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Lightweight Austrian aircraft will replace An-2

The state-owned corporation Rostec received government support for a joint project with the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries (DAI). This is the official press release of the corporation. The companies will produce multi-purpose unified aircraft with a capacity of 19 and 9 passengers. The decision on support for this project was made by the Development Commission aviation general purpose during the meeting, which was held in Ulyanovsk. The amount of investment in the project will be about 10 billion rubles.

It is planned that at the final stage of this project, by 2016, a new production capacity of up to 60 diesel composite aircraft per year will be launched. It is assumed that the 9-local version will cost 80 million, and the 19-local version will cost 120 million rubles, which is 2 times lower than the cost of their hybrid or all-metal counterparts. The implementation of this project is designed to help Russian Technologies to occupy a significant niche in the small aircraft market.

According to the director general of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, currently regional aviation in our country is in crisis due to the lack of high-quality modern light aircraft that would be affordable. The An-2 and L-410 aircraft fleet in Russia is obsolete, it has a high operating cost and low fuel efficiency. At the same time, the release of a fundamentally new aircraft will allow to fill this niche and create an adequate replacement for the existing fleet of outdated small aircraft. At the 1 stage, light aircraft and their engines will be fully assembled in Austria. In the future, partial production of components at the plants of the Russian state corporation will be organized.

Lightweight Austrian aircraft will replace An-2

At present, about 90% of the entire fleet of small aircraft in our country are made up of the famous An-2 propellers (“corn dusters”). Most of these aircraft will simply be written off in a short time. By 2025, the need for Russian aircraft fleet in light aircraft is estimated at 1310 machines. By the deadline Rostec is going to release about 800 aircraft of this type.

DAI (Diamond Aircraft Industries) is a large Austrian company specializing in the production of small and ultra-small aircraft. The company has offices in major cities of Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. The main specialization of the company is the production of easy-to-maintain and operate aircraft for civil aviation. "Rostec" together with DAI is going to start production of small aircraft that can accommodate up to 19 passengers. This type of aircraft is able to meet the needs of local airlines, operating on routes in 400-1000 km. Additional clauses of the agreement provide for the organization of production in our country of aircraft diesel engines with power from 190 to 600 l. with., as well as the organization of production in Russia of light four-seat aircraft DA40 and DA42.

The implementation of this project will allow organizing a successful transfer of unique design technologies, mass production and certification of aircraft belonging to the new generation. This project will allow Rostec to take a leading position in the Russian small aircraft market. At the first stage, the aircraft will be assembled in Austria. At the second stage, they will be partly produced in Russia at Rostec's facilities, in particular, of aviation components — composite structures at the RT-Chemcomposite enterprise, as well as diesel engines of various capacities. Before 2018, investments in this project should amount to about 10 billion rubles.

The government is already taking the first steps to support this project. Thus, the Ministry of Industry and Trade placed on the state procurement portal an application for a tender, the main purpose of which is to study technologies and conditions for the development of promising local and regional air transport systems (using the Small Aviation code). The initial value of this state contract is defined in 900 million rubles. This competition is directly related to the joint project of DAI and Rostec.

According to the project documentation of the announced tender, a light multi-purpose aircraft with a full refueling should provide flights over a distance of 2,5 thousand kilometers. The composition of the equipment and the design of the aircraft should ensure uninterrupted operation in difficult conditions at ambient temperatures from -55 to + 40 degrees Celsius, in high latitudes up to 75 degrees North latitude. At the same time, the possibility of taking off and landing from unpaved, snowy and ice platforms, as well as on water surfaces, must be realized. Applications for participation in this tender are accepted until November 14 of 2013. The results of the tender will sum up November 19, and the deadline for the completion of all design work will be 1 a year.

The attraction of unprecedented generosity

If we talk about the declared volume of investment in the new Russian-Austrian project - 10 billion rubles or 310 million dollars - this is a very significant amount, says FINAM expert THEM, Alexei Zakharov. As a comparison, he cited an example of the cost of creating another aircraft with a capacity of 19 people - EV-55, which is estimated at 90-100 million, while the Czech government has already invested 43 million in this project. At the same time, Russia does not intend to build a plant for assembling Austrian cars, since in the domestic aviation industry there are already fairly underused capacities, notes Alexei Zakharov. According to him, composites are being created today in production facilities in Ulyanovsk and Kazan, even if we manage to go to the assembly of 60 airplanes annually, which the expert does not believe in, it will not require large cash outlays for organizing assembly production.

Industry analyst at Regiony Alla Yurova notes that the declaration of investment in the Russian-Austrian project at 4 is higher than the announced investment program of the project to assemble Twin Otter airplanes in 80 million dollars. But the planned production volumes at Rostec are several times higher: the planned capacity is 60 planes per year against 24 planes according to the Twin Otter project.

If we talk about the declared value of the new aircraft, then 80 million rubles or 2,5 million dollars is quite an adequate cost for a car on 9 seats, experts say. Currently, the price of a four-seater twin-engine Austrian DA42 L360, depending on the configuration, is 660-840 thousand dollars, while the An-3 turboprop, which was produced in small series in Omsk, was sold for 1,5 million dollars, Zakharov notes. At the same time, the cost of the 19-local aircraft at the level of 120 million rubles or 3,7 million dollars, will be very difficult to achieve, experts say. Alla Yurova notes that the catalog price of 19-local Twin Otter starts today with a mark in 6 million dollars. The machine for 19 seats must meet other standards, in order to achieve the announced cost of 3,7 million dollars, the aircraft design will have to be seriously worked. At the same time, the production of diesel engines is a rather expensive process - not at all cheaper than producing theater engines, Aleksey Zakharov notes.

