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Tiger Robot

Tiger Robot

LTD "Weapons workshops ”(Schelkovo) together with the KEMZ plant (Kovrov) created a new version of the Tiger multipurpose armored car with various versions of combat modules. The first demonstration of the new version of the Tiger-M2 took place in August this year at the “Innovation Day” of the Ministry of Defense. Visitors to the exhibition were presented with an option with a remotely controlled combat module. As an informed source told Rosinformburo, the fire of a combat module can be controlled by an operator from a range of up to 200 m using an external remote control.

The combat module can be equipped with a 7,62-mm PKTM machine gun, 12,7-mm Kord machine gun or an 40-mm Balkan automatic grenade launcher. For foreign customers, a version with the combat module HITROLE Light of the Italian company Oto Melara has been developed. In the Italian army, such modules are equipped with light armored vehicles Iveco LMV.

The standard Italian combat module is usually armed with an 7,62-mm Belgian machine gun M265. According to the source, he had to deal with this machine gun, and he noted its low reliability. The platform of the combat module is stabilized and provides high accuracy of shooting at targets in motion and from a place.

According to the "Military Informant", the module has a circular rotation, and the weapon can be guided by elevation in the range from -20 to + 70 degrees. To control the firing, the gunner uses a flat display, two control joysticks, a day zoom with smooth zoom, an uncooled thermal imaging camera and a laser rangefinder.

The Russian version of "Tiger-M2" is created in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications. Unlike the Italian module, it must be protected and ensure the operability of the weapon in the absence of power supply. The last requirement is not met by any combat module of foreign production.

Variations of the "Tiger" with various combat modules were demonstrated at the arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. According to the source, the Russian version can be demanded for equipping special forces for conducting reconnaissance, guard and curfew service, and solving other special tasks.
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  1. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 19 October 2013 12: 15
    The last requirement is not met by any combat module of foreign production.

    And great, nothing to look at zabugornoe good
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 19 October 2013 15: 26
      Do you really think that this statement has a lot of truth?
      1. Xroft
        Xroft 19 October 2013 16: 25
        Well, Jews always know better where the truth is :)
    2. Rustam
      Rustam 20 October 2013 09: 03

      And great, nothing to look at zabugornoe

      Squint? hmm - remember there are many modules in the world, few worthy

      what was in lower

      2 modules from Arms Workshops (Galkin) Kovrovsky and Italian (based on the combined-arms TIGRA-M for special forces)

      1 NEXTER ARX 20 module based on TIGER SPM2


      But in the army, such modules probably will not appear, in our country this is considered an excess, but maybe in the BB?
      1. Rustam
        Rustam 20 October 2013 18: 02
        These lines of mine are dedicated to the minusers, Why are the gentlemen minuses good?
        If you are brave, then explain to me incomprehensibly what unsettled you in my post?
        Better get into a dialogue

        - incorrect information
        - something else

        Most of all, it is frustrating that there are individuals who are visible far from knowledge and topics, and who apparently put their minuses to people as well as pluses for their ideological reasons.
  2. a52333
    a52333 19 October 2013 12: 18
    Military robots are gaining momentum. We, with our small mobilization reserve, are at hand. Especially if the programmers will work on the subject not of remote, but absolutely autonomous combat systems.
  3. Ivan79
    Ivan79 19 October 2013 12: 18
    With the new combat module - a completely brutal armored car.
    1. the polar
      the polar 19 October 2013 12: 48
      Quote: Ivan79
      With the new combat module - a completely brutal armored car.

      Equipment for patrolling urban settlements and carrying out punitive intracity actions.

      Preparing for mass deprivatization is the very technique.
  4. nik6006
    nik6006 19 October 2013 12: 21
    Interesting machine. In Peru or Brazil, somewhere in the jungle of drug monkeys to drive black poachers somewhere in the savannah in Angola.

    Perhaps it’s time for the Italians to install our combat modules on their Iveco LMV, well, if we decide to sell more.
    1. bask
      bask 19 October 2013 13: 20

      The combat module can be equipped with a 7,62 mm PKTM machine gun, a 12,7 mm Kord machine gun or a 40 mm Balkan automatic grenade launcher.

      Excellent development, domestic defense industry.
      Now this DBM, in the troops of RA and VV MVD !!!!
      Or again over the hill, for export.
  5. avt
    avt 19 October 2013 12: 21
    But didn’t it turn out too high? But still good. good let it be. Cord perhaps to the place and the grenade launcher too. Somehow 7,62 will not be enough for an armored vehicle. Not enough. "Maybe I'm greedy, but from the bottom of my heart" laughing
    1. bask
      bask 19 October 2013 13: 38
      Quote: avt
      let it be. The cord is perhaps out of place and the grenade launcher too.

