Results of the week. "God forbid to see Russian revolt, senseless and merciless!"

Russian riot ...

I, as a person who rarely turns on the TV, and on weekends trying to stay at the computer for a long time (I’ve got more than enough working days), learned about the people's rebellion in Biryulyovo. And the first thing that caught my eye was that even the central media did not call the Russian people, who had defended their own defense, “Nazis”, “xenophobes”, “extremists”, etc., “pleasant” words of non-Russian origin. It was a little surprised that even the authorities, whose “riot police” dogs shabbypled in the face from the inhabitants of the workers' outskirts, acknowledged that it was the People’s Congress that took place! True, there have been attempts to invent some “instigators-nationalists”, but the further Sunday is memorable, the fewer these attempts are.

And could it be otherwise! Indeed, unlike December 2010, when, for the most part, strong young guys came to Manezhka (although, in my deepest conviction, Manezhka is in its purest form a splash of popular anger, not “nationalist action”), in Biryulevo poured into the streets the entire population of the suburbs. Among the people who came to demand a response from the authorities were women and children. Well, how do you call the latter “Nazis” or write down into the ranks of “skinheads” (I’ll deliberately avoid the English word skinhead, because we are talking about Russians) ?! - Well, there was a certain former head of the “Movement Against Illegal Immigration” Alexander “Belov”, whose real name Potkin, although it has a Russian ending, does not sound like ours at all. Thank God, none of the “borzopistsev” was smart enough to attribute the gathering of the people to him. On the contrary, he came there only to be forgotten about him as “about the fighter for the rights of his people”.

In addition, some guys in December 2010-th who visited Manezhke, managed to participate in the quality of guests and in different programs. There they told that they were hiding people because they worked in public service or in good positions in private organizations. In Biryulyovo, almost everyone who went outside, for the most part, are simple hard workers. In short, it was the people who gathered, not “right-wing extremists.” The authorities made this conclusion correctly.

Comments from our readers:

The article is sharp, but I believe it. I myself came across Caucasians and other Asians, I can confirm every word of the author. one by one quite decent people, the two of them are already looking through the rot, and the three of them are all guard-changing before our eyes, watching eagles, speak impudently (most importantly, the same people, that one is quite decent).
they have knives and pistols with them - this is from fear, they are afraid of everything, and each of us.
Germans in the Second World War, we also have weapons They were afraid to walk.
I just disagree with one thing - why ban a holiday? prohibit blocking the street, cutting sheep in the courtyards, but not the holiday itself. I know a lot of good people - Tatars, Kazakhs - why should they be forbidden to celebrate their holiday?

and power, in my opinion, except for the most rested, everyone already knows everything about power.

At one time (90-s) studied in the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the 2 course while watching a video in the hall, there was a conflict with Kurnos. In general, when the fight began, all the snub-nosed people jumped up and rushed to the aid of their hairy brother. Whoever of the Slavs got up and got the grip for me? Everyone sat with tails between their legs. It is not only in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is in the army, it is everywhere in everyday life. We allow them to be impudent.

indeed, it seems that Sobyanin himself recently reported on the conduct of sweeps of all markets and other places of illegal immigrants, after an attack on a policeman. and now, after cleansing it, poor Vietnamese people (anyone heard that Vietnamese dance lezginka on Red Square, shoot in the streets, slaughter Russians, rape Russian women?) turns out to be a bunch of hotbeds in Moscow. again the Vietnamese take the rap ...

I watched the video of the gathering in Biryulyovo. And something occurred to me to compare this event with the consequences of the revolutionary events in Bishkek 2005 and 2010. It would seem that there is a national revolt here too. But the difference is striking.

There was no looting in Biryulyovo, as in Bishkek. Until now, there goes a contemptuous chase: "you as a marauder!". Children on the streets play marauders and security forces. In the games of these, the "siloviki" chase after the "marauders" and by all means catch them, setting the plastic sword on the head with their plastic sword)))) On the videos of those events, we can see how people are dragging everything valuable from the looted supermarkets: washing machines, televisions, microwaves. There was a banal robbery without a political goal. The people came to plunder, and someone made a revolution under the guise. That is how it was there. Therefore, the attitude of citizens to the marauders-revolutionaries is the most negative and contemptuous.

The policemen who took part in the dispersal of the demonstrators were beaten, threw explosive packages under their feet, and covered them with plastic water bottles. The siloviki were forced to hide in the territories of enterprises and responded with equal reciprocity and diligence.

In Biryulyovo we see a completely different picture. The people came out with clear requirements. The government will unsuccessfully try to translate the arrows on all kinds of Natsik there and so on, but the cadres speak more eloquently. From the cadres you can see that the residents of the district are on the street In "Boryuza" they only broke through the entrance and set fire to it ... but then they put out. The shopping center was not robbed and was not taken apart piece by piece. The people didn’t care what was inside - they didn’t come out to take it away. Machines overturned only within their requirements. Fruit and vegetable base trashed more for the species than for looting. People passing by did not shy away from the crowd in fear, but joined in. Even passing by cars joined the procession. Now it is clear that the majority supported and supported the residents of Biryulyovo.

The riot police behaved quite correctly, the people also did not strongly beat the riot police and climbed on the rampage. Basically there were power "wall" talkaniya. There were isolated cases of broken heads, but not massively.

I saw in the events in Biryulyovo the people's army, and not a flock of idiot marauders like in Bishkek. This army pursued certain goals and objectives, well understood by it, and not a banal profit. She behaved extremely correctly as much as possible in such situations. And who says that the Russians cannot unite? If they unite, they immediately join the army with goals and objectives that are well understood by everyone.

something a bit too much "black sheep" in one herd ... or breeders got it wrong, or are they mostly delivering us to lousy ... Or am I wrong?
Mantra on the subject of the fact that in any nation there are good people and bad - already tired. It is clear to all. I have no complaints about teachers, doctors, representatives of other professions. For creators no complaints. But there is an ethnic organized criminal group, traffickers, bombilam, builders, janitors and idlers "without whom Russia well, as it can not survive in such difficult economic conditions" !!!!!!
I ignite nothing, I look around "taking off my rose-colored glasses" ...

It's funny that the celebration of Kurban-Baran neither in Kazan, nor in Ufa, nor in Makhachkala, nor in Grozny is not accompanied by the pursuit of rams on the central streets, blocking the streets and laying out rugs on the tram tracks. But once in Moscow, a Caucasian-Asian Muslim breaks loose as a chain and starts doing everything that it does not do at home. And the Moscow authorities allow him to do what the authorities do not allow at his home. That is, the authorities in the Russian cities deliberately set off Russians with Asians and Caucasians.