Project Perspectives

Theoretically, state support for this project makes it much more likely to be implemented. But in practice, the project has a very large number of organizational and technical nuances that make its implementation very problematic, says Alexei Zakharov. Indicative is the fact that the project Rostec and Austrian company Diamond is not the first joint attempt to localize the production of foreign aircraft in our country.

Previously, statements about the production in Russia of Czech EV-55 Outback, Canadian Twin Otter, as well as 19-local aircraft of the Kazan company MVEN had already appeared. The Russian government even thought about the remotorization of the old An-2. However, things are still there. Rostec has also spoken about its production plans more than once. In particular, at the beginning of 2013, the Q-400 aircraft assembly project in Ulyanovsk was widely discussed, but the matter did not move further beyond the talk.

However, on the other hand, now we are talking about a completely different type of aircraft - for socially significant small aircraft. The Russian government is concerned about the degradation of local airlines, which are in great need of state support. The economy of this segment of air travel is very complex, so it is very difficult to implement lucrative projects without significant government support, says Alla Yurova.

In particular, small aircraft companies will be offered government subsidies for the purchase of new aircraft with the implementation of leasing schemes, as well as government orders for socially important transportation. Manufacturers of such aircraft can be given privileges in promoting new cars on the Russian market, Yurova said. Therefore, with an adequate level of support from the government and the availability of effective demand, Rostec can successfully implement a project to create a new small aircraft to replace the An-2.

At the same time, Alexey Zakharov is much more pessimistic. According to him, firstly, there are not enough reliable aviation diesel engines in the world, otherwise everyone would have been flying for them a long time ago. Secondly, the Austrian company Austro Engine, which is a “daughter” of DAI, is actively promoting on its world markets versions of its own DA40 / 42 / 50 aircraft with a diesel engine, but there are no special queues behind them. Therefore, the desire of the Austrians to supply these diesel engines to our country is quite understandable. Thirdly, the Austrian company simply does not have experience in creating such aircraft. She has experience in the design and production of four-seater models, but the new aircraft is a machine of a different dimension. Here it is not just about “scaling”, it is a different production. The same Czech company Evector once built and sold more than one thousand light aircraft, while the model EV-55 turned out to be not so successful. Fourth, the operation of aircraft in Russia imposes its own footprints: regional airfields in our country do not differ in particular smoothness of the runway and impose increased demands on aircraft. It’s not a fact that the Austrians fully know exactly how to comply with these requirements, the expert THEM “FINAM” summed up.

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  1. Denis
    Denis 22 October 2013 08: 00
    It's all muddy ...
    An-14 "Little Bee" (NATO codification: Clod - "Block") - the Soviet light transport aircraft, intended to replace the An-2, made its first flight in March 14, 1958. The aircraft had the opportunity of short take-off and landing and was designed to operate from unprepared unpaved sites
    This is when, even if not with such ponto doors
    Or kickbacks do not shine for them?
    There was also the AN-3, the same second, only with a liquid-cooled nose-cooler engine
    1. Su-9
      Su-9 22 October 2013 09: 16
      The comparison is especially touching: "DA42 L360, depending on the configuration, is 660-840 thousand dollars, while the turboprop An-3, which was produced in small series in Omsk, was sold for 1,5 million dollars."
      This is how to compare Golf and the Urals ...
      One light aircraft for patrolling and transporting 2-3 passengers, the other can carry 2 bulls ...
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 25 October 2013 01: 49
        Well, what a foolish person could write such an article, huh? An-2 will never succeed in replacing the West, if they are told about take-off and landing on the unpaved strip, their eyes will pop out. For a long time, our An-2 have been remodeling, installing new engines, they still have to fly and fly:
    2. klimpopov
      klimpopov 22 October 2013 09: 26
      They don’t need our aircraft industry, they just don’t need it, there’s nothing to discuss ...
      1. Gennady1973
        Gennady1973 22 October 2013 23: 47
        klimpopov I agree completely. The best military aircraft in the world, and here your "runabout" cannot be put into production.
    3. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 09: 28
      Quote: Denis
      This is when, even if not with such ponto doors
      Or kickbacks do not shine for them?
      Is this also worse than the Austrian?
      Potential buyers show interest in the IL-103 not only in the "near abroad" countries, such as Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, etc. It has already attracted some attention of specialists from England, Ireland, Holland and some other European countries, as well as in India and in Latin American countries. It was supposed to involve Fairchild Aircraft in marketing work to promote the aircraft to the American market. The work on the distribution of the Il-103 in Europe is to be carried out by the Euro-Russian Aircraft Sales firm. I am glad that the developers and manufacturers of the new silt are able to find sales markets on other continents. It is surprising that the Ukrainian market is so easily given to SOCATA aircraft, which have already been certified by the Aviation Register of the State Aviation Technical University, unlike the Il-103.
    4. Constantine
      Constantine 22 October 2013 10: 21
      Quote: Denis
      It's all muddy ...

