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Our tank went through the Andes

Our tank went through the Andes

Last week, a representative Russian delegation led by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu traveled to Peru and Brazil. Although during these visits no agreements were signed and no deals were concluded, many experts are sure: Shoigu and his team managed the main thing - they convinced the partners that our country is ready for the role of "big player" in the arms and technology market of Latin America.

The competition there is quite tough. Take a leading position, guided solely by commercial interests, will not work. And, to have contracts with a prospect, you need to build a truly partnership with the customer. That is what we had with Venezuela, the same is now being established with Peru and Brazil.

Why did Shoigu choose these countries for his first Latin American voyage? Peru and Brazil are currently upgrading their national armies. And in the choice of weapon-technical priorities, the leaders of the countries occupy a position that is rather independent of the United States and NATO. Namely, we recall, they are Russia's main competitors on the world market. weapons. In general, according to Shoigu, in this matter Moscow should not take the position of an outside observer.

- Our defense industry is developing quite energetically. If earlier we said that we use the groundwork of the past, including the Soviet years, then today there are modern developments. In particular, the fifth generation fighter. This is a serious car, no one can say that it is worse than what was offered before us, the defense minister told reporters after returning from South America.

We must not forget that in the battle fleet of the Peruvians and Brazilians there are many Soviet and Russian equipment, including Tanks, aircraft, anti-aircraft missile systems. Some of this arsenal must be replaced with modern models. Another technique needs to be modernized. Lima and Brazil are well aware that no one will do this better than the Russian defense industry. The quality of our weapons in Latin America has always been highly appreciated, moreover, it is cheaper than its Western counterparts.

Take, for example, Mi-8 helicopters. Sergei Shoigu recalled that fifteen years ago at a meeting with the then President of Peru, he heard from him very favorable reviews about this car. The helicopter theme for Lima is still extremely relevant. And for Brazil too. The Brazilians, by the way, signed a contract with Russia for the supply of twelve Mi-2008М as early as 35. Execution of the transaction is close to completion. And at the current talks, the talk was about the purchase of Mi-171Sh helicopters, which are necessary for customers from Latin America to fight terrorists and drug barons, including in the mountains. Our machine is able to fly at an altitude of five thousand meters, and therefore from its side one can, for example, look for coca plantations in the Andes.

- Now there is a trend when they want to buy not only goods, but also everything that is necessary for the further maintenance of this product. In this case - weapons, - shared his observations Shoigu.

RG has already written that Peru could become another state whose relations in the military-technical sphere are not limited by the principle "We produce weapons, but you buy them." There is no talk of joint development of combat systems and complexes yet. But to organize repair in Peru, and in the future, possibly, the licensed production of our export aviation technology is quite real. This task could be taken over by a service center. Moreover, it will be really used not only for servicing Peruvian helicopters, but also for rotorcraft in other states of South America. Almost all of them have our "Mi", and therefore probably want to become customers of the new enterprise.

As Shoigu put it, Russia is quite close - almost at arm's length - standing from serious and important military-technical cooperation projects. This, in particular, concerns the supply of T-90C tanks to Peru. Now they are passing the stage of the so-called Smotrin. Peruvians had already tested one car at their Cruz del Huesco military range. And the final part of the checks, according to Shoigu, should be held in Russia. “I think in the coming month we will be ready to receive the Peruvian delegation,” the minister said. Then, you see, it comes to the conclusion of the contract.

If you go back to the fifth-generation fighter, then the talk that Brazilian experts could join the work on the aircraft turned out to be quite reliable. Shoigu confirmed that two interaction options are being considered. The first is the creation of a joint machine, the second is the involvement of Brazilian designers and engineers, who have "quite a lot of experience in this area." Their experience is actually used in another project that was discussed at the talks in Brazil - the joint production of combat-training aircraft. Russia suggested that the Yak-130 flying party be considered as the base machine.