The issue with migrants will not be decided until it is beneficial to someone. I have always been interested in the question why it is not clear who is traveling calmly, and we Russians living in the territory of the former USSR republics cannot go to their historic homeland in Russia? All that talk on TV about the fact that they are waiting for Russians from other countries is a lie. You can't make that kind of money on us. My parents are from the Gorky region, this is my historical homeland, my uncles, aunts and the rest of my relatives live there, but to go for permanent residence, I need to collect a lot of references about the fact that I am not crooked and not oblique. Officials, both in government and in the field, HAVE A REALLY INTERESTED IN THOSE NERUSSIANS being transported. They zhiruet them and earn money not small. And for me it is not so difficult to resolve this issue. Adopt a law that the repatriation of illegal migrants comes at the expense of the one from whom they were caught and the penalty is to hurt 10 yeah for everyone .... or to take away the house in which they built or the company ... half a year and everything will be zashib and replenish the state treasury.

Records for the export of weapons

1. Dmitry Rogozin last week visited Angola at the invitation of the leadership of this country, who wants to revive cooperation with Russia. As part of negotiations with the Angolan Vice-President Manuel Vicente, memorandums of cooperation in the field of health and culture were signed. Rogozin also called promising cooperation in the field of hydropower, industry, the creation of service centers, personnel training.

2. Russia plans to close commitments to Brazil for the supply of Mi-35 helicopters in the near future.

3. The Brazilian Ministry of Defense intends to conclude a contract with Rosoboronexport until the middle of 2014 for the supply of Pantsir-C 1 anti-aircraft missile systems. The Brazilian military intends to use Russian complexes to ensure security at the Summer Olympics, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 year.

Russian exports of weapons and military equipment are gaining momentum. If yesterday there was talk of the fact that the military-industrial complex in our country is breathing its last, and that Russian weapons are turning into uncompetitive, sorry, trash, then the incoming information from the world markets of military equipment today says something completely different. In the 2011 year, Russia sold weapons abroad in excess of 300 billion rubles, and in the 2012 year - almost half a trillion (about 15,2 billion dollars). This year they are talking about a new record. News important, positive news. The main thing is that the sale goes for real money, and not for promises of a “long and indestructible friendship”, and that in the future there is no idea to write off debts for weapons supplied to countries that are not as insolvent as they put up (Iraq, as an example) ... Well, we shouldn’t forget about the modernization of our own army, in relation to which (modernization) judgments from Kudrinomists have already begun to appear in the style of “cut back a little”, “move slightly in time”, etc.

Comments from our readers:

Peaceful military:
This is all nice. BUT! When will Russia expand the geography of real re-equipment of its Armed Forces?
Shouts about the lack of production capacity for the production of weapons, etc. for their aircraft and at the same time increasing the production of weapons, etc. for export.

Well, if this goes to the benefit of our military industrial complex, then something will remain for the army. Just do not plunder.

Yeah, podgadil Snowden US. Brazil to the United States turned "specific place"


A native of Azerbaijan, suspected of killing Muscovite Yegor Shcherbakov, gave official confessions. During the interrogation, Orkhan Zeynalov stated that it was he who stabbed Egor Shcherbakov on the night of October 10 in Vostryakovsky Proezd, from which the victim died. However, quite a bit later, it turned out that Zeynalov had ceased to understand the Russian language, and in addition refused his initial testimony.

Obviously, Zeynalov lost the gift of Russian speech and its understanding after talking with a lawyer and with other "knowledgeable" experts in investigative and judicial matters. In addition, Viktor Anikushkin (the lawyer of the suspect) states that he is going to appeal the arrest (Zeynalov decided to arrest the month for 2, during which he was formally charged) of his client because the quotation: “the contest of the parties was violated”.

Lawyer Zeynalov was hired by the Azerbaijani embassy in Russia, as reported by the executive director of the Higher Attestation Commission of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, Ilgar Hajiyev. The same Mr. Hajiyev noted that he does not justify Zeynalov, but considers it inadmissible, the quote: “add fuel to the fire,” and is also concerned that Zeynalov’s detention was turned into a show. And still Hajiyev declares that such crimes in Moscow occur daily. Then an Uzbek will be killed, then an Azerbaijani ... They say they have inflated here history...

Information came from the Shamkir region of Azerbaijan that Zeynalov’s father did not believe in the possibility of this loud murder by his son.

Zahid Zeynalov:
I do not believe that this could happen. If this still happened, then I apologize to the parents of the deceased. No parent wants his son to do this.

Yasemen Zeynalova (mother of the suspect):
Last time I spoke with him was 15 October. He said that he had not committed a crime and that he was innocent. He was confused with someone. Orhan still never got to the police. Why do they beat him? He did nothing.

In general, the case is loud. Too much is mixed in here. The main thing is that it (the criminal case) does not flow into the category of cases with a bright politicized color.

Comments from our readers:

10 years illegally lived in the Russian Federation. He was in a colony for an accident deprived of his rights and was engaged in private cabs. In his homeland, he is wanted for murder. This is the police ...

Ruslan F_38:
When he molested a girl, he grappled with Scherbakov, he apparently remembered his tongue, and when he had to answer for his crime, he forgot, a very convenient position!

The situation is very running. In a situation of lack of control, along with those who want to work normally, every offspring gets into Russia (although we also have our own cattle), which prevents normal people from living and is often sought by the authorities in their homeland.
It is necessary to establish a general order with control over visitors.

Yanukovych and his army

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych canceled universal military service. He signed a decree on the transition of the army to a contract basis and on the latest conscription to the armed forces of the country. However, he stressed that recruitment for military service would remain in the Internal Troops.

Yanukovych explained that the transition of the army to a contract basis is due to the fact that modern combat equipment requires professionals. It is in the hands of these professionals that the security of the state will be given.

According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, currently 180 thousand people serve in the country's army, of which 100 thousand serve in the logistics support units. It is expected that after the reform of the armed forces of Ukraine, the number of combat units will be 70 thousand, and logistics support - 50 thousand people.

Interestingly, why did Viktor Yanukovych decide to keep the call in the Internal Troops ... Apparently, the presence of internal enemies does not give rest to Viktor Fedorovich. External now become "friends". Why keep a big army, if the "friends" always come to the rescue? .. Brussels "pissing boys" will come running, and they will extinguish any conflict.
And what about this promise: the transition of the army to the contract took place because the share of modern military equipment is needed by professionals. That is, professionals are needed to maintain the equipment in the army, but no explosives are needed, is it? Somehow, the Ukrainian leader is inconsistent. Although inconsistency - it seems, is the translation of the word "Yanukovych" into Russian.

Comments from our readers:

Military service at the call of the Motherland is an integral part of a free civil society. The "professional" mercenary army, having lost contact with the people, will serve those who pay it. Fools are those who scream about "invocative slavery".

Yanukovych explained that the transition of the army to a contract basis is due to the fact that modern combat equipment requires professionals. Well, where is that technique? I would say honestly: there is no money.

