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In Ingushetia, discovered the largest cache of weapons


The security and internal affairs agencies of the Russian Federation, under the leadership of the operational headquarters of the NAK in Ingushetia, have discovered the largest cache with weapons: grenade launchers, rifles and machine guns.

This is stated in a press release of the NAC, received by the editors of the Voice of Russia.

Plastic barrels were found in the cache, buried in the ground and completely filled with various weapons, ammunition and equipment.

In well-disguised caches, six grenade launchers and 80 rounds were discovered, 19 grenades, two machine guns, two rifles, a Kalashnikov light machine gun, and tank heavy machine gun.

There was also a 34 magazine for machine guns and short-barreled weapons, several blanks for shells of improvised explosive devices, and around 100 electric detonators designed to explode them, several kilograms of explosives.

The number of detected cartridges of various calibers, including those in the form of loaded machine-gun belts, exceeded 10 thousands of pieces. The bandits kept them both in standard packaging and in plastic cans and bottles.

In the caches were also unloading vest, pouches for shops and other gangster equipment.

According to military experts, such a quantity of weapons would allow gangsters to resist the forces of law and order for a long time.

Currently, measures are being taken to establish the origin of weapons and ammunition, as well as verification of the facts of its possible use by bandits in carrying out terrorist acts.

NAC believes that the discovery of gangster weapons caches is a significant blow to the infrastructure of the gangster underground in the North Caucasus, the report said.

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  1. Misantrop
    Misantrop 21 October 2013 11: 21
    This is still a small warehouse. Brother’s group once found more. There was even an BTR-80. Weapons and the most scarce ammunition were transported by a specially formed convoy WEEK
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 21 October 2013 11: 49
      yours, however, is a drop in the bucket if you consider how much weapons can be found in any Chechen aul, I have no doubt that the Chechen trail has a trace in the caches.
      1. Zhenya
        Zhenya 21 October 2013 12: 14
        seller trucks The Chechen footprint is visible more clearly and the 3rd company, in my opinion, is visible more clearly ... See how things will develop after Sochi.
    2. Civil
      Civil 21 October 2013 12: 27
      Which of the bandits surrendered the warehouse, or was taken by the warehouse.
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 21 October 2013 14: 11
        the same opinion - someone strongly "wanted" to help the internal organs lol
  2. So_o_tozh
    So_o_tozh 21 October 2013 11: 21
    It would be nice if this cache would remain from past wars, and not recently laid down. In any case, respect and respect for the security authorities ... soldier
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Dmitry 2246
      Dmitry 2246 21 October 2013 11: 49
      The main work is not to stop, to create a warning and detection system.
    3. queen
      queen 21 October 2013 11: 56
      Quote: So_o_tozh
      In any case, respect and respect for the security authorities ...

      Do you think they did not know about him ???))))
      1. Stalinets
        Stalinets 21 October 2013 15: 26
        And, by chance, not respected bodies, it was organized .... laughing
        1. Stalinets
          Stalinets 22 October 2013 01: 38
          Interestingly, and for what, I was eating a minus? For having doubted the decency of "respected authorities"? So who respects them? We also lost our union because of them. Why respect them ... This is not an army ... Too "far from the people" ... By the way, there is nothing new. Once upon a time the KGB, thus earning a tick for itself ... yes
    4. alone
      alone 21 October 2013 21: 19
      Quote: So_o_tozh
      It would be nice if this cache would remain from past wars, and not recently laid down. In any case, respect and respect for the security authorities ...

      The caches seem recent. There is another noteworthy fact. see grenade launchers? from them you can determine whether this weapon is new or old
  3. queen
    queen 21 October 2013 11: 58
    Control is not needed for weapons ... but for power.
  4. Lech from our city
    Lech from our city 21 October 2013 12: 05
    By the composition of weapons and ammunition, we can say that the cache was made for a small sabotage group.
    Such caches (caches) were once distributed in the Western Ukraine (Galicia) and the Baltic States ..
    Well, the purpose of such bookmarks is clear without words (organization of sabotage and terrorist activities in this area.
    This is just a small section of the front that has now unfolded in the Caucasus.
    There is a typical struggle with the underground bandit - RUSSIA it already took place in the 40s and 50s
    1. Stalinets
      Stalinets 21 October 2013 15: 29
      And, as for the composition of the weapon, you have identified such subtleties? laughing
      1. Siberian
        Siberian 21 October 2013 16: 00
        Stalinist! You have a sense of HUMOR! bully
        1. Stalinets
          Stalinets 22 October 2013 01: 39
          No way without it laughing wink
      2. Lech from our city
        Lech from our city 22 October 2013 03: 06
        At one time I had a wonderful book where summaries and reports of border guards operating at that time in the areas of WESTERN UKRAINE and the Baltic States were collected - and so everything that is happening in the Caucasus now looks like a carbon copy one to one, which means that such processes have their own laws and they can be predicted. smile
  5. Migari
    Migari 21 October 2013 17: 32
    There are still many underground gangs in the Caucasus, but it has already spread to the neighboring republics from Chechnya, sideways are the stupidity of our rulers and army command, who threw a sea of ​​weapons here up to the tanks, without thinking who they would get and against whom.
  6. vetlan19
    vetlan19 21 October 2013 22: 33
    Quote: Migari
    without thinking who will get it and against whom.

    Those responsible either did not want to think, or did not give a damn - there was a tear in the country and a mess. And also m. and someone had to leave this weapon to others, while earning green candy wrappers. There is no doubt that for all the weapons in the Caucasus, someone gets paid.
    All this is paid and supported.
    Every day we need personal responsibility for our actions, this affects others - wives, children, friends ... We are worthy of that country, which are themselves. And no one to blame. Everything depends on us.
    1. Guilty
      Guilty 23 October 2013 07: 24
      This "zhzhzhzhzh" is not without reason. Someone who is cunning and mischievous is shaking the Russian peaceful sky. WHAT FOR????? Chechenia was calmed down, Dagestan woke up. Wow, but let's fight with rashka? Let's ... And what? Newsreels, terrorist attacks, specialists at home with batters shit. The internet is full of videos about presumptuous Caucasians. Rape, kill, rob !!!! Personally, it seems to me that the problem of the Caucasus is being given too much attention. There is no bazaar, crimes cannot be left unpunished, but there is no need to hysteria about every criminal with a hump. And then all this hype only creates precedents, a minute of fame))) Millions will talk about us !!!!!! We will stay in everyone's heart !!!!! THOUSANDS OF VIEWS on YouTube !!!!!! They found the cache-well done. The handsome "snub-nosed" rapist was detained. But badass fly, this is your job, you get your salary for this. Karoch, emotions flooded, sorry ...
  7. Stalinets
    Stalinets 22 October 2013 01: 43
    Damn, the composition of the weapon is such that we can assume the presence of a large gang of small jokers. And the presence in the area of ​​the globe of a detachment of young trackers .. laughing laughing yes