      Yes, of course this is nonsense. Aircraft according to the possibilities are different. You can’t really load anything into an Austrian, and you won’t repair it on your knee either. He will not master half the tasks of the maize.
    5. Asan Ata
      Asan Ata 22 October 2013 10: 27
      Cool airplane, but it looks like the front wheel will not land on the ground, huh?
    6. duke
      duke 22 October 2013 11: 57
      Well, of course, kickbacks do not shine and it’s not possible to cut a bit request And this, as you know, is the main point
      1. Starfish
        Starfish 22 October 2013 16: 13
        flew on the AN-2 passenger more than once, everything is fine, but the smell is terrible laughing and it's a bit chilly.
        and so they defeated small aircraft, and will they restore it? Earlier, 2 hours on the AN-2 or 1 hour on the L-410 flew to the north of the region. and now there is only a bus - 12 hours.
    7. Berkut752
      Berkut752 19 February 2017 19: 36
      Quote: Denis
      It's all muddy ...
      An-14 "Little Bee" (NATO codification: Clod - "Block") - the Soviet light transport aircraft, intended to replace the An-2, made its first flight in March 14, 1958. The aircraft had the opportunity of short take-off and landing and was designed to operate from unprepared unpaved sites
      This is when, even if not with such ponto doors
      Or kickbacks do not shine for them?
      There was also the AN-3, the same second, only with a liquid-cooled nose-cooler engine

      You are absolutely right. I had to work on the An-2, and its crown, the rear chassis, since I personally planted it twice in the arable land and took off without preparation. In general, this aircraft performed 16 types of work in the USSR (OFFICIALLY 12), including the firing of NURs. There are no analogues to this PLANE and never will be. For some types of work, even the An-3 is not suitable for him.
    8. fighter angel
      fighter angel 10 November 2017 13: 49
      Quote: "There was also the AN-3, the same second, only with a liquid-cooled engine-nose sharper ..."

      Mistake, Denis, the An-3 has a turboprop engine TVD 20-01 with a capacity of 1375 “horses”. A theater and a V-shaped or in-line piston box are two different things.
  2. Canep
    Canep 22 October 2013 08: 02
    Replacement is not adequate, aircraft of different classes. I can’t imagine where to place a fertilizer hopper for 1 ton in this airplane, or a dozen paratroopers.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 22 October 2013 08: 11
      What about the plane trotter I don’t understand something, the treasury of Russia is like a bottomless barrel. The Austrians will wait. You don’t need to fill their pockets. The Russian aircraft industry has always developed and rightfully was in the first place.

      1. Denis
        Denis 22 October 2013 08: 57
        Quote: Apollon
        No need to fill their pockets.
        They want to fill their pockets with kickbacks
        Not just a trotter:
        The Yak-112 is a Soviet / Russian light multi-purpose aircraft designed to carry three passengers, as well as small cargoes. It can be used as a patrol, ambulance or training aircraft
      2. svp67
        svp67 22 October 2013 09: 23
        Quote: Apollon
        But what about the trotter plane

        Yes, it looks like these developments of the MAI ... in the "ZDC" ...

        Viscount V100


        MAI-223 Kitten

        Aviatika-MAI-910 Interflay
    2. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 09: 04
      Quote: Canep
      Replacement is not adequate
      Here replacements for a large article entitled Who do these ... work on?
      Aircraft Lightning-1
      Light passenger 6-seater aircraft "Molniya-1" is intended for mass and individual use, business flights
      This is not one, I publish
      1. Denis
        Denis 22 October 2013 09: 12
        Quote: Denis
        This is not one, I publish
        SM-92 Finist is a multi-purpose light-weight transport aircraft designed by Tekhnoavia. Produced by Smolensk Aviation Plant
        These thieves such TTX is not enough?
        The first flight of the prototype took place on December 28, 1993, a year and a half after the start of work on the project.
        The aircraft SM-92 is an all-metal high-wing aircraft. The power plant consists of a propeller and an M-14P engine [1] (later - M-14X [2]). Access to the cabin is through the cargo-passenger door located on the left side of the fuselage. When opening, it moves backward, opening an opening of 1100 × 1200 mm in size.
        In 1995, a round-the-world flight was carried out on SM-92, during which about 30 thousand kilometers were completed in 160 hours.
      2. cdrt
        cdrt 22 October 2013 13: 28
        And for me - not bad.
        1. This is Rostec, not the KLA. Apparently departmental struggle
        2. All operating and living bureaus for today seem to be completely loaded and overloaded (SSJ revision, MS-21, modernization of combat aircraft, IL-476). Free resources are minimal.
        3. Backwardness in design tools (digital airplanes: SSJ, Su-35, Il-476, I am not writing about T-50, MS-21, because there are still projects, not finished products). Moreover, in all cases, the use of "digital technologies" is fragmentary - usually it does not include "digital" preparation of production, is not integrated with resource management systems, production. And here - if everything works out there will be experience of the end-to-end "digital" process from design to preparation for production, tooling, tools, etc.
        4. Production anyway on the territory of the Russian Federation in a large part
        5. Development of composites production
        6. There is a pusher - a company that wants to promote it (because the rest are the creators of Rysachok, IL-103, etc. either they do not want to promote, or they are not able and afraid, or they do not have / do not want to find resources)
        1. Max otto
          Max otto 22 October 2013 14: 04
          Quote: cdrt
          And for me - not bad.
          1. This is Rostec, not the KLA. ...