      Cord-12,7mm paired with 40mm AGS, optimal armament, for multi-purpose armored vehicles and MRAP.
      A larger caliber, this is for the classic 8/8 armored personnel carrier.
      Hammer with a 20 mm gun.
  6. AVV
    AVV 19 October 2013 12: 22
    I don’t know if our Defense Ministry and other departments will be interested in this type of equipment, for example, anti-terror units, but for sale abroad, a good copy !!!
  7. olegff68
    olegff68 19 October 2013 12: 48
    The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs really lack such universal, mass-produced modules for installation on Tigers, Urals, etc. (yes, even on MTLB and BRDM)
  8. Nursultan
    Nursultan 19 October 2013 13: 14
    Interestingly, the glasses from the thermal imager and the laser rangefinder are protected by bulletproof glass? I look and it seems that there is no protection except the net
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 19 October 2013 15: 27
      Well, you don’t ask if the driver’s glass breaks and is it protected
      1. Nursultan
        Nursultan 19 October 2013 15: 41
        as far as remembering the driver’s glass is protected. but the back door seems not so much. they already wrote about this that they would modify it. in connection with this, I had a question
  9. Migari
    Migari 19 October 2013 13: 37
    The good news, it’s good that more and more new equipment is appearing, but somehow it stalled on one modernization.
  10. kafa
    kafa 19 October 2013 14: 12
    hollow Caucasian fighters militants this armored car itself good
  11. Russ69
    Russ69 19 October 2013 14: 24
    Recently it was reported that the "Tiger" is being tested with the Italian HITROLE - Light remote weapon station from Oto Melara. But maybe not necessarily for us, but for export.
    The standard HITROLE - Light, as a rule, is armed with a 7,62 mm western-caliber MG3 machine gun, or 0.50-M2 HB caliber machine gun, which have left ammunition supply, so the sensor unit is mounted to the right of the machine gun.
    In the new version, the Russian PKT 7,62 mm machine gun and the 12,7 mm NSVT machine gun, which have the right feed, can be used, which led to some changes in the HITROLE - Light, which in addition can also be equipped with a 40 mm Mk19 automatic grenade launcher .
    The weapons are fully stabilized, which allows you to hit targets with a high probability of hitting from the first shot while the Tiger can move or be motionless.
    1. bask
      bask 19 October 2013 14: 48
      Armored car "Tiger-M2" with a new remote-controlled combat module.
      The new DUBM is a development of the “Adunok” family, designed in KB “Display” Belarus.
      "Adunok" is a platform on which machine guns up to 12,7 mm caliber, or AGS, are mounted.
      The only pity is that the Tiger-M2 modification has no loopholes in the bulletproof glasses.
  12. Altona
    Altona 19 October 2013 16: 18
    Gaddafi had such a machine, to drive the opposition in the desert ... Anything cheaper than tanks, especially the freeways there are fabulously beautiful, there wouldn’t be a lot of fuel ... And the module is cannon or cannon-machine gun ... It’s a pity that the man did not survive .. .May such a machine is needed in Syria?
    1. ICT
      ICT 19 October 2013 16: 28
      there almost all the fights are in the city, so most likely not
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 19 October 2013 20: 24
        In Syria, BMPTs are more likely needed.
        Like, KShM, sanitary, reconnaissance, targeting
        Azania, BRDM-are quite suitable.
        1. novobranets
          novobranets 20 October 2013 20: 44
          Quote: cosmos111
          Like, KShM, sanitary, reconnaissance, targeting

          Azania, BRDM-are quite suitable.

          Quite a decent patrol car, patrolling the frontline zone, ambulance, aviation spotters, etc. if we add filter ventilation, then I think chemical intelligence will not give up this technique. But isn't he too tall? With the Adunok module, overturning moment can become a fat minus. I think so.
  13. Clueless
    Clueless 20 October 2013 20: 26
    Is there a stone on the last photo of a tiger in front of the wheel? or optical illusion? I do not believe that the handbrake is not working
    1. family tree
      family tree 20 October 2013 23: 29
      Quote: Bad
      does a tiger have a stone in front of the wheel or something?

      That's when, in proud solitude, you align the car with a ruler, put a pebble where the wheel should stop. The wheel rests, you jam the car, on the handbrake, the first one, to the heap, you sigh, like everything, but about the cobblestones, for joy you forget until, damn it, somebody will remind! recourse laughing
  14. konvalval
    konvalval 20 October 2013 22: 24
    I wish I had one!
  15. family tree
    family tree 20 October 2013 23: 13
    Aiming complex: two TV cameras, thermal imaging scope and laser range finder. Four missile launchers for smoke grenades and cluster munitions. Not sickly, so, heaped up what You can stick it on other equipment.