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Flight simulator - military pilot training desk

Modernized Mi-28 “Night Hunter” helicopters and assault transport Mi-8 helicopters arrived at the air base of the Southern Military District in Budennovsk. Before you take to the air a new technique, pilots train on the ground - on a computer simulator.

Computer-simulated training bout lasts no more than 20 seconds. There are no winners in it - only marks in the magazine. As military pilots say, "reality must be divided into ten." “If we worked out all the failures verbally, and the actions were in the cockpit, now we can see how the situation will develop with different flight parameters, in different conditions,” said navigator Yuri Postavnichy.

The Budennovskaya airbase was the first in the Southern Military District to be armed with “Night Hunters” - Mi-28 helicopters. Now replenishment is again - the country's first special simulator. According to the instructors, the simulator has reduced the training time for pilots by half, especially for abnormal situations.

It is impossible not to succumb to the temptation and do not sit at the control handle of the simulator. In spite of the fact that there is no usual noise of screws and vibration of the cabin, due to the special picture transmitted to the monitor screen, the sensations from the training flight are very close to real.

A third of the combat helicopter was turned into a classroom, entry into it only after passing special tests. As pilots admit, the electronic examiner sometimes makes you sweat, but after this the pilot's actions in the air become habitual, like breathing in and out.

The deputy commander of the airbase, Yuri Borisov, explains: “He himself [the pilot] forms the very philosophy of flight in his head, the motility of the pilot’s actions is worked out on the simulator. It’s very important! .

Two days of theory, the rest is practice, combat flights. Most of them - in the twilight and adverse weather conditions. Simulator trainings help to confidently lead the newest helicopter just ten meters from the ground. “Before each flight, there is a separate task for the simulator that we perform. We train, work out, then in flight there is less unrest,” notes senior pilot Dmitry Chumbarov.

The pilots say that it is prestigious to serve at the Budyonnovskaya airbase of the Southern Military District. Over the past three years, the new technology has become more at times - after all, the local pilots have to perform tasks in the mountains near the southern borders of the country.

As the military say, in a few days four more sides will take off: the airbase has been replenished with new Mi-8 transport helicopters. Unlike their predecessors, they help the military to perform any task not only at night, but also in adverse weather conditions. Now the first crews are completing preparations for the first training flights.
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  1. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 23 October 2013 14: 21
    let the guys train, the Olympics on the nose. yes at all.
  2. creak
    creak 23 October 2013 14: 48
    And why in the title is not a simulator, but a flight simulator, what does it simulate?
    1. Migari
      Migari 23 October 2013 15: 19
      Quote: ranger
      And why in the title is not a simulator, but a flight simulator, what does it simulate?

      A simulator is a simulator of mechanical or computer simulating the control of any process, well, the same thing, the thing is great, it’s a pity that they are practically nonexistent, and the effect is that: it halved the training time for pilots, especially for emergency situations. good
      1. pint45
        pint45 23 October 2013 15: 29
        And I'm not talking about a simulator, but profanity for a report on the work done.
      2. creak
        creak 23 October 2013 17: 51
        What is the simulator used for and what is its use, thank God I know that in the text the device is called either a simulator or a simulator ... Why call a computer simulator a simulator, in Russian the verb simulate has a slightly different meaning than English simulate ... So it turns out the simulator is a simulator, but in fact a simulator ... They train on a simulator, and a simulator comes out (usually they simulate a disease or other condition of a person, hence a simulator.) You can borrow Englishism, of course, but it should be in place...
      3. pint45
        pint45 23 October 2013 18: 37
        Thank you for the razneniye we will deal with the mustache
  3. pint45
    pint45 23 October 2013 15: 13
    This is not the simulator that is in the picture, but just a simulator for ground support services
  4. Realist58
    Realist58 23 October 2013 15: 46
    Simple good news.
    The main thing is that the simulators do not replace real flights.
  5. ZU-23
    ZU-23 23 October 2013 18: 06
    Please let me download this simulator to mere mortals, we’ll kill ourselves on the joystick)))
  6. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 23 October 2013 18: 38
    Yes, no matter how he is called, perhaps this is a correspondent's mistake, the main thing is that he benefits, the pilots learn faster and safer, and then, as in the saying, at least call a pot, just don’t put it in the oven!
    1. pint45
      pint45 23 October 2013 18: 59
      Noodle on the ears for the incompetent in this regard.
  7. crambol
    crambol 23 October 2013 20: 16
    Flight simulator - the thing you need on the farm!
    But what does air have to do with it? Is it on the plane to?
  8. Letnab
    Letnab 24 October 2013 02: 52
    a year or two ago there was a program on the Landfill, they took a couple of ordinary fans of flight simulators, those who are fans of computer toys, and put them in the cockpit of a real plane. So these guys took off on their own, a little from aerobatics, landing, and almost all on their own, only under the supervision of instructors. According to the instructors, these guys took several times less time to get comfortable in the cockpit and begin to control the aircraft. Errors were, of course, but insignificant. So modern computer toys, only in the form of simulators, may well participate in the training of both pilots and tankers, etc. And this kind of training should in fact be introduced throughout the army, especially in specialties related to equipment.
    Here on the site, a lot of discussions require the return of students to school, here is one of the options for training in the use of technology and tactics, the boys will just be interested ..