          You go to the main site of Rostec, nice words about consulting engineering, and other ... Iringa. An office of the same series as Rosnano, an extra parasitic control office, no more. It does not produce and does not invent, it only controls and distributes.
  3. Andrey KZ
    Andrey KZ 22 October 2013 08: 17
    What is it that turns out, it’s not fate to develop an easy airplane by yourself? Then in this airplane, if the seats are thrown out and neatly stacked, then 9 people will probably fit in. But where is 19?
    1. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 09: 36
      Quote: Andrey KZ
      What is it that turns out, is it no longer fate to develop a light aircraft by ourselves?
      It turns out another rollback and cut
      Here is another one from the sad list when they themselves develop, but ...
      The aircraft is made according to a two-beam scheme with a U-shaped tail and a thrust propeller. Differs in compactness and rationality of a design and layout.
      The aircraft has an all-metal airframe made of aluminum alloys. The fuselage is made according to the semi-monocoque scheme with a working skin. Wing - two-spar, detachable. In the root of the wing are two fuel tanks with a capacity of 250 liters each. Wing tips made of fiberglass. The pilot's seat is adjustable, a sofa is installed on the rear frame. When designing the aircraft, special attention was paid to ergonomics and passenger comfort.
      The aircraft is equipped with an M-14PT aircraft engine, developed and manufactured by OKB Motorostroeniya, Voronezh.
    2. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 09: 45
      Quote: Andrey KZ
      Is it not fate to develop a light aircraft by ourselves?
      And in Myasischego’s design bureau, they can’t do anything right
      M-101T Gzhel is a short-haul passenger aircraft developed at Myasishchev Design Bureau. Produced at the Nizhny Novgorod aircraft factory "Falcon". By 2015, it is planned to resume production of the aircraft at the same plant (with state support).
      Currently operated by the Buguruslan Civil Aviation School of Flight
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 22 October 2013 13: 34
        And in Myasischego’s design bureau, they can’t do anything right

        By the way - I just wanted to remember about Gzhel.
        I just think it's different planes - Gzhel is bigger, and this small one, Storh is modern, for 2-3 people. In Soviet times, a similar Yak was in my opinion.
        In general, I am for diversity - let them release anything, if only in the Russian Federation.
        Ilyushushintsev and Myasishchevtsev have a kind of work like no end.
        And so ... with 4-5 aircraft on the market, life will show who is the best. The market is not strategic at all, the total volume is not so large, and burning KB resources on it will not be enough for them to create the same MS-21, Il-214, etc. Even in Soviet times, Czechs and Poles were allowed into light aviation, and they themselves dealt with more important topics.
        Kickbacks - yes, but now they are going on with any form of activity - both for Myasishchev and for sure - everywhere. So this is not a decisive factor.
        1. Denis
          Denis 22 October 2013 14: 03
          Quote: cdrt
          In Soviet times, a similar Yak was
          Yak-12, but that long ago, now its tasks will easily be fulfilled by the Yak-112, and IL-103 too
        2. voffchik7691
          voffchik7691 22 October 2013 19: 07
          "Let them release whatever they want, if only in the Russian Federation"
          Superjet released in the Russian Federation, but what's in it ours? The engine is French, whose avionics ?! And so on throughout the plane!
          And again, "screwdriver assembly" what will it teach us? This is another way to destroy what is left!
          Remember the fate of IL-86: an airplane (worthy to be included in the Guinness Book) for 26 years of operation (before the disaster near St. Petersburg) did not take away a single human life! After the disaster, he was immediately taken off the flight. In exchange for Airbus and Boeing, and after them almost every day, it’s an emergency, then a disaster, and nothing! This can fly and take the lives of Russians! It is interesting to calculate how many lives took only one Boeing 737!
      2. largus886
        largus886 22 October 2013 16: 59
        Why is he so terrible!
  4. pensioner
    pensioner 22 October 2013 08: 32
    Quote: Denis
    An-14 "Little Bee"

    I also often recall the AN-28. There was a wonderful airplane! Mileage and take-off is not much more than the AN-2. From Solikamsk to Sverdlovsk flew on it repeatedly.
  5. saag
    saag 22 October 2013 08: 35
    fi, diesel engine, it will be especially interesting with him in high latitudes, as well as with composites, this plane to Yakutia for a winter test
  6. air wolf
    air wolf 22 October 2013 08: 44
    Again, another wash, what have we forgotten how to do airplanes? Well, how much money you can haul, I think that it is necessary to resume the production of Mi-2, An-2, An-14, Yak-18T with diesel engines, new avionics and all will be happy. And let the experts do not carry nonsense that it is difficult to do, diesel engines were put on the Il-4 during WWII.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 22 October 2013 08: 57
      Quote: air wolf
      still on IL-4 set during the Second World War.