Soon Ukraine will have the same army as the Latvians. Cheap but angry.

When we are in the war, I’ll fly to my bullet

The other day, the Council on Cossack Affairs (KFOR) under the President of Russia approved a set of measures within the framework of the development strategy of the Russian Cossacks up to 2020. More specifically, the first stage of this strategy has been approved, which should be implemented in 2014-2015.

Cossack patrol on Nevsky Prospect, 1905 year

Representatives of the Council for the Cossacks claim that the first stage of the implementation of the strategy will take place without the use of budgetary funds. During this stage, it is planned to assign such services as patrolling the streets of cities (which, by the way, was used not long ago as an experiment) for protecting Cossacks, protecting forests from illegal logging, accidental or targeted arsons. Registered Cossacks will be able to perform duties in the framework of the activities of the Armed Forces of the country, to serve on the state border in special Cossack units. It is planned to increase the number of Cadet Cossack corps and in the near future to open the first Cossack university in Moscow. As a possible base is called capital University. Razumovsky. In addition, the Cossacks will be engaged (frankly, in an incomprehensible while) the protection of the animal world, and will also participate in elections at various levels.

According to the latest data in Russia, about seven million people consider themselves representatives of the Cossacks. Of these, almost 750 thousands are the so-called registered Cossacks, that is, those who, in all likelihood, will be engaged in serving the Fatherland, let's say, on a professional level. What will the rest do? - big question. And if you consider that from the rest, an impressive percentage (these are mostly men) are people who used to buy uniforms along with awards at city flea markets, their role in serving the Fatherland is an even bigger question. True, now the Cossacks even have their own party, and the party Cossack is more than a serious phenomenon ...

Comments from our readers:

Something is sensible in the affairs of the Cossacks. But somehow all this is not serious. Smacks of some kind of eccentricity, clowning. Especially when you see their incomprehensible titles, awards and other trinkets. It is not clear by whom and for what issued.

There will be a normal legislative base for the Cossacks, and the Cossacks will be who they should be, we have high hopes for the future.

Let's be honest to the end: the only form that real Cossacks can wear is the uniform of the Russian Army. Everything else is a masquerade.

And let him popishit ...

In Volgograd, it was decided that a photo shoot of the scandalous freak singer Alena Piskun, which she and her friends had staged at Mamayev Kurgan and the Motherland Sculpture, is not a criminal offense.

Results of the week. "God forbid to see Russian revolt, senseless and merciless!"

The place where they needed to settle a little need was looked for by Piskun and her friends on the Mamayev Kurgan, taking pictures of themselves against the background of shrines in unambiguous poses and accompanying their actions with obscene jokes. Then Piskun posted these photos and videos on the Internet - on her VKontakte page. State Duma deputies, outraged by these shots, compared the outburst of Piskun and her friends with the behavior of animals.

Well, "canary" cheap popularity earned itself. How many publications have written about her, how many people saw the very scandalous pictures on social networks! But here the situation is twofold: on the one hand, to pay attention to this trick - to make an advertisement, on the other, to show that we don’t notice, we don’t pay attention, it means to demonstrate to all the other “pushers” that they are free to do whatever they want. In general, attention was paid, past with lean faces could not pass.

However, the point is not so much in the "canter". Dubyo it is dubyo ... And the thing is in punishment. The phrase that her act is not criminalized is strange in the whole story. Why? Yes, if only because the especially distinguished ladies who danced in the temple with their entire heads received their punishment in the form of real terms (and even the law on punishment for insulting the feelings of believers was born), but what? Are not offended feelings, for example, veterans. Is Mamayev Kurgan for Russia is not a shrine? In the justice system, you obviously need to correct something ...
By the way, here the Cossacks with their whips would be useful. And the case would not have reached the court ... If the parents were not raised, then it is necessary to educate, as they say, collectively. Squeaky girl would ringing!

Comments from our readers:

Sheep whip Goat in the army!

Standard Oil:
In the zoo, however, I do not know what kind of beast, so as not to offend him (the beast).

To the crocodile to a pair ...

Oh, I’m plowing, I’m plowing plow ...

Alexander Lukashenko is ready to develop agricultural business in Russia, namely in the Kaliningrad region.

I often say - give us the Kaliningrad region. We will plow every hectare, every hundred square meters of land there, and make of it a flowering land.

To this, the Belarusian leader added that “he does not pretend to pick up Kaliningrad tomorrow, but if it could be done, then with pleasure.”

I see you do not plow the earth. In the Soviet Union were the best, a prosperous land was. I say to Vladimir Vladimirovich: listen, give these and these lands here. We plow, I say, we do not need to transfer them to the property.

Well, the offer from Butky is interesting ... Apparently, Alexander Grigorievich hints that in some regions of Russia lately, having forgotten how to plow the land, have learned how to plow-saw completely different, let's say, substances. It will be interesting if the proposal for "assistance in plowing" will be accepted. After all, then such assistance can be officially put on stream: Belarusians plow the land, Chinese build plants with the Japanese, Greeks sew fur coats, Armenians and Azerbaijanis control trade, Americans write laws and laws, and we (Russians) will be offered only one thing: watch out behind the pipe ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, the Koreans gave Dauria a lease, 50 cop. per hectare. Why are Belarusians worse? Another question is, sho at the Fatka so freely you will not believe ... So sho, most likely, will not give ...

Z.A.M .:
I don’t know how Kaliningradians work, but I don’t mind that the Leningrad Region would plow up, wherever possible, and the “VSPAHAL” needs someone (the last is ALL).

And he will live? ..

One of the ringleaders of the Ingush terrorist underground, Ali Taziev, nicknamed Magas, will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Such is the decision of the court, which recognized his guilt in the 24 terrorist attacks that claimed dozens of lives, including the attempt on the head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

On Tuesday, the North Caucasus Military District Court passed a verdict in a high-profile case against the leader of the Ingush gang, Ali Taziyev, nicknamed Magas.

Magas was charged with the 24 attack. Thus, according to investigators, the gangs created by Taziev blew up a regular bus in Nevinnomyssk in December 2007 of the year - then three people died, 17 suffered, the ATS building in Nazran district of Ingushetia died in August 2009 of the year - 21 people died, 289 suffered.
The defender added that the sentence was too harsh. He also said that he did not yet know what he would rely on during the appeal, specifying that he would be able to answer this question only after reading the text of the sentence.

The defense phrase that she will appeal the verdict, but does not yet know what to rely on in the appeal, is remarkable in itself. Indeed, to rely on at least something in the case of a man whose hands are stained with blood will not work.

The case of Taziev is one of those when you start to think: shouldn't we spit on the moratorium ... Well, at least at the regional level (to abolish the moratorium on the death penalty in several separate regions - we are like a federation - the worse are the “partners” from the USA something).

