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Terrorism as a Cost of the "Information Age"

Terrorism as a Cost of the "Information Age"

These thoughts have long been spinning in my head. I think not only in mine, so I will not pretend to originality. But when yesterday it exploded in my hometown and the infernal whistle literally overwhelmed everyone and I understood that I should speak at least.

Studying news involuntarily, you begin to recall the revelations of John the theologian - not a day goes by that somewhere in the world cars with explosives do not fly up into the air, regular "martyrs" and "hot tabs" do not work, or just ordinary people who have not gone crazy have missed the trunks. In endless disputes on information networks and all kinds of talk shows, people and all kinds of "eyewitnesses and experts" share their impressions, are horrified, express sympathy or call "all heavenly punishment" on the heads of people "waging war with civilians" ... What a long way to go for examples ... Yesterday's news and discussion. Naturally, there are eternal questions: "Who is to blame and what to do?" It will take some time and the passions will subside, bury the dead and cancel mourning. Until the next explosion. After all, to prevent a terrorist attack (especially if it is a lone terrorist attack) is almost impossible. What to do? To walk constantly under the sword of Damocles possible loss? It’s probably even worse than just “falling under the hand” - people go crazy and no one will pay them compensation “as if they suffered from the terrorist act”

Probably and probably “I will be a bit”, but this is what we almost never think about trying to “find the extreme” to the best of our ability ... And what if all of us are guilty in part?

Let's think about why the last year’s 20 years curve of terrorism inevitably and inevitably climbs up. Quite often, regardless of the action or inaction of the authorities. The presence or any marked conflicts in society (remember Breivik, remember the wave of "computer shootings in schools"). It seems that "mom, we are all seriously ill, mom, I know we all went crazy ..." (c) And apparently this is not just an impression. The number of people inadequate on our streets is overwhelming beyond all reasonable limits. On the one hand, gushing over the edge aggressiveness but often complete infantilism and inability to predict the situation even for the next five minutes. What is it? Objective laws of social development? Or the "genetic defect" of humanity. I deliberately generalize, because if you look closely, we will see a similar picture with a greater or lesser degree of severity throughout the world. It seems that a virus (I immediately recall World War Z for some reason) covers the world - but unlike the "screen versions" it appeared not from the "third world countries" - but to the contrary, it affects primarily the most technologically developed countries. But with medical infections, mankind is poorly able to fight. Why does the "T virus" continue to creep away? But the fact is that the virus is "INFORMATION" - and it multiplies and spreads with our "joyful help."

В stories human society terrorism as a phenomenon has always been present. And as a means of achieving certain goals (of a military, political and economic nature) and as a mental illness leading individuals to spurts of unmotivated aggression (on religious ideological and other grounds). And individuals professing terrorism as an idea and as a method have always been ... In the end, Gassan al Sabbah if you look no less cool than the notorious Bin Laden - regardless of the fact that his order is not something that airliners but even firearms weapons there was no ... So, why is it now that terror has not only become an extremely popular method of "achieving a goal", but has generally become a problem # XXUMX? After all, not only in an increase in the number of corpses that a single-person affair who is capable of "piling on"?
Any phenomenon has a cause and a consequence. Let's try to postulate the main causes of "T syndrome"

1) Terrorism as a method of achieving any (political or other) goals. First of all, it is blackmail. De facto, a terrorist is not capable of causing any serious critical damage — even the fall of the “twin towers” ​​compared to losses from domestic fires or car accidents is practically nothing ... And this blackmail is not direct. Please note - extremely rarely objects of terrorist attacks are really critical objects. After all, they are protected and have a regime - in fact, no matter how cynical it sounds, but the destruction of the WTO doesn’t affect the life of the city itself - it is not electricity, not water supply. This blackmail is primarily fear. Thereby the irrational fear of senseless and inevitable death.

2) Terrorism as a method to become famous. Modern Herostratus syndrome. Virtually all "unmotivated" executions, if we dig, are based on this. Get your "moment of glory" as unconscious (and often absolutely conscious) the driving force of the most terrible crimes ... And how crazy it sounds but trick on Mamayev Kurgan and the shooting of Breivik is essentially a phenomenon of the same order.

All the rest is a variation of these fundamental reasons.