      They didn’t seem to put on IL-4. There stood the M-88. But on Er-2 and Pe-8 they tried to install Charomsky diesels. But they were quickly abandoned.
      1. air wolf
        air wolf 22 October 2013 12: 08
        they put on the experienced ones, but the technologies were not very good, now everything is possible, there would be grandmas!
  7. Su-9
    Su-9 22 October 2013 08: 52
    What a nightmare.
    Given the specific operating conditions of the AN-2, existing diamonds will never be able to replace them. They are small (the largest - 5-seater), and expensive, and whimsical.
    Their competitiveness is indicated by the financial performance of Diamond.
    This article is about completely new aircraft. Which Diamond does not have and NEVER had. This of course leads me into a stupor.
    Okay, RosTech believes that the Ukrainians will not help with their An-2 remotorization (here and objective economic realities - there are a lot of planes, and reliability and politics are, of course, politics first of all). Also, RosTech does not believe that it flies around the world "in the bush" (except for ANs) - to otters, sessnam - how can you, this is not ours!
    And of course, RosTech does not believe in Russian design bureaus and technologies. How can you trust the Novosibirsk AN-28mu?!? Or invest some money in it? How can you give the same money to Yak, Mig or SU? On the "Goby" new?
    No, we need to pump 310 million into "new technologies" from the great aircraft-building country of Austria, into the "super duper" company Diamond, which is rushing around the world in search of investors - the same Canadians where Diamond has a plant sent Diamond when he asked for a loan for 35 million.
    No words just ...
    If in the case of Mistral the situation could be understood at least somehow - politics, terms, quality, yes, technology, then in this case - NO WORDS.
    1. voffchik7691
      voffchik7691 22 October 2013 19: 12
      I completely agree - ONLY from SUCH GREAT AVIATION POWER should be studied !!!!
      After all, there’s nobody else, because they themselves never built airplanes !!!
  8. Zlyden.Zlo
    Zlyden.Zlo 22 October 2013 09: 19
    it seems the grandmothers are sawing again. When it d ........ will stop.
  9. vlad0
    vlad0 22 October 2013 09: 31
    Hmm, the good old workaholic AN-2 can hardly be replaced with anything. We try to reinvent the roofing felts with the bicycle again, we saw the loot, but there are modernized AN-2 in Ukraine, we ourselves can bring it to mind and set up production if the world is not enough with them. No, you have to pump a lot of money into a muddy enterprise again, so that you can say OUCH !!!! Or Chernomyrdin's aphorism "they wanted the best, but it turned out ...."
  10. svp67
    svp67 22 October 2013 09: 33
    Quote: vlad0
    but there are modernized AN-2 in Ukraine,
    while this is the answer ...
    1. cdrt
      cdrt 22 October 2013 13: 42
      while this is the answer ...

      Well, is he in Ukraine - what is it for us?
      We do not have a suitable engine.
      Relations with Ukraine are, as it were, no worse than with Austria now (well, or they will become such in a month)
  11. Sineys
    Sineys 22 October 2013 09: 54
    Based on materials from An-2 aircraft operating in Cuba will be modernized. The cooperation agreement on modernization was signed on September 3, 2013 by President of the Cuban Aviation Corporation Ramon Martinez Echevarria, President of the Antov State Enterprise Dmitry Kiva and President of Motor Sich Vyacheslav Boguslaev. According to the agreement, the Cuban Aviation Corporation will create a production base for the conversion of the existing An-2 fleet in Cuba into a new modification of the An-2-100, equipped with MS-14 engines developed and manufactured by Motor Sich. A total of 140 such aircraft were delivered to Cuba.
    1. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 10: 26
      Quote: Sineys
      new modification of the An-2-100,
      How many want to benefit other countries for our budget. Why reinvent the wheel?
      An-3 is a variant of the An-2 aircraft with a TVD-20 turboprop engine.
      The TVD-20 engine was designed by the Omsk Engine Building Design Bureau.
      1. Sineys
        Sineys 22 October 2013 10: 33
        So I am about the same! In Russia there are a lot of OWN options. Why involve the Austrians and "do good to other countries for our budget." And I don’t understand your sarcasm, since the information I submitted relates to the modernization of the An-2 Cuba.
        1. voffchik7691
          voffchik7691 22 October 2013 19: 22
          The answer is very simple: DO NOT invest money in your own production (Uncle Sam forbids it) you can only pump it out of the Russian Federation!
          Remember the best minister of finance according to the United States (Kudrin) - don’t invest money in production, you can only pump it at a tiny percentage to the states!
      2. cdrt
        cdrt 22 October 2013 13: 46
        The TVD-20 engine was designed by the Omsk engine building design bureau

