the country”, about the use of “large-caliber machine guns, mortars” by supporters of Gaddafi.

But according to citizens of the Russian Federation who were evacuated from Libya, the Air Force did not strike at Tripoli, in the center of Tripoli calmly.

The world community is convinced of the need to overthrow the tyrant Gaddafi. Almost all messages from Libya are not objective, as they are based on messages from the Libyan opposition, and almost all of its leaders are in the West, in Europe and the USA. The opposition offers the world community to intervene.

That is, there is a serious disinformation campaign around the events in Libya, the purpose of which is to completely discredit the Gaddafi regime and measures to restore order in the country.


- a blow is struck at the European Union, the euro, to maintain the dollar system;

- there is a "reformat" of the countries of the Arab world and Black Africa, the fragmentation of large countries into smaller ones;

- the change of the Arab elite, in their place should come "new growth", even more dependent on Western countries, in the context of the global crisis The Arab world, with its oil and gas resources, they want to put under even tighter control.

- interrupt the course of Gaddafi to modernize Libyan society in a secular spirit, to form a united nation at the expense of tribal solidarity and Islam, based on Arab socialism. A counter-revolution is taking place, returning Libya to that semi-colonial state in which it was before Gadhafi came to power.

The main driving forces of the counter-revolution are the tribal elite (wants to get more profit from oil revenues), part of the youth brought up on the illusions of the Western "gloss", part of the officials (want to get power), the West.

African Union, as the first step towards a united Africa?

The creation of the “African states” was raised in 2009, at the summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa. It was decided to create a single African state, the type of the United States. To begin with, create a structure that will explain the benefits of unification to the African political elites, as well as undertake the solution of the problems of fighting poverty, infectious diseases, and education. "Our ultimate goal is the creation of the United States of Africa," said Jakaya Kikweta, President of Tanzania, after the summit in Addis Ababa. The creation of a new US African leaders is pushing and the global economic crisis - the problems that it creates, can not be solved within one state.

But it is clear that most of the political elites will sabotage the unification process, since it risks losing power. It is possible to unite only on the basis of any IDEAS, it is obvious that there is no such unifying idea in all of Africa. Some countries belong to the Islamic world - North Africa, in other states Christianity prevails (for example, in Ethiopia), Central Africa has strong pagan traditions, huge differences in racial, national characteristics.

Therefore, the Western clans consider it necessary to conduct additional fragmentation (for example: a decision was made in Sudan to divide the South and the North) in order to make it easier to manipulate the “fragments” of states. The collapse is waiting for Libya.
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  1. Alexander
    Alexander 1 March 2011 13: 45
    Yes, everything is clear already - NATO is going to send troops to Libya - "to protect civilians." They want oil and gas. Bandits and marauders. Do they really think that people are so stupid and do not see whose ears stick out from every mess? That's really really - the true EMPIRE OF EVIL. As a cancerous tumor devours the body, so these bandits with irrepressible consumption devour the whole world, no longer even bothering about a cover.
  2. Sirius
    Sirius 1 March 2011 20: 07
    I disagree. They take care of the cover very well. Their media have a good command of the minds of Western inhabitants, and they don’t give a damn about our opinion about their policies and methods.