So what then combines a bearded Wahhabi with a hysterical teenager who has replayed a counterstrike?
Media (including the Internet) - it is they who justify the bombing of a suicide bomber on the Volgograd bus and the severed head of a kitten laid out on YouTube ... In World War Z, the zombivirus instantly spreads around the world because the global world is connected aviation. "T virus" is spreading rapidly over the network ... And not in the sense of any Wahhabi and other extremist sites ... And in the form of quite official news feeds. Our heated discussions with you, facebook and youtube ...
The main goal of "T syndrome" - like any other virus - is the fastest and all-inclusive spread. And this task is successfully solved for him.

What to do with it? I do not know. Back in the era of the Iron Curtain? Block Internet and satellite TV? Enter censorship? After all, an epidemic is often the only means of quarantine. As far as it is realizable (more precisely not realizable), I think it is clear to everyone.
There is truth, another means, fantastic, or rather not a means, a ghostly hope for him ... It is to stop reacting to the "information virus" - to produce antibodies of logic, reason, common sense. What would be clear - blackmail will not succeed, it will not be possible to become famous. Completely, of course, we don’t win the "T virus", there will always be a nourishing environment for it among low spirits and just people with a weakened mind ... But harm can and should be reduced ... At least for a start, stop using this "informational occasion" to inflate “sracha in kammentah”, invoking all “kar from heaven” on the heads of “black, red, gray-brownish ...” - and not at all because someone there “does not deserve” but because in fact all these splashes of pain, anger, rage, we feed the "virus T". Create a nutrient medium. The same media will look less to speculate on the topic if it ceases to give them "ratings" ...

It is clear that this is also a wish "in favor of the poor" ... But try to at least think about it.
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  1. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 23 October 2013 06: 38
    The worst thing is that the victims of the attacks are (in our time) innocent people.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 23 October 2013 08: 07
      What to do about it? I do not know. Return to the Iron Curtain? Block internet and satellite TV? Introduce censorship? Indeed, in an epidemic, quarantine is often the only remedy. (from article)

      The "virus" of terrorism is spreading because of the inability of the liberal government to cope with it, because of its proclaimed slogan of "universal all-embracing freedom", which they extend not only to actions that are natural for a person, but also to antisocial actions, such as freedom of licentiousness, excess of interests personal I over the interests of society, fear of affecting the interests of a murderer, terrorist, criminal in the interests of society.
      In any society, the law should reign "The freedom of any person should end where the interests and rights of another person or other people begin."
      And for this, however much we like it, comprehensive monitoring of all public places, including a boarding school, and tracking of antisocial acts with inevitable administrative or criminal punishment are necessary.
      Rejection of the liberal policy of "complete freedom" is an inevitable and necessary step in the fight against terrorism.
      1. Igor39
        Igor39 23 October 2013 09: 33
        The best way to fight, the vigilance of caring citizens and the operational work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB.
      2. Xroft
        Xroft 23 October 2013 10: 19
        Look, the Chinese have a * Golden Shield * that filters information in the Internet space .... why not make an analogue?
      3. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 23 October 2013 11: 08
        Quote: vladimirZ
        The virus of "terrorism is spreading because of the inability of the liberal government to cope with it, because of its proclaimed slogan of" universal all-embracing freedom "

        Yes, this virus is just at hand. Fear is the main weapon and means of controlling the masses. The intimidated ones are easier to manage, the intimidated dog will not tear off the leash, but will cuddle at the owner’s feet, no matter how cruel he is. That’s why the authorities skillfully use a corner of terrorism, either dampen or inflate.
  2. Lech from our city
    Lech from our city 23 October 2013 06: 54
    Terrorism has become an integral part of our lives - alas, the undermining or execution of us and our women with children will continue.

    There is no prescription for treating this trouble, but it is possible to minimize the number of victims.
    Complexes of measures have long been invented and implemented by competent people.
    I must say the problem of terrorism for RUSSIA began from the People’s Volunteers in 1879 - these gentlemen wanted to achieve their goals precisely by terror, which led them to hell.
    The same will be with the current sponsors of this anti-human phenomenon.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 23 October 2013 07: 21
      Why is there no cure? Single terrorists are an exception. Almost every terrorist attack has organizers and sponsors, their ruthless destruction will be a way of treatment.
      1. Lech from our city
        Lech from our city 23 October 2013 07: 28
        Was recently on a site about the Armenians who blew up the metro in the 70s. In the USSR, then the KGB had its tentacles everywhere and still could not prevent the bombing. What can we say about present times.
        1. alexng
          alexng 23 October 2013 07: 58
          It is simply necessary that terrorism itself and its manifestations be deprived of information support, but this is hindered by media idiots. The elimination of the centers and the terrorists themselves must be carried out with the utmost secrecy. They need a boom and the reaction of the masses to their tricks, and if they are deprived of this, then the very need for the implementation of their attacks will disappear.
      2. Starksa
        Starksa 23 October 2013 08: 02
        new leaders will come in their place, here it is necessary to dig deeper and apply hard not popular measures
      3. Russkiy_Prapor
        Russkiy_Prapor 23 October 2013 12: 28
        Quote: sergey32
        Why is there no cure? Single terrorists are an exception. Almost every terrorist attack has organizers and sponsors, their ruthless destruction will be a way of treatment.