        Probably the most difficult and expensive part - mastering the engine by production has not been completed, all the problems usually crawl out there repeatedly.
        Its production does not exist today.
        Therefore - there is no such engine, there is only an old project.
        To master it - no matter how much it comes out, as described in the article
        1. Denis
          Denis 22 October 2013 14: 09
          Quote: cdrt
          To master it - no matter how much it comes out, as described in the article
          Maybe more, only this will remain in the country. Production is not getting better in one day, only engineers, designers, technologists and skilled workers can grow even longer
          This also needs to be considered first
        2. COBOK
          COBOK 22 October 2013 21: 54
          so in fact it is, production. only a little expensive ... however, I think, it will not be more expensive than a diamond. in tyrnete I saw I will announce the sale of an-3 under the hammer, so this is not a project, but a real eraplan. according to the Sibniiga project on the remotorization of the anov - a problem in the state men: they do not want to give a certificate for the an-2ms as a new type, and our non-sales brothers do not have the desire to approve the modernization and issue a bulletin ... and without one of these conditions the plane is registered as an eeu and the question arises - what for is this piece of iron to the carrier. you can't put it on the route, only "chemistry" and patrol flights, well, you can still raise the sharper-goers
          so the problem is only in officials or (and most likely "and") money, that is, unsolvable, we will remain without anans and without diamonds, it’s good still "gazelles" (that is, l-410) are still being produced and modernized
  12. Denis
    Denis 22 October 2013 09: 57
    The implementation of this project is designed to help Russian Technologies occupy a significant niche in the small aviation market.
    According to the CEO of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov- a talented student of a stool and the same thief, Currently, regional aviation in our country is in crisis due to the lack of high-quality modern light aircraft that would be affordable
    They forgot that it’s not yet in Austria. In Russia there are enough places where there are no airdromes, but there are enough reservoirs. I hope that this gang of thieves will get acquainted with this at the logging
    Be-103 - light amphibious aircraft.
    Created at the Beriev Design Bureau. The Be-103 is mass-produced at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association.
    1. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 22 October 2013 10: 37
      Be-103 is no longer produced at KNAAZ.
  13. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 22 October 2013 10: 08
    But can Russia, a powerful aviation power, not be able to create a regional plane, an analogue of An-2? This is utter nonsense. Bureaucrats and corrupt officials have sensed a livelihood in joint projects with foreigners, where you can "warm your hands". What are our ministries doing? Who needs to organize the design, construction and construction of the much needed aircraft for local airlines. It seems that no one controls Russia ...
    1. Ivan Petrovich
      Ivan Petrovich 22 October 2013 14: 20
      strange, but where did the pedrosists go? "patriots" shitty
    2. voffchik7691
      voffchik7691 22 October 2013 19: 25
      Remember the Swan: Mess is the highest form of order!
      Chaos is created, and everything that has not yet been destroyed is destroyed under the guise!
  14. Forget
    Forget 22 October 2013 10: 10
    An 2 is not yet replaced in the outback ....
  15. Basarev
    Basarev 22 October 2013 10: 12
    I also remember that the MAI is developing a small aircraft with full electric propulsion ...
  16. Denis
    Denis 22 October 2013 10: 18
    It remains to add to the above that the article -, in aviation, the author understands the same way as most of those present here in cutting and sewing. But then the next thieves' company is regularly promoting
    KB Khrunicheva also can not do anything?
    T-411 Stork - a light multi-purpose aircraft.
    Developed by Khrunichev Aviation Technology JSC (Russia), in accordance with JAR-VLA standards. The plane made its first flight in 1997. The aerodynamic design of the aircraft is a single-engine monoplane. The design of the aircraft consists of a frame welded from steel pipes
  17. pahom54
    pahom54 22 October 2013 10: 35
    I did not understand why the article refers to the replacement of the AN-2. I did not understand for one reason - even the appearance of Ana and the Austrian differ. AN is a hard worker, and an Austrian is ... a swan-goat, which does not at all resemble a workhorse ... Or, again, for state money we purchase air passenger transport for the boyars ??? Well, I don’t see the Austrian’s use in the national economy, only in personal fat.
    And more than I’m sure that almost many aviation design bureaus could create a modern analogue of the existing AN-2 if they were given the task by the government ...
    In general, this project is not to my liking, as it again smells like a cut. How tired already ...
    1. svp67
      svp67 22 October 2013 10: 39
      Quote: pahom54
      AN is a hard worker
      No one argues, only now gasoline is PURCHASED for him in FINLAND, we DO NOT PRODUCE, and many more "annoying little things" ... And honestly I don't think that this "Austrian" will be able to replace the "Annushka" everywhere .. ...
      1. Algor73
        Algor73 22 October 2013 11: 59
        Where will they buy aviation diesel fuel? This is the first thing. Secondly, the An-2 is, after all, suitable for unequipped airfields, sites, etc. due to low speed, large chassis wheels, ease of maintenance, all the advantages and not to list. Regarding remotorization. Like, to be afraid to connect with Ukraine through an unstable political situation. Politics has nothing to do with it, just small kickbacks. If you don't like Ukraine, there is an Omsk (and not only) project, what is in the way? You can ask the operators of such aircraft what they need - such as An-2 or "Austrians". I think the answer will be unequivocal. So there is one policy involved - dough sharing.
        1. wei
          wei 22 October 2013 21: 30
          And where will they buy aviation diesel fuel?
          not in the eyebrow, but in the eye
          in Austria !!! will be transported by aircraft converted into refueling, and paid with oil fellow
    2. voffchik7691
      voffchik7691 22 October 2013 19: 28
      Or, again, for state money we get air passenger transport for the boyars ???
      No, it’s not solid for them to fly on this, this is another cut!
  18. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 22 October 2013 10: 37
    Still scoundrels are alive! It’s too early to rejoice, they will drink it again — they will eat Russia. Amazingly tenacious parasites!
    Are all the presented cars comparable with the AN-2? AN-2 is Guinness in its purest form, and you do not need to put all this nonsense in a row with this unique aircraft! I think that you just need to reissue the AN-2. No need to invent modern contours, at a speed of 120km / h they are not needed. Remove everything that leads to a rise in price, and produce this aircraft on a motor scale! Russia and Kazakhstan have nothing to replace AN-2, as soon as the new AN-2 !!!!!
  19. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 22 October 2013 10: 42
    Chemezov has not yet implemented any of his Wishlist, he’ll produce rare earths, and he will only build airplanes with a screwdriver
  20. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 22 October 2013 10: 58
    But the best and most reliable aircraft, which of the paratroopers did not throw out of it? I don’t see a replacement yet.
  21. pahom54
    pahom54 22 October 2013 11: 35
    Quote: svp67
    No one argues, only now gasoline is PURCHASED for him in FINLAND, we DO NOT PRODUCE, and many more "annoying little things" ... And honestly I don't think that this "Austrian" will be able to replace the "Annushka" everywhere .. ...