And so - to pay taxes also in order that such, yes editing, moral freaks would smoke a white light. Well, on the other hand, a shot in this head is too humane punishment ... So, here's how to look ...

By the way, many were surprised that during the trial over Taziev there was no talk of the tragedy in Beslan and his (Taziev) preparation for the seizure of the school. Although the surviving Beslan hostages, and other eyewitnesses to the 2004 tragedy of the year, and journalists, claimed and claimed that Magas was involved in that terrible terrorist attack that killed more than three hundred people.

Comments from our readers:

The inglorious end of a gangster career scoundrel. And Muslim beads with a beard did not help. Suite in the "White Swan" in anticipation of a dear guest!

Touches the position of protection. And in vain, oh in vain the death penalty was abolished. For such frostbitten - the only punishment.

an exchange of niceties

Another review of Western newspapers from "Foreign Press" This week was devoted to the topical topic of Russian-Dutch relations.

The German newspaper Die Welt titled its comment as follows: “The attack on the diplomat is“ revenge on public diplomacy ”. Experienced Dutch diplomat Onno Elderenbosch began working in Moscow at the beginning of 2000, correspondent Julia Smirnova says.

On Tuesday evening, unknown persons disguised as electricians entered the apartment of this 60-year-old diplomat, beat him, shook him up with scotch tape and left, drawing a heart with the inscription “LGBT” on a mirror with lipstick. The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the incident.

As Smirnova emphasizes, Russian-Dutch relations are tense: a Dutch gay activist has recently been expelled from Russia; members of the crew of the ship flying the Dutch flag charged with piracy; in the Hague, an incident occurred with a Russian diplomat Borodin.

According to the Russian side, the detention of Borodin is an act of revenge in Moscow, writes Smirnova. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, wrote on Twitter that he saw in the detention of a diplomat a “response to the Greenpeace case.”

The pro-Kremlin network edition,, described the attack on the Dutchman as "a revenge of the people's diplomacy for the attack on the Russian citizen."

“Beaten diplomats and" bad "tulips": Russian-Dutch ties have deteriorated. " This is the title of the material in The Christian Science Monitor.

Journalist Fred Weir believes that the quarrel between Russia and Holland goes beyond the diplomatic framework: after all, the Russian department suddenly discovered that Dutch tulips are a biological threat. And the turnover of the market of Dutch flowers in Russia is about a billion dollars a year. At the same time, Russian officials may stop importing Dutch dairy products.

As transmits RIA News", Netherlands Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans regrets the incident that took place on October 17 in The Hague in a house run by the Russian embassy. This was written by the newspaper Telegraaf, referring to the statement of the Dutch diplomatic department.

According to media reports, one of the apartments of the house is supposed to have been hacked. According to the residents, the staff of the Russian embassy live in the house.

In a statement by the Dutch Foreign Ministry, it is noted that the police, in cooperation with the Russian embassy, ​​are conducting an investigation.

Comments from our readers:

When two are fighting, there is always a third party to whom it benefits. First they arrested the steamer with the Greenpeacers. Then our diplomat was beaten. Then their diplomat.
This is beneficial to someone, and just now will not get out. This is just the beginning of something bigger.

Pete, there is already a sequel. Today they robbed the apartment of the ambassador of the Russian Federation, and the Dutch said that they would not punish the policeman who beat Borodin. Now the answer is for Onishchenko.

Russian power has increased Ukraine

During Soviet times, Ukraine pursued a policy of pumping oil and gas reserves from the bowels in the interests of Moscow. This was announced at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada by deputy Andrei Ilyenko from the Freedom party, reports Mikhail Ryabov ("New Region"). People’s Deputy stated:

Andrei Ilyenko from the Freedom Party

“Just as Ukraine was occupied by the Soviet Union, then just natural gas was pumped out of Ukraine and oil was pumped out so that almost nothing was left. All the time for these resources they fed Moscow, fed Russia to the very outskirts, fed the puppets and the communist parties all over the world: in Africa, in Asia - the communist regimes were terrorist in all parts of the world. This is where Ukrainian natural resources were used. And now they are telling us about how good it was under the Soviet regime. ”

And now, add on our own, the unfortunate Ukrainians have nothing left but shale gas. After his intense prey, the stories of those people who recall the good life under the Soviets will find a much wider audience.

Comments from our readers:

Standard Oil
This is incredible, it is difficult to believe in it, but it turns out that all this time the Russian Empire / USSR brazenly devoured, poor, downtrodden Ukraine, gutted it to the bottom and threw it away as useless. So what is the problem of Ukraine - not in the crooks and thieves in power, the collapse of industry, the economy and becoming a colony of the Reich, and in Russia. But now Ukraine knows its enemy, sheep skin flew off the wolf, and Russia appeared before the world as the “Empire of Evil” (TM). Now Ukraine will show us gruel! .. Probably, it will be shown along with the stoned Netherlands. And what a harmonious couple. Stoned + Stoned.

Alexander Romanov
Nevertheless, this is true. If Russia had not pumped out all the oil, then Ukraine would definitely live like yak in the Storage.

Where and how much oil is there ???

Alexander Romanov
Yes, nowhere and not at all! All dragged out damn Russians.

And they drank all the moonshine, ate all the fat and spoiled all the girls.

Beautiful far away, do not be cruel to me ...

Ilan Berman, who holds the position of Vice President of the American Council on Foreign Policy, believes that Russia will be in a catastrophic situation by 2040. Giving back to the Chinese of the Far East, Siberia, the war with Ukraine is still flowers, berries ahead.

Mr. Berman wrote a book, on the pages of which he outlined the scenario for the development of Russia. Warning: not a forecast, not a prediction of collapse, but a scenario. This is an important clarification, because scripts, unlike predictions: 1) are written for someone; 2) implies staging.

Mr. Berman’s study is entitled “Internal Explosion. The end of Russia: what does it mean for America. ” The analyst shares with the world public his vision of what will be done with Russia by 2040. Recently reporter "Voices of America" Alex Grigoriev, specializing in international relations, defense, security, intelligence, etc., interviewed Mr. Berman. It turned out very exciting. So, what did the vice president of the American Council on Foreign Policy say to a journalist?

The interview is preceded by a quote from Berman's book:

“Decades of population decline and social problems have destroyed the once powerful Russian state, which has turned into its own shadow. On the domestic scene, the country is facing major social shifts. The Slavs, whose number is declining, and nationalism is increasing, are leading a “cold war” with a growing and radicalizing Muslim population. In the republics, the majority of whose population is Muslim, separatist sentiments are gaining strength. <...> In desperate attempts to restore order, the Russian government resorts to constant and massive repression, which has not been seen since Soviet times. These repressions, however, only radicalize the opponents of the government and isolate Russia from the West. ”

Everything, in general, familiar, typical. They remembered the Soviet times, repressions, the former Soviet republics, isolation from the West ...