        And terrorists also have families, teips and all kinds of clans there, which also need to be ruthlessly destroyed so that others are not disagreeable. Let the other chuchmeks themselves then destroy their lousy sheep — they don’t want for Russia, then they will fear terrorism in their ranks for fear.
      4. Anper
        Anper 23 October 2013 12: 56
        I want to note that terrorist attacks in executive and legislative institutions have never been carried out - although if you want to eliminate power, you have to beat there, logically. Or quietly poison the water supply network - it's not interesting to take pictures. They should not be confused with the Narodnaya Volya - they destroyed specific people from the government, and the effect of intimidation did not interest them.
        FrightEN - the easiest way, through the media (mind you, the word can not be said without money), in prime time (where payment is SECOND), hysterically screaming and drooling. Who pays for the news at this time? Unshaven Wahhabis and hysterical martyrs? Pure clean and tidy people sitting somewhere in their warm offices or in Moscow, or in Brussels, or elsewhere. As well as developing the whole concept of a terrorist attack. (Remember the twin towers - the cameras stood as if they were waiting for the beginning - everything is perfectly visible, everything is frightening and impressive, as in the best American film - the apocalypse).
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 23 October 2013 06: 54
    Without media coverage, a terrorist attack loses all meaning. When we close the newspapers and TV, then there will be no more. As an option, you can stop printing and showing news at all, we’ll leave only the weather forecast and recipes.
    1. Lech from our city
      Lech from our city 23 October 2013 06: 58
      FC Skif - you can go further on to each person to assign personal wearing soundproof earplugs and light-transmitting glasses - certainly there will be no problems with terror hi
    2. Toporkoff
      Toporkoff 23 October 2013 11: 42
      Without media coverage, a terrorist attack loses all meaning. When we close the newspapers and TV, then there will be no more. As an option, you can stop printing and showing news at all, we’ll leave only the weather forecast and recipes.

      Yeah, as in ancient times (I don’t remember among the Romans or Jews) to oblivion. No names, photographs, media reports, burial sites, the terrorist should be deleted from history.
  4. saag
    saag 23 October 2013 06: 59
    Quote: FC Skif
    We set only the weather forecast and recipes.

    Horoscopes. psychics, without them anywhere, pops again :-)
  5. George
    George 23 October 2013 07: 20
    Hello all.
    The media often from neutral observers covering the crime, become the protagonists of what is happening, and can have a significant impact on the outcome of the attack:
    1. To provoke an increase in the level of threat to the lives of hostages during negotiations.

    2. Affect the process of negotiations conducted by law enforcement agencies.

    3. To increase public concern and pressure on authorities to achieve a resolution to the conflict.

    4. Strengthen riots and aggravate public order issues

    Let's think actually why the curve of terrorism has inevitably and inevitably climbed up over the last 20 years. Quite often, regardless of the action or inaction of the authorities.