    We are probably tired of talking about this, more precisely, about mismanagement and theft. WHY DO WE BUY GASOLINE IN FINLAND ??? During my studies at school (!!! - that is, a kid) in the late 60s, I thought about why the USSR sells oil and not gasoline ??? That is, the kid thought about it, and the leaders of those times did not want to think about it ... What, it was so difficult to build cracking oil refineries ???
    Well, about Annushka and gasoline-kerosene ... One could take the simplicity and reliability of the airframe as a basis and think of something with an engine and gasoline-kerosene ... I’m sure that bright minds would be found if the task was set, and, what is important in modern life would be material interest ...
    1. air wolf
      air wolf 22 October 2013 12: 11
      only diesel fuel!
    2. Antonov
      Antonov 8 November 2013 19: 11
      Minds were found, with a three-time appeal to the President of the Russian Federation, the appeal was footballing, they say it is not interesting. And it easily safely and cost-effectively flies on ANY A-95 and A-92. Moreover, even the design documentation has already been approved. Apparently, Sikorsky and many others like his Fatherland are not needed ...
  22. UVB
    UVB 22 October 2013 11: 48
    An-2 is generally a unique aircraft, all this talk about its replacement is complete nonsense, there is no replacement for it! Of course, to upgrade his engine, equipment, he will fly another 100 years!
    1. svp67
      svp67 22 October 2013 11: 50
      Quote: UVB
      An-2 is generally a unique aircraft, all this talk about its replacement is complete rubbish, there is no replacement for it!

      Alas, there are no replaceable ones, there are only not replaced ones ...
      1. UVB
        UVB 22 October 2013 12: 23
        I agree, there are no irreplaceable ones, maybe she will appear for Annushka someday, but for today she is not. This topic has been reported for more than a dozen years, how many times it has been reported that a replacement for the An-2 has been found, and things are still there.
  23. catapractic
    catapractic 22 October 2013 11: 51
    it is necessary to develop your aircraft industry
  24. shtanko.49
    shtanko.49 22 October 2013 12: 01
    Quote: Zlyden.Zlo
    it seems the grandmothers are sawing again. When it d ........ will stop.

    Sawing in our country will never stop, especially on external purchases, this is the basis of kapstroy, deception, cut, value added, etc.
  25. Letun
    Letun 22 October 2013 12: 04
    Tin. Are we really not able to develop a plane for 12 seats ?! Guys, well, this is not to fly to the moon!
  26. Strashila
    Strashila 22 October 2013 12: 29
    AN-2 is a workhorse, and not just a horse, but a horse of Pryzhivalsky ... not a whimsical hard worker. A foreigner, this is another show off ... that he will replace the sanitation aircraft, that he will be able to fly to remote parking lots and camps.
    Aircraft layout proved its vitality during its operation ... apply new materials, an engine and avionics ... you get a modern and simply unsurpassed in its characteristics machine.
    What is staring at the West, why is this tinsel ... and exceeding the cost of a modestly hard worker ... bring to mind your legacy and make money selling all over the world ... demand will work if it works fine.
  27. waisson
    waisson 22 October 2013 12: 32
    Austrian manufacturers above their YES!
  28. Drosselmeyer
    Drosselmeyer 22 October 2013 13: 06
    There is a crisis in Europe, the Austrian brothers must be helped. True, their design bureaus are bent, but this is nothing, competition ... Again, "Motor Sich" can be driven a little in this way. When people in Russia will open their eyes ...
    1. Denis
      Denis 22 October 2013 14: 13
      Quote: Drosselmeyer
      need to help the Austrian brothers
      Hitler im brother
      Here, exactly word for word, without exaggeration
      When people in Russia already open their eyes ...
      Fishing according to the reaction on the site is open. The trouble is that it’s not people who rule, but officials
  29. itogo
    itogo 22 October 2013 13: 07
    AN-2 is not replaceable, as LI-2, IL-14, they tried a hundred times, achieved nothing, and the vast country without roads needs cars. While there are no brains, they would have to be slightly modernized and put on the conveyor according to the Lukoshenko principle, the tractors brought by the same generation the whole world buys, they bring a lot of benefit to everyone. And our UAZs are held in high esteem, even the Japanese are in line. And this imported one on clothespins and Velcro with electronic giblets is an expensive toy for Russia, they will play and throw it away, it will not roll in the army at all. Expensive spare parts will need to be bought, not original ones will be slipped by itself, a specific air service network will be required, and will our diesel fuel be suitable? The price of gasoline keeps progress, it is a disaster and not an economic activity, it is time to reduce domestic prices by a factor of four, and the fields would immediately open up.
  30. old rocket man
    old rocket man 22 October 2013 13: 30
    Yes, they did. In the years of my youth it was called cringing before a foreign woman and they beat me severely for it.
    The greed and stupidity of officials is unlimited, for such projects should be put to the wall am
  31. Fotoceva62
    Fotoceva62 22 October 2013 14: 11
    None of these officials connects their own and their children of the future with their country. An example of the development of events is Ukraine. The task of these people is a big cap, and at the same time fulfill the task assigned to them to ruin the industry.
    Well, I don’t believe that Medvedev and his proteges are fools. The Russian Air Force has already bought Italian armored cars.
    Concerning the AN-3 engines, buy in the States to build a plant if for the sake of srach with Ukraine you are ready to throw out a baby along with water.
  32. itogo
    itogo 22 October 2013 14: 46
    It’s necessary to make your own diesel engines, even when Lena wondered why zilas and lawns, yes, UAZs also run on gasoline ?, but before the beginning of the seventies, gasoline cost from 7,5 kopecks. Until now, the problem has not been solved, the same gazelles how much they eat.
    1. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 22 October 2013 15: 11
      A tribute to the US fashion, there are very few diesel
  33. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 22 October 2013 15: 53
    If the cost takes into account the benefit of Russia, the foreigner will turn into gold with diamonds.
    In addition, it does not have suitable performance characteristics.
    1. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 22 October 2013 16: 29
      The diamond is translated
      1. Andriuha077
        Andriuha077 22 October 2013 23: 53
        I remember that under the same name I had a bicycle, a hereditary, German trophy ...
  34. mithridate
    mithridate 22 October 2013 16: 43
    typical example of how the domestic industry is crumbling
  35. Navy7981
    Navy7981 22 October 2013 19: 10
    I agree with almost everyone! The plane is cute but should be OUR! US small aviation is no worse! The one who drives this project is a TRAITOR. The goal is to hamper the development of our industry!
  36. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 22 October 2013 19: 14
    I wonder how many of the writers here actually flew on this product called AN-2 (maize) ??? 1971 and the flight on this kukurzel from Blagoveshchensk to Belogorsk of an 8-year-old boy and his children's unbiased impressions: the dark twilight of the "salon", two wooden benches opposite each other, blurry faces opposite the sitting people with luminous spots, looking like I see a light the opening into the cockpit and the pilot's shoulder (I remember one) ... the crackle of the engine being launched and the growing shaking of the entire glider ... and so we start to fly in and I get the feeling of a pebble jumping on the water with a pancake ... and now he is flying and I talked to the point of needing to put my face in a gray-green bag and do it for the first and last time in my entire flight life as an air passenger (taking into account that I spent a lot of hours in the air on different types of aircraft due to the specifics of my parents) ... Coming out of this AIRPLANE, after an equally impressionable landing, I could only mumble "really - kukrzel". In my children's eyes, even then he was old-fashioned from all sides and his place was already more in a museum than in the sky.
    In the early 80s, I saw a photo of his possible tuning: a long, sharp snobel and extended side projections of the cockpit glazing, and asked myself why it is still being released ... I didn’t mind this maize, but since childhood I wanted that he would turn into something really beautiful and modern. I will be very happy when he is finally put into the museum ... he and the heat train on the railway obviously survived all conceivable and not conceivable periods of their existence.
  37. Cynic
    Cynic 22 October 2013 19: 44
    Manila Pure Water.
    Quote: viktor_ui
    I didn’t mind this corncob, but since childhood I wanted it to turn into something really beautiful and modern.