Even before the departure of the Russian delegation overseas, our press wrote about the possible supply of anti-aircraft missile-cannon systems "Pantsir-C 1" to Brazil. They are excellent for short-range cover of civilian and military sites from all modern and promising means of air attack. The newest air defense system is designed in such a way that the multichannel system for capturing and tracking targets is combined with gun and artillery weapons. This ensures the simultaneous destruction of up to four air objects flying at a height from 5 to 15 thousands of meters and being at a distance from 200 meters to 20 kilometers from the complex.

Some authors have suggested that such a weapon is necessary for a country preparing to take the World Cup and the Olympics. The correspondent of "RG" asked Shoigu, is it possible to conclude such a contract? The minister replied that negotiations were indeed under way with the Brazilians on the Pantyr. And he added: "We are entering an agreement." Shoigu had no other comments. However, on the sidelines of the talks, the author of these lines made it clear that there is still no need to directly link the possible supply of an anti-aircraft complex to ensuring security at international sports games. Firstly, the preparation and conclusion of a contract for the Panther, not to mention its deliveries to Brazil, is not a quick deal. To the championship-2014 and Games-2016 can not make it. Secondly, the interest of the hosts of the world football championship and the future Olympics to our air defense complex is clearly beyond the scope of important sporting events. At the same time, experts say that in terms of combat effectiveness, the Pantsir is one hundred points ahead of any other means of covering objects (say, the same Olympic village or football stadium) from an air strike.

But if the Brazilians are interested in Russian man-portable Igla anti-aircraft missile systems, then there certainly won't be any problems with their delivery "for the game".

Another important area for the interaction of Russia and Brazil is space. According to Shoigu, today it is becoming more and more important, both for security and for the economy of each country.

- We are talking about joint projects - the creation of satellites and a separate program for the Brazilian space program. We agreed to form an expert working group, which will start preparing proposals in this area of ​​cooperation in the very near future, ”Shoigu said.

The soldier will not go hungry

Sergei Shoigu commented on the publication in the Independent Military Review, which came out last Friday with the catchy headline “The Army will be fed until August, and dressed as necessary.” It was about the draft military budget items for the next three years.

The Minister of Defense believes that one such statement "immediately causes a corresponding reaction of tens, even hundreds of thousands of mothers - how can it be, our children will be fed only until August! Everyone understands these things literally."

“But in a sense, I am still grateful to those who are closely watching the military budget and are probably trying to help us,” Shoigu told Russia in an interview. - Now on the subject matter. I must say that the draft budget for 2014 - 2016 has been worked out in detail by us. For us, it is a continuation of the development, modernization, equipment of the Armed Forces. Not reducing, but having carried out a complete synchronization with the supply of weapons and military equipment, we redistributed part of the funds, and sent some of this to additional training of specialists. This was necessary because by the year 2016 a serious shortage of pilots is expected.

If we talk about food, then this year we are fully completing the equipment of all canteens. There will be food, as in the civilized world - with a buffet and an increase in the range of about two, and about three times. We see a qualitative, serious improvement after the replacement of equipment in our canteens and due to the appearance of new assortments of individual diets. This is what used to be called dry rations.

This year we started, next year we will continue the serial supply of modern types of military uniforms to the Armed Forces. Moreover, the work on the combat equipment “Warrior” has been actually completed, starting next year we will start purchasing it for the army.

Fuel is also enough. This year, the crews ’raid and the length of time spent in the sailings of sailors increased significantly. Next year, this trend will continue.