According to the scenario of Mr. Berman, notes A. Grigoriev, in 2040, China will actually manage the Russian Far East. Cowering Russia will try to restore power on the post-Soviet territory, “absorbing” Belarus and starting a war with Ukraine - and not only with it.

The collapse of Russia, according to Berman, voiced in an interview, will be caused by three main reasons, three “trends”:

1. Demographic problem. The decrease in the population of Russia.

2. The increase in the number of Russian Muslims and their radicalization.

3. Problems in the Far East, where China begins to dominate.

All three processes occur simultaneously. Their roots are in the present tense, not in the future. That is, all this is already going on and on. The mentioned simultaneity allowed the analyst to make sad conclusions about the Russian future. In order to strengthen himself in his own scenario, the expert highlighted a “crucial moment”: the current government is not ready to deal with the problems described.

The analyst believes that the government created by Putin is responsible "solely for himself." At the same time, it “inadequately” responds to the challenges the country faces. It is so “inadequate” that in other cases the government “does not even suspect” of the existence of threats.

Portal Browser Victor Martyniuk talked with the Secretary of the Central Council of the Party "Motherland: Common Sense" Maxim Kalashnikov. It turned out that what the American analyst is talking about has been spoken in Russia for a long time.

“... In fact, he did not say anything new or unexpected. The fact is that Russia is no longer there: it collapsed in the 1991 year. The Soviet Union was Russia. Now there is a fading and declining Russian Federation. Both demographically and infrastructurally we are going to the end ... "

And the government realizes that it is a matter of seams:

“And the power itself sometimes speaks out, showing that it has an understanding of the real situation. They tell us about the birth rate growth, but I don’t see three children in each Russian family. Meanwhile, demographers calculated that in order to correct the situation with the current demographic failure, it is necessary that for every woman there would be no less than 2,65 children in general, and even then a positive effect can be observed only after more than twenty years. Meanwhile, even according to official data, the birth rate is 1,7 or 1,8 per child per woman, and this includes the non-Russian population, migrants ... "

The Eurasian Union is an imitation, says the publicist.

“But are we building the Eurasian Union ?! Where did you see it? So far, I personally see that with Belarus we have not been able to establish a full-fledged integration, Ukraine at this stage and completely lost. What kind of union is it? About the one that is “created” by imitation of vigorous activity? At a minimum, it is necessary to unite the three union republics - the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus; next in line is Kazakhstan. And what we see now is just an attempt to create something amorphous, and with the Central Asian republics. But all this will not save Russia from a demographic collapse. ”

So, it should be noted: if Soviet Russia had an ideological basis that set certain guidelines for development, then the authorities at the helm of the last decades have no ideology other than privatization-capitalist (that is, the very western one, which, from the time of the state activity of Chubais irreversible destruction of the entire Soviet), and there can not be. In the absence of their own ideology, it remains to borrow from the West and imitate the West, copying everything from it: from the form of parliament to plastic tableware. There are two outcomes: either continue to sail in the fairway of the West, solving their problems with completely Western methods and not being ashamed of their secondary nature and subordination, or find and stake out their place in history - such that Western scenarios seem really ridiculous and unrealistic, and forecasts are ridiculous - fantastic. But the current political elite is not able to make such a sharp turn. It remains to hope for the elite from the beautiful far away ...

Comments from our readers:

... As for 2040, the Jewish-American dreamer, I naturally disagree, because he considers a distant perspective, given only one circumstance. And this circumstance is the following: Putin has been in power in Russia all this time or the successors of his business and their economic, domestic and foreign policy are unchanged.
In this case, the Berman prognosis may come true, although with a small probability. And then I ask myself the question: why am I worse than Berman? I will also make my forecast regarding the development of the situation in the country and the geopolitical space surrounding it. So, drove. Approximately by year:
2014-2015 - small unrest in the country, the emergence of new personalities on the political Olympus.
2016-2017 - the change of power, the departure of Putin, the introduction of a state of emergency, the formation of an emergency committee (Cheka), the dispersal of the State Duma, the Federation Council, all power - at the Supreme State Council.
2018-2019 - nationalization, the new constitution, the beginning of the construction of a new type of economy.
2020 - the rapid growth of the economy, the accession of Belarus, the formation of a power called the Great Russian Union.
2021-2022 - new technologies in obtaining electricity, the accession of Ukraine.
2023-2025 - joining the Union of Kazakhstan.
2025-2030 - the disintegration of Turkey, the accession to the Union of Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece.
We’ll stop on this so as not to lose the intrigue, because when you know what will happen tomorrow, it’s somehow uninteresting to live.

Standard Oil
What kind of fortune telling on the coffee grounds? All these “analysts”, both economic and political, can make the most of the “Psychic Battle”. How can you predict the future? Vaughn, the CIA experts at the end of 80's were confident of the inviolability of the USSR, they themselves admit that this was a complete surprise to them. Now Russia is busy. I agree that Russia has problems above the roof, but it’s impossible to sculpt everything into one pile and produce a negative scenario in 100% of cases, making, however, reservations like “but it can be different.” Fuck me such predictions? It will rain today, but it can be sunny. As wisely said in one movie: “Everything that is said before the word“ but ”does not matter.” How many such "experts" for the work they get? Maybe I will come up and make up a bunch of scenarios and become an “expert.”

And here we are all, driven by patriotism, stigmatizing the author, remind him that he is a Jew and twist the fig in his direction. However, gentlemen, comrades, I suggest we look around and slightly cool the hooves.
Crowds of migrants flooded our open spaces and no changes in this matter are foreseen, the President in Valdai said so. Already, in cities there are areas where it is better for Slavs not to go. All diasporas hold under their control entire areas in trade and industry. Migrants send the earned money to their republics, and they drop out of our economy, do not work for us, and this is a very decent amount, and they will only grow.
Serdyukov and dozens of others like him do not sit for corruption and theft, many continue to work. That's right, we have “not a 37 year”.
Far East? Are the Chinese our “friends” and we shouldn't be afraid of them? Well, well ... Blessed is he who believes ... It is enough to see with what persistence they climb, and how the government of the PRC encourages and sponsors these encroachments. And what a wonderful army is there, at our borders.
So, dear members of the forum, the script is not so crazy. Another twenty years to live like this, and the processes will begin to accept irreversibility. All Uzbeks, Tajiks and other "comrades in the Union" will move to Russia, with all the ensuing consequences. Those Russians who have stolen enough will move somewhere, while for the rest, the choice will be completely not great.
Not patriotic? I know. Realistic.