    And here I do not agree with the author. If in the Soviet Union they were fined for throwing a cigarette butt or spitting past the urn, put on a tag for swearing, then it didn’t reach terrorism.
    Did the authorities act or do nothing?
  6. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 23 October 2013 08: 14
    from the Don.
    Censorship and: Iron Curtain: -2-3 generations are lost!
  7. alekseyal
    alekseyal 23 October 2013 08: 52
    Terrorists do not act on their own, they have sponsors. Those in whose interests they act.
    There are no terrorists who act on their own.
    Ordinary terrorists may think that they are acting in the name of some lofty (in their opinion) goals.
    And their leaders who receive money and weapons are always up to date.
    The current terrorists are sponsored and supported by the United States and England.
    That's who the main enemy is.
    They created and support Al Qaeda. Sponsored by separatists in Chechnya.
    Without their support, Saakashvili would not have dared to attack South Ossetia in 2008.
    Terrorists must be destroyed, they must block the channels for the supply of money and weapons.
    And to try to negotiate with their real owners, it is clear that it is impossible to negotiate with the devil (he will still deceive). We must try to beat them with diplomatic methods and operations of the special services, and develop the army and navy and special services.
  8. Double major
    Double major 23 October 2013 09: 15
    Why do Slavs appear so often in the ranks of Wahhabi terrorists? Everything is simple. There is no national idea in the country. The enemy does not allow her to appear. The Internet is an invention of the West; accordingly, the West knows its child (so far, anyway) is much better than us. Well, for a long time it has special forces, such as cyber command, as part of the armies. We do not go further than talking about this topic. So, we are guerrilla in a small way, to the best of our ability and in the manner of private initiative ... It is information technologies that are skillfully used by the enemy that make terrorism so effective, and recruiting into the ranks of performers is so simple. It is necessary to study military affairs in this way, to take into account and use everything new that the enemy is applying. And we are still picking our nose ... By the way, the only country where the West has recently broken off its claws and damaged its teeth has become Syria. Well, I think it's no secret to anyone. So, Bashar Hafizovich, in addition to the Syrian Arab, has a Syrian electronic army, who does not know. And it was precisely through her efforts that the peoples of this country, and Syria are multinational and multi-religious, rallied around the government under the aggression of foreign mercenaries, and realizing the futility of efforts in this direction, Wahhabi agitators redirected to us, including. Who cares - you can look at what is being done even on the official page of our Foreign Ministry on Facebook ... They even spoil and campaign right there ...
    1. alekseyal
      alekseyal 23 October 2013 11: 43
      Quote: Twice Major
      there is also a Syrian electronic army

      We also have similar undertakings, of course not on such a scale, all on a voluntary basis, but still.
      Internet militia.
  9. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 23 October 2013 09: 27
    I did not give a mark, simply because the author is mistaken in my opinion. Terrorism is not a game or an attempt to assert itself. Terrorism is a declaration of war, and only a blind person does not see or understand this. But the war was declared not by those who detonate the bombs, and not even by those who produce them, and especially not by those who agitate and train terrorists. These are just pawns in a big war. Those who plan, finance, who give teams are far beyond our borders. And as long as our country tries to build only defense in this war, we will lose. The best defense is an attack, a well-known truth. So until our government begins to strike back, and not against pawns, but against queens, against kings, until then bombs will explode in our cities and take lives and cripple people. The question is, if I understand this, and many others still understand it, then why those who are ex officio obliged to wage this war do not understand this, and not in defense, but in attack and until victory
    1. Taoist
      23 October 2013 10: 33
      Terror as a war is a special case. And in my classification, he is present with the first point. But it is also naive to ignore the "modern herostrates". Terrorism in this case is a much broader concept.
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 23 October 2013 13: 33
        Quote: Taoist
        Terror as a war is a special case. And in my classification, he is present with the first point. But it is also naive to ignore the "modern herostrates". Terrorism in this case is a much broader concept.

        that's just the loner terrorists, these are special cases, the same Breivik, the loner is not quite in her right mind. For many years he made one terrorist attack in the country. The case is so shocking that he was even condemned somehow frivolously and he was sentenced to prison with all conveniences. In our country, the attacks are not isolated, this is a war and a serious war, a war with consequences, not only physical but also psychological. I am convinced that lone terrorists are inadequately mentally retarded people. Yes, it is impossible to predict them, and therefore their attacks were and always will be. And to prevent them is almost impossible. Therefore, it makes no sense to discuss them either.
  10. George
    George 23 October 2013 09: 38
    I agree with you, Maxim Leonidovich, but in part.
    The states and Europe everywhere cannot control the network (unless it is done on purpose). There appear on the network videos with statements by terrorists and similar "movies" designed to inspire awe in the souls of the average person. And in fact they penetrate.
    What I agree with you is that the government does not itch to restore order. More precisely, it will be said that the government cuts one head of a hydra (forgetting about the others) and waits for it to grow again.
  11. Riddick
    Riddick 23 October 2013 09: 56
    A true article, in general about priority management is well said in the BER. Television and the media are the third priority, for reference, the armed forces are the sixth priority, that is, they are lower in importance and influence. A good illustration of the correctness of this position is the victory over the USSR. We could not be defeated on a military priority but were defeated on an ideological basis.
    Regarding what to do, it’s ideal to convey to journalists that any terrorist attack is not terrible for the victims, but for media advertising. Yes, it is a pity for the victims, but under the wheels many times more people die and this is taken for granted. But without advertising, the terrorists will begin to deflate, because the goals are not achieved.

