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The legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version - Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber


Gas pistol Škorpion (Scorpion) Sa vz. 61RA caliber 9, having the ability to fire rubber bullet cartridges - civil weapon, which is a means of effective self-defense. The main purpose of Sa vz.61 is to temporarily disable an attacking subject.

Adaptation for traumatic cartridge was carried out by the company Grand Power (Slovakia).

To adapt to the traumatic version was used a new trunk. The trunk is steel, solid; The trunk channel of the Т10 type has two small pins, which, in combination with a long barrel, provides muzzle energy that is comparable to the record holders of the latest known tests. The possibility of firing solid objects is excluded in accordance with the requirements of the ECC. In addition, the automatic mode was removed. Included with a bent "native" store (does not work with "nines" and is attached for beauty, aesthetics or experimentation) a new direct store, made specifically for the cartridge 9 mm PA, is supplied.

The choice of cartridge 9P.A. for a traumatic pistol is obvious. First, it is the most common traumatic ammunition in Russia. Secondly, the Scorpion Sa vz.61 submachine gun was previously used with 7,62x17 ammunition, which had rather modest dimensions. As a result, for reworking a Scorpion combat pistol, for example, under AKBS ammunition 10x28, it would have required much more time and labor, which guaranteedly increased the already considerable cost of a new traumatic pistol.

The legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version - Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber

The Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber automatics implements the principle of working with a free gate. Firing single shots or bursts allows trigger type triggering. Fuse-translator can be transferred to one of three positions: the rear ("1") - a single shot; medium ("0") - fuse; front ("2") - the queue. The safety lever-translator is located above the pistol grip on the left side, allowing you to conveniently and quickly work with it. The shot is made from the closed shutter. The “Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber” pistol is equipped with a firing rate retarder due to the small mass of the bolt and ammunition, which allows for more than 100 shots per minute.

In this regard, after each shot, the retarder, placed in the handle, blocks for some time the bolt in the rearmost position with a spring-loaded grip, after which it releases the bolt. This made it possible to achieve a rate of fire of 840 shots per minute, while the pistol is well controlled when firing in automatic mode. The cocking handle was made two-sided. On both sides of the receiver are cocking levers, made in the form of a button. "Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber" is equipped with a steel butt folding up. At production bent wire was used. Sights - L-shaped rear sight and front sight, which allow you to conduct aimed fire at a distance of 75 or 150 meters.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber certified LLC PKP AKBS.

In the United States, Czechpoint USA supplies this submachine gun under the designation .380 AUTO Sa vz. 61 Scorpion. This semi-automatic version is designed for .380 ACP cartridge (9х17mm). The original Scorpion used the .32 ACP cartridge (7,65x17mm). The new Scorpion caliber received since the progressive rifle society of the United States believes that the lack of possibility of automatic fire in the Škorpion Sa vz. 61 chambered for .32 ACP makes it just a “toy”. Despite this, even the new cartridge does not fully satisfy the demands of the US arms market. The main feature of the version for the US market is the new transparent polymer magazine for 20 cartridges (empty magazine weight - 50 grams, curb - 250 grams) and the lack of a butt. The cost of a semi-automatic Scorpion pistol in the United States is about 615 dollars.

The Scorpion Sa vz.61 pistol is not only a weapon for self-defense, but is of collection value, since it is made from a combat model, which was produced in the 1960-s. Initially, the Scorpion submachine gun was developed for arming tankers, signalers, as well as soldiers of other specialties. In service in Czechoslovakia was adopted in 1961 year. The Scorpion was shipped to Angola, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and some other countries. In addition, Scorpion was used by a number of terrorist groups during some high-profile terrorist attacks in the 1970-1980's.

The main advantages of the gun Scorpion Sa vz. 61 are strength, large store capacity, high quality workmanship, as well as a large service life. The disadvantages include a rather large size and considerable weight. It is the shortcomings of the traumatic Scorpion pistol that determine its main purpose. It can be recommended as a home security weapon, since the weight and dimensions do not allow it to be constantly worn, ao secrecy and speech can not be.

The approximate cost in Russia is from 25 to 35 thousand rubles.

Specifications traumatic pistol Scorpion Sa vz.61:
Caliber - 9 mm PA Rubber.
Gun Length:
- with unfolded butt - 522 mm;
- with folded butt - 270 mm.
Height - 167 mm.
Width - 43 mm.
Barrel length - 115 mm.
Pistol weight:
- without a store - 1370 g;
- with a shop - 1420
Magazine capacity - 20 (10) cartridges.