    Beautiful and modern does not survive in Russia. We survive only reliable as Kalash.
    And besides, to whom a corn-grower, to whom Annushka!

    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 23 October 2013 04: 54
      Cynic - "Manilovschina pure water" ... you obviously flattered an 8-year-old boy in his next dream drinks
  38. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 22 October 2013 19: 50
    How incredibly happy will be the replacement of reindeer herders, polar explorers, residents of remote villages (where only aviation supplies) fellow I also do not represent this aircraft as a firefighter (when landing paratroopers). fool
  39. family tree
    family tree 22 October 2013 20: 28
    Austria is a great aircraft building power! Urya!
    And why England does not cooperate with Mongolia to replace the obsolete Royal Navy ships belay
  40. voliador
    voliador 22 October 2013 21: 14
    The state cut will be cut again, and the plane will remain in the pictures.
  41. Urri
    Urri 22 October 2013 21: 37
    I know the specifics of lobbying in a complex technical industry by myself. At the talks in one of the Eurospaces with us, there was a guy who knew the language perfectly, and never once found it. As a result, the dialogue between the boss and the project supervisor was fixed:
    - Mister ......, it is obvious that our discussion partners cast serious doubt on our data on the characteristics of the product and its reliability. They are probably better prepared than we expected.
    - It does not matter. We invited them not to believe in our products, but to find out from them to whom we can come out of their leadership with a special offer. Further, no one will take their opinion into account, despite all their preparation.
    It was about years ago, the old boss is rumored to have died, but his methods, I think, are alive.
  42. Laur balaur
    Laur balaur 22 October 2013 22: 21
    An 2-100 is now actively bought up by Latin America cheap and angrily why overpay for a brand such as golfstream and so on.
  43. Siberian
    Siberian 22 October 2013 23: 22
    What are they there? Absolutely swollen, do not see the frames? We have enough of our own aircraft designs, or they’re already popping them into the loot that they open to buy someone else’s. am
  44. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 23 October 2013 10: 41
    I read the forum users, we have at least ten of our projects. Fuck us this Austrian?
  45. The comment was deleted.
  46. UnclePasha
    UnclePasha 20 February 2017 17: 27
    in the yard 2017. Where is the new plane and where is 10 billion?)
  47. Trotil42
    Trotil42 5 May 2017 21: 09
    I didn’t think that I would live to see my country not be able to build a maize .... sadness is overtaking ... I’ll still live and we will design bast shoes in Alaska Eskimos .... degradation full of control, industry ...
  48. general.bnw
    general.bnw 19 July 2017 17: 06
    Lord! But in fact at the NIIA them. Chaplygin in Novosibirsk has already developed and manufactured the / !!! / * super-modernized * version of the AN-2 from composite materials. with a new engine: fast, unpretentious, * ubiquitous *, like the AN-2. Why is this achievement * not seen *!?! Again questions * cut * heaps of money!?!
  49. Dormidontych
    Dormidontych 25 October 2017 18: 28
    Well then, 4 years have passed. It’s already clear that 4 years ago another budget was planned ...
    Interestingly, the dreams of Chubais come true, or didn’t they get the money?
  50. Simon
    Simon 6 November 2017 18: 37
    And what, our companies can’t produce something like that ?! recourse By the way, the AN-2 takes passengers many times more than this foreigner! request