    But in general, this is all from the category of an ideal world, and it is unlikely that our journalists will think of this.
    As for all of you, read the materials on the concept of public safety, listen to the course of Petrov's lecture.
    Extremely informative and useful.
    1. Asgard
      Asgard 23 October 2013 13: 29
      I read articles and comments and see that there are attempts to control on our site))) Military Review ...

      What is terrorism is the direction of marginals along the path - not having a logical conclusion (only questions of Faith-after you we will live better, you will go to paradise to the "gurias" and immortal-WE WILL REMEMBER YOU YOU!)))))))
      Terrorists this is an organization of special services; there is no other way further behind the morons from SS (the FSB also applies to them)) TNB (transNaziBiznesa) analysts) - there are still levels .... above ....
      Why What Am I ??? This is one way to manage YOU, driving along a specific route (well, this is for bydlomassa)))))

      Now let's look at People smarter and thinking that they are a nascent Elite))))
      They are offered the concept of Public Security (BER_kr

      ipto Jewish project))
      Again, they drive into the herd, with the slogan, we are the chosen ones and we understand that hahe Heromania is going on around !!!! ????)))) this is the meaning of the project ....

      By the way, for this type (running around)) fools were recruited to Massony, but in order not to wander around, they came up with various levels of dedication))
      Quote: Riddick
      informative and useful.