Of course, there were long conversations, disputes, and various consultations on the draft defense budget items. It ended with the Supreme Commander. The president has dotted the "i".
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  1. Saharok
    Saharok 21 October 2013 11: 15
    What can I say .. Well done of course !!! I want to believe that this is not an empty chatter ...
    We definitely need contracts in Latin America and the fact that the Soldier will not be left hungry well ...
    And then there was an article about "The army will be fed until August, and dressed as it is necessary"
    such articles undermine the spirit of the Draftees and the whole Army ktozh in our army will go if they do not feed and dress ??? in general, we will think that Shoigu is telling the truth and the article about hunger is a Western provocation .... Something like this =)
    1. INTER
      INTER 21 October 2013 11: 47
      Shoigu well done, I have no doubt that he will bring our army to the state of the modern Ministry of Emergencies!
  2. Victor
    Victor 21 October 2013 11: 18
    I watched an interview with Shoigu on Zvezda. His phrase to the media: "... Stop joking about the army ..." was very amusing and pleased. Healthy criticism is one thing, but vile mocking is another. If under Serdyukov they mainly came to us with someone else's equipment, under Shoigu we began again to restore our positions in the export of weapons in disputed markets. The export potential of the T-90 and other equipment is once again confirmed.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 October 2013 11: 42
      Our tank crossed the Andes !!! wassat I almost had a heart attack for joy ... well, I think: grandfather Suvorov turned over in his grave with envy! but it turned out ... HEY! Be careful with the headings! or even the "striped" ones will go crazy with fright! laughing
      1. INTER
        INTER 21 October 2013 11: 49
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        grandfather Suvorov turned over from envy in a coffin!

        Andrei is well said! + But he is more likely not out of envy, but out of joy)
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 21 October 2013 11: 59
          I agree, I admit the mistake !!! hi
      2. velikoros-xnumx
        velikoros-xnumx 21 October 2013 12: 46
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        Our tank crossed the Andes !!! wassat my heart attack didn’t happen for joy ... well, I think: grandfather Suvorov turned upside down in envy!

        I experienced something similar in 2008, when a news release with the headline "Russian armored column entered Georgia" was broadcast on American TV. Then, I remember, some grandmother from Georgia really had a heart attack (old women are very impressionable and at the same time weak in geography, especially American ones).
    2. Dmitry 2246
      Dmitry 2246 21 October 2013 11: 43
      I fully support you.
      Journalists often do not understand that we, while protecting the interests of the entire state, are dying, becoming disabled and, of course, need moral support.
  3. major071
    major071 21 October 2013 11: 34
    All the same, Shoigu is a serious man. Said - done. He is trying to do something. He needs help, one, without like-minded people he will not pull, they will devour him. IMHO. soldier
  4. Onyx
    Onyx 21 October 2013 11: 49
    Well done Putin. Under Medvedev, we seriously planned to buy weapons abroad, and after Putin returned, we are trying to open new markets for our own exports.
    1. Ribwort
      Ribwort 21 October 2013 12: 04
      Quote: Onyx
      Under Medvedev, we seriously planned to buy weapons abroad, and after Putin returned, we are trying to open new markets for our own exports.

      You want to say, the right hand does not know what the left is doing? Come on... No.
      1. Onyx
        Onyx 21 October 2013 13: 17
        You want to say, the right hand does not know what the left is doing? Come on... No.[/ Quote]
        When I want to say something, I try to rely on facts, not guesses. What is their real relationship there, I do not know.
        1. Ribwort
          Ribwort 21 October 2013 13: 51
          Quote: Onyx
          on the contrary, we are trying to open new markets for our own exports.

          Right. This is a fact which in itself cannot but rejoice. But it is not clear that confusion and vacillations are such in power. It seems to be a tandem, it seems to be mutual responsibility (one warms up the chair to the other until his return), and decisions are made, sometimes diametrically opposed: here they are talking about switching back to winter time. The forestry institute was first ruined, now they think to revive. Then, probably, the police will be renamed back to the police (with the allocation of appropriate funds from the budget, of course) ...