Planet china

The press has become fashionable to compare China and Russia - not in favor of the latter. They say that a naive Russia is doing everything so that tricky China will become even more cunning and stronger. BRICS, they say, is China; the other four states are the carpet for the royal exit of the Middle Kingdom. Even the creator of the former acronym "BRIC" Mr. O'Neill - and he recently told the public that only one letter remained of the entire acronym. Which one? Of course, "K". And who was the star of the APEC summit? Of course, Xi Jinping. In the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia does not set the tone either. Well, there are still plans for the Eurasian Union, you will say. Nesto the Chinese, and then - in the forefront? But what about? It is already stated that this union is indestructible - something like the permissible part of the Chinese project, in which Russia is given a small corner.

Chinese people don't like to advertise their expansion. It is one thing when they talk about Beijing, another thing when they talk about international organizations or blocks. SCO is there, or BRICS. But anyway, Russia looks rather pale on the Chinese geopolitical background. Especially since the Celestial Empire began implementing a new economic policy aimed at turning the PRC into a center of post-industrial high technologies, and in Russia “things are still there”.

The official government mouthpiece of the People's Republic of China is the Renmin Jibao newspaper. October 10 on the Russian-language site of this newspaper published an article under the eye-catching title: “What differences exist in the strategies of China, the United States and Russia in Central Asia?”

As befits an official source of information, the newspaper began an article with the speech of the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping on the theme “Develop friendship of peoples to create a wonderful future together. The Chinese leader spoke this speech on September 7 in Kazakhstan, where he put forward the idea of ​​the economic belt of the Silk Road.

The very next paragraph mentions the idea of ​​creating a “Eurasian Union”, which serves as a strategic pillar for Russia to restore “the status of power”.

It was then that an unnamed journalist approached the issue of differences between the strategies of China, the United States and Russia in Central Asia. We are interested in the question of Russia and China. The director of the SCO Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Pan Guan, thinks about this.

The idea of ​​developing the Eurasian Union, promoted by Russia, is aimed at maintaining the country's leading position in the post-Soviet space, while China’s “Silk Road Economic Belt” is a Eurasian economic zone that will include China, Central Asia and (even) Europe. The expert claims that such an idea reflects the “inclusive” development of the PRC. He further mentions mutual benefits. Within the framework of the “economic belt”, both the Eurasian Economic Community and the SCO can cooperate with each other.

In fact, we note, the PRC is looking much further and much wider.

Pan Guan explains that the new Chinese idea implies the unification of the SCO member states, observers and partners on the basis of the Silk Road. This is how China sees “inclusive development”, which is, of course, shaped “on the basis of existing differences, competition and cooperation”.

But under the Chinese wise leadership, we add from myself. After all, if you think about the words of an expert, then China has included all other projects in its project. The SCO has practically disappeared into the Silk Road. And if a child of the Eurasian Union is born into the world, then the life of the priest of the Chinese parents will live ...

Comments from our readers:

Oleg, thanks for the article. You touch a very interesting topic - what intentions and what does China want. This is the first Asian country to claim the title of superpower.
On the one hand, we all have fears and fears of the most numerous state in the world. Especially its quiet and slow human expansion.
But on the other hand, any superpower is interested in allies and, if I may say so, in the “buffer zone” around the perimeter of its borders. If you look at the Chinese borders, we will notice that there are “problems” with all. But it was with our countries (north and northwest of China) that the PRC signed the necessary. docs on boundaries and no further claims. What would it mean? Maybe they really see us as strategic partners and reliable allies? Or maybe it is a diversion to understand the South and East direction? There are many questions and few answers. Often, in order to analyze a situation, one has to stand in the place of an “object”.
Let's take the place of China and imagine that the PRC has such military power that it can compete with any strong army. And we have the desire to apply it. What is the goal number 1? I think Taiwan (3's economy in Asia, the former territory of China, after the 2 world. The war became an independent country with the support of the United States. With the country that recognizes the independence of Taiwan, the PRC severs diplomatic relations). Well - hit, and let them win quickly. What is the world reaction? The United States with its henchmen just won't leave it. The minimum that they will agree on is an economic blockade. Without raw materials and energy, the PRC will not last long - the rest in China is abundant. By the sea, I think, you will not drag anything. Yes, even ship will not give. We need an ally who has the appropriate status, strength and resources. There is only one such country in the world, and it has a land border with China. Moreover, it has everything that China needs. So it seems to me that China needs Russia, and a strong Russia.
Suppose a war with Russia. To get everything at once. Moscow will never accept the loss of the Far East and access to the Pacific Ocean. We'll have to shove up to Moscow and the western borders - this is how many troops you need to have in order to control such territory. And the nuclear weapons of Russia? And you will have to wait for blows from Central Asia, Mongolia, Vietnam, India - everywhere you have to keep troops. The PRC will definitely not go to such a risk; moreover, it may lose its territory (XUAR, Tibet, the northern part). Even hypothetically. I’m not saying that Europe definitely doesn’t need it - what about without Russian gas? The war with Central Asia is the same war with Russia. Hence the conclusion - at least for me. The military actions of the PRC against any country, not approved by Russia (by the Customs or the Eurasian Union), will lead to grave consequences for China.
You can argue a lot on this topic. But I am convinced that the war between the PRC and the Russian Federation is a far-fetched "horror story." At least, China is not interested in this.

Now about the economic component. It is not a secret to anyone that China is actively investing all over the world (especially in primary industries). But at the same time, China is experiencing "Western pressure." To give the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the West does not intend to: everywhere trying to put a "footboard". And we are seeing it now. This is one of the reasons for unleashing the Arab Spring. A natural question arises - where you can take raw materials safely. China is also well aware that sea transport routes are easily blocked even by pirates. The neighbors in the east, south and west, too, "sparsely." Only the countries of the north and northwest of China remain. And there everything is there (they considered the variant with the war). From here and statements in Kazakhstan about the economic zone.
What is the conclusion for China, do it yourself. And I would give a few facts.
At the time of the collapse of the USSR, cargo traffic from the border between Kazakhstan and the PRC was 250 thousand tons. At the moment this is 25 nice. tons. And growing every year. A new railway line was built through Khorgos. A highway Zap. China - Zap. Europe.
On the last tour of the whale. the leader in Central Asia and Kazakhstan was signed intentions worth about 50 billion dollars. 30 of them in Kazakhstan. Moreover, we must pay tribute - the Chinese quickly responded to the criticism in our society that the PRC invests mainly in raw materials. This time most of the production is supposed to be 20 from 30. And also, as it seemed to me, the creation of the CU spurred the PRC.
Recently, see the minister's interview in. affairs of China. There was a question about Syria. I do not remember how the question was posed. But the answer was approximately the same. China does not have such a vast experience in international affairs as Russia. We are still learning ...

Standard Oil
If anyway, an alliance with China to one degree or another can help Russia, so it's a sin to refuse it. Already for me, so get out of the ground legions of hell and offer help in the fight for world domination, then you should unite with them.
The only thing is that China and the USA should be allowed to cut each other, and we should stand modestly on the sidelines. And the fact that the United States sooner or later will have to fight for the “throne” with China, in my opinion, is obvious.