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  1. ICT
    ICT 23 October 2013 09: 49
    The first injury, which impressed me, is quite an interesting model.
    1. Starfish
      Starfish 23 October 2013 12: 37
      yeah, drool immediately. The store’s only native looks better.
      1. ICT
        ICT 23 October 2013 15: 16
        Quote: Starfish
        The store’s only native looks better.

        all cartridges are in sight, it works as a deterrent, just half of the questions can be closed simply by holding it in your hands, the product is still not running, so many can take it for real
  2. makarov
    makarov 23 October 2013 11: 05
    "... It can be recommended as a home security weapon, since the weight and dimensions do not allow it to be constantly worn on oneself, ao secrecy and speech is out of the question ..."
    It is not excluded that "kulibins" can be purchased for alteration. There are heaps of similar cases ...
  3. vovan100
    vovan100 23 October 2013 12: 24
    Awesome thing, I would have taken one in the car or kept at home is also good.
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 24 October 2013 00: 35
      Do not forget to remove the fly before use.
      Funny, the only non-lethal thing that can stop, regardless of the pain threshold: a pepper bottle and a police-style shocker, you still can’t buy under license. And the rubber sands, with which perhaps the eye can be knocked out, expand in the assortment, blossom and smell, sadness in general.
      1. Krasnoarmeec
        Krasnoarmeec 24 October 2013 08: 49
        No flies on the trunk good another plus in his favor! lol
  4. Krasnoarmeec
    Krasnoarmeec 23 October 2013 14: 37
    The thing is really interesting, only the price bites .... that would save the automatic mode, would be a masterpiece, and for any hit of sales)))))
  5. understudy
    understudy 23 October 2013 14: 51
    The approximate cost in Russia is from 25 to 35 thousand rubles.

    Well, taking into account all the tendencies about the "protection of the domestic manufacturer", the price will be at a half-tax, and secondly ... can I fall out of the latest trends, but the ban on the import of foreign injuries and components has already been canceled?
    1. Krasnoarmeec
      Krasnoarmeec 23 October 2013 15: 07
      traumatic weapons to buy prices In Russia, the traumatic gun Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber fits the category of gas weapons with the possibility of firing ammunition with a rubber bullet. This model was first introduced to the general public in 2010.

      This model of traumatic weapons was made on the basis of the well-known model of the Czechoslovak submachine gun Scorpion Sa vz.61 - in fact, the Russian model is an adaptation of the combat model for a 9-caliber cartridge of traumatic action. In order to prevent the possibility of firing a solid object, the gun barrel is mounted on a pin, immediately after the chamber there are two obstacles in the barrel channel, as in the T10 model.

      I understand the Russian assembly.
  6. Krasnoarmeec
    Krasnoarmeec 23 October 2013 15: 13

    Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber is made on the basis of the famous Czechoslovak submachine gun Scorpion Sa vz.61 (Škorpion in Czech spelling) and represents its adaptation to the traumatic action cartridge of caliber 9 PA for the Russian market of self-defense weapons. Alteration into a traumatic version is carried out by the Slovak company Grand Power, well known to Russian weapon lovers, as a manufacturer of traumatic pistols T10 and T12. The official importer of Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber to Russia is the Nizhny Novgorod company AKBS.
  7. ICT
    ICT 23 October 2013 16: 04
    Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber cost in Moscow 46 mowers, (it turns out there is a copy of our cedar 10000 rub)
    oddly enough and automatic shooting
  8. fan_
    fan_ 23 October 2013 17: 55
    Yeah, only a 9PA cartridge which is effective as traumatic and with a force above 90 kJ, we have been banned from selling for 2 years. Allowed only low-power from which little use.
  9. ICT
    ICT 23 October 2013 18: 10
    I'm not particularly special, but the difference, as I understand it, is between 80 and 90 KJ. ALSO BETWEEN BULBS IN 100 W AND 95 W

    TechCrim »70 J - 19.5 rub / pcs
    "KSPZ" 50 J (Slaughter) - 19.5 rub / pcs
    "KSPZ" 80 J (Slaughter +) - 25 rub / pcs
    1. fan_
      fan_ 23 October 2013 18: 28
      Well, try looking for comparisons of ammunition in the internet.
  10. uzer 13
    uzer 13 23 October 2013 19: 18
    The quality is good, only for that kind of money only rich collectors can buy it. A kitchen knife for cutting meat will cost less, and there will be more benefit from it, if we have already talked about self-defense.
  11. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 23 October 2013 21: 34
    Corporal has an analogue of Cedar; the trunk is smooth, like Mr 471.
  12. ICT
    ICT 24 October 2013 09: 10
    Quote: Krasnoarmeec
    No flies on the trunk

    THE RESULT OF THE WORK OF A GOOD REPELLENT, and the sighting device is located on the "receiver"