      This is Yes, only without extremely.... you read, look, look back and if you see behind you a HUNT (rams, wolves, Lviv)))) run from there
      Mass is Stupidity multiplied a thousand and millions of times ,,,,,,,
      weaklings gather in packs in nature, but they do not command, but only defend themselves))))
      Why Russian people reluctantly unites and various priests of Gapon (Fedorov, the elderly, Kurghinians))) constantly call him to go under the bayonets of traitors-policemen, We do not create a party and the Front-look who is at the head of everything ????
      Why do people drinkit's simple-to save the head from the delirium that rushes from all the cracks)))))
      The bulk of the people are MUDRA .... and he will instantly quit and drink and kill)))) after the riot)))
      AND WE ALSO HAVE POTENTIAL for uniting many individuals ...
      Something tells me that it will be a HARD OPTION ....
      (there are no others left)))
      But also not according to the scenario provided for by the so-called "power"
  12. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 October 2013 09: 57
    Unfortunately, no one wants to see the true origins of terrorism. Indeed, in order to understand how to fight terrorism you need to know its sources and causes. We will not take into account "state terrorism", that terrorism which is fueled by different states to solve their problems is another topic. We will try to deal with "internal terrorism". Long ago, at the dawn of the 20th century, Koni said: "Terrorism is a normal reaction of quite normal, but more determined people to the abnormal state of society." It is clear that there are exceptions, but even exceptions confirm the general rule that terrorism is generated by society, and more precisely, by state policy. It is clear that governments are forced to hide this main reason. After all, what is terrorism? What is a terrorist organization? It is no secret that in the liberal model of society, which is taken as the basis in the majority of the so-called. of "developed" states, ideology and social relations are based on personal egoism and personal success. Thus, the society is gradually from the social. a homogeneous environment is gradually turning into a bunch of individuals who do not bind anything and who seek at all costs to get more and more preferences, regardless of anything, and nothing can be done about anyone, competition. Only the fear of the law and the habit of obeying state bodies keeps all this "civilized" herd within certain limits. That is, if you look closely at the modern "civilized" society, if you discard all the "rosiness", then it turns out that a person is alone and surrounded by enemies that create an environment of constant competition for him on the one hand, on the other hand, this society makes a person live in constant fear of losing his place, job, position, and even in old age he cannot find rest - constant pension reforms, transformations, banking crises and scams keep a person in fear of possible poverty and hopelessness. And the "truth" and help to achieve a person in the modern world is more and more difficult, precisely because of the disunity of the population, the selfishness of its members. Government and state. officials live in a different world, they solve their problems and are busy with their "reproduction" and they do not care about the needs of every person in the country. The common man is less and less "heard". That is why terrorism also arises on this "soil". After all, a man, if he is not a complete slave, internally protests against his worthlessness, against his insignificance and his loneliness. He wants to be "heard", wants to solve his problems, but nothing helps and he realizes that he is doomed to be a simple unit, a consumable. And a person begins to internally hate this state of affairs and transfers his hatred to members of his family (they are closer and hence such a surge of domestic crime) and other members of society. And the truth is why do you feel sorry for others, why reckon with their opinion, because I am nobody for them and they are nobody for me.
  13. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 October 2013 09: 58
    In addition, in such conditions, a person is always latently looking for a place where he could find understanding, unity with others, where he gets rid of loneliness and fear of the future. And he finds him in terrorist organizations. It is only for fools that terrorist organizations are presented as some kind of totalitarian sects, where each member unquestioningly obeys the leader on pain of death, becomes brainwashed and then does everything that is ordered to him. In fact, terrorist organizations are, so to speak, "brotherhoods" where everyone is linked to themselves by moral ties and one deed. A person in terrorist organizations is not just a kind of expendable material, but a "brother" for each of its members and all members of the organization take care of him, and he is also obliged to take care of everyone. In addition, the members of such an organization do not disregard and help the relatives of their co-religionist, etc. So to speak, terrorists are a kind of "family" where everyone cares about everyone and everyone cares about everyone. It is clear that this "nepotism" applies only to members of the organization, the rest of society, they consider all other people to be a zombie cattle (and this, oddly enough, it is) and they absolutely do not feel sorry for it. Why are they carrying out terrorist acts? The main reason is precisely the struggle with the existing order of things. They consider themselves at war with this rotten society, and there is no pity in war. By their actions, they declare: we are, we do not agree and we will kill, we will kill until you reckon with us, until you look at yourself, you will not understand that you are going to the abyss and will not follow us. The second reason is: by reminding them of their existence, they are concerned about recruiting new members and providing support among the most radical and active part of society, who disagree with the existing state of affairs. So the fight against terrorism by purely forceful methods is inherently meaningless. "Tightening the screws", without changing the whole of society towards its greater rallying, without changing the management system of society, without changing the ways and methods of distribution of national welfare, wealth, income, etc. will only lead to greater difficulty in life for most citizens, their greater anger due to the remaining unfair distribution, excessive stringency of laws and methods of their implementation, etc., which ultimately will lead to the creation of an even more favorable environment for all kinds of terrorist threats.
    1. Storm
      Storm 23 October 2013 13: 04
      Yes, all this is so. I completely agree. I also want to note that terrorism without ideology is not possible. Terrorists are the same fighters for the truth. Only the truth is their own. Yes, they are sponsored from abroad, only those who undermine themselves do it not for money. This can only be done for the idea. You need to deal with the idea, debunk it, weaken and erode. The rest also needs to be done, but the main thing is this.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 23 October 2013 13: 45
        Thank you for understanding. At least someone realizes that selfishness, personal isolation in society, state, leveling of national, cultural, religious, traditional values ​​and their substitution with the so-called. "common to all mankind", "tolerant" values, they will not lead to good. In ancient times, people said: "Each has its own truth, but also the truth is one" ...
  14. Taoist
    23 October 2013 10: 30
    All those who have joined the discussion are certainly expressing quite sensible considerations. But for some reason they completely lose sight of the second component of terrorism - that same "demented clerk" or "a teenager with a gun at school" ... And this (in contrast to terrorist organizations) is an even greater threat - tk. no methods of operational work are predicted in principle.

    Well, I actually wrote not about terrorism as a threat ... but about "information infection" and methods of preventing its spread.