I think that Russia should pursue a policy with China on the basis of its geopolitical and economic priorities. At the moment, we need an alliance with China - primarily to restrain the Anglo-Saxons. Yes, China is active in economics. politics - where it builds, where it buys assets, including in Russia (for example, the auto industry). Why should Russia in China not start building or buying assets and expanding the Russian diaspora? And this concerns not only him, but also the countries of Central Asia (double benefit). After all, the Chinese diaspora in the Far East and Primorye is growing threateningly, and the indigenous population is less and less. But in no case should the Chinese sell the latest models of military equipment and equipment - it should be in the Russian Army!
And with regards to the blocks of the SCO, BRICS, etc., then Russia should carry out active work in them and not give the palm to China!

Thunder is not from a cloud, but from a manure pile

Qatar, as a competitor of Russian Gazprom, eager to warm the whole of Europe, has clear objectives in Syria. The removal of Assad from power and the subsequent dismemberment-cutting of the country into religious, national, and other “buffer” pieces would have allowed Qatar to lay its gas pipeline through the former independent territory. In the EU, many people have long dreamed of at least “diversifying” gas supplies, and at the most - of a general refusal of Gazprom’s services. And it is by no means possible to say that in the United States, under such an energy scenario, which severely infringes Russia, officials will become sad. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other monarchies of the Persian Gulf are great non-democratic friends of the White House, who forgive them even intolerance for LGBT people.

Syrian history is not really over. Russia's success on the geopolitical front, the activities of the OPCW in Syria, and even the awarding of the organization to the Nobel Prize are far from a happy end. If Washington temporarily withdrew from Damascus, licking crisis wounds, this does not mean that Riyadh and Doha have canceled their “international” plans to redraw the Syrian borders. As for the European West, Bashar Asad is still listed as a tyrant there. And in the United States, they still repeat the mantra: "Assad must leave." The “opposition” in Syria of the world with Assad does not want - because its wing in the form of the “Syrian National Council”, sponsored, of course, by the same Qatar, is unlikely to fly to the peace conference “Geneva-2”.

Political analyst Nikolai Malishevsky on the portal "Fund of Strategic Culture" rightly points out:

“They want to destroy Syria in order to:

1) to take control of not only the newly discovered Syrian gas fields between Damascus and Homs, but also the entire territory of this country, considered as the most important Middle Eastern geo-economic intersection, alternative to the sea route for the transportation of hydrocarbons. Gulf oil and gas monarchies are critically dependent on the transport route through the Strait of Hormuz. It is enough to block this path for several months - and the crisis of the economies of the Saudis, Qatari and Europeans is inevitable;

2) replace gas supplies to Europe from the north (from Russia) with supplies from the south (from US vassals in the Gulf), because after the fall of Assad, even if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, a gas pipeline to Europe can be built, allowing Qatar to replace Gazprom.

The scientist notes that the Qataris have already "quietly" pulled back 6% of the EU market, and the share of Gazprom there has decreased by 2%. Now they are crushing the gas sphere of Libya by themselves and are aiming at Algeria’s reserves through arms supplies and jihad exports.

According to the expert, the decisive factor in the fate of Syria will be 2014 year. And it's not just about Syria, but about the Middle East frontier of Russia. Why is 2014?

This year, the analyst writes, chemical weapons will be destroyed in Syria. In addition, on the border of Qatar and Iran, the moratorium on the development of the Severnoye gas field will expire. Further, Qatar will complete the fleet and create the infrastructure for the supply of LNG to the EU. By that time, Qatar will also be part of the ownership of European gas transmission systems. And in the United States it will be impossible to postpone further the solution of internal problems.

Hence, the main task of Russia's foreign policy in the Middle East in 2014 will be, in the opinion of the author, the prevention of the “democratization” of Syria - that is, its destruction.

By the way, let us add from ourselves that the construction of a “democracy” in Syria in the West is no longer talking. Up to sixty percent of those fighting in Syria against Assad are notorious thugs. This is openly written in the European and American press. With such an opposition, it is somehow strange to talk about representative government, especially since the current president of Syria is still not an impostor, but an elect of the people. And who will be represented by bearded “oppositionists”, among whom there are cannibals, is no longer a question.

And in this context, Russia should be wary of the spread of not only Qatari gas in the world, but also a bearded infection.

Comments from our readers:

According to the central media, it is necessary to drive this out. Many do not understand why we need Syria and that the next in line is Iran and Russia.

The enemy can not be defeated by defense, you need to go on the offensive. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are just 30 million (28 million Saudys and 2 million Qatarii) are obese and overdone freaks who are just lucky with abundant reserves of oil and gas, and therefore they think they are God knows who. Can you remember at least one world famous Saudi scientist, composer, engineer, doctor? I do not think. And all because purely mental Saudis and Katarshes still remain stupid Bedouin savages stuck in the early Middle Ages - they are not even able to build a normal civil society, and therefore live in a despotic society ruled by disgusting obscurant religious under-laws. Then camels, rams, blood feuds and robbery do not develop their brains - all other countries do for them for oil. I declare in a clear mind and good health: in fact, Saudysh and Katarshi are just a handful of mentally limited savages, who by chance did not become wealthy and now passionately want more absolute power. However, nothing smarter t. "World caliphate" these limitrofy not come up with.
And now let's remember that on the other side of the Persian Gulf there are 80 of millions of Iranians who are very well armed, who WANT to be friends with Russia and which the Saudys and Katarshes have quite openly oppressed for centuries. What is happening around Iran now - I will not even comment. Let's remember Iraq with its 30 millions of people who are well aware of who stretched their paws to their riches ... And let's not forget about the millions of Syrians 20 who are beginning to understand better and better, xy from xy to their part of the world ... Just need to deploy the situation is in the right direction, and then no loot to the Wahhabis will help.
Every creature needs to speak its language. Attempts to conduct a civilized dialogue with a handful of mentally handicapped fanatics have no meaning. They just need to push from all directions. If you need to - stupidly shoot like dogs of their political leaders, provoke feuds, sabotage the objects of the oil industry. And best of all to pit them with their main buddies - America.
The devil is not so terrible as he is painted.

Syria as an ally, we are obliged to defend.
But all these arguments about gas and oil - from the evil one.
It is time for us to start using the brain and stop squandering hydrocarbon reserves left and right belonging to us, our children and grandchildren. And everyone is so vehemently protecting the interests of Gazprom and oil companies, as if polls are shareholders of these, and not pay for gasoline at frankly inflated prices. Think, we, being by birth the owners of mineral resources, enrich the oligarchs who prefer short-term profits to investing in efficient equipment for processing. Why is Saudi average fuel cost around 4 rubles, and in Venezuela around 6?
Why do we have to pay for the greed of trans-corporations and the incompetence of the authorities?

