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Four wars of the division commander Orlov

Four wars of the division commander OrlovIn the first days of the Great Patriotic War, the 237 School on October became the collection point of the 6 division of the national militia of the Dzerzhinsky district. It was here that volunteer veteran of three wars Fedor Mikhailovich Orlov came - later the division commander named after a street in the Marfino area. And many years later, this school was given the name of his son - Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Orlov. Today it houses the museum of the 6 Guards Corps, commanded by Orlov Jr., writes Star Boulevard.

Profession - the wife of the red commander

This glorious family was born in 1903, when the son of a peasant and the dashing Ulan Fedor Orlov won the heart of young Mary. A year later, he went to the Russo-Japanese War, and then distinguished himself in the First World War. Mary Iosifovna bore him three sons and a daughter. After the revolution, the former non-commissioned officer became a red commander, and in December 1917 was sent to Don and Kuban to establish Soviet power. The whole family went with him. In the column “profession”, the faithful companion had the name “wife of the red commander”. Helping her husband in everything, she looked after the wounded soldiers.

At the Civil Fyodor Mikhailovich received 18 injuries and 3 contusions, one of the first in the country was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. But the most expensive award was the golden checker, received from the hands of Frunze himself.

When the family moved to Leningrad, Orlov was going to enroll in the Military Academy, but trouble happened: paralysis chained him to bed, and, according to doctors, without hope of recovery. But a miracle happened: Mary helped her husband to believe in himself and overcome the disease. Wheelchair in the past. Soon the Orlovs moved to Moscow, where Fyodor Mikhailovich settled at the plant.

From the commanders - in the company

22 June 1941, Fyodor Orlov wrote a letter to Molotov with one request - to allow him to defend his homeland at the front. A few days later he volunteered to join the people's militia.

“At first, the veteran of the three wars and the former commander were appointed commander of the reconnaissance company,” says Diana Sedova, head of the museum at the 237 school. - After successful battles near Yelnya, he was already assigned to the reconnaissance battalion, and in November 1941, at the height of the Battle of Moscow, was appointed division commander. Thanks largely to his experience, the division was one of the few who managed to get out of the encirclement. In January 1942, she released Vereya. In that, already the fourth war for him, Fyodor Mikhailovich was still wounded three times and wounded twice.

All children of the divisional commander are on the front line.

“The oldest son of Fyodor Mikhailovich, Vladimir, died at the very beginning of the war in the militia near Leningrad,” says Diana Anatolyevna. - The city on the Neva was protected by the youngest of his sons, Vasily. Middle, Eugene, the war found in the Far East. But, having learned that his wife and son had died of starvation in the besieged Leningrad, he took leave for the front, in tank brigade, commanded by his brother Vasily. By the way, no one really knew that they were brothers. And the only daughter of Fyodor Mikhailovich, Maria, fought in the famous women's regiment of night bombers under the command of Marina Raskova.

The most famous was Vasily Orlov, who already in 27 years commanded a mechanized corps.

In January, Orlov’s 1945 corps was one of the first to force the Oder and occupied a springboard for an attack on Berlin. Vasily died in March and, on the orders of Marshal Konev, was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

Tank called "Motherland"

Once Vasily wrote to his mother: “Do not worry about me, I am healthy. Here are just my tank mutilated, and pity, it was a good car. Then Maria Iosifovna collected all the savings and valuables, including her husband's awards, left over from the Civil (gold checker and gold cigarette case) and transferred to the state. She asked to build a tank and transfer it to the corps commanded by her son. The request has been fulfilled. The tank was called “Motherland”, it reached Berlin and Prague, and after the Victory it was installed on a pedestal in the unit that became the successor to the mechanized corps of Vasily Orlov.

Now the adoptive daughter of Vasily Fedorovich, Renita Andreyevna Grigorieva lives in Moscow. In 1980-s, according to her scripts, the documentary film “Soldiers of Orlovs” and the feature film “Moscow Says!” About the fate of Vasily Orlov were shot.

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  1. Revolver
    Revolver 19 October 2013 08: 34
    Before such people, only one thing can be done: take off the hat (in kind, without any tricks and no sense). Well, at least virtual. hi
    1. KEKS44
      KEKS44 20 October 2013 11: 32
      Do the states know about the Second World War?
  2. samoletil18
    samoletil18 19 October 2013 08: 59
    Then the father brought up his sons as warriors. And the current (in the majority) educate consumers. Those people, for all there is - tanks, planes to the front, and now: "I don't have to." But there are people in our time: who would need such articles? But contraceptives set the tone.