          As for conjecture: there are conjectures, but there are assumptions based on something. In this case, it is unlikely that Putin was unaware of the decisions made by Medvedev. Trying to analyze based only on facts and not taking into account options for a possible development of events, which in essence is an assumption, is boring and not interesting. Fact is a fact. What has already happened. Take it for granted and sign ... hi
          PS If in the Serdyukov case the court decides that it is white and fluffy - it will be a FACT, but for some reason there will be few people who are ready to believe it. Much more than those who believe the assumption that he could not know what was happening and most likely was a direct participant. I hope the idea is clear ..
          1. Onyx
            Onyx 21 October 2013 14: 43
            Quote: Ribwort
            In this case, it is unlikely that Putin was unaware of the decisions made by Medvedev.

            Well, I knew what? Please answer one question: when was Medvedev the president, did Putin have presidential powers or did Medvedev still?
            1. Ribwort
              Ribwort 21 October 2013 15: 10
              Quote: Onyx
              when Medvedev was president, did Putin have presidential powers or did Medvedev still?

              When the kings of France were Francis II, Charles IX, Henry III, all powers, and almost unlimited, formally also belonged to them. But in fact? True - Catherine de Medici! However, this is also from the realm of speculation, is not it?
    2. Stas
      Stas 21 October 2013 19: 01
      Quote: Onyx
      Well done Putin. Under Medvedev, we seriously planned to buy weapons abroad, and after Putin returned, we are trying to open new markets for our own exports.

      They seem to have a tandem. And Putin has been in power for 13 years heroically building a power vertical, growing an armada of bureaucrats, bringing millions of guest workers, and he is deeply violet on the local population. Do not be so naive - The king is good, and the boyars are rascals. Each boss selects a CAM team for himself !!! Medvedev, Serdyukov, Chubais, etc. - these are his proteges.
  5. Metlik
    Metlik 21 October 2013 12: 59
    I wonder why in the photo Shoigu in civilian? It seems he went to represent our weapons - to show his belonging to the army would not be amiss.
    In general, Shoigu - well done. Not afraid to act. The one who does nothing is not mistaken. Do not count for a hint.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 21 October 2013 13: 03
      Quote: Metlik
      It's not a mistake that he does not do anything.

      Shoigu's motto. That is why he is never wrong, and is acceptable to any "leader of the nation", be it Yeltsin, Putin or Medvedev.
      1. Metlik
        Metlik 21 October 2013 13: 29
        I actually mean Putin and Medvedev. Shoigu is not afraid to get his hands dirty, and do not give a damn about how he looks - there is a thing and he does it.
  6. Deniska
    Deniska 21 October 2013 14: 34
    Quote: Onyx
    Well done Putin. Under Medvedev, we seriously planned to buy weapons abroad, and after Putin returned, we are trying to open new markets for our own exports.

    All life is a game ... and we are not even actors !!!
  7. Migari
    Migari 21 October 2013 17: 05
    All this only pleases, and for our weapons and for the fatherland, the tank is good, and it proves this in practice.
  8. alone
    alone 21 October 2013 21: 15
    Well, the fact that Brazil is capable of paying for armaments I will not argue. The country is the strongest in the region. And in the economic plan too. It turned out that I’m not a bit shy. 210 billion euros. It pleases. It’s good when you sell armaments and get money for it. The deals are really good.
  9. Yura
    Yura 21 October 2013 21: 50
    For some time now, due to the fact that Latinos are paying more and more attention and are purchasing our weapons, it seems to me they have decided on their main potential enemy and clearly understand where the threat comes from. There is already a very clear interest in having weapons originally developed and designed to counter the weapons of NATO countries and the United States, including.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Altona
    Altona 21 October 2013 23: 07
    In general, the report turned out to be very colorful ... The guard of honor in the form of the 19th century was just beautiful, just a sight for the guards ... To Shoigu, one remark, it is worthless to go on a visit of this level in the Ministry of Emergencies, even if it imitates a general uniform ... The protocol service is a big minus, since the meeting party was in civilian flawless suits ... Our turntables on the highlands are beyond competition, Afghanistan proved that even the US Army was forced to use them ... They really liked the tank, since they had been driving it for a year now ... hi