Old songs about the main

Dozens of invited experts who appeared on US television calling for a military strike against Syria were associated with US defense companies. This was reported by a research organization dedicated to the detection of corruption, reports "RT".

A total of US researchers have identified the 22 relevant case. Some experts held high positions or even owned companies that produce weapons for the US military.

Former President Bush’s security adviser Stefan Hadley on CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg TV, and on The Washington Post pages called for a tough response to Assad. Mr. Hadley is the director of a large Tomahawks production plant.

Retired General Anthony Zinni, who has repeatedly called on society to strike at Syria, turned out to be BAE Systems ’foreign affairs director. Last year, this company received from the US government orders for defense products worth 6,1 billion.

According to American researchers, the CNN channel 7 once from 37 tried to uncover the possible affiliation of "experts." But Fox News never reported the posts of commentators.

All this "old songs about the main thing", we add from myself. Behind Obama, with his muddy political position and the notorious “double standards,” is not behind the hawks like Senator D. McCain, but the US military industrial complex stands out with its simple and understandable the pursuit of profit. If Barack Obama and John McCain make another speech, then in each of their words an echo of the military-industrial complex is heard, and the black shadow of the next owner of the military industry falls from the podium. And when Brzezinski claims that he does not understand why the White House is breaking into Syria, a political scientist either cunning or has already entered that old man’s condition, which is characterized by the expression “to fall into childhood”.

Comments from our readers:

Heinrich ruppert
... I think this is what it is. Previously, the White House had more extensive programs:
1. They piled the military-industrial complex with orders for weapons and ammunition.
2. There were programs "something" to take on the occupied territory.
3. With this cheap raw material to occupy their industry, so that on the difference that arises in the acquisition of raw materials, get a big profit.
4. The people are busy, receive money.
5. Show to the world: "See how exceptional we are."
6. Other NATO countries also fell from the “lordly shoulder”.
Now a little different:
1. The industry is almost all in China. Only the MIC remained.
2. Raw materials do not need much. Only oil is needed.
3. Congress is almost the entire - protege of the military-industrial complex. There are almost no other industries.
4. “Partners” baksheesh with these adventures does not fall.
5. The differences in NATO, and very strong.
6. Trying to save the block, new trade relations (only somehow they don’t want to function) cannot be seen by firms. So that things really "good" steel.
7. In Europe, enterprises that fled to China returned to 10% and 20% returned.
So he most likely does not really understand. How can you bet on one leg (MIC), while forgetting about the other leg (national economy).
Now, therefore, everything is in their pope, and there is no money. Far from one leg on one leg, the other is needed.

Creaky billions

Only eight years have passed since the new military camouflage, costing 5 billion of budget money, was adopted by the US military. Now the command is thinking about the development of other uniforms - cheaper, just 4 billion. This channel tells "RT".

According to "The Daily Beast", the camouflage gray-green shade of "UCP" did not meet expectations.

According to the veterans of the Iraq war, the fabric creaked in contact with any object that showed the whereabouts of the soldiers. Participants in the Afghan military campaigns complained that the enemy quickly noticed soldiers in the highlands due to the contrast of colors.

Leisurely Congress intervened only in 2009. A bill was passed, obliging the army to carry out a program for choosing a new camouflage for use in Afghanistan. This led to the choice of the “MultiCam” form. Research has begun on the development of a new type of camouflage clothing.

In addition to the form for the soldiers, there are other multi-billion dollar incidents.

In 2003, the Pentagon spent $ 20 billion on off-road vehicles for the operational units of the marines. True, this technique was not suitable for participation in combat operations: the vehicles were left without armor plates to protect the crew.

Analysts believe that such situations develop because of the links of the owners of military-industrial complex companies with the army leadership.

And they rightly say, add on my own. Everything and always in the whole world is formed because of these very "connections". And it will continue to develop in the same way. “What was, will be; and what has been done will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun ”(Eccles 1, 9).

Comments from our readers:

... I am glad, we are not the only ones. And in the USA there are Yudashkins and Serdyukovs.

"RosPil" in American.

famously money sawing)))

…Cool. It is not even corruption, it is a business. I hope the next camouflage will be from their toilet paper.

Features of national education

As Ksenia Melnikova tells ("Voice of Russia"), the inhabitants of Central Asia dispelled the myth of American education. Schoolchildren returning back to their native Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan after studying in the United States, hardly enter universities. All because of - the deterioration of the quality of education in America.

To the question “How many sides does a triangle have?”, Students in the 11 class of ordinary American schools gave the following answers:

"He has no parties."

A study conducted in different countries of the world showed that the majority of American schoolchildren do not cope with tasks in mathematics. 95% of students do not know who defeated fascism in World War II. 75% cannot find the Persian Gulf on the map. Finally, every seventh American did not find his own country on the globe!

But the most curious thing is not that.

American students test results were ... satisfied. Lack of knowledge is not a disadvantage. According to an expert from Tajikistan, Rustam Babadzhanov, young residents of the United States call such an exceptional difference from citizens of other countries ...

According to American experts, the reason for the low level of education in the United States is the lack of uniform educational standards. Each student chooses those disciplines, which he considers necessary. And there are only three obligatory subjects: English, US history and physical education. The remaining items are optional. Among them: personal hygiene, cosmetics; food preservation, consumer math; family economy; driving a car; home care According to the American government authorities, this is quite enough for a normal life in the United States.

Having received after school and university education, yesterday's schoolchildren still do not know the answers to many questions. Here are some examples.

Question: "What is religion in Israel?" Answers:

"Probably Catholicism."

Question: “What money is used in the United Kingdom?”

"American money."
“The money of Queen Elizabeth? That's all what I know".

Question: "Who is Tony Blair?"

“I don't even know who that is.” Maybe he skates. ”
"Tony Blair is an actor."

Last, let's add, not too far from the truth. The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors. This is true of many politicians. Perhaps the exception is George W. Bush. This Mr., as president, was hardly ever playing and pretending.

Comments from our readers:

About American students laugh, and the choice of items to your taste, and such items seem to be necessary in everyday life, but I sense a dirty trick in this system. The more stupid the people, the easier it is to control it.

12 years ago, my relative won an English competition and spent a year studying at an American school in Michigan. She said that at first there was a feeling that she got into a school for the mentally retarded. What we have in the 5 class is studied there in graduation. For a joke is considered loudly spoil the air in the classroom. Then with difficulty caught up with our program.

My younger brother in 92 has lived in USA for half a year. He became a national hero there when ONE of the whole class correctly listed their Great Lakes! A lot more funny, he told.
And now we have the exam.

* “God forbid, see the Russian revolt, senseless and merciless!” - “The Captain's Daughter” A. S. Pushkin
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