    "Expanding knowledge of the audience about the main methods of influencing the media and modern communication technologies increases the level of information and psychological security of participants in mass communication, and is the main task of media education." (from)
  15. Polovec
    Polovec 23 October 2013 10: 40
    I completely agree with the author of the article. I would only like to add that today a huge species of jackals, who call themselves journalists, have been bred in the world. Their food is someone else's grief. And the more it is, the more satisfying they live. Among them there are a lot of scumbags who are ready to slander any person for loot, and insult and draw out intimate details to the whole world. Dorenko alone is worth something. For them, a terrorist attack is only an informational occasion and they do not care about people. I remember how in Soviet times this feature of Western journalism was analyzed in detail in Foreign Literature on the example of the sinking of an American manned spacecraft. (I don’t remember the exact name and date, so I don’t write, so as not to provoke stupid criticism).
    Then for the Union it was wild! Now information parasites are booming. The same Greenpeace. For these jackals, the word honor is unfamiliar. They introduce self-censorship only when they realize that they will tear off their head in the literal sense of the word. After all, they don’t blame on bandits!
    With them, and we must begin the fight against terrorists. The rest is already a matter of the special services and our civic position.
  16. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 October 2013 10: 46
    The "demented clerk" and the "teenager with a pistol" did not appear "out of thin air." They are quite human beings and there are very good reasons for what they have done. And the main reason is the selfishness of others, the environment that formed their deviations, led to a crime. You just need to honestly say about this reason, get to the bottom of the crime, and draw the right conclusions, and not blame everything on "mental deviations." As far as I know, the "crazy clerk" went crazy for a reason - he spent all his time and energy trying to take a higher position in the company, but another was chosen for this position, and when he tried to protest, he was simply fired. A "teenager with a pistol" came to school with a weapon to deal with those who constantly beat and humiliated him, as well as with teachers who were inactive and even encouraged this state of affairs. So that these people have solved the dilemma in this way: "Who am I - a creature quivering or have the right ..." Yes, and a "demented" clerk and so on. - who makes political demands.
  17. Grbear
    Grbear 23 October 2013 10: 47
    I put a minus to the article. She reminded me of the phrase of one gentleman, Skalazub is his surname: "Take all the books, but burn them."

    • Information, like any KNOWLEDGE, can neither be bad nor good. The only important thing is in whose hands is this powerful tool.
    • Information cannot be limited (it’s inconvenient to live with your head in underpants). It is important to ensure its objectivity, and not opportunism. Must exist personal responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Personal opinion should be separated from factology.
    • Information forms images. First of all, the images in the heads of our children. Therefore, the role, first of parents, then of school becomes completely different than twenty years ago. We must teach children to think, not cram and work, and not "spin".
    • Lovers of PR. Attach a clip with punishment (or a hospital) to the video with violation of the LAW.

    Terrorism and information is a complex issue, but information can defeat terrorism. IMHO.
    1. Taoist
      23 October 2013 11: 12
      You are inattentive. Just "to forbid everything" (because of both uselessness and technical impossibility) I do not call. I just urge you not to react to information emotionally - because information is not dangerous, but an emotional background that is ultimately created. As a result, the psychological trauma is much more serious than the physical injuries and losses that occurred as a result of the terrorist attack itself. That, in fact, ensures the effectiveness of terror as such.
  18. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 October 2013 11: 24
    To prohibit people from "overreacting" emotionally to murders and other manifestations of cruelty, it is necessary to scroll pictures of murders, blood, dismemberment, etc. on the screen in front of them from the very childhood. What, in fact, is happening now. By the way, why is this not one of the methods of "fighting" terrorism — to accustom the population to death and murder by a priest and for no reason, then they will stop paying attention to terrorist crimes, they will take them as a matter of course, for granted. smile
    1. Taoist
      23 October 2013 11: 38
      One of the varieties of the dispute is to bring the interlocutor’s thoughts to absurdity. It is impossible to forbid a person to react emotionally ... but learning how to control his emotions is possible and necessary. Moreover, in the context of an example of emotions, these are destructive.
  19. APES
    APES 23 October 2013 12: 37
    Underlying causes
    Sorry for the courage, I wanted to add - to tell my point of view.
    There is only one reason - the eternal struggle of "Evil" with "Good", means and methods are changing, but the only purpose of EVIL is to destroy as many people as possible, their souls.
    And here it all depends only on the person himself, on his free choice
    The only good news is the inevitable and inescapable victory of good.
    no matter how bad I am, I will always be on the side of GOOD.
  20. srha
    srha 23 October 2013 15: 23
    About 2012 people who died from external causes in the Russian Federation in 2012 (RF State Statistics 200) (moreover, this does not include vodka, drugs, or the environment). About 000 died from the killings alone. The losses in Russia from terrorism in 17 were 000 people, if I was not mistaken with the calculation. That is, 2012 times less than from the killings, 39 times less than from all those who died from external causes. And the impact on the population and power is many times higher. What is the reason? What remains of the attack without informational support - murder. So someone translates a murder into an information weapon? MEDIA. Whose media is it? Who is the beneficiary? Who is controlled? Why is the possibility of using information weapons still not stopped (done elementarily)? I mean that there are not enough antibodies, you need to include the entire immune system.