    The heroes of this article bow to you. To author +
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 19 October 2013 10: 14
    [quote] - Yes, there were people in our time,
    Not that the present tribe:
    Heroes - not you!
    They got a bad share:
    Few returned from the field ... [/ q

    Glory and eternal memory to the heroes!
  4. malikszh
    malikszh 19 October 2013 13: 03
    glory to the heroes!!! I have 3 grandfathers left to defend their homeland but everyone remained there.
  5. roial
    roial 19 October 2013 13: 09
    3 grandfathers left to defend

    It always seemed to me that there should be two grandfathers? smile
    1. Glory333
      Glory333 19 October 2013 14: 45
      True, great-grandfathers 4, great-great-grandfathers 8, then 16, 32, 64 ............................ :)
    2. malikszh
      malikszh 19 October 2013 16: 29
      Quote: roial
      3 grandfathers left to defend

      It always seemed to me that there should be two grandfathers? smile

      we have Kazakhs, grandfather’s siblings are also considered grandfathers, if you include the grandfather on the mother’s side here, then I have 4 grandfathers.
      1. smile
        smile 19 October 2013 20: 27
        I dare to disappoint you, here the Kazakhs are not alone :))) in this you do not differ by a hair - I only had three grandfathers in my mother ... of course I understood that my grandfather was the coolest of their brothers (:)) but I didn’t even have any idea of ​​taking his brothers as nonsense ... they were all my grandfathers, of which I boasted in the kindergarten. :))) the Russians do it this way ... but what, does the Kazakhs have something different and have doubts?
        1. malikszh
          malikszh 20 October 2013 11: 00
          smile. Yes, we are not honors since you grew up in the Soviet Union
          , I just answered who asked the question.
          1. smile
            smile 21 October 2013 01: 14
            Accepted. I agree.
  6. sokrat-71
    sokrat-71 19 October 2013 13: 47
    A worthy role model for posterity!
  7. Tommygun
    19 October 2013 14: 23
    Now this tank is in Kotelniki.
    1. sll64
      sll64 20 October 2013 12: 32
      Unfortunately not. This is a "stunt double". This tank is in Saratov at Tankistov Square.
      1. Tommygun
        20 October 2013 18: 11
        I studied this issue in more detail.
        I admit that you are right!
        1. sll64
          sll64 20 October 2013 20: 35
          The worst thing is that veterans of the 17th mechanized brigade and residents of the village of Kotelniki were deceived, at whose request the tank was delivered. What an amazing, kind, "home" museum in the school of Kotelniki (the tank is nearby) !!! What a boost of energy we got when we were there !!! And how it hurt us when we learned the truth!
          We, veterans of 81 SMEs, were looking for "our tank". And they found it in Saratov, installed without any mention of the hero-tankers of 17 ICBMs, in honor of the graduates of the city's tank schools, with the name "Motherland".
          Although, in my opinion, he has a place in Kotelniki !!! Moreover, the school bears the name of the brigade commander Churilov !!!
          1. Tommygun
            20 October 2013 22: 55
            I agree! Often a small lie undermines a big truth.
            It is precisely because of such moments, then there are creatures that cast doubt on the heroism of our soldiers. The main thing is not clear, why invent something when there is a huge number of real cases of heroism.

            A tank was installed in Saratov 100%, which was installed in your regiment in 1965.
            But is this the tank that Kashnikov fought on?
            1. sll64
              sll64 21 October 2013 20: 24
              Unfortunately not!
              The Kashnikov tank burned down along with the crew in Potsdam on April 28, 1945.
              We were able to establish the tower number 4001707 and the hull to establish that it is already a post-war machine factory number 183, September 1945
  8. individual
    individual 19 October 2013 14: 34
    Here, history is made on such surnames, Russia keeps on such surnames!
  9. George
    George 19 October 2013 15: 12
    A wonderful article about a family that, in a difficult moment for the country, got into the ranks of defenders.
    Honor and glory !
  10. malikszh
    malikszh 19 October 2013 16: 31
    what was next father Vasily Orlova? Who ended the war?
    1. Tommygun
      19 October 2013 16: 52
      In 1946, Mr .. dismissed from military service with the rank of colonel.
  11. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 19 October 2013 19: 45
    Glorious Orlov. It is a pity that many good people died in WWII.
  12. sichevik
    sichevik 19 October 2013 20: 08
    The real Colonel! Warrior! Defender! In the best sense of the word. The Warrior himself and his children brought up by the Warriors and Defenders of the Homeland. These are the people to write about in history books. That's about such families you need to shoot TV shows and show on TV.
  13. sll64
    sll64 20 October 2013 12: 31
    A small comment on the article.
    The tank did not reach either Berlin or Prague! He burned down with the crew on April 28, 1945 in his last battle in the Potsdam area.
    The tank was handed on March 14, 1945 to the crew of junior lieutenant Kashnikov P.M. from 126 tank regiment of the 17th Guards Mechanized Brigade.
    So, not this tank was in Eberswalde in the 81st Guards SMR (receiver of the 17th Guards MBR), but its backup. He stood there from 1965 until the withdrawal of a part from Germany. After the withdrawal, the tank was "upset" tanks with the name "Mother Motherland" are in Roshchinsky (where the regiment was taken out), in Kotelniki and Saratov. But ... The "original" tank "Mother Motherland" of 81 SMEs (!!!) is in Saratov on the tankers' square.
    If you are interested, then how they were looking for a "real" tank and how the forces of the guys from the "Combat Brotherhood" of Saratov restored historical justice, you can read on the forum "Back to GSVG" - ...
    And the full (documented) history of the tank and crew on Viktor Tolstoy’s website is and
    1. sll64
      sll64 20 October 2013 14: 18
      Tank in 81gv. SMEs in Eberswald
    2. sll64
      sll64 20 October 2013 14: 19
      Quote: sll64
      After the withdrawal, the tank was "upset" tanks with the name "Mother Motherland" are in Roshchinsky (where the regiment was taken out), in Kotelniki and Saratov

      1. sll64
        sll64 21 October 2013 20: 31
        A plaque installed this year on a tank pedestal in Saratov after reconstruction
    3. sll64
      sll64 21 October 2013 20: 35
      Quote: sll64
      how the forces of the guys from the "Combat Brotherhood" of Saratov restored historical justice

      These are the People who restored the Mother-Motherland tank !!!
      In the photo from left to right:
      Siyashin Kirill
      Kalyakin Vladimir
      Gafurov Ruslan
      Leonidov Vyacheslav Gennadievich
      Peter Alexander
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 21 October 2013 11: 21
    From the heroes of the past
    Sometimes there are no names left.
    Those who have taken mortal combat
    They just became ground and grass.
    Only their terrible valor
    Settled in the hearts of the living.
    This eternal flame bequeathed to us alone
    We store in the chest.

    Look at my fighters ...
    The whole world remembers them in the face.
    That battalion froze in the ranks,
    I recognize old friends again.
    Though they are not twenty five -
    The hard way they had to go.
    These are those who rose with hostility, as one.
    Those who took Berlin.

    There is no such family in Russia
    Wherever my hero was remembered.
    And the eyes of young soldiers
    From photos of wilted look.
    This look is like a high court
    For the guys that are growing now.
    And the boys can neither lie nor deceive,
    No way to turn off

    Evgeny Agranovich
  17. sll64
    sll64 24 November 2013 11: 57
    The song "Silence" performed by Oleg Akulov, grandson of the commander of the tank "Mother Motherland" Jr. Lieutenant Peter Mikhailovich Kashnikov
  18. nemec55
    nemec55 15 February 2014 15: 08
    Interestingly, these Orlovs who were not relatives to the Orlov brothers for an hour served under Catherine II the Great. It’s just a straightforward matrix that strikes me extraordinary times.
    1. sll64
      sll64 15 February 2014 15: 32
      Hardly. Fyodor Mikhailovich was born in the village of Teterovka, Grodno province. From 1899 to 1905 he served as a private in the Ulan Guards regiment, took part in the Russian-Japanese war. After graduating from the training team, he became a non-commissioned officer. If he had belonged to a "noble" surname, he would not have started a military career as a private.
      1. old rocket man
        old rocket man 15 February 2014 15: 46
        Quote: sll64
        If he belonged to a "noble" family, he would not have started a military career as a private.

        Only columnar nobles could serve in the guards, it was nobility, not wealth, that was taken into account during admission, although the very "poor" did not serve in the guards, because. costs significantly exceeded maintenance.
        Many "guards" began their service in rank-and-file positions, until 1900 persons of non-noble origin were not allowed into the cavalry guards regiments, the only exception was the Life-Guards Ataman